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    Roots of Indian Terrorism

    HINDUS breed terror seeds in order to terrorize and kill Muslims. Equipped with colossal weapons, India never seeks peaceful solutions. It wants to use force to coerce those who disagree with its colonial and imperialist drives. India has thus created a corpus of militant Hindus who are arrogant and seek terrorist means to settle issues. Kashmiris seek peaceful resolution of sovereignty issue, but India continues to add terror forces to occupied Jammu Kashmir and kill the defenseless Kashmiri Muslims. Yet, India claims to a secular democracy and seeks a UNSC seat to pursue its hidden agendas.

    Like the USA, the world terrorist nation, India also off and on makes loud noises about the now famous “terrorism”, though of late it come refrained, for no reason, using the phrase “cross border terrorism. The intelligence wing with the help of essentially anti-Muslim Indian media is never tired of “tracking” the Muslims as “terrorism” causers. The paid media agents do churn out “interesting” stories about Muslim terrorists and how they were tracked and argue, quite convincingly, how important it is to finish off the Muslims in stock and barrel.

    One of the major Hindu festival Divali (or Deepavali in the south India) has been, as usual celebrated, rather blasted, in all parts of India from Kanyakumari to Punjab and Haryana (Jammu Kashmir is an alien nation though presently under Indian military occupation and brutal control) in the usual fun and fair with a lot more noise pollution and atmosphere pollution, but also glorification of terrorism actions in a legally fitting matter.

    Many a Hindu festival in India is marked by terrorism shows like loud crackers and semi explosives. Fascist tendencies are explicit on these occasions. Hindus expect Muslims to cooperate with Hindus in expressing solidarity with Hindu festivities by aggressively exploding semi-explosives. If it only Hindus blast explosives, it is one matter, but Muslims living among the Hindus also, for fear of onslaught form the Hindus if they also do not do same, for expressing their own terrorist instincts at part with fellow Hindus, waste quite a lot of money on “fire-works’ creating nuisance, pollutions, both noise and atmospheric, as well inconvenience to the moving public in streets and roads.

    Inspired by terror based festivities, the Hindus make more powerful explosives to terrorize the nation.

    It is strange that whenever India or Blue wing of Indian team inside India wins a match similar terrorism blasts do happen almost every where in India and this is done in a systematical manner and no an isolated phenomenon. This aggressive expression of joy at victory in a match takes very ugly form in many parts of India when Hindus blast bombs.

    1. Indian Fascism

    Ghastly destruction of Grand Babri Mosque remains the glaring specimen for the Indian and Hindu fascist culture, rather vulture culture. Hinduism, thus, has become a symbol of intolerance, terrorism, apart from being a major source of colonialism and imperialism.

    In fact these explosives situation in India only showcases fascist trends in Hindu thinking. The attitude is very simple: “it is our country (read Hindus’) and we will do whatever we please and if you don’t want to tolerate us (read Indian democracy and secularism) then go to Pakistan ”. This has been the standard response from the Hindus to any Muslims who even silently resent such anti-social terrorist activities in the society in the name of festivities. Muslims have no ways to defend their freedom in India , imposing fascist attitudes on Muslims.

    USA and India must foster tolerance through deliberate policies and efforts, because all societies are now essentially multi-ethnic. Indian text books must teach the children respect of each other, to respect Muslims as part of the society as equal citizens. But children are taught ills about other races and cultures. Muslims are not unwanted elements as the Indian media project them.

    2. Islam, a peaceful Religion

    Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. But the world wants to make and see it a religion of “terrorism” and “fundamentalism” just like that. India wants to siphon off the resources form Muslims and take every fruit of development exclusively for Hindus. Hence they harass Muslims. Islamophofia is being successfully created around the world to generate hatred against Muslims and threaten their very existence. In countries where Muslims are in minority, such as India , USA and UK , Muslims are being ill-treated the worst possible ways and they are branded as “terrorists”, real or potential.

    Evil of intolerance has been indeed on the increase in the so-called democracies. Intolerance to Islamic faith in a covert manner is being religious practiced not just in USA, UK and the rest of the West, but even in countries like Hindu India that make tall claims about their tolerance and what they practice in fact amount to contempt for tolerance. Muslims at global level still refused to combat this nasty phenomenon. The phenomenon has thus resulted crudely in the anti-Islamism projections the world over, causing death, genocide, violence, religious persecution as well as confrontations on different levels. While talking about tolerance, the global state machinery has been targeting on Muslims as its perceived enemy. Majority Indians, the Hindus, show disrespect to Muslims and expect total obedience to Hindus and their institutions, including culture. They expect Muslims to renounce Islamic rituals eventually and imbibe Hindu customs and practices in stead in due course.

    3. Congress-BJP communal-terrorist Nexus

    Under the sinister garb of "secular democracy" India has promoted Hindu terrorists in a hidden manner and these terrorists plant bombs in select places across the nation and Indian media-cum-intelligence-cum-police cleverly place the blame on Muslims, while “patriotic’ terror organizations, while RSS and Bajrang Dal continue to terrorize India . Indian governments, both central and state, intentionally hide the information about Hindu terrorist activities, though Indian intelligence agencies do supply the information to the government circles for “necessary actions".

    The recent revelations in the Malegaon blasts put every ongoing blast investigation under a cloud and a question mark. Clearly, the police suppressed all the trails that led to Sangh outfits and BJP leaders – allowing these terrorists to roam free and contest and campaign in elections – while misleading the nation by framing innocents of a minority community. Is it not all too possible that this is happening in every single blast investigation?

    Indian politics is communal. Congress has a very long communal history that goes back to 19th century when Indians were fighting for freedom form UK . It is not just BJP leaders, however, who are linked with the terrorist sadhvi. Pragya is a disciple of Swami Avadheshanand Giri: and her fellow disciples include Union HRD Minister and celebrated 'secular' figure Argon Singh and his son Ajay. The list of VVIPs, cutting across the political, executive and judiciary wings, could be too long, indeed! Ajay, head of the Congress campaign panel for the upcoming state polls in MP, rushed to deny Avadheshanand's links with Pragya. VHP is trying to make the world Hinduized.

    Intelligence and policy pretend ignorance of the secret Hindu organizations engaged in terrorist activities in the country. The Governments at State and Centre did not know all along about the activities of hidden Hindu terrorist originations, especially the Bhonsala Military Academy, which has been openly holding arms training camps for Bajrang Dal terrorists/goons from all over the country. Blasts aside, how come such training camps for communal outfits were not deemed illegal and banned even as Bajrang Dal brigades repeatedly conducted anti-Muslim and anti-Christian violence?" The Congress and UPA Government is hoping to let the state machinery 'leak' out a tiny part of the truth about the involvement of Sangh outfits in terror, in order to get the upper hand in the elections. But we won't be satisfied with such scraps.

    Known for it hidden agendas and terrorist activities in Jammu Kashmir, India does not ban Hindu extremist organizations even after Babri Mosque was pulled down by Hindu terrorists. Congress plays hidden tricks with BJP, while several Hindu organizations are connected Congress party just as they are close to BJP. Military, police and media are under the control of both of these parties. The nexus among all these Indian anti-Muslim components create terrorism and harm the national harmony and problems for innocent Muslims. Is it not a dangerous trend?

    An Observation

    Hindus derive a lot sadistic pleasures out of sufferings of Muslims both by promoting terrorism themselves and branding the Muslims as terrorists, while the hon. judiciary maintains silence as if the judges are deaf and dumps. Indian governments must ban the Hindu terrorist organizations, "social explosions" by Hindus disturbing social peace in the country, apart from causing serious climatic problems.

    The terrorist instincts are inherent in Hindu mind. And this is indeed a very serious matter, because Hindus as the majority section of this predominately and predominately Hindu nation influence the Muslims in the country who for the sake of mere existence under the control of Hindus and their governments also and provoke them to engage themselves in terrorism activities. Political outfits run by Hindus incite violence by sung Muslims as henchmen.

    Hindus terrorize Muslims and Muslims are also punished because the media and intelligence brand them as “terrorists”. India evades and violates human rights; but it tolerates the practice of tolerance against subjugation of Muslims by the state. It inversely advocates toleration of social injustice, the abandonment and weakening of one’s convictions. But tolerance means that one is free to adhere to one’s own convictions and accepts that others adhere to theirs. India is just opposed to this universal approach.

    India must now admit that Hindus are terrorists and terrorize Indians and the entire region and kill the Muslims in Jammu Kashmir. India should not dream about justifying its terrorist activism by using USA , its newly found strategic partner with which it has been "nuclearily" flirting for quite some time. Time is up for India to go through introspection and remedial measures for itself, its media and police, military and other variety of security services. Indian security forces are making the life of Muslims more and more insecure.

    Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal is an independent researcher in international affairs. He can be reached at abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com

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    Real Terrorists :

    Mr.Modi and his Government massacred hundreds of Muslims in Gujarat, India. Disturbing undercover evidence reveals a cadre of politicians; lawyers and police may have behind the events...


    India: A crime against humanity in Gujarat and state government's complicity


    The BJP is at it again: changing its position every few hours and trying to get political mileage out of the tragedy at Mumbai.
    • LK Advani did not accompany the PM to Mumbai, after having agreed on it
    • The party inserted ads seeking votes in the name of terror attacks
    • Modi turns up in Mumbai to be in front of the cameras; it has been reported that the terrorists supposedly started their journey from Por bunder, Gujarat.
    • Pramod Mutalik, a Hindutva activist from Karnataka has said that Hemant Karkare, Chief of ATS was killed by the terrorists due to the curse of Sadhwi Pragya. Shocking.
    More @ http://peaceprogress.wordpress.com/



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    British news:

    How Hindu extremist Terrorists get funds from UK

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    India’s forgotten massacre

    By Harsh Mander

    A lifetime is much too short to forget.

    It was Nov. 26, 2008, the day that was to become etched in India’s history for the audacious and traumatic terrorist commando attack on the country’s commercial capital Mumbai. I happened to be on that day at a location as distant as possible from Mumbai — psychologically, politically and socially — at Nellie in Assam, the site of one of free India’s most brutal forgotten massacres in 1983.

    I had been invited by the survivors to sit with them as they recalled and commemorated the events that had unfolded in this distant impoverished corner of the country 25 years earlier.

    Journey into the past

    We gathered in the soft sunshine of early winter in an open courtyard. A crowd quickly gathered: the older men with checked lungis and beards could easily be distinguished as people of East Bengali Muslim origin.
    The women and younger men dressed like anyone from an Assamese village. There were the initial courtesies of traditional welcome, as they offered us customary white Assamese scarves with exquisite red embroidery.

    Senior officials of the State government who accompanied me had gently dissuaded me from the visit, questioning the wisdom of re-opening wounds of painful events of such a distant past. People have moved on long ago, they assured me. What purpose then would our visit serve? It would only revive memories that have long been buried.

    The same advice came from many non-official friends who worked in development organizations in the State. They added that the visit would stir issues that were too bitterly contested in the region. But the survivors persisted in their resolve that they wanted to be heard. It was impossible for me to refuse them.

    Enormous suffering

    On February 18, 1983, in the genocidal massacre organized in Nellie, just 40 km from Guwahati , 2,191 Muslim settlers originally from Bangladesh were slaughtered, leaving 370 children orphaned and their homes in 16 villages destroyed.

    As the survivors spoke one by one before our gathering a quarter century later, all of us who heard them — including officials, academics, social workers — were completely stunned, and shamed, by the enormity and immediacy of their suffering today, which retained an urgency as though they had only very recently suffered the unspeakable cruelties that they gave words to, not 25 years earlier.

    The bodies of many were twisted and deformed by inadequately treated injuries from the assaults by machetes and daggers; others pulled back their clothes to expose frightening scars of the attacks of a generation earlier.

    Hazara Khatun, with scars of a dagger attack on her face that she survived in 1983, sat on the ground before us and pointed to her empty lap. “I was cradling my child here”, she said in a low voice.

    “They chopped him into two, down the middle”. Another widow Alekjaan Biwi, was far less calm. Her body was twisted, and we could all see that she had lost her psychological equilibrium. Eleven members of her family were slaughtered in the massacre, and she acted out for us how the mob had attacked them, how she had cowered and hidden herself, how she was discovered and wounded, and how she survived even though scarred and deformed for life. “I have no one in the world,” she concluded quietly.

    Deluge of grief

    In his early thirties, Mohammed Monoruddin began to cry inconsolably as soon as he sat before us. “My brothers, sisters were all killed, hacked into pieces,” he recalled. “I was seven-years-old then. I saw my parents slaughtered in front of me. I saw another woman being killed and her child snatched from her hands and thrown in fire.

    I wept in terror all day. The CRPF came in the evening and rescued me. Later we came to know that our house was torched. Nothing was left. All our belongings and stores of rice were gone in the fire. My elder brother, who was in Nagaon, brought me up. But I feel so lonely.”

    Many others spoke of their loneliness. Noon Nahar Begum was 10 -years-old, and when the killings started, she tried to run away but was attacked and badly wounded.

    She was hospitalized for two months, and her mother and four siblings were murdered. “They were butchered here in the place where we are standing today,” she said, adding: “I have found no peace of mind for the last 25 years. I need justice for my peace. Justice is important because it was such a terrible crime. I feel lonely and miss my family…” Babool Ahmad, a tailor, was two years old when he lost his parents.

    He was brought up by his grandparents, whereas his sisters were raised in an SOS village.

    And so the stories flowed, like a deluge of muddied waters of grief — long unaddressed and denied — gushing from a breached dam. The forgotten massacre in Nellie in 1983 established a bloody trail of open State complicity in repeated traumatic bouts of ethnic cleansing and massacres both in Assam and in India. It was followed by similar State-enabled carnages, in Delhi in 1984, Bhagalpur in 1989, Mumbai in 1993 and climaxed in Gujarat in 2002.

    Series of incidents

    Assam in turn has seen a series of violent ethnic clashes between various oppressed communities, each bitterly and ferociously ranged against other ethnic groups which may be as dispossessed, if not more so.

    The accord brokered by government with militant Bodos in 1993 assured them autonomous control over regions where their population was in a majority. The government therefore itself laid the foundations for ethnic cleansing.

    Bengali Muslims were driven out of their settlements by murderous attacks and the torching of their homes in 1993, and this scenario was repeated for Santhal and Munda tribals (called Adivasis) — many of whom are descendants of tea garden labour imported by the British two centuries ago — in 1996.

    Thousands of them continue to languish today in camps, some for 15 years, as they are still terrified to return home. Assam remains a tinder box of ethnic hatred, with recent attacks on Bihari migrant labour, Jharkhand agitators in Guwahati, bomb explosions and recent clashes between Bodos and Bengali Muslims this year, which left many dead and thousands in camps seething with hate.

    The worth of lives

    The government gave the survivors of Nellie compensation for each death of as little as 5,000 rupees, contrasted for instance with Rs. 7 lakhs (seven hundred thousand) that have been paid to survivors of the Sikh carnage of a year later in 1984. 688 criminal cases were filed in connection with Nellie’s organized massacre and of these 310 cases were charge-sheeted.

    The remaining 378 cases were closed due to the police claim of “lack of evidence.”

    But all the 310 charge-sheeted cases were dropped by the AGP government as a part of Assam Accord; therefore not a single person has even had to face trial for the gruesome massacre. Some lives are clearly deemed by the State of being of little worth compared to others.

    The Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008 has witnessed an upsurge of understandable public anger, because a partisan and weak State leaves each of us unsafe. But States have long failed abjectly and shamefully to protect ordinary citizens and uphold justice.

    The lives lost in Mumbai’s Taj Hotel are precious. But the lives extinguished in distant hamlets of Nellie — and indeed the streets of Delhi, Bhagalpur, Gujarat and Malegoan — are no less valuable.

    A day must come when our rage and our compassion responds equally to each of these tragedies. We can be safe only by standing — and caring — together. – The Hindu

    Those reading Mr Harsh Mander's article on Nellie might find the folllowing link as good additional information. The link is to my book- 25 years on ...Nellie still haunts- on google books. I along with two other journalists were eyewitness to the part of the mayhem on the fateful day.
    The book was released by Mr Kuldip Nayyar and Mr K P S Gill (one of the IGs of Assam in 1983 on Feb.18 this year ie exactly 25 years of the tragedy.

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    The Tragedy of Indian Muslims
    by Areeba Ali (indian newspaper feature writer)

    The point that I am trying to make is not the demonizing of Muslims in Indian movies...but the rather tragic image that Non-Muslims in India (Hindus, Sikhs and Jains) have of Muslims.

    Yesterday, I watched the Indian movie 'Tere Naam'- a tragic love story where two people deeply in love with each other couldn't 'live happily ever after' because the girl commits suicide. The hit film starred popular actor Salman Khan.

    The girl in the film commits suicide and the boy is beaten up by some goons. As a result his brain is badly damaged and he becomes 'mad'. The doctors try hard to get him back to his normal self but to no avail. The boy's family, in a desperate effort to treat him, sends him to an ashram where he is in the custody of some priests. But actually, all hope dies and the family believes that their boy isn't going to get well and has become a permanent vegetable. The girl, because of this unfortunate reality and because of her love for him, commits suicide (so that she isn't married to another man). The saddest part is that the boy actually recovers after her death. But seeing that girl he loved so much is no longer alive, he decides to spend the rest of his life in the ashram.

    The goons who had beaten up the boy in the movie were shown to be Muslims (they are shown wearing the traditional skullcaps and Arabian red-checked scarves) who abduct or lure Hindu Brahmin women into prostitution.

    The point that I am trying to make is not the demonizing of Muslims in Indian movies...but the rather tragic image that Non-Muslims in India (Hindus, Sikhs and Jains) have of Muslims.

    I had lived for the first time in my life in a hostel in Delhi where I was the only Muslim girl among Hindu girls. The hostel was situated in a very posh locality of Delhi and the girls were from educated well-to-do families. I had stayed there from July 2001-June 2002. During that period, 9/11 and then the Godhra train carnage (Feb 2002) had taken place.

    After 9/11, when USA launched the war on terrorism and began its offensive in Afghanistan, the girls in my hostel were celebrating. Their faces were blossoming with happiness and glee.

    After 9/11, when USA launched the war on terrorism and began its offensive in Afghanistan, the girls in my hostel were celebrating. Their faces were blossoming with happiness and glee. My hostel warden (who was our two-years senior) even said 'Ab to Islam down ho jayega ('Now Islam will go down'). When the first reports of Afghan civilian casualties came in newspapers, the girls would say 'Bas,itne hi log mare?'('Only these many people died?'). When I countered that Afghans are also humans and are innocent, they shot back 'Nobody is innocent in Afghanistan' and 'Why are they living in that country...they should have left long ago. It's their fault that they are living there and are thus being attacked'. One girl was so pathetically ignorant, she said.' America is not killing anybody in Afghanistan'.

    But all this didn't hurt me much. I actually expected such reactions. What really hurt me was what happened between February 2002- May 2002. It made me decide to leave the hostel and move to a Muslim-dominated area.

    On February 27th, I was out the whole day and had not watched or read news. At night, I got an SMS from my dad, which said 'Keep a low profile'. I was puzzled. I called him up. He told me to watch the news on TV and not to go out anywhere except to college. I had gone to the mess after the phone call, to watch TV. Nobody was there. I put on Star News. And I saw that it had begun- the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat.

    A wave of massacre began after Muslims allegedly burned 58 Hindus alive in a train at Godhra in Gujarat (which later proved to be false). More than 2000 Muslims were killed and tens of thousands left homeless and turned into refugees in their own country. And the worst victims of the genocide were Muslim women---they were stripped and paraded naked, gang-raped, their fetuses were burned alive in front of them.

    I visited the websites of Hindu terrorist organizations (though they aren’t deemed ‘terrorist’ in India) like Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh.

    For the first time in my life, I had stopped reading the newspapers. I couldn't read all that was happening. Television was of course, a no-no at that time.

    And what actually moved me to tears is that my Hindu friends justified the genocide. Every hour of the day, they would taunt me. They would say your Muslim brothers abduct Hindu women and rape them, so they deserve the same. I would try to explain them. But I was one. And they were around 30. I was defenseless. And they were an army. They wouldn't listen.

    I had gone on a hunt for a new home in a Muslim-dominated area of Delhi. And luckily, found a really good accommodation there. I wanted to find out why do Hindus thinks of Muslims the way they do and why were Muslim women being targeted in the Gujarat massacre. For this, I visited the websites of Hindu terrorist organizations (though they aren’t deemed ‘terrorist’ in India) like Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh. I was appalled by what I read on those websites. I don't even want to type what I read--it was that disgusting. I can just sum up that it was distortion of history--where Muslims have been disgustingly accused of raping Hindu and Sikh women during their 600-years rule and the partition.

    These Hindu organizations run schools all over the country. They enroll generally children from middle-class Hindu families. And right from the tender age of 5 or 6,they poison their minds against Muslims. And teach them to do what they did to Muslim women in Gujarat.

    They are told to inspire doctors and chemists to give spurious medicines to Muslims, especially pregnant Muslims so that their fetuses die.

    I managed to get a pamphlet from the Bajrang Dal office in Delhi. It is actually a set of instructions for the Bajrang Dal workers. Nowhere on that pamphlet is the word ‘Muslim’ mentioned. Rather the word ‘Mlecha’ is repeated again and again. ‘Mlecha’ comes from ‘malich’, which means ‘dirty’ in Hindi. It is a derogatory term used to describe Muslims. The Bajrang Dal workers are instructed to have illegal sexual relationship with Muslim women. They are also encouraged to marry Muslim women (incidentally, I have seen a lot of educated Muslim girls marrying Hindu guys over the past two-three years) They are told to inspire doctors and chemists to give spurious medicines to Muslims, especially pregnant Muslims so that their fetuses die.

    The ugly reality is that Hindus have been fed, over centuries, with false propaganda about Muslims. This propaganda has been unfortunately fueled by events like the creation of Pakistan in 1947 and the ongoing Kashmir dispute.

    Whatever Pakistan says or does, whatever the militants in Kashmir say or do, it is the Indian Muslims who have to pay the price. And sadly, when Muslims were being butchered in Gujarat, not a single Muslim nation raised voice against India except Pakistan. The only other nations who ‘expressed concern’ were USA and Western European nations like the UK.

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    To be a muslim in india

    Whenever India talks about its Muslims, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan or Mohammad Azharduddin are mentioned. This despite the fact that they do not represent a typical Indian Muslim. Still, the few success stories that there are of Muslim bureaucrats, politicians, cricketers and film stars, are projected to the world as Indian secularism in practise. I was able to see things for myself on a recent trip to India.

    My interest in exploring the subject of how Muslims fare in India was fuelled by my friends from the fashion industry who visit India on regular basis. And who hold that Muslims don't have a bad deal. If that is true, I thought, why have Pakistan? Why did we fight for a separate country? And why don't we become one again? These were the questions nagging my mind when I set off to celebrate Eid in India. I spent my first few days meeting well-to-do Muslims. From film stars to politicians, most sounded like thoroughly patriotic Indians, once they discovered my origin. I could see why these people were the envy of my friends back home. They were exactly like us, they had the freedom to practise their religion as they saw fit, with the proviso that they had much more freedom and much more fun than we have here in Pakistan. But, I asked myself, are up-market Indian Muslims representative of the majority of Muslims in India? No, they are not, just as we are not representative of our majority here in Pakistan.

    Clearly, my friends so enamoured of the liberties Indian Muslims enjoy had never gone past the nightclubs and private parties to meet the dirt poor Muslims of the stinking streets around Delhi's Jama Masjid. I was determined that for me it would be it a true voyage of discovery. First, I went to Jaipur where my rickshaw driver took me to a Muslim locality where my co-religionists had poured in from adjoining areas looking for work. It was here that I heard tale after tale of how Indian Muslims love and cheer Pakistan's cricket team or how Imran Khan and Wasim Akram are bigger heroes for them than Kapil Dev and Tendulkar. I was also told some gory details of how Muslims suffered during and after the Babri Mosque crisis. A few statements were unforgettable. As soon as someone found out that I was from Pakistan, I was told that I had come from the home country: "Aap tau hamaray mulk say aye hain".

    An old woman whose two daughters and a grandson had married into Hindu families told me, "You (Pakistanis) don't value freedom. You don't know what a blessing it is to live in Muslim societies. At least when your daughter runs away with a boy you are assured that he would be a Muslim. Here we live in constant fear that Muslim girls and boys will marry outside the faith". Having regaled me with her tale of woe, she proceeded to condemn Hrithik Roshan's marriage to a Muslim girl, Suzanne Khan, and was violently opposed to Salman Khan dating Ashwariya Rai. Here was the first difference between the Muslim elites of India and ordinary folk.

    My next stop was Lucknow, where my host and I went to participate in a cultural event. In the middle of that event I was whisked away to see the famous sites of Lucknow. Amongst them were the famous Jamia Masjid, A beautiful Imambara next to it and the palace of Wajid Ali Shah. It was on one of these excursions that I met a local Muslim family who were "frightened" of the "hatred" they felt which was building up in India's underbelly against Muslims. "Why is it that every Indian movie or a music video will always feature a Muslim girl and a Hindu boy? Why can't Muslim men be shown dating Hindu girls?" In the past, one of my interlocuters said, Muslim actors had had to change their names to Hindu ones in order to be successful -- Yusuf Khan became Dilip Kumar, Nasim became Madhubala -- and now he said a director could not risk making a film with a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl as hero and heroine respectively. He gave examples of the films that had worked at the box office: "Bombay", "Fizza" and "Zubaida" -- all with Muslim heroines and Hindu heroes.

    I was in Delhi for Eid and went to the famous Jamia Masjid for my prayers. It was so like Karachi, it was uncanny. The men were in their tight fitted pajamas, churidars, whereas the women hid colourful finery beneath black burqas. There were open sales of meat and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's qawwalis were being played at a deafening pitch. This was the Chandni Chowk area with a strong Muslim population. My non-Muslim hosts called it "mini-Pakistan". Most Muslim families I met there had relatives in Pakistan and a few of them even had the Pakistani flag inside their houses. I wonder if any of Pakistan's minorities could fly the flag of a foreign country, especially India, within their homes?

    In Chandni Chowk, I was eagerly met and regaled with the things they liked about my country: Omar Sharif's stage plays and Shahid Afridi thrashing the Indian bowling attack. The serious talk began when I was told about police brutalities upon Muslims during search operations. I was shown scars of wounds on a few young men arrested they said, "for betting on the Pakistan cricket team". Next I visited some Muslim homes which had been burnt down during the Ayodhya crisis. The police had stood by when mobs attacked, they said.

    On my last night in India, I decided that I would not go out but sit back and think about all that I had seen. The Muslim elite is protected and pampered as are elites here in Pakistan. They live mostly in the big cities, I could not see that there were any significant number of Muslim landed elites. This, I suppose, is because India implemented a thorough land reform, unlike Pakistan. So those Muslims that have made it good in India have done so my dint of their own hard work. They have been able to rise through the ranks and credit for that must go to the system of education that was available to them.

    The Muslims that stayed aloof from the mainstream have become steadily more disenfranchised, steadily more powerless, and poorer. Are they themselves to be blamed for their pitiable state? Or is the Indian state to blame? It is a bit of both. A feeling of discrimination exists amongst a majority of Indian Muslims and the state has not been able to foster confidence in its policies. Equally, Indian Muslims hanker after a glorious past but are not prepared to change their ways to alter their abysmal present. Muslim icons Shabana Azmi and Dilip Kumar advocate that all Muslims educate their children, and plan their families. But their voices don't go far and the underprivileged Muslims of India continue to wallow in poverty, much like the Muslims of Pakistan.


    Truth about Bollywoodhttp://www.youtube.com/v/wy-gLNSbU88

    Bollywood Badboyz

    Kashmir - The whole Truth

    Final Solution - Massacres in Indiahttp://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=3829364588351777769&hl=en

    We Muslims give them money for these atrocities by spending on indian movies and merchandise. Worldwide Musilms should be banning these Indian unislamic & antislamic products.

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    Gujarat's wanted minister is missing, Congress slams Modi

    4 February 2009
    http://www.twocircles.net:80/2009feb04/gujarats_wanted_minister_missing_congress_slams_mo di.html

    Ahmedabad : Gujarat's minister Maya Kodnani, wanted by a Supreme Court appointed panel probing the communal violence of 2002, has remained untraced and the opposition Congress Wednesday accused the Narendra Modi government of trying to shield her.

    Minister of State for Women and Child Development Maya Kodnani has sought anticipatory bail from a court here. While the plea will be heard Thursday, she has remained traceless though the Special Investigation Team has served two summons on her.

    "She is wanted and her whereabouts are well-known to the police, to the SIT and the powers-that-be. She can be traced through her security guards. She is an absconder," said Gujarat Congress spokesman Arjun Modhwadia.

    Addressing mediapersons here, he said Chief Minister Narendra Modi is fully responsible for Kodnani being at large.

    "The SIT is not arresting her despite an arrest warrant out for her, saying it is the job of police," Modhwadia said.

    "The BJP (the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party) is flouting all constitutional norms in saving Kodnani from arrest until she gets anticipatory bail," he said.

    The SIT, appointed by the Supreme Court to probe major cases of communal violence during 2002, served Kodnani a notice Jan 26 asking her to depose before it Jan 29. When she failed to turn up, the panel sent a fresh notice, summoning her Jan 31.

    Kodnani is alleged to have led mobs in Naroda village and Naroda Patiya on the outskirts of the city Feb 28, 2002. At least 89 people were killed in the massacre.

    As many as 22 survivors have named Kodnani as an accused while 24 witnesses have named Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Jaideep Patel - who too has been summoned repeatedly and has been absconding.
    Health Minister and government spokesperson Jaynarayan Vyas said: "Kodnani, apart from being a minister, has a constitutional right, like you and me, to seek redress from court."

    "She has approached the court. Until the court takes a decision, where is the question of the state government taking a stand (in her favour)? So far, the government has not taken any stand on this matter," Vyas told IANS.

    But Modhwadia said Kodnani should have resigned immediately owning moral responsibility when she appeared before the SIT in December. "The chief minister should have asked her to resign and should have directed the police to arrest her," he said.

    Sectarian strife in the state in the aftermath of the bogey burning at Godhra, 140 km from here, on feb 27, 2002, was a "well-planned conspiracy by the state BJP", the Congress leader said.

    "Instead of rounding up the main culprits, they were made ministers. Half the state cabinet ministers have been involved in riots," said Modhwadia.

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    Bomb Makers of Hindutva Die In Explosion

    By Subhash Gatade

    Bomb Makers Of Hindutva Die In Explosion By Subhash Gatade

    Two bajarangdal leaders were killed while 2 others injured on 24 August when they were making bombs in Kanpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) as reported by Urdu daily Rashtriya Sahara in its front page. According to Sahara, the blast was so strong that the wall of the room in which the blast occurred collapsed. In other rooms, the walls were damaged. Pieces of glass were strewn everywhere.

    The bomb blasted in a house in Rajeev Nagar area on Sunday afternoon. According to the report, the police recovered 3 kg lead oxide, 500 g red lead, 1 kg potassium nitrate, 11 country made grenades, several bomb pins, seven timers and batteries from the spot. According to the IG, The recovery shows that a massive explosion was on the cards.

    The deceased have been identified as Rajeev Mishra and Bhupinder Singh. While Rajeev is the son of S S Mishra, the landlord of the house, Bhupinder was a resident of Shastri Nagar. Mishra, a retired Kanpur Electric Supply Company employee, lives in the nearby Nankari village. He had rented a few rooms of his house to several students.

    Rajeev's occupied the room in which the blast took place. As he works in Lucknow, he used to visit the place on Sundays.

    According to the police, while Bhupinder died on the spot, Rajeev died on his way to hospital.

    According to a senior police officer, the material found could have been used for several explosions. Of the seven timers recovered, two were attached with batteries with the help of wires.

    The country made hand grenades recovered were similar to those used by the defence forces.

    The Urdu daily claimed that Bhupinder singh was a Bajarangdal leader, according to the National convenor of Bajarangdal, Bhupinder Singh was Ex convenor of Bajarangdal but now he was working as activist.

    It is reported that Piyush, who used to work as a complaint officer in a mobile company in Lucknow, came home with Bhupinder and asked the residents of the hostel to vacate the rooms on the pretext of checking the electric wiring. Shiv Sharan Mishra, Rajiv's father, a retired employee of Kesko had built this private hostel, which had nine rooms and 14 students stayed in the hostel and Rajiv had kept one room for himself. As soon as the occupants left the hostel, a massive blast took place. Recovery of a timer device and prohibited explosive raw materials show that a major terror plot was being hatched there. Bhupinder used to run a photo studio in the Sarvoday Nagar locality of Kanpur and his shop was close to the city's popular J.K. temple, police said. According to the police the explosives were meant to be spread during Sunday's celebrations. On monday police recovered some crude hand grenades, lead oxide, red lead, potassium nitrate, bomb pins, timers and batterires from the spot. The police felt that the quantity of explosives stored there was enough to destroy half of Kanpur.

    The most notable fact about the perpetrators of this conspiracy, who died during this explosion, is that both of them belonged to Bajrang Dal, the 'storm troopper' wing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The leaders of the Bajrang Dal have conceded that they 'worked with the organisation' some time back and one of them happened to be the convenor of the city wing.

    Looking at the nature of the crime, and the fact that a major tragedy could be averted, it is expected that the state government with necessary help from the central government would try to unearth the real conspirators who were behind the plan. It is a positive sign that the police have recovered mobiles of both of them and now if they wish they can take the case to its logical end.

    After the blast in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, all fingers were pointed towards Muslims. Intelligence along with Media would hide all reports and facts that would point fingers towards the non Muslim communities. Now this explosion may point the finger the other day. Senior congress leader Dig Vijay Singh had said in an interview with Tehelka that he had evidence of Of RSS and VHP making bombs. Now, this explosion may prove that Dig Vijay may be right.

    Also Read:

    I Have Evidence of RSS and VHP Making Bombs: Digvijay Singh




    But we ruled in INDIA and SPAIN more than 1000 Years before CRUSADE on MUSLIM LANDS.

    On the Basis of (Quran 2:256) There is no compulsion in religion, for the right way is clearly from the wrong way. Whoever therefore rejects the forces of evil and believes in God, he has taken hold of a support most unfailing, which shall never give way, for God is All Hearing and Knowing.);

    Invite all[mankind] to the way of your Lord with Wisdom and beautiful Preaching; And argue with them in ways that are Best and Most Gracious.(Surah Nahal,16:125).

    [Quran 5:69] "Verily those who believed, and those of the Jews and the Sabians and the Christians, whoever believed in God and the Last Day, and worked righteousness - no fear shall be upon them, nor shall they grieve."

    "....Whosoever killeth a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. Our messengers came unto them of old with clear proofs, but afterward lo! many of them became prodigals in the earth." (QURAN 5:32)
    : TMZ Islamic Forum - Islamic Articles | Islamic Discussions | Learn Arabic http://www.themuslimzone.com/showthread.php?p=19160

    Prophet said: "He who believes in God and the Last Day should honour his guest, should not harm his neighbor, should speak good or keep quiet." (Bukhari, Muslim)

    Prophet said: "Whoever hurts a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state hurts me, and he who hurts me annoys God." (Bukhari)

    Prophet said: "He who hurts a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state, I am his adversary, and I shall be his adversary on the Day of a Judgment." (Bukhari)

    Prophet said: "Beware on the Day of Judgment; I shall myself be complainant against him who wrongs a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state or lays on him a responsibility greater than he can bear or deprives him of anything that belongs to him." (Al-Mawardi)

    Prophet said: "Anyone who kills a Non-Muslim who had become our ally will not smell the fragrance of Paradise." (Bukhari)

    Still many OLD (who are alive) non Muslim people RESPECT MUSLIMS but due to TWISTED HISTORY as changed by CRUSADERS and now ANTI ISLAMIC ORGANIZATIONS are changing their new generations into Hating Muslims.
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    Hindu-Muslim Clashes Continue in Hyderabad: Over 50 Injured, Muslims were Badly Beaten

    Mar 30, 2010

    Tension over communal violence continued Monday followed by overnight communal clashes between Hindu and Muslim groups in the old city; and attacks on places of worship have been reported in several areas.

    Cases of stone-pelting and attacks on places of worship, houses, shops and vehicles were also reported.

    Over 58 people, including 2 journalists, were seriously injured in stone-pelting and police cudgeling. Dozens of vehicles were set afire and many were damaged by the mobs.

    Police used cudgels to disperse clashing groups armed with sticks and stones on them.

    The violence had broken out on Saturday night in Moosabowli area of Hussaini Alam after a heated argument between 2 groups when members of a community were putting up saffron flags for ‘Hanuman Jayanti – birthday celebration of a Hindu diety’ while removing the green flags of another community put up recently for ‘Milad-un-nabi celebration – festival of Prophet’s birthday’. The argument between these groups resulted in a spread of violence into new areas of the city where majority of the saffron followers were armed with stones, sticks and even petrol bombs taking to the streets.

    Girish Kumar – Director General of Police, also visited the troubled areas late Sunday, told media adequate measures have been taken and forces were being deployed to get the situation under control.

    Section 144 has been imposed under prohibitory orders, the criminal procedure code banning congregation of 5 or more people in the old city and other communally sensitive areas of the new city as well.

    In the areas like Gowliguda, Falaknuma, Shamsheergunj and Chatrinaka of old part of Hyderabad, which have majority of Hindu population and minority of Muslim population; hindus attacked passersby with knives and other sharp-edged weapons after asking them to identify themselves to be Hindu or Muslim. Muslim Women and children were not spared either in Falaknuma area where Lambada tribe attacked them. Over a dozen worship places were targeted by unruly crowds, who also torched shops, government and private vehicles. Minority living in those areas were reported to vacating their houses.

    Majority of Mosques were burnt or damaged; Masjid at Siddiamber Bazaar, Masjid Barq Jung at Petlaburg, Masjid Meelardiyo palli at Aulamgad, Masjid Chilla Nasir Jung Baig at Begum bazar, Masjid Muhammadia at Begum bazar, Masjid Alam khan at Begum Bazar, Masjid Diri Bagh at Begum Bazar, Masjid Rehmania at Miyakul banda, Masjid Noor at Chatrinaka, and a mosque at Rakshapuram were badly damaged.

    Hindu extremists jumped into mosques at night through roof and set the prayer rugs to fire, and even demolished a minaret of a mosque at Rakshapuram. At Masjid-e-Rahmania in Miyakul banda, petrol bombs made of bulbs were thrown at Muslim devotees attending prayers.

    In Falaknuma area, activists of Hindus organizations like RSS, VHP, Bajrangdal tore-off Burqa (Veil) of Muslim women and injured them; they were also seen openly waving saffron flags and attacking Muslim passersby near Shankershare Hotel in Afzalgunj area. In another incident at Madannapet area; a Muslim lady working for an IT company returning home in her office cab, was attacked from behind throwing a huge stone that broke the rear glass of the car, but she managed to escape.

    Legislators of a Muslim political party, Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) and leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) reached the areas. MIM legislator Ahmed Pasha Khadri complained that police remained a passive spectator to the attacks on the houses of the minority community and moreover resorted to unprovoked baton charge on youth of that community. However, BJP leader G. Ramaswamy said to media that why minority community objected the installation of saffron flags while they were allowed to put green flags during their festival. Moreover, during the recent festival of ‘Milad-un-Nabi – celebration of Prophet’s birthday’, youth of minority community were seen taking huge rallies and processions that were never seen in the recent years. This would have provoked competition in the other community to celebrate birthday of Hanuman (a Hindu deity) with pomp-show.

    In the latest information collected, an angry mob belonging to Hindu organizations armed with sticks, knives and petrol bombs were to set a mosque on fire at Shalibanda, Hyderabad on Monday afternoon. But police opened fire in air to disperse the mob. Still, the situation is critical in areas like Madannapet, Lal Darwaza, Gowliguda, Uppuguda. Hindus with their faces covered with saffron masks are mercilessly attacking Muslim passersby in those areas. More than 58 have been seriously injured so far and it’s still soaring; to curb the situation Police officials have imposed Curfew in the Old city from 7:00 pm (IST) on Monday.

    Commissioner of Police A.K. Khan has termed the communal clashes “PRE-PLANNED”. 70 people have been arrested so far in connection with the violence.

    Police said: Paramilitary Rapid Action Force (RAF) personnel and state police forces have been beefed up in Moosa Bowli, Hussaini Alam, Purana Pul, Begum Bazar and surrounding areas to prevent any incident.
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    Default Hindu maids corrupting Muslim kids - Protocol of Hindus

    A maid and her faith

    By Sameera Aziz - 16 September 2009

    Many non-Muslim housemaids enter Saudi Arabia without revealing their religion and tend to keep it hidden if being from faiths other than Islam. Shanti, a Hindu Sri Lankan housemaid presented herself as a Muslim under the name ‘Fatima Bibi’. Also, she did worse by teaching her faith to the son of her Muslim Saudi sponsor.

    I was shocked when I saw my 6-year-old son Naif imitating the Hindu praying rituals,” said Umm Naif.

    Umm Naif explained how a scene depicted a Hindu marriage ceremony at a temple. The groom applied vermilion in the parting of the bride’s hair to which young Naif exclaimed, “this is kumkum which you should put in your hair too, with a red ‘bindi’ over the forehead to indicate you are married.”

    “No, we are Muslims and this is not our faith,” Umm Naif responded in shock inquiring how he did have such detailed knowledge about this act.

    Hesitant, young Naif eventually informed his mother that the Sri Lankan maid had educated him about this. The maid had been doing so for months and warned him not to tell anyone, he said.

    Nearly 600,000 Sri Lankan housemaids are resident the Kingdom. Sri Lankan government estimated that more than a million Sri Lankans - roughly 1 in every 19 citizens - work abroad. Stories of the housemaids’ sufferings are also widespread in the media.

    “It is unfair to only think the maids’ sufferings. I agree that maids experience sufferings at the hands of their sponsors but, sometimes deprivation causes them to resort to unacceptable ways. In my case, the housemaid was spoiling my child’s fundamental faith,” said Umm Naif.

    “I was paying her more than the signed contract. We never abused her and I always dealt with her politely,” said Umm Naif. However, Fatima denied teaching unIslamic practices to Naif and claimed that the recruitment agent had told her to hide her religion. She said that she later embraced Islam.

    Umm Naif explained that she had paid the recruitment agent SR8000 for a Sri Lankan Muslim housemaid. The agent said he could not be certain of the faith of the maid.

    Among the total population, 70percent of Sri Lankans are Theravada Buddhists, 15% are Hindus and 7.5percent Christians. About 8percent of Sri Lankans are Muslims, mostly from the Arab-descendant Moor and Malay ethnic communities.

    Muhammad Al-Goba, general manager of Al- Goba Recruitment Company, explains that most people demand a Muslim housemaid from Sri Lanka. “We cannot guarantee that a maid is Muslim as we have to believe her personal information according to the passport and documents submitted”.

    Al-Goba also added that, many Muslim Sri Lankan housemaids come to the Kingdom for mainly Umrah or Haj and seek to return home afterwards. Therefore, the recruitment agents avoid sending Muslim housemaids.

    Many recruitment agents cheat the Saudi sponsors by concealing the housemaid’s real identity and faith. “Sponsor can return the housemaid within three months to the agency and we guarantee replacement during this period. But after three months the Saudi sponsor is responsible to give her the Iqama (legal permit) and ticket to return,” said Al-Goba. Umm Naif was unfortunate to bear the costs of returning her maid six months after her recruitment, “I could not have her around as she had lost my trust,” she said.

    Umm Naif shared the last words of Shanti (Fatima) at the time of departure from Jeddah. “I will be back on housemaid visa provided by someone else.”

    “I did not wish to further bother myself by reporting her to the labor office or to hire a lawyer. Instead, I simply applied for another housemaid in hope of a better substitute. I am, however, more cautious now especially, as a parent” said Umm Naif.


    Are these Arabs so pathetic and lazy that they can't raise their own children or do their house work? The Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasalam) spent 23 years eradicating idol worship from Arabia and now these stupid Arabs have brought it back again through Indian movies and Hindu workers. This Hindu woman was following Hindu Protocols #10 & #12, see below.


    Protocol of Hindus


    While Muslims and Arabs are sleeping and could not solve the problem of Palestine. Now Hindus working in Gulf and Arab countries are encouraged to work for Israel. And destroy Muslims.

    Protocol of Hindus

    This book was introduced into the London book market for 5 days before it was withdrawn due to fear of harassment and discrimination against Hindus
    in the Arab world.

    The source of this information comes from the U.A.E Sharjah broadcasting Channel presented by Ra'ad Aman and the program name, "Foreign writings". Book Title:" All Hindus Wake up"

    Subheading:" The protocols for Hindu leaders"

    The Author: Dr. R. Singh

    These are 13 of the protocols mentioned:

    1. Hindus must consider the state of Israel as its most friendly ally due to its negative attitude towards Muslims.

    2. Spread Sinful acts and values within Muslim communities.

    3. Hindu temples must be built in all places possible and to be visited every day. Also the statue of" Ram" to be placed in the work place.

    4. Regular meetings are to be held to plan ways in working against Islam.

    5. Distribution of drugs and prostitution to be carried out within Muslim countries and communities.

    6. Sexual relationships with Muslim women is encouraged to ensure the production of Hindu babies within Muslim communities.

    7. If you are a pharmacist or doctor, try at all costs to induce congenital defects in the feteous.

    8 If you are a nurse or doctor, whisper" Ohm" into the newborn's ear.

    9. Try to spoil or damage goods in Muslim shops if you are employed by them.

    10. Become their friends, gain their trust and stab them in the back.

    11. Turn others against them.

    12. If you work in their homes, try to influence their children or wives way of thinking.

    13. Wear a black string around your wrist

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    Saffron brigade's terror plots exposed

    Ashish Khetan - July 15, 2010

    http://indiatoday.intoday.in/site/Video/105552/42/saffron-brigades-terror-plots-exposed.html (Part 1-6)

    plot to target Vice-President Hamid Ansari. An RSS functionary mentoring the Ajmer Sharif and Mecca Masjid bomber. And a BJP leader planning an underground outfit to kill Muslims. The saffron brigade's terror agenda against minorities has been exposed.

    Headlines Today has exclusively accessed material - in the form of video tapes and witness accounts available with investigators - that puts elements within the Sangh Parivar under the scanner.

    Among those in the dock are RSS leader Indresh Kumar, BJP leader B.L. Sharma, Delhi-based endocrinologist Dr R.P. Singh and Dr Sharad Kunthe, head of the chemistry department at Pune's Wadia College.


    A Headlines Today investigation has found that RSS leader Indresh Kumar shared close links with Sunil Joshi, who had planted bombs in 2007 at the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad and the Ajmer Sharif dargah.

    As per a written statement of the witness recorded by the Rajasthan ATS and CBI, Indresh was aware of the terror plot and even approved of it.

    Indresh is a member of the Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal, the central decision-making body of the RSS. He is a close aide of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and also wields immense clout in the BJP.

    Headlines Today tracked down the witness, and his revelations are damning.

    Reporter: So Indresh was the driving force behind Sunil Joshi's activities?
    Witness: If you mentor someone and are his godfather, it cannot be possible that you aren't aware of his activities.
    Reporter: And Joshi was very close to Indresh?
    Witness: Yes he used to claim so.
    Reporter: He said he was always with him?
    Witness: He would say that he was in constant communication with Indreshji.

    The witness, who is from Gujarat, was closely associated with Joshi, a Madhya Pradesh-based RSS pracharak.

    The blast at Mecca Masjid killed 17 people while two people died in the explosion at Ajmer Sharif. The Mecca Masjid blast is being probed by the CBI while the Ajmer Sharif probe is with the Rajasthan Police.

    In May this year, the Rajasthan ATS arrested two RSS pracharaks on terror charges. But the RSS has denied it has anything to do with terror.

    "There is no such thing as Hindu terror. The investigating agencies wanted some information. We are extending full co-operation," RSS leader Ram Madhav said.

    Now, with material emerging against Indresh, the RSS central leadership will have much to explain.

    Indresh holds several important responsibilities in the RSS. One of them ironically being the head of Muslim Rashtriya Manch, the Sangh's Muslim cell.

    When contacted by Headlines Today, Indresh denied all allegations.


    Another Sangh Parivar leader in the dock is B.L. Sharma of the BJP. Headlines Today has accessed a video that shows Sharma in league with Dayanand Pandey and Lt Col Srikant Purohit, both accused in the 2008 Malegaon blasts and in jail.

    In the video, Sharma is holding a meeting where he talks about starting an underground terrorist movement against Muslims. The meeting happened at a temple in Nasik in 2007 - at a time when Lt Col Purohit was posted there - and laid the foundation for the formation of Hindu militant group Abhinav Bharat.

    Also present was Bhai Dalvi, a self-styled Hindu fanatic from Mumbai.

    Here are excerpts from their conversation:

    Dalvi: There should be blasts across India. People should die in lakhs and crores. Only then will they (Muslims) panic and come on our side.
    This will create pressure and they will convert on their own.
    Dalvi: Yes.
    Once the conversion begins, it will not take long for the entire country to get converted (to Hinduism).
    Sharma: They will return (to Hinduism) just the way they went away.
    Pandey: You are right.

    Sharma is a two-time BJP MP. He was elected from the East Delhi constituency in 1991 and 1996. He fought the 2009 Lok Sabha elections from North East Delhi but lost.

    Investigators said Sharma also participated in other terror meetings that Abhinav Bharat held across the country. In public, however, he presented a different face, telling Headlines Today that he is a peace-loving man and against all terror activities.


    The saffron terror ring also had a vicious plan to target Vice-President Hamid Ansari.

    As per information accessed from investigators by Headlines Today, a meeting was held in Faridabad in January 2008. It was attended by Dr R.P. Singh,an endocrinologist at one of Delhi's biggest hospitals, Dayanand Pandey, Lt Col Purohit and B.L Sharma. In this meeting, the failed bid to target Ansari was talked about.

    Pandey: Let me tell you that an awards ceremony was held at Jamia Millia Islamia University in which Vice-President Hamid Ansari was present.
    Dr Singh: I had gone to raise a protest at that meeting. I took 15 litres of petrol with me but I didn't get a chance.

    In the same meeting, Purohit said they had stopped believing in the Indian Constitution and would fight to establish a 'Hindu rashtra'.

    Sources in the Maharashtra ATS told Headlines Today that since there was no direct evidence to link Dr Singh to the Malegaon blasts, he wasn't arrested.

    But the police said Dr Singh was part of the larger saffron terror ring and other agencies should have investigated him.

    Headlines Today has accessed tapes recovered from Pandey's laptop that detail many such terror meetings. Here is what Dr Singh is heard saying in one these tapes:

    Dr Singh:Muslims are enemy no.1 and I want to kill them, beginning from Delhi. They own thousands of showrooms here that I want to loot.
    Pandey: To strengthen our finances.
    Dr Singh: The financial situation is weak... The
    Hindus will not give so some (Muslim) homes have been spotted for looting.

    Dr Singh even mentions how he has accumulated weapons through a police officer in Assam. In one of the terror meetings, he can also be heard asking Purohit to supply him grenades, detonators and RDX.

    Dr Singh: I need grenades, high-voltage detonators and batteries and RDX. Those of whom we approached say the army can provide these. If we get these items, we can do a spectacular war.


    If Dr Singh was being a disgrace to his profession, Pune's Dr Sharad Kunthe was poisoning young minds.

    Dr Kunthe, head of the chemistry department at Wadia College, was suspected of holding training camps and teaching his students to assemble bombs.

    He was grilled by the Maharashtra ATS for his alleged role in the Malegaon and Nanded blasts and is now under the CBI's scanner.

    Dr Kunthe has been nailed by one of his aides Rakesh Dhawde, who helped him in his missions. "In June 2003, Dr Kunthe asked me to conduct a survey of the Pune Satara Road and Akansha bungalow near Sinhgadh Qila and let him know which would be better for a terror camp. After a survey, I suggested Sinhgadh would be appropriate," Dhawde told a magistrate.

    Dhawde is an accused in the Malegaon blasts case and is lodged in the Nashik jail along with Lt Col Purohit.

    See also,

    Hindu False Flag Terrorism
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    Default Muslim Woman Forced to Covert to Hinduism

    Muslim woman accuses Bajrang Dal of forcing conversion; urges IGP to take action

    by CD Network, Photos by Savitha B.R - 19 July 2011

    Mangalore: A married Muslim woman, who was forced to convert to Hinduism recently, approached Inspector General of Police (Western Range) on Tuesday and sought protection from Bajrang Dal and demanded action against the culprits.

    The conversion of Bushra and her husband Jaffar along with their four little children at Saralebettu Shivapadi Sri Umamaheshwari Temple near Manipal of Udupi district on July 14, had hit the headlines.

    However, Bushra, who has now apparently fled husband’s house, accused the Bajrang Dal activists of harassing her physically and mentally and threatening to kill her and her children if she continued to remain a Muslim woman.

    IGP Alok Mohan has assured the woman of taking stringent action against the accused after a thorough investigation into the case.

    Bushra, daughter of late Ibrahim AK alias Ibba from Valachchil near Adyar, had married Jaffar eight years ago, as per the Muslim tradition. Jaffar, a driver, who was in love with Bushra, had converted to Islam a few weeks before the marriage.

    The couple has been leading a normal life and with four children namely Iqbal (4), Irfan (3), Fathima Yasmeen (2) and Jalauddeen (one and a half month).

    In the recent years, Jaffar, whose earlier name was Prashant Shetty, had developed friendship with Bajrang Dal activists and had shifted his house from Adyar Kannur to Sunkakatte in Udupi nearly three months ago, against the wish of his wife.

    Bushra, in her complaint, said that she was preparing food for her children on July 14 when a group of Bajrang Dal activists stormed into their house and forcefully took the entire family to a temple.

    “When I protested, they threatened me to kill my children if I failed to act according to their wish,” she said in her complaint.

    She also accused the priest of the temple of disregarding her plea and forced her to accept Hinduism. The priest continued ‘Pravartan’ (conversion) rituals without paying attention to my pleadings, she said.

    “Although I became silent in the temple, fearing that Bajrang Dal activists may kill my children, I did not accept Hinduism and I am still a Muslim,” she said adding that the rumours and false reports that she had been converted to Hinduism had deeply hurt her.


    Bushra told the IGP that a Bajrang Dal activist identified as Manohar, harassed her physically and mentally with the support of her husband, after shifting to the new house.

    She said that her husband continued to allow Manohar in the house during nights, despite knowing that he was trying to seduce her and inviting her for sex.


    Bushra said that she has left her husband’s house for ever along with her four children after undergoing the agony.

    “I cannot lead life with my husband anymore. I want a divorce from him,” she said.


    Bushra also said that the Bajrang Dal goons have threatened her against approaching the police. She urged the IGP to inquire her case in Dakshina Kannada, as she fears to go to Udupi.


    The Muslims in India should know better than to trust these fake reverts. Hindus pretend to revert to Islam to marry these Muslim women and then afterwards force the women to convert to hinduism, or they leave after having their fun with the women.

    See below comments from one such hindu...

    by Mathews Kuruvilla

    "That is really unfortunate if she has got converted back to Islam. Shetty should be saluted that he reverted back to his original civilized religion rather live with junglee and uncivlised cult of Saudi Arabia. He further had done noble deed by bringing girl back to her ancestors religion along with four off sprigs.

    I implore all Hindus to start bringing all young Muslim girls back to their original religions through whatever means. Once that is done, elders will follow children. "
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    We are fighting for our birthright, The Indian army has tortured one out of every six people living in the occupied province of Kashmir, yet the plight of Kashmiris is largely undocumented in mainstream American media outlets.

    That's why Ummah is not aware of the situation prevailing in kashmir

    Kashmir- the world’s most militarized zone, suffocating with over 500,000 thousand strangers thumping on its soil, once called the Paradise on earth is now in shards, reminiscent of the conflict that has been going on for six decades. The six decades which have been full of pain, tears, passion and suffering for the people that live in its misery.

    Over 400,000 souls departed since 1947, while others survived the pain of massacres, mass-rapes, torture, disappearances and sufferings that sounds like wrath of the evil over the good. Justice is hardly delivered and the procedures to seek it are never ending.

    - Sheikh Adnan

    {MPACUK Comment: You cannot blame the American Media for not covering this conflict - name the last time our Mosque Leaders gave us a history lesson on what is happening here. If we cannot talk about this issue, why do we expect anyone else too - time we see the Ummah as a priority. Kashmir is not a Kashmiri problem, it is a MUSLIM PROBLEM - ONE UMMAH}.

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    Cow Slaughter Ban Bill Created Uproar in Karnataka Assembly

    Mar 24th, 2010

    In spite of, safeguards for Muslims minority in Indian Constitution, the Karnataka Assembly in the middle of uproarious scenes passed the controversial cow slaughter bans Bill, which declares stringent punishment for violators and makes the offence cognizable and non-bailable. Chief Minister of Karnataka B S Yeddyurappa said while defending the bill, it was aimed at protecting cows and preserve cattle in Karnataka. He added the assumed theory of medicinal benefits of drinking cow urine. The bill prohibits slaughter of cattle, sale, usage and possession of beef, puts restriction on transport of cattle and also prohibits sale, purchase or disposal of cattle for slaughter. Besides Muslims, a majority of Dalit population in Karnataka too got affected by the ban of beef; since 65% of Dalits among Hindus consume beef as their staple diet.

    The offence is punishable with imprisonment not less than one year which may extend up to seven years or fined between Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 (or) both; subsequent offence would attract a fine of not less than Rs 50,000 up to Rs 1,00,000 along with imprisonment penalty.

    In the mean while, Siddaramaiah – opposition leader termed the legislation “draconian”, “anti-secular” and “unconstitutional” and tore-off a copy of the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill, 2010 and threw it in the air. He said such a bill can be enacted only in “Hitler’s regime” and not in democracy. “Is yours a Hitler’s regime?” he asked.

    With the implementation of this act, those dependent on the products such as shoes, leather, belts, nail polish, films, buttons and other beef products would lose their jobs. “You are making their life miserable”, he said. As several opposition members thrashed the bill in the debate that saw sparks fly, Siddaramaiah cautioned that the ban would create “disturbance” in society and have an adverse impact on communal harmony.

    On the other side, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) resolved at 3 day AIMPLB council at the Nadwatul Ulema University of Islamic Studies late on Friday evening to oppose any court verdict that goes against the tenets of the Islamic Shariat. Due to the latest developments, the situation in Karnataka was reported very tense and state government has ordered the fresh companies of Indian Para Military Forces to remain alert for requisition.


    These dirty Hindus consider the cow as their god and call her mata (mother). They eat it's dung, and shower and drink its urine. It is not uncommon for these Hindus to attack Christians and Muslims for slaughtering a cow, especially around Eid al-Adha.

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    Default Kashmir: Ramadan Massacre, Quran Burning

    Kashmir: Ramadan Massacre, Quran Burning

    Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (18 July 2013)

    Around 10 persons were shot dead and 42 injured by Indian troopers in Ramban district of Jammu region. The protests sparked in the area after indian troopers desecrated the Holy Qur'an and beat up the local religious preacher on 17 July 2013.

    Sources said that hundreds of people took to streets early Thursday morning against an desecration of Holy Qur'an and beating of a local Masjid Imam and head of Daral-Ul-Aloom, Qari Shabir Ahmad late Wednesday evening at Dadam, Gool in Ramban.

    Qari Shabir Ahmad, head of Dar-ul-Aloom Kanzal-ul-Iman said over phone that a indian troopers last evening at 11:30 pm entered Madrasa Jamia Noora where they beat up students on the pretext that militants were hiding in the Madrasa. "Abdul Lateef the caretaker of the Madrasa told the indian troopers that there were no militants in the building on which they beat him up ruthlessly along with other students. They also desecrated Holy Quaran," he said.

    Qari Shabir said that when people heard about the incident they came on roads in the morning to protests against the incident. "However, the indian troopers in presence of DC and SP fired upon the peaceful protesters in which six of them were killed and dozens others injured," he added.

    As the protesters headed towards National Highway, the BSF personnel opened fire on them resulting into death of six persons and injuring 42 others. However, there were also some unconfirmed reports that eight person have been killed.

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    Default Jealous India charges Kashmiri students for cheering for Pakistan cricket team

    India puts treason and sedition charges on Kashmiri students for cheering for Pakistan cricket team

    March 6, 2014

    68 Kashmiri students of Meerut's Swami Vivekanand Subharti University have been charged with treason and sedition for cheering Pakistan's victory against India during Sunday's Asia Cup tie. The students' support for Pakistan had lead to a clash in the university's hostel accompanied by violence.

    The students have all been sent back to the Kashmir Valley. They have been booked under Section 124a, 153 a and 427.

    The University had suspended the Kashmiri students after the incident, as Meerut is a communally sensitive area.

    Meanwhile, as the management of the University was trying hard to handle the controversy regarding suspension of 68 Kashmiri students for raising pro-Pakistan slogans during the cricket match, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) seemed to be making it a political issue by demanding that these students be booked for alleged "anti-national activities." (Read More)

    Meerut university suspends over 60 Kashmiri students for cheering Pakistan's victory over India

    In an incident which has left Meerut on the edge, 67 Kashmiri students of the privately run Swami Vivekanand Subharti University were suspended for cheering Pakistan victory over India in Sunday's Asia cup tie.

    According to reports, a fight broke out between two groups of students after the match. University vice chancellor Manzoor Ahmed said some Kashmiri students were celebrating Pakistan's victory in the community hall of the hostel and raising slogans. This was followed by heated exchanges with other students which soon escalated into stone-throwing. The students also vandalised their hostel premises.

    The university has taken strict note of the incident and suspended all the Kashmiri students for committing an 'anti-national act'. However, the other group of students has been left untouched.

    "The students were suspended for creating a ruckus on campus and shouting pro-Pakistan slogans, which caused tension on the campus," said RK Garg, the university registrar. University officials said they had to take action as the situation on the campus had become volatile and they were forced to take pre-emptive measures. Authorities also feared that the violence would spread further in the city which is communally sensitive.



    The world's biggest fake democracy is not only a farce but also a sore loser that it has to arrest students for cheering for another country's team!!!

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    When will the Kashmiri nightmare end?

    Narendra Modi's plan to return hundreds of thousands of displaced Pandits to Jammu and Kashmir highlights the state's appalling human rights record

    3 July 2014

    India's prime minister, Narendra Modi, is facing a total shutdown on his first visit to Jammu and Kashmir this week, with a mass strike planned across the state. Modi's unpopularity here is perhaps not surprising. The new government's only planned initiative in the northern region so far is a mass movement of population. Hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits – Hindus who had fled the Kashmir valley in the 1990s in the wake of popular uprisings and an armed struggle for a separate state – are to be returned to their "ancestors' land" and rehabilitated with "full dignity, security and assured livelihood". Will the security planned for the Pandits heighten repression against the majority among whom they will be settled? And what is life like today in one of the world's most heavily militarised regions?

    This is a state where successive Indian governments have stationed an estimated 700,000 military and paramilitary personnel, with one soldier for every 17 civilians. They are there ostensibly to combat Pakistani-sponsored militancy. But as a senior army officer said recently, they far outnumber potential militants, who today are thought to number no more than 150 to 200 and who "may or may not have been trained in Pakistan".

    There are, of course, other geopolitical reasons for the military presence, such as the fact that the state borders the Pakistani-controlled part of the Kashmiri region; or that it shares a border with China, a country with which India has a problematic relationship; or, indeed, that Afghanistan is not far away. But the fact remains that the targets of the Indian forces over the last 25 years have been mainly the local populace.

    "Disappearances" and so-called "encounter deaths" are commonplace. There are thousands of unmarked mass graves in the state's northern districts. And in detention centres, as the International Committee of the Red Cross told US officials in 2005 in a secret document, "electrocution, beatings and sexual humiliation are used routinely to extract 'confessions' from detainees". Horrific violence has been faced by the women, with rape used as a "weapon of war to punish, intimidate, coerce, humiliate and degrade". The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), imposed in 1958 in all so-called "disturbed areas" of India, provides the army and paramilitaries with almost total impunity, enabling them to arrest people without a warrant and on mere suspicion of their planning a terrorist act and allowing the security forces to "fire upon or otherwise use force even to the causing of death". AFSPA has been condemned by the UN as a law that has "no place in a democracy".

    Parveena Ahangar, the founder of the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP), says of the night in 1990 when her own son disappeared: "He was just 15. He had just passed his matriculation exam and joined college. He used to go to his uncle's house after dinner to study and sometimes to stay over. That night at three o'clock, the security forces burst into the house. He was taken away, not even allowed to put on his clothes … I still have the shirt and trousers he was going to wear." Distraught with anxiety and grief, she and her family appealed to civil servants, ministers and the courts in the state, only to be brushed aside.

    Through the years that followed, however, she came across many other parents whose children had disappeared and they began to draw strength from each other. In 1994 the APDP was set up, holding its first meetings in her house in the state capital, Srinagar. Soon they started protesting and holding meetings in public. Since then, come rain or snow, they have held protests on the 10th of every month and their numbers have grown, with hundreds of women now attending from almost every district in Kashmir.In Kashmir, killings of children are commonplace. As reports in local papers show, the reason for these murders is often nothing more than the sadism of the army and paramilitaries. On just one day in August 2010, for example, a seven-year-old boy was shot and bludgeoned to death by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), a disabled teenager was beaten to death, and a girl of 15 was shot in the head during a demonstration.

    In 2011, the APDP, together with the International People's Tribunal for Human Rights and Justice, presented prima facie evidence of 6,217 unmarked and mass graves in five districts of northern Kashmir. However, although this was eventually endorsed by the state human rights commission, no independent inquiry has yet been instituted.One may well ask, when will this nightmare end for the people of Kashmir? Will the repressive laws they face be revoked? Will they be allowed to live with "full dignity, security and assured livelihood" like the Pandits who are to be rehabilitated among them? Only Narendra Modi and his cabinet have the answers.



    Modi the terrorist war criminal wants to do the same thing as China is doing to the Ugihurs and Israhell is doing to Palestine. He wants to force his own kind onto a region to off balance the local population as way of take over through over representation.

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    Indian Hindu leader spits venom against Muslims

    22 April 2014

    Pravin Togadia, controversial leader of India’s pro Hindutva group Vishwa Hindu Parishad, has triggered a new controversy by delivering an anti-Muslim speech in Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

    Protesting outside the house of a Muslim businessman, Togadia gave the occupant 48 hours to vacate his house, failing which he asked his followers to take forcible possession of his property and fight a legal battle later that will go on for years.

    To prevent Muslims from buying properties he wanted the government to bring in Disturbed Areas Act to Bhavnagar, which would prevent inter-community sale of immovable property.

    The VHP leader also threatened Muslims with violence and asked his followers to “go with stones, tires and tomatoes” and that there was nothing to fear.

    The Hindu nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh backed the under fire leader by denying that Togadia has made those hate comments.

    The Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party lashed out at Togadia.

    Congress leader Rashid Alvi said: “I think Praveen Togadia should be treated. He should be hospitalized. In this country, if Hindus stay in a Hindu area and Muslims in a Muslim area, and they are not allowed to buy property in each others’ areas, it is against the Constitution.”

    AAP called it “an extremely shocking and a shameful act”.

    The Election Commission has sought the recording of the speech.


    "They desire to harm you severely. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse." (Quran 3:118)

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    Terror threats by Hindus pretending to be Muslims

    Jan 12, 2015

    1 - RSS-affiliated miscreants were caught red-handed hoisting Pakistani flag to foment communal tension.

    2 - Last month in a poster that surfaced in Kolkata one “Jamaat ul Mujahideen Bangladesh” terrorist threatened to bomb West Bengal. Days later, police traced the man behind the terror threat. It was Amiya Sarkar- a Hindu.

    3 - Earlier this month in Muzaffarnagar police arrested Hindu VHP worker Deshraj Singh for placing loaves of cow meat in front of at least three Hindu temples.

    4 - Recently 16 ministers in Rajasthan got threat mails in which an “Indian Mujahideen (IM) terrorist” said that his group would launch series of terror attacks in the state. Police lodged an FIR against unknown IM terrorist group. Then, last week Rajasthan ATS tracked down a Hindu, Sushil Chaudhary, who reportedly had sent those threat mails posing as a Muslim IM terrorist.

    5 - This week another Hindu boy was held by Bangalore police for posting threatening tweets to bomb the city. He adopted a fake Muslim identity of Abul Khan to create his twitter page.

    Interestingly, none of these 5 Hindus have been booked for serious offences. While releasing them, after perhaps only some rounds of rebukes, the police and media made every effort to convince us that the men were stressed, depressed or mentally unsound.

    (22 December 2014, NDTV )
    (02 Dec 2014, The Statesman)
    (28 December 2014, Times Of India)
    (29 December, 2014, Hindustan Times )


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    Hindu Tutor Raped 14-yr boy while her brothers Videotaped

    Hindu girl had incestuous relationship with her two brothers with whose help she repeatedly raped her student

    By Manjeet Sehgal - 12 January 2015

    The Ludhiana police have arrested a woman tutor and her two brothers on the charge of sexually exploiting a minor boy and filming the rapes.

    The trio were trying to flee to New Delhi and were at the Ludhiana bus terminus when the police arrested them on Sunday.

    They were produced in the court, which remanded them in police custody for two days. Accused Radha, 33, Raghav, 28, and Madhav, 24, have been absconding since October 2014.

    The police on October 19 had booked Radha and her brothers under sections 294 of IPC (obscene acts or words in public), 506 (criminal intimidation), 34 (acts done in furtherance of common intention) and sections 3, 4, 5 (L), 14, 15, 16 and 17 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012.

    The complainant’s father had told police that he was a tenant of Radha, who also tutored his 14-year-old son.

    One day the boy confided in his father about the entire episode after developing severe stomach ache.

    The boy also gave his father the pen-drive, which had explicit video content showing forced intercourse between him and the woman tutor.

    The accused woman tutor, according to the boy, allegedly raped him repeatedly for over a year till October 2014.

    The police said the accused raped him at knife-point whenever he refused to succumb to her demands.

    “She would force him to consume liquor and threatened him with dire consequences whenever he refused her demand. She also shot sexually explicit videos with the help of her brothers.

    "Radha had threatened him that she would implicate me in a rape case if he revealed the truth to anybody,” the minor boy’s father alleged in his complaint to the police.

    However, the police made no moves against the accused in the matter. They swung into action only after local NGO Bachpan informed the National Child Rights Commission about the police inaction.

    The police were forced to book the women and her brothers on October 19.

    They raided Radha’s house and seized threat letters written to the boy, ordering him not to divulge the truth to anybody.

    The police also recovered a laptop that contained sexually explicit video content. Police claim the video footage showed the sexual exploitation of the boy and the woman indulging in incest with her brothers.

    The police also seized sedatives, sex toys and a knife from the accused.



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