Human is made free to choose by nature among the right and wrong. They have enough understanding of difference among correct and incorrect set aside in one’s mind and heart by Allah. Adaptation to social gathering and culture standards also play a key role in determining an individual’s character. If a person feels good because of physical presence and its innermost voice such as the spiritual places of adoration and sitting between the family members etc. According to Hadith,

“The sweetheart portions on the face of the earth near Allah are its Masjid, and the most abhorrent portions near Allah are its marketplaces.” (Muslim)

The above-stated Hadith also shows the right and wrong places, House of Allah is the most favorite place for Allah and one who spent his time in Masjid then he gets closer to Allah. The most hated place declared is the marketplaces.

Advantages of Mosques

There are a lot of benefits to spending a time in Masjid, are given below,

• Reward for every footstep occupied towards Mosques
• Closer to Allah and get more blessings
• High rewards for praying in Masjid
• Grant of Jannah to visit Masjid

Disadvantages of Markets

There are some disadvantages to visit market are given below,

• Fulfilling unnecessary desires
• Deceitful and acting unfairly
• Forgetfulness to Allah
• Issue of Mahram
• Waste of Time

In the Light of Hadiths and Quran

Our Beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that,

“Prayer in Masjid with worshipers is superior to prayer alone by twenty-seven degrees.” (Bukhari)

According to another Hadith,

“He who goes to the Masjid in the morning or in the evening, Allah fixes for him a place in Heaven each and every time he goes to the Masjid in the morning and comes back from it in the evening.” (Bukhari)

Allah says in Quran,

“No! Do not follow him. But face down and draw near [to Allah].” [Quran, 96: 19]

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