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    French Professor Calls to "Assassinate" Erdogan

    Philippe Moreau Defarges says killing Turkey's president in the context of a civil war would be a legitimate way to remove him from power.


    A French political scientist has caused outrage in Turkey after calling for the assassination of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on live television.

    Professor Philippe Moreau Defarges
    , a researcher at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), suggested the method after Erdogan-backed constitutional reforms were approved by the the Turkish public in a referendum last week.

    The referendum paved the way for Turkey to transform its parliamentary system to a presidential system, having gained 51.4 percent of the votes.

    Speaking on French broadcaster BFM, Defarges also insisted that the assassination of Erdogan in the context of a civil war would be a legitimate move.

    Following his comments, many Turkish citizens living in France tweeted that they were going to launch complaints to the relevant authorities.

    Defarges was criticised by Feiza Ben Mohamed, the ex-spokesman of the Federation of Muslims of the South of France, who tweeted that the former French diplomat’s call was “an incitement to a terrorist attack, no more and no less.”

    International law professor Masut Hakki Casin told TRT that Defarges’ comments were “a crime” against both UN and EU legal agreements.

    He also called on the French authorities to launch an investigation, pointing out that Germany also started legal proceedings for a similar incident last year when a German satirist insulted the Turkish president on a state broadcaster.

    “If the French state does not act on this professor, in the future whenever there are attacks targeting President Erdogan, the French state will be held accountable under international law,” Casin said.

    Casin asked if Defarges would use the same language if French far-right politician Marine Le Pen won the French presidential elections, or if the same solution would be proposed to prevent the Brexit.

    “Calling for the assassination of a president who was democratically elected is very dangerous,” he added.



    Look at this terrorist. Imagine a Muslims professor called for the assassination of a western leader. The atheist and secular brigade would be jumping up and down as to how Islam needs to be reformed and changed.

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    Paris mosque: Christianist Terrorist held after 'trying to ram crowd with vehicle'

    29 June 2017

    A man has been arrested in Paris after trying to drive his vehicle into a crowd outside a mosque, police say.

    The incident took place at about 18:30 local time (16:30 GMT) in the suburb of Créteil and no-one was hurt.

    The man was apparently thwarted by barriers put up to protect the mosque.

    The suspect's motives remain unclear but Le Parisien newspaper reported that he was of Armenian origin and had said he wanted to avenge Islamist-linked attacks in Paris.

    A police statement said the suspect's 4x4 vehicle repeatedly struck bollards and barriers designed to protect the mosque in the south-eastern suburb of the French capital.

    The car sped off but crashed and the man fled before being arrested shortly afterwards.

    He did not appear to be acting under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Le Parisien said.

    It reported that the suspect had said he wanted to avenge attacks on the Bataclan theatre and Champs-Élysées, both linked to so-called Islamic State.


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    Gunmen [Christianist Terrorist] open fire on crowd outside mosque in France leaving eight injured

    Police in Avignon confirmed two hooded men arrived in a car before shooting into the crowd at random

    By Steve Robson - 2 JUL 2017

    Two gunmen [Christinists] opened fire on a crowd outside a mosque in south France leaving eight injured.

    Police in Avignon are now searching for the suspects who fled the scene.

    Two 'hooded' men arrived at the scene outside Arrahma mosque at around 10.30pm in a Renault Clio, La Provence newspaper reports.

    One was armed with a handgun and the other with a rifle.

    People were leaving the mosque when one of the men, who had got out of his vehicle, opened fire.

    At least four people were injured as the crowd ran away in a panic.

    A family-of-four were in a nearby apartment which was hit by 'shrapnel'.

    A 7-year-old girl was among those to suffer injuries.

    Police and firefighters remain on the scene.

    La Provence later said [Anglo Christianist] police "completely dismissed" any possibility of the shooting being a terrorist attack.

    The local prosecutor said initial accounts pointed towards a dispute between young people.


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    FRANCE – Why Are Jews At The Head Of ALL Islamic Institutions?

    On Thursday 08 December 2016, the French newspaper Le Figaro published an article about the highly anticipated creation of the Foundation of Islam (in French).

    It is has now been officially launched with the new Interior Minister’s warm blessings. The president of this new ‘Islamic’ foundation is Jean-Pierre Chevènement and its main financier is Serge Dassault.

    Serge Dassault

    He is an israel-firster jew and a very well known figure in France. He is an arm-dealer and the CEO of the main French military industrial complex, The Groupe Dassault which has been praised time and again by the jews for its vital role during the Six Days War.

    He also happens to own some of France’s main newspapers and the ‘arabic’ radio station called ‘Radio Beur FM’.

    His career is paved with scandals of money laundering and tax evasion but that did not prevent him from becoming a senator.

    Jean-Pierre Chevènement

    A jew, he is also a known political figure. Having held several different offices (Defense, Interior), he distinguished himself for his very close bond and work with the several jewish institution dictating French politics.

    He is married to Nisa Grunberg, the daughter of the former head of the jewish community of Cairo, Egypt. His brother-in-law, Hermann Grunberg is the former CEO of the ‘Franco-American’ jewish bank, Lazard Bank.

    His son Raphael, a script-writer is also an israel-firster and openly arch-zionist.


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    Womeniser French President

    Naked women 'burning with desire' lined up to have sex with Jacques Chirac in his official plane, new book on former French president claims

    • MPs, ministers, councillors and middle-class girls were 'brought to him on plate'
    • The book, written by Arnaud Ardoin, is called President, the Night has Fallen
    • Married Chirac, 84, had a string of mistresses, according to the French author
    • He was allegedly nicknamed Three Minutes Shower Included due to his ways

    Naked women who were ‘burning with desire’ would line up to have sex with former French president Jacques Chirac in his official plane, according to an explosive new book.

    They included ‘MPs, ministers, councillors, middle class girls from the provinces and unknowns who were brought to him on a plate,’ writes author Arnaud Ardoin.

    Using sources at the heart of the French establishment, Mr Ardoin provides shocking insights into the affairs and orgies regularly enjoyed by heads of state in his home country.

    His book, ‘President, the Night has just Fallen’, Mr Ardoin paints a picture of debauchery at the highest level of government.

    The married Mr Chirac, who is now 84, had a string of mistresses and was nicknamed ‘Three Minutes Shower Included’ because of his promiscuity – not to say outrageous sexism.

    ‘He rode women without preliminaries,’ Mr Ardoin writes. ‘Because time was pressing, because quantity had taken priority over quantity’.

    It was on the official presidential jet that Mr Chirac, who was president from 1995 to 2007, was particularly rampant as he cheated on his long-suffering wife, Bernadette Chirac.

    The book reads: ‘There were the regulars, the favourites, the appetisers who managed to cross the security markers to approach the president.

    ‘Others who shared the same plane as the president would wait naked in his private space, burning with desire.’

    On a trip to the French overseas territory of Reunion Island, Mr Chirac whispered to a young woman who asked for his autograph: ‘Come up to my room if you want’.

    Mr Chirac had two daughters with Bernadette, but seldom played the conventional family man, let alone the respectable conservative politician.

    On the night that Princess Diana died following a Paris car crash in 1997, he could not be reached because he was in bed with the Italian film star Claudia Cardinale.

    Such steamy revelations have had little great impact in France, where presidents are notorious for their busy sex lives.

    Mr Chirac’s predecessor, Socialist president Francois Mitterand, kept a mistress and ‘secret’ daughter at the expense of the taxpayer.

    When Mr Chirac retired, his successor Nicolas Sarkozy also used his position at the Elysee Palace to pursue attractive women.

    Mr Sarkozy was well known for his affairs, and after divorcing while in office he made former supermodel and pop singer Carla Bruni his third wife.

    Then Francois Hollande, another Socialist head of state, was caught out cheating on his live-in girlfriend Valerie Trierwieler, a political affairs journalist, with the TV actress Julie Gayet.

    Emmanuel Macron, the current president, shows no sign of keeping up the tradition of infidelity.

    The 39-year-old is happily married to his old schoolteacher, Brigitte Macron, 64.

    Mr Chirac became a convicted criminal in 2011 after being given a two year suspended prison sentence for fraud. Despite this – and his sexual shenanigans – he remains a hugely popular figure among most French people.

    Mr Ardoin’s book is mainly based on interviews with the late Daniel Le Conte, once a senior aide to Mr Chirac.



    The leader represents his people and these are the leaders of the western secular world that bans those who want to live in modesty.

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    France charges eight [Christian terrorists] over [terrorist] plot targeting politicians and mosques

    Eight men, including three minors, charged following investigation into far right activists allegedly plotting to target politicians and mosques

    France has charged eight men, including three minors, following an investigation into far right activists allegedly plotting to target politicians and mosques, prosecutors announced on Saturday in Paris.

    The men, aged between 17 and 29, are accused of being party to a “criminal terrorist conspiracy”, and of links to Logan Alexandre Nisin, a militant who was arrested near Marseille in June.

    Nisin is the founder of a group dubbed OAS. He was detained after posting that he planned to attack black people, jihadists, migrants and “scum”.

    The 21-year-old had earlier come to the attention of French authorities as the administrator of a Facebook page glorifying neo-Nazi Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in a bomb and gun rampage in 2011 in Norway.

    The prosecutor’s office in Paris said the group formed by Nisin “had plans to commit violent actions with vague outlines”.

    Anti-terror police had arrested 10 people on Tuesday over the alleged plot, but two of them, including Nisin’s mother, were released, the Paris prosecutor’s office said.

    Among the potential targets for attacks were places of worship, including mosques, politicians, “people of North African descent or black people” and “anti-fascist” activists, a source said.

    “The organisation was planning purchases of weapons and paramilitary training. Some were already trained in shooting,” the source added.

    OAS was the acronym for the Secret Army Organisation, a French far right paramilitary group that fought to stop Algerian independence.

    Nisin was formerly active in the far right political group Action Francaise.

    France remains under an enhanced security status. Parliament on Wednesday adopted a tough anti-terror bill which replaced a state of emergency imposed in 2015 after jihadist attacks in Paris.


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    Thousands Rise Up Against Rothschild Owned President In Paris

    November 8, 2017

    Thousands of French citizens took to the streets of Paris in a massive uprising against ‘Rothschild-owned’ president Emmanuel Macron and his public sector reforms.

    Riot police were deployed as crowds took over the streets in huge numbers.

    Strikes were held in a number of cities across France as civil servants, teachers and nurses marched in places like Toulouse, Strasbourg and the capital Paris.

    They marched to mark their opposition to the social and economic reforms the President is attempting to introduce which he says will unlock economic growth and put public finances on a more sustainable footing.

    Ugly scenes of violence broke out in the French capital, including the smashing of a bank’s windows by marked protestors were met with riot police armed with shields and batons.

    It is the first time in a decade that all unions representing more than 5 million public workers have rallied behind a protest call.

    Turnout is an important indicator of public appetite for protest against Mr Macron’s social and economic reforms, which the former investment banker says are needed to put public finances on a more sustainable footing.

    While unions said some 400,000 people turned out across the country, police estimates across cities appeared substantially lower than the unions.

    The interior ministry has yet to communicate a figure, but the economy ministry said some just 14 percent of state civil servants had been on strike and just 9.5 per cent in local administration.

    Protests last month against labour law reform that were led by private sector unions failed to persuade Macron to change policy course, but the French labour movement has traditionally been more muscular in the public sector.

    “We want to make our voices heard after months and months of attacks against the public sector and its workers,” said Mylene Jacquot, head of the civil servants’ federation at the moderate CFDT, France’s biggest trade union.

    “In particular, we want to force the government to make good on its promise regarding our spending power.”

    Strike notices were lodged in schools, hospitals, airports and government ministries over plans to axe 120,000 jobs, freeze pay and reduce sick leave compensation.

    The civil aviation authority said 30 percent of flights at airports nationwide had been cancelled but there was no disruption on the rail network.

    The Ministry of Education said fewer than one in five teachers were on strike.

    Mr Macron, 39, has come under fire in recent days from political opponents and the unions for treating workers with contempt after he was recorded describing a group of workers at a struggling factory as “kicking up a bloody mess”.

    That misstep came weeks after he called those who resisted reform “slackers”.

    As crowds gathered near Paris’s Place de la Republique, protesters held aloft a placard with portraits of Mr Macron, his prime minister and finance minister reading: “The ones kicking up the bloody mess.”

    Minor scuffles broke out between protesters and security services.

    Unions have been divided over Macron’s reforms so far, with only the Communist Party-rooted CGT spearheading street demonstrations against the loosening of employment laws.

    In Lyon, Force Ouvriere union boss Jean-Claude Mailly said he would not support the CGT’s call for the labour law decrees to be scrapped after weeks of negotiations between government and unions. But he said there would be other battles to fight with a united front.

    Mr Mailly said: ”There are other issues ahead: unemployment insurance, pension reform, the matter of public services.”


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    French politicians lead protest to stop Muslims praying Jummah in public

    video: https://www.facebook.com/ajplusengli...4306841710822/

    More than a hundred French politicians led by a local mayor of Paris have marched through a suburban street in the capital city in protest against Muslims holding Friday prayers in public.

    The politicians wore tricolour sashes of office and sang the national anthem as they disrupted more 200 Muslim worshippers praying Jummah on a street in Clichy last Friday afternoon.

    The right-wing mayor of Clichy, Remi Muzeau, led the march with dozens of MPs in protest against the presence of worshippers praying on the town’s market square every Friday for the past nine months.

    A line of riot police separated the two groups and at one point tensions appeared to have boiled over.

    Théo Maneval, a reporter for the Europe1 radio news site described the scenes as “bizarre” and “surreal” as the elected officials appeared to try and physically displace those praying by marching right through them.

    Mr Maneval tweeted: “It’s getting even more surreal, as the elected officials with their sashes try to jostle the people praying. Movement of crowd, jostling, people falling … The police intervene.”

    Mayor Muzeau was happy with the protest. He said: “We did what the police should have done a long time ago.”

    Critics say the prayers are an unacceptable use of public space in France’s notorious secular system.

    The worshippers, however, say they have nowhere else to go since the town hall took over the room they used for prayers back in March.

    One of the worshippers, Abdelkader, told AFP news agency that they wanted a “dignified” place to worship and did not enjoy being in the street every Friday.

    He said he resented the politicians singing the French national anthem during their protest.

    “They were singing the Marseillaise, throwing it in our faces, even though we’re French people here. We’re French. Long live France!” he said.



    These secular extremist first closed down their mosques and now they can't stand the Muslims praying in the streets. And these fascists claim to be so called champions of freedom and democracy.


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