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    Default Iran to ban US citizens in response to Trump's immigration order

    Iran to ban US citizens in response to Trump's immigration order

    By Ralph Ellis - January 28, 2017

    Iran says it will ban all US citizens from entering the country in response to President Donald Trump's executive order limiting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, according to an Iranian Foreign Ministry statement published on state media Saturday.

    Iran is among seven countries whose nationals are barred from entering the United States for 90 days under Trump's order.

    "The US decision to restrict travel for Muslims to the US, even if for a temporary period of three months, is an obvious insult to the Islamic world and in particular to the great nation of Iran," the statement said.

    "Despite the claims of combating terrorism and keeping American people safe, it will be recorded in history as a big gift to extremists and their supporters."

    Iran's ban will remain in place until Trump's order is lifted
    , the statement said.

    The other six countries listed in the executive order are Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Other nations may be added. The order exempts diplomats and members of international organizations from the ban.

    The executive order also stops the admission of all refugees to the United States for four months.


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    Donald Trump puts Iran 'on notice' following ballistic missile test


    ‘This is not the first time that an inexperienced person has threatened Iran ... the American government will understand that threatening Iran is useless,’ says one Iranian official

    US President Donald Trump is poised to impose new sanctions on multiple Iranian entities after a ballistic missile test that could be in contravention of a UN resolution, sources familiar with the matter have said.

    Donald Trump tweeted yesterday that he had put Iran “on notice” over a ballistic missile test that could be in contravention of a UN resolution. He added that Tehran should have been “thankful” for the nuclear deal struck with the US and other world powers in 2015 as the country was on “its last legs”.

    The warning appeared as an early manifestation of Mr Trump's promise of a tougher American approach to Iran, but it received an angry response in Tehran. Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi was quoted by state TV as saying: “Instead of thanking Iran for its continued fight against terrorism ... the American government is practically helping the terrorists by claims about Iran that are baseless, repetitive and provocative.”

    Iran has been formally PUT ON NOTICE for firing a ballistic missile.Should have been thankful for the terrible deal the U.S. made with them!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 2, 2017
    Iran was on its last legs and ready to collapse until the U.S. came along and gave it a life-line in the form of the Iran Deal: $150 billion
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 2, 2017

    The President’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, told reporters on Wednesday that the administration “condemns such actions by Iran that undermine security, prosperity and stability throughout and beyond the Middle East that puts American lives at risk”.

    “The Obama administration failed to respond adequately to Tehran’s malign actions – including weapons transfers, support for terrorism and other violation of international norms,” he said.

    The US and Israel claimed that Sunday’s test launch, the first by Iran since Mr Trump become President, was in breach of UN resolution 2231. The resolution, put in place days after the Iran nuclear deal was signed in 2015, calls on the Islamic Republic not to conduct such tests.

    The missile test, occurred at a well-known site outside Semnan, about 140 miles east of Tehran. The Khorramshahr medium-range ballistic missile flew 600 miles before exploding, in a failed test of a reentry vehicle, US officials said.

    Just before Mr Trump’s latest tweet, Iran said it had successfully test-fired the ballistic missile that the US said had exploded early, the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported.

    “The missile test on Sunday was successful ... the test was not a violation of a nuclear deal with world powers or any UN resolution,” defence minister Hossein Dehghan told Tasnim.

    A top adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also said Iran will not yield to US threats over a recent ballistic missile test that was aimed at limiting its defence capabilities.

    “This is not the first time that an inexperienced person [US President Donald Trump] has threatened Iran ... the American government will understand that threatening Iran is useless,” Ali Akbar Velayati was quoted as saying by the semi-official Fars News Agency.

    “Iran does not need permission from any country to defend itself.”

    The warning from the US could foreshadow more aggressive economic and diplomatic measures against Iran.

    Three senior US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters a range of options, including economic sanctions, were being considered and that a broad review was being conducted of the US posture toward Iran.

    One official said the intent of Mr Flynn’s message was to make clear the administration would not be “shy or reticent” toward Tehran.

    “We are in the process of evaluating the strategic options and the framework for how we want to approach these issues,” the official said. “We do not want to be premature or rash or take any action that would foreclose options or unnecessarily contribute to a negative response.

    “Our sincere hope is that the Iranians will heed this notice today and will change their behaviour.”

    Iran has test-fired several ballistic missiles since the nuclear deal in 2015, but the latest test was the first since Mr Trump became President.


    Press Secretary Sean Spicer Falsely Accuses Iran of Attacking U.S. Navy Vessel, an Act of War


    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer asserted at Thursday’s press briefing that Iran had attacked a U.S. naval vessel, as part of his argument defending the administration’s bellicose announcement that Iran is “on notice.”

    National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Wednesday said he was “officially putting Iran on notice” following the country’s ballistic missile test and an attack on a Saudi naval vessel by Houthi rebels in Yemen (the Houthis are tenuously aligned with Iran’s government but are distinct from it).

    The White House press corps wanted to know what being put “on notice” entailed, and Spicer responded by claiming that Iran’s government took actions against a U.S. naval vessel, which would be an act of war. “I think General Flynn was really clear yesterday that Iran has violated the Joint Resolution, that Iran’s additional hostile actions that it took against our Navy vessel are ones that we are very clear are not going to sit by and take,” he said. “I think that we will have further updates for you on those additional actions.”

    Major Garrett of CBS News quietly corrected him, saying “a Saudi vessel,” and Spicer then responded almost inaudibly: “Sorry, thank you, yes a Saudi vessel. Yes, that’s right.” He did not in any way address his false claim that it was an Iranian attack, however.

    Pentagon spokesman Christopher Sherwood confirmed to The Intercept that the attack was in fact conducted against a Saudi warship, and that the Pentagon suspects Houthi rebels. “It was a Saudi ship – it was actually a frigate” said Sherwood. “It was [conducted by] suspected Houthi rebels off the coast of Yemen.”

    Fox News initially misreported that a U.S. ship was somehow the target — which is perhaps where some of the confusion in the White House originated
    This is the huge banner on @FoxNews right now. I have some important context to follow, from a US official. #Yemen https://t.co/QcfRzD71QL pic.twitter.com/coBrDwAujO
    — Samuel Oakford (@samueloakford) January 31, 2017

    This, of course, is how American wars start. In the infamous 1964 “Gulf of Tonkin incident,” as it is often referred to, the White House and the Pentagon accused North Vietnamese forces of attacking two Navy destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin off Vietnam on August 4. President Lyndon Johnson used the attacks to coax Congress into approving a resolution, known as the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, that authorized military action in Vietnam. As the New York Times noted a few years ago, the “attack never happened.”

    And way back in February 1898, a U.S. warship, the Maine, was moored in Havana’s harbor when a huge explosion blew it apart, killing most of its crew. The explosion was blamed on Spain, and led to a rallying cry particularly in U.S. newspapers of “Remember the Maine!” In April of that year, the United States declared war on Spain, even though there was no proof of Spanish responsibility for the explosion, and much reason to doubt it. As the Washington Post reported, an official Navy inquiry concluded in the 1970s that “a mine or torpedo could not have been responsible for the blast. The likely cause was a coal bunker fire that ignited the ship’s magazine.”

    The U.S. and Iran both have ships in the Gulf area. The U.S. dispatched ships to the Bab-el Mandeb strait off the coast of Yemen in October to reinforce a Saudi-led naval blockade that has devastated the country and left 14 million people going hungry. At the time, an anonymous government official told Fox News that “this is a show of force.” Later that month, after rockets fired from Houthi-controlled territory appeared to target a U.S. warship, the Obama administration authorized strikes on three radar sites in Western Yemen.

    In early January, a U.S. Navy ship fired warning shots at Iranian vessels the Pentagon said were approaching it in the Strait of Hormuz, on the opposite side of the Arabian peninsula.


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    Iran to stop using US dollar in response to Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban'

    Central Bank decision fraught with risk for Iran's oil revenues, analysts say

    by Bethan McKernan -1 February 2017

    The Iranian government will no longer use the US dollar in official statements or for financial reporting, local media has reported.

    The governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Valiollah Seif, made the announcement on Friday, adding that the country would switch to another common foreign currency or a basket with a 'high degree of stability" for all financial and foreign exchange reports.

    The decision will go into effect at the beginning of the new fiscal year in March.

    The move comes in the wake of US President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban for citizens of Iran and six other Muslim countries, which has sparked outrage worldwide and the threat of retaliatory measures from several affected countries.

    Iran has already taken the "reciprocal measure" of cancelling all future visas for visiting American citizens.

    Relations were further tested by confirmation that Iran conducted a mid-range ballistic missile test over the weekend, which Iran's foe Israel called on the US to ensure "did not go unanswered."

    The country's Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan reiterated on Wednesday earlier claims that the missile was not designed to carry nuclear warheads and therefore did not breach the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal.

    Iran does hardly any trade with the US thanks to decades of economic sanctions. The rial saw record lows against the dollar after Mr Trump's election victory, plunging to 41.600 to the dollar at the end of December.

    It is unclear whether the Central Bank will now pick up the Euro or currencies of trade partners China, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan or Iraq.

    Iran's most important export - oil - is priced in US dollars, which could complicate the proposed changes. Exchanging currencies on expected oil revenues of $41 billion (£32 billion) this fiscal year
    could jeopardise earnings, analysts have said.


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    America's Looming War with Iran : What You're Not Being Told

    By: Darius Shahtahmasebi

    The mainstream media has attempted to frame Donald J. Trump’s election victory as a sort of collusion between Russia and Trump — a scheme allegedly intended to promote an American president who would do Vladimir Putin’s bidding. But the truth is that there is one other country that stands to be the prime beneficiary of Trump’s reign as president: Israel.

    Under the Obama administration, the United States had a curious relationship with Israel. In 2011, Obama vetoed a U.N. Security Council Resolution that would have condemned Israel’s settlement expansion. During Obama’s tenure, Israel’s settlement population rose from 100,000 to 600,000. According to Obama’s secretary of state, John Kerry, no administration in U.S. history has done more for Israel than Obama’s did:

    “Our military exercises are more advanced than ever. Our assistance for Iron Dome has saved countless Israeli lives. We have consistently supported Israel’s right to defend itself by itself, including during actions [in] Gaza that sparked great controversy.”

    In 2016, Obama approved a “record” military package to Israel worth $38 billion, nullifying claims that Obama “abandoned” Israel following the decision to withhold its veto on a resolution marking Israel’s settlements illegal at the end of 2016. As noted by Kerry:

    “In the midst of our own financial crisis and budget deficits, we repeatedly increased funding to support Israel. In fact, more than 1/2 of our entire global foreign military financing goes to Israel. And this fall we concluded an historic $38 billion memorandum of understanding that exceeds any military assistance package the United States has provided to any country at any time.” [emphasis added]

    However, on the surface, Obama appeared to be at odds with Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu over one key issue: Iran. The Iranian nuclear agreement reached in 2015 was heralded as a progressive move by some, but Israel completely rejected it and has refused to be bound by the agreement.

    That being said, there is something Israel has done throughout Obama’s presidency that has barely attracted a blink from the U.N. Following the outbreak of war in Syria, Israel struck Syria multiple times (for example, during 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, etc).

    Why is this important? Because Iran and Syria are bound by a mutual defense agreement. In fact, Israel assassinated an Iranian general in Syria in 2015 with little to no outrage from the international community.
    Where are we headed?

    A war with Iran would be the end of the world as we know it. Iran has an enormous ground force, including countless volunteer militias who are experienced in repelling invaders (as Iraq found out the hard way in the 1980s.)

    Nuclear powers Russia and China have warned the U.S. countless times not to attack Iran or Syria. Russia was clearly not making idle threats, as in 2015 they put their money where their mouth was and overtly intervened in the Syrian war to defend the Syrian government against U.S.-backed mercenaries. It is not clear if Russia has the ability — or the willpower — to finance another defensive effort in support of Iran, but what Russia has been adept at, in addition to relentlessly dropping bombs, is diplomacy. Take, for example, Obama’s failure to strike Syria in 2013 in part due to Russia’s diplomatic intervention.

    China, on the other hand, is less likely to attempt diplomacy with Trump. A Chinese military official has already warned that a Chinese-U.S. war is becoming a “practical reality” under President Trump, and given Trump’s hardline approach to China, it wouldn’t be a stretch to predict who China would side with in this dispute. Further, a Chinese general already previously stated that China would defend Iran even if it meant “World War III.”

    Additionally, NATO member Turkey has indicated it may seek to formally align itself with Russia and China, a move that could put Turkey in direct alliance with Iran considering Iran is also looking to formally join this Eurasian alliance.

    When will this madness end? In the words of Noam Chomsky, the United States has been “torturing” Iran for 60 years. The intention to take out Iran is still on the table, even with the so-called “anti-establishment” candidate in office.

    full article: http://www.anonews.co/americas-war-iran/


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