Who doesn’t love being paid to travel? Most of us at least once used to think of quitting everything and going to live abroad. Choosing a suitable destination for your personality and job opportunity is the first and important thing to consider.
To prepare for turning page of your life, VMST will reveal the best places to live and work opportunity for expat.


This place usually on the list of an expat paradise. And it doesn't require much time to understand. Mountains for winter sport, lakes for summer, the food, skiing and don’t forget the Alps. Everything here is quite expensive comparing to others, however, you could earn a pretty good salary - $200,000 more than twice the global average.

What should you do
? To work in Switzerland, you’re gonna need a residence permit by proving that you’ll work in a position “cannot be filled by a national” which probably is IT, biotech and finance jobs.


Singapore is a great place for raising children and family immigration thanks to the leading education and childcare – parallel with meaning it’s expensive. Expats in Singapore will satisfy with their public transport system, many career opportunities and low tax rates.

What should you do
? Job positions are diversity for expats which can tell such as finance, biomedicine, tourism, engineering, insurance and tech.


First, you have to face with some uncomfortable conditions in this place like mediocre healthcare, environment pollution – however, the advantages actually outweigh these things. Economists predict China will overcome the US to become the largest economy by 2018. You could also have the chance to experience a low living cost, but high income for expats and one of the countries having the most famous beauty scenery and landscape. You will waste a lot of time to travel and explore this country.

What should you do
? Around 85% of expats work in China in sales and marketing field, followed by banking and financial services and engineering.

United Arab Emirates

Not surprisingly, this country is known as the highly-paid jobs which attract many young expats. Besides, you could expect a great work environment, entertainment options, luxury hotels and shopping malls. One of its biggest obstacles is religion which has some special rules in public. The language is also a trouble for many expats to make friend with local people and integrate into the community.
What should you do
? Some developed industries in UAE are construction, engineering, real estate and oil and gas.

Source: http://vnmanpower.com