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    Default Quran A Medicine Our Hearts Sorely Need!

    The book of Quran is a blessing, the content and message of which is not time bound. This book of sacred narratives is not a physical miracle as embarked upon rest of the Prophets but an enough proof for guidance until eternity. Whilst composition of any book the composer and writer keeps the reader in mind, this divine book is for all hence has targeted all the people with different tone and context.

    Quran is easy to comprehend and memorize as Allah narrates to us “Is there anyone who wishes to memorize this Quran as we have made it easy to remember.” The language of Quran is not mere Arabic but Quranic Arabic and varies in its dialects.

    Pious People Anecdotes & Quran Connectivity:

    In Islamic narrations, many companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were blessed with beauty of their voices. Prophet asked them to recite Quran and usually it brought tears in his eyes because they recited Quran to the one upon whom it has revealed.
    Those pious people who had strong connection with Allah were the blessed people who were given the distinction and for whom the angels descend down on earth to listen to their recitation.

    Spiritual Connectivity In Age Of Facebook:

    Connection makes you people of Allah. Religion Islam does not associate you with who you are what you do or from your status but it judges you, based on your intentions, strong relation with Allah and deeds committed.

    For every single word of Quran there are ten rewards imagine recitation of entire Surah and getting rewards in return. How many hours and minutes people spend on twitter and facebook and drop in useless messages, what if they sneak a bit of time from their crucial slot and recite some of the Surahs or chapter of Quran. This individual act will benefit none but the person himself.

    Commit to yourself and set a goal of hourly, daily, and weekly recitation, which eventually will make a strong bond with Quran. Technology has made it easier to strengthen the bond with Quran by downloading free Android Apps to listen to the imperative Quran while driving or going for office, which can help Muslims to spare much of the time for Quran and Allah. For authentic Quran Mp3 download Al Quran mp3 - Quran Reading with translation and audio recitation.

    Tip for spiritual connectivity:

    When we love someone, we spiritually and physically want to connect with him or her. If we can sneak out an hour or few minutes for Quran then we do not love Him. Love the book of miracles as this book has rights upon us because at the day of Qayamah Quran will intercede and ask mercy from Allah for those who recite it devotedly.

    We want to connect with this book but Satan detracts those who are willing to reinvigorate the divine bond. The intentions and will should be strong enough for the connectivity because it is not a timely bond but a relation of lifetime.

    Quran for Hidayah Not for Seasonal Slaves:

    Open, recite, learn, contemplate and memorize Quran for Hidayah as it distinguishes truth from falsehood and guide Muslims towards their true destiny. Do not be seasonal slaves who knock off when they need Allah and want something or entangled in tribulations. Be a regular worshipper and invoke Allah for mercy and refuge rather daily and seasonal needs.

    Never desert Quran and its teachings because the day is nigh when the accountability will be commenced and lamenting and pleading would not lessen the plight of humans. At this time, only Quran and good deeds will be a man’s savior for solace.

    “Quran will intercede for a person on the Day of Resurrection. And the Quran will say: I kept him from sleeping during the night; let me intercede for him. And they will be allowed to intercede.” [Sahih Al Jami]

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    Such a nice post you have shared with us. Today, the Muslims forget the instructions of Quran and Sunnah, that's why they are in trouble and lost their reputation as well. We must think about that why Allah sent down.


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