1. World’s Largest Annual Assembly

This is a worldwide meeting and gathering of millions of Muslims from a variety of habits and societies. The pilgrims study to think on focus points to stay the unity, real agreement and brotherhood in spite of the cultural dissimilarities. Also, It is an strange opportunity to get together Muslims from a range of states and share their feelings and thoughts.

2. Manifestation of Islam as the religion of Solidarity and Unity

This gives harmony of Muslims and takes away differences. Two million people get together at the same rest for the same objective, wearing the same clothing, turning to same Qibla and sharing same proceedings and feelings. Muslims understand that they are brothers in the name of Islam.

This is the total form of prayer where a being performs all the fifth pillars of Islam in a communal way. He gives up physically, monetarily, and during hajj days, just set aside himself for only Allah. We link hands to let you go from side to side this divine trip in the best way probable. See our most excellent hajj and umrah services in most sensible rates.