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    The Complicity of Silence

    “I am appealing to political leaders here and in the region and the world to get their act together and stop this,” he said, speaking at Gaza’s largest hospital. “They are responsible for these deaths.” (more…)


    Gaza Engulfed By Suffering

    “Many people died while they were waiting to enter the operating rooms. Some died in the lobby of the hospital waiting to enter the reception area,” said Hussein Ashor, the hospital’s director. “There were not enough beds, so we pulled out the curtains and lay them on the ground, and we put patients on the curtains. The floor of the reception was covered with blood.” (more…)


    Chris Hedges: Israel’s ‘Crime Against Humanity’

    Israel’s siege of Gaza, largely unseen by the outside world because of Jerusalem’s refusal to allow humanitarian aid workers, reporters and photographers access to Gaza, rivals the most egregious crimes carried out at the height of apartheid by the South African regime. It comes close to the horrors visited on Sarajevo by the Bosnian Serbs. It has disturbing echoes of the Nazi ghettos of Lodz and Warsaw.

    “This is a stain on what is left of Israeli morality,” I was told by Richard N. Veits, the former U.S. ambassador to Jordan who led a delegation from the Council on Foreign Relations to Gaza to meet Hamas leaders this past summer. “I am almost breathless discussing this subject. It is so myopic. Washington, of course, is a handmaiden to all this. The Israeli manipulation of a population in this manner is comparable to some of the crimes that took place against civilian populations fifty years ago.”

    The U.N. special rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory, former Princeton University law professor Richard Falk, calls what Israel is doing to the 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza “a crime against humanity.” Falk, who is Jewish, has condemned the collective punishment of the Palestinians in Gaza as “a flagrant and massive violation of international humanitarian law as laid down in Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.” He has asked for “the International Criminal Court to investigate the situation, and determine whether the Israeli civilian leaders and military commanders responsible for the Gaza siege should be indicted and prosecuted for violations of international criminal law.” (more…)


    Luisa Morgantini: Tony Blair Is Not Performing His Duty

    It’s a very negative signal that the International Quartet Envoy Tony Blair’s planned trip to the Gaza was cancelled yesterday, Tuesday 15th July, following what was described as “specific security threats that made the visit impossible”.
    As a delegation of the European Parliament we visited, last June, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem. Our visit in Gaza was perfectly coordinated by UNRWA, and we didn’t feel any sort of insecurity, but only despair and responsibility looking at the living conditions of the Palestinian population under an illegal siege (don’t worry we also went to see the danger and the damages of the rockets fired on Sderot).

    I really hope that the Israeli authorities’ pressures or other forces are not behind this decision by Tony Blair not to go to Gaza Strip, using the threat of security in order to prevent to witness the disaster of the blockade.
    Palestinians, both in West Bank and in Gaza Strip, deplored the fact that Tony Blair had never visited the Strip, despite of the duties related to his role as Quartet Representative that include mobilizing international assistance to the Palestinians, working closely with donors and others, as well as helping to implement plans and concrete projects aimed to promote Palestinian economic development. (more…)


    Fulbright Grants Denied to Gazan Students

    What better way to punish Hamas than by punishing Gazan students?

    The American State Department recently withdrew the Fulbright Grants for Gazan students hoping to pursue higher education opportunities in the United States. And on what grounds?

    Well, it seems that because Israel isn’t letting them out anyway, it’s better not to waste money on students condemned to a future of imprisonment. The politics of accomodation work yet again, but this time the hopes of seven talented students have been drastically crushed by this moral cowardice.

    True, the money can be used elsewhere, but why not take a moral stand against the collective punishment of Gaza? First, there is no guarantee of Israel policy regarding Gaza and simply assuming that Israel will never allow these students to leave the Strip is tantamount to supporting Israeli oppression in the first place. (more…)


    Nidal al-Mughrabi: Gaza’s Sick Fear For Their Lives

    JABALYA, Gaza, Jan 21 (Reuters) - Ready to act fast to save his life, Maher Al-Assali’s young siblings stand at his bedside, poised to pump air through a hole in the 12-year-old’s neck when the ventilator that keeps him alive cuts out.

    Since being paralysed in a car accident seven years ago, Assali has depended on a mechanical ventilator to supply his lungs with oxygen. During the electricity blackouts that have plagued the impoverished territory for months, his family used to hook the machine up to a generator at a nearby clinic.

    But Israel has cut fuel supplies to Hamas-run Gaza as part of sanctions it says are meant to stop militants firing rockets across the border. The clinic generator has shut down. So now, when the power grid fails, Assali’s family keep him alive with a rubber hand pump. (more…)


    Safa Joudeh: Witnessing the Siege

    It is supposed that one can build factual perception by reading the statistics and getting all the hard evidence, but I recently realized that a complete cognitive process relies first and foremost on visuals — seeing the picture for oneself.

    I joined a camera crew and producer shooting footage for a first-person interview on the Israeli siege on Gaza. The interviewee was Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj, head of the Palestinian International Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza, a coalition of organizations and individuals set out to do just that. We met with Dr. Sarraj at his office and booked him for the day. Based on his humanitarian activism with the campaign, Dr. Sarraj would determine which areas were most pressing in terms of the crisis in Gaza, and therefore deserved priority over other aspects during the short interview. Dr. Sarraj confirmed what the producer and the rest of the crew had already mentioned — when it came to crisis in Gaza, the health sector and the economic sector were at the top of the list. It was decided we would visit a couple of hospitals and a factory to shoot the right footage. This is where the cameraman started taping and didn’t stop till the end of the day. (more…)

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    Top 5 lies about Israel's assault on Gaza


    Lie #1: Israel is only targeting legitimate military sites and is seeking to protect innocent lives. Israel never targets civilians.

    The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated pieces of property in the world. The presence of fighters within a civilian population does not, under international law, deprive that population of their protected status, and hence any assault upon that population under the guise of targeting fighters is, in fact, a war crime.

    Moreover, the people Israel claims are legitimate targets are members of Hamas, which Israel says is a terrorist organization. Hamas has been responsible for firing rockets into Israel. These rockets are extremely inaccurate and thus, even if Hamas intended to hit military targets within Israel, are indiscriminate by nature. When rockets from Gaza kill Israeli civilians, it is a war crime.

    Hamas has a military wing. However, it is not entirely a military organization, but a political one. Members of Hamas are the democratically elected representatives of the Palestinian people. Dozens of these elected leaders have been kidnapped and held in Israeli prisons without charge.
    Others have been targeted for assassination, such as Nizar Rayan, a top Hamas official. To kill Rayan, Israel targeted a residential apartment building. The strike not only killed Rayan but two of his wives and four of his children, along with six others. There is no justification for such an attack under international law. This was a war crime.

    Other of Israel’s bombardment with protected status under international law have included a mosque, a prison, police stations, and a university, in addition to residential buildings.

    Moreover, Israel has long held Gaza under siege, allowing only the most minimal amounts of humanitarian supplies to enter. Israel is bombing and killing Palestinian civilians. Countless more have been wounded, and cannot receive medical attention. Hospitals running on generators have little or no fuel. Doctors have no proper equipment or medical supplies to treat the injured. These people, too, are the victims of Israeli policies targeted not at Hamas or legitimate military targets, but directly designed to punish the civilian population.

    Lie #2) Hamas violated the cease-fire. The Israeli bombardment is a response to Palestinian rocket fire and is designed to end such rocket attacks.
    Israel never observed the cease-fire to begin with. From the beginning, it announced a “special security zone” within the Gaza Strip and announced that Palestinians who enter this zone will be fired upon. In other words, Israel announced its intention that Israeli soldiers would shoot at farmers and other individuals attempting to reach their own land in direct violation of not only the cease-fire but international law.

    Despite shooting incidents, including ones resulting in Palestinians getting injured, Hamas still held to the cease-fire from the time it went into effect on June 19 until Israel effectively ended the truce on November 4 by launching an airstrike into Gaza that killed five and injured several others.

    Israel’s violation of the cease-fire predictably resulted in retaliation from militants in Gaza who fired rockets into Israel in response. The increased barrage of rocket fire at the end of December is being used as justification for the continued Israeli bombardment, but is a direct response to the Israeli attacks.

    Israel's actions, including its violation of the cease-fire, predictably resulted in an escalation of rocket attacks against its own population.

    Lie #3) Hamas is using human shields, a war crime.

    There has been no evidence that Hamas has used human shields. The fact is, as previously noted, Gaza is a small piece of property that is densely populated. Israel engages in indiscriminate warfare such as the assassination of Nizar Rayan, in which members of his family were also murdered. It is victims like his dead children that Israel defines as “human shields” in its propaganda.

    There is no legitimacy for this interpretation under international law. In circumstances such as these, Hamas is not using human shields, Israel is committing war crimes in violation of the Geneva Conventions and other applicable international law.

    Lie #4) Arab nations have not condemned Israel’s actions because they understand Israel’s justification for its assault.

    The populations of those Arab countries are outraged at Israel’s actions and at their own governments for not condemning Israel’s assault and acting to end the violence. Simply stated, the Arab governments do not represent their respective Arab populations. The populations of the Arab nations have staged mass protests in opposition to not only Israel's actions but also the inaction of their own governments and what they view as either complacency or complicity in Israel's crimes.

    Moreover, the refusal of Arab nations to take action to come to the aid of the Palestinians is not because they agree with Israel’s actions, but because they are submissive to the will of the US, which fully supports Israel. Egypt, for instance, which refused to open the border to allow Palestinians wounded in the attacks to get medical treatment in Egyptian hospitals, is heavily dependent upon US aid, and is being widely criticized within the population of the Arab countries for what is viewed as an absolute betrayal of the Gaza Palestinians.

    Even Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has been regarded as a traitor to his own people for blaming Hamas for the suffering of the people of Gaza. Palestinians are also well aware of Abbas' past perceived betrayals in conniving with Israel and the U.S. to sideline the democratically elected Hamas government, culminating in a counter-coup by Hamas in which it expelled Fatah (the military wing of Abbas' Palestine Authority) from the Gaza Strip. While his apparent goal was to weaken Hamas and strengthen his own position, the Palestinians and other Arabs in the Middle East are so outraged at Abbas that it is unlikely he will be able to govern effectively.

    Lie #5) Israel is not responsible for civilian deaths because it warned the Palestinians of Gaza to flee areas that might be targeted.

    Israel claims it sent radio and telephone text messages to residents of Gaza warning them to flee from the coming bombardment. But the people of Gaza have nowhere to flee to. They are trapped within the Gaza Strip. It is by Israeli design that they cannot escape across the border.

    It is by Israeli design that they have no food, water, or fuel by which to survive. It is by Israeli design that hospitals in Gaza have no electricity and few medical supplies with which to treat the injured and save lives. And Israel has bombed vast areas of Gaza, targeting civilian infrastructure and other sites with protected status under international law. No place is safe within the Gaza Strip.

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    Israeli War Crimes - Warning: Graphic!

    Please encourage the Imaams to do this, and do it also in your prayer. The Gaza situation is indeed a Calamity, and Allaah azzawa jal listens to those who praises Him.

    Quick Questions and Answers:

    What's Qunut? Qunoot: carries several meanings, e.g. humility, devotion. What is meant here is the special supplication while standing during prayer.

    When do you make it (in this case)? In five daily prayers.

    When do you make it in the five daily prayer? i.e. which rakah is it? it is the last rakah after the rukuh after saying: «Allaah listens to the one who praises Him.»

    Do you raise hands as you make the qunut? Yes, you do.

    Does imam raise his voice as he makes qunut? Yes. he raises his voice as he makes the qunut.

    Should the follower say ameen? Yes, they say ameen.

    The Evidences:

    Qunoot In The Five Prayers Because Of A Calamity

    "When he (sal-Allaahu 'alayhe wa sallam) wanted to supplicate against someone, or supplicate for someone, he would perform qunoot [236] in the last rak'ah, after rukoo'; after having said: «Allaah listens to the one who praises Him.»[237] "He would supplicate loudly" [238], "raise his hands" [239], and "those behind him would say: aameen" [240].

    "He was known to perform qunoot in all five prayers" [241], although "he would only perform qunoot in them when he supplicated for a people or supplicated against a people" [242]. For example, he once said: «O Allaah! rescue al-Waleed ibn al-Waleed, and Salamah ibn Hishaam, and 'Ayyaash ibn Abee Rabee'ah. O Allaah! harden Your penalty on (the tribe of) Mudar, and cause for it years (of famine) like the years of Yoosuf. [O Allaah! curse Lahyaan, and Ru'l, and Dhakwaan, and 'Usayyah, who disobeyed Allaah and His Messenger!]»[243]

    Then, "he would say: «Allaah is the Greatest when he had finished qunoot and prostrate."»[244]

    [236] Qunoot: carries several meanings, e.g. humility, devotion. What is meant here is the special supplication while standing during prayer.
    [237] al-Bukhaaree and Ahmad.
    [238] ibid.
    [239] Ahmad and at-Tabaraanee with a saheeh sanad. To raise the hands in qunoot is the madhhab of Ahmad and also Ishaaq bin Raahawayh, cf. Marwazee's Masaa.il (p. 23). As for wiping the face with the hands, it is not reported in this position, and is thus an innovation; as for outside of prayer, it is not authentically-reported: all that has been transmitted in this regard is either weak or very weak, as I have shown in Da`eef Abee Daawood (262) and Silsilah al-Ahaadeeth as-Saheehah (597). This is why `Izz bin `Abd as-Salaam said in one of his fatwas, "Only an ignorant person does it." See Appendix 8.

    [240] Abu Daawood and Siraaj ; al-Haakim declared it saheeh, and adh-Dhahabee and others agreed.
    [241] Abu Daawood, Siraaj and ad-Daaraqutnee with two hasan sanads.
    [242] Ibn Khuzaymah in his Saheeh (1/78/2) and Khateeb in Kitaab al-Qunoot with a saheeh sanad.
    [243] al-Bukhaaree and Ahmad; the addition is in Muslim.
    [244] an-Nasaa.ee, Ahmad, Siraaj (109/1) and Abu Ya`laa in his Musnad with a good sanad.

    Dua Qunoot

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    The Black Crypto-Jewish Condoleezza Rice said Friday "it's hard" for Israeli troops to shield civilians in Gaza because the area is so densely populated and Hamas uses people as human shields. "It is very difficult in circumstances like Gaza, which is a very densely populated area," Rice told reporters when asked if Israel is living up to its humanitarian obligations during its two-week military offensive in Gaza.

    It’s immoral and wrong to demand from the victims not to resist the oppressors

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    US seeks to send tons of arms to Israel, ignores 850 Gazans killed

    The U.S. is seeking to hire a merchant ship to deliver hundreds of tons of arms to Israel from Greece later this month, tender documents seen by Reuters show.

    Israel launched on December 27 a military offensive in Gaza, killing at least 820 Palestinians, a third children.

    The U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command (MSC) said the ship was to carry 325 standard 20-foot containers of what is listed as "ammunition" on two separate journeys from the Greek port of Astakos to the Israeli port of Ashdod in mid-to-late January.

    A "hazardous material" designation on the manifest mentions explosive substances and detonators, but no other details were given.

    "Shipping 3,000-odd tons of ammunition in one go is a lot," one broker said, on condition of anonymity. "This (kind of request) is pretty rare and we haven't seen much of it quoted in the market over the years," he added.

    The U.S. Defense Department, contacted by Reuters on Friday in Washington, had no immediate comment. The MSC transports armor and military supplies for the U.S. armed forces aboard its own fleet, but regularly hires merchant ships if logistics so require.

    The request for the ship was made on Dec. 31, with the first leg of the charter to arrive no later than January 25 and the second at the end of the month.

    The tender for the vessel follows the hiring of a commercial ship to carry a much larger consignment of ordnance in December from the United States to Israel ahead of air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

    A German shipping firm which won that tender confirmed the order when contacted by Reuters but declined to comment further.

    Israel violated six-month ceasefire, bombing Gaza on November 4 and killing six Palestinians. Israel killed on November 17 four more Gazans before Hamas declared the ending the ceasefire.

    More than 250 children have been killed in the Gaza fighting, according to the UN.

    Children make up more than half of the crowded region's 1.4 million population and are the most defenseless victims of the war.

    U.N. calls for probe

    Navi Pillay, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, also said that U.N. human rights monitors must be deployed in Israel as well as Gaza and the West Bank to document violations and their perpetrators.

    "The vicious cycle of provocation and retribution must be brought to an end," she said.

    Pillay was addressing a special session of the U.N. Human Rights Council a day after the Security Council adopted a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in the 14-day-old bombardment and a withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza.

    "Accountability must be ensured for violations of international law. As a first step, credible, independent and transparent investigations must be carried out to identify violations and establish responsibilities," she said.

    "Violations of international humanitarian law may constitute war crimes for which individual criminal responsibility may be invoked," said Pillay, a former International Criminal Court judge from South Africa.

    Civilian massacres
    The massacres in Gaza, where civilians including children are among the hundreds killed, has attracted mounting international condemnation. The United Nations said on Friday that 30 Palestinians were killed in the Zeitoun neighborhood in central Gaza earlier this week when the Israeli army sheltered 110 civilians in a house which was later hit by shells.

    These were proportionality, distinction between combatants and civilians as well as military targets and civilian infrastructure, and feasible precautions to avoid or minimize incidental loss of civilian life.

    Diplomats said that the Geneva rights forum was expected to adopt a draft resolution censuring Israel at the talks, which may continue into Monday.

    The emergency session was called at the request of Islamic and developing countries backed by Russia, China and Cuba. The bloc enjoys a majority in the 47-member forum, in which the United States has virtually stopped participating.

    Both the Palestinian and Israeli ambassadors to the U.N. in Geneva were due to address the talks.

    Charters "rare"

    Shipping brokers in London who have specialized in moving arms for the British and U.S. military in the past said such ship charters to Israel were rare.

    A senior military analyst in London who declined to be named said that, because of the timing, the shipments could be "irregular" and linked to the Gaza offensive. Air Force Lt. Col. Patrick Ryder, a Pentagon spokesman, said he would not comment on shipping routes for security reasons but confirmed a shipment of ammunition to Israel was planned.

    "The delivery of ammunition is to a pre-positioned U.S. munitions stockpile in Israel in accordance with a congressionally authorized 1990 agreement between the U.S. and Israel," Ryder said.

    "This previously scheduled shipment is routine and not in support of the current situation in Gaza." The shipment originated in the United States, Ryder said. He provided no further details on the intended cargo. The ship hired by the MSC in December was for a much larger cargo of arms, tender documents showed.

    That stipulated a ship to be chartered for 42 days capable of carrying 989 standard 20-foot containers from Sunny Point, North Carolina to Ashdod.

    The tender document said the vessel had to be capable of "carrying 5.8 million pounds (2.6 million kg) of net explosive weight", which specialist brokers said was a very large quantity.

    The ship was requested early last month to load on December 15.

    In September, the U.S. Congress approved the sale of 1,000 bunker-buster missiles to Israel. The GPS-guided GBU-39 is said to be one of the most accurate bombs in the world.

    World Bulletin


    This shipment, which includes 1000 Bunker Busters, indicates that the Zionist terrorist entity intends to prolong the massacre in Gazzah and possibly in the rest of Palestine. Moreover, they may also have Hizbullaah in Lebanon in their sights.

    A much larger shipment was delivered ahead of the start of the bombing of Gazzah!

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    Dr. Barghouthi: “Israel is executing civilians in Gaza, committing war crimes”

    Saed Bannoura - IMEMC


    Saturday January 10, 2009

    Palestinian Legislator, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative, stated in a press conference on Saturday at the Watan Media Center in Ramallah that Israel continues its crimes in Gaza for the fifteenth day, and is committing war crimes by shelling civilian homes and killing children, women and elderly.

    Dr. Barghouthi added that the large number of civilian casualties proves that Israel’s claims of targeting the fighters are false and outrageous.

    He demanded all statistics and cases be documented in preparation for an international criminal investigation, and he also demanded the formation of an international committee which would be in charge of prosecuting Israeli officials responsible for war crimes.

    The Palestinian Legislator also said that Israel is not only targeting civilians, but is also targeting medical personnel, as 13 medics and physicians were killed by the Israeli Army during the ongoing offensive.

    He added that the Israeli Army has shelled hospitals, schools and mosques, which has increased the number of civilian casualties.

    Dr. Barghouthi further said that Israel’s statements that the fighters the Israeli Army is kidnapping in Gaza are illegitimate are very serious claims which are considered an approval to kill them after they are captured.

    Commenting on Jordan’s decision to withdraw its ambassador to Israel, Dr. Barghouthi said that this is a positive step that should be followed by other Arab and Foreign countries.

    He slammed the Pentagon’s decision to transfer weapons to Israel, and considered this decision as an active American participation in the war crimes carried out by the Israeli Army against the Palestinian people. "It is a blow to the upcoming Obama Administration which is preparing to move into the White House", Dr. Barghouthi added.

    Qaddoura Fares, head of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, said that Israel’s kidnapping of civilians in Gaza and the media blackout on the issue is very serious, as it gives the Israeli Army a free hand to assassinate kidnapped residents.

    Fares added that the army is not providing any information about the number of kidnapped residents or their whereabouts "Which gives the army the opportunity to execute them, throw their bodies in the streets, and claim that they were killed in during clashes".

    The Society demanded the Red Cross to perform its duties in the Gaza Strip and to act in order to attain information on the abducting of residents.

    Doctor Moawiya Hassanen, of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, reported Saturday that 804 Palestinians, including 230 children, 92 women, and 92 elderly have been killed, and more than 3,300 were wounded; 400 seriously.

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    Killed by Israel, Eaten by Dogs


    GAZA CITY - "Oh, God! I have never seen such a terrible scene," cried Kayed Abu Aukal.

    The emergency doctor could not believe himself seeing the remains of what was days back Shahd, a full-fleshed
    4-year-old Palestinian girl.

    She died when an Israeli shell was fired at the backyard of her home in the Jabalya refugee camp northern Gaza strip, where she was playing.When her parents attempted to rush to the rescue of their kid, who fell to the ground amid a pool of her blood, rains of Israeli bullets kept them a distance.

    For the next five days Shahd's which was left lying in the open left for dogs to tear out. "The dogs did leave one single part of the poor baby's body intact," said a tearful Abu Aukal. "We have seen heart-breaking scenes over the past 18 days. We picked up children whose bodies were torn or burnt, but nothing like this."

    For five days Shahd's brother, Matar, and cousin, Mohamed, tried in vain to reach her body. They were fired at by the Israeli occupation forces every time.
    Seeing the body of the little angel torn to piece by the assaulting dogs, the two made one final attempt, and it was their last. They were showered by Israeli bullets before they could reach Shahd's body, joining a long list of more than 920 Palestinians killed by Israel since December 27.


    Omran Zayda, a young neighbor, said the
    Israelis knew very well what they were doing.

    "They chased her family and prevented them from reaching to her body, knowing that the dogs would eat it," he said. "They are not just killing our children, they are intentionally doing so in the most heinous and inhuman ways."

    Zayda said words, and even cameras, can not describe the horrific scene. "You can never imagine what the dogs have done to her innocent body," he said, fighting back his tears.

    Many Palestinians insist Shahd was not the first or only such case. In Jabalya, when Abd Rabu's family was trying to bury three of its dead, the Israeli forces started firing at them, witnesses said. They then released their dogs at the bodies, deserted by mourners who sought shelter from the Israeli gunfire, they added.

    "What happened was awful and unthinkable," Saad Abd Rabu, the deceased uncle, told IOL.

    "Our sons died before our eyes and we were even prevented from burying them," he cried. "The Israelis just released their dogs at their bodies, as even they have not done enough."

    May Allah drown them in bloodbaths far worse than those they kill our children in. May the wrath of Allah descend upon them, misery and torture engulf them, and a severe torment be their end. Wallahu shadeed ul iqaab. Ameen ya Rabbil 'alameen.

    Don't stop making du'aa against them and for the believers, don't stop invoking Allah and turning swiftly in repentance. DON'T STOP BOYCOTTING & DON'T STOP GIVING IN CHARITY - irrespective of the pessimistic rubbish people come out with. Your reward is with Allah, Most Generous.

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    Ameen Thumma Ameen to your duas ... they are the most vile creatures on Earth ie the Jews and they are a cursed nation as they used to kill their Prophet's. May Allah destroy them if there is no hidaayat meant for them and May He make them suffer the way they're causing our brothers and sisters to suffer. And for them is an eternity in the Hell-fire - that's our consolation & everlasting Paradise for these martyrs of Islam.
    A pirate was captured & brought before Alexander the Great. Alexander asked the pirate: 'How dare you molest the people?' The pirate replied:'And how dare you molest the entire world? I am called a thief because I do it with a little ship only. You do it with a great navy & you are called an Emperor!'
    Under this scenario, powerless people doing trivial acts are the major terrorists of the world whilst major powers perpetrating terrorism in many parts of the world are the civilised barbarians.

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    Silence No More! We must speak the truth!

    Video and Nasheed with excerpts from the Khutbahs of Dr. Ibrahim Dremali on the war on Gaza.

    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S-XUkBCoV0

    Google: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6232901222762464902&hl=en

    Muslim Video: http://www.muslimvideo.com/tv/watch/02065d63dbae632df5d4/

    Download YouTube videos: http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-YouTube-Download.htm

    Download YouTube videos to mp3:http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-YouTube-to-MP3-Converter.htm

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    Israel War Crimes In Gaza

    Gaza Carnage not shown on news channels.


    Warning: contains graphic footage of war injuries
    __________________________________________________ _____

    Israel admits troops may have usedphosphorus shells in Gaza
    Amnesty warns Israel could be guilty of war crimes

    Peter Beaumont in Jerusalem
    Wednesday 21 January 2009

    Israel has admitted – after mounting pressure – that its troops may have used white phosphorus shells in contravention of international law, during its three-week offensive in the Gaza Strip.

    Read more:

    __________________________________________________ _____


    Phosphorus bombs in Gaza – the evidence

    Friday 16 January 2009

    On Tuesday 13 January Israeli forces attacked Khoza'a, a small rural community east of Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip. Missiles containing white phosphorus were deployed. Dr Ahmed Almi from the al-Nasser hospital in Khan Yunis describes serious injuries and chemical burns, with victims covered in a white powder that continues to burn long after initial exposure.


    Warning: contains graphic footage of war injuries.

    __________________________________________________ _____

    An Israeli War Crimes Tribunal (ICTI)
    May be the Only Deterrent to a Global War

    Francis A. Boyle.

    The United Nations General Assembly must immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) as a "subsidiary organ" under U.N. Charter Article 22. The ICTI would be organized along the lines of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY), which was established by the Security Council.

    The purpose of the ICTI would be to investigate and prosecute Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine.

    The establishment of ICTI would provide some small degree of justice to the victims of Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine--just as the ICTY has done in the Balkans. Furthermore, the establishment of ICTI by the U.N. General Assembly would serve as a deterrent effect upon Israeli leaders such as Prime Minister Olmert, Foreign Minister Livni, Defense Minister Barak, Chief of Staff Ashkenazi and Israel's other top generals that they will be prosecuted for their further infliction of international crimes upon the Lebanese and the Palestinians.

    Global Research, December 31, 2008

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    Default Gaza homes destruction 'wanton'

    Gaza homes destruction 'wanton'

    Amnesty said the way houses had fallen suggested they had been blown up from under walls and pillars

    Human rights investigators say Israeli forces engaged in "wanton destruction" of Palestinian homes during the recent conflict in Gaza.

    Amnesty International has told the BBC News website the methods used raised concerns about war crimes.

    Israel's military said buildings were destroyed because of military "operational needs".

    The Israeli Defense Forces said they operated in accordance with international law during the conflict.

    However, the use of mines to destroy homes contradicted this claim, the head of the Amnesty International fact-finding mission to southern Israel and Gaza, Donatella Rovera, has argued.

    Israeli troops had to leave their vehicles to plant the mines, indicating that they faced no danger and that there was no military or operational justification, she said.

    Breaking the Silence, an Israeli group that gathers and circulates the testimonies of Israeli soldiers, has also told the BBC News website that its findings from the Gaza war suggested many demolitions had been carried out when there was no immediate threat.

    "From the testimonies that we've gathered, lots of demolitions - buildings demolished either by bulldozers or explosives - were done after the area was under Israeli control," said Yehuda Shaul, one of the group's members.

    Destruction of civilian property is not illegal in itself under international law, but it must be justifiable on military grounds - for example if the building was booby trapped or being used as cover for enemy fighters.

    Thousands of buildings were destroyed in the 22-day Israeli operation.

    Some of them were police stations, mosques and government premises attacked in targeted airstrikes, in many cases with surrounding buildings left in tact.

    Reduced to rubble

    There were also whole neighbourhoods reduced to rubble in areas where the Israeli ground forces were present.

    Audio slideshow: Gaza homeless

    Ms Rovera said Amnesty International was concerned about "large scale destruction of homes and other civilian properties" during the conflict.

    "The destruction was, in our view, and according to our findings, wanton destruction - it could not be justified on military grounds," she said.

    Ms Rovera said her team found fragments of anti-tank mines in and around destroyed properties.

    Their use was also consistent with remains of houses, collapsed in on themselves as if blown up from below, rather than destroyed from above as in an airstrike, she said.

    Troops would have had to leave their armoured vehicles to plant them and rig up the detonators, she said.

    "Unless those operating on the ground felt not just 100% but 200% secure - that the places were not booby trapped, that they wouldn't come under fire - they could not have got out of the vehicles," she said. "They would not have used that method."

    "The use of the method tells us even more that there wasn't the kind of danger that might have made it lawful to destroy some of those properties," Ms Rovera said.

    14,000 homes
    219 factories
    240 schools
    UNDP estimates

    In pictures: Samouni Street
    Who will rebuild Gaza?

    "Wanton destruction on a large scale would qualify as a war crime," she said, adding that the practice was among several used in the conflict by both sides that Amnesty is concerned may constitute war crimes.

    In one case visited by the BBC, six homes belonging to the extended family of Raed al-Atamna in the Izbit Abed Rabbo area, near the border with Israel, were destroyed.

    Mr Atamna said a UN ordnance clearance team had found several mines in and around the remains of one of the homes.

    He said he and his family had fled the area during the Israeli military operation, and returned to find their homes demolished.

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    Rabbis' Religious War on Gaza

    The soldiers were told by army rabbis that they were fighting a religious war to expel gentiles from the holy land.

    Terming all Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as "terrorists", Israeli army rabbis have told troopers in the recent Gaza war that they were fighting a religious war to expel gentiles from the holy land.

    "Their message was very clear: we are the Jewish people, we came to this land by a miracle, God brought us back to this land and now we need to fight to expel the gentiles who are interfering with our conquest of this holy land," Ram, an army commander, said in testimonies cited by the Israeli daily Haaretz on Friday, March 20.

    "This was the main message, and the whole sense many soldiers had in this operation was of a religious war."

    The accounts of Ram, a pseudonym to shield the officer's identity, was published in the second day of troops' revelations about Gaza war atrocities.

    Israeli soldiers admitted Thursday killing innocent Palestinians in cold blood and ransacked their properties during the war.

    Ram said his impression of the war was "the feeling of an almost religious mission".

    "A brigade rabbi was there, who afterward came into Gaza and went around patting us on the shoulder and encouraging us, and praying with people," he said.


    "I Will Never Walk Again"
    "Dad, I'm Dying"
    Palestinian Holocaust Museum

    "And also when we were inside they sent in those booklets, full of Psalms, a ton of Psalms. I think that at least in the house I was in for a week, we could have filled a room with the Psalms they sent us, and other booklets like that.
    The army Cops distributed pamphlets about the history of Israel's fighting in Gaza from 1948 to the present, he said.

    "The rabbinate brought in a lot of booklets and articles."


    A squad commander from Ram's Givat Brigade, named as Aviv, recounted how they were told to open fire on any Palestinian who has not left his home during the war.

    "From above they said it was permissible, because anyone who remained in the sector and inside Gaza City was in effect condemned, a terrorist, because they hadn't fled," he said.

    "I didn't really understand: On the one hand they don't really have anywhere to flee to, but on the other hand they're telling us they hadn't fled so it's their fault ... This also scared me a bit."

    During the event, the order was amended to include "operating megaphones" so advancing troops could tell people they had five minutes to get out or be killed.

    "And then there was a very annoying moment. One of my soldiers came to me and asked, 'Why?' I said, 'What isn't clear? We don't want to kill innocent civilians.' He goes, 'Yeah? Anyone who's in there is a terrorist, that's a known fact.' I said, 'Do you think the people there will really run away? No one will run away," Aviv said.

    The solider went on saying "'That's clear,' and then his buddies join in: 'We need to murder any person who's in there. Yeah, any person who's in Gaza is a terrorist,' and all the other things that they stuff our heads with, in the media.

    Israeli troops killed more than 1,434 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and wounded 5,450 others in 22 days of air, land and sea attacks.

    The offensive wrecked havoc on the infrastructure of the densely-populated enclave, leaving tens of thousands of homes and other buildings in ruins.

    UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories Richard Falk has accused Israel of committing war crimes of the greatest magnitude during the Gaza war.


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    Soldiers' accounts of Gaza killings raise furor in Israel

    By Ethan Bronner - March 19, 2009

    JERUSALEM: In the two months since Israel ended its military assault on Gaza, Palestinians and international rights groups have accused it of excessive force and wanton killing in that operation, but the Israeli military has said it followed high ethical standards and took great care to avoid civilian casualties.

    Now testimony is emerging from within the ranks of soldiers and officers alleging a permissive attitude toward the killing of civilians and wanton destruction of property that is sure to inflame the domestic and international debate about the army's conduct in Gaza. On Thursday, the military's chief advocate general ordered an investigation into a soldier's account of a sniper killing a woman and her two children who walked too close to a designated no-go area by mistake, and another account of a sharpshooter who killed an elderly woman who came within 100 yards of a commandeered house.

    When asked why that elderly woman was killed, a squad commander wasquoted as saying: "What's great about Gaza — you see a person on a path, he doesn't have to be armed, you can simply shoot him. In our case it was an old woman on whom I did not see any weapon when I looked. The order was to take down the person, this woman, the minute you see her. There are always warnings, there is always the saying, 'Maybe he's a terrorist.' What I felt was, there was a lot of thirst for blood."

    The testimonies by soldiers, leaked to the newspapers Maariv and Haaretz, appeared in a journal published by a military preparatory course at the Oranim Academic College in the northern town of Tivon. The newspapers promised to release more such anecdotal accounts on Friday, without saying how many.

    The academy's director, Dany Zamir, told Israel Radio, "Those were very harsh testimonies about unjustified shooting of civilians and destruction of property that conveyed an atmosphere in which one feels entitled to use unrestricted force against Palestinians."

    Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Israel Radio that he believed such incidents to be exceptions, adding, "The Israeli Army is the most moral in the world, and I know what I'm talking about because I know what took place in the former Yugoslavia, in Iraq."

    It was clear that Mr. Zamir felt that his concerns, which he had raised earlier in a letter to the military chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, had not been taken seriously and that was why he published the testimonies.

    Since the war ended, others have raised similar questions, generating a heated debate within military circles.

    "According to the code, a soldier has to do his utmost to avoid civilian casualties and that involves taking some risk," said Moshe Halbertal, a Jewish philosophy professor at Hebrew University who, along with three others, rewrote the military ethics code eight years ago. "That is the question we have to struggle with. From the testimonies of these soldiers, it sounds like they didn't practice this norm."

    Amir Marmor, a 33-year-old history graduate student in Jerusalem and a military reservist, said in an interview with The New York Times that he was stunned to discover the way civilian casualties were discussed in training discussions before his tank unit entered Gaza in January. "Shoot and don't worry about the consequences," was the message from the top commanders, he said. Speaking of a lieutenant colonel who briefed the troops, Mr. Marmor said, "His whole demeanor was extremely gung ho. This is very, very different from my usual experience. I have been doing reserve duty for 12 years, and it was always an issue how to avoid causing civilian injuries. He said in this operation we are not taking any chances. Morality aside, we have to do our job. We will cry about it later."

    The Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights, which has documented the Gaza deaths, says that about two-thirds of the 1,300 were civilians, among them 121 women and 288 children, which it defines as anyone 18 and younger.

    Thursday's revelations caused an immediate uproar here, with some soldiers and reservists said they did not recognize the stories being told as accurate.

    One of the soldiers' testimonies involved the killing of a family. The soldier said: "We had taken over the house, and the family was released and told to go right. A mother and two children got confused and went left. The sniper on the roof wasn't told that this was O.K. and that he shouldn't shoot. You can say he just did what he was told."

    Still, Israeli ethicists say they are troubled by what they have heard.


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