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Thread: War of Terror

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    Trump's War on Terror Has Quickly Become as Barbaric and Savage as He Promised

    by Glenn Greenwald - March 26 2017

    From the start of his presidency, Donald Trump's "war on terror" has entailed the seemingly indiscriminate slaughter of innocent people in the name of killing terrorists. In other words, Trump has escalated the 16-year-old core premise of America's foreign policy - that it has the right to bomb any country in the world where people it regards as terrorists are found - and in doing so, has fulfilled the warped campaign pledges he repeatedly expressed.

    The most recent atrocity was the killing of as many as 200 Iraqi civilians from U.S. airstrikes this week in Mosul. That was preceded a few days earlier by the killing of dozens of Syrian civilians in Raqqa province when the U.S. targeted a school where people had taken refuge, which itself was preceded a week earlier by the U.S. destruction of a mosque near Aleppo that also killed dozens. And one of Trump's first military actions was what can only be described as a massacre carried out by Navy SEALs, in which 30 Yemenis were killed; among the children killed was an 8-year-old American girl (whose 16-year-old American brother was killed by a drone under Obama).

    In sum: Although precise numbers are difficult to obtain, there seems little question that the number of civilians being killed by the U.S. in Iraq and Syria - already quite high under Obama - has increased precipitously during the first two months of the Trump administration. Data compiled by the site Airwars tells the story: The number of civilians killed in Syria and Iraq began increasing in October under Obama but has now skyrocketed in March under Trump.

    What's particularly notable is that the number of airstrikes actually decreased in March (with a week left), even as civilian deaths rose - strongly suggesting that the U.S. military has become even more reckless about civilian deaths under Trump than it was under Obama:

    This escalation of bombing and civilian deaths, combined with the deployment by Trump of 500 ground troops into Syria beyond the troops Obama already deployed there, has received remarkably little media attention. This is in part due to the standard indifference in U.S. discourse to U.S. killing of civilians compared to the language used when its enemies kill people (compare the very muted and euphemistic tones used to report on Trump's escalations in Iraq and Syria to the frequent invocation of genocide and war crimes to denounce Russian killing of Syrian civilians). And part of this lack of media attention is due to the Democrats' ongoing hunt for Russian infiltration of Washington, which leaves little room for other matters.

    But what is becoming clear is that Trump is attempting to liberate the U.S. military from the minimal constraints it observed in order to avoid massive civilian casualties. And this should surprise nobody: Trump explicitly and repeatedly vowed to do exactly this during the campaign.

    He constantly criticized Obama - who bombed seven predominantly Muslim countries - for being "weak" in battling ISIS and al Qaeda. Trump regularly boasted that he would free the U.S. military from rules of engagement that he regarded as unduly hobbling them. He vowed to bring back torture and even to murder the family members of suspected terrorists - prompting patriotic commentators to naïvely insist that the U.S. military would refuse to follow his orders. Trump's war frenzy reached its rhetorical peak of derangement in December 2015, when he roared at a campaign rally that he would "bomb the **** out of ISIS" and then let its oil fields be taken by Exxon, whose CEO is now his secretary of state.

    video: https://safeshare.tv/x/aWejiXvd-P8

    Trump can be criticized for many things, but lack of clarity about his intended war on terror approach is not one of them. All along, Trump's "solution" to terrorism was as clear as it was simple; as I described it in September 2016:


    Trump's reckless killing of civilians in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen is many things: barbaric, amoral, and criminal. It is also, ironically, likely to strengthen support for the very groups - ISIS and al Qaeda - that he claims he wants to defeat, given that nothing drives support for those groups like U.S. slaughter of civilians (perhaps the only competitor in helping these groups is another Trump specialty: driving a wedge between Muslims and the West).

    But what Trump's actions are not is a departure from what he said he would do, nor are they inconsistent with the predictions of those who described his foreign policy approach as non-interventionist. To the contrary, the dark savagery guiding U.S. military conduct in that region is precisely what Trump expressly promised his supporters he would usher in.


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    Joint Statement: Muslim Leaders Condemn US Airstrikes

    The below is a non-partisan open statement signed by Muslim Imams, scholars and activists from various schools of thought and organisations in predominantly English-speaking countries to condemn the killing of hundreds of innocent men, women and children in Iraq due to US coalition-led airstrikes in March.

    The statement is as follows:
    March 2017 / Jumada Al-Akhirah 1438
    On behalf of the Muslim community in Canada, UK, USA and elsewhere, we, the undersigned, want to extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends involved in the U.S. airstrikes on Iraqi civilians which resulted in the massacre of hundreds of innocent men, women, and children in Iraq.

    We unequivocally say that such acts of state terror only worsen the situation and fuel tensions. As Muslims, we believe that all human beings have the right to safety and security and that each and every human life is inviolable.

    We encourage all people to learn more about Islam, specifically the Qur’an and the way and life of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), as education is a vital part of developing peace, guidance, and understanding in our world today.

    • AbdulAziz Rasoul, i3 institute, Canada
    • Abdullah Andalusi, Muslim Debate Initiative, UK
    • Abdullah Ayaz Mullanee, Mathabah Institute, Canada
    • Abdullah Hatia, Halton Islamic Association, Canada
    • AbdulMalik Mohammad, Ilmster Seminars, Canada
    • Abdul Wahid, Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, UK
    • Abu Eesa Niamatullah, 1st Ethnical, UK
    • Adnan Rashid, Hittin Institute, UK
    • Alaa ElSayed, ISNA, Canada
    • Aly Hindy, Salaheddin Centre, Canada
    • Asim Khan, Sabeel Institute, UK
    • Azad Ali, MEND, UK
    • Basil Amjad Khan, Akhirah Cirles, Canada
    • Bassam Zawadi, Call To Monotheism, Canada
    • Bilal Ismail, Imam Developent Project, South Africa
    • Dilly Hussain, 5 Pillars, UK
    • Ehsaan Ansari, Khadija Centre, Canada
    • Farina Siddiqui, Muslim Moms Network, Canada
    • Farooq Khan, North American Muslim Foundation, Canada
    • Feras Marish, Dar Foundation, Canada
    • Hacene Chebbani, Islamic Information Society of Calgary, Canada
    • Haitham Al-Haddad, Islamic Council of Europe, UK
    • Ibrahim Fayaz, Masjid Usman, Canada
    • Ibrahim Hindy, Dar Al-Tawheed, Canada
    • Jalil Popalzai, Subhan Masjid, Canada
    • Kamil Ahmad, IOU, Canada
    • Malik Datardina, AwareMuslim, Canada
    • Mamoun Hassan, Islamic Centre of Clarington, Canada
    • Mazin AbdulAdhim, Hizbut Tahrir, Canada
    • Moazzam Begg, Cage, UK
    • Mohamad Osta, i3 institute, Canada
    • Mohammad Auwal, CSU Communication Studies, USA
    • Mohammed Mu’azzam Khan, i-Charity, Australia
    • Musleh Khan, Islamic Institute of Toronto, Canada
    • Nouman Ali Khan, QuranWeekly, USA
    • Omar Hajaj, Yaseen Youth
    • Omar Subedar, Mathabah Institute, Canada
    • Omar Suleiman, Yaqeen Institute, USA
    • Raza Nadim, MPAC, UK
    • Sadat Anwar, Muslim Debate Initiative, Canada
    • Salman Butt, Islam21C, UK
    • Sarfraaz Ahmed, Standard Bearers, India
    • Shakeel Begg, Lewisham Islamic Centre, UK
    • Suliman Gani, Al Khaleel Institute, UK
    • Syed Iqbal, NYM INK, Canada
    • Tabasum Hussain, Muslim Debate Initiative, Canada
    • Taji Mustafa, Hizbut Tahrir, UK
    • Uthman Lateef, Hittin Institute, UK
    • Yasir Qadhi, MuslimMatters, USA
    • Yawar Baig, Standard Bearers, India
    • Younus Kathrada, Muslim Youth of Victoria, Canada
    • Yusuf Badat, Mathabah Institute, Canada
    • Zahid Akhtar, Documenting Oppression Against Muslims (DOAM), UK
    • Zahir Mahmood, As-Suffa Institute, UK


    This statement is independent of any one organisation, Islam21c has published it for information purposes. All are free to replicate it faithfully and disseminate elsewhere.

    The statement purposely mirrors the language of a joint statement condemning the Orlando shooting which got widespread coverage last year, giving Muslim leaders and representatives an opportunity to speak out against bad decisions made by their own governments in an open and non-controversial way.

    The names are listed in alphabetical order with the otherwise deserved titles and prefixes (Shaikh, Imam, Dr, and so on) of many of the esteemed scholars omitted so as to maintain independence and non-partisanship as much as possible.

    If you are an Imam, scholar or activist and would like to sign the petition, please email muslimsprotecting@gmail.com with your name or kunya you would like displayed.

    References to airstrikes in mainstream media:

    Coalition says it hit Mosul site where civilians died


    U.S. military confirms airstrike on Mosul area ‘corresponding’ to reports of civilian casualties


    US military investigating if airstrikes caused nearly 300 civilian deaths:



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    US military wiping out civilians, seizing natural resources of countries: Analyst


    The US military has long pursued the goal of “wiping out” civilians around the world and seizing other country’s resources, while damaging the economy and environment inside the US, an American anti-war activist and journalist in Maine says.

    “The Pentagon has become nothing more than the military arm of corporate globalization; their job is to secure the oil fields and other precious resources around the world and the killing of thousands and thousands of innocent civilians by the military doesn’t matter,” said Bruce Gagnon, the coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.

    “One of the goals of the military is to completely wipe out people; make it easier for the oil corporations and other resource extraction corporations to go in and take the resources without having the people in the way,” Gagnon told Press TV on Sunday.

    “The US taxpayers are funding these operations but they get nothing in return except a collapsing economy and a neglected infrastructure that’s falling apart,” he added.

    “These wars only waste our money and they make climate change even worse because the military is the largest polluter on the planet,” the activist stated.

    The US Defense Department, under President Donald Trump, is gaining more freedom to run wars without seeking approval from the White House, the AFP reported this week.

    Critics say the Pentagon’s increased autonomy could increase the rate of civilian deaths, put the lives of American soldiers at greater risk and lead to a lack of oversight of US wars, according to the report.

    The shift has been more visible in the Pentagon’s purported fight against the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group in Syria and Iraq, where under former President Barack Obama, even minor changes to US military plans underwent exhaustive scrutiny by the White House.

    Since Trump entered office, the Marine Corps has deployed an artillery battery into Syria, and the US Army has moved in hundreds of Rangers, nearly doubling the total number of US forces there from 503 to about 1,000.



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