Destruction of the Khilafah

That was the day we shall remember forever
When they said the Giant will arise again never

When the skies over the Ummah became clouded
When the Qur’an was in a dark cloth shrouded

The light of the world was now extinguished
The darkness could no longer be distinguished

They claimed the sun shall never set in their Empire
They declared our defeat & fulfilled their evil desire

They had eventually rid themselves from the “Sick-man”
They began to carve out our land handspan by handspan

Our body ripped into pieces as the predators attacked
Awaiting like vultures "our" rulers watched and backed

The rulers were rewarded for their treachery
Given a piece of land each for their butchery

How could 55 equal 1? The Ummah was puzzled
United but divided? We were confused and baffled

We watched as they attacked every man, woman and child
Amongst our brothers & sisters the wolves went wild

With time we became dazzled by the American dream
No longer could we hear for help our mothers’ scream

They plotted & planned forgetting the best of planners is Allah
Who promised there will always be good in the Ummah of RasoolAllah

The poisoned Giant was not dead but rather sleeping
It began to move a limb with every child weeping

With the increasing massacres its consciousness regained
Suddenly the Giant awoke with its strength retained

Every word & step of the Giant shook a tyrant’s throne
Islam began to reach every house made out of clay or stone

Recalling the day in 1924 when they destroyed the Caliphate
The Ummah worked day & night to re-establish the Islamic State

Restoring the Giants might & glory
So that never again would there be a 3/3