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    Default How to make a basic Arabic nominal sentences in 2 steps

    How to make a basic Arabic nominal sentences in 2 steps ???
    1) In Arabic, unlike in English, you can have a sentence with no verb at all , we don't have verb to be (e.g., am, are, is, etc.) like English.

    2) If you want to use this words in sentences :
    busy (مشغول) - book (كتاب)- useful (مفيد)- boy (ولد)- smart (ذكي)- food (طعام)- delicious (لذيذ)....
    in English we will say:
    Ahmed is busy
    The book is useful
    The boy is smart
    the food is delicious

    In Arabic put them together without verb to be (am - is - are):
    Ahmed is busy أحمدُ مشغول
    The book is useful الكتابُ مفيد
    The boy is smart الولدُ ذكي
    the food is delicious الطعام لذيذ

    Here are some words ,try to make your own sentences

    pen (قلم)- cheap (رخيص)- computer (حاسوب)- expensive (غالِ)- weather (جوّ)- hot(حار).


    skype: muhammad.abdelfattah88

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    Default Arabic Course for beginners (from al kitab al asasi)

    Assalam alikom wa rahmatu Allah

    In shaa Allah I am going to explain the first level in Arabic for brothers and sisters who want to learn Arabic The language of Quran. and i will use al kitab al asasi....in my opinion and from my experience al asasi book is the most useful book for non native Arabic speakers, especially in the first 3 levels.
    in shaa Allah i will upload 1 video every week....but i have uploaded the first 3 videos already... so enjoy

    please make Duaa for me

    learn Arabic from al kitab alasasy :lesson 1 :

    conversation on lesson 1 :

    lesson 2 :

    lesson 3:

    lesson 4 is ready alhamdulillah

    the necessary material to follow the course is available and can be downloaded for free from the following site:


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    Default Free Online Course Starting For Conversational Arabic

    The Newly Established School for Lovers of the Arabic Language and Q`uran: Free online courses starting for conversational Arabic on Sundays and Thursdays at 9 pm Egyptian time for a total of two weeks.

    If you would like to join this class, please send your message on WhatsApp with your Skype details and a short message that you would like to join this class.

    ِClasses plan :

    *studying 2 Arabic stories and practicing on storytelling
    *Making questions in Arabic
    *conversations between the students and the teacher
    * Verb Conjugation, How To Connect Pronouns With Past,present and order Verbs
    *Answering the questions from the students

    The materials are free
    Classes start from Thursday 9/March/2017
    Study via Skype
    whatsapp number : +20 1007 862 365


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    Default Offer to get Ijazah in Ajroomiyah

    assalam alikom.

    This is a limited time offer by Learn Arabic and Qur'an online school.

    Study the Arabic grammar book 'Ajroomiyah' and get a free Ijazah with connected Sanad from you until Sheikh Al-Ajroomy.


    An Ijazah (Arabic: الإِجازَة ‎) is a certificate used primarily by Sunni Muslims
    to indicate that one has been authorized by a higher authority to transmit
    a certain subject or text of Islamic knowledge. This usually implies that
    the student has learned this knowledge through face-to-face interactions
    “at the feet” of the teacher.

    The convenience offered with this program is that the students can be taught
    via Skype according to their personal preferences .

    Get this limited offer and become certified to teach others yourself .

    for more informations:
    whatsapp: +20 100 7862 365

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    Default Al-Azhar preparatory course

    * Al-Azhar preparatory course is for students who want to study at the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

    * course details:
    - The student should have a good knowledge of Arabic.
    - The course will prepare you for the exam and admission to Al-Azhar high school.(Three years of study will be shortened) 👍👌.
    - 7 months program/ 3 hours a week/ 96 $ per month.
    - After this course the student will be familiar with: Arabic grammar( Nahw - Sarf - Balaghah), Islamic Fiqh, Tafseer for one juz'a, memorize several Hadeeths of the Prophet PBUH, Egypt history and geography 🎓.
    - one - on - one classes, classes via Skype 💻.
    - Money Back Guarantee (if course is cancelled after 1 week of studying)

    save your money and time, study from anywhere and with your full time work
    share for khair 😀

    Whatsapp: +20 100 7862 365

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    Someone tell me, what is the best website for the online Arabic learning???

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    Quote Originally Posted by adeeliqbal View Post
    Someone tell me, what is the best website for the online Arabic learning???
    Visit the Learning Arabic section and the top sticky post "arabic resources" has good information to check out inshallah.


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