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    UK Imams may be forced to preach in English

    The latest counter-extremism proposals by the British Government are reportedly going to include forcing Imams to preach in English.

    Whilst some may naively accept the argument that living in an English speaking society should mean that all citizens should try their best to speak in English, the reality is that such proposals are exclusively designed to target the Muslim community who continues to be viewed through the lens of the “war on terror.”

    Akin to autocratic regimes such as Russia, China and tyrannical States in the Muslim World, the UK is now also heading towards state controlled policing of the Muslim community. The first clause of the Magna Carta says ‘The English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired’, so does not apply to the Muslim community, once again proving there is a parallel system of rights and justice.

    It is of course a lie that secular states are neutral to religions. Rather it imposes laws on religions to achieve the aims of its own way of life.

    Such policies are no surprise for those who understand that Islam poses an ideological challenge to the secular way of life and hence lies about pluralism and freedom to worship don’t apply to Muslims.

    Such measures are a continuation of a reformation agenda to reform Islam into a ‘British Islam’ that interprets this way of life in a secular manner and not as a holistic way of life. We can imagine what type of Islam they wish to see being taught; one which abolishes Allah from life’s affairs; which sees all religions as being essentially the same, none being ‘true’; one that reduces the status of Messengers such that they can be mocked; one where any sexual relationships are a valid lifestyle choices etc. This is in addition to being taught that there is no political system in Islam nor that the Muslims here are apart of the global Ummah, or that the ultimately loyalty is not to Allah but to the secular state.

    Ironically it is not Islam they are damaging through such proposals but the values they claim to uphold.


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    Media blaming it on any Muslim name they could find before getting the actual facts.

    London Attacker Was Reportedly Identified As Abu Izzadeen, But There's A Problem: He's Still In Jail

    by Matt Vespa - Mar 22, 2017

    London has been attacked in what appears to be a terrorist [crime] incident-and British law enforcement is investigating it as such. Scotland Yard said that four people have died, including a police officer and the attacker, with 20 others being wounded. The injuries have been described as catastrophic. Katie wrote about how the assailant plowed through pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge near Whitehall, exited his vehicle in his attempt to enter the Palace of Westminster, where he was shot three times by police. A police officer was stabbed in the attack.

    The attacker was allegedly identified as Abu Izzadeen
    (aka Trevor Brooks), a British native and second generation Jamaican, by Channel 4 News. Izzadeen has been in trouble with the law for his advocacy of radical Islam. In 2005, he refused to condemn the July 7 London bombings:

    British-born Abu Izzadeen, a spokesman for the group al-Ghurabaa [the Strangers] has declined to condemn the 7 July London bombings.

    He told BBC2's Newsnight the bombings were "mujahideen activity" which would make people "wake up and smell the coffee".

    In 2008, he was found guilty of inciting terrorism and given a four and a half-year prison sentence.

    Over the past few years, Izzadeen has been in and out of UK's legal system for his radical views. In 2015, he was sent to jail for failing to notify police of his address change, while in early 2016-he landed himself in hot water again for leaving the country without telling British authorities, according to the BBC. And here is the problem: he was given a two-year prison sentence for that infraction. He's still in jail.


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    Dewsbury politician says Westminster attacker was 'violent Christian before he was a violent Muslim'

    The man behind the Westminster terror attack was a "violent Christian long before he was a violent Muslim", Dewsbury-born peer, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, has said.

    By Nick Lavigueur - 26 MAR 2017

    Khalid Masood, 52, killed five people and injured 50 in London last Wednesday before he was shot dead by police.

    Appearing on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC1 on Sunday, Baroness Warsi, a former Tory cabinet member, criticised the government's counter-terrorism strategy.

    Baroness Warsi, who grew up attending a mosque in Savile Town, Dewsbury, said it was wrong to only focus on Islam.

    She said research on terrorism had found anything between 15 to 28 tell-tale signs of people who were potential threats.

    She said: "One of the questions I've asked for a couple of years is what actually makes a violent Jihadi? What makes a terrorist?

    "My argument has consistently been that the government has been obsessively focused on just one - which we refer to as Islamist ideology."

    Asked by Marr how the security services should track down terrorists, she responded: "There has been a narrative that says Muslim people know who these people are.

    "And not only do they know them but they're condoning them and sheltering them.

    "I think what we've seen in the terrorist attack last week is it's incredibly difficult (to predict).

    "This is a man who was born in a Christian home, born in a fairly comfortable home, seemed to be living a fairly good lifestyle, was popular.

    "He then got involved in criminality and didn't convert to Islam until later on in life.

    "So he was a violent Christian long before he was a violent Muslim.

    "I'm not sure any of the people who were growing up with him, indeed his own family, would have known that he would go on to commit such an extremist act."

    Marr asked Baroness Warsi why it seemed violent drug taking men converted to Islam.

    "They don't convert to evangelical Christianity or Hinduism, they choose Islam," he claimed.

    But Baroness Warsi said there were people around the world who were evangelical Christians and Buddhists, who committed extremist acts.

    "People always want to find a cause," she said.

    "Nobody's going to say I am an extremist or a terrorist, I just want to commit violent acts, because that's the kind of violent man I am, which clearly Khalid Masood was.

    "They want to try and find an air of respectability as justification for it.

    "If you go back to the GBH he was convicted of in early life there's some suggestion that the argument he presented to court was that he had been racially abused.

    "His violent act was based upon his racial identity.

    "People will always find a grievance."


    London terrorist 'splashed out on four-day crack binges and prostitutes'

    The London terror attacker blew thousand on four-day crack binges and prostitutes, his former friends have claimed.

    by Simon Robb - 26 Mar 2017

    Khalid Masood's former landlady also Cassie Havard said she kicked him out because he was a 'madman' who splashed his money on prostitutes.

    She told The Sun: 'He wasn't a proper Muslim. He shagged prostitutes, smoked copious amounts of crack and stuck knives in people's faces.

    'He was a madman.
    After one four-day crack session, one druggie pal got paranoid and accused him of being an undercover cop.

    'Adrian went absolutely wild and ran to the kitchen to grab the biggest knife he could find. He went back in the room and slashed the guy's face to pieces.'

    Another friend, who is not named, told the newspaper Masood would turn violent and start fights after taking drugs.

    'When high his mood dominated everything in a nasty way,' they said.

    'As soon as the picture of the terrorist on a stretcher outside Parliament was published, we suspected it was him.'

    Yesterday, Danny Smith, 35, told The Sun how he was left with horrific facial injuries after Masood attacked him 15 years ago in Eastbourne. The blade sliced his nose open and ripped through his tongue. But he evaded jail after a jury acquitted him of the charges.

    In a separate incident, Lee Lawrence said Masood spoke of his desire to 'kill' after he slashed a pub landlord, Piers Mott, with a knife.

    On Wednesday, Masood killed four people - Leslie Rhodes, 75, US tourist Kurt Cochran, 54, Aysha Frade, 43 and Pc Keith Palmer, 48.

    He was born Adrian Russell Elms to an unmarried teenage single mother.

    Masood was jailed for two years after slashing a man's face with a knife outside a local pub, leaving his victim with a gaping wound in his cheek.


    London attacker had no links to Isis or al-Qaeda, says Met Police

    Revelations come on fifth full day of police investigation

    by Tom Batchelor - 3/27/2017

    Police investigating the Westminster attack say they have found no evidence that killer Khalid Masood had links to radical Islamist groups such as Isis or al-Qaeda.

    As more details of the fast-moving investigation emerged, Scotland Yard revealed a probe into his use of encrypted messaging service WhatsApp on the day of the attack now forms a "main line of enquiry".

    Detectives also raised doubts over suggestions that Masood was radicalised during a spell in prison.

    The revelations, which come on the fifth full day of the police investigation, appeared to contradict earlier reports that he was linked to Islamist terror groups, and that he had developed extremist views while in jail.

    A day after the attack, Isis claimed responsibility and called Masood "a soldier of the Islamic State".

    The claim was met with scepticism, given the group's record of claiming attacks without any proof of its involvement.

    The Met's senior national coordinator for UK counter-terrorism policing did not rule out that Masood was inspired by the violent extremist groups responsible for massacres in other European cities, but quashed that they were directly involved in last Wednesday's attack.

    Deputy assistant commissioner Neil Basu said: "His attack method appears to be based on low sophistication, low tech, low cost techniques copied from other attacks, and echo the rhetoric of Isis leaders in terms of methodology and attacking police and civilians, but at this stage I have no evidence he discussed this with others.


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    CAGE: Government has introduced cradle-to-grave surveillance state for Muslims

    Human rights group CAGE says the British government has introduced a cradle-to-grave surveillance state for British Muslims.

    In a report released yesterday CAGE said the government’s counter terrorism strategy Prevent mistakenly assumes that Islamic ideology is behind terrorist attacks when the real cause is British foreign policy.

    The report says that Prevent focuses on censorship and exclusion of certain political and religious views from public life, and reforming peoples’ ideas, beliefs and behaviour, rather than tackling actual violence.

    According to CAGE, this has led to widespread discrimination against Muslims based on their political and religious beliefs.

    The report’s co-author Jahangir Mohammed, said: “This report marks a significant step, as for first time we are being given a total picture of how the rights and freedoms of the Muslim community are being covertly eroded under the guise of security threats and terrorism. This comprehensive policy has far outstripped its stated remit and is specifically targeting the beliefs, values and ideas of the Muslim community.”

    Report findings

    The report states: “The state is encroaching on every aspect of Muslim life, with people being labelled, discriminated against, and prosecuted for their ideas and beliefs (often by panels, committees, and individuals). Moreover, there are no legitimate safeguards for Muslims to challenge these decisions or for the community to officially scrutinise its impact.

    “Prevent incorrectly conflates defeating an ideology (which it describes as Islamism) with defeating terrorism. All terrorists and acts of political violence have an ideology or goal. However, terrorism and political violence is not caused by ideology, it is a methodology.

    “Rooting out an ideology or in this case a theology will not end politically motivated violence because it does not address the political causes. Prevent focuses on dealing with religious and political ideology as a means of dealing with politically motivated violence, instead of addressing the political struggles that lead to violence that need a solution.”

    The report says that:

    – Young people at school and further education are being targeted and identified early on those considered “vulnerable” or, “at risk” of being drawn towards extremism or violence.

    – Teachers, doctors, police officers, civil servants and local government officers are being trained and indoctrinated with a politicised understanding of Islam and Muslim political struggles.

    – Muslims who propose an alternative narrative or political analysis for the causes of violence in the Muslim world are seen as extremist radicalisers, and as potential pathways to violence.

    – Prevent seeks to eliminate alternative political discourse about western foreign policy amongst Muslims, even amongst children. It is a policy to silence Muslims and pacify/de-politicise their faith.

    – Hostile anti-Muslim websites and activists are putting pressure on institutions to ban events and exclude speakers by labelling them “hate preachers”.

    Foreign policy

    “Many of those convicted of terrorism have been part of British society and embraced its values. It is neither the West nor its values that provoke violent action, but the behaviour of the West in Muslim majority lands. They have made this repeatedly clear in their public statements,” the report states.

    “It is obvious that this flawed strategy will not end politically motivated violence, something highlighted by the killing of Lee Rigby. The government strategy does not recognise that anti-terrorism policy is failing, but rather introduces more layers of law and restrictions that impact Muslim communities.

    This amounts to collective punishment of the whole for the actions of individuals.

    “This will create a two tier system of law in the UK, one for Muslims and one for the rest…. This idea that a British government can interfere with, define and regulate the Islamic faith and ideology is insulting to Muslims. It further highlights the ignorant standpoint from which the Prevent policy is made.

    CAGE recommends that:

    – Muslims campaign against new proposals and create awareness through social media.
    – Muslims promote alternative narrative to Prevent theory.
    – Muslims challenge the policy as a whole and challenge it in the courts.


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    Croydon asylum boy assault: Up to 20 people watched attack


    A group of up to 20 people looked on as a gang punched and kicked a teenage asylum seeker at a bus stop in south London, neighbours have said.

    Eight people are being questioned by police on suspicion of the attempted murder of the Kurdish Iranian victim following Friday's attack in Shrublands Avenue, Croydon.

    Those involved in the attack have been labelled "scum" by the local MP.

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan also condemned the attack.

    Detectives made three further arrests on Sunday - two men aged 23 and 26 and a 17-year-old girl.

    Five others who were arrested on Saturday - four men and one woman, all aged 20 or 24 - remain in custody.

    A 20-year-old woman arrested on Saturday has been released with no further action, the Metropolitan Police said.

    One resident of Shrublands Avenue said: "There was a massive group coming up from The Goat pub.

    "You couldn't see who was hitting who. There was one person, the one who ended up in hospital, he was getting absolutely beaten up.

    "There was a group of roughly 10 people kicking and punching him and the rest, another 10 or 20, were all just around watching."

    "People that were there, witnesses, because they couldn't do anything against a group of 30 people, they had to wait until they moved off and that's when they managed to help him.

    "That's eventually when the ambulance and police (arrived), and that was it."

    The victim was waiting with two friends at the bus stop when he was set upon at about 23:40 BST.

    It is believed the attackers asked him where he was from before they chased him down the road and repeatedly kicked him as he lay on the ground.

    His friends suffered minor injuries in the attack, but the teenager is reported to have sustained a fractured skull and a blood clot on his brain.

    He was taken to a south London hospital where he remains in a "serious but stable" condition.

    Officers are in the process of informing next of kin.

    At the scene

    By Simon Jones, BBC News correspondent

    As high-visibility police patrols in the area continue, residents in this diverse community have been trying to make sense of what happened.

    The police tape around the bus stop has been taken down, transport is running normally again.

    But as people sat waiting for buses, the attack was the only topic of conversation.

    Many were keen to tell me what happened was not typical of the area, describing it as a place where people do get along.

    A few though say it's left them feeling scared, particularly as more details have been released by the police about what happened.

    The local MP, on his visit to talk to the numerous TV cameras, took time to speak to one of the community leaders, so they could share their sense of shock.

    One resident has responded by spraying graffiti near the numerous flats on Shrublands Avenue that reads simply: "Refugees Welcome".

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in a statement that there would always be a "zero-tolerance approach" to hate crimes of any type.

    "Hate crime has no place in London, Britain or anywhere else," he said.

    The Refugee Council said it was "disgusted" by the assault.

    Director of advocacy, Dr Lisa Doyle, said: "We hope the perpetrators of this appalling attack are swiftly brought to justice and we wish the victim a full and speedy recovery."

    Kana Varathan, who lives near the scene of the attack, said he heard the screams of the victim.

    He said: "Normally, Friday night, they are always making noise, then it sounded really funny.

    "Then, looking to the window, the group of people [were] beating one person."

    Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell used Twitter to appeal to anyone with information "about the scum" responsible for the attack to contact the police.

    He told the BBC: "I described them on Twitter as scum. I think this is a cowardly and despicable attack.

    "It appears that this young boy that sought sanctuary in this country has been set upon by a whole group of people.

    "And I hope that we will find the people responsible and that they will face the full force of our criminal justice system."

    Mr Barwell added: "The other thing that I would say is that what happened here is not representative of this community and that Croydon is one of the most diverse bits of London and people of different backgrounds get along very well."

    Ch Supt Jeff Boothe said: "A number of bystanders and eyewitnesses tried to intervene and say to the attackers that 'enough is enough'."

    He added: "Hate crime is something which we understand can be very, very divisive. Croydon is culturally diverse and we need to continue to celebrate that.

    "We are appealing to all decent people from whatever background they come from to help us identify the individuals that are involved in this isolated attack."


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    Police Force Muslim Family onto Street at Gunpoint

    'My kids were terrified – they were treated like animals': Mother of children led out of their house at gunpoint by armed police tells of her family's 'disgraceful' treatment after false tip-off

    By Rory Tingle and Joseph Curtis - 11 April 2017

    The mother of children who were led out of a home by armed police and forced to lie on the ground to be handcuffed has hit out at the 'disgraceful' treatment of her family by police.

    The woman, who would not be named, said her four children, aged between 15 and 21, were 'treated like animals' by West Midlands Police outside her home in Birmingham and has vowed to sue the force.

    Shocking footage showed the machine gun-wielding officers swooping on the property in Bordesley Green, Birmingham, at around midday over reports of a man with a gun, which appeared to be a false tip-off.

    A crowd of bystanders watched on as the children - some of whom were wearing nightclothes - were each made to lie down in the road before they were restrained, only to eventually be released when no firearm was found.

    The 37-year-old mother said: 'I have no idea what happened, why it happened, or anything like that.

    'I left the house just before 12 yesterday afternoon to go and pay some bills down the road, and left my children in the house as they're on holidays.

    'When I was coming back I saw a police van just over the bridge, at the end of my road.

    'My first thought was that they must have been doing surveillance or that something had happened down my road, as they've been down here a lot in recent weeks.

    'Then armed police officers started to approach me and ask me questions about where I live and what I had in the house.

    'I thought it must have been a joke or prank or something like that.

    'But then they started to grab me by the wrist and try and drag me towards the van, which was when I realised that it was serious.

    'They wanted to search me, but that's against my faith.

    'I'm a practicing Muslim, and I wasn't willing to be touched and searched by a male police officer, so we had to wait for a female officer to come and do it.'

    She added: 'They found nothing, of course. What one earth would me or my kids have on us?

    'We'd done absolutely nothing wrong, we're completely innocent people who just keep to ourselves.

    'While that was happening armed police officers started standing outside my house, with the guns pointing straight at it.

    'They also climbed through my neighbours' fence to get into my back garden and broke the top of it.

    'There four or five officers with me, and then some others with my children, I don't know how many. My kids were terrified.

    'They opened the door to ask the officers what the hell was happening, and it was at that point that the police came into the house and started to line them up on the street.

    'I was put in a police riot van while they were searching the house and my kids.'

    She added: 'They [my children] were sleeping in their beds and still in their pyjamas. It's school holidays and they were having a lie in.

    'They are angry and frustrated that they were taken from their beds and made to lie down in the street with their hands cuffed behind their backs and machine guns to their heads.

    'I didn't see it because I was down the road but I've seen the pictures all over the internet. It's shocking.'

    The mother said she wanted an apology and an explanation from the police after they 'ransacked' her home, and added she was taking legal advice.

    She said: 'They ransacked it, completely ransacked it. It was a mess when I got back home. Stuff was all over the place, and I spent a lot of the afternoon clearing it up.

    'I wasn't aware of what they were doing to my children when I was in the van. I saw the video in the evening, and was just stunned.

    'They are at the house by themselves, and police have started to point guns at them when they've done nothing wrong.

    'The officers were just saying to me that they were looking for a firearm in the house.

    'The whole thing lasted about 40 minutes or so. It was done by 20 to one.

    'They just let me back into the house at the end of it, along with my children who were utterly terrified.

    'They've given me absolutely no explanation whatsoever. No apology, no explanation at all. It's disgraceful.

    'When they were finished they just told me to get back in the house. My kids didn't get any explanation either, so they're just as confused as I am.

    'I do feel very mistreated.

    'There's nothing in the house that could possibly look like a gun or anything dangerous, and that's why it was such a short search, I believe.

    'But what happened to my children was shameful. They were treated like animals.

    'When I saw her after the search my 18-year-old daughter was completely pale, she was so so scared
    and understandably so.

    'I'm devastated that I wasn't there with them as they were being searched, so that I could calm them down a bit.

    'I've heard that they came because of a tip off.

    'I have no reason to believe that it was a malicious one in any way shape or form.

    'I've been living here for 16 years now, so it's not like I've newly arrived and people some reason to be suspicious of me.

    'It could have something to do with my religion. I do experience discrimination, rude comments when I'm walking down the street and that sort of thing.

    'I was wearing my hijab and a long black dress when it happened, so I think that might have had something to do with it - I wouldn't be surprised.

    'Nothing like this has ever happened before, but it does have me scared about what could happen in the future.'

    She added: 'I'm seeking legal advice and planning to take legal action against the police over the way the way they treated my children.

    'They should be enjoying the holidays and now they're having to get over this. They are very shaken and they need me to help comfort them.'

    A witness said he was driving along the busy road when police stopped traffic after the raid.

    'I was stuck for about 45 minutes so I just got out and started filming,' he said.

    'The police led the kids out one by one. The youngest only looked about 11 or 12 and the oldest about 19.

    'Some were still in their night clothes and some didn't have any shoes or slippers on.'

    The bystander, who said his name was Mohammed, claimed: 'There were loads of people watching this and many were filming.

    'The police were still there after I left and so were the people - two were in one van and two in another. It was also alleged that police detained a woman nearby.

    A 60 year old shopkeeper, who was across from the road when the raid happened, said: 'There was lots of noise and stuff going on. At least two police officers were there in the van, and there were two unmarked cars also.

    'I think they stopped traffic coming down here, but people were still allowed to walk in the street, which is why there was the crowd watching it.

    'It was very short, very short. It was finished in under an hour.

    'The people from the house come in here quite often, a few times every week or so. They are nice, they are normal.

    'They come in here and are nice, they say 'please' and 'thank you'. They are pleasant, just normal.

    'I believe that the police did too much. These are kids. They are never going to have guns and things like this. Why treat them in this way?

    'Something like that, being embarrassed in front of a lot of people, being told that they've done something wrong, it affects them.

    'It is the sort of thing that can scar them for a long time
    , make them scared to go out or make them feel different from everyone else.'

    A 28-year-old mother-of-two, who witnessed the incident, added: 'It was very shocking.

    'The street is normally very quiet, very normal. I don't ever see the police coming here.

    'I saw the children being taken out of the house, with their hands in the air. They looked very scared, very scared.

    'The police lay them down and just started patting them and searching them, asking them questions. You could see that they were shaking.

    'I do not know them personally, everyone on this street keeps their own business private.

    'I have seen the children out, playing on this street when they are younger, and now I think they are in college or secondary school.

    'There is nothing suspicious about them. I have never even seen them playing with toy guns, so I don't understand why someone would think something illegal was happening in there.'

    A 52-year-old man, who lives nearby, added: 'The family are quiet, they don't make any noises or cause any disturbances.

    'I have heard that someone phoned to complain about them and the police came, but I don't know what the complaint was. It's strange and very unfortunate for them.

    'I was at home when it happened, and my wife came into the house after getting her shopping and said to me 'Oh my god, the police are outside with guns'.

    'When I went to see what was happening the police let them stand by themselves and go back into the house. The young girl was asking for her mother, she was very shaken.

    'People waited in the street to see if anything else was going to happen, but it didn't. The children and the mother went back in, and the police left, and nobody has been here since.

    'It is like nothing ever happened.'

    Another witness, who asked not to be named, said: 'What I want to know is why the police have done this. They were heavy-handed, in my opinion.

    'Guns were pointed on them, they were grabbed by the police and almost dragged out onto the road, for no reason.

    'The kids are young, they are innocent and yet they were embarrassed completely - brought out in the street in little clothing, and forced to lie down while being searched.

    'I know that people are scared and it is right because of what has happened in Westminster and now in Sweden.

    'It's right that people are alert but I think this is crossing a line.

    'People have to live their lives, and who knows how much disruption this will cause the kids, especially at such a tender age.'

    West Midlands Police said: 'Police were called to reports of a man believed to be carrying firearms in Pretoria Road, Bordesley Green, at around 10.50am.

    'Officers and the police helicopter attended the scene
    but despite a thorough search no firearms were recovered and no arrests were made.

    'Appears that a call was made with good intent.'

    Video: https://www.facebook.com/doamuslims/...5060181541545/



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