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    Hate crimes rise around Brexit vote, recent attacks

    The number of hate crimes against Britons of ethnic or religious minorities soared around the time the UK voted to quit the European Union and in the aftermath of recent attacks, according to a government report.

    The Home Office said on Tuesday the 29 percent rise in a year marked the biggest annual jump in hate crimes since figures were first recorded in 2011. Between 2015 and 2016, there were 62,518 reported offences. The following year, that number rose to 80,393.

    There was "a genuine rise in hate crime around the time of the EU referendum", the report said, referring to the Brexit referendum.

    Religious or racially aggravated offences rose in the months leading up to the vote, from about 3,500 recorded incidents in April 2016 to more than 5,000 in June of the same year, when the decision to leave the EU was announced. In June 2017, reported hate crimes peaked at 6,000.

    The Home Office said figures rose in the wake of the Westminster Bridge, Manchester Arena and London Bridge attacks, which took place in March, May, and June of this year respectively, together claiming more than 30 lives.

    Hate crimes and Islamophobia tend to rise after violence where suspects are said to be Muslim, with followers of the Islamic faith suffering collective punishment.

    Muslim women targeted
    Muslim women suffer disproportionately, said Ragad Altikriti, a senior member of the Muslim Association of Britain.

    "Statistics have proven that hate crimes against Muslims increase significantly around terrorist attacks," she told Al Jazeera.

    "[And] Brexit was considered to many as a signal that refugees are not welcomed … [so] there was an increase in hate crimes including the Muslim community, especially women who are visibly Muslims. The headscarf was conflated with being foreign and not welcomed."

    Zainab Mir, 21, became a victim earlier this year.

    "I was travelling on the Tube when a lady stood up and pointed at me. She shouted 'you're the reason this country is terrorised'," Mir told Al Jazeera. "It was a very busy train, but only the guy next to me asked If I was OK. Nobody else said anything."

    Despite reporting the incident, police told Mir there was no CCTV footage, and they were unable to pursue the case. The experience has made her feel uneasy, she said.

    "I didn't feel very safe afterwards; I always made sure I was with someone and didn't go anywhere I didn't need to. Even now I'm still more aware of people around me because I don't want it to happen again. I'm definitely more vigilant," she said.

    Some 30 percent of religiously motivated offences in the last year involved violence against the victim, the Home Office said.

    An attack on London's Finsbury Park Mosque on June 19, in which a van driver targeted Muslims, left one dead and 11 injured.

    "There are criminals and attackers on every side," Altikriti told Al Jazeera. "Muslims were able to say 'we can be victims too', and it forced those in power to think about the country's Muslim population and consider how the rise in hate crime has affected them."

    The UK is home to 2.8 million Muslims.

    Samina Ansari, 37, has been attacked three separate times over the past 10 years.

    From being attacked in her car at a red light by "two white men with a pitbull [dog] on a metal lead" almost nine years ago, to having "ISIS" shouted at her and her nine-year-old son on a street in Glasgow last week, Ansari said she suffers from long-term effects.

    "You end up reliving each one of the incidents and that experience. I have felt quite violated, and at points, it took a toll on my mental well-being," she told Al Jazeera.

    Political events such as the EU referendum and the election of US President Donald Trump, who is seen as an Islamophobe, have had an effect, Ansari said.

    "Hate crime has always been there, but it's almost like the state of our politics, following the Brexit vote and election of Trump, have given people a license to become more vicious in their attacks," she said. "Muslim women seem to be the primary target."


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    Hate crime rates soar in England and Wales

    The number of hate crimes in England and Wales has reached unprecedented levels since the Home Office began recording figures in 2011.

    There were 80,393 offences in England and Wales in 2016-17 a rise of 27%, according to the latest figures published on Tuesday.

    The biggest rise was in disability and transgender hate crimes, but this was due to better crime recording and more people coming forward, the report said.

    The Home Office said the figures showed a spike in hate crimes in England and Wales following the Westminster Bridge attack on 22 March, as well as in the aftermath of the EU referendum in June 2016.

    Home Secretary Amber Rudd said there was “absolutely no place for hate crime in our society” and said the rise after 2017’s terrorist attacks were “undoubtedly concerning”.

    The Home Office report said: “The increase over the last year is thought to reflect both a genuine rise in hate crime around the time of the EU referendum and following the Westminster Bridge terrorist attack, as well as ongoing improvements in crime reporting by police”.

    Regarding disability, transgender and sexual orientation hate crimes, the report stated that the rise “suggests that the increases are due to the police improving their identification and recording of hate crime offences and more people coming forward to report these crimes – rather than a genuine increase”.

    The 29% increase in the annual figure is the largest rise since the official hate crime figures started to be published five years ago.

    Home Office statisticians said the increase was thought to reflect both a genuine rise in hate crime and ongoing improvements in crime recording by the police.


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    Influential Sikh youth group associating with far-right EDL founder Tommy Robinson

    Sikh Youth UK accused of showing film on university campuses that 'propagates hatred towards Muslims'

    by Adam Lusher - 10/16/2017

    An influential Sikh youth group has been accused of associating with far-right English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson and allegedly acting to “propagate hatred towards Muslims”.

    Sikh Youth UK has arranged for a film allegedly portraying Muslim men as predatory sex groomers to be shown at university campuses and Sikh community centres throughout the UK.

    It has welcomed Tommy Robinson to one screening
    , prompting another Sikh group to say it is causing more concern than the Sikh branch of the EDL, because it is accepted within the community and therefore better able to influence it.

    “We are very alarmed,” Balwinder Rana, founder of Sikhs Against The EDL, told The Independent. “By associating with the ex-leader of the EDL who is also a former member of the BNP, Sikh Youth UK is going in totally the wrong direction."

    Mr Rana added that in his opinion, "people like Tommy Robinson only want to use the divide and rule tactic to turn Sikhs against Muslims".

    The apparent warmth of the relationship between Mr Robinson and Sikh Youth UK was revealed when the group welcomed him to a screening in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, of its film Misused Trust.

    After Mr Robinson told his 377,000 Twitter followers “Had an [sic] brilliant night in Huddersfield … Islam is targeting our children”, Sikh Youth UK replied: “It was great to have you … Thank you for your support.”

    Mr Robinson has repeatedly publicised the work of Sikh Youth UK, writing on social media about “Sikhs raising awareness among their community about Muslim grooming gangs”, and telling his Twitter followers where they could buy a copy of Misused Trust.

    For its part, Sikh Youth UK has sometimes publicised the activities of Mr Robinson, on one occasion announcing on its Facebook feed that the EDL founder would be appearing on a Sikh TV channel to “raise awareness of sexual grooming”.

    Mr Robinson, 34, who founded the EDL in 2009 before leaving the street-protest group in 2013, has served time in jail for assault and has repeatedly been accused of stoking Islamophobia.

    Immediately after the Manchester Arena attack he said the Muslim population of one area of the city contained “enemy combatants”.

    Sikh Youth UK, which began as Sikh Youth Birmingham, has described itself as a “movement that seeks to empower and support Sikh Youth [and] to help prevent the use of alcohol and drugs”.

    The group first came to national attention with protests against interfaith wedding ceremonies in Sikh temples.

    It has now started to devote some of its energies to promoting what it has allegedly portrayed as the significant danger of Muslim men grooming young Sikh women so they can sexually abuse them.

    Earlier this year it made the film Misused Trust, which it said would “help show the signs and tactics that are used to groom Sikh girls.”

    The film tells the fictional story of a Sikh student preyed upon by a Muslim man who pretends to be Sikh in order to seduce her
    , then blackmails her into having sex with him and his friends.

    After she is rescued with the help of a Sikh Youth UK member, the film also appears to show a group of Sikh men taking violent vigilante action against the Muslim groomers.

    They beat up one man and bundle him into the boot of a car, before going to the groomers’ shared house armed with knives, a baseball bat and an axe to attack the Muslim men inside.

    The film was condemned by Dr Katy Sian, a Sikh academic who has spent 10 years studying what she has called the “forced conversions narrative” - the idea that Muslim "predators" are lurking on university campuses ready to lure vulnerable Sikh females into Islam.

    Dr Sian, a lecturer in sociology at York University, told The Independent: “This is a story that continues to circulate within the Sikh community.

    “The film therefore acts as another vehicle to further propagate hatred towards Muslims
    . It is deeply problematic, and reinforces both Islamophobia and patriarchy within the community.

    “If they [Sikh Youth UK] are aligning themselves with Tommy Robinson, this could be seen to demonstrate their extremist tendencies.”

    The film is also currently being investigated by Ofcom, which received a complaint that it “advocated retaliatory violence as acceptable” and contained “potentially offensive” references to Muslims.

    But Sikh Youth UK has succeeded in having Misused Trust shown all over the UK, especially at university Sikh societies.

    Social media evidence would suggest the film has been seen and warmly received by students of at least seven universities including Brunel, Keele, Nottingham Trent, and Birmingham City University.

    Dr Sian said: “What I found to be most disturbing was seeing young intelligent Sikhs saying ‘You should all watch this film.’

    “These film screenings do not appear to have been challenged by Sikh student societies or the universities themselves.

    “The irony is that universities claim to be complying with the Government’s Prevent policy when it comes to extremist content on campuses, but this case seems to suggest that when the perpetrator is non-Muslim, the same degree of scrutiny is not applied.”

    Allegations about Muslim grooming also surfaced when Sikh Youth UK seemed to tie them – and London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s religion – to a dispute about Banghra dancing taking place at a mayoral event to celebrate the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi.

    In a Facebook video, a leading figure in Sikh Youth UK, declared: “The Mayor of London [Sadiq Khan] is a Muslim – remember this – and now he's dictating … that we have Bhangra dancers, young girls dancing around, at our Vaisakhi [Sikh festival] events.

    “How we stand up against grooming, how we stand up against these people who have been continuously doing this for generations … They are trying to target our sisters systematically and intentionally, to take them away from their Sikh roots …

    “Today he does it at our Vaisakhi celebrations, he’s dictating what we do. Tomorrow he’s going to dictate what we do in our Gurdwaras [places of worship].”

    Sikh Youth UK has also given awareness-raising talks entitled “Dangers in Modern Society” at venues across the UK.

    A talk in Leicester earlier this month appears to have included a slide with the same wording as a headline that had appeared on the far-right website Breitbart: “6,000 child abuse allegations in Muslim grooming gang hotspot Sandwell in five years.”

    The Breitbart story was based on a local newspaper report that did not refer to Sandwell as a “Muslim grooming gang hotspot”.

    The 6,000 figure was for child abuse cases of all kind, not just grooming incidents

    A separate story, in the Birmingham Mail, put the number of people identified as being at risk of grooming in Sandwell in 2012-13 at 35. Breitbart omitted to mention this figure, but quoted the Birmingham Mail’s other findings that police estimated that 75 per cent of known on-street groomers in the West Midlands were Asian.

    Dr Sian said Sikh Youth UK’s apparent echo of the Breitbart headline was an example of how “incredibly flimsy evidence” was being used to “fearmonger and spread anti-Muslim hatred.”

    She said she had never found a verified example of a Muslim man disguising himself as a Sikh in order to groom a Sikh girl:

    “As part of my research I have engaged with police officers, and tried to locate Sikh women who have been subjected to this alleged treatment. No empirical evidence has emerged.

    “So much around this story appears to consist of sensational rumours and hearsay.
    After publishing these findings, I have faced a torrent of abuse and trolling from members of my community.”

    In 2013 four Muslim and two Hindu men were jailed in connection with the grooming of a “vulnerable and damaged” 16-year-old Sikh girl in Leicester (although it is not believed the men disguised themselves as Sikhs to trick their victim).

    With many known incidents having involved white girls, the Leicester case was described in news reports as producing the first high-profile convictions for grooming a Sikh victim. But a BBC documentary reported that a Sikh group claimed to have investigated more than 200 reports of grooming in the UK, many involving Muslim men.

    The BBC said there were no official statistics to verify this claim.

    It offered the explanation that in an honour-based culture, people did not want to tell the police they or their daughters had been grooming victims, for fear of the news becoming public, “tarnishing” the girl and wrecking her chances of getting married.

    The BBC also spoke to a man claiming to be a reformed ex-grooming gang member who said abusers saw Sikh girls as “easy targets” because they would be too ashamed to talk about what had happened to them, and "their parents would not even report it if they were to find out".

    Dr Sian, however, said she did not buy the argument that widespread abuse of Sikh girls by Muslim groomers was going undetected by the authorities because of concerns about "honour".

    She said: “I would never dismiss any claims of sexual violence, and understand the tremendous difficulties that all women face when reporting such sensitive issues to the authorities.

    “However, to suggest this is simply about shame and honour is to play on outdated, cultural stereotypes of South Asian communities. If we are really led to believe that a daughter’s marriage prospects are seen to be more important than her safety and wellbeing, then we are pandering to frankly racist beliefs that Sikh parents are unfit.

    “I do not believe that Sikh parents love or care for their daughters less than any other group of parents.”

    She added that the main reason why the Sikh community have been receptive to tales of "forced" conversions and grooming by Muslim men is because of historic conflicts arising during the Mughal era, and more recently the 1947 Partition of India.

    Stories about grooming, she said, provided “the perfect conduit for far-right figures to exploit animosities between Sikh and Muslims for their own racist agenda.”

    Her fears were echoed by Mr Rana, of Sikhs Against The EDL, who said: “I would strongly advise Sikh Youth UK that Tommy Robinson is not a person they should be friends with. He is only using them.

    “Sikh Youth UK is doing good work in some areas, but by associating with this character they are negating their positive achievements.”

    He added that Sikh Youth UK had the potential to be far more influential than far-right groups like the Sikh Division of the EDL, which tended to have more white followers than Sikh and had never been accepted within the community.

    He said: “What Sikh Youth UK is doing is in a way more of a cause for concern, because the people of the Sikh Division of the EDL were not based within the Sikh community, whereas this group is.

    “And unlike the Sikh Division they haven’t totally sided with or joined the EDL. They [Sikh Youth UK] have only associated with [EDL founder and former member] Tommy Robinson, so people aren’t as wary of them.”

    Sikh Youth UK declined to comment.

    When news of the complaint to Ofcom first emerged, the film’s producer Kaldip Singh, of Birmingham, said it was a work of fiction which did not encourage violence of sectarianism. He said the film was not suggesting people should take the law into their own hands or resort to vigilante action, explaining that a scene where people first went to the Police about the grooming was not included because “it would have included an extra £5,000 to make it.” He told the Birmingham Mail: “Of course if the victim is underage or has been raped then they should go to police, but our experience shows that in the past the authorities have ignored the problem of Sikh girls being groomed by Muslim men in this country for more than 40 years."

    The start of the film also included the disclaimer that it was a work of fiction and that: “Sikh Youth UK does not support, condone or encourage the use of drugs or violence. Scenes depicting such acts are included solely for entertainment purposes only.”



    The enemies of Islam create fictional movies and slander Muslims to spread hatred and fear of Muslims, so it makes it easier for them to persecute Muslims and attack Islam. And these white islamphobe bigots like to accuse of Muslims for "grooming" when pedophilia is their ethnic trade mark.

    Western Anglo Pedophilia & Other Perversions

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    Christian girl, 5, removed from Muslim foster carers ‘says she misses them’

    by Ashitha Nagesh - 2 Oct 2017

    A five-year-old Christian girl removed from her Muslim foster parents has apparently said that she misses them
    . The child, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was moved into her grandmother’s care in August after it was claimed that her carers ‘didn’t speak English’, wore niqabs, and took away her crucifix necklace. However, Judge Khatun Sapnara today told a family court that both the girl and the grandmother deny the allegations about the foster carers.

    The judge said that Tower Hamlets had handed an assessment to the court which contested the claims. ‘[There are] suggestions for example that the maternal grandmother herself is dismissive of those concerns and is very upset by them, and in fact has a warm relationship with one of the foster carers, as does the child – with the child expressing a view to wanting to see that foster carer, and saying she misses the foster carer and a child in the same placement,’ she told the issues resolution hearing. ‘There are all sorts of other responses to other allegations surrounding the wearing of the crucifix, whether or not the foster carers spoke English or Arabic in the home, as well as referring to negative comments about Easter and Christmas. ‘It addresses all of those and in fact makes very interesting reading.’

    She added: ‘I’m making no findings one or the other about the truth of allegations made against the foster carers, but it seems to me this provides the alternative narrative, if I can put it like that.’ The court was also told how the girl could be returned to the care system, as her grandparents are planning to move to a different country. Judge Sapnara said that the child is of dual-nationality and that her maternal grandparents hope to move with her to their country of origin, which cannot be reported for legal reasons. If that’s not allowed, the girl will be returned to the care system.

    ‘The mother in her statement says she wishes for the child to remain in this country,’ Judge Sapnara said. ‘I can’t force them [the grandparents] to remain here and they don’t want to remain here. In those circumstances, is the mother saying the child should return to [the country] with the grandparents, or she would prefer the child to remain in long term foster care in this country?’ It was also said that the child had been exposed to ‘some highly concerning incidents of domestic violence in the parental relationship’. A further hearing has been scheduled for November 3.


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    Serious questions remain after multi-million pound Birmingham terror trial: CAGE

    by CAGE - August 3, 2017

    The case of three Birmingham men - and a fourth from Stoke-On-Trent - convicted this week for hatching a terror plot involving a meat cleaver and a pipe bomb, raises serious questions regarding entrapment, police conduct and due process.

    Text messages exchanged between undercover agents during the trial - despite them being instructed not to communicate with one another by the judge - reveal a startling degree of impunity.

    One undercover officer, referred to as 'Vincent', repeatedly refused to answer questions in court and was unable to give explanations about numerous discrepancies on his version of events. A deleted message from him read: 'The situation we Find ourselves in with BSS [British Security Service] is not ideal (understatement) either way I'm even more determined to put in an Oscar performance when I get in that box...I won't let you down ... I would die First .'

    On February 24 last year, just before the trial was due to start 'Vincent' wrote: "It's nothing we ain't seen before ... usual bollox we planted itall and Fitted 'em up!!"

    Defendants claimed from the beginning that police had planted the evidence that was later used against them. Despite the 'sting' operation set up by the police, there was also no video or forensic evidence of the accused obtaining, purchasing, handling or even knowing of the items 'discovered' in the car.

    The trial was held partly in secret in the interests of national security and two anonymous witnesses gave evidence behind closed doors.

    Moazzam Begg, Outreach Director for CAGE, said:

    "West Midlands Police was accused of entrapment, perjury and falsifying evidence during the five-month trial. Such accusations have startling repercussions on future trials and arrests, and will gain momentum in the minds of communities."

    "The last successful terror attack in Birmingham occurred in 1974 and resulted in the convictions of "the Birmingham Six". They were eventually freed after sixteen years in prison when the Court of Appeal accepted that police had fabricated and suppressed exculpatory evidence and ruled the convictions "unsafe and unsatisfactory". Had the police in the case of the Birmingham Six also enjoyed anonymity and their evidence remained above scrutiny it is reasonable to conclude their victims would have remained in prison. The true culprits have yet to face justice but, the city of Birmingham is still traumatised by this event and the deep mistrust of the police that followed."

    "The case of the "Three Musketeers" has chillingly similar echoes and has the potential for regenerating that mistrust at a time when the terror threat at its highest in decades and when anti-Muslim hatred and sentiment is at unprecedented levels."

    "There are too many questions about the conduct of the police, the transparency of the courts, the impartiality of the judge, the direction of the jury and reporting by the media to render this conviction safe and satisfactory. At the very least there must be an inquiry into how the police were able to escape scrutiny in a case filled with so many lies, inconsistencies and cover ups."



    This is what they do. They grab innocent Muslims, set them up with fake evidence and testimony and their kangaroo court convicts them; then their media celebrates how they caught big bad Muslim terrorists and sentenced them in a court of "justice".

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    London takeaway driver “blinded in both eyes” after acid attack

    A pizza delivery driver who was attacked with acid has been left “fighting for his life” and may lose his sight in both eyes, police have said.

    Muhammed Nawshad Kamal, 32, who was working in the Walthamstow area of east London, was approached last week by two people on a scooter who tried to steal his moped and threw acid in his face “repeatedly”.

    “This attack has left a man fighting for his life and with terrible eye injuries,” Detective Chief Inspector Gordon Henderson said.

    “This was an innocent man going about his work as a delivery driver, who may never see again.”

    The Independent reported that police have arrested a 14-year-old on suspicion of committing grievous bodily harm.

    Delivery drivers have complained about a lack of protection from acid attacks after being repeatedly targeted.

    Investigators have warned corrosive substances are being used as an alternative weapon by robbers, who have also used them on pedestrians to steal phones.

    A spate of attacks with corrosive substances has fuelled a rise in violent crime across England and Wales in the past year, with recorded offences up 13 per cent.

    In July, Resham Khan and her cousin Jameel Mukhtar suffered an acid attack on her 21st birthday, disfiguring both of them, and leaving Jameel Mukhtar paralysed for life.

    Six people were injured on September 23 — with their injuries “not life-threatening or life-changing” — after a group of males reportedly sprayed a noxious substance in a number of attacks near a shopping centre in east London, police said.

    Earlier, at least three people received minor injuries in the wake of a suspected acid attack on revellers at Notting Hill Carnival in London in late August.

    The Government has responded with stricter controls on the sale of acid and a law making it illegal to carry acid in a public place without a good reason.


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    Syrian family in Liverpool forced to flee home after arson attack

    A young Syrian family was forced to flee their home in Liverpool after being fire-bombed last weekend in the middle of the night.

    The family-of-five escaped from their burning property at around 4am last Sunday morning when accelerant, believed to be petrol, was pushed through their front door letterbox and set alight.

    Neighbours rushed to help after a smoke alarm was activated and flames could be seen shooting from the doorway.
    They said the Syrian man and his pregnant wife who lived there with three children, aged five, three and two, had managed to get out of the house and were in the garden and were suffering from the effects of smoke.

    One neighbour said: “They’ve told me how they had a really bad time in Syria, and they can’t believe they’ve nearly been killed here, in Merseyside.”

    Another resident added: “They’re a lovely family, the husband is trying to learn English, and their three children are beautiful. They make a real effort – the children play with ours in the street.”

    Police say they are keeping an open mind about the reason for the attack on the semi-detached house in St Helens. Neighbours fear it was racially motivated, however.

    Detective Inspector Louise Birchall said: “The occupants of this home, a Syrian family with three young children, were thankfully not more seriously hurt. The swift response from the emergency services ensured that everyone was brought to safety.

    “I am sure that the community will be appalled that an innocent family would be subjected to such a frightening attack in their own home, and we will be relentless in identifying those responsible and bringing them to justice.”


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    Man hunted Muslims so that he could stab them

    A man has been jailed for over two years after he went round a London area looking for Muslims so that he could stab them.

    Mickey Sage, 24, armed himself with a 10-ins knife and went round Camberwell Green where he threatened people in the early hours of June 7.

    Police were first called to Camberwell Green Court after threatening people at 1.43am. Less than 10 minutes later they were called again to Camberwell Green junction with Camberwell Church Street after reports of a man pulling a knife on people and asking if they were Muslim. While being taken into police custody he told an officer ‘it was my knife and I was out to kill a Muslim’. He then made a number of Islamophobic comments and once at the police station he admitted that he was out to find a Muslim to stab them. He said that he ‘would be a martyr for England and stab an imam in the neck.’

    Sage pleaded guilty to two counts of threatening a person with a knife an a public place, accepting the incident was religiously aggravated. He was jailed for two years and three months at Inner London Crown Court. DC Samuel Cafferty from Southwark CID said: ‘Sage set out with a large knife with the clear intention to find Muslims to stab. Hate crime like this has no place in any society. ‘Sage poses a very clear and present danger to members of the public, particularly the Muslim Community and I’m pleased that he now has plenty of time to consider his actions. ‘Members of public confronted by Sage were not harmed but shaken by their ordeal and managed to get away from what could have been a very different ending.’ Scotland Yard added: ‘We would appeal to anyone who witnesses or suffers any hate of any type to immediately report it so that action can quickly be taken and catch those responsible.’ Hate crime can be reported through 999 in an emergency, by dialling 101 in a non-emergency, directly at a police station, through the MOPAC Hate Crime app or through community reporting methods such as Tell MAMA, Galop, or the CST.


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    Bristol refugee murder review accuses police of institutional racism

    Family welcome report, which says council and police wrongly thought of Bijan Ebrahimi as a troublemaker

    The family of an Iranian refugee murdered by a vigilante after years of abuse have expressed relief that an independent review has vindicated their campaign to expose institutional racism within a police force and council.

    A review concluded that Avon and Somerset police and Bristol city council wrongly perceived Bijan Ebrahimi as a troublemaker rather than a victim and sided with his white abusers.

    Ebrahimi’s family emphasised the significance of the review’s finding of institutional racism – the most explicit against a police force since the 1999 Macpherson report on the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence in London, and the first of its kind against a local authority.
    Guardian Today: the headlines, the analysis, the debate - sent direct to you
    Read more

    Both organisations accepted the findings of the report by the Safer Bristol Partnership and said they would continue to work with Ebrahimi’s family to tackle the failings.

    Ebrahimi’s sisters, Mojgan Khayatian and Manizhah Moores, said it was important their deep concerns had been officially recognised, more than four years after their brother’s death.

    They said: “Bijan always fought for the truth, which is what we have tried to do in his name. He never gave up on trying to make things better and neither will we.

    “It’s been a long battle. No review can ever bring back our beloved Bijan but it is important that his voice has been heard. Bijan always said that racism must be challenged wherever it is found, including in town halls and police stations.”

    Ebrahimi, 44, was punched and kicked to death by his neighbour Lee James, who had mistakenly thought he was a paedophile. James and another neighbour dragged Ebrahimi’s body to a green in front of his home in Brislington, south Bristol, doused him with white spirit and set fire to him. James was jailed for life.

    Avon and Somerset police apologised in the summer after the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said in a report that the force had failed Ebrahimi.

    The force has been working with his sisters to try to improve its procedures. It said on Monday: “Mr Ebrahimi was treated differently, to his detriment and without objective reason.”

    Ebrahimi’s family said the council had been slow to acknowledge its failings. “Bristol city council took nearly five years to accept it failed Bijan and the need for change. This is far too long, although late is better than never. We will not rest until improved systems are put in place to protect other vulnerable people,” they said.

    The new report says Ebrahimi’s death left a “hole in the lives of his sisters and young nephews that they feel can never be filled”. It adds: “They feel an indescribable emptiness and their lives will never be the same again.”

    The sisters said they would never have got to the truth without the support of the Bristol agency Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI) and their lawyers. “We worry about bereaved families who don’t have that support. How do they ever find the truth? We now look forward to working with the mayor and holding the council to account.”

    Bristol’s mayor, Marvin Rees, apologised, accepted there had been institutional racism and said he would work with Ebrahimi’s family to try to prevent the occurrence of another such tragedy.

    The multi-agency learning review spells out that from 2005 until his death in 2013, Ebrahimi reported dozens of times that he had been the victim of racially motivated offending.

    He made about 44 allegations to the police that he had been the victim of a crime or multiple crimes, the report says. These included 17 recorded allegations of assault, seven of threats to kill, five of harassment, five of criminal damage, 12 of public order-related offences and one of cruelty to an animal – his cat Mooshi.

    On one occasion boiling water was thrown over his head; he was also the victim of an arson attack. One relative told the review she had witnessed him being called a “Paki” and a “cockroach” and being told: “Go back to your own country.”

    But before Ebrahimi’s death only one person was convicted of an offence – in relation to the scalding incident.

    The report says: “There is evidence that Mr Ebrahimi was repeatedly targeted for racist abuse and victimisation by some members of the public, that this was repeatedly reported to Avon and Somerset constabulary and Bristol city council and that representatives of both organisations repeatedly sided with his abusers.

    “The more incidents that were reported, the more ingrained this pattern of responses became.”

    Ebrahimi himself was arrested on 15 occasions from the date of his arrival in the UK in 2001 but was never prosecuted. On one occasion, Bristol city council obtained an antisocial behaviour order against him rather than against the neighbours he was complaining about.

    The report says this was “misconceived and served as official confirmation of his perceived status as the primary perpetrator rather than the primary victim”.

    It says there was an incorrect prevailing view among some neighbours that Ebrahimi was a paedophile. “The authorities were aware of that view, took no steps to correct it and it is possible that the silence of agencies on this may have been taken by some as confirmation of local suspicions,” the report says.

    “On occasions, Mr Ebrahimi was treated with disrespect and even contempt by some police officers,” it continues.

    The report concludes: “Those victimising him were overwhelmingly of white European origin and the neighbourhoods within which he lived were predominantly inhabited by residents of white European origin … Bijan Ebrahimi was isolated. His complaints resulted in little action.

    “As an Iranian man living in this environment, Mr Ebrahimi was disadvantaged by the inappropriate responses by Avon and Somerset constabulary and Bristol city council to his racist victimisation.

    “Representatives of those organisations displayed a distinct lack of understanding of his plight and, accordingly, unwitting prejudice against him.”

    The report sets out a definition of institutional racism from the Macpherson report: “The collective failure of an organisation to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin. It can be seen or detected in processes, attitudes and behaviour which amount to discrimination through unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping which disadvantage minority ethnic people.”

    The Ebrahimi report says: “There is therefore, based on the above definition from the Macpherson report, evidence of both discriminatory behaviour and institutional racism on the part of Bristol city council and Avon and Somerset constabulary.”

    The family’s solicitor, Tony Murphy, of Bhatt Murphy, said: “Acknowledging the institutional nature of the racism at the core of this tragedy is an essential first step towards systemic change.”

    Two members of the Avon and Somerset force – PC Kevin Duffy, a beat manager, and Andrew Passmore, a community support officer – were jailed for misconduct in a public office over their dealings with Ebrahimi. They and two other constables, Leanne Winter and Helen Harris, have been dismissed from the force.


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    Family of murdered Muslim teenager claim they were discriminated by police

    The family of a murdered Muslim teenager say they feel discriminated against by the police after they failed to convict anyone for eight years after their son died.

    Abdul Karim Boudiaf, an aspiring lawyer from Tottenham, was 18 when he was fatally shot in the neck while walking with friends outside a pub in north London in 2009.

    A man stood trial for his death but no one has ever been convicted.

    The grieving family said they feel let down by police and prosecutors due to the failure to secure a conviction eight years after they lost their son.

    They said that the initial police inquiry felt “cursory” and left them feeling discriminated against because of their race and class background.

    Mr Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham, raised concerns in the House of Commons.

    He said that the family’s race and ethnicity could have played a factor in their ability to get justice for Mr Boudiaf, adding that it had “echoes” of the Stephen Lawrence case.

    Double jeopardy legislation previously protected anyone acquitted of an offence from retrial, but changes to the law in 2005 meant a suspect can be tried again for the same offence if there is “new, compelling, reliable and substantial evidence”.

    But Mr Lammy claimed that while the rule is good in principle, it is restrictive in practice, as it means cases can remain open but dormant for years because further evidence hasn’t been presented to police – which has occurred in the case of Mr Boudaif’s murder.

    Speaking to The Independent, Mr Boudiaf’s sister Yasmine Boudiaf said the family’s dealings with the police and the outcome of the trial revealed that the system is “not made” to help the needs of ethnic minority groups from low income areas.


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    Boris Johnson’s attempt to whitewash British foreign policy is a denial of reality

    London – Boris Johnson’s speech at the Foreign Office today claiming that British foreign policy is the solution for and not the cause of political violence, represents a complete denial of reality and an attempt by the government to dodge any responsibility for our current situation.

    Armed groups and those imprisoned for political violence, cite British foreign policy as a key grievance. This has been acknowledged by countless voices of authority including, Baroness Manningham-Buller, a former director-general of MI5, who in 2010 said: “Our involvement in Iraq, for want of a better word, radicalised a whole generation of young people, some of them British citizens who saw our involvement in Iraq, on top of our involvement in Afghanistan, as being an attack on Islam.”

    In fact, Britain cites threats of violence or actual violence by these armed groups as a justification to carry out its own violent military strikes.

    Before he left office US President Barack Obama admitted that the creation of Islamic State was an “unintended consequence” of the US-led invasion of Iraq and its subsequent dismemberment.

    Considering Iraq was invaded based on flawed evidence centred on “dodgy dossiers” and tortured evidence, Boris Johnson’s assertion that problems in the Middle East have increased because of Britain’s “aloofness” beggar belief. When he says “British foreign policy is not the problem; it is part of the solution” Johnson tramples on the beliefs and views of millions of ordinary British people.

    Dr Adnan Siddiqui, director of CAGE, said:

    “Mr Johnson’s comments give air to right-wing groups and follow on from his earlier statements on Brexit which have inspired a narrow, insular nationalism, the consequences of which are being felt not only by Muslims, but all right-minded people concerned with justice.”

    “Mr Johnson makes no mention of the swathe of evidence testifying to how the rule of law has been consistently and brutally eroded by the ‘War on Terror’ both abroad and at home. Not acknowledging this as a root cause of violence that needs to be tackled urgently, is quite simply a denial of reality, if not an outright deception. As such, it takes us further from solutions and simply reinvigorates an already failing approach.”


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    London 'grooming gang' exposed as police warn abuse happening across Britain

    Exclusive: Four teenage girls have so far reported being raped among 30 potential victims

    Police believe they have exposed a new grooming gang in London as officers warn widespread abuse is taking place across the country.

    Four girls between the age of 13 and 15 have reported being raped by a group based around a McDonald’s in Stratford, triggering a crackdown that has so far identified at least 30 potential victims.

    Detectives believe the number will grow as they appeal for others to come forward, after arresting three boys and three men in Stratford.

    Police are already arresting around 420 men every month over child sexual exploitation across England and Wales, and the numbers continue to grow.

    They believe some are local to the area, but others have been drawn in from surrounding boroughs in northeast London by messages linked to criminal gangs offering gifts or money for drug running on social media.

    Drugs and alcohol are frequently used by grooming gangs to incapacitate girls or coerce them into sex, with the criminality later discouraging victims from going to police.

    There are several methods of grooming, with the best-known “boyfriend” model seeing an abusive relationship used to force victims into sex with others.

    Children can also be trafficked, befriended online or – in the so-called “party model” – targeted by groups of men who lure them to gatherings with offers of drinks, drugs, money and car rides.

    “The ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ are just one model of child sexual exploitation and not the most prolific.

    “The most prolific is peer-on-peer abuse and one form of that is in a gang environment, with the exploitation of people who are wrapped up in drug trafficking and then abused.”

    There are no known common racial or religious characteristics with the Newham case and officials have warned that focusing on one kind of perpetrator will cause abuse to be missed.

    “It’s important to understand there is a real diversity between victims, perpetrators and how grooming happens,” said Carly Adams, a specialist in child sexual exploitation at the Children’s Society.

    full article at : https://www.independent.co.uk/news/u...-a8099346.html

    Comments: When the "muslim gangs" showed up previously, there was a nation wide uproar about how these "muslims" are exploiting their white little girls. When in reality those "muslims" were Muslims by name only as they were born and bred in Uk and therefore were product of that society, displaying the "british values" the government is forcing all Muslims to adopt. Majority of these grooming gangs are their own white boys and men as shown in this report, but notice there's no mention of their religion or race now and there won't any outcry about "those white christians" exploiting little girls now. Such is their hypocrisy.

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    UK justice system is racist, suggests one of Britain's only non-white judges

    Peter Herbert, a crown court judge, says legal system pervaded by 'casual discrimination'

    Britain’s justice system is racist and should not be trusted by ethnic minorities, one of the UK’s only black judges has suggested.

    Peter Herbert, a part-time crown court judge, said his treatment was a “sad reflection on the judiciary” after being disciplined for speaking out against the verdict of a fellow judge. The justice system was riddled with “casual discrimination”, he added.

    Mr Herbert had criticised the decision of the election commissioner, a fellow judge, to ban Lutfur Rahman, the former mayor of Tower Hamlets, from standing for public office. Rahman was found guilty of electoral fraud in April 2015.

    At rally in the former mayor’s defence, Mr Herbert, who is also chairman of the Society of Black Lawyers, said the decision was based on a belief that ethnic minorities “were not regarded as British”. Judges are generally expected not to comment on the rulings of a colleague.

    At the same event, Mr Herbert also suggested ethnic minorities “should not place their faith in a justice system that had not been designed for them” and instead should “take direct action”, according to The Times.

    A four-person disciplinary panel criticised Mr Herbert’s actions but said he should not be formally punished, short of being given “formal advice” and reminded about his responsibilities.


    It also concluded the anti-racism campaigner had been badly treated after he was pressured by a senior judge to give him up his work until the disciplinary process had finished. A “suitably senior person” should apologise to him, the panel said.

    Speaking about his experience, Mr Herbert said: “As one of the few judges of African descent in the UK, who sits in three jurisdictions, with a consistent record of fighting within the system for justice and equality, to be treated in this manner is a sad reflection on the judiciary itself.”

    Currently only around 5 per cent of judges in the UK are non-white. Mr Herbert said his treatment was evidence of prejudice within the judiciary.

    “There are fewer overt racial remarks but the systematic casual discrimination in criminal justice and every other jurisdiction persists. The High Court judiciary are particularly isolated from the real world of diverse modern Britain”, he said.

    Mr Herbert highlighted a recent incident in which a Supreme Court judge, Lord Neuberger, appeared to criticise his colleague, Lady Justice Hale, for comments she made relating to the court case on whether Parliament must b home e given a say on Brexit. Lord Neuberger was not disciplined for the remarks.


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    White Terrorist, Britain First follower, who drove van at London Muslim restaurant owner walks free

    Marek Zakrocki, who also gave a Nazi salute and shouted ‘white power’, served his time on remand

    by Haroon Siddique - 12 Jan 2018

    Marek Zakrocki

    video: https://www.facebook.com/ajplusengli...1868411287998/

    A Britain First supporter
    who drove at a curry restaurant owner after saying “I’m going to kill a Muslim” is to walk free after serving his prison sentence while on remand.

    The Old Bailey heard that
    Marek Zakrocki, 48, also gave a Nazi salute and shouted “white power” before driving his van at Kamal Ahmed outside Spicy Night restaurant in Harrow, north-west London, on 23 June last year – the first anniversary of the Brexit vote.

    He told a police officer while in his van: “I’m going to kill a Muslim. I’m doing it for Britain. This is how I’m going to help the country. You people cannot do anything.”

    The Polish-born window-fitter mounted the pavement twice, trying to pin Ahmed against the front of the restaurant window – which smashed – with his vehicle, the court heard.

    On Friday, Zakrocki was sentenced to 33 weeks in jail by Judge Anthony Leonard QC after pleading guilty last month to dangerous driving and beating his wife. On Friday, he also admitted drink-driving. He will be released due to time spent on remand.

    He was originally also accused of attempted murder and three racially aggravated offences but those charges were not pursued by the Crown Prosecution Service. Further charges of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm and having a knife in a public place were ordered to lie on file.

    When armed officers arrested Zakrocki, they found a Nazi coin in his pocket and a number of flyers for the far-right group Britain First and newspapers at his home in Harrow.

    The court heard he had been drinking heavily that day and had grabbed his wife’s arm and threatened to kill people and then himself. Before driving at Ahmed he had pushed an unknown Asian man and shouted “white power, white power”.

    Denis Barry, prosecuting, said: “It’s plain that his conduct is very likely to have been motivated by his views about our diverse society.”

    Barry said
    Zakrocki had been fixated by Muslims and had made donations to Britain First in the past. The far-right group gained international notoriety when it was retweeted by Donald Trump. Paul Golding, 35, and Jayda Fransen, 31, its leaders. have been charged by police in Northern Ireland in connection with alleged hate speeches they made in Belfast. Both deny the charges.

    Zakrocki was sentenced to 32 weeks’ imprisonment for dangerous driving, one week for battery against his wife and six weeks for drink driving, with the latter term to run concurrently. He was also disqualified from driving for three years.

    Leonard told Zakrocki, who appeared via video link from Wormwood Scrubs prison that he had concluded that he was trying to cause physical harm when he mounted the pavement in his van but that his behaviour was driven largely by his excessive alcohol consumption.

    The judge said: “These events are the result of you having drunk up to two bottles of wine, which you knew would affect you seriously because of your chronic alcoholism.”

    He revealed that Zakrocki had a previous conviction for assaulting a police officer, also while drunk, in 2011.

    Leonard said the offences were committed at a time of “heightened tensions” due to the van attack on Muslims outside Finsbury Park mosque in north London. The judge said he had taken into account Britain First literature found at Zakrocki’s home but that he was not a member of any far-right organisation.

    DC Georgina Acuna, the case officer, said: “I was expecting a slightly longer custodial sentence.”

    An attempt by Kazrocki’s wife to prevent reporting of the proceedings was rejected as groundless by the judge.

    Britain First, which has an estimated 1,000 supporters, has an openly anti-Islam, anti-immigration agenda. The group regularly protests against the construction or extension of mosques and wants halal meat banned in Britain. It describes itself as “a patriotic political party and street movement” and “a patriotic resistance and ‘frontline’ for our long suffering people”.


    This is how these terrorists are. They support their terrorists while imprisoning Muslims on terrorism charges for small crimes.

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    White Terrorist threatened to murder Muslims in Facebook rant days after Manchester and London terror attacks

    Andrew Littlefair could be jailed after calling for mosques and the Quran to be burned

    by Ian Johnson - 3 Jan 2018

    Andrew Littlefair

    A Stockton man faces jail for a chilling anti-Muslim Facebook rant in which he wrote: “Give me bullets for my gun - I’ll shoot every b****** one”

    Andrew Littlefair’s sickening posts came days after Manchester Arena bombing and the London Bridge terror attack.

    The 50-year-old quoted Prime Minister Theresa May, writing “enough is enough” before calling for mosques and the Quran to be burned.

    “Kick um out wipe them out kill them all,”
    read one of the posts.

    Another stated: “It’s time to unite and fight wipe out this disgusting desease (sic) they call Islam.

    “My grandad didn’t fight an die for this!!”

    But he was arrested after the mum of a family member’s boyfriend took offence and called police.

    “She found them upsetting and disgusting,” said prosecutor Mrs Beattie.

    “They are all anti-Islam and anti-Muslim.”

    Littlefair initially told police the six posts were a “joke” - before blaming a lager-induced hangover.

    When Cleveland Police became involved he had tried apologising on Facebook - but that descended into another anti-Islam rant.

    “I’m getting hauled in by the police for freedom of speech,” he moaned.

    “Certain people can have freedom of speech but not the white man.

    “Look at what happens to them because of their race.

    “Sorry for being a white Christian.”

    When pals asked him what was up, he wrote he was in trouble for saying “a few home truths”.

    He then said he would “rather be locked up” than hold his tongue.

    Teesside Magistrates’ Court heard on Wednesday that the Norton man may get his wish.

    He faces a minimum of 12 months in jail after pleading guilty to six counts of publishing threatening religious material intending to stir up religious hatred.

    The court heard Cleveland Police took more than a month to collect evidence after it was posted on June 4. Littlefair, of Trefoil Court, was only interviewed voluntarily under caution on July 31.

    “The posts were published at a time when emotions were running high,” added Mrs Beattie. It was posted a day after the London attack which claimed 11 lives, including the three attackers. On May 22, a bomb at an Ariana Grande gig claimed 23 lives in Manchester. No formal mitigation was offered, although unmarried Littlefair was said to have bi-polar. The court heard he had “very little” previous, consisting of five unrelated offences. He was granted unconditional bail to appear at Teesside Crown Court on a future date.


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    Muslim detainees 'made to pray by toilet'

    A High Court judge has criticised the home secretary after hearing Muslim men were forced to pray next to a toilet at an immigration removal centre.

    Mr Justice Holman said Amber Rudd had failed to provide any justification for the practice at the Brook House facility, near Gatwick Airport - operated by the private company, G4S.

    As a result, he said the two detainees' rights had been breached.

    The Home Office said it would consider the judgement "carefully."

    The judge also ruled Ms Rudd had acted unlawfully in allowing smoking in rooms at the centre.

    Regulations permitting exemptions to the smoking ban in public places do not extend to immigration removal centres, said Mr Justice Holman, but could be amended if the government wished to do so.

    The ruling means the home secretary will either have to phase out smoking from most areas of UK immigration removal centres or get the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to agree to introduce new rules allowing it.

    The case against Ms Rudd was brought by two asylum seekers - Mohammed Hussein, originally from Ethiopia, and Muhammad Rahman, from Bangladesh.

    They were both detained at Brook House for several months last year before being released.

    The pair, who said they were devout Muslims, argued that the conditions and regime at the centre breached their right to religious observance.

    They said they were each locked in a room - measuring 4m x 3m - for 11 hours at night with two other detainees, and their evening and early morning prayers were conducted 3m from an "exposed and open lavatory pan".

    One of the men described the room as "smelly and dirty", saying it distracted him from his prayers.

    The other detainee called the conditions "disgusting".

    'Discriminatory conditions'

    Mr Justice Holman said the evidence "clearly established" that being forced to worship in such a confined space with an internal lavatory contravened the men's right to worship under Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

    He said the conditions were also discriminatory because they affected Muslims more than people of other religions, due to their prayer requirements.

    The court heard that the home secretary had "conceded" that she had not paid "due regard" to the need to eliminate discrimination as she was obliged to do under the Equality Act.

    The judge ordered her to address the issue within a "reasonable time" and demonstrate that she had done so.

    Centres 'fully equipped'

    A Home Office spokeswoman said the department respected the rights of detainees to practise their religious faith.

    But she added: "We will consider today's judgement carefully."

    Duncan Lewis Solicitors, who represented the detainees, said they hoped the government would take immediate steps to improve conditions.

    Raza Halim, the pair's barrister, said: "Religion and prayer provide unique solace to many far from home because of war or persecution.

    "It is particularly profound in the circumstances of a detention that you cannot understand.

    "The court recognised how Muslim worship could be 'degraded' because of where detainees are forced to pray near open, recently used toilet pans in small cells."

    The BBC has contacted G4S for a response.

    Past controversies

    Brook House became the subject of a BBC Panorama undercover investigation last year that revealed detainees were "mocked and abused".

    The programme said it had seen "widespread self-harm and attempted suicides" in the centre, and that drug use was "rife".

    According to the Home Office, the majority of those held are failed asylum seekers or illegal immigrants waiting to be deported from the UK on organised charter flights.

    Brook House is one of 11 detention removal centres in England, which together took in 28,908 people last year - including 71 children.



    Home Office 'interfering' with people's right to observe Islam in detention centres, High Court rules

    High Court rules Home Office failing obligations under European law by subjecting immigration detainees to 'lock-in' regime which forces them to pray in dirty conditions

    The Home Office is interfering with people’s right to observe Islam by subjecting immigration detainees to a “lock-in” regime which forces them to pray in dirty conditions, the High Court has ruled.

    Muslim detainees at Brook House immigration removal centre lodged a High Court challenge to the lock-in regime and living conditions, which meant they were having to pray in "unclean" conditions in "unacceptable" proximity to a toilet.

    The court heard detainees were locked in their rooms every night between 9pm until 8am, and again during two other “lock-ins” carried out during the day between 12pm and 1pm, and then again at 5pm and 6pm – amounting to a total of 13 hours.


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    Major report on Islamophobia calls for independent inquiry into Prevent

    14th November 2017

    A major new report on Islamophobia has called for an independent inquiry into the government’s controversial Prevent counter-terrorism strategy, which is widely perceived in the Muslim community as targeting Muslims.

    Report “Islamophobia: Still a challenge for us all” by the Runnymede Trust was launched in Parliament on Tuesday.

    The report said: “There is substantial evidence that among the government’s four counter-terrorism strands, the current Prevent policy is discriminatory, disproportionate and counterproductive.

    “Given the mounting evidence, the independent review must answer whether the Prevent strategy should be withdrawn and how to better separate the state’s security apparatus from wider safeguarding or social policy strategies.”

    The report also urged the media to tackle inaccurate and discriminatory reporting on Muslims. It said a press regulator should investigate the prevalence of Islamophobia, racism and hatred espoused in the media.

    “Media regulators should intervene more proactively in cases of allegedly discriminatory reporting, and in so doing reflect the spirit of equalities legislation, as recommended by the Leveson Inquiry,” the report stated. “Where inaccurate or misleading content is published, corrections or retractions should be given equal prominence, and not relegated to a small box in an inconspicuous position…

    “The press and the wider media should publish data on the ethnic and class diversity of their journalists, editors and senior management, and establish targets in line with local working-age populations. The government should establish a group of media practitioners, and representatives from the press, local authorities and race equality NGOs, to initiate new strategies to combat racial prejudice in the media and negative public perceptions of minority ethnic groups. All politicians should show greater accountability for the impact on race relations of negative media coverage and misrepresentation of minority ethnic and religious groups.”

    The report also called for:

    – The government to adopt a definition of Islamophobia as anti-Muslim racism.

    – Public services and private and charity sector employers to collect more data on Muslims.

    – The government to reintroduce a target to reduce child poverty, and develop a wider anti-poverty strategy.

    – Employers and employment support organisations to address barriers to equal labour market participation.

    – Local mayors and Police and Crime Commissioners to ensure appropriate resources are allocated to tackling hate crime effectively at a local level.

    Commenting on the report, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi said Islamophobia is Britain’s “latest bigotry blind spot.”

    She said: “In 2011, I said that Islamophobia had passed the dinner-table test. I was speaking about those who display their bigotry overtly, but also those who do so more subtly in the most respectable of settings – middle-class dinner tables. It is this more covert form of Islamophobia, couched in intellectual arguments and espoused by think tanks, commentators and even politicians, that I have spent the last decade trying to reason with…

    “Of all the challenges to a cohesive Britain at ease with its Muslims, the hostile press environment is the most worrying. The daily poisoning of the discourse around British Muslims has intensified, and shapes our collective understanding of the challenges we face. It informs dialogue across the country, from Parliament to the local pub. The fact that as a country we have allowed this scourge of Islamophobia to grow should worry us all.”


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    White Islamophobe Pulled Muslim Tesco worker's beard and told him where to shove the Koran

    Gavin Totton told Zubair Afzal: 'You don't belong here. Go back to your own country'

    By Emma Davison - 20 SEP 2017

    A racist thug urged a supermarket worker to
    “shove the Koran up your a**e” before tugging [pulling] at his beard.

    appalling abuse hurled at Zubair Afzal resulted in him leaving his job of two years at Tesco in Huddersfield town centre.

    Gavin Totton lost his temper when Mr Afzal asked his partner to pay for a packet of nappies that she’d failed to scan.

    He denied a charge of racially or religiously aggravated common assault but was found guilty after a trial.

    Alex Bozman, prosecuting, told Kirklees Magistrates’ Court that Totton and his partner were shopping at the Viaduct Street store on January 10 when the incident occurred.

    Mr Afzal observed them going to the self-service checkouts.

    They paid for their goods but failed to pay for a packet of nappies left on their pram.

    When Mr Afzal pointed this out to them, Totton’s partner appeared shocked and went to pay for the goods.

    However the 28-year-old lost his temper, forcing Mr Afzal to back away and call for help from the manager to calm him down.

    Mr Bozman said: “
    He made remarks to Mr Afzal along the lines of: ‘Shove the Koran up your a**e’ and: ‘You don’t belong here. Go back to your own country.’

    “Totton then stuck out his right hand, pulled on his chin and beard and said: ‘What’s this silly thing on your face?’

    Mr Afzal, who had worked at the store since 2015, said he felt shocked and saddened by Totton’s behaviour as he was only doing his job at the time.

    Mr Bozman added: “Mr Afzal felt that he’d been singled out because of his religious faith and this has affected him to the extent that he’s had to leave the store.

    “He felt vulnerable and that his only option was to relocate to a different store.

    “The uncertainty about his work has distressed his family because he has financial commitments.

    “He feels that he’s going to be subjected to racial abuse every time he deals with people in terms of his work.”

    Totton, of Leeds Road in Waterloo, denied the offence but was convicted following a trial during which Mr Afzal and his colleague gave evidence.

    He failed to attend for the trial and appeared at the Huddersfield court in custody after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

    Zara Begum, mitigating, said that the tugging [pulling] of Mr Afzal’s beard was not a serious assault but the offence was clearly aggravated by the racial language used.

    She added that
    her client had issues with anxiety and depression but his offending had decreased dramatically in recent years.

    Magistrates adjourned Totton’s sentencing until next Tuesday as he needs a full probation report.

    He was bailed with the condition that he does not return to the supermarket, but the court heard that
    he has since been banned from the store.

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    Report finds some NHS mental health trusts screen all patients for radicalisation

    Study by Warwick University also found patients referred to Prevent programme for watching Arabic TV or going to Mecca

    Four NHS mental health trusts are subjecting patients to blanket screening for radicalisation, with some referred to the Prevent programme for watching Arabic TV or going on pilgrimage to Mecca, a new report has revealed.

    The Warwick University study surveyed 329 NHS staff on Prevent anti-radicalisation measures in the health service. With the UK the only country in the world to incorporate the duty to report signs of radicalisation into its healthcare system, NHS trusts are obliged to train staff to report patients or staff they suspect of being radicalised to safeguarding teams.

    But according to study authors Charlotte Heath-Kelly and Erzsébet Strausz, less than half of the staff surveyed believe that Prevent belongs in the NHS or that it is intended as a safeguarding measure.

    “There is evidence to suggest that the mentally ill are being inappropriately stigmatised as terrorism risks,” the report, called Counter-Terrorism in the NHS, states.

    Heath-Kelly and Strausz sent freedom of information requests to all 54 NHS mental health trusts in England. Of the 49 that replied, four said that they assessed every patient for signs of radicalisation, while the others reported that they conducted radicalisation risk assessments on patients they had specific concerns about.

    70% of NHS staff surveyed said they would be likely or very likely to raise a Prevent query on the basis of someone owning anarchist or Islamic philosophy books.

    The staff surveyed also revealed a number of disturbing examples of what led to people being referred to Prevent by NHS staff, including:

    • A healthcare professional visiting a family at home who saw the child watching an Arabic TV channel with Arabic reading materials lying around.
    • An Asian man who was travelling to Saudi Arabia for the hajj.
    • A man who went to an accident and emergency department with burned hands, did did not provide an explanation for how he came by the burns, and was subsequently referred to police on suspicion of experimenting with bomb-making.

    The report, which says that in Prevent priority areas Home Office officials are embedded in the NHS, will add to concerns over the use of the programme. It has already faced controversy as a method of identifying people who may have become radicalised and is distrusted by some communities.

    After the Manchester Arena terror attack in May 2017, NHS staff were asked to encourage anyone they saw who had been at the arena to phone the police terrorism hotline. They were told that if patients refused, then the NHS staff could call the terror hotline and give police information after the patient had gone.

    Each NHS trust receives a daily counter-terrorism briefing from the Home Office. “It is unclear why the NHS would require daily briefings on international terrorism for its work,” the report states.

    The Home Office also provides NHS staff with advice on how to counter negative media stories about the Prevent programme.

    The report takes issue with the definition of Prevent in the NHS as a safeguarding measure, saying that safeguarding has shifted from a welfare-oriented to a security-oriented endeavour.

    According to the NHS website, the Prevent programme is “designed to safeguard people in a similar way to safeguarding processes to protect people from gang activity, drug abuse, and physical and sexual abuse”, adding that radicalisation is seen as a type of harm or abuse.

    But there are concerns that the definition is hazily applied and operating in a legal grey area. Heath-Kelly expressed particular alarm about the instruction from police to refer any cases NHS staff have concerns about, even if those concerns turn out to be unfounded. “This is a surveillance rationale, not a safeguarding rationale,” she said.

    The role of NHS mental health trusts in making Prevent referrals is key. According to Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS England’s former national medical director, two-thirds of NHS Prevent referrals come from mental health trusts. Since last November, the government has produced separate Prevent guidance for NHS mental health trusts.

    One forensic psychiatrist interviewed for the study said: “It’s going to be a bit Mickey Mouse … as I say, I’m ashamed, it’s totally unscientific and it’s going to be based on opinion, so it’s a bit crap really, but it’s just trying to get at what’s going on.”

    The report urges the four NHS trusts who investigate all patients for signs of radicalisation to stop doing so.

    Two-thirds of the NHS staff surveyed said they were not confident that they could distinguish someone who had been radicalised from someone who had an interest in Middle Eastern politics. Although the NHS philosophy is “no decision about me without me”, consent is rarely obtained before a Prevent referral is made, the report finds.

    Heath-Kelly said: “Historically this kind of thing has existed in non-democratic societies and we know the history of where that leads. It becomes deeply concerning when you look at the real world of how it works for people being asked to do something they are not trained to do and identify people who might in the future become dangerous. There is deeply problematic mission creep here.”

    The security minister Ben Wallace said Prevent aimed to safeguard and support individuals vulnerable to all forms of radicalisation. He said rules for health workers on patient confidentiality were the same in all areas of safeguarding, including referrals made over potential radicalisation. Since 2012, he said, referrals from both the public and public sector staff had resulted in more than 1,000 people being given support by Channel, the multi-agency programme for people vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism.


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    Britain First leader and deputy leader jailed for hate crimes against Muslims

    7 March 2018

    The leader and deputy leader of far-right group Britain First have been found
    guilty of religiously aggravated harassment.

    Paul Golding, 36, and Jayda Fransen, 32, were arrested over the distribution of leaflets and posting of online videos during a gang-rape trial.

    Fransen was convicted of three counts of religiously aggravated harassment. Golding was found guilty of one charge.

    Both were jailed at Folkestone Magistrates' Court.

    Fransen was handed a 36-week sentence and Golding 18 weeks.

    During their trial in January, the court heard
    they had targeted homes and people in Kent whom they believed were connected to a rape trial at Canterbury Crown Court where three Muslim men and a teenager were convicted of rape and jailed.

    The pair, both from Penge in south-east London, were arrested in May last year.

    'Hostility' towards Muslims

    They denied a total of seven counts of harassment.

    Judge Justin Barron threw out three of the charges, while Fransen was found guilty of three and Golding of one.

    He told the court the pair were "well-known", "controversial" and "generate their own publicity", but his verdict was based "solely on admissible evidence heard in court".

    He said
    their words and actions "demonstrated hostility" towards Muslims and the Muslim faith.

    "I have no doubt it was their joint intention to use the facts of the case [in Canterbury] for their own political ends.

    "It was a campaign to draw attention to the race, religion and immigrant background of the defendants."

    Both Fransen and Golding were convicted on a joint charge of religiously aggravated harassment after an incident last May at 555 Pizza takeaway in Ramsgate, when
    Fransen banged on the windows and doors of the shop and screamed "paedophile" and "foreigner".

    However, in each case, they instead targeted innocent members of the public.

    They filmed the abuse and then released it on social media and through the Britain First website.

    They also posted offensive leaflets through the letterboxes of houses in the area where the defendants lived.

    Giving evidence, Fransen had denied being a racist and said she had carried out campaigns against people accused of sex offences, while Mr Golding told the court he had often acted as her cameraman.

    Fransen was convicted of abuse after visiting a house she wrongly believed to be the current address of Sershah Muslimyar, a defendant in the trial.

    She was also convicted of visiting the Kent home of another defendant, Tamin Rahmani, and shouting racist abuse through the front door while his pregnant partner Kelli Best was there.

    During sentencing Fransen spoke over the judge, saying: "This is a very sad day for British justice. Everything I did was for the children of this country and they are worth it."

    As Britain First supporters left the courtroom they hurled abuse at court staff and members of the press, shouting "no surrender".


    Funny how these retards go around calling innocent non-whites pedophiles when their own parliament, charities, schools, and even homes are filled with pedophiles who abuse their own children let alone others'.


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