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    Default Europe Extremism and Islamophobia

    Council of Muftis demand explanation for blocking access to Moscow Cathedral Mosque

    11 October 2010

    Moscow, October 11, Interfax - The Russian Council of Muftis intends to file a claim with the Moscow prosecutor's office on Monday requesting a probe into the blocking of access to Moscow Cathedral Mosque by the OMON special task police, the Council's press secretary Gulnur Gaziyeva told Interfax-Religion.

    On Friday, the OMON special task police blocked all major roads leading to the mosque, pushing worshippers on to tramlines, the Council of Muftis reported on its website. Worshippers, who lost access to their usual prayer spaces on the sidewalks near the mosque, had to go on to the part of the street intended for transport.

    Muslims started expressing their dissatisfaction with the situation, which, according to Gaziyeva, could have potentially led to riots.

    "It was a dangerous situation when a crowd came for the Friday prayer and saw police cordons in their way," Gaziyeva said.

    The riots were prevented with help from imams and the prayers proceeded calmly. The meeting participants also collected signatures in support of the construction of a mosque in the Moscow district of Tekstilschiki.

    "The cordons were removed after the prayer and the police and the administration of the sports palace did not make any apologies. The Muslims who come to Cathedral Mosque said they are confident that they will not only receive explanations, but will not be faced with such violations in the future," the Council of Muftis said.

    The Moscow police declined to comment on the police actions.

    Zhanna Ozhimina, press officer for the Moscow OMON special task police, told Interfax that some twenty OMON policemen were on duty near the mosque. "The OMON policemen were in reserve," she said.

    Ozhimina said security in the mosque area was ensured by officials from the interior affairs department of the Moscow Central Administrative District.

    In the meantime, it was reported last month that some 55,000 Muslims had come to Cathedral Mosque on September 9 to celebrate Uraza-Bairam, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

    Worshippers then flooded the streets leading to the mosque, placing down carpets they had brought from home, an Interfax correspondent reported. The sermon and prayer by Council of Muftis head Ravil Gainutdin was broadcast via loudspeakers installed inside the mosque.


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    Great link! I'm adding it on here as attachment PDF if anyone likes to save it for their records!
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    Is a storm brewing in Europe?

    By Billy Briggs

    On platfoorm one at Bolton train station in England a mob of about 100 men punch the air in unison as a chant - "Muslim bombers, off our streets!'' - goes up. Their voices echo loudly, and as more men suddenly appear, startled passengers move aside. The protesters wave St George's Cross flags - the red and white English national emblem - and raise placards. Some wear balaclavas, others black-hooded tops. There is an air of menace.

    These are some of the most violent football hooligans in Britain and today they have joined in an unprecedented show of strength. Standing shoulder to shoulder are notorious gangs such as Cardiff City's Soul Crew, Bolton Wanderers' Cuckoo Boys and Luton Town's Men In Gear: a remarkable gathering given that on a match day these men would be fighting each other. But today they are not here for football; it is politics that has drawn them. Their destination is Manchester to support a protest by the newly formed English Defence League.

    The police are here in force, too. "Take that mask off," barks a sergeant to one young man. The man does so immediately but retorts: "Why are they allowed to wear burqas in public but we're not allowed to cover our faces?" The sergeant snaps back: ''Just do what you're told."

    A man with a West Country accent standing next to me says: "It's always the fxxxxx' same these days. One rule for them and another for us. I'm sick of this fxxxxx' country." He draws on a cigarette before flicking it to the ground in disgust. He starts to complain again, but when the public address system announces the arrival of the train to Manchester Piccadilly, he raises his hands above his head and starts another football favourite: "Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves ..."

    His companions join in singing, and as the train comes to a halt beside the platform the crowd surges forward. The carriages are almost full, so the men pack into aisles followed by police speaking into radios. A group of young men drinking beer at a table eye the protesters warily, but one protester wearing a baseball cap notices their fear and reassures them. "It's all right lads, nothing to worry about. We're protesting against radical Islam. Come and join us," he says, and as the train draws nearer to Manchester, the singing starts again. "Eng-e-land, Eng-e-land, Eng-e-land ..." the men sing rowdily. The English Defence League is in town.

    A ready-made army?

    The league seemed to spring from nowhere in 2009, but since its formation the far-right movement has held major protests in nearly all of Britain's cities. Although it claims to be a peaceful group, violence has erupted at most league demonstrations, with its supporters fighting on the streets against police, Muslim youths and a group called Unite Against Fascism, an umbrella organisation consisting mainly of students and trade unionists and formed in 2003 to oppose the far-right. During the fighting hundreds of people have been arrested, weapons have been seized and city centres have been brought to a standstill.

    Britain has not witnessed such street violence for many years and there are growing fears that the league - despite its official multiracial stance - has become a ready-made army for neo-Nazis who for years have operated underground and that tensions will erupt resulting in major disorder.

    All mainstream political parties in Britain have criticised the league, including John Denham, the former communities secretary, who compared the group to Oswald Mosley's Union of British Fascists, which ran amok in London during the 1930s.

    Tinderbox northern towns such as Bradford and Oldham - which witnessed race riots in 2001 - have been among the league's targets this year and a countrywide police team set up to combat domestic extremism, the National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit, has been investigating the movement.

    I had met members of the league for the first time in a derelict building in Luton, near London, three weeks before the Manchester rally. They had agreed to talk on the condition that I did not identify them. Eleven men turned up. All wore balaclavas and most had black league hoodies with ''Luton Division'' on the back. A man using the pseudonym Tommy Robinson did most of the talking and explained the movement's background.

    "For more than a decade now, there's been tension in Luton between Muslim youths and whites. We all get on fine - black, white, Indian, Chinese - everyone does, in fact, apart from some Muslim youths who've become extremely radicalised since the first Gulf War. Preachers of hate such as Anjem Choudary have been recruiting for radical Islamist groups in Luton for years. Our government does nothing, so we decided we'd start protesting against radical Islam, and it grew from there," he said.

    With Islam Europe's fastest-growing religion - Muslim populations are projected to expand rapidly in coming decades - the group's fear that traditional British culture is under threat have been exacerbated.

    Robinson could barely conceal his anger as he described radical Muslims protesting as the Royal Anglican regiment paraded through the town on its return from Afghanistan in May 2009. Following the incident, he and others set up a group called United People of Luton. After linking up with a Birmingham-scriiptd group called British Citizens Against Muslim Extremists and a group calling itself Casuals United, they realised there was potential for a national movement. Robinson said members wore balaclavas to protect their identities because league members had been targeted by Muslim extremists.

    But although the league publicly espouses peaceful protest, there is growing concern over its secrecy and quasi-paramilitary appearance - as well as some of its membership. According to the international anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, far-right British National Party activists and other fascist extremists are at the core of the league. The publication's allegations have been backed by a former league member called Paul Ray who claimed that the group had been hijacked by the anti-immigration British National Party.

    Then there is Casuals United. The group came to the fore about the time the English Defence League was formed. An unprecedented alliance of football hooligans, it was the brainchild of Jeff Marsh, a member of Cardiff City's Soul Crew who has been convicted three times for violent offences. This included a two-year jail sentence for stabbing Manchester United fans. Marsh has now taken a back seat, so the public face of Casuals United is fellow Welshman and Soul Crew member Mickey Smith.

    Casuals United makes full use of modern communications and uses social networking websites such as Facebook to organise the 50 or so gangs that have been recruiting members around Britain. Other neo-Nazi groups, including the British People's Party and the British Freedom Fighters, have also participated in league protests, despite their opposition to the league's multiracial position.

    A 'perfect storm'?

    The high command of the league is much more astute than its foot soldiers, however, and distances itself from violence. In a Covent Garden pub I meet a computer expert from London called Alan Lake who runs a website called Four Freedoms. Last summer he contacted the league and offered to fund and advise the movement.

    His aim, he says, is to unite the "thinkers" and those prepared to take to the streets. He describes this marriage as "the perfect storm coming together," adding that street violence is not desirable but perhaps inevitable. "There are issues when you are dealing with football thugs - but what can we do?"

    He strongly criticises fascist organisations, however, and says that one of his conditions for backing the movement is that it does not associate with far-right groups. "There are different groups infiltrating and trying to cause rifts by one means or another, or trying to waylay the organisation to different agendas. The intention is to exclude those groups and individuals."

    But while some league leaders may oppose fascism, there are others who seem to have no problem with extremism. At league protests in Swansea, Wales, skinheads chanted British National Party slogans and raised Nazi salutes. In Northern Ireland, according to Searchlight, loyalists have started an Ulster Defence League, backed by the former paramilitary group the Ulster Defence Association, while in Scotland, the hooligan Inter City Firm attached to Rangers football club helped set up a Scottish Defence League.

    At an EDL protest in the city of Leicester, the movement's supporters pelted police officers with bottles, cans, bricks and coins resulting in 17 arrests. One police officer suffered a broken leg.

    The EDL protest garnered the largest police deployment in Leicestershire since the miners' strike 25 years ago. Police deployed 1,400 officers from 12 forces to deal with around 1,000 EDL supporters and a counter demo of around 700 anti-fascists.

    During the demo, the International Arts Centre Fabrika had to be evacuated, with journalists and staff making their escape through the back entrance as EDL protesters attempted to break into the building and smashed windows. The Leicester Mercury, a local newspaper, reported that there were also confrontations between the protesters and a group of Asian and black men in the Humberstone Road area, near St Matthew's, with pockets of fighting.

    What is concerning many people in Britain is that the movement is becoming more organised and stronger and feeding off growing Islamaphobia. With its anti-Islam stance, the EDL has been gaining support from abroad. Pamela Gellar, the woman leading the protest against the Islamic centre near Ground Zero in New York, has backed the movement and EDL members were welcomed when they flew to the US to oppose the Muslim community's plans on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

    Leader Robinson was refused entry at JFK airport, however, and taken into custody and flown straight back to the UK.

    Support has also come from Europe and on October 30, the EDL joined forces with the newly formed French and Dutch Defence Leagues at an event in Amsterdam. The meeting, organised by the European Freedom Initiative, was promoted as a demonstration for freedom and in opposition to Sharia. It was planned to coincide with the end of Dutch politician Geert Wilders' trial for hate speech and inciting racism.

    The fears are, however, that European cities could soon be witnessing the widespread violence being experienced in Britain.

    pictures: http://english.aljazeera.net/photo_galleries/europe/2010112275625847519.html


    They claim to fight radical Islam/Muslims yet they are chanting against the average Muslims just for practicing Islam, particularly the Muslimahs wearing the veil (niqab). They call the Muslims radicals for protesting the massacre of innocent Muslims in Afghanistan by the Britian army. Again, they are the extremists yet are accusing the Muslims of extremism.

    While the kuffar make armies out of civilians, the Muslims waste their time on facebook and other useless websites. The kuffar has put aside their own quarrelling and differences to join forces against Muslims, but the Muslims can't think of anything but fighting amongst each other. Maybe these are the reasons why a large number of Muslims will be killed [as stated by the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasalam)] when the war occurs.
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    Europe far right courts Israel in anti-Islam drive

    December 23, 2010

    Earlier this month, several far right European leaders visited Israel and backed its West Bank settlements; Dutch minority leader Geert Wilder says Palestinians should move to Jordan.

    Far-right political parties in Europe are stepping up their anti-Muslim rhetoric and forging ties across borders, even going so far as to visit Israel to hail the Jewish state as a bulwark against militant Islam.

    National Front leader Marine Le Pen has shocked the French political elite in recent days by comparing Muslims who pray outside crowded mosques -- a common sight during the holy month of Ramadan -- to the World War Two Nazi occupation.

    Oskar Freysinger, a champion of the Swiss ban on minarets, warned a far-right meeting in Paris on Saturday against "the demographic, sociological and psychological Islamisation of Europe". German and Belgian activists also addressed the crowd.

    Geert Wilders, whose populist far-right party supports the Dutch minority government, told Reuters last week he was organising an "international freedom alliance" to link grass-roots groups active in "the fight against Islam".

    Earlier this month, Wilders visited Israel and backed its West Bank settlements, saying Palestinians there should move to Jordan. Like-minded German, Austrian, Belgian, Swedish and other far-rightists were on their own Israel tour at the same time.

    "Our culture is based on Christianity, Judaism and humanism and (the Israelis) are fighting our fight," Wilders told Reuters in Amsterdam last week. "If Jerusalem falls, Amsterdam and New York will be next."

    While he seeks anti-Muslim allies abroad, Wilders said some older far-right parties such as France's National Front or the British National Party were "blunt racist parties I don't care for" and he would avoid cooperating with them.

    Campaigns aimed at Muslims have been gaining ground in Europe, most notably with the Swiss minaret ban last year and France's law this year against full facial veils in public, which Wilders said the Netherlands should copy next year.

    Support for these steps has spread beyond anti-immigrant parties and towards the political centre as globalisation and the ageing of Europe's population fuel voters' concerns about national sovereignty, according to a leading French analyst.

    Political scientist Dominique Reynie said the financial crisis had prompted more voters to agree with the far right that their political elites were incompetent.

    "Some people refuse what they see as a change in their cultural or religious surroundings," he told the Paris daily Le Monde. "These are the problems posed by mosques, burqas and the provisions of halal food."

    Some on the far right see similar trends in the United States. Wilders attended a rally in New York on Sept. 11 to protest against a mosque planned near Ground Zero and the leader of the Austrian Freedom Party, Heinz Christian Strache, has said he wants to visit the United States to meet leaders of the Tea Party movement.

    Marine Le Pen, who is preparing to succeed her father Jean-Marie as head of the National Front, had in recent years toed a more moderate line before her anti-Muslim comments. She notably refused to echo the anti-Semitic views expressed by her father.

    On Sunday, she insisted all public subsidies for building mosques must stop. Several politicians and Muslim leaders have said Muslims often pray in the street because they do not have enough space in mosques and urged that more be built.

    The rightists' Israel visits set what some analysts call the "new far right" apart from older extremists who were often anti-Semitic and backed Arab countries against the Jewish state.

    Declaring support for Israel gives them an opportunity to oppose Muslim opinion in their home countries, since European Muslims are often pro-Palestinian, as well as celebrate the Jewish state as the front line against militant Islam.

    "It is not Israel's duty to provide a Palestinian state," Wilders said in a speech in Tel Aviv. "There already is a Palestinian state and that state is Jordan."

    A so-called "Jerusalem Declaration" issued by four other European rightists during their Israel visit also staunchly defended the country's existence and its right to defend itself "against all aggression, especially Islamic terror."

    Heinz-Christian Strache from Austria, German Freedom Party head Rene Stadtkewitz, Sweden Democrat MP Kent Ekeroth and Filip Dewinter, head of Belgium's Vlaams Belang party, denied they were stoking Islamophobia with their statement.

    "The Arab-Israeli conflict illustrates the struggle between Western culture and radical Islam," Dewinter said in Tel Aviv. Strache made a similar link to Europe, telling a conference in Ashkelon -- a city that has been hit by rockets from the nearby Gaza Strip -- that Israel faced "an Islamic terror threat that aims right for the heart of our society".

    The Israeli newspaper Haaretz accused the rightists of "trading in their Jewish demon-enemy for the Muslim criminal-immigrant model" and visiting Israel only to get "Jewish absolution that will bring them closer to political power".


    Europe is reemerging as a superpower (while USA is declining) and it's joining forces to fight the Muslims. The next crusades are coming, are Muslims ready (or will be ready) or even aware of it?!

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    UPS sued for demanding Muslim shave beard

    10 Feb 11

    Sweden's Equality Ombudsman (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen, DO) has filed a lawsuit against parcel delivery company United Parcel Service (UPS) after the company dismissed a Muslim driver who refused to shave his beard.

    In a lawsuit filed with Sweden's Labour Court (Arbetsdomstolen) on Monday, the ombudsman argued that the company should pay the man, a resident of Spånga northest of Stockholm, 150,000 kronor ($23,000) in compensation plus 42,000 kronor in lost income, as well as interest on both amounts.

    "The rule has no legitimate purpose and is not appropriate and necessary," wrote Anders Wilhelmsson, the ombudsman office lawyer representing the man, in the filing.

    The man was employed in June 2010 by the Uniflex staffing company, which intended to subcontract him to UPS as a driver. The contract was to last through the summer until August 31st, but the stated aim was a permanent position with UPS if all went well, according to DO.

    During the recruitment process, the man was informed that UPS had a uniform policy under which drivers were not allowed to have beards. During the recruitment process, no one asked if he was prepared to shave his beard.

    In addition, his beard growth was very minimal. As such, he believed his beard would not be a problem.

    The man began his employment at UPS on June 7th, 2010. The first week was devoted to training. During that time, no one remarked about his beard, according to the lawsuit.

    However, the following Monday just before his first run, his immediate supervisor told him he had to shave the beard the next day.

    Since there were other colleagues in the vicinity, the man waited until the afternoon to speak to his supervisor again, but was nevertheless unable to make contact with his boss until the following morning.

    The man told his supervisor that he was a Muslim and it was against his religious convictions to shave his beard.

    The supervisor said it sounded strange to him because there were other Muslims at UPS who had shaved their beards, reiterating the policy was in place so that drivers would look clean and neat and that a beard was unacceptable.

    According to the lawsuit, the man explained that there are different interpretations of Islam. He asked if it was possible to grant him an exemption since he had religious reasons and it was not a large beard.

    The supervisor said he would discuss the issue with human resources and get back to him. At the end of the workday, the man was told by another manager that UPS stood by its policy and the company could not make any exceptions.

    The man emphasised that it was a difficult decision for him because he wanted to remain at UPS, but that he had thought through the whole situation carefully and stood behind his stance.

    The manager then informed the man that his contract would be terminated and asked him to return his uniform. Since the man's position at Uniflex was dependent on the contract, he also lost his job at Uniflex the following day.

    The ombudsman argued in its lawsuit that the company's ban on beards was difficult to fulfill as it touched on decisions based on one's religion or beliefs.

    As such, the man was disadvantaged by the application of an ostensibly neutral rule that could specifically discriminate against people with religious beliefs.


    Local Sweden Democrat: 'ban' practicing Muslims

    11 Sep 10

    A local politician from the far-right Sweden Democrats argued during an election debate on Thursday that Muslims shouldn't be allowed to practice their faith in Strömsund in northwestern Sweden.

    “I don’t think someone should be allowed to be a practicing Muslim in Strömsund,” Sweden Democrat Mikael Säbom said on Thursday during a live election debate broadcast on Sveriges Radio Jämtland.

    Since 2006, the town of just over 4,000 residents has taken in scores of Muslims from Uzbekistan in the wake of a 2005 crackdown by Uzbek government troops in Andijan in which hundreds of protesters were killed, although the exact number of casualties remains in dispute.

    At the time of the incident, known as the Andijan massacre, the Uzbek government claimed the demonstrations were organized by the Islamic radicals.

    Strömsund has seen a rise in hate crimes, from racist graffiti to the burning down of a mosque in the city two years ago.

    Säbom, who stands at the top of the Sweden Democrats’ list of candidates for election to the local council, later refused to elaborate on his comments when approached by the newspaper.

    A spokesperson from the Sweden Democrats headquarters in Stockholm claimed that Säbon’s comments had been “misinterpreted”, but added that the party stands behind the politician’s argument.

    One of Strömsund’s estimated 150 practicing Muslims who wished to remain anonymous told Aftonbladet he’s “very worried” about the Sweden Democrats gaining seats in the Riksdag.

    The party’s number two candidate in Strömsund, Peter Dahlsted, nevertheless remained upbeat about the Sweden Democrats' prospects, claiming that the influx of Muslims from Uzbekistan was a major driver for growth in the party’s support locally.

    “Many come up to us and dare to say what they think,” he told Aftonbladet.

    “It mostly has to do with the Uzbeks; that they’re disruptive in one way or another.”


    School refuses to enrol student with Arabic name

    26 Jul 10

    A 13-year-old female student has submitted a complaint to the Discrimination Ombudsman (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen, DO), charging that a school refused to enrol her because of her Arabic-sounding name.

    On June 10th, the day schools closed, the girl applied to Husbygårdsskolan in Kista northwest of Stockholm for the next semester, she wrote in a notification dated July 2nd.

    The following day, her mother, a co-complainant, received a message from a school secretary, saying that there were no more places at the school and that the application was rejected.

    The secretary then asked if the school should rip up the application and the student's mother, unaware of the consequences, said yes.

    Suspicious, a week later on June 18th, the subject's older sister called the principal, claiming to be a Swedish woman named "Annelie" seeking a spot for her son "Johan," who was the same age as her, or about to enter grade eight.

    "The headmaster became totally lyrical and implored that 'Annelie' make contact with the school secretary in charge of the admission process as soon as possible," wrote the complainant. "The principal said that there was room at the school and closed the conversation by saying, 'See you in the fall.'"

    The girl's sister called and again pretended to be "Annelie," this time for the secretary at the invitation of the rector.

    "[Blacked out] was also very happy about 'Annelies'' and 'Johan's' interest in the school and assured that there were places before the autumn holidays for grade eight because they had reorganised the school to create a large grade eight class from two former grade seven classes," the complainant wrote.

    According to the notice, the secretary offerd to pick "Annelie" up along the way and guide her around the school so that she could see the school buildings.

    Two minutes later, after ending the call, the child's mother called using her own Arabic name and asked if there was space since her request was previously denied.

    The secretary allegedly replied "rather angrily" that "there was no place, that it was full, that there was a lack of space." Instead, the mother was offered to return later in the autumn if the situation changed, but everything was full.

    "I, my mother and my sister, as well as our whole family was deeply offended by this treatment and want the Discrimination Ombudsman to act speedily to defend our rights and help us obtain redress," the complainant wrote.

    The girl attached transcripts of the phone calls made on June 18th to her complaint, adding that the Office for Equal Rights (Byrån för Lika Rättigheter) had the original audio files.

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    Researcher: Finns now more critical of Islam


    Finns hold largely negative views on Islam, according to a study on attitudes to various religions. Christianity enjoys the best standing among Finns, but the majority would be ready to welcome representatives of other religions into their families.

    Based on their survey responses, Finns were best disposed towards Christianity, had mostly positive impressions of Buddhism and Hinduism, and
    felt most critical towards Islam.

    Only six percent of the survey respondents thought of Islam in positive terms, with the vast majority clearly
    holding negative impressions—which, says researcher Kimmo Ketola from the Church Research Institute, is mostly down to the media.

    “There are very few Muslim immigrants in Finland compared to many other European countries. The
    media can convey an exceedingly harsh and negative picture of Islam,” Ketola says.

    More acceptance

    The researcher notes that Finns’ feelings about foreign religions have changed for the better over the past couple of decades, but
    attitudes towards Islam have hardened in the 2000s.

    However, Ketola says, prejudice is not so all-encompassing.

    “When Finns were asked whether they’d be ready to accept people of other religions into their family or as representatives of their parties, in this regard Finns were among the least prejudiced of nations,” Ketola says.

    Only four percent of Finnish residents adamantly opposed the idea of their relative marrying someone of a different religion.

    Relationship with religion

    Four of five Finns considered people with strong religious beliefs to be intolerant. Three out of five thought that religions bring more conflicts than peace.

    Ketola says that Finns differentiate between piousness and religious extremism.

    The majority of the Finnish population belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

    The study shows that only eight percent of Finns consider themselves quite religious, but every fifth Finn believes in god without any doubts. Ten percent said they do not believe in god.

    These findings emerged from an international study from the Finnish Social Science Data Archive, carried out by researchers from the Church Research Institute. They are based on the 1998 Religion: II survey of International Social Survey Programme (ISSP), which had over 50,000 respondents from 34 countries.

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    Police stop Siderov team putting presidential election campaign posters on mosque

    by Clive Leviev-Sawyer - Oct 09 2011

    Police prevented election campaign staff for Ataka leader Volen Siderov from putting posters of the ultra-nationalist presidential candidate on a mosque in the Bulgarian town of Shoumen, Bulgarian-language media reports said.

    Siderov, currently running weakly among the field of Bulgaria's 18 would-be heads of state, is known for his stance against, among other things, what he terms the Islamisation of Bulgaria and what he alleges to be a threat to the country's national security by radical Islamists. Some months ago, he and his supporters were involved in a violent clash outside a mosque in central Sofia when the Ataka group protested against loudspeakers calling the faithful to prayer during a Friday service.

    Mass-circulation daily 24 Chassa quoted the mayor of the Kaolinovo municipality, Nida Ahmed, as saying that he had called the police after a caravan of Siderov supporters had stopped in the village of Zagoriche and had attempted to plaster a newly-built mosque with Siderov posters.

    The group, of more than 100 people, said that mosques should be built only in Turkey, according to Ahmed.

    Police intervened to stop the group and the matter ended without incident. Under Bulgarian law, putting election campaign material on houses of worship is illegal.

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    Norway - ‘Christian schools OK, not Muslim schools’

    Norway’s conservative Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet, Frp) wants to make it easier to establish private schools in the country, but not those that would appeal to Muslim students. “It must be allowed to consider the need for integration when screening applications,” Frp’s spokesman on education issues, Tord Lien, told newspaper Aftenposten this week.

    Establishment of new Muslim schools, he claimed, could “further weaken integration” of Muslims into Norwegian society. Current law in Norway allows for establishment of private schools based on religious belief, but Frp doesn’t want to see Muslim elementary schools established as they’ve been in, for example, neighbouring Sweden.

    “In Oslo, where applications (for Muslim schools) have come in, there are challenges with integration already,” Lien told Aftenposten. “If you’re going to integrate into Norwegian society, it’s an advantage to go to school with Norwegian children.” The party thus places the burden of integration on the immigrant, with less responsibility on Norwegians to accommodate immigrants.

    Asked to explain why Christians and Muslims should be treated differently, in terms of their ability to operate religiously based schools, he claimed that since private Christian schools have existed in Norway for 100 years, “it’s difficult to see how they can hinder integration.” He said his party could re-evaluate its position when integration has “come further” than he thinks it has today.


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    Swedens most xenophobic in Europe


    Sweden's Jews, Muslims face web hate rise: study

    The number of xenophobic web sites have almost doubled since 2007 and Jews and Muslims wearing apparent religious symbols are subjected to significant discrimination in Sweden today, according to a new report from the Living History Forum (Forum för levande historia).

    “...this report shows that racism is growing and is being professionalized on the internet. There is today a small but growing minority that harbour hatred against Muslims and Jews,” minister for integration, Erik Ullenhag, wrote in a statement on Monday.

    The report, which was requested by the government and carried out by the Forum, also shows that an increased number of racist web pages have been created in recent years and that prejudice is being spread through schoolbooks.

    According to the report, the number of racist sites in Sweden has almost doubled in two years. In 2009 there were around 8,000 xenophobic Swedish sites whereas today the authors of the report estimate an increase to 15,000.

    This follows a EU-wide trend where right wing extremist groups are using the internet to spread hate-propaganda.

    According to the report, these are characterized by anti-Semitic and Islamophobic views, where conspiracy theories are the most recurring elements.

    The Jewish group is often cast as world conspirators whereas the Muslim group is seen as physical occupiers, actively are on their way to taking over society through mass-immigration and rising nativity figures.

    The Jewish community in Sweden consists of some 20,000 individuals and the Muslim community of 300,000. Fresh crime statistics show that there were...272 [reports]with Islamophobic motives last year.

    But according to the Forum it is difficult to get a fair idea of the situation from these statistics as they are based on police reports and the authors believe there may be many more unrecorded cases.

    “Above all this study shows that research and follow-ups into preventative actions regarding intolerance against Jews and Muslims is sorely needed,” said head of Forum for Living History, Eskil Franck, in a statement.

    According to Ullenhag, Swedish authorities must further their knowledge about what causes the hate against these groups to grow in Sweden and how they should meet it. That, he said, is the aim behind the investigation regarding xenophobia that the government launched earlier this spring.

    “We have learnt from experiences in other European countries that all the forces who want a tolerant society need to be active in the public debate. Prejudice against Jews and Muslims can never be normalized,” said Ullenhag.

    When American research centre Pew recently investigated the development of religious conflicts and oppression worldwide between 2006 and 2009, Sweden distinguished itself as a country where hostilities related to religion are increasing the most.


    Somali woman 'forced to pour milk on herself'

    New details have emerged about the types of harassment suffered by members of the Somali community in Forserum in south central Sweden, with integration minister Erik Ullenhag upbraiding local politicians for trying to belittle the problem.

    The new information was aired during a meeting held Tuesday between local public officials and representatives from several Muslim organizations.

    "On one occasion, a Somali woman was forced to pour milk over herself in order to symbolize that she should be white," said Rashid Musa of the Muslimska mänskliga rättighetskommittén ('Muslim human rights committee') to Sveriges Television (SVT).

    Others at the meeting described people having rocks thrown at local Somalis, girls who had their head scarves torn from their heads, and other Somali women who were spat upon.

    Many participants explained that there was no point in reporting the incidents to police, echoing earlier complaints that police in Forserum have done too little or ignored reported incidents completely...

    ...The meeting took place following a number of reports in the national media last week detailing widespread harassment of Forserum's Somali community.

    According to SVT, the number of Somalis living in the community, located near Jönköping, has dropped from 160 to 95 in the last year as a result of constant racist threats and taunts...

    ...Zakaria Zouhir, chair of the Stockholm chapter of the Afro-Swedish Association (Afrosvenskarna i Stockholm) compared the reaction to the problems in Forserum to how other past high-profile instances of racism in Sweden have been handled in explaining why he planned to attend Tuesday's meeting.

    "We pointed to racism at the slave auction at Lund University and were told it was simply some students clowning around. We criticized the culture minister for participating in a racist cake installation at Moderna Museet and got a lesson on freedom of speech," he told SVT.

    "And even now we're hearing voices that this isn't about racism and therefore we're choosing to go to Forserum so that the whole country and the world at large can feel the terror what these Afro-Swedes have lived with in recent years."

    Following Tuesday's meetings with representatives from several Muslim groups, Karlsson admitted he had a new understanding of the depth of the problem.

    "The overall picture is that we obviously see this as racism and have racism in our community," he told SVT....


    Muslim discrimination 'too common' in Sweden

    Swedish Muslims have slammed the government for failing to combat discrimination, submitting a report to the UN with a list of proposed measures, such as setting up an inquiry into the abuse of Somali migrants in the tiny town of Forserum.

    "Forserum really showed what proportions Islamophobia as well as Afrophobia can take when an entire town looks on as people have their human rights violated," Kitimbwa Sabuni told The Local on Friday.

    Sabuni edited the report submitted to the UN's Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) by the Network of Swedish Muslims (Nätverket Svenska Muslimer i Samarbete), a cooperation of several different associations, in which representatives said Sweden was failing to tackle discrimination against Muslims.

    The report estimated there are 350,000 Muslim Swedes, making it one of Sweden's biggest minorities.

    It asked the government to order an inquiry into how local authorities failed to help Somali migrants, some of whom were too afraid to let their children go to school after suffering verbal and physical abuse.

    "Not everyone partook in the abuse, but many silently witnessed it and the authorities were passive," Sabuni said.

    The report also urged research into prejudices that ethnic Swedes who convert to Islam face, in many cases from their own families.

    ”We’re talking not only about excommunication, but also threats and violence that many converts tell us about," Sabuni said.

    One father, based in the US, reported his daughter to the FBI, which led to her being questioned by the Swedish intelligence service Säpo.

    In another case cited in the report, a Swedish woman who became pregnant with her partner of Middle Eastern origin was beaten by her family.

    "They told her they would 'rip the Arab out of her belly' among other threats," Sabuni said.

    "These are examples of honour crimes in ethnic Swedish families, even though the term 'honour crime' is usually reserved to people of non-Swedish origin."

    The list also asked that the government probe the effects of Sweden anti-terror law, including the extended surveillance rights of the security agencies. It noted that out of 26 known arrests using the 2003 law change, all cases targeted Muslims.

    Only two people were subsequently charged.

    "As it is only Muslims who are detained on these flimsy grounds, the question of whether the terror law is a 'race law' must be asked," read the report, which also proposed a "Truth Commission" that would have the power to look into specific cases.

    It also mentioned housing segregation as a problem that could in part be solved by allowing Islamic banking, which forbids interest rates, which could unlock flat and house ownership for many Swedish Muslims.

    The report also addressed how Muslims were represented by the Swedish media, urging that greater attention be paid to how Swedish news channels report on matters pertaining to the minority community.

    As an example, Sabuni referred to Sverges Television (SVT) debate programme Debatt on Thursday night featuring the topic "Repression of women among Muslims".

    "What kind of headline is that? And it's on public service television," he said.

    "As though women's lack of access to education and not being able to support themselves wasn't a problem in Sweden and other western European countries only 50 years ago, and that economic and social development weren't the keys, rather than religion, to their emancipation."

    A further recommendation in the report was to foster a more diverse recruitment base for journalists working for the public broadcasting. It suggested that "Sveriges Television (SVT) remove the discriminatory ban on newscasters wearing headscarves."

    Additionally, the report asked that the government gives funds to Muslim congregations to secure their safe operations. It also cited statistics that showed that per capita, Muslims receive less funding through community association funding than other groups.

    The report concluded that Islamophobia had "been allowed to creep into the political mainstream," a comment that irked Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag.

    "I think that's incorrect," he told Sveriges Radio (SR).

    "The big difference between the Swedish government and say Denmark or the Netherlands is that we are crystal clear when it comes to distancing ourselves from racism and xenophobia."


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    German Muslims Attacked Outside Mosque

    21 July 2013

    In a new attack against German Muslims, a group of police officers targeted young Muslim worshippers after finishing their tarawih prayer last week, handcuffing and beating them severely.

    “We asked them for their names and papers, but they gave us no information,” Soufian D., one of the victims told DeutschTürkisches Journal.

    The incident dates back to last Wednesday when up to 15 Muslim youths of Turkish and Moroccan descent were subjected to excessive police force after leaving the tarawih prayer at a mosque in the city of Offenbach.

    The police officers who wanted to check the identification of the young Muslims acted in an aggressive manner and beat the youth after handcuffing them.

    As the police had no reason to arrest the youths, they were released.

    However, the officers warned Muslim youth that worse things would happen in the case of informing media about the incident.

    According to witness accounts, 13 police officers partook in the incident.

    Umut K., who was near the scene and was worried about his younger brother, said that he had went to ask the police what was happening when he also received a beating, rather than an answer to his questions.

    After the incident, he filed a complaint on assault charges against the police officers.

    "Police were interested in escalation," he said.

    Germany has Europe's second-biggest Muslim population after France, and Islam comes third in Germany after Protestant and Catholic Christianity.

    It has between 3.8 and 4.3 million Muslims, making up some 5 percent of the total 82 million population, according to government-commissioned studies.

    Official Complaint

    Despite police officers warnings, the Muslim youth filed a complaint against the force which attacked them.

    "We had no weapons with us... However, we were beaten and maltreated,” the Muslim youths said.

    “As Muslims, we are seen as potential criminals. We will file criminal charges and want justice,” they added.

    Germans have grown hostile to the Muslim presence recently, with a heated debate on the Muslim immigration into the country.

    A recent poll by the Munster University found that Germans view Muslims more negatively than their European neighbors.

    Germany’s daily Der Spiegel had warned last August that the country is becoming intolerant towards its Muslim minority.

    According to a 2010 nationwide poll by the research institute Infratest-dimap, more than one third of the respondents would prefer "a Germany without Islam."


    Never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you (O Muhammad) till you follow their religion... (Quran 2:120)

    They desire to harm you severely. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse.
    (Quran 3:118)

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    Half Naked German Princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein Arrested Over Racial Abuse

    The Huffington Post UK | 27/06/2014

    A German princess was arrested after stripping off her clothes and racially abusing a first aider at a posh university party - and was even put in leg restraints by police due to her aggressive behaviour.

    Her Serene Highness Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein told first-aider Farah Jasmin Hussain, who was trying to help the 27-year-old, "While I was doing my nails this morning I was wondering how many Muslims I could kill." Hussain fled the tent in tears following the disgusting remark.

    Staff at the Oktoberfest party, held at St Andrews University every March, had taken the pampered princess to the tent after she started stripping naked after climbing a fence.

    Following the verbal assault, disgraced Sayn-Wittgenstein then kicked one member of staff and tried to headbutt another, the Daily Record reported.

    The rambunctious royal even lashed out at police, who had to put her in leg restraints to get her into a police car, but later explained she "thought she was being kidnapped".

    According to STV news, even the bratty princess' solicitor said she had "bought shame on herself and her family".

    Ironically, Sayn-Wittgenstein, who had to sit on public benches alongside sex offenders, thieves and drug addicts according to the Scotsman, has a degree in international relations and has previously lived in Jordan.

    Sheriff Mark Stewart QC fined Sayn-Wittgenstein, who attended court in a brown wig with her father Prince Ludwig, a total of £1,000. He said: "The impression one gets is of disorderly and violent conduct occasioned by far too much drink for someone who was unable to properly deal with that level of intake.

    "I deal with you as I would anyone who behaves in this way. "These comments you made are unacceptable – they would cause nothing but division, concern and unhappiness."



    Sa Ra Ya : i hate to sound like a stuck record but stick a hijab on her, change the word 'Muslims' to something like 'infidels' and she'd be looking at inciting terrorism charges, not a slap on her fat arse.

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    Three Danish Muslims detained for selling Islamic al-Raya stickers

    Police in Denmark have detained three Muslims on suspicion of supporting ISIS – for selling stickers of a black flag with the Muslim declaration of faith printed on it (shahada).

    A man and two women were found in possession of stickers of the “rayat al-sawda” also known as “rayat al-uqab” or just “al-raya” (meaning the “banner” in Arabic), which is a violation of the country’s anti-terror laws.

    Investigating officer, Jens Moeller Jensen said 100,000 kroner (£10,640) was seized during Wednesday’s raid.

    Ali Daghim, of Palestinian descent, told the AP he sold around 20 car bumper stickers, each costing 50 kroner (£5), which he said had nothing to do with ISIS.

    35-year-old Daghim denied supporting the Al Qaeda splinter group, saying the Islamic emblem is used by many Muslims, including jihadists, non violent Islamist groups and Saudi Arabia.

    They face preliminary charges – a step short of formal charges – for financially supporting a terrorist organisation and face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

    Prime Minister David Cameron sparked a similar “ISIS flag” debate, which could result in a wave of anti-terror arrests.

    Writing in the Daily Telegraph on 16 August, PM Cameron confirmed that anyone walking around with “ISIS flags” would be arrested with their materials seized.

    In light of the murder of US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff by ISIS, such an order could lead to a disproportionate number of arrests due to misconceptions about the Islamic al-Raya.



    This sticker is very common as stated in the article. Everyone uses it, it's a poor excuse to harass and terrorize Muslims and use it as a pretense to falsely imprison Muslims.

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    A Muslim's Response to the 25,000 Anti-Islam Protesters in Germany

    By Rabah Kherbane - 18/01/2015

    Dear 25,000 Anti-Islam Dresden Protesters and Pegida,

    I hear you marched in your thousands against my religion. Last week, and last month. You marched against immigrants, foreigners, and anyone a shade darker. I will not draw comparisons to Nazi Germany. I will not call you bigots, I will not insult you, and I will not label you. But we do have a problem.

    You marched with banners claiming your city is overcrowded with Muslims. Yet 0.1% of Dresden are Muslim. You marched claiming immigrants are cramming your schools and leaving your children to travel miles for an education. Yet 2.5% of Dresden are foreign-born.

    You claim that Germany is being invaded by Muslims. Yet only 5% of Germans are Muslim.

    You march "against the Islamization of the West". Yet within a century containing two World Wars, the decolonization process, countless civil conflicts, foreign intervention, globalization, and further displacement, Muslims remain a fringe minority in Europe. Less than 6%. A pretty lousy colonization process, no?

    You marched against refugees and asylum seekers, claiming Germany is their target for welfare and social security. Yet according to UNHCR, there are 51.2million refugees worldwide. Germany caters for less than 0.01% of them. Is that too much to ask? Is such a humanitarian obligation too large for the Refugee Convention 1951 your government ratified? Or is it actually punitive, for example, in comparison to Lebanon where every fourth person is a Syrian refugee?

    Protesters, you are not alone. In my country, Britain, we have our own anti-immigration party. Ukip won their first seat in Clacton with nothing but anti-migrant rhetoric. Yet only 4.3% of Clacton are foreign-born. In a Parliamentary-based system, where each constituency elects a representative to voice their views, there is nothing Ukip can do for the people of Clacton.

    Do you see a pattern? Perhaps I should explain. Your kind tend to establish themselves where their "problem" does not actually exist. Is this therefore an issue of negative perception? Fear of the unfamiliar? Intolerance in ignorance? Scapegoating an underclass? Media misinformation?

    I will elaborate. London has a 36.2% foreign-born population. Relatively, that is fifteen times the population of foreigners in Dresden. A far greater diversity. Ukip poll the lowest in London compared to the rest of the country- in every demographic, foreign or not. London is a metropolis of brown, black, and white working side by side. We thrive. I saw an atheist today. Guess what? I did not try to convert him nor behead him for blasphemy; I helped him off the bus. He was 74 years old.

    Does that make sense?

    Your only insight into Islam is a box in your living room. Confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance infest the information you expose yourself to. Information which dehumanizes and polarizes anyone unlike you.

    You enjoy the far-right media portrayal of Islam. It makes you feel good. Superior. Better. The barbaric Muslims, we are. We disrespect women, and we impose our beliefs on to others.

    Yet did you know that Turkey, Indonesia, and Bangladesh, all Muslim majority states have had more elected female heads of state than almost every other Western country? Did you know that the Quran explicitly says "there is no compulsion in religion" (2:256), and our Prophet clarified "whomever hurts a non-Muslim will not smell a whiff of paradise"?

    Did you know that your twisted misrepresentation of my religion helps the terrorists? Did you know that you and the terrorists agree on what seems to form an integral part of your identity: that Islam is violent? Did you know that you even use the same methodology to proclaim this; taking a verse out of context and evading any intellectual discourse?

    What are Muslims to you, anyway? Arabs? Less than 20% of us are Arab. Indian or Pakistani? Again, less than 20%. Turkish? Less than 5%. Nothing else? That is more than half of us you cannot identify.

    You assume our identity by our race. Is it not disheartening to you that such a narrow world view is legitimately held by so many? Does it not display a perspective so constrained to the contents of immediate life and prejudice? Is that not likely to lead to ignorant assumptions and offence in face of what is unbeknownst?

    What becomes of the German Muslim, I wonder? Is he spared because he is white? Or is he declared a traitor and shunned? Is it difficult to choose between racism and neglecting a fellow countryman? Choose neither. Choose education. Tolerance. Kindness.

    Detach from the vicious cycle of far-right media (who are unfamiliar with foreigners) feeding the far-right populace (who are unfamiliar with foreigners) what they should think about foreigners.

    I ask you, have you ever met a Muslim? "Met" is not a synonym for shouting abuse at or stabbing to death in or outside their home. No, have you ever sat with a Muslim? Talked to a Muslim? Worked with a Muslim?

    You should. At an airport perhaps, where we are 42 times more likely to be searched, and thus declared safe for human interaction.

    A Real-Life Muslim (not the ones on TV)


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    Sweden: Witnesses Horrified as Cop Beats and Suffocates 9-yr-old Muslim Child


    The incident took place in Malmo, Sweden and footage was uploaded online on February 9.

    A child can be seen in the video screaming in agony as a large police officer straddles him.

    According to our Swedish translators familiar with the event, the child was accused of “not paying for a subway ticket.”

    According to a witness the security guard smashed the boy’s head into the pavement so hard that it echoes throughout the waiting area. That’s when the witness and his friend rushed forward and begin filming the incident.

    The cop can be seen pushing the child’s face into the pavement hard, covering his mouth and suffocating him.

    The child was in such agony that his screams exhausted his vocal chords, turning his pleas for help into blood-curdling gasps.

    The boy looks to gasp for air. With tears in his voice he shouts out the “death prayer” (Shahadah) — a prayer that is recited when people are about to die, according to our Swedish translators — meaning he believed he was dying.

    We do not yet know what punishment, if any, the cop will receive for abusing this helpless child. But regardless of what it is, this is a clear case of trauma that will leave deep scars in the child’s psyche. We can only hope that as he gets older, he will recover from the pain and grow from it.

    This serves as a reminder that police brutality is not just a few bad cops in America. It is a worldwide phenomenon. It is bound to occur whenever one group of people are given special costumes and told that they are superior to everyone else.

    It will happen any time some people believe it’s OK to initiate violence against everybody else for political aims.

    Cops are that group of people with the costumes and beliefs that it’s OK to initiate violence on people for political aims. This is the inherent nature of policing. This is authoritarianism.

    We must warn you, the footage you are about to see is extremely disturbing. Once you hear this child screaming while the cop abuses him, it’s something you’ll never forget.


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    Obama Slaps Europe for Failing to Integrate Muslims

    By David Francis - January 16, 2015

    President Barack Obama irked European leaders by failing to send a senior official to a unity march in Paris after last week’s terror attacks. They’re going to like his comments Friday about the continent’s treatment of its Muslim minority even less.

    “Our biggest advantage is that our Muslim populations, they feel themselves to be Americans,” Obama said
    at a White House press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron. “There are parts of Europe in which that’s not the case. And that’s probably the greatest danger that Europe faces…. It’s important for Europe not to simply respond with a hammer and law enforcement and military approaches to these problems.”

    His comments came as authorities in France, Belgium, Germany and Ireland together arrested more than two dozen suspects in anti-terror raids Friday.

    Europe has struggled with integrating its Muslim immigrants and recent elections have pushed calls for stricter controls on Muslim immigration and more policing of their communities into the continent’s political mainstream. In 2010, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country has a large Turkish Muslim population, was one of the first European politicians to broach the subject, saying German multiculturalism had “utterly failed.”

    Cameron, who is dealing with a right-wing surge from the UK Independence party, said he agreed that Britain can “help ourselves in this struggle” by better smoothing immigration and integration among religions and ethnicities.

    But he stoutly urged his audience to “never lose sight of the real enemy here” — radical Islam. “Let us never lose sight of the heart of the matter,” Cameron said.

    Isolationist parties around Europe have gained strength in elections and at demonstrations that in Germany alone have attracted about 25,000 protesters. In France, the leader of the Front National political party, Marine Le Pen, has used to the attacks to bolster her party’s anti-immigration and anti-euro agenda.

    “We’ve been predicting this for a long time,” Le Pen said shortly after the shooting at the offices of Charlie Hebdo and a subsequent shootout at a Kosher grocery store in Paris. “It was to be expected. This attack is probably the beginning of the beginning. It’s an episode in the war that is being waged against us by Islamism. The blindness and deafness of our leaders, for years, is in part responsible for these kinds of attacks.”



    When in Europe they say "integration" then they mean Muslims abandoning their Islamic beliefs and norms and becoming exactly like the Europeans. What makes them so upset is that they haven't been able to force the Muslims to abandon Islam yet their own people are leaving their religion to become Muslims.

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    Islam in Italy: Muslim with traditional clothes and Koran insulted and shouted at in Milan

    Students in six Italian colleges have also been banned from wearing the hijab

    by Lamiat Sabin - 19 February 2015

    A student in Italy dressed in traditional Arabic clothing appears to have been the subject of a string of derogatory comments as the public’s reaction to his appearance was caught on camera.

    Hamdy Mahisen, who is of Egyptian origin, attracted stares and insults as he walked around Milan for five hours, while holding a Koran in one hand and prayer beads in the other for a social experiment.

    On a high street, someone sneers “Taliban s***” while, even more disturbingly, a woman pushing a pram with a baby in it seems to turn around as he walks by her to shout: “Taliban!”

    A woman with a baby pram shouts 'Taliban!' at him.

    Italy is currently on high-alert after a warning that Libyan militants inspired by Isis could make their way into Europe through the country. This has fuelled Islamophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment towards refugees who have fled Africa before setting off on treacherous journeys across the Mediterranean to Italy in unsafe and overcrowded boats.

    Groups of teenage girls and boys do not hide their astonishment at the sight of his appearance and openly stare, laugh and turn round to look at him in the footage as he walks past.

    A person within a small group of young men, in the video also published yesterday by Italian newspaper Repubblica, says “guys, you just missed the imam.”

    Some people did not take too kindly to his robe and hat.

    Thirty-year-old Hamdy, who speaks Italian fluently and lives in the city with his parents, was dressed in a traditional long white cotton robe commonly worn by mainly Muslim men in Arab countries – and not just imams – with a white cap.

    While passing through an indoor shopping piazza, someone could be heard saying “s***, have you seen the Isis?”

    A man standing near Hamdy at a tramstop makes the remark: “Look, he has got the Koran. Think he’s got a gun under his tunic?”

    The comments are indicative of the levels of Islamophobia and racism that Muslims and those from other ethnicities can encounter in Italy.

    Aicha Mesrar, a 45-year-old Moroccan-born politician, fled the country after 23 years of living there due to fears over her children’s safety after a series of death threats.

    The local councillor was the first woman to wear a hijab in city hall as she held down her job for the Democratic Party in Rovereto, northern Italy.

    This week, female students at six colleges in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy have been banned from wearing the hijab – according to local paper Messaggero Veneto.

    One headmaster called Aldo Duri, of a technical college with many students of Arab origin, have been told that “outward signs of religion can be seen as provocation”.

    “Friction and insults that were fairly innocent between the Islamic community and the natives are now loaded with new meaning,” he was quoted by Trieste Prima as saying.


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    Islamophobic 'Islam Law' passed by Austria government

    25 February 2015

    Controversial new laws regulating the practice of Islam have been passed in Austria, in a move criticized by some as setting back religious freedom by a century.

    The so-called 'Law on Islam' bans foreign funding for Islamic organizations in the country, and orders any group claiming to represent Austrian Muslims to use a standardized German translation of the Qur'an.

    The government has indicated the law was targeted at tackling Islamic extremism, claiming religious militancy is on the rise, with an estimated 170 people leaving to join jihadist fighters in Syria and Iraq.

    It says the bill, which updates a law first passed in 1912, strengthens Muslims' legal status by protecting their religious holidays and food restrictions, and guaranteeing Islamic pastoral care in hospitals and the army.

    We want an Islam of the Austrian kind, and not one that is dominated by other countries.

    – Sebastian Kurz, Foreign Minister

    But critics have pointed out Austria has not seen any of the extremist violence which has left dozens of people dead in recent months, including 17 killed during three days of terror attacks in Paris, and say general relations are good.

    There are in the region of half a million Muslims in Austria, making up around six per cent of the population - many of whom are the families of Turkish migrant workers - who will be affected by the new restrictions, the likes of which to do not apply to any other community.

    A large number of their imams and mosques are financed by Turkey's state religious affairs directorate, the Diyanet, which has spoken out against the laws.

    With this... legislation, religious freedoms in Austria will have fallen back a hundred years.

    – Mehmet Gormez, Diyanet chief

    The legislation faced little opposition from the majority Roman Catholic population, was backed by the country's Catholic bishops, and was grudgingly accepted by the country's biggest Islamic organization, IGGiO.

    But the IGGiO's youth arm was vocal in its opposition, as was the Turkish-Islamic Union in Austria, which faces losing its Turkish funding under the changes and has now vowed to challenge the bill in the Constitutional Court.

    Meanwhile, the country's far-right Freedom Party opposed the bill as too mild.



    By "Austrian kind" of Islam, they mean the washed down version of the real Islam. They are doing the same thing other European/UK Islamphobic countries are doing in their war on Islam.

    "...they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners." (Quran 8:30)

    ...Indeed, the disbelievers are ever to you a clear enemy. (Quran 4:101)

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    Austrian law requires imams to speak German

    New law passed in parliament also bans foreign sources of financing for Muslim organizations.

    March 4, 2015

    Austria's parliament has passed a bill amending historical laws on Muslim organizations which will ban foreign sources of financing and require imams to be able to speak German.

    The text aims to promote what conservative Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz called an "Islam of European character" by muting the influence of foreign Muslim nations and organizations, and offering Austrian Muslims a mix of increased rights and obligations in practicing their faith in the central European country.

    However, the law has generated opposition from several quarters, including Austrian Muslim groups that call it "discrimination" that imposes restrictions on Islam that other religions are not saddled with.

    Mehmet Gormez, a leading Muslim cleric in Turkey, has decried the bill as "a 100-year regression," arguing that no complaints have ever been lodged about the fact that Turkey funds many imams in Austria.

    Austria's current "law on Islam" dates to 1912, after the annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina by the Austro-Hungarian empire.

    The two-year-old bill predates the recent shootings in France and Denmark but is designed to "clearly combat" the growing influence of radical Islam, Kurz said.

    Earlier this month, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls similarly raised the notion of banning foreign funding of Islamic organizations.

    Kurz says officials in Germany and Switzerland have also expressed interest in the bill.

    'Positive approach'

    The passing of the law comes amid estimates indicating about 200 people from Austria - including women and minors - have gone to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

    A poll published by the OGM institute on Tuesday found 58 percent of Austrians feeling "radicalization" of the nation's Muslims was underway.

    The legislation bans Islamic cultural organizations and imams in Austria from receiving funding from abroad.

    It also requires the nearly 450 Muslim organizations in the country to demonstrate a "positive approach towards society and the state" in order to continue receiving official licensing.

    Imams will be obliged to be able to speak German under the law.

    "We want a future in which increasing numbers of imams have grown up in Austria speaking German, and can in that way serve as positive examples for young Muslims," Kurz explained.

    The legislation also accords Muslims the right to consult Islamic clerics on the staffs of hospitals, retirement homes, prisons and in the armed forces.

    Muslims in Austria will also have the right to halal meals in those institutions as well as in public schools, and will be allowed to not come to work on Islamic holidays.

    Muslims make up roughly 560,000 of Austria's total population of 8.5 million. Most Austrian Muslims are of Turkish and Bosnian origin, as well as ethnic Chechens and Iranians.



    What kind of a country are they running that uses what these people "feel" as a proof to make laws against Muslim?! If they are banning the foreign funding of the mosques then why don't they replace it by providing the same funding?! These people send their missionaries to build churches in Muslim countries in an attempt to secretly convert Muslims yet are against Muslims getting funding to run their mosques.

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    What Is the Most Racist Country in Europe?

    The BBC's Panorama program broke the news that Poles are all massively racist. What were we even thinking of letting those bigots host the Euro 2012 soccer tournament? In response, the British press has been rumbling and wrangling away at people about it in that way the press does when it has nothing else to talk about. What the BBC have willfully ignored, however, is whether any other country in Europe is actually any better.

    We at VICE are more scientific than that, so we cast a quick glance around the continent for racists.


    If you'd like to see a bunch of Swedish fascists in action you should watch our film Teenage Riot: May Day in Eskilstuna.

    The Tag

    The home of enlightened progressive thought and bending-over-backwards cultural deference.

    The Evidence

    Sweden was the first country in the world to introduce a research center for racial biology—in the town of Upsalla. It was there that the idea of forced sterilization of the mentally ill, the physically disabled, the gay, or people suffering from ethnic minority-ness first found scientific credibility. Incredibly, this tactic was approved by the government and was still technically legal under Swedish law until fairly recently. Before 1975, if you were caught with a red hot pair of scissors in the vicinity of a gay Somali's testes, legally-speaking, there was nothing the police could do.

    A recent survey showed that job-seekers in Sweden have a 50 percent higher chance of being called up for an interview if they have a Swedish-sounding name rather than an Arab-sounding one.

    Earlier this year, Swedish Minister for Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth decided that she should do more to promote cultural harmony for World Art Day. So she ceremonially cut open a cake. This was the cake:

    That's her with the plate, by the way. Not the one lying down. Note all the people in the background going, “Go on, Lena, keep grinning, that's it, yeah, God, this pic is gonna look great on Facebook when I do a witty caption about the end of your career.”

    Swedes are a nasty bunch of CV-binning cake-baking race haters, for whom tying the tubes of anyone who doesn't fulfill their eugenicized national ideal is as natural as tying their shoelaces (though we have to admit that all that eugenics has left them extremely good looking).

    Travel Advice
    Avoid if you are anything up to and including a Norweigan, have one tooth a little bit twisted or suffer from occasional eczema: you will be taking a Zyklon B power-shower within minutes of landing.

    Racism Rating


    The Tag
    “Stay at home, watch it on TV. Don't even risk it… because you could end up coming back in a coffin.” - Sol "Factually Accurate" Campbell

    The Evidence

    In mid-2011, a large group of Polish football supporters unfurled a banner proclaiming: “Death to the Hooked-Nosed Ones,” illustrated with a picture of a Jew with a large crooked nose, at a stadium in Rzesow. The game was not televised. There were no players of Jewish origin on the pitch at the time. And, given that Poland's Jewish population is vanishingly small, it is not particularly likely there were even any Jews in the stadium at all.

    Which doesn't make it any better, obviously, but it does, in fact, make the Poles in question seem even more unnecessarily pathetic.

    In a country which is 98 percent ethnically Polish, Poles have had to resort to being racist against people who don't exist. They probably maintain a sort of internal fantasy football league of race-hate, acting out this pitiful shadow-boxing in the absence of genuine targets. It is likely that, when no one else is around, Polish neo-Nazis force each other to dress up as Arabs in crude tea-towel and bath-sheet costumes, then beat each other with sticks just for the release.

    Travel Advice
    In terms of race-hate, wet-behind-the-ears Poles have never even taken off the training-wheels. Safe for travel, so long as you are not an Invisible Imaginary Jew.

    Racism Rating


    Photo by Henry Langston

    The Tag

    The land that gave the world concentration camps, the suppression of the Indian Mutiny, the hut tax and Roy "Chubby" Brown.

    The Evidence

    In July 2008, the National Children's Bureau released a 366-page guide counseling adults on recognizing racist behavior in young children. The guide, which was called "Young Children and Racial Justice," warned that babies should also be a part of "the effort to eliminate racism." Nursery staff, it said, should be on alert for racist remarks among toddlers.

    In May of this year it was announced that the Metropolitan Police banned the use of the term "blacklist" in all official correspondence, concerned it might be offensive to people.


    The British are suffering from a national scourge of toddler race-hate. You can't go near a British play-pen these days without hearing terms like "nappy-head" and "ethnic Albanian." Britons spent hundreds of years constantly using a deeply offensive term like "b***list," knowing full well how demeaning it was, and therefore the "language of Shakespeare" should be reclassified as "the language of Hitler."

    Travel Advice

    A nasty place indeed. Shouldn't be gone near with a barge-pole. If you already live there, for heaven's sake, get out now. Just watch it on TV. Don't even risk it or you could be coming back in a coffin. In fact, don't even watch it on TV, it's just too dangerous.

    Racism Rating


    The Tag

    Civilized, profiterole-enjoying classical music lovers and raging Nazis.

    The Evidence

    Austria gave the world Kurt Waldheima UN Secretary General, who was also an actual certified ex-Nazi.

    This is him doing what we all do when we're young and reckless: joining the SA. No biggie, Kurt.

    Even after it had been sensationally revealed that he was a former Nazi volunteer, Austrians STILL elected Waldheim as their President. It was almost as if they all secretly knew already.

    Austrians didn't just vote for the far-right politician Jorg Haider. They voted for him in droves: 27 percent in all. So alarmed was the rest of Europe with his policies that, in the year 2000, 11 countries broke off diplomatic links when he formed a coalition government. Haider was such a frothing arch-nationalist that he sometimes dressed like this:


    If you try and flag down a cab in Austria, it will likely turn into a spontaneous curbside Nuremberg Rally. If you ask an Austrian for a cig, he will first offer you a "heil."

    Travel Advice

    Try to avoid the more racist regions of Austria. You will be able to identify these easily on a map, as they will be the bits that are within the borders of Austria.

    Racism Rating


    The Tag

    Keep-to-themselves, sensible, moderate, gold-loving neutralists.


    In 2007, the Swiss introduced a law meaning that all members of your local community would have to vote on your citizenship application before you could win a passport. Since they did so, Muslims, Jews, Balkans, Africans, and Asians have been disproportionately rejected. In 2008, a disabled man from Kosovo was rejected on the grounds that, a) he was disabled and this would cost his community money and b) he was a Muslim. In other words, the system works well.

    This was a Swiss election poster in 2007.

    The caption says: “For More Security.” It is designed to publicize a pledge to kick out all foreigners who break Swiss laws.

    The SVP, the party behind the poster, is not some fringe nutjob collective who go waterskiing with Andrew Brons on Lake Geneva. It is the largest single party in Switzerland. It is, effectively, the Swiss government. Here is some more of their recent handiwork:

    And here's another:

    Clearly, reasonable men with reasonable aims.

    It's not just the Nazis' gold that the Swiss have hung onto.

    Travel Advice
    The only safe way for foreigners to travel in Switzerland is dressed in Leiderhosen with an alpenhorn protruding at a jaunty angle from your gob, a cuckoo clock in one hand and a Swiss Army Knife with a Muslim impaled on it in the other.

    Racism Rating


    The Tag

    “Really nice people” - The North Minehead Gazette

    The Evidence
    At the time of going to press, a comprehensive reading of the past hundred years of German history showed no documented incidents of any racial bias.

    Germans are the most placid, right-on and groovy folk on the continent. The only racism here is directed against them—so sort it out, brothers from another mother.

    Travel Advice

    Just let it all hang out. There's a reason it's known as "The Land of the Free."

    Racism Rating



    What the list doesn’t show is the racism of the French. It also says German aren’t racist but that’s not true either. Both being exposed below…

    Racist White French police black-up, eat bananas and scratch themselves like monkeys at party

    By Jennifer Newton - 12 June 2014

    Police in a Paris suburb are facing the sack after blackening up their faces with boot polish and eating bananas during a fancy dress party.

    The officers, from Kremlin-Bicetre, thought pictures of the party would remain private, however the images which show them smiling with their blacked up faces and afro wigs appeared on social media, where they quickly spread.

    One of the photos even shows one officer with a bunch of bananas, scratching himself if he were a monkey, with a bucket of nuts on the ground in front of him.

    The officers in the pictures have now been suspended.

    The department which investigates police officer behavior in France, the Inspection Generale de la Police Nationale, is set to question them this week.

    It is thought they could be sacked or fined for insulting behavior.

    The pictures have caused outrage across France with anti-racism groups slamming their behavior.

    Louis-Georges Tin, president of the Conseil Represantatif des Associations Noires said: 'If the police officers who have the responsibility to fight racism are busy making fun of black people than defending them, it could explain why things have advanced so little in this domain.'

    Mr. Tin has asked for a meeting with France's top policeman, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to discuss the pictures.

    He added: 'The black people of this country don't have to put up with racial profiling by people who dress up like this at night.'

    The blacked up photo scandal comes after a string of high-profile racist taunts directed at France's black Justice Minister Christiane Taubira.

    In November 2013, far-right weekly magazine Minute published a cover page with the headline 'Crafty as a monkey, Taubira gets her banana back'.


    Germany Pegida: Anti-Islam leader exposed as Hitler Nazi

    The true face of Anglo Racist Europeans

    The head of Germany's "anti-Islamisation" movement Pegida has quit after disparaging anti-refugee comments and a photo showing him apparently posing as Hitler emerged.

    Lutz Bachmann apologised for Facebook comments he made in which he reportedly called refugees "animals" and "scumbags". He did not mention the photo of him with Hitler-style hair and moustache.

    Meanwhile, thousands of people have marched in Leipzig at a Pegida rally. Police were deployed to the streets of the eastern German city to prevent clashes with members of a rival anti-Pegida demonstration. Pegida supporters chanted "We are the people", while their opponents shouted "Get out of here."
    There were no reports of violence.

    The rival rallies came as Mr Bachmann apologised for his "ill-considered" remarks. "Yes, I am stepping down from the board," he was quoted as telling Germany's Bild daily newspaper in an online report.

    Pegida spokeswoman Kathrin Oertel said the anti-refugee comments went too far. However, she sought to play down the "Hitler" photo as a "joke" and "satire, which is every citizen's right".

    But the German government condemned it. Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told Bild: "Anyone in politics who poses as Hitler is either a total idiot or a Nazi. Reasonable people do not follow idiots, and decent people don't follow Nazis."

    Pegida has focused on Leipzig after police banned a protest by the movement in Dresden on Monday over reports of an assassination plot against the movement's leaders.

    I asked a woman why she had come. "I'm German," she replied. "I don't want my daughter to end up wearing a burka."

    As always, Pegida supporters demonstrate for a variety of reasons. Another man reckoned 5% - maybe 10% of the people here - are racists. He had come along, he told me, because he worried about race relations. "We don't want the problems that you get in places like Birmingham and Edinburgh," he said.

    A spokesman for state prosecutors in Dresden, the east German city which has been the focus of Pegida rallies this winter, told Reuters news agency that preliminary proceedings had been opened over comments attributed to Mr Bachmann. "The suspicion is of incitement to popular hatred," the spokesman said.

    What is Pegida?

    • Founded in Dresden by Lutz Bachmann in October 2014
    • Acronym for Patriotische Europaer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West)
    • Umbrella group for German right wing, attracting support from mainstream conservatives to neo-Nazi factions and football hooligans
    • Holds street protests against what it sees as a dangerous rise in the influence of Islam over European countries
    • Claims not to be racist or xenophobic
    • 19-point manifesto says the movement opposes extremism and calls for protection of Germany's Judeo-Christian culture



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