Ummah.Events - Your Islamic Events Calendar

Our Story:
Ummah Events is inspired by the problem faced by many Muslims trying to find an Islamic event in their area.

The Solution:
The solution is to create an app that simply gives you the upcoming Islamic events happening around you.

Who We Are:
Ummah Events is being developed by Noble Education Foundation, the company that has brought you QuranExplorer, NikahExplorer, QuranInteractive, DuaExplorer, and a lot of other projects.

The Project:
Ummah Events is a revolutionary mobile application to benefit the Islamic Communities of the World.

Back Us Up:
If funding goes as planned, with your help we will launch in Early 2015 In Sha Allah. With the money raised, we will design and develop the project to benefit the Muslim around the world. But enough reading, check out what we have! Click on the link below to Fund Project