Recommended Acts during Fasting

Eating Sahoor (the pre-dawn meal) and delaying it up to as close to dawn as possible.

The Prophet ﷺ said:
“Eat the pre-dawn meal, for indeed, there are blessings in having the pre-dawn meal.”
[ Agreed upon.].
Any amount of food, even a sip of water, is sufficient as a pre-dawn meal. This is in accordance with the Hadith of the Noble Prophet ﷺ where he said:
“The pre-dawn meal is a blessing, so do not forsake it, even if anyone of you will drink just a sip of water. Indeed, Allah Almighty and His angels pray for those who have the pre-dawn meal.”
[ Source: Ahmad.]
It is recommended to delay the pre-dawn meal. It is reported from Zayd ibn Thabit t who said:
“We had the pre-dawn meal with the Prophet ﷺ one day and we left (from the sitting) for Salat.” Anas ibn Malik said: “What range of time was between both (your meal and Salah)?” He said: “Up to the span of reading 50 verses (of the Noble Qur’an).”
[ Agreed upon.]