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    Khurasaan Jihaad Monitor

    13 Jewish soldiers and 100s more were injured in an 'intense battle' with the Mujaahideen (April 9th). How did the Mujaahideen injure and kill so many Jewish soldiers? By throwing stones?...

    Allaahu Akbar, walillahilhamd, Help from Allaah for our brothers and sisters in Falasteen has come; an army from the Heavens.... I recieved this information from a leader of Hamas in Junain, this news will surely heal and ease the hearts of the mu'mins. Abu al-Barra' says:

    My brothers and sisters in Islaam,

    I swear with the name of Allaah, that I and my brethrens saw the Jewish soldiers running away from the battlefield like cowards, leaving the injured and their weapons behind. A few of our brothers from the Mujaahideen reported yesterday (10/4/2002) that some of the Jewish soldiers shot each other during the battle.

    And more strangely, the Mujaahideen didn't even fire a sinlge shot at the Jews, but mysteriously, the Mujaahideen heard shots being fired at the Jews (none of the Mujaahids used their weapons). And then we heard a Jewish soldier who survived the battle, running and shouting, "I saw fierce looking creatures coming towards us, to attack us.The creatures are not humans."

    The incident was reported to TV ANN. The next morning, when i woke up for fajr prayers, I saw on the TV, Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi was being interviewed. Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi said: "Bismillahir Rahmaani Raheem, I swear with the name of Allaah, the Most High, that have been making duah to Allaah for His Help 12 days ago and by Allaah, Allaah's help has indeed come. I swear with the name of Allaah, that I saw in my dream an army from the Heavens come down to Junain to help and fight side by side with the Mujaahideen. What i am saying now is the Truth, and I will be responsible for what I am saying, in front of Allaah, yawmul Qiyaamah. And I am reporting this sanely, and Allaah bears witness that what i am saying is the Truth. I also wish to add that the Mujaahideen fast the whole day during the battle. Till we meet again, in Jannah insha'Allaah."

    Translation by Abu Jihaad (JazakAllaah).

    Commentry (HammerStorm): There are countless examples of Allaah's Help coming down to assist the Mujahideen in battle. One of the most common statements uttered by the enemy, be he Serb, Soviet, Hindu or a Jew, is "We saw these large creatures coming towards us! Beasts! We did not know what they were!" or something similar. This is because the Angels sent by Allaah usually manifest themselves to the enemy, in order to cast terror into their hearts.

    It happened during the Battle of Badr, when the dejected leaders of the Quraysh returned after the defeat, they were complaining about the defeat and added: "...and we also had to deal with these strange riders of horses who rode bewteen the heavens and earth; their hooves did not touch the ground..."

    It has happenned time and time again; and Allaah has promised His Help during such events.

    In recent times:

    During the Soviet conflict: Often the Mujahideen would defeat Soviet forces, and then ask them in astonishment "How is is that you were captured by us? You have stronger weapons and tanks, how were you defeated?" (i.e. the victor was asking the loser how he, the loser, lost) The Soviets would reply saying that "Your people were on these horses, and everytime we shot at them, they would move very quickly and avoid our bullets, so this is how we lost." (from Shaykh Abdullah Azzam(ra))

    (Mujahideen had no clue what they were talking about)

    There was were incidents in Bosnia. One for example, where a small group of brothers were defending an outpost when they noticed a column of the Serbian army advancing upon their position. The mujahideen were very small in number and very heavily out-gunned and outnumbered. They considered two options: calling for back-up and waiting, or confronting the much larger Serbian force. They decided on the latter option and ran towards the Serbians, yelling Allaahu Akbar and aiming their weapons. The Serbians stopped, bewildered at first and then many of them started to turn back and run away in fear. The Mujahideen kept pursuing them and caught and bound many of them. They asked the Serbs what had made them turn around and run even though they were the larger force, and the Serbs asked "Where are those huge black beasts that were running alongside you? We saw them and we did not know what they were so we ran..." ('Under the Shades of Swords')
    (Mujahideen had no clue what they were talking about)

    In Sheeshaan, in the current 1999-present conflict, there was one event where the Mujahideen were defending this town, which was well known for being home to a large Islamic educational center. Behind the town was a mountain. The Russians came in order to lay siege to the town; they came with a very heavy force to initiate the siege. The Mujahideen put up as valiant a defense as they could. Soon they noticed tanks being decimated and Russian soldiers being ripped apart by a hail of bullets that was coming from the direction of the mountain. The mujahideen knew that none of their forces were on the mountain. The Russians retreated after being inflicted heavy losses. (Qoqaz)

    In the recent fighting at Shah-e-Kot, there was an instance where the mujahideen left a mountain post which had a gun emplacement. After they were quite some distance from the post, they heard heavy firing coming from the guns, directed at American and allied forces below. One of the mujahideen was wondering what was going on, as he knew that no one had stayed behind at that post, so one of the veteran mujahideen smiled and said "Do you think we are the only ones fighting against them here? There are 'others' besides us." (Khurasaan)

    The Help of Allaah comes down at times like these, to aid the Mujahideen.

    In Sheeshaan, so many incidents like these, whereby the Angels came down to help and the Russians aw them and ran away, and many went psychologically mad (Qoqaz). Something the Russians will never tell you is that many of Israel's psychological treatment medical facilities are filled with Russian soldier who have gone mad from the war in Sheeshaan, they keep mittering about strange beings and beasts and ghosts seen during wartime. In general, the Kuffar dismiss such ravings as shell-shock, but the Yahuud, and those kuffar who have been on the battlefield know full well that the mujahideen are aided by a supernatural force (God's angels) but they will never admit it because they are stubborn in their Kufr.

    One thing I noticed, when the kuffar speak, and when they say this, you can be certain that they have witnessed the Angels coming down in battle: When Gen. Tommy Franks, or when Russian generals, or when IDF commanders say things like: "The fighting was very intense...very pitched battles....lethal combat....hardcore fighters..." when they say these things I know in their minds they are recalling the horror of seeing their own troops running away from or being cut down by unearthly beasts and supernatural beings, for which they will neither admit to nor have any explanation for. When they say such statements, and you can see the sweat on their foreheads as large as marbles, and they have difficulty explaining heavy losses agains a bunch of lightly armed Mujahideen....then you should know that they are referring to seeing such horrors of battle.

    The Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) as well as the Muslims set their arms aside after their return from the battle of the Trench. An account of what happened thereafter, as related by the traditions, is that Gabriel came to the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) and asked, “O Prophet of God, have you put aside your arms?” When the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) replied that he had, Gabriel said, “By Allaah, the angels have not yet laid down their arms. Allaah commands you”, continued Gabriel, “to march towards Banu Quraydha, and we will precede you to shake their fortresess and cast terror into their hearts.”

    The IDF had a tough time in Lebnaan. But look what the one of the Yahuudi soldiers said, concerning the Battle of Jenin, that Lebanon was "child's play compared to Jenin". (BBC)

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    SubhanAllah... really amazing. More power to our brothers and sisters fighting in the cause of Allah.


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