two primary sources of Islamic law, the Quran and the Sunna, the two main secondary sources of Islamic law are: (1) ijma (consensus of the scholars and jurists, and sometimes the entire community), and (2) qiyas (reasoning by analogy to one of the higher sources). Other secondary sources of Islamic law are juristic preference, public interest and custom. Sharia is extremely flexible and subject to various interpretations.

We fully support All India Muslim Personal Law Board and firmly stand with it in its endeavors to safeguard Shariah Law. We wish to make it absolutely clear that Shariah Law does not need any change; rather what really required is eradication of social evils, cultivation of good habits and overcoming weaknesses and honestly following the Shariah Law.

Uniform Civil Code row: Muslim women will not tolerate interference in Sharia,
Hyderabad: Women members of All Indian Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Wednesday said that Muslim women are safe and secure in Islamic sharia and will not tolerate any interference in it.
Stating that no force on earth can change Muslim Personal Law, they said any attempt to impose Uniform Civil Code (UCC) will create conflict in the society.

Islamic sharia way of life followed by Ibrahim,Musa,Jesus and Muhammad,

few Indian media channels try to provoke sentiments of innocent actions have to be taken against such coward's ..RSS puppets