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    Default How Can I Be The Perfect Muslim?

    In this age, everybody has desired to be the perfect Muslim. but no one knows the actual ways to be blessed in a real manner. We are blindly follows the instructions that have the less check and balance. Today you see the different sects of the Muslims. Did we have ever think that why have been divided in groups. But no one knows the actual reason behind the partition of the Muslims groups.
    If you see the major crowd of the Makkah Mukarama that offers the hajj with hajj uk for 2017 then you will see the amazing unity between the all the Muslims across the world. then we have divided in groups when we have the same moto same purpose and same final destination. The real perfectness lies in the unity of faith that Is the major thing to keep yourself strong and determined. Everybody has the passion for the religion in their veins but no one has the proper understanding according to the real present situation that making the separation between the Muslims by pointing out the false concepts about the religion. So, there is need to be make the amendments in your personality so that we can gain the path of perfectness. The perfect Muslim is one who knows how to make the unity and gather the people under the same and the right panel. It will also create harmony and the peace in the society.
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    As far as I know, to follow the Sunnah and Quran is the symbol of perfect Muslim. When someone follows it, the society automatically become a peaceful and harmony.


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