The beauty of Fajar is truly amazing. It creates a sense of peace and serenity among the people who wake up at this sacred time of the day so that they can worship Allah Subhana Watallah in the quite environment. Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said that “He who does the Fajar (dawn) prayer comes under the Guard of Allah Almighty, so be careful for fear that Allah inquiries you about what you be indebted Him. For if He questions anyone of you and he falls short of satisfying the duty which he be obliged Him, He will requite and then toss upon his face into the Hell-fire.” The time of Fajar is mesmerizing as the birds and animals wake up at this time to worship Allah.

When you offer Fajar prayer and then you perform Umrah with hajj service provider package in the holy land, then nothing is more mesmerizing them offering these holy obligations in the most blessed land ever. There are huge blessings of Fajar prayer as it increases the Rizaq of a person and bless him with all the rewards that are needed in the world hereafter. You truly feel amazed in the peaceful environment of the Fajar time as creates a sense of serenity in the whole atmosphere and one feels absolutely amazing by worshiping the one and only Allah Almighty who has created us all so that we can worship Him and praise Him for His blessings.