Quran is the word of Allah Almighty that was revealed to His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It contains scientific knowledge that could not have been identified1400 years ago, it includes basic arithmeticís to the most advanced topics in astrophysics. The beauty of Quran is that if you read and learn it 1 time carefully you will repeat this again and again and will not feel board. You will embed this knowledge into your heart. If you read it regularly, it saves you from many of hazards. It has healing power, yes through Quríanic verses you can heal the long-term diseases as well itís also one of the miracles of Quran.
The knowledge which have been unknown to many people still in modern age, but when they scrutinize the pages of Quran they got lots of knowledge from it. It was none other than a miracle. Scientist have informed us about the breakage of moon in the modern age while this message has been delivered to us our beloved prophet 1400 years ago, and they were astonished when they read out this info that has been the in the Quran many hundred years ago,
Mesmeric effects of this Holy Book now coming to light all over the world and no one can deny this fact that itís a word of Allah Who is the creator of all mankind and the sustainer and nourisher of all the things in this universe. For many yearsí scientist were unknown about the facts related to the actual shape and movements of planet Earth and now they have found this knowledge in miraculously in Quran.
Researchers have been made many researches to identify the informationís mentioned in the word of Allah and they found nothing wrong about it. Quranic verses pass all the authentication tests of science. Now many non-believers also found that it cannot be the word of a simple human being. itís beyond the thoughts of human criteria. A true Muslim not only accept the word of creator but also put them into their practical life as well.so we should follow the principle of Quran and should do, what we have been told. Blackstone is one the wondrous miracles of Islam and pilgrimages prepare themselves to touch that heavenly symbol. Thatís why we brought Best Umrah Packages for you. Every time we try to bring best services for you to achieve your desired religious goals.