Zakaat is an obligatory duty for every Muslim. But it has some circumstances to pay it through proper and reliable ways for the prosperity of society. It has been ordained through the Shariat of Prophets. Technically it is a source to purify one's position of wealth by distributing a recommended amount which has to be given to the needy and poor as a fundamental Ibaadat.
Islam is a complete code of life, and provide the best ways to do certain things in a certain manner. Many people refused to give zakaat and they have to face strong punishments through the ruler of that time.all those people will be responsible for paying zakaat who financially meet or exceed the Nisaab value of 87.48 (grams of gold) or 612.36 grams of (silver). There are eight entitled mentioned in the holy book for zakaat. The Poor, the needy, those employed to collect the Zakaat, those whose hearts will be inclined, those whose hearts will be inclined, Slaves, Those in debt, In the Cause of Allah, The Wayfarer. These are the basics entitled that Quran mentioned for makataan they follow certain criteria as well, as poor would be considered those people who hardly make their bread and butter. Who is not able to support their families in a good manner. Itís also a part of those who collects it, guard it and then distribute it to the needy people of the society. Some people can be given it to make their faith strong enough. You can give it to free some person from slavery. And you can also use it to recover the debt person. You can use it for jihad as well. You can also donate it to a traveler to help him.
Some people having thinking about zakat that by giving it, it might be possible in a decrement of their wealth. But this is the beauty of Allah Almighty that by giving this charity your wealth will be increased in a certain way and it happened miraculously either one should believe or not. Beside this many people give charity to needy people to make their Umrah and Hajj.they provide enough budget in which some needy people might visit the house of Allah. to accomplish that noble deed, we are providing you best Umrah Package for Muslims Community from Birmingham, England. So, that you can be a part of that noble deed as well. We offer you the best luxurious Umrah packages to facilitate you in a better and economical way. The reward will be given to you from the Allah almighty if you follow these helping principles of Islam.