Where are you going after the working hours? If your answer is “in the office”, please think again. You shouldn't need a reason to wrap up your work and leave the office on time but just think about as follows:

1. Working overtime doesn't mean working hard.

Working for long hours doesn't mean commitment, it means stupidity and ruins your productivity. When starting a day, you plan to finish these tasks at the end of the afternoon, which give yourself the illusion of having more time than you have actually. Then you deprive yourself of working pressure and never predict that something will always crop up last minute to delay you. Your plan fails because you don’t know how to manage your time.The picture can be changed in the next day. If you need 2 hours overtime for one task, it will take you a half of hour to finish it in the next morning with a fresh mind.Leaving by a certain time can help you arrange and learn what should be prioritized to get the highest yield. Make sure if you’re putting in extra hours, you’re emphasizing productivity.

2. Time is money

Wasting overtime means wasting money of the employers. But if giving your boss time for free, you are handing over cash. According to a recent study, a worker donates $9,471 in unpaid overtime to their employer each year, which adds up to $109.8 billion across the workforce. Can you image how many millions of hours or billions of dollars can be saved each year?If knowing your value, escape out from that “4 walls” on time.

3. There are other things that you'd rather do

What is your purpose of hard working? For money, right? Why don’t savour your results? What is fun if you have a lot of money without feeling anything.Instead of staying with a mountain of work, throw yourself in outdoor activities, networking, dating, learning new languages, etc. The God knows what amazing opportunities are waiting you a head.You work to have a more comfortable life. Learning to enjoy your life in a right way is also one of the motivations that help you create the next fruitful achievements.

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