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    Lightbulb How to perform correct ablution (wudu) – kids wudu series


    Kids wudu Series for android application provides a complete platform for your kids to learn how to perform step by step wudhu. Kids and Muslim converts can benefit from this application while using the high quality graphical image user interface which guides them to learn every step of wuzu easily.


    Game for kids helps them to memorize the steps of performing wudhu correctly.
    Step by step guide with images of correct method of performing wudu helps kids to understand the process of wudhu easily.
    You can read in “what is wudu” section about different hadith and Sunnah about wuzu. Different quotes are added to authenticate the validity of wudu according to Islam.
    Converted Muslims can consult the tips and warning section to clarify the myths and misconceptions spread about performing wudhu.
    Share this app with friends by tapping the share button available in the application.

    Use this application and provide us with useful feedbacks about the application improvement.

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    I really like these types of application because kids take interest in the smartphones and these apps help them.


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