Guys Help Me Out…!!! The new year has been started and new plans and dreams are increasing day by day. Therefore, I have also planned to visit the Holy Places of Makkah and Madinah with my family. Frankly, speaking, I belong to a middle-class family and haven’t too much budget but, thank Allah, He gives me enough. That’s why He is giving me this opportunity.

Sometimes, I think “Is Islam True Religion Because of Holy Quran?” Because Allah mentioned all the things in the Holy Book of Quran. What you think about it???

But, my main concern is that “How to Book Low-Cost Umrah Tour?” You know that there are many fraud companies and we are going the first time. Even, I have also done my homework regarding this question, see here,

• Visit the Inexpensive Agencies

The first point which attracts me, visit the affordable agencies to get the low-cost Umrah tour.

• Prefer the Group Umrah Travel

If you want to pay a low cost for Umrah then traveling in the form of groups is a wise decision.

• Booking Advance

To get discounted Umrah packages, must booking in advanced. Book your package 4,5 month earlier.

• Food Issues
If you want to stay healthy there then eat proper food. Do your stomach 100 % fit. The food is very expensive there.

• Online Homework

Just check online different agencies and compare their prices, packages, and deals.

So, this my online research but, it's not enough. Kindly help me and suggest me how to get low-cost Umrah in 2018.
Thank you,