First Point: The most honorable and dignified knowledge to possess is that which is related to Allah, and His Beautiful Names and Supreme Attributes.

Second Point: The knowledge of Allah's Beautiful Names and Supreme Attributes is the root of all other branches of knowledge and the root of Iman too.

Third Point: By gaining knowledge of Allah and His Beautiful Names and Supreme Attributes, one’s Iman and certitude increases, one also truly realizes Tawheed, and relishes the taste of slavery to Allah.

Fourth Point: He who is truly knowledgeable of Allah (mighty and majestic is He) draws on his knowledge of Allah's Most Beautiful Names and Attributes in order to be aware of Allah's laws that He has legislated, for He only acts according to His Names and Attributes and His actions are characterized by justice, beneficence, and wisdom.

Fifth Point: There is a close relationship between Allah's Exalted Attributes and what is required of outward and inward acts of worship.