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    Default Strange Case of Afia Siddiqui

    The Aafia Siddiqui I saw
    by Abu Sabaya
    'She is a high security risk.'

    - Christopher LaVigne, assistant US attorney, on August 11th when trying to convince a judge to prevent Aafia from seeing a doctor for her gunshot wound

    During the time of the Prophet (
    صلىاللهعليهوسلم), those who entered Islam were of two types: those who remained in their lands with the general populace practicing the basic tenets of the religion, and those who took it upon themselves to migrate and join the Prophet in his expeditions. There are ahadith that show that the Prophet treated these two groups differently from each other due to their difference in status. For example, Muslim and at-Tirmidhi report that when appointing a leader to a battalion, he would instruct him on how to deal with those of the enemy who became Muslims, saying: '…invite them to migrate from their lands to the land of the Muhajirin, and inform them that if they do so, they will have all the privileges and obligations of the Muhajirin. If they refuse to migrate, tell them that they will have the status of the Bedouins, and will be subjected to the commands of Allah like the rest of the believers…' This distinction was simply of one group deciding to take upon its shoulders certain responsibilities in contrast to the other whose inactivity limited them to a very individualistic, localized, benign practice of Islam. One can in essence say that the Prophet divided the practice of the Muslims at the time into two types: the religion of the Migrants (Din al-Muhajirin, whose adherents took upon their shoulders the responsibilities of aiding and giving victory to Islam), and the religion of the Bedouins (Din al-A'rab, whose adherents did not go beyond the basics).

    Although the depiction is of a situation that existed over a thousand years ago, it is an eternal pattern that Muslims will be distributed amongst these levels in every era and in every place. So, one can notice this distinction even amongst the practicing Muslims of the East and West. The Din al-A'rab of the past can be compared to the Islam that is limited to the five pillars, eating zabihah, and keeping the local mosque clean. Considering how difficult it is in the West to come across even these Muslims, imagine what joy comes to the eye and heart to see those who go a step further and reach the level of adhering to Din al-Muhajirin – those whose concern spans the entire Ummah, driving them to get up and become active workers for Islam, to dedicate their every minute to the service of Allah however they can no matter what other responsibilities clutter their busy lives, to have their hearts beat with the rest of the Muslims – all this with their heads raised high and paying no regard to those around them who eat and live like cattle, as it was said:

    Such are the free in a world of the enslaved...

    Recently, the entire world has been speaking about one such person - a short, thin college student, wife, and mother of three small children. Her name is Aafia Siddiqui.

    I want you to be drawn to the story of this woman and also understand why I was drawn to it. I want you to come to know of the concern and dedication that this simple woman had for Islam as described by those who knew her - a dedication that was manifested by way of actions that were very simple and easy, yet seldom carried out by those who are able.

    Those who knew Aafia recall that she was a very small, quiet, polite, and shy woman who was barely noticeable in a gathering. However, they add that when necessary, she would say what needed to be said. She was once giving a speech at a fundraiser for Bosnian orphans at a local mosque in which she began lambasting the men in the audience for not stepping up to do what she was doing. She would plead: 'Where are the men? Why do I have to be the one standing up here and doing this work?' And she was right, as she was a mother, a wife, and a student in a community full of brothers with nothing to show when it came to Islamic work.

    When she was a student at MIT, she began organizing drives to deliver copies of the Qur'an and other Islamic literature to the Muslims in the local prisons. She would have them delivered in boxes to a local mosque, and she would then show up at the mosque and carry the heavy boxes by herself all the way down the three flights of very steep stairs. Subhan Allah, look at the Qadar of Allah: this woman who would spend so much time and effort to help Muslim prisoners is now herself a prisoner (I ask Allah to free her)!

    Her dedication to Islam was also very evident on campus. A 2004 article from Boston MagazineAmerica mentions that '...she wrote three guides for members who wanted to teach others about Islam. On the group's website, Siddiqui explained how to run a daw'ah table, an informational booth used at school events to educate people about, and persuade them to convert to, Islam.' The article continues to mention that in the guides, she wrote: 'Imagine our humble, but sincere daw'ah effort turning into a major daw'ah movement in this country! Just imagine it! And us, reaping the reward of everyone who accepts Islam through this movement, through years to come. Think and plan big. May Allah give this strength and sincerity to us so that our humble effort continue, and expands until becomes a Muslim land.'

    Allahu Akbar...look at this himmah...look at these lofty aspirations and goals! As men, we should be ashamed to have to learn such lessons from a sister.

    She would drive out of her way every week to teach the local Muslim children on Sundays. I was told by a sister that she would also drive out of her way every week to visit a small group of reverts to teach them the basics of Islam. One of the sisters who attended her circles described Aafia as 'not going out of her way to be noticed by anybody, or to be anyone's friend. She just came out here to teach us about Allah, and English wasn't even her first language!'

    Another sister who would attend her circles describes: 'She shared with us that we should never make excuses for who we are. She said: 'Americans have no respect for people who are weak. Americans will respect us if we stand up and we are strong.''

    Allahu Akbar...O Allah, free this woman!

    But Aafia's biggest passion was helping the oppressed Muslims around the globe. When war in Bosnia broke out, she did not sit back and watch with one knee over the other. Rather, she immediately sought out whatever means were within her grasp to make a difference. She didn't sit in a dreamy bubble thinking all day about how she wished that she could go over to Bosnia and help with relief efforts. She got up and did what she could: she would speak to people to raise awareness, she would ask for donations, she would send e-mails, she would give slideshow presentations - the point I'm trying to make here is that Aafia showed that there is always something we can do to help our brothers and sisters, the least of which is a spoken word to raise awareness to those who are unaware. Sitting back and doing nothing is never an option. She once gave a speech at a local mosque to raise funds for Bosnian orphans, and when the audience was just sitting there watching her, she asked: 'How many people in this room own more than one pair of boots?' When half the room raised their hands, she said: 'So, donate them to these Bosnians who are about to face a brutal winter!' She was so effective in her plea that even the imam took off his boots and donated them!

    There is much more to say about how passionate this sister was for Islam. However, the above gives you an idea of what she was like, and should hopefully serve as an inspiration for brothers before sisters to become active in serving Islam through whatever means are available. Remember that she was doing all of this while being a mother and a PhD student, and most of us do much less despite having much more free time.

    So, having this image of Aafia in my mind, I was taken aback at what I saw when she was brought into court for what should have been her bail hearing. The door on the front left side of the courtroom was slowly opened to reveal a frail, limp, exhausted woman who could barely hold her own head up straight in a pale blue wheelchair. She was dressed in a Guantanamo-style orange prison uniform, and her frail head was wrapped in a white hijab that was pulled down to cover her bone-thin arms (the prison uniform is shortsleeved). Her lawyers quickly sat around her, and the hearing began.

    The head prosecutor, assistant US attorney Christopher LaVigne, walked in with a group of three or four FBI agents, one of whom was a female who looked Pakistani (
    لعنةاللهعليهم). The defense began by announcing that the bail hearing was to be postponed because of Aafia's medical condition. Essentially, Aafia's lawyers reasoned that there was no point of her being out on bail if she was near death. So, they demanded that she be allowed a doctor's visit before anything else. LaVigne got up and objected, saying that Aafia was a risk to the security of the United States. The judge didn't seem to buy that, and the prosecutor continued arguing that 'this is a woman who attempted to blast her way out of captivity.' As soon as this was said, I looked over and noticed Aafia shaking her head in desperation and sadness, as if she felt that the whole world was against her. By the way, Aafia was so small and weak that I could barely see her from behind the wheelchair. All I could see was her head slumped over to the left and wrapped in the hijab, and her right arm sticking out.

    I got a better understanding of why she was so sad and desperate when her lawyer began listing details of her condition:

    * She now has brain damage from her time in US custody
    * One of her kidneys was removed while in US custody
    * She is unable to digest her food since part of her intestines was removed during surgery while in US custody
    * She has layers and layers of sewed up skin from the surgery for the gunshot wound
    * She has a large surgical scar from her chest area all the way down to her torso

    With all of this, she had not been visited by a single doctor the entire time of her incarceration in the US despite being in constant incredible abdominal pain following her sloppy surgery in Afghanistan - pain for which she was being given nothing more than Ibuprofen! Ibuprofen is purchased over the counter to treat headaches!

    With all of this, the prosecutor had the audacity and shamelessness to try to prevent her from being seen by a doctor due to her being a 'security risk.' When he was pressed by the judge as to why Aafia was sitting all this time in a NYC prison without basic medical care, the government attorney stuttered, said that it was 'a complicated situation,' and capped it with the expected cheap shot that 'it was her decision as she refused to by seen by a male doctor.' As soon as the prosecutor said that last bit, I saw Aafia's thin arm shoot up and shake back and forth to the judge (as if to say 'No! He’s lying!'). I felt so sorry for her, as she was obviously quite frustrated at the lies being spilled out before her very eyes. Her lawyer then put her hand on her arm and began stroking it to comfort her and calm her down.

    When the hearing was over, one scholarly statement stuck in my mind, and it is where Ibn al-Qayyim said that a person rises in his closeness to Allah until: '...there remains only one obstacle from which the enemy calls him from, and this is an obstacle that he must face. If anyone were to be saved from this obstacle, it would have been the Messengers and Prophets of Allah, and the noblest of His Creation. This is the obstacle of Satan unleashing his troops upon the believer with various types of harm: by way of the hand, the tongue, and the heart. This occurs in accordance with the degree of goodness that exists within the believer. So, the higher he is in degree, the more the enemy unleashes his troops and helps them against him, and overwhelms him with his followers and allies in various ways. There is no way around this obstacle, because the firmer he is in calling to Allah and fulfilling His commands, the more the enemy becomes intent upon deceiving him with foolish people. So, he has essentially put on his body armor in this obstacle, and has taken it upon himself to confront the enemy for Allah's Sake and in His Name, and his worship in doing so is the worship of the best of worshippers.'

    And this was absolutely clear that day when looking at the scene in the court. Despite Aafia's apparent physical weakness and frailty, there was a certain 'izzah (honor) and strength that I felt emanating from her the entire time. Everything from the way she forcefully shook her hand at the judge when the prosecutor would lie, to how she was keen to wear her hijab on top of her prison garments despite horrible circumstances that would make hijab the last thing on most people's minds, to the number of FBI agents, US Marshals, reporters, officials, etc. who were all stuffed in this small room to observe this frail, weak, short, quiet, female 'security risk' - everything pointed to the conclusion that the only thing all of these people were afraid of was the strength of this sister's iman.

    This is the situation of our dear sister, a Muslim woman in captivity…

    What can I say...?

    I will not close by mentioning the obligation of helping to free Muslim prisoners. I will not mention how al-Mu'tasim razed an entire city to the ground to rescue a single Muslim woman. I will not go back to the days of Salah ad-Din or 'Umar bin 'Abd al-'Aziz, who rescued Muslim prisoners in the tens of thousands. I cannot be greedy enough to mention these things at this point because what is even sadder than what is happening to Aafia Siddiqui is how few the Muslims were who even bothered to show up to her hearing in a city of around half a million Muslims (not counting the surrounding areas), and that not a single Muslim organization in the United States has taken up the sister's cause or even spoken a word in her defense, and as Ibn al-Qayyim said: 'If ghayrah (protective jealousy) leaves a person’s heart, his faith will follow it.'

    Unfortunately, in a time where most of us are following Din al-A'rab, it seems that the best person to teach us a lesson in how to help Aafia Siddiqui would have been Aafia herself.


    Source: al-istiqamah.com

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    Sr. Aafia’s bail hearing has been postponed to September 3. Please make dua’ that she be released, and please keep her and her three children in mind and your dua’s as you read this story.

    A new chapter in the long and painful saga of the “War on Terror” has been revealed to the public. The facts are murky, the details impossible to confirm.

    While there are several possibilities, there is one that most will find almost impossible to believe. We are not ready to believe that Dr. Aafia is a star terrorist– a claim that is ironically being jointly pushed by both the US Government and Al-Qaeda. Why are these opposing sides pushing forth this nearly consistent portrait? The answer lies in each group’s malicious agenda.

    On one hand, we have the US Government: a government which has some serious face-saving to do, and a million questions to answer… starting with questions about the denial of basic fundamental due-process and equal protection rights protected by the US Constitution (5th and 14th Amendment) to Dr. Aafia:
    No person shall be…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law [5th Amendment]
    No State… shall..deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws [14th Amendment]
    On the other hand, we have Al-Qaeda, which has its own propaganda to put forth… what better story to use to brainwash and recruit more youth than a story about a woman, who (in their concoction) is highly educated yet leaves a good life in the West to join their “jihad” against the disbelievers? In this episode, as in many others, the US government is yet again providing the terrorists with more fodder for recruitment.

    And so Dr. Aafia became a pawn in this war of lies and twisted politics, and we forgot the “person” in the story– the person of Dr. Aafia– a petite, brilliant woman, a constant da’i (caller to Islam), and most tragic of all, a mother of three missing children!

    There have been many other different claims surrounding Dr. Siddiqui: That she was the mysterious Grey Lady of Bagram (Prisoner 650), whose screams of pain were heard and recorded by Moazzem Baig and others; that she was a top al-Qaeda operative (does anyone else find that this label is getting a bit old?); that her life as a “normal Boston mom” was really a cover for a sensational double life that involved the diamond trade in Liberia. My cynical eyes find this more akin to the plot of the next Bourne movie than a bona fide case of terrorism.

    What do we know? Or better put, what do we think we know?
    –We know that she is a Pakistani-American neuroscientist, a graduate of MIT. She is NOT a neurologist or a microbiologist (!), as the lying, right-wing, Islamophobic propagandists, looking for a female “Islamic villain” (enough of male ones already available), have claimed. One such islamophobe Michelle Malkin headlined her blog post with this distortion. Just goes to show that in the rush of propaganda, truth usually becomes one of the first casualties.

    –Dr. Aafia went to University of Houston for a year in 1991, before transferring to MIT. Those who knew her while she was on campus at U. Houston, talk about Dr. Afia as being always busy with some of the same things she was doing at MIT: studying hard and giving dawah to others. They also mention that she was in fact quite liberal in her views (consider this: does her graduation picture appear one of an extremist?). Her extended family is still settled in Houston, all involved in the Muslim community there. Her brother in fact was the architect for a beautiful ISGH Mosque in Houston.

    –We are told that in 2001, before 9/11, Dr. Aafia was alleged to be involved in an illegal diamond trading scheme, in Africa, and in support of Al-Qaeda. What is amazing and quite eye-opening (with regards to the weakness of the prosecution’s case) is that Dr. Aafia’s location during this summer time-frame can easily be proven! And it happens to be in the United States!
    But how can our law enforcement miss this?? Let’s see… didn’t the Feds arrest a Muslim convert for a terror operation in Spain because of an apparent finger-print match? The only problem was that Br. Brandon Mayfield never traveled to Spain from the US! As everyone knows, he was released and compensated. So, yes, there is something to be said for incompetence in the ranks of our federal law enforcement agencies. Or is it the desire to keep finding pawns in the “war against terrorism”? And consequently to keep alive the funding for the witch-hunt against Muslims in America? As long as you can make some headlines (the Brandon case made many), later losses in the judicial system become acceptable, as long as they remain relegated to page 14 of the papers.

    Also consider who broke the diamond trade story in WSJ. None other than Douglas Farah, who of course has no conflict of interest other than a book he is trying to sell on this very subject (”Blood from Stones“). Douglas Farah (no relation to the notorious islamophobe Joseph Farah), seems to be a “jihadi-hunter” like his friend Steve Emerson. Interestingly, they plan, but Allah is the best planner. As it turns out, this story may actually help Dr. Aafia in her case:
    One month after the FBI press conference, a bombshell from the Wall Street Journal hit Sharp’s [Dr. Aafia’s attorney] desk, and she knew it was just the thing she needed. The newspaper broke the story linking the woman involved in the 2001 diamond trade in Liberia (a story detailed by Douglas Farah, a senior fellow at the National Strategy Information Center, in his book Blood from Stones: The Secret Financial Network of Terror) to Aafia Siddiqui.
    Sharp says the allegation was a blessing in disguise because it places Siddiqui somewhere at a specific time. She says she can prove Siddiqui was in Boston that week. “If we can show that Aafia was here and not in Liberia, then that’s the stone that slays Goliath,” Sharp says.
    –She disappeared sometime in spring 2003, about a month after the arrest of terrorism suspect, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed:
    About a month after his [Khalid S. Mohammed] capture in the spring of 2003, however, she disappeared. The last her mother remembers, Siddiqui was piling herself and her kids, then seven, five, and six months old, into a taxi headed to the train station, the first step of what she said was her planned trip to visit an uncle in Islamabad. Her mother said goodbye to her daughter and grandchildren — and hasn’t seen them since.
    –She is the mother of three children, who also mysteriously disappeared with her in 2003, and still no one knows where they are for the last 5 years. What section of the US laws allow the government to engage in such extraordinary, unjust action? There is no graver injustice that the US government has engaged in than to rip a mother of her children. Every fair-minded human should demand that the government provide information on the whereabouts of the children, to make sure they are safe, and being raised as Muslims. Are the children being held as pawns in this game? Will the government use the children as bargaining chips in order to blackmail Dr. Aafia into self-incriminating testimony? I am not a conspiracy-theorist, never was. But until her children are produced, safe and sound, these questions are indeed completely fair and applicable.

    –Who arrested her? No one knows for sure. However, there is little doubt that the FBI was involved, one way or the other, since the FBI had issued a “seeking information” on her. Since Pakistan is still a relatively sovereign nation (though this can be fairly debated), FBI probably worked with Pakistan’s security agencies to nab her. Like many cases of extraordinary renditions (illegal by all international laws) and “torture-for-hire” that the US government has engaged in, it is also likely that Dr. Aafia was kept in Pakistan and/or Afghanistan in order to allow a free-hand for all sorts of torture techniques that would make look water-boarding look meek!
    –On July 17 of this year, she was allegedly “discovered” and detained by Afghan police in an encounter that involved a gunfight with American soldiers (oddly, despite the accusation that she was wielding a high-tech weapon, she was the only one who ended up severely wounded!). Her attorney ridicules this assertion in this press conference.
    You saw this woman, she is less than 100 lbs…
    The emperor (USA) doesn’t have any clothes…
    Picture this woman who is very tiny, and ask yourself how she engaged in armed conflict…with six military men, how did that happen? And how did she get shot? I think you can answer that, can’t you?
    –Dr. Aafia’s medical condition is woeful. Who will answer for the wounds that she received, and even if somehow the wounds are justified as part of some imaginary “firefight”, then who will answer for her bungled medical treatment? Is this the America that we want to project? A nation that treats its prisoners like animals or worse? Here is a list of her miserable medical condition that we KNOW of, only Allah knows what else she suffered, physically and psychologically:
    • one of her kidneys had been removed while in captivity;
    • her teeth had been removed;
    • her nose had been broken, and improperly reset;
      that her recent gun-shot wound had been incompetently dressed, was oozing blood, leaving her clothes soaked with blood
    And shame on the government prosecution for trying to prevent her from seen by a doctor. Christopher LaVigne, one of the Prosecutors, justified withholding medical care because she was a “high-security risk”. High-risk?? What was the prosecution so afraid of? That a frail, wheel-chair ridden, small woman would get away from their agents? Are these agents men or little children that Dr. Aafia will be able to overpower? Fortunately, the prosecution was ordered to make sure she was seen by a doctor within 24 hours by Judge Robert Pitman.
    –There have been claims of rape by Dr. Siddiqui’s family. Some of it seems to be corroborated by other prisoners at Gauntanomo, such as Moazzam Baig.
    Moazzam Begg, ex-Guantanamo detainee, who was also held at Bagram airbase for approximately a year and then transferred to Guantanamo, wrote in his book “Enemy Combatant: A British Muslim’s Journey To Guantanamo and Back” about woman screams and how he first imagined they could be from his wife. It was later confirmed that the screams were of a woman who was held at Bagram base for some years. More precisely referred to as prisoner number 650 or the “Grey Lady of Bagram
    What’s true? What’s not? What really happened to Dr. Aafia Siddiqui? Only Allah knows, though based on the history of our government’s prosecution against Muslims, I am much more inclined to believe Dr. Siddiqui’s side.
    People have been asking us to comment on the case, on the outrage of it all. The oppression, the injustice, the lies and the torture… and yet, at this point, I wonder - what CAN we say, besides the obvious? That we know already what kind of people are involved in the governments and intelligence agencies? That the Muslim Ummah is being oppressed every day, that our people are being tortured, that things are happening which we have no control over? That we cannot trust what we see or hear or read, because most of it is being spoon-fed to us while we are oblivious to our own blindness?

    But at the same time, we cannot give up hope. We cannot remain quiet. Silence is the first step towards comprehensive defeat. We must speak for the weak. We must stand up for the truth. We must not, and cannot forget the innocent Muslim victims of the worldwide misconduct in the bogus “war against terror.”

    For sure, there is blame to go around. For sure, we cannot remove responsibility from the terrorists among us, who have hijacked Islam in the name of their perverted ideology (such as Al-Qaeda and all other terrorist cells that target innocent civilians). But two wrongs never make a right. If our government speaks of justice and human rights, then it needs to SHOW us that those rights apply to everyone, INCLUDING Muslims. If this is not a war against Islam, as our government repeatedly reminds us, then we need to stop taking Muslim civilians as combatants.

    So, can we do anything? Yes. Each one of us can do our little part. We can write or cross-post stories/posts about Dr. Aafia on our individual blogs (so that the search engines pick up “our” side of the story, and not Michelle Malkin’s lies!). We can e-mail others about it.

    Another effective means is with a letter to the editor. There is little chance of success with major nationwide newspapers, but local papers always provide a golden opportunity for publishing your viewpoint. Remember these tips when writing a letter to the editor:
    • Make it relevant, and mention why it is important for the paper to publish your letter.
    • Make it timely. This story is not dated yet. But it may in a month or so. So write today!
    • Address the editors. Write as if you’re talking to the editor of the newspaper.
    • Stay on point. One topic per letter is best. And do not feel that you have to cover all aspects of that in a few short sentences. Rather, concentrate on a few powerful points.
    • Keep it short. There is a rough limit of 250 words for letters. Letters that can make their point in 100 words or less have a better- than-average chance of getting printed. Longer letters are less likely to be published and, if selected, will almost definitely be edited. Don’t let the letters editor remove or dilute your most important points.
    • Use factual information and refer to source.
    • Of course, don’t forget to put your name, telephone and whatever other requirements for the specific newspaper.
    Finally, you can always make dua’ (but don’t stop at it). If indeed, as we believe, that Dr. Aafia is an innocent victim in a much bigger game, then may Allah release her and reunite her with her family soon inshallah. And help all other innocent Muslim prisoners.

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    Was neuroscientist Dr. Aafia Siddiqui raped and tortured at US Bagram prison?

    by Ernesto Cienfuegos
    La Voz de Aztlan

    Los Angeles, Alta California - August 14, 2008 - (ACN) It appear that the Bush Administration may have another "Abu Ghraib Prison" type torture scandal in its hands that it is desperately attempting to cover up. The disturbing human rights case involves a Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brandeis University educated Pakistani national that mysteriously disappeared, along with her three children, in Afghanistan in 2003. This past week the seriously injured, bleeding, frail, traumatized and confused Dr. Siddiqui re-appeared in a wheel chair in a New York federal court accused of terrorism and to face charges that she attempted to kill FBI and US soldiers in Afghanistan.

    No one would have known about what some Pakistanis are calling "one of the most deplorable crimes against womanhood" if it had not been for human rights organizations speaking out against the rape and torture of "Prisoner 650" that was being held at the US Bagram Theater Internment Facility, a miserable prison that was previously utilized as air base hangers by the Russians during their occupation of Afghanistan. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) just recently picked up the story and theBush Administration seems to be acting quickly to cover upwhat many consider to be awar crime.

    On Tuesday, they chose their front man, Brian Ross of ABC News, to begin propagandizing against Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in order to justify to the American people the gruesome treatment of the Pakistani neuroscientist at the hands of US authorities in Afghanistan and their lackey Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan. Many of you may remember that Brian Ross was also the Neocon front man in the national news concerning the Anthrax Terrorist Attacks in 2001. He was reporting that the anthrax sent to U.S. political and media figures was linked to Saddam Hussein's biological weapons program. That was a lie. No tests ever revealed any such thing. Like Colin Powell, he was attempting to create the perception in the public's mind that Iraq was behind the anthrax attacks and that it possessed weapons of mass destruction.

    The FBI has accused Dr. Siddiqui of being an al-Qaida terrorist. Her father was educated as a doctor in Britain. Her brother is an architect from Houston and her sister is a Harvard University-trained neurologist. Because Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is a Muslim, the FBI started investigating her as far back as 2001when she lived in Boston.

    The FBI harassment of Dr. Siddiqui and her family prompted her to return to Pakistan around 2002. Soon after, the FBI issued a "Wanted Poster" on Dr. Siddiqui and alerted the Pakistani Pervez Musharraf's regime. After her picture appeared on the FBI "Wanted Poster", Dr. Siddiqui was picked up by alleged US/Musharraf operatives in 2003 while she was visiting, along with her three children, in Afghanistan and imprisoned in the notorious Bagram prison. Dr. Siddiqui, according to human rights organizations became "Prisoner 650" and for 5 years suffered repeated rapes, water boarding and other forms of torture.

    Soon after the horrific story surfaced in the international media, it appears that the alleged torturers moved quickly to cover up their crime. There are serious allegations that Dr. Siddiqui was "framed" in order to justify the abominable human rights violationsagainst her. Credible human rights sources, including her US attorneys, are claiming that theBagram prison torturers, temporarily released the traumatized and confused victim, planted evidence on her and re-arrested her on charges of terrorism in July of this year. They then set up a situation inside the prison to accuse her of attempting to kill FBI agents and US soldiers. The alleged torturers are saying that as she was about to be questioned by the FBI and US soldiers in a room in the Afghan prison, that she picked up an M4 rifle and fired at a US soldier. Another soldier fired at her with a pistol and wounded her in the abdomen. An Amnesty International official said"It seems extraordinary to imagine that four U.S. agents who'd gone to pick her up — two military, two FBI — along with at least two Afghan translators, were somehow surprised by this woman, who overpowered them, grabbed a gun, flipped the safety, fired off a couple of shots, and then could only be subdued by shots to the torso."

    There is no information about what may have occurred to Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's three children. Dr. Siddiqui is scheduled to appear again before a well known anti-Muslim United States Magistrate Judge of the Southern District of New York on September 3, 2008.

    Related La Voz de Aztlan reports:

    Barbarians at the Gate: US Occupation Forces Torture Iraqi P.O.W's
    Worst rape photos of Iraqi women detainees not yet officially released
    Abu Ghraib Revisited
    Photos Show Rape of Iraqi Women by US Occupation Forces
    The Rape of Latinas in the US Military
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    “Say: O My slaves who have transgressed against themselves! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah, verily Allah forgives all sins. Truly, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (39:53)

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    To: Un Human Rights, European Court of Human Rights, Amnesty International USA, Islamic Human Rights Commission

    Please sign the Petition in support of Dr Afia and forward it to as many ppl as u can :


    Thanks & best Regards,

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    Karin Friedemann
    Monday, September 29, 2008
    British MP intervenes for Aafia Siddique

    Quite by chance I had the fortune of meeting Lord Ahmed Nazir, the British Member of Parliament, at the Friday prayer. He was passing through Boston on his way to New York, where he planned to speak to Aafia Siddique's lawyer and to put some pressure on the US authorities to allow the sister to be hospitalized and treated for her gunshot wound as well as severe post-traumatic stress. In a phone conversation the next day, the good man shared with me how he came to know about her tragic fate.

    This summer, probably during their fact-finding mission to Darfur reported earlier in my blog, the famed reporter Yvonne Ridley approached Lord Nazir to ask if he could find out anything about the legendary mystery of the "Grey Lady of Bagram."

    When Pakistani detainee Moazzem Begg was released without charge, he reported to the media that he still felt haunted by a woman's sobbing cries and hysterical screams coming from Cell #650 at the US-run torture den in Afghanistan. The Saudis who escaped from Bagram during the prison break-out, in which the Taliban blew up the prison lobby and liberated hundreds of prisoners who were being held without trial by the Americans, also reported that they had seen her.

    Lord Nazir prepared some questions for the UK government, inquiring whether the British intelligence service was involved in the interrogation of this woman, whether they were they aware of abuse, and if this lady was Dr. Aafia Siddique, the MIT and Brandeis-educated neuroscientist who mysteriously disappeared in Pakistan in March 2003 along with her 6 month old baby, and children aged 5 and 6?

    Lord Nazir wrote a similar letter to the US ambassador in the UK, who passed it along to the British embassy in Kabul.

    Pakistani politician Imran Khan held a press conference in Islamabad rallying public support for the "Grey Lady of Bagram." The Pakistani government denied any knowledge of Prisoner 650 or Aafia. The UK denied having custody of her and said she was in the hands of the US. The US claimed that Prisoner 650 was "a different woman," who had been released in 2005 to her (unnamed) country of origin.

    Yet that same day this past July, when Kabul received the letter from Lord Nazir, Aafia Siddique was strangely reportedly arrested wandering around in Afghanistan, "as if she were on bloody holiday," according to Lord Nazir, who rejects the bogus claim that she was carrying chemical, biological and radioactive weapons information as well as jars of chemicals in her purse. Siddique has no military expertise. Her primary focus of study was children's cognitive development.

    Human Rights Watch attorney, Carol Mariner states: "US federal prosecutors allege that the day after her arrest, while still in Afghan custody, she grabbed a gun from the floor and fired it at a team of US soldiers and federal intelligence agents who were visiting the Afghan police compound where she was being held.

    Lord Nazir however informed me that according to witnesses, the US had told the Afghan authorities to hand Siddique over and the Afghan police were refusing. As they were negotiating, Siddique began to walk towards the US soldiers, complaining that the Afghan police were abusing her. One of the American soldiers panicked as she was walking toward them and shot the petite, unarmed woman in the stomach.

    According to a cageprisoners.com report by Abu Sabaya, Siddique has not received adequate medical treatment for her bullet wound, other than a botched bullet-removal surgery under US custody, in which one of her kidneys and part of her intestine were removed, rendering her unable to properly digest food, and leaving her entire torso covered with layers of scar tissue. She was brought, emaciated and it terrible condition, to trial in New York in a wheelchair in September 2008, while doubled over in pain. Her condition has since worsened significantly. Her trial was then postponed indefinitely a couple weeks ago under the excuse that she had refused the body cavity strip search required for her to leave her cell.

    After much international media outcry, Aafia's American-born son was located in an Afghan prison and was handed over to his loving relatives in Pakistan, while Siddique was transferred to a Federal Prison in New York. No one knows what happened to her young daughter or her baby. There is a rumor that one of them was killed.

    Aafia's lawyers believe that she has spent the last five years as a secret captive of Pakistani or American authorities. According to Joanne Mariner, an attorney with Human Rights Watch in New York, the Pakistani papers reported that she had been "picked up in Karachi by an intelligence agency" and handed over to US authorities in 2003.

    Preceding her abduction on March 18, 2003, the FBI had issued an alert requesting information about her. Siddiqui was then living in Pakistan, having completed her studies in the US. She had been very active in the Muslim Students' Association, helping to manage a religious information (daw'ah) table in the MIT student center, teaching Quran to recent converts to Islam, and collecting winter boots to send to Bosnia.

    A 2004 article from Boston Magazine quotes her as having stated: "Imagine our humble, but sincere daw'ah effort turning into a major daw'ah movement in this country! Just imagine it! And us, reaping the reward of everyone who accepts Islam through this movement, through years to come. Think and plan big. May Allah give this strength and sincerity to us so that our humble effort continue, and expands until America becomes a Muslim land."

    It is very possible that Boston neocons pinpointed this pious and idealistic student for neutralization. It was proven in a 2007 court case that Boston Jewish organizations had conspired to deliberately character assassinate the founders of the Roxbury Mosque as "terror supporters," by coordinating with the Israeli ambassador a bogus legal and media campaign with the aim of causing a scandal that they hoped would result in shutting down the multi-million dollar mosque building project. In this case, the David Project, the AJC and others hired Steve Emerson and Rita Katz, professional anti-Islam propagandists with links to the neocon establishment, to come up with a list of incriminating sounding accusations and suspicious links that would be used to defame a list of Muslims in the media. Although the accusations were baseless, the mysteriously well-funded organizations created a hostile and malicious media campaign with press releases full of innuendo released by the David Project front group, "Christians and Jews United for Israel."

    It is more than highly probable that this or a related group of Boston neocons with links to William Kristol in DC had conspired against Siddique and passed along similarly faked evidence to the FBI. Had she been in the US, probably after a brief investigation, the FBI would have found nothing and left her alone, but because Pakistan was under heavy pressure to produce terrorists for the US to imprison, and because US Constitutional protections do not apply in Pakistan, the young woman was abducted while she was on the way to the train station.

    Although all the evidence the FBI have on her and her husband seem to be some debit card donations to Islamic charities, the US government later alleged that Siddiqui was linked to al Qaeda. Both Siddique and her husband, Ali 'Abd al-'Aziz Ali (also known as Ammar al-Baluchi), disappeared from Karachi around March 28, 2003.

    Siddique's husband was finally located in September 2006 in Guantanamo, where he had been transferred from CIA custody. He is currently on trial for allegedly "sending money to suicide squads," according to the Miami Herald. Prosecutors are charging him, along with his uncle Khalid Sheik Mohammed, whom they refer to as "Al-Qaeda Kingpin," and "9/11 Mastermind," of conspiring with Osama bin Laden to plan and to finance the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.

    This is a very curious charge, given that the FBI has publicly admitted that they have no evidence connecting Osama bin Laden to 9/11, information which is freely available on the FBI website.

    The men were found to have been secretly held for three years by the CIA after having been arrested by Pakistani intelligence who rounded up dozens of "suspects" in Karachi, including people who turned out to be tourists, in order to collect the head bounty fee for America's "War on Terror."

    Baluchi, a computer engineer, who speaks near-perfect English has refused to accept legal representation and has chosen to represent himself in the military tribunal.

    The Miami Herald quoted him as saying, ''I am in the wrong court. I am not a criminal. My case is political. Even though the government tortured me free of charge for all these years, I cannot accept lawyers under these circumstances.''

    The ACLU, whose lawyers were poised to argue on his behalf, blamed Pentagon regulations for not being allowed a chance to develop a trust relationship with the potential client, who had been tortured for five years and had unsurprisingly come to mistrust all Americans.

    His uncle, who confessed to planning 9/11 "from A to Z" while he was being waterboarded, in addition to admitting to a long list of other terrorist acts, including the London train bombing of 2005, which he could not have possibly committed, since he was in Guantanamo at the time of its occurrence, rejected his American lawyer on religious grounds, claiming that the US Constitution "allows for same sexual marriage."

    Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and other organizations included Siddique in a 2007 list of disappeared persons that were believed to have been in CIA custody.

    Lord Nazir asked the US authorities for permission to see her and the US Justice Department said they would facilitate a visit. However, the Federal Bureau of Prisons has repeatedly tried to obstruct his access. Nazir has since decided it would not be useful for him to visit Siddique anyway, as she has reportedly gone mad. She is locked in solitary confinement in New York's Metropolitan Detention Center and can only speak to her lawyer through the slot for her meal tray. She is in tremendous physical agony and speaks only of waiting for God to take her and her children. She apparently believes her young children are in there with her, although this is believed to be the tragic maternal hallucinations of an emotionally destroyed human being, whose children had been stolen out of her arms by armed soldiers. According to one media report, she refused her dinner asked the prison guard to give the food to her son instead of her.

    Siddique's lawyer feels that under the present circumstances, she is not fit to stand trial, and she needs to be moved immediately to a prison hospital for treatment of her gunshot wound as well as to get some psychological help.

    Inexplicably, the Federal authorities are obstructing her access to medical treatment. The US government is pressuring the judge, demanding that she remain alone in her cell. The American ambassador N.W. Peterson absurdly objected to Siddique receiving medical treatment on grounds that she is a "security threat."

    It is fairly clear to the author that the US wants her to die, to prevent her from testifying about her prison experience, or else in order to inflame the Pakistani public into rioting against the US.

    Pakistan is passionately demanding Aafia Siddique's re-patriation. She has huge public support.

    Benazir Bhutto's widower Asif Ali Zardari, the recently elected President of Pakistan, said in a speech, "Aafia Siddique is my sister."

    Lord Ahmed will continue to work with the US Justice Department, Homeland Security, and other intelligence agencies, Siddique's lawyers and the Prosecution to help facilitate family and doctor visits for her, and to bring about Siddique's return to Pakistan.

    Aafia's brother in Texas has since been offered access to see her.

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    Hoover, the FBI, and Aafia Siddiqui
    Written by Yvonne Ridley
    I personally spoke with Lt. Col. Mark Wright at the US Pentagon who denied all knowledge of Prisoner 650 or Dr Aafia Siddique.
    The FBI lost much of its credibility when its chief J. Edgar Hoover was revealed to be a transvestite who preferred to be called Mary.

    Hoover, probably the most powerful men in America some say even more powerful then the presidents he served under, was the originator of dirty tricks campaign and kept a lot of dirt on other people in his files.

    The only players who were immune to Hoover's secret files were those who had secrets of their own about his personal life - namely, the Mafia. Mafia bosses obtained information about Hoover's sex life and used it for decades to keep the FBI at bay. Without this, the Mafia as we know it might never have gained its hold in America.

    In May of 1972, Hoover - approaching his fifty-five-year anniversary with the Justice Department - boasted that the FBI remained the organization that he built upon his own principles and standards - of course now we know exactly what standards Hoover aka Mary had.

    The FBI never really recovered its power or prestige once Hoover was ousted as a cross dresser.

    There was more scandal to follow when Acting Director L. Patrick Gray was forced to resign after being caught up in the Watergate drama which brought down President Richard Nixon aka Tricky Dicky.

    The FBI is supposed to be an institute based around freedom and democracy; instead it has become a factory from which lies and deceit are manufactured.

    The reason for this brief history lesson into the FBI will now become apparent.

    You see it is quite obvious that from cross dressers, liars and fraudsters, the FBI has now moved into the realms of fantasy land with the news that Dr. Aafia Siddique has "conveniently" been found outside a governor's office in Afghanistan with her 12 year old son ... FIVE years after her disappearance in Karachi.

    According to the FBI she was in possession of "numerous documents describing the creation of explosives, as well as excerpts from the Anarchist's Arsenal, descriptions of various landmarks in the United States, including in New York City" - you know, all the regular stuff a female terrorist would carry in her handbag!

    The fantasists who concocted this story may as well have put Dr. Siddique in Hoover's old red dress while they were on with it.

    What we do know is that she has been shot at and injured. She was extradited to New York last night (Monday) and is being held in a prison in Manhatten down the road from the nightclub where Hoover used to pose as Mary.

    She faces charges of attempted murder and assault of a US officer.

    Does the FBI really think we are all that stupid and gullible?

    Dr. Aafia Siddiqui - who had been sought by the FBI for several years regarding terrorism according to their website - is accused of shooting at two FBI special agents, a US Army warrant officer, an Army captain and military interpreters who unknowingly entered a room where she was being held unsecured.

    She fired two shots, but hit no one, officials said. The warrant officer returned fire with a pistol, shooting Siddiqui at least once. She struggled with the officers before she lost consciousness, said officials, adding that she received medical attention.

    The day before the shootings, Afghan police had arrested Siddiqui outside the Ghazni governor's compound after finding bomb-making instructions, excerpts from the "Anarchist's Arsenal," papers with descriptions of US landmarks and substances sealed 20 in bottles and glass jars.

    This all happened two weeks after I had given a press conference in Islamabad calling on the US to handover Prisoner 650 - The Grey lady of Bagram.

    Coincidence? May be - but if the FBI think that we are going to buy the bovine scatterings they have just released to the US media they really do live in La La Land.

    Let's look at the cold hard fact of the case.

    Dr Siddiqui, 36, is an American-educated neuroscientist. Since 2003, Siddiqui's whereabouts have been the source of much speculation. According to Amnesty International, Siddiqui and her three small children were reported apprehended in Karachi, Pakistan, in March 2003 after the FBI issued at alert requesting information about her location earlier that month.

    Several reports indicated Siddiqui was in US custody after her arrest in Karachi. But in May 2004 then-Attorney General Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller identified Siddiqui among several sought-after al Qaeda members.

    Human rights group and a lawyer for Ms. Siddiqui, Elaine Whitfield Sharp, say they believe that she has been secretly detained since 2003, for much of that time at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

    "We believe Aafia has been in custody ever since she disappeared," Ms. Sharp said in a telephone interview yesterday, "and we're not willing to believe that the discovery of Aafia in Afghanistan is coincidence."

    American military and intelligence officials said that Ms. Siddiqui was in Pakistan for most of the past five years until she resurfaced last month and was captured by the Afghans.

    She and her 12-year-old son were arrested in Ghazni, Afghanistan, on July 17. The American officials accused Ms Siddiqui trying to bomb the residence of Ghazni's provincial governor.

    Someone who also does not buy this nonsense is Asim Qureshi, Senior Researcher for the British-based international human rights organization Cage prisoners has issued the following statement, "There are many questions that the FBI and the Pakistani government need to answer in light of this admission. Why have the FBI continued to pretend to be seeking her while all the while knowing of her detention in Afghanistan? Is Aafia indeed Prisoner 650 whose screams were heard by former Bagram prisoners?

    "Aafia Siddiqui is a woman who has been plagued by a number of problems in her life, none of which have anything to do with involvement with al-Qaeda. During the years the US claim she was working as an operative for the organization she was in fact the victim of domestic violence at the hands of an abusive husband. Community members in Boston declare that she was incapable of any violence, let alone being involved with a terrorist group.

    "Whilst we welcome this disclosure reform the FBI, it has only come after mounting international pressure, and five years of detention and abuse. Siddiqui's case represents the problem of disappearances in Pakistan in the most tragic way. The acceptance by the FBI that Siddiqui has been in custody in Afghanistan raises important questions which must be answered by the Pakistani and US governments. Siddiqui must be returned to Pakistan in order to faces charges for any crime she may have committed or released along with her children."

    Cage prisoners have led 20th campaign for Aafia Siddiqui for the past three years. Since her disappearance in March 2003 in Karachi, along with her three young children, the FBI has continually denied reports of her detention and that she was in their custody.

    I am proud to be a patron of Cage Prisoners. Less than two weeks before this fiasco emerged, I traveled to Pakistan with Cage prisoners Director, Saghir Hussain, to launch their report, Devoid of the Rule of the Law, at a press conference organized by Imran Khan.

    The press conference sparked an international storm of outrage, when I asked my colleagues in the Pakistan media to put pressure on the US to identify Prisoner 650 and the release of Aafia Siddiqui.

    I personally spoke with Lt. Col. Mark Wright at the US Pentagon who denied all knowledge of Prisoner 650 or Dr Aafia Siddique.

    Now I do not believe for one minute Lt. Col. Wright was lying - in fact I did suggest to him that the people he was speaking to in Afghanistan (the FBI) might be lying to him. I did ask him to call me back when he had the facts.

    Perhaps Lt. Col. Wright you might want to make that call now and tell me the truth about Dr. Siddique and Prisoner 650 ... but whatever you do mate, do not get your facts from the FBI which stands for Fantasy Brigade International ... and that's just the polite version.

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    Musharraf’s son accused of pocketing bounty for Dr Aafia

    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    By Usman Manzoor

    ISLAMABAD: Another debate has erupted after Barrister Iqbal Jafferi’s petition in the Islamabad High Court in which he has submitted that a huge amount of bounty money was received for handing over Dr Aafia Siddiqui to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

    Barrister Jafferi, in his petition filed on August 8, has accused President Pervez Musharraf’s son, Bilal Musharraf, of taking the bounty money that the FBI had announced for the head of Dr Aafia Siddiqui.

    The petition was filed to ask the court to direct the government to get Aafia back from the Americans and if the Pakistani doctor was guilty then she must be put on trial in Pakistan.

    Meanwhile, a lawyer from the USA who knows Dr Aafia since her university days, told this correspondent on condition of anonymity that a huge sum of money was pocketed while handing over the FBI-wanted Dr Aafia Siddiqui to the US forces. She said that it was not known who collected that reward money from the FBI but someone gathered dollars for Dr Aafia Siddiqui.

    She said that though the charges against Dr Aafia were ‘rubbish’ but the Americans would never let her go. “We have the examples of Aimal Kansi and an Italian underworld don after whose execution Italy stopped extraditing prisoners to the USA,” said the American lawyer adding, “Aafia has been put in a New York jail; was produced before a judge in New York and would be heard before a judge in New York while the public sentiment in New York was so anti-Aafia that the dailies have started calling Aafia a suicide bomber.”

    She said that under such circumstances it was not possible to conduct a fair trial and the government in Pakistan must tell the US government to extradite its citizen to her homeland. The lawyer from the USA said that the issue was not of the innocence of Dr Aafia but in fact a trial could not be fair in New York.

    Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, the sister of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, while talking to The News said that she would not blame anyone for what has happened to her sister. “From me and my family, we do not blame any Muslim for what has been happening to our sister for the last five years; Our Allah will take revenge for us,” said the weeping lady adding, “The government had been in contact with us during the last five years and has been saying that Dr Aafia would be back in a few days.” She said that the government had been informing the aggrieved family that Dr Aafia was fine with her three children but the way she appeared in the court in New York has shaken the entire ill-fated family. “Now we have been told that all the three children were fine but looking at Aafia’s condition we fear that the children might be in danger,” said the sister of Dr Aafia.

    She said that the way the whole nation has supported them, especially the media, and she had become more proud of being a Pakistani. “It is immaterial who handed over Aafia to the FBI but I am proud of being a Pakistani after looking at the support from the civil society and the media and my heart wishes that I should go out and shout at the top of my voice that I am a proud Pakistani, a nation which has stood by its daughter.”

    She said that she did not know if anyone has taken the bounty money for Dr Aafia and would not point fingers at anyone. “What I want is to bring Aafia back to Pakistan and I beg the media and the government to do something for Aafia and bring her back,” Dr Fauzia Siddiqui said adding, “the Americans would send her to jail for 40 years then what would we do? Aafia was not a green card holder then why she was being tried in New York?”

    Meanwhile, Amna Masood Janjua, the lady representing the heirs of missing persons in Pakistan, said that Musharraf has taken money for handing over innocent Pakistanis to American forces and he has admitted it in his book too. She said that the government should stand up for the daughter of the soil and bring Aafia back to Pakistan.

    Barrister Iqbal Jafferi, who is 70 years old and suffers from prostate cancer, was not available for comments.

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    Default US torturing females in Afghan prisons

    'US torturing females in Afghan prisons'

    British Muslim journalist Yvonne Ridley has sharply criticized the US for its inhumane treatment of female detainees in Afghanistan.

    In a press conference with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan last Tuesday, she also questioned the arrest of a Pakistani female doctor on charges of 'attacking' two US soldiers in Kabul.

    The former Taliban hostage condemned the detention of neuroscientist Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, saying it was a scenario beyond even Hollywood scriptwriters.

    "She has been continuously abused over the five-year period since she and her children were kidnapped," the Daily Times quoted Ridley as saying.

    "There are many Muslim women held captive by American forces and if the public remained silent, they would lose their sisters forever," she added.

    Ridley also expressed doubt over the identity of Prisoner No. 650, an unknown woman believed to have been raped and tortured in Bagram prison.

    “I can tell you categorically Prisoner 650 is not Dr. Aafia,” continued Ridley.

    US sources have claimed that Prisoner 650 was repatriated to her country of origin three years ago.

    She said prisoners who fled the notorious Bagram prison have recounted the story of a female detainee who was "brutally tortured" and "repeatedly raped."

    "The cries of a helpless woman used to echo in the jail that prompted prisoners to go on a hunger strike," she concluded.


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    Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Hearing Update

    The courtroom was filled with supporters during Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s November 19 hearing! Thanks to all who attended and all who helped spread the word.

    Below is a summary of the rulings and court decisions (courtesy of freeaafia.org):
    • Judge denied the motions to dismiss the charges based on jurisdictional grounds. This ruling was expected because other courts have held that the statute in question applies outside the United States. However, the Judge ignored the fact that no court has ever considered whether the statute would apply in a war-zone and the fact that Aafia's transportation to (and trial in) the United States violates Article 66 of the IV Geneva Convention of 1949 (which would have required her trial to be held in Afghanistan).
    • In overruling prosecution objections, the Judge granted both parties' request to take depositions in Afghanistan. A date was not set.
    • Judge withheld ruling on the motion to amend the indictment as written.
    • Aafia's statements to the FBI from the time she was taken into custody will not come in on the government's case because they were obtained illegally by the FBI, pursuant to Miranda v. Arizona.
    • Judge withheld ruling on whether or not Aafia's statements to the Afghan National Police may come in - from the time Afghanis arrested her to the time she was taken into US custody.
    • Judge ordered the government to turn over all discovery to the defense by November 30.
    • Next court hearing set for January 11, 2010 at 2:30.
    • The trial date is still scheduled for January 19, 2010.

    Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s Strip, Cavity Searches Cease for Attorney Visits

    The strip searches and cavity searches Dr. Aafia Siddiqui was forced to endure before being allowed to visit with her attorneys have stopped, but the
    searches are still conducted before she receives visits from others and when she goes to court.

    Aafia needs your help!

    Please write to Judge Richard Berman and ask him to help stop the unnecessary strip searches, cavity searches and other abusive treatment while Aafia is under his jurisdiction.

    Hon. Judge Richard Berman
    United States District Court
    500 Pearl St.
    New York, NY 10007

    Letters should be respectful, polite, short and to the point. Condescending, abusive or otherwise offensive letters will only hurt the cause.

    Background on Aafia’s case:

    From her personal accounts, Aafia and her three children were abducted in Pakistan in 2003. She was held in Bagram prison in Afghanistan for the next several years where she was abused and tortured. Attorney Elaine Sharp said, “We do know she was at Bagram for a long time; it was a long time. According to my client she was there for years and she was held in American custody. Her treatment was horrendous.”

    While in custody, Aafia was shot in the abdomen, for which medical treatment was delayed. She now suffers from brain damage, a lost kidney and injured intestines. Her poor physical condition is worsened by the flights of stairs she is forced to climb and strip searches and cavity searches authorities regularly put her through. Her mental and emotional wellbeing is also suffering from the years of alleged secret detention, isolation, torture and loss of her children’s whereabouts.

    Currently, Aafia is being held in New York awaiting trial for allegations she attempted to shoot US interrogators.

    For more information about Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, please see:

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    Default Highlighted the mystery disappearance of Dr Aafia Siddiqui


    Yvonne Ridley, January 13, 2010
    Yvonne Ridley is a patron of CagePrisoner, the first human rights organization which highlighted the mystery disappearance of Dr Aafia Siddiqui in 2003 and has campaigned for her release ever since.

    Yvonne ridley - the plight of Dr. Aafia Sidiqui - Part 3
    Binyam Mohamed says prisoner 650 is Dr Aafia Siddiqui
    Aafia fears trial with Jews on jury
    Aafia Siddiqui Trial Day One
    Dr. Aafia Siddiqui - Aalim Online
    (pleas to USA in a interesting taunting way of their culture & policies)

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    Default US court declares Dr.Aafia guilty

    US court declares Dr.Aafia guilty
    "This is a verdict coming from Israel, not America. Your anger should be directed where it belongs. I can testify to this and I have proof," Siddiqui said.

    Linda Moreno, Siddiqui's defence lawyer, said during the trial that there was no evidence the rifle had ever been fired, since no bullets, shell casings or bullet debris were recovered and no bullet holes detected.

    Moreno also said the testimony of the government's six eyewitnesses contradicted one another on Siddiqui's location in the 28sq m room, the number of bullets fired and who was present.


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    Default Statement By Family Of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui In Response To Guilty Verdict


    Wednesday, 03 February 2010 14:41February 3, 2010, New York, NY –

    The International Justice Network (IJNetwork) represents the family of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in the United States. Attorneys from IJNetwork have been monitoring her trial, which began on January 19, and ended with a guilty verdict today in U.S. Federal Court in the Southern District of New York."Today marks the close of another sad chapter in the life of our sister, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Today she was unjustly found guilty. Though she was not charged with any terrorism-related offense, Judge Berman permitted the prosecution's witnesses to characterize our sister as a terrorist -- which, based on copious evidence, she clearly is not. Today's verdict is one of many legal errors that allowed the prosecution to build a case against our sister based on hate, rather than fact. We believe that as a result, she was denied a fair trial, and today's verdict must be overturned on appeal."

    For daily updates, please see http://www.freeaafia.org and join the MLFA Facebook Page.


    YouTube.com Commentator: "Protect the Muslim"

    A video commentator on YouTube.com posted a video last month to voice concerns about the trial against Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. In the video, Bret Martin urged viewers to "stand up for her freedoms, because her freedoms are your freedoms" and said that "the only reason why we are allowing her to be confined and imprisoned is because of her ethnicity and her religious faith."

    Martin continued by cautioning Americans against allowing "Muslims to go through our legal system and be denied the same rights that we have" and said "if you love our country and if you want America's freedoms to be restored, protect the Muslim."

    We commend Mr. Martin's courage to stand up for fairness for Muslims in our legal system. We urge everyone to forward this video to friends and to contribute to the legal defense of Muslims facing legal challenges in America with a donation to MLFA.

    __________________________________________________ __

    Prisoner number 650 - Aafia Siddiqui

    Written by Sumayyah

    ‘The power you gave them to torture me, rape me and every time allow them to search me naked. I’m dead. I was dead since the very first time I was raped, searched naked, each and every time you need to present me in court – I’m searched naked... Leave me alone or send me back to my country Pakistan.’ - Dr. Aafia Saddiqui

    We live in a time where suspicion is cast upon All Muslims. Be it through an acquaintance, listening to a certain lecture or public displays of practicing Islam. In the eyes of the Government Security Agencies all Muslims are suspects.

    Unfortunately most of us have lost the concept of Ummah (the Muslim nation); forgetting the Hadith said by Prophet Mohammed (May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) “The Muslim Ummah is like one body, if one part is in pain, the whole body should feel the pain”, we are sitting comfortably in our homes, going to classes about Islamic etiquettes, and picking on faults of our Muslim brothers and sisters while ignoring that half our bodies are covered with gangrene. If this Hadith is in fact to be respected and followed our bodies should be in excruciating pain. As this is the state of our brothers and sisters all around the world, not just in war torn Palestine, Afghanistan or Iraq, but in Australia, the US and UK. In countries that claim Human Rights, Freedom of speech and religion is every individual’s right, Our Muslim brothers and sisters are bleeding out. Is this a pessimistic view or simply a sad fact of society post 9/11 anti-terrorism/anti-Muslim regime? For Our sister Aafia Siddiqui and her two missing children it is a terrifying truth.

    The outcome of 9/11 has been life changing and even deadly for Muslim men, women and children throughout the world. It began when ex US President George Bush and his allies launched an illegal war on Muslims under the name of a “war on terror”. Since then the “terror suspects”; by permission of world leaders, have been unlawfully abducted, tortured and detained through the means of “Extraordinary Rendition” which involves taking these suspects on CIA approved flights to US-Allied torture chambers or black sites – a worldwide network of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA ) jails.

    These Muslim men and women, for crimes that are yet to be proven, keep silent or are coerced into a confession by torture and violations of human rights, which include water boarding, electric shock to the genitals, sleep deprivation, lack of human contact and many more unimaginable actions that you could only imagine reading in a fiction novel. The current US President Obama and his administration have alarmingly allowed these atrocities to human beings to continue.

    The policies of the Anti Terrorism Laws and the impact of US approved “extraordinary rendition” is highlighted by the case of sister Aafia , a neuroscientist and US citizen of Pakistani origin.

    Born in Pakistan in 1972, Aafia moved to the US to be closer to her brother. She became a student of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where she became involved with the Muslim Students Association (MSA) and was active in giving dawah to non-Muslims and portraying a wonderful positive example of Islam. She won a $5000 scholarship to go to Pakistan and study the effects of Islam on Women living in Pakistan. By Allah’s will she also memorised the entire Quran. After graduating from MIT she married Mohammed Amjad Khan. Due to the events of 9/11 Aafia and her husband found it impossible to live comfortably in America because of the FBI harassing Khan and the widespread discrimination towards all Muslims, so they moved to Pakistan. Sometime after they returned to the US until 2002, then returned to Pakistan. Soon after Aafia and Amjad separated, Aafia was 8 months pregnant with her 3rd child. They moved in with her mother and a month later gave birth to a son, Suleman. In December 2002, she travelled back to the US without her children to look for work and returned to Pakistan shortly after.

    On the 28th of March, 2003, Aafia and her three children were booked to board a flight to Rawalpindi but never made it to the airport.

    In February 2010, Aafia’s eldest son, Ahmed, spoke of how there had been a gang of officials waiting for them as they stepped out their front door, including a white lady and members of Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence), who had parked in cars on the next street. He said that his mum, Aafia was pushed into one car and the three children had been put in a separate car. Aafia has said that she was hooded and drugged and when she woke she was tied up in a place unfamiliar to her, describing the air as dry. She says she was kidnapped by ISI and then placed into US Custody where for five years she was moved between secret prisons where she was repeatedly abused, tortured and raped. It took one year for the FBI to post Aafia’s picture on their website. Meanwhile, the US denied that any women detainees were held in Bagram, including Aafia, except for medical treatment when she was shot by US Personal while apparently attempting to steal their gun and attack them.

    In 2005, Mozam Begg an ex Bagram detainee reported that he heard a woman being tortured in Bagram. Also upon his release from Guantanamo Bay in 2009, Binyam Mohammed confirmed the woman he saw in Bagram was in fact Prisoner number 650, Aafia. On the 7th of July 2008, in a press conference, British Journalist Yvonne Ridley claimed that Aafia was being held in Bagram. Finally, on the 4th of August, US officials admitted that Aafia was in US custody in Afghanistan.

    Mean while Aafia had been shown a picture of her baby son in a pool of blood, where it is claimed he had been killed in the arrest. Whether this was a tactic used to produce a confession or the truth is still not clear but Aafia’s daughter Maryam, and youngest son Suleman’s whereabouts are still unknown till today.

    On the 4th of August, 2008 Federal Prosecutors confirmed that Aafia had been extradited to the US from Afghanistan following the attempted Murder of several US Personnel.

    On the 19th of January 2010, Aafia went to trial, charged with attempted murder and armed assault. It is claimed that Aafia grabbed the rifle of one of her US captors, while being held in custody, and attempted to kill the US soldiers detaining her. The US personnel were unscathed but Aafia was shots twice in the body and survived surgery within Bagram Prison. Aafia confirmed that she had been hiding behind a curtain in fear of being sent back to a secret prison, but did not attempt to harm anyone. An FBI witness stated that Aafia’s fingerprints had not been found on the weapon in question and both the Prosecution witnesses’ statements were conflicting. Unbelievably on the 3rd of February 2010, Aafia was found guilty on all charges, despite no conclusive evidence being produced.
    Where were her three children at this point?

    What happened in the five years Aafia and her children were kidnapped is still unclear. In October, 2009 Aafia briefly spoke with a Pakistani Parliament delegate about how she had “been through living hell” in the past five years. She described how she had been drugged and brain washed, forced into making false confessions and signing statements, being told if she did not cooperate her children would be hurt. During her trial Aafia spoke about how her children had been tortured and how she had been raped and tortured in secret prisons. After the trial Aafia’s family spoke out against the Pakistani Government claiming that they had been put on a gag order by the Pakistani Government not to speak about Aafia in return for the release of Aafia’s eldest son, Ahmed.

    To date Aafia has not been charged with any offences related to the allegations made against her at the time of her disappearance. Neither has she been charged over the chemicals and documents she was allegedly in possession of. During her trial Aafia stated that she was set up from the beginning and any confessions that she has signed were coerced through means of torture of threats of her children’s safety. She has stated she never intended to hurt anyone and had no plans of any attack.

    The whereabouts of Aafia’s two missing children have still not been addressed, with fears that they died while in one of the secret Prisons, the US authorities have not confirmed or denied their whereabouts.

    Aafia’s sentencing will be on the 6th of May 2010, where she could face up to 60 years in Prison.

    In a statement written to the Pakistani newspaper, The Nation, Fauzia Siddiqui, Aafia’s sister, lifted the lid on what really happened: “An investigating officer, Shahid Qureshi, submitted a report to the judicial magistrate on charges related to the 2003 kidnapping of Aafia Siddiqui and her children, stating that it was carried out “by FBI intelligence agents without any warrants or notice.”

    “It is not unusual for Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), agency, to collaborate in forcibly abducting its citizens from Pakistan to secret US prisons, where unspeakable torture awaits them, all under the guise of the US government’s ‘war on terror,’ in exchange for cash from the FBI”

    Aafia’s case is one of many, injustice and religious persecution is a part of our society and what are we doing for our Muslim brothers and sisters who are being abducted through “extrodinary rendition” and placed in secret prisons around the world? As an Ummah we need to speak out, with grace and truth by our side, against these injustices, showing that Muslims will always stand for Muslims. Not leave the Muslims to surround ourselves with the very people who are betting on the destruction of our beautiful religion, Islam.

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    JFAC Horrified by New Abuse Revelations, Aafia Siddiqui Forced to Walk Naked Over the Qur’an

    March 30th 2010
    Contact: info@justiceforaafia.org

    As hundreds of concerned citizens hold a Day of Remembrance in Pakistan to commemorate the seventh anniversary of her disappearance, the Justice for Aafia Coalition reveal for the first time, in the English language, specific harrowing details of the abuse Aafia Siddiqui was forced to endure in the years spent in secret detention.

    During the course of an interview by Kamran Shahid on Pakistan’s Front Line, screened 26th March,
    Siddiqui’s mother and sister described publicly for the first time the various forms of torture she underwent at the hands of US agents. This included being:
    • forcefully stripped by six men and then repeatedly sexually abused

    • beaten with rifle butts until she bled

    • bound to a bed, with her hands and feet tied whilst unspecified forms of torture were administered to the soles of her feet and head

    • injected with unknown substances

    • dragged by her hair

    • having her hairs pulled out one by one

    • forced to walk on the Qu’ran which had been desecrated in her cell whilst naked

    Maryam Hassan, founder of the Justice for Aafia Coalition (JFAC), commented:

    These most recent horrific revelations shine a light for the first time on years of detention shrouded until now in darkness and mystery. Forced nudity, violent sexual abuse, the desecration of the Qu’ran, video-taped torture sessions have become infamous hallmarks of US detention since the start of the War on Terror, from Bagram to Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

    The Obama administration must immediately disclose any video evidence in its possession relating to Ms Siddiqui’s detention and torture. The American public has a right to know what is being carried out in its name as much as the Pakistani public are deserving of knowing the horrendous abuse one of their citizens has been subjected to. “

    For the full interview, transcribed and translated into English by the Justice for Aafia Coalition, please visit:

    To view the video recording of the interview in Urdu:

    A version with English subtitles will be available on www.justiceforaafia.org soon.

    Notes for editor:

    1. The Justice for Aafia Coalition is an umbrella body for a number of organizations, groups, and activists created in February 2010 to campaign for the release and return of Aafia Siddiqui and for the opening of a full investigation into the circumstances of her detention and the whereabouts of her children.

    2. Aafia Siddiqui’s lawyers maintain that she was abducted by the Pakistani and US agents along with her three children in 2003 and rendered to Afghanistan where she was detained by American forces for over five years. Siddiqui claims she was abused, raped and tortured throughout her detention. She was convicted in February 2010 of allegedly firing on US soldiers while in custody in what appears to have been a grave miscarriage of justice. Whilst her son Ahmed was released in September 2008 from Afghan custody, two of her children remain unaccounted for to date. For full details of Aafia Siddiqui’s case, please visit www.justiceforaafia.org


    May Allah ease her pain, free from the clutches of these torturing rapist criminals and give her Justice. May He humiliate, expose and punish the criminals severely and soon, ameen!

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    Malik: DNA Proves Girl as Aafia’s Daughter

    JFAC have confirmed with Dr Aafia's family today's report that Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik revealed that the DNA test proved that the child found outside the residence of Dr Fowzia Siddiqui is the daughter of Dr Aafia and that her DNA matched that of Ahmed Siddiqui, Aafia's eldest son. Dr Fowzia, Aafia's sister, said that they will be carrying out their own independent investigation to confirm the girl's identity.

    Senate Committee for Interior Chairman Senator Talha Mehmood also told media today that the girl was recovered from Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan. She was with an American there named 'John'. She apparently only speaks English and Persian.

    Govt Formally Declares Teenage Girl as Aafia's Daughter

    The Government has formally declared 12 years old Maryam as daughter of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui after proved by DNA Test and the girl handed over to the family of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.

    Dr. Fauzia Siddiqui, sister of Dr Aafia Siddiqui visited the Interior Ministry with 12 years old Maryam on Saturday and held a meeting with Interior Minister Rehman Malik.

    Talking to media after holding the meeting, the Interior Minister said that Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani wanted to make the announcement himself but he asked him to announce this.

    Rehman Malik said that the DNA Report has proved that 12 years old Maryam is daughter of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, adding the girl only speak English.

    Responding to a question, the Interior Minister said that the government is taking all possible measures for the return of Dr. Aafia, saying the Prime Minister during his stay in the United States would strongly raise the issue of release of Dr. Aafia with the leadership of the United States.

    The Minister on the occasion congratulated the entire nation and the family of Dr. Aafia.

    Dr. Fauzia Siddiqui while talking to media said that the DNA test has proved that the girl is daughter of Dr. Aafia and praised the efforts of the government regarding repatriation of Dr. Aafia and her children and specially mentioned efforts of the Interior Minister.

    On current visit of the Prime Minister to the United States, Dr. Fauzia expressed her hope that he (Gilani) would raise the issue regarding release of Dr. Aafia with US Leadership.

    Terming the visit of Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, a key factor in making the efforts of the government and the Interior Minister productive, she said that the rehabilitation of Maryam would be started soon.


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    LHCBA wants Pervez Musharraf tried for ‘selling out’ Dr Aafia

    LAHORE: The Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) by adopting a resolution has demanded the federal government to bring former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf back to the country, and try him for high treason, as he sold a Pakistani for a few dollars.

    The bar also resolved that the government should take concrete steps for the repatriation of Dr Aafia Siddiqui.

    The bar passed this resolution after Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, sister of Aafia, delivered a speech at the LHCBA. Dr Fauzia Siddiqui claimed that her sister was innocent and Musharraf had handed her over to earn a few extra dollars. She said Dr Aafia was a professional, and had no links with any banned organisation, nor was she involved in any terrorist activities.

    Dr Fauzia said that her sister had been kept in detention without any concrete evidence against her. She said that if Aafia was a culprit, she should be tried in Pakistan. She said that the present government was not sincere to repatriate Aafia and appealed to the legal fraternity and masses to launch a campaign for her release.

    LHCBA President Mian Abdul Quddus said that the former president had handed over Pakistani citizens including Dr Aafia in greed of money. He demanded that the Musharraf should be tried under Article 6 of the constitution. staff report


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    Please Email, Text, Print & Distribute this document to your friends, colleagues, family etc

    Dr Aaifa Siddiqui, a PHD from the prestigious MIT university, the only neurologist ever to have a honorary PHD from the world’s most respected university, the University of Harvard, a Hafizah of Quran, has spent the last four years being raped, tortured, and psychologically abused and currently resides in a prison in the USA, awaiting sentencing for a crime she didn’t commit, on 6th May 2010.

    The Messenger of Allah, Upon Whom Be Peace, said: "A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, so he should not oppress him, nor should he hand him over to an oppressor." (Sahih Bukhari)

    Upon hearing this hadith, below are some of the things we can do to help our sister Aafia and the hundreds like her:

    • Raise awareness (through your friends, family, colleagues & by organising events)
    • Write to the US and Pakistani authorities
    • Write to the media about Aafia case
    • Donate to Aafia’s legal fund
    • Distribute campaign materials
    • Join JFAC as a volunteer
    • Write to Aafia
    • Do not forget her, nor be shy or scared to talk about her
    • Better yourself – be the best Muslim you can be (repent and refrain from sin)
    • Pray for her

    Let us today, right now recognise and affirm our commitment to sister Aafia. Remember Allah will ask us on the Day of Judgement what we did to help her, so the very least we can do is supplicate to Allah, for her release and for Allah to have mercy on all those in her situation. What crime have they committed? They are the victims of kidnap and torture, known in our time as “extraordinary rendition.”

    Today - Aafia Siddiqui, Tomorrow – It really could be you…


    Aafia Siddiqui was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1972. She was one of three children, her father being a doctor trained in England. Aafia moved to Texas in 1990 to be near her brother, and after spending a year at the University of Houston, transferred to MIT. Aafia then married a medical student, and subsequently entered Brandeis University as a graduate student in cognitive neuroscience. Aafia and her husband later returned to Pakistan.

    According to Mrs. Siddiqui (Aafia’s mother) Aafia left her house in a cab on March 30th 2002, to catch a flight for Rawalpindi, but never reached the airport. Aafia had in-fact been "picked-up" by intelligence agencies while on her way to the airport and initial reports suggest she was handed over to the FBI.

    Aafia Siddiqui had been missing for more than a year when the FBI put her photographs on its website. The press was told that she was an Al Qaeda facilitator. Yet, both the Pakistan government as well as US officials in Washington denied any knowledge of Aafia's custody.

    It was on 7th July 2008, a press conference led by Cageprisoners (an NGO representing the victims of extraordinary rendition) in Pakistan resulted in mass international coverage of Aafia’s case as her disappearance was questioned by the media and political figures in Pakistan.

    On Monday 4th August 2008, federal prosecutors in the US confirmed that Aafia Siddiqui was extradited to the US from Afghanistan where they allege she had been detained since mid-July 2008. The US administration claim that she was arrested by Afghani forces, while she had in her possession manuals on explosives and ‘dangerous substances in sealed jars’ - attempting to bomb the compound of the governor of Ghazni. They further allege that whilst in custody she shot at US officers (none being injured) and was herself injured in the process.

    According to Aafia’s lawyer Elaine Whitfield Sharp: “We do know she was at Bagram for a long time…According to my client she was there for years and she was held in American custody; her treatment was horrendous.”. Although the US has previously denied the presence of female detainees in Bagram and that Aafia was never held there, except for medical treatment in July 2008. This is contrary to Aafia’s claim that she was detained in a series of secret prisons for five years during which time she was repeatedly abused, tortured and raped. Aafia’s claim is verified by former Bagram detainees who affirmed the presence of a female detainee of Pakistani origin with the prisoner ID “650”. The International Committee for the Red Cross also confirmed that a woman had been detained at Bagram, and it was believed to be her.

    In late August 2008, the US attorney general confirmed that Aafia’s son Ahmed had been in the custody of the FBI since 2003 – although the US ambassador to Pakistan claimed that Washington had no information regarding Aafia’s children.

    On 19th January 2010 the trial of Aafia Siddiqui began, in a Manhattan (US) federal courtroom. The trial lasted for only 2 weeks. On 3th February 2010, the jury reached a verdict and Aafia was convicted and found guilty on all counts, despite the trial having the following discrepancies:

    • The court proceedings was limited to the incident in Ghazni (Afganistan) without mentioning her kidnapping and years of torture, which itself lacked concrete evidence.
    • It is still unexplained how a frail, 90 pound woman, confronted with three US army officers, two interpreters and two FBI agents managed to assault three of them, snatch a rifle from one of them, open fire at close range, hit no one, but she herself was wounded.
    • There were no fingerprints on the gun.
    • There was no gunshot residue, bullet holes in the walls or bullets cases in the area from that particular gun.
    • The testimony of the government’s six eyewitnesses contradicted each other.

    Aafia is due to be sentenced on 6th May 2010 and faces up to 60 years in prison for attempted murder and armed assault. The whereabouts and welfare of Aafia’s two younger children remain a mystery.

    Following her conviction, she remains at the Metropolitan Detention Centre in New York where she has spent the best part of her detention in the US. Throughout that time, she has been subject to humiliating and degrading strip and cavity searches, prompting her to refuse legal visits on many occasions. Aafia is being refused all contact with her family and is not being permitted any letters, phone-calls, visits or reading material under the pretext of “the security of the nation.” Now, stop, think, and consider what you have just read, and then read these heartbreaking words of your Prophet, Muhammad, Upon Whom Be Peace, Who Said, "A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. He does not oppress him, nor does he leave him at the mercy of others." (Sahih Muslim)

    Now invoke your lord and unleash the weapon of the believer.

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    Default Mobilization For Dr.Aafia Siddiqui

    September 21, 2010

    Human Rights Activists Encourage Massive Turnout for Sentencing of Dr. Aafia Siddiquie

    On Thursday, September 23rd at 8:00 am at the Federal Court House, 500 Pearl Street in Manhattan, New York City, in Jugde Burman’s court, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui will be sentenced in the US Federal district court of New York. Human rights and legal advocates are making an urgent appeal that people attend the sentencing of Dr. Siddiqui on Thursday. Although this case has captured worldwide attention, there has been little focus on this case by the American media and minimal attention given to the case by the American Muslim community.
    Despite the opinions of legal experts that Dr. Siddiqui’s conviction is seriously flawed and her kidnapping and detention is a grave violation of human rights and international law, few in America know about the circumstances involving Dr. Siddiqui’s conviction. Two Muslim organizations, The Peace Thru Justice Foundation and The Muslim Legal Fund of America have tirelessly worked in the defense of Dr. Siddiqui and to bring to the American public’s attention crucial information surrounding this case. Check out the piece below.
    Imam Mahdi Bray
    Quote of the day: “There is a time when silence is betrayal.”

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    Judge Issues Inflated Sentence of 86 Years on Pakistani Mother

    NEW YORK, September 23, 2010 -- Earlier today in a New York, Judge Richard Berman sentenced Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani mother of three, to 86 years in prison for charges related to an altercation that occurred in an Afghan police station.

    Defense attorneys argued that Siddiqui should receive the lightest sentence of 12 years because she suffered from mental illness, which is a claim supported by her behavior during the trial. Prosecutors argued for the maximum sentence of life in prison because they claim she is an Al-Qaeda supporter.

    Judge Berman sided with the prosecution, despite the fact that no charges in the case were terrorism related and there was no physical evidence to support the claim that an M1 riffle was fired by Siddiqui or anyone else in the Afghan police station. As Judge Richard Berman issued his sentencing of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, he proclaimed that "significant incarceration is appropriate."

    To get the 86 year sentence, Berman agreed with the prosecutors' argument that "terrorism enhancement sentencing guidelines" were applicable to this case because Siddiqui attempted to run away from interrogators during the Afghan police station incident. The judge also sentenced Siddiqui three times consecutively for one of the counts. Otherwise, the maximum sentencing would have been 38 years. Defense attorneys will file a notice of appeal.

    Siddiqui responded to the sentencing by asking her supporters to remain calm and to "forgive Judge Berman."

    This case is another example of U.S. prosecutors using "the terrorism card" to wrongfully convict Muslims who are trying to defend themselves against charges unrelated to terrorism and to levy cruel and unusual punishment once convictions are secured. During the trial, prosecutors repeatedly raised the issue of terrorism and insurgent attacks on U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Muslims who attended the trial were subjected to security searches and pat-downs in full view of the jury.

    "This case is yet another demonstration of how difficult it is for Muslims to get a fair and impartial trial in America," said Khalil Meek, president of the Muslim Legal Fund of America.

    The trial was held in Manhattan, the same neighborhood in New York currently immersed in a heated controversy over plans for an Islamic community center two blocks from Ground Zero.

    About the Muslim Legal Fund of America

    The Muslim Legal Fund of America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public cause charitable organization that supports legal cases across the country which impact civil rights, freedoms, liberties and principles of justice in America. For more information on how you can help, go to http://www.MuslimLegalFund.org.


    May Allah make it easy on her and her family inshallah and punish these kuffar dogs in this duniya and hereafter for their oppression and injustice against an innocent woman and her kids. Ameen!


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