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    Muslims should accept European values or go elsewhere – German minister

    12 Apr, 2017

    Muslim migrants who refuse to embrace European values must realize there are better places for them to reside than in the EU
    , Wolfgang Schaeuble, the German Finance Minister has said.

    Muslims who don’t want to change their ways after arriving in Europe must be told, “you’ve made the wrong decision,” Schaeuble said during a round table discussion in Berlin on Wednesday.

    “There are better places in the world to live under Islamic law than Europe,"
    he said as cited by Reuters.

    Last year, Schaeuble, who is a known long-time ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, stated that the influx of refugees was “a challenge for the open-mindedness of mainstream society.”

    In a guest article in Welt am Sonntag paper, the 74-year-old politician urged Muslim newcomers to adopt what he called, “German Islam,” based on liberalism and tolerance.

    Almost 1 million migrants from the Middle East and Africa arrived in Germany in 2015, according to the country’s estimates. The numbers spurred social tension and led to numerous anti-government protests against Merkel’s so-called ‘open door' immigration policy.

    The situation also saw the rise of the right-wing and anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which gained foothold in almost all of the country’s 16 state parliaments since the eruption of the refugee crisis in 2015.

    In February, Austrian authorities slammed the country’s Islamic Religious Community (IGGO) for its recommendation that Muslim women should start wearing a headscarf from the onset of puberty.

    “I have to say clearly: we reject an obligation to [wear] the headscarf,” Sebastian Kurz, Austria's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Integration, said.

    Secretary of State, Muna Duzdar, echoed Kurz's comments by saying “such a position is an attack on the freedom and self-determination of women. I reject [headscarves] deeply. It is unacceptable that women and girls are restricted in their freedom and men want to dictate to them how to live and how to dress."



    They want a washed down version of Islam where nothing is obligatory in Islam and everything is optional, just like they have done with their Christianity. To even say that something is obligatory in Islam is "men telling women what to do", an excuse to attack Islam; yet they are free to tell Muslim women to not wear hijab.

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    German 'hoax map' fights migrant myths

    10 February 2016

    A German woman is trying to debunk false rumours and stories about migrants by creating an online "hoax map".

    The map pinpoints locations where supposed incidents or crimes are said to have taken place, noting the date alongside a brief summary. It then provides a link to a subsequent news report in which the claims have been investigated and found to be false. There are 187 points marked across Germany so far, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reports. While sometimes the original stories - which often go viral on social media - are the result of information being taken out of context, often they are completely made up, the website notes.

    Among those featured on the map are rumours that vanishing swans were the result of migrant poachers, and claims that the council in Bremen had been handing out brothel vouchers to new arrivals. Also present is a story which caused a diplomatic spat between Germany and Russia - the alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl in Berlin, widely covered in Russian state media, which German prosecutors later said was untrue.

    The woman who created the map, known only as Karolin, tells the paper that she hopes it'll stop people from getting a distorted picture of migrants who have arrived in Germany. She says the map wasn't prompted by a single incident, but rather "the sum of all erroneous reports".

    Karolin concedes that some people will be hard to reach, convinced that media reports debunking the myths are themselves lies. "But not all who fall for rumours do so out of deeply held conviction, and we hope some will be persuaded by facts and change their opinion."


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    Islamophobes in Power: The Czech Republic

    Many observers, especially from the rest of the world, wished for Jiří Drahoš to become the new president of the Czech Republic after the first directly elected president in 2013, Miloš Zeman. Zeman won only in a second round by a thin but decisive margin of 51.5% to 48.5% against his opponent Drahoš. Zeman, who has been part of the social democratic party from Czech’s independence on until he set up his own party, is currently symbolic head of a state without a stable government.

    Zeman is known for his anti-EU, anti-immigration and pro-Russia positions. He is an established anti-Muslim commentator spreading endless conspiracies and horrible future scenarios of an ‘Islamized’ Europe. After the war in Syrian and Iraq created masses of refugees, he claimed that the wave of immigrants to Europe were nothing but a planned plot by the Muslim Brotherhood to take control of Europe. He even urged Czechs to take up arms against what he called a “super-Holocaust” from Muslim terrorists. With less than 0.1% Muslims of the country’s whole population and few anti-racist activism, Zeman’s conspiracy theories can be easily disseminated. A meeting by leading European right-wing parties was met with only a few hundred demonstrators. While in the past, Zeman was also countered by government representatives, the new situation could possibly give Zeman new opportunities for blatantly spreading Islamophobia.

    Recent parliamentary elections last October gave momentum to a new populist party headed by billionaire tycoon Andrej Babiš, who won with his new party ‘Action of Dissatisfied Citizens’ (ANO) 78 seats. But since he has refused to form a coalition with another right-wing populist party – the SPD – that won 22 seats, which would give him the possibility to form a government in the 200-seat parliament, and other parties have declined to coalise with him because of criminal charges for allegedly obtaining EU funds fraudulently, Babiš resigned. But Zeman had vowed to re-appoint Babiš, whatever the election result. One way could be that Zeman pushes Babiš into an alliance with the ‘Freedom and Direct Democracy Party’ (SPD). The SPD is a right-wing populist party lead by Tomio Okamura and is known for nearly solely focusing on an Islamophobic program.

    Also Babiš is known for his Islamophobic positions: “We have to fight for what our ancestors built here. If there will be more Muslims than Belgians in Brussels, that’s their problem. I don’t want that here. They won’t be telling us who should live here.”

    But while Babiš is not solely concentrating on this issue, SPD with its 22 seats is following the patterns of Western far right parties. And most important: The SPD supported Zeman, who was flanked by its leader Okamura when he made a triumphant speech. The SPD’s party election slogan was “No to Islam, no to Terrorism” and he even promoted the legal ban of the religion of Islam itself. After the victory in the election last October, Okamura became vice-chair of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. And Okamura does not only enjoy the trust of domestic powers such as the Catholic Church, whose Cardinal Dominik Duka congratulated Okamura on his party’s electoral success. Okamura is also well connected to the rest of the far right in Europe.

    In Prague, the SPD hosted a meeting of European far right party leaders after its electoral success. Marine Le Pen from the French Front National, Geert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom Party, Matteo Salvini of the Italian Lega Nord, former Ukip MEP Janice Atkinson, Marcus Pretzell, former MEP for the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and the husband of its former co-leader Frauke Petry. Also, Belgian Vlaams Belang politician Gerolf Annemans, who became president of the far-right fraction in the EU parliament named ‘Europe of Nations and Freedom’s’, was present. While the Austrian Freedom Party could not participate due to ongoing coalition talks on the creation of the new government, which it since occupies, other representatives of the ENF group from Romania and Poland participated.

    With Miloš Zeman, the Czech Republic has a president, who cheers for Trump because he doesn’t want to let Muslims in to the United States. A president, who compared himself to a prophet for warning against the radicalization of immigrants. A president, who becomes another brick in a growing puzzle of governing politicians, who openly endorse Islamophobia, push back human rights, and try to stay in power by referring to the ghost of the Muslim enemy.


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    Denmark proposes ban on Islamic full-face veil

    The Danish government on Tuesday proposed a ban on Islamic full-face veils such as the niqab and burqa in public spaces, making it likely to become the next European country to restrict the wearing of the religious garment.

    "It is incompatible with the values ​​in Danish society
    and disrespectful to the community to keep one's face hidden when meeting each other in public spaces," Justice Minister Soren Pape Poulsen said in a statement.

    "With a ban on covering the face, we are drawing a line in the sand and underlining that in Denmark we show each other trust and respect by meeting face to face," he added.

    The niqab is a full veil with a small slit for the eyes, while the burqa is a full veil that covers the head and body with a mesh screen over the eyes.

    The proposal is to be assessed by non-governmental human rights organisations and possibly re-written to take their remarks into consideration.

    The centre-right government is expected to present a bill to parliament in the spring.

    With the support of the country's second largest party, the anti-immigration Danish People's Party, the proposed legislation is likely to be adopted.

    A violation of the ban would lead to a fine of 1,000 kroner ($166, 134 euros).

    Repeated violations would be fined up to 10,000 kroner.

    The proposed ban says the "burqa, niqab and balaclavas where only eyes and mouth are visible are examples of clothes that hide the face".

    But covering the face in a recognisable manner, such as wearing winter clothing, sports gear and masks for festivities, are exempted.

    It is not known how many women wear the niqab and burqa in Denmark.

    "I don't think there are many who wear the burqa here in Denmark. But if you do, you should be punished with a fine,"
    Poulsen told reporters, according to news agency Ritzau.

    The full-face veil is a hot-button issue across Europe.

    The European Court of Human Rights last year upheld a Belgian ban on wearing it in public.

    France was the first European country to ban the niqab in public places with a law that took effect in 2011.

    Spain's highest court annulled in 2013 a ban on the full-face veil in public buildings that had been brought in three years earlier by the northeastern region of Catalonia.


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    Attacks on immigrants highlight rise of fascist groups in Italy

    Antifascists say authorities have no will to stop ‘unconstitutional’ far-right parties

    More than 70 years after Benito Mussolini’s death, thousands of Italians are joining self-described fascist groups in a surge of support that antifascist groups blame on the portrayal of the refugee crisis, the rise of fake news and the country’s failure to deal with its past.

    The shooting in Macerata on Saturday that left six Africans injured was only the latest in a series of attacks perpetrated by people linked to the extreme right. According to the antifascist organisation Infoantifa Ecn, there have been 142 attacks by neofascist groups since 2014.

    As Luca Traini, 28, was questioned over the Macerata shooting, four North Africans in Pavia told police on Sunday that they had been beaten up during the night by a group of 25 skinheads. On 13 January in Naples, dozens of people belonging to the far-right association Forza Nuova broke into a bar where a meeting on Roma culture was being held, causing damage and wounding a female organiser.

    In 2001, Forza Nuova had just 1,500 members. Today, it has more than 13,000 and its Facebook page has more than 241,000 followers, almost 20,000 more than the Democratic party, Italy’s biggest leftwing party. The fascist-inspired CasaPound party has almost 234,000 followers. Its secretary, Simone Di Stefano, is running for prime minister in the 4 March general election.

    “We grew up on our own, without the help of the media,” Adriano Da Pozzo, a Forza Nuova leader, told the Guardian. “The other parties aimed at promoting their candidates, while we aim for the promotion of our ideas.” The far-right group has offered legal support to Traini.

    Antifascist groups say an apparent reluctance to take action against the far-right groups is allowing their rise. A bill introduced last year into the chamber of deputies, the parliament’s lower house, by the MP Emanuele Fiano to prohibit fascist propaganda would have allowed up to two years in jail for those who sold fascist souvenirs or performed the Roman salute, which is illegal in both Germany and Austria. After the opposition of Silvio Berlusconi’s party, Forza Italia, and the Lega Nord, the bill was blocked in the senate.

    “We are very worried,” said Carla Nespolo, the president of the National Association of Italian Partisans (ANPI), a group founded by members of the Italian resistance against Mussolini. “These new fascists attack our offices and there seems to be no will to stop them. We asked the government to prevent the participation of fascist-inspired parties in the upcoming elections, because they were unconstitutional, and we never received an answer.”

    The Italian constitution forbids the “promotion of any association that pursues the aims of the Fascist party or anyone who exalts its principles.” Yet the authorities have never intervened against CasaPound and Forza Nuova, whose members show off swastikas and fascist flags during their demonstrations.

    The ANPI last year drew up a list of 500 internet sites praising fascism in Italy, asking that they be blocked. Nothing was done.

    “These are sites that spread hatred among people, especially against migrants,” said Nespolo, “especially against migrants. “And they do it by spreading fake news about refugees on the social networks.’’ False accounts of rapes perpetrated by asylum seekers are shared by thousands on Facebook and Twitter.

    “Fake news has played a crucial role in the propaganda of the extreme right,” said Francesco Pira, a communications sociologist at the University of Messina and expert on fake news.

    “There seems to be no vigilance on them. The problem does not only concern the totally false news, but also news items where the word ‘clandestine’ is used to describe migrants, marking asylum seekers out as criminals, a notion that seems to be one of the most welcomed pieces of propaganda by the right.”

    Laura Boldrini, the president of the chamber of deputies, is a frequent target of fake news: she has both proposed fines and even imprisonment for those who spread false stories and, as a former spokeswoman for the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, was known for having a humanitarian approach to the migrant crisis. Immediately after the shootings in Macerata, a photo depicting Boldrini’s “severed head’’ appeared with the inscription: “Decapitated by a Nigerian: this is the end she needed to meet in order to appreciate her friends’ customs.”

    The shootings happened days after a Nigerian man was arrested in connection with the death of an 18-year-old Italian woman, Pamela Mastropietro, whose dismembered body was discovered hidden in two suitcases near Macerata. Rightwingers have seized on her death to promote their anti-migrant message.

    Just as the right is moving forward, Benito Mussolini is appearing in Italian cinemas in the satire movie I’m Back, which imagines the dictator returning to the Italy of 2018. “The Italians, unlike the Germans, never dealt with their dictator, they have never removed him,” said the director Luca Maniero. “Watching what is happening, today, in our country, I am convinced that if Mussolini came back, he would win the election.’’

    White Terrorist Shoots Blacks in Italy : https://www.facebook.com/ajplusengli...8090549665784/

    Comments: All these anglo media saying 'far right' , 'alt right', it's always something 'right' when in fact they are white extremists,
    fanatics and terrorists. As of sugar coating and down playing their own kind will fool anyone.

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    Polish President signs controversial Holocaust bill into law

    By James Masters - February 7, 2018

    Polish President Andrzej Duda signed Poland's controversial new Holocaust bill
    late Tuesday ahead of it being assessed by the country's Constitutional Tribunal.

    The law would make it illegal to accuse the nation of complicity in crimes committed by Nazi Germany, including the Holocaust.

    It would also ban the use of terms such as "Polish death camps" in relation to Auschwitz and other such camps located in Nazi-occupied Poland.

    Poland's President Andrzej Duda announces he would sign the controversial Holocaust bill into law.

    Violations will be punished by a fine or a jail sentence of up to three years.

    Duda's spokesman, Krzysztof Lapinski, confirmed the bill had been signed.

    The President's office says the majority of the legislation will take effect 14 days after it appears at the country's Journal of Laws -- which could happen as early as Wednesday. The rest of the legislation will come into force within three months.

    The bill will also be reviewed by the country's Constitutional Tribunal to ensure it doesn't breach the Polish constitution.

    The decision to sign the bill into law has already attracted criticism from the US, Israel and France.

    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the law "adversely affects freedom of speech and academic inquiry."

    In a statement, he added: "The United States reaffirms that terms like 'Polish death camps' are painful and misleading. Such historical inaccuracies affect Poland, our strong ally, and must be combated in ways that protect fundamental freedoms. We believe that open debate, scholarship, and education are the best means of countering misleading speech."

    On Tuesday, Duda told a news conference that he was aware of the "sensitivities" around this bill, including a "fear that it will not be possible to tell the truth -- that it will gag the survivors."

    The decision is likely to anger Israel, which has been vociferous in its criticism of the bill, accusing Poland of trying to rewrite history.

    Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday it would continue to discuss the bill with Poland.

    "We hope that within allotted time until the court's deliberations are concluded, we will manage to agree on changes and corrections," the spokesperson said.

    "Israel and Poland hold a joint responsibility to research and preserve the history of the Holocaust."

    While there is a consensus among historians that certain Polish individuals and groups did collaborate with the Nazi occupiers, recent Polish governments have sought to challenge that narrative.

    At least 3 million Polish Jews and 1.9 million non-Jewish citizens were killed during the Holocaust, according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

    Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust overall.

    In a statement released Tuesday, Yad Vashem, the world Holocaust remembrance center based in Jerusalem, labeled Duda's decision to sign the bill "unfortunate."



    The same people upset over this and crying about "freedom of speech" are the ones who support laws that imprison anyone denying the holocaust. There have been many academics who exposed this lie of six million being killed and the (fake) incinerators.

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    Revealed: Dutch are least hygienic Europeans

    Fifteen October is Global Handwashing Day. By which we don't mean: wait until then to lather up your paws. Now that would be counterproductive! Because unwashed hands spread diseases – often deadly diseases.

    Consider the fact that washing hands with soap reduces infant mortality for pneumonia (and other respiratory diseases) by up to 25%, and for diarrhea (and other intestinal diseases) by up to 50%. And consider the grim toll of those two eminently preventable diseases: they kill 3.5 million under-fives each year. In other words, improving hand hygiene is the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to reduce the mortality of young children.

    Wash your hands before eating, and after going to the toilet. That is the simple message of Global Handwashing Day, which was first held in 2008. It's a noble and worthwhile cause – even if it is rather self-servingly sponsored by some of the world's largest soap-producing companies (1).

    The Day, every year on 15 October, is focused mostly on developing countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria, India and the Philippines, where basic hygiene (or a lack of it) is a more critical factor in determining whether children survive than in the developed world. Improving hand hygiene requires an increase in awareness, the application of peer pressure, and a change in culture.

    But it's not just the developing world that needs cleaner hands. As this map shows, some countries in Europe too have a definite problem with (not) washing hands. The map shows the result of a Gallup poll from 2015. Question: Do you automatically wash your hands with soap and water after going to the toilet?

    Cleanest respondents are the Bosnians (96%), followed by the Turks (94%). These high scores are no doubt relatable to wudu, the Islamic procedure for washing hands (and mouth, nostrils, arms, head and feet) as a means of ritual purification, for example prior to prayer.

    Other Balkan peoples are among the most hygienic in Europe, but quite a bit below the Bosnians and Turks: Kosovans (also mainly Muslims) are at 85%, equalled by the Greeks and followed by Romanians (84%), Serbians (83%) and Macedonians (82%). The only other European people with this level of post-bathroom cleanliness are the Portuguese (85%).

    The next batch of countries is again about 10 percentage points lower, in the seventies. Iceland, Sweden and Germany lead the pack (78%), then come Finland (76%), the UK (75%), Ireland (74%) and Switzerland (73%). Bulgaria (72%) is a relatively dirty spot in the otherwise clean Balkans. The Czech Republic (71%) is less eye-catching, surrounded by schmutzig Central Europe. And Ukraine, also 71%, seems spotless, compared to those (relatively) filthy Russians.

    Dropping to the sixties, Poland has the highest score (68%); followed by Estonia (65%) and their slightly dirtier neighbour Russia (63%). France (62%), Spain (61%) and Belgium (60%) are all languishing at the bottom of the sixties. Austria (65%), surrounded by cleaner neighbours on almost all sides, can look down on Italy (57%).

    But who is the dirtiest of them all? Surprise, surprise: it's the Dutch. They generally benefit from a reputation for order and cleanliness, but as it turns out, that is largely undeserved. As this poll shows, fully half of all Netherlanders do not wash their hands with soap when returning from the bathroom. No other country in Europe does worse (to be fair: not all countries were surveyed). It would seem the Dutch could benefit from this device, as invented by cartoonist Gary Larson.



    It's nice to see that after 1400 years, these Romans are starting to become somewhat civilized. Their dirty uncivilized ways was what caused the bubonic plague and the Black Death that followed through Asia, Europe and Africa, killing a third of humanity. They used to not take shower and remain dirty and smelly on purpose to offend the Muslims, who were keen on cleanliness, being it considered completing half of one's faith.

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    Anti Muslim crime rife in Germany

    Anti-Muslim crimes, including physical assault, threatening letters, hate speech and spraying Nazi-themed graffiti on mosques, were rife in Germany in 2017.

    Statistics from the Interior Ministry recorded at least 950 such offenses, most of them carried out by right-wing extremists, with 33 people hurt in attacks.
    Some 60 attacks and acts of desecration were committed against mosques and other Islamic institutions.

    In some cases, pig’s blood was smeared on buildings or Nazi symbols were sprayed on walls.
    Around 90 demonstrations against the alleged “Islamization” of Germany were also included in the figures.

    Aiman Mazyek, who heads the Central Council of Muslims, said the number of attacks on Muslims and Muslim facilities was likely much higher given that many authorities were not yet monitoring anti-Islamic incidents specifically and victims often failed to make police reports.

    The right wing in Germany is on the rise and has severely criticised Chancellor Angela Merkel for her policy of allowing Muslim migration from the Middle East and Africa, particularly after Merkel opened Germany’s borders in 2015 as a response to the Syrian refugee crisis.


    Questioning the rape narrative in Cologne, Germany

    By James Schultz - January 14, 2016

    Last weekend we were treated to “news” on social media that a thousand Muslim men had descended upon Cologne Germany and, while shooting fireworks in their faces to disfigure them, raped 100 women. The tale was somewhat confirmed by Breitbart and other sources, but amazingly, many of the reports of even “sexual assault” turn out to be unconfirmed and in many cases to have been attempts at harassment and intimidation, but are certainly not rape or severe sexual assault. Leaving us to wonder, what will be remembered about this event? — D.E.

    I’ve always wanted to go to the tomato festival in Pamplona, Spain to partake in the running of the Bulls. My better judgment however has concerns that focus on whether or not I am quick enough on my feet to avoid going viral on Youtube by outmaneuvering a herd of 1500 pound raging bulls. However, a new and far more exciting travel destination has come of interest as of late. Cologne, Germany. A week and a half ago saw the inaugural New Years Eve Running of the Rapists or so one might conclude if they believed everything they read in headlines that suggest that up to 100 women were raped, sexually assaulted and the targets of a coordinated attack by as many 1000 Arab and North African Men. 100 women did not get raped on New Years eve in Cologne by 1000 Arab and North African men.

    What I find most troubling isn’t the fact that 100 women were allegedly sexually assaulted, it is the fact that the media recognizes that the smartest person stupid enough to believe this sits atop a segment of the population large enough to be profitable.

    This was an easy story to publish for many media outlets. It feeds directly into the current fears many westerners already have about the huge influx of Syrian migrants into Europe and North America. Feminists have not done too much with this story. If anyone would recognize a sensationalized crisis, it would be those who make a living off of them. I would have thought for sure Jessica Valenti would have tweeted about this during her first morning **** of 2016. Amanda Marcotte who tweets more than twice as often as Jessica but has less than half the followers made no mention of this either. On Twitter David Futrelle was openly challenged in one post as to why he was sharing AVFM memes about men taking their girlfriends to MacDonald’s as an example of misogyny rather than discussing the Cologne rape crisis.

    David hasn’t replied. The reports coming out of Cologne steeped in the sort of moral panic and hysteria seen numerous times throughout history were reminiscent in some ways of the magnitude of crisis that unfolded in Paris two months ago. CNN reported that there were 379 criminal acts on New Years Eve, 150 or so being investigated for sexual assault. The Independent claims there were 90 criminal reports with one alleged rape. CBC reported that 121 women were robbed, threatened or sexually molested by gangs of men. The Wall Street journal claimed that 121 reports were recieved by German authorities with three quarters being related to sexual assault. The Rebel called it a “Civil War” as if describing an army of Muslims storming the train station under Muhammad E Lee screaming Allahu Akbar.

    Other outlets, including Breitbart called it a “Rapefest” like it was something you could buy tickets from Groupon online and linked video footage as if to provide definitive proof of mass rape that showed nothing of the sort except fireworks going off in a jubilant, if rowdy crowd. I’ve seen worse mobs having good clean fun torching police cruisers, overturning vehicles and making out in the middle of chaos in downtown Vancouver after the Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals back in 2011.

    As a measure of how useless the video footage was, Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering couldn’t even use it in their next documentary. Perhaps the best quote from the media so far is the BBC’s suggestion that

    "…the attacks appear to have been organised. Around 1,000 young men arrived in large groups, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women."

    I could be wrong of course and maybe two full battalions of similar size to what Australia committed to the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003 did in fact orchestrate a coordinated attack on women at the strategically vital and lucrative Cologne train station while intoxicated but we need to calm the **** down here and approach this with a more critical eye. We can all agree something happened here, but highly unlikely to be worth the hysteria that currently exists.

    As mentioned, CNN reported that there were 379 reports made to police and Breitbart now reports that there have been 379 arrests. What luck. Despite the mass panic and hysteria only two rapes have been reported thus far. Right about now I’ll have to preemptively dodge a few straw-men being thrown my way, as some will ask “Why does it matter? – two is two too many.” That part is correct, but for the media who know that the degree of hysteria they create is related to the revenue and political capital to be gained, two is no where near enough. If it doesn’t matter that two rapes were reported as 100; then it was never about the rape to begin with. That is why these stories are presented in the manner they are – that leaves a lasting impression that a predatory culture that we were warned would do something like this has now conveniently materialized and is now stalking the streets of Germany in great hordes like it was the dawn of the zombie apocalypse.

    Often the voices worth paying attention to are the ones countering the narrative and saying the things that few want to hear. Enter Marcia Adair, an expat Canadian journalist living in Cologne, who managed to piss off Islamophobes for daring to describe these men without reference to their religion and coffee shop feminists for her internalized misogyny that refused to bare false witness against anything that happened that night. Her article in the National Post is unique for a variety of reasons. It is the only one I can find in a major news source that provides an alternative viewpoint to what happened in Cologne on New Years Eve, and the second relatively unique and interesting thing is that she was actually there.

    "I was at the main station, alone after midnight, as I often am, happy to have had a lovely night watching fireworks at the Rhine. Imagine my surprise, six days later, to discover I had been within 100 metres of a roving gang of rapists without noticing that anything was amiss."

    Bystanders today are now generally encouraged to intervene and speak out against those they witness committing rape marking a dramatic shift from what we would have done previously, which was apparently to sit by like a bunch of perverts and do nothing without it ever occurring to us that someone was being harmed. Apparently rape is an act of public exhibitionism that has been happening in plain site all around me for most of my life. It is amazing that she wouldn’t notice a “Rapefest” happening right under her nose in 2015 when we are taught that everything is rape.

    Thankfully the First Canadian Couch Commando Regiment from 3000 miles away weren’t buying it and deployed to the echo chamber of a comment section (the National Post being a Canadian publication) of her article to correct her about what she really saw. In one comment thread alleging that Adair was whitewashing what happened that night, one commenter quipped,

    "I think her feeling would be different if she were a victim"

    which is a strange thing to assume for someone who was at the scene of the alleged crime and clearly states she will,

    "…still walk the city centre as I have always done and not think twice about it."

    One commenter posted a Rebel article as the source of his faith in the reports coming out of Germany without any sense of irony in the fact that this article pointed out the German government “… writes false press releases [and]… sits on the news.” Apparently government censorship and dishonesty surrounding Cologne could only apply to the occurrence of mass rapes, rather than the lack thereof. Consider for a moment that this is the same media who have convinced many people that something similar is happening on our college and university campuses.

    We have all the reason in the world to be skeptical about the extent and level being reported. The Western world has been accepting Muslim refugees and migrants for decades and specifically from the Syrian crisis since 2011. Canada’s Muslim population is over 1,000,000 and no roving hordes of rape gangs. As of 2010 the US had roughly 2,500,000 Muslims and no roving hordes of rape gangs. Syria according to some statistics had a very low rape rate before statistics became difficult to find since the start of their civil war at .06 rapes per 100,000 people. Even if we accept the most generous of non-reporting figures and cultural differences regarding definitions of rape it is still quite low. According to the Local, a German English media outlet,

    "Less than 1 percent of the total crimes committed by refugees are sex crimes, going against rumours spread on social media that these have become more common with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees."

    What changed New Years Eve and how did Marcia Adair walk right through the middle of it and not notice? How has North America so successfully screened out rapists? Clearly there were some incidents, but to the degree stated in most news outlets? Let us not forget that the media has successfully convinced legislators that 25% of female students are raped in university so it should not be seen as a big surprise that so many people believe what is being reported now.

    Speaking out against rape does not make you racist and does not conflict with positive or negative feelings regarding the migrant situation in Europe which makes it strange as to why many high profile feminists have chosen not to provide any coverage of this situation at all when so many of those feminists are not only happy to believe a non credible story, but a story exposed as false, such as the case of UVA. This should not in and of itself be surprising. Feminist advocacy has always been very selective about the character and nature of their victim and perpetrator narratives. I very well could be wrong, but I am not going to go superimposing the German flag on top of my Facebook profile picture just yet.


    Cologne sex assaults: Muslim rape myths fit a neo-Nazi agenda

    One newspaper said the EU referendum was about the safety and security of British women

    by Nabila Ramdani - 13 February 2016

    Dark myths about sexual assaults in Cologne came into sharp focus last week when a female television journalist was attacked live on air. Esmeralda Labye, a reporter from Belgium, was covering the German city’s annual carnival when three men variously touched her breasts, kissed her and simulated intercourse behind her back.

    It followed claims of multiple sex crimes on women around the city’s station on New Year’s Eve, when refugees were blamed. This allowed conspiracy theorists to outline their most starkly racist fantasies, painting a picture of demonic brown-skinned Muslims fleeing war zones to defile white European womanhood. No need for court cases: marauding savages had planned everything on the Internet and were all guilty without trial.

    This time, however, Labye’s cameraman captured the absolute
    truth: footage shows white European males from overwhelmingly Christian Germany molesting her. Cologne was full of Caucasian drunks acting with the same kind of macho abandon which contributes to some half a million adults being sexually assaulted in England and Wales alone each year.

    Germany reacts to Cologne New Year's Eve attacks

    After the events of New Year’s Eve, one commentator specifically cited uneducated “youths from Afghanistan and Syria” as the culprits, expanding the global threat to one posed by “several hundred thousand young Muslim males”. More ambitiously still, the whole Cologne affair was linked to Brexit, as we were told by one newspaper: “The EU referendum is about nothing less than the safety and security of British women – and that means we must get out of Europe.”

    On Friday, the Cologne prosecutor Ulrich Bremer in fact told me that, of the 59 suspects pinpointed so far, just four are from war-torn countries (Syria and Iraq), only 14 are in custody, and nobody has yet been charged. Nearly 600 hours of CCTV reveals very little, and there is no evidence whatsoever that the alleged attacks were planned in advance.

    The refugee-as-rapist construct is the kind that has been used to demonise people throughout history. The idea is that you apply frightening characteristics to those you view as political enemies. In the 1930s Cologne’s Jews were described as 'Untermenschen' (inferior people) menacing European culture, before 11,000 were murdered during the Nazi Holocaust by “racially pure” Aryans, many of them beer-swilling Christians.

    Merging racism into a wider discussion about law and order, feminism and even the future of the EU project does not make it any less objectionable. Brown men are not inherently more misogynistic or brutal than white men, and Muslims are just as likely to be family-orientated, peaceful citizens as their counterparts from other religious and cultural heritages.

    Neo-Nazi groups such as Germany’s Pegida – an organisation becoming increasingly active in Britain – instead jump on the propaganda, using sacred half-truths about Cologne to spread hatred and violence. In their world, victims like Labye – white and blonde-haired – mean nothing if they are not prepared to scapegoat and lie in the cause of protecting European “civilisation” from the dark invaders.



    As usual, their own people do the crime and they try to pin it on the Muslims.

    German Girl, 13, Admits to Lying About Migrant Rape Claim

    by Melissa Chan - February 1, 2016

    A 13-year-old girl has confessed to concocting claims that she was kidnapped and raped by migrants after her allegations triggered outrage and a diplomatic dispute between Germany and Russia.

    The Russian-German girl, who was only named as Lisa,
    admitted to lying about the alleged rape and abduction, prosecutors said Sunday, according to the Guardian. She was reported missing on Jan. 11 after she failed to show up at school and emerged 30 hours later with injuries on her face, claiming she was attacked in Berlin by men of Middle Eastern or north African appearance, the newspaper said.

    The girl’s allegations came after reports of mass sexual assaults allegedly carried out by migrants in Cologne. Her claims prompted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to publicly accused German authorities of a “cover-up,” the Telegraph reports.

    Teenage girl admits making up migrant rape claim that outraged Germany

    Allegation by 13-year-old sparked far-right protests and anger in the Kremlin

    by Ben Knight in Berlin - 31 Jan 2016

    A 13-year-old Russian-German girl has admitted making up a story about being kidnapped and raped by migrants in a case that triggered a furore in Germany and briefly embroiled Berlin police in a spat with the Kremlin, state prosecutors said.

    The parents of the teenager, named only as Lisa, reported her missing on 11 January after she failed to appear at school in the Marzahn district of the capital. She reappeared 30 hours later with injuries on her face, and told her parents she had been attacked by men of Middle Eastern or north African appearance. News of the incident spread on social media, sparking outrage among Berlin’s Russian-German community.

    when she was questioned by trained specialists three days later “she immediately admitted that the story of the rape was not true”, said the spokesman for the state prosecutor, Martin Steltner.

    He said the teenager had been scared of going home after the school had contacted her parents over an incident at school.

    Yet the allegations caused uproar in Berlin, particularly after reports of mass sexual assaults allegedly carried out by migrants in Cologne. A Russian-German community group staged a protest, supported by the Pegida-related Bärgida movement. The far-right National Democratic party also demonstrated in Marzahn.

    The mood was exacerbated by a report on Russian state TV, in which the girl’s relatives claimed her allegations were not being investigated.

    The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, also weighed in to criticise the Berlin authorities. “The news that she disappeared was kept secret for a very long time,” he told a press conference, blaming “political correctness”.

    Analysis of the teenager’s mobile phone records showed she had spent the night with a friend, who is not being treated as a suspect.

    Her mother told Der Spiegel magazine on Sunday that Lisa was “doing very badly” and was having treatment in a psychiatric ward.

    Mass sexual assault in Frankfurt by refugees 'completely made up'


    Fake news: 'Mass sexual assault' by refugees at New Year in Germany

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    Sweden’s Rape Crisis Isn’t What It Seems

    by Doug Saunders - May 14, 2016

    Sweden, the story goes, used to be very peaceful, very safe, very blond. Then it started letting in darker-skinned people. Soon there were news reports of attacks on Swedes. Now, Sweden records the highest incidence of rape in the world.

    The Sweden story has become absolutely viral. You’ve probably read a version in a Facebook post, or heard it in a speech or debate.
    It is the argument-ender of the intolerant: To make the case against refugees, or immigration, or “Islam,” you recount a couple of stories about refugee-camp horrors, some random anecdotes of sex crimes involving brown people in various countries, and then drop the Sweden story.

    Behind it you’ll find the resurrection of an old, deadly appeal to fear – that people of certain skin colours are natural-born predators who threaten white women. It’s a version of lynch-mob logic that happens to appeal to the liberal and tolerant as much as the hateful and intolerant.

    it falls apart as soon as you speak to anyone knowledgeable in Sweden.

    “What we’re hearing is a very, very extreme exaggeration based on a few isolated events, and the claim that it’s related to immigration is more or less not true at all,” says Jerzy Sarnecki, a criminologist at Stockholm University who has devoted his career to the study of criminality, ethnicity and age.

    Sweden does indeed have far more reported cases of sexual assault than any other country. But it’s not because Swedes – of any colour – are very criminal. It’s because they’re
    very feminist. In 2005, Sweden’s Social Democratic government introduced a new sex-crime law with the world’s most expansive definition of rape.

    Imagine, for example,
    if your boss rubbed against you in an unwanted way at work once a week for a year. In Canada, this would potentially be a case of sexual assault. Under Germany’s more limited laws, it would be zero cases. In Sweden, it would be tallied as 52 separate cases of rape. If you engaged in a half-dozen sex acts with your spouse, then later you felt you had not given consent, in Sweden that would beclassified as six cases of rape.

    The marked increase in rape cases during the 2000s is almost entirely a reflection of Sweden’s deep public interest in sexual equality and the rights of women, not of attacks by newcomers.

    But aren’t refugees and immigrants responsible for a greater share of Sweden’s sexual assaults?

    In a sense. Statistics show that the foreign-born in Sweden, as in most European countries, do have a higher rate of criminal charges than the native-born, in everything from shoplifting to murder (though not enough to affect the crime rate by more than a tiny margin). The opposite is true in North America, where immigrants have lower-than-average crime rates.

    Why the difference? Because people who go to Sweden are poorer, and
    crime rates are mostly a product not of ethnicity but of class. In a 2013 analysis of 63,000 Swedish residents, Prof. Sarnecki and his colleagues found that 75 per cent of the difference in foreign-born crime is accounted for by income and neighbourhood, both indicators of poverty. Among the Swedish-born children of immigrants, the crime rate falls in half (and is almost entirely concentrated in lesser property crimes) and is 100-per-cent attributable to class – they are no more likely to commit crimes, including rape, than ethnic Swedes of the same family income.

    What also stands out is that almost all the victims of these crimes – especially sex crimes – are also foreign-born. But for a handful of headline-grabbing atrocities,
    it isn’t a case of swarthy men preying on white women, but of Sweden’s system turning refugees into victims of crime.

    That is the real Swedish crisis. Refugee shelters are terrible, dangerous places, whoever is in them. When such shelters, then known as displaced persons camps, held millions of Europeans in the 1940s and 1950s, histories show they were at risk of sexual predation and organized attacks against Jewish refugees.

    Because otherwise generous
    Sweden doesn’t allow refugees to seek work until they know the language, tens of thousands of people are stuck in these awful places, in similar conditions, or in welfare-dependent netherworlds.

    There they become victims of violent crime, victims of economic exclusion and victims of a grotesque, viral story that portrays them as predators, entirely because of their skin colour.

    Pedophile Women Employees Raping Migrant Children in Migrant Centers Across Sweden



    The swedes aren't trying to achieve any equality or women's rights. It is a very feminist country and so they are making such retard laws to count everything as a rape. It wouldn't be a surprise if they started counting 'looking at some' as "stare rape", a term feminists already use. Their being feminists also explains the countrywide rape of migrant children.


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