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Thread: Umrah packages

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    Default Thinks To Considered Before Umrah Travelling

    Umrah and Hajj are the journeys which most of Muslims from all around the world perform at least once in their lives. Hajj is measured as one of the five pillars of Islam while Umrah is also measured as one of the most worth forms of workshop in Islam and thought was very rewarding. Although a big number of Muslims perform Hajj and Umrah each year, but many Muslims get confused and upset during their journey because of ignorance of some essential things which must be remembered during performing the most worth workshop of their lives. So here are few important points which all Muslims should remember before performing their spiritual journey to the Holy Makah. First of all teach you about the basic rights of the Umrah and Hajj according to the Sunnah before leaving for Hajj or Umrah because most of the Muslims went for Hajj or Umrah without knowing the actual rights of Umrah and Hajj according to Sunnah. So it is very important to learn all the rights of Umrah and Hajj before going on this holy trip by Cheap Umrah Packages 2017 From London For Muslims Community with Hotel, Flights, Visa and Transportation and learn to stay away from ordinary mistakes too which are made by most of the pilgrims during this holy trip.

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    Default Why perform hajj

    There are many ways to go about answering this question, all of them can be constituted as satisfactory replies. Hajj is a spiritual journey like no other. Every year during the month of Dhul Hijja, we hear or see live pictures of the millions of pilgrims flocking to Mecca, Mina, and Muzdalfah to perform this sacred pilgrimage.

    Last year, over three million pilgrims performed Hajj and 2016 is expected to bring an even larger turnout. Here are the reasons why Muslims perform Hajj:

    Allah (SWT) has made Hajj compulsory. Just like Salat, Sawm and Zakat, Hajj is compulsory. Every able Muslim who has the finances available (after taking care of all family obligations), is required to embark on this journey once in their life. And since it is the command of Allah (SWT), the Creator of us all, it is the duty of every Muslim to make sure they perform Hajj while they can.

    Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. These pillars make up the core of the Islamic belief. To believe in Allah (SWT) and His Messenger, to perform Salat, to fast during Ramadan, to pay Zakat, and to embark on Hajj; these five things define a Muslim. Every Muslim needs to get this right in order to be identified as a person of the Islamic Faith.

    Prophet Muhammad performed Hajj and as it is written that we should perform the task like He did, people embark on Hajj to obtain the blessings of Allah (SWT) and to follow in His footsteps.

    Hajj serves not just as a spiritual journey but also as a means to seeking forgiveness for the mistakes of the past as well. Muslims who embark on Hajj also get their sins forgiven by Allah, The Merciful.

    May Allah (SWT) accept their Hajj and the Qurbani sacrifice of all Muslims around the world. Muslim Aid would like to wish all already en route and those already in Mecca, a safe, swift and memorable Hajj pilgrimage.


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