How the Bible was Lost

compiled by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee

Ibn Hazm said; As for the Christians, then there is no dispute among them or from other than them, that none believed in the Messiah (Jesus) while he was on earth except for one hundred and twenty people. And all those that believed in him used to conceal their faith in fear while he was on earth and after he was raised to the heavens. They would invite others to his religion in secret, and no one openly called to his religion. And no one openly practiced his religion, because all those caught doing so were executed.

They remained in this condition, not revealing their religion at all, and they had no safe haven to practice their religion for three hundred years after the Messiah Jesus was raised to the heavens. During this time the Gospel (Injeel) which was revealed by Allah was lost except for a few verses which Allah allowed to remain as an argument and shame against them.

And as we have mentioned; when the Emperor Constantine became Christian, the Christians got the upper hand, and were able to openly practice their religion, and safely assemble in public (Edict of Milan 313 C.E.).

If a religion is like this, then it is impossible to authenticate that which is transmitted with a continuous chain of narrators, because those transmitting must do so in secret while fearing the sword. Thus, they are not able to protect it or prevent it from being distorted (taken from: The difference between the religions and sects).

Shaykh of Islam ibn Taymiyyah said: As for the Gospel which the Christians have in their hands, then it is four Gospels; the Gospels of Mathew, Luke, Mark, and John. And they are in agreement that Luke and Mark did not see the Messiah (Jesus), rather he was seen by Mathew and John. These four accounts which they call the Gospel - and each account is called a Gospel - they were only written by these men after the Messiah (Jesus) was raised to the heavens. Thus, they did not say that this was the word of Allah, nor that the Messiah (Jesus) transmitted it from Allah,; rather they narrated some statements from the Messiah, some of his actions and some of his miracles (taken from: The correct answer for those who altered the religion of Messiah).