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    Pornhub’s female audience goes down during Women’s March

    27 Jan, 2017

    Donald Trump wasn’t the only person upset by the Women’s March last Saturday, with pornography website PornHub reporting a drop of about 2 million in its female traffic as hundreds of thousands took to the streets in an unprecedented protest.

    PornHub reports that women account for 26 percent of the site’s overall 64 million daily visits. Female viewership dropped 6.4 percent below its average Saturday afternoon numbers, and by Saturday evening it had fallen 8.2 percent below the average figures.

    Pornhub’s graph of its Saturday US traffic
    illustrates the stark difference in male and female users to the site, as the Women’s March brought an estimated 500,000 protesters onto the streets of several major cities.

    While there was a drop in traffic across the board, male traffic to the site reached its lowest point on Saturday night, falling 4.3 percent. Female traffic experienced more dramatic falls during the course of day.

    Despite Washington DC drawing the biggest crowds for the Women’s March, Los Angeles experienced the most dramatic dip in traffic, falling 22 percent below its average PornHub viewership.



    This shows what kind of women are marching for "women's rights", and these signs show what kind of women these Muslim women join hands in their feminist movement.

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    Feminist Writer Closes Off Twitter After Saying She’s Cool with Sacrificing Innocent Men to Fight Sexual Misconduct

    by Ronn Blitzer - November 22nd, 2017

    Teen Vogue columnist and feminist Emily Lindin posted a series of tweets Tuesday night about false sexual harassment and assault allegations against men. Her hot take: she’s fine with it. “I’m actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations,” Lindin said at the beginning of a string of comments. Her Twitter profile has gone private since then, as the response hasn’t exactly been kind, but here’s a screenshot of the opening remark.

    Lindin went on to explain that such situations don’t occur very often. “First, false allegations VERY rarely happen, so even bringing it up borders on a derailment tactic. It’s a microscopic risk in comparison to the issue at hand (worldwide, systemic oppression of half the population),” she tweeted,

    Lest one think that her lack of concern is solely due to these things not happening, Lindin made it very clear she believes that even when innocent men are ruined by false allegations, it’s all worth it for the greater good.

    “The benefit of all of us getting to finally tell the truth + the impact on victims FAR outweigh the loss of any one man’s reputation,” she said, adding, “If some innocent men’s reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay.”

    Forget about due process or “innocent until proven guilty.” Lindin apparently feels that these are useless obstacles in the way of tearing down the real monsters, and if actual good people’s lives are damaged while bringing down the bad guys, she has no problem with them being martyrs for the cause.

    Lindin justifies this by saying that countless women have been unfairly harmed, so it’s fair play if a man suffers too.

    “How many of our reputations have suffered unfairly? How many of our lives have ALREADY BEEN destroyed because of physical violence against us? Why was that acceptable, but now one man’s (potentially) unfair loss of a career opportunity is not?”

    CNN’s Jake Tapper was among the many to respond to the tweet storm.

    After his snarky comment was met with doubt as to whether he really read Lindin’s whole rant, Tapper responded:



    This is feminism!!! They believe that women have been oppressed for thousands of years by the men and still are oppressed. They lie about everything to spread their hate ideology. More women are falsely accused of rape than are not, unlike what she claims. This is what "Muslim" feminists believe also, about men and Muslim men.

    If there were Islamic Shariah in place then these false rape accusers would be given the Hadd punishment of either flogging (if they're single) or stoning to death (if they're married) because they have admitted to that sin since they have not proved the man to be guilty.

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    Feminist Calls for Killing All Men and Male Babies

    GENDERCIDE Unhinged feminist YouTuber issues crazed call for women to 'kill all male babies and any man you see in the streets'

    by MATHEW GROWCOOT - 24th January 2017

    Jenny McDermott made the shocking comments in a video posted on her YouTube channel entitled: "#KILLALLMEN.

    The 33-year-old said:
    "I'm sick of being a baby factory that produces more men, that in the future will subjugate me. So the only answer to that is to kill male babies and just kill any man you see in the street."

    She continues: "We want the species to go on but only with women in it. So that's what we have to do."

    Jenny has a history of making controversial videos and has had her YouTube channels removed in the past.

    In other videos Jenny appears with completely different hair and clothing style and admits to being a troll. She says: "I like to do it because I want you to question why you think what you think and why you assert your beliefs all the time."

    The kill all men video was posted last summer but has re-surfaced this month and sparked great debate on the internet.

    Posted on other YouTube channels, Jenny's video has amassed over 200,000 views.

    video: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/269039...n-the-streets/

    The Pussy Hat: A Symbol of Hate

    By Helen Smith - February 3, 2017

    A Judge Wears Feminist Symbol to Court, Raises Questions About Her 'Fairness' Toward Men -- City Says It's Legal:

    Just over a week ago, thousands of women flooded the streets in cities all across the United States - and in several other countries - to march for equality, and against President Trump.

    Many carried signs bearing slogans, and still more wore pink knitted hats with cat ears sewn into them, nicknamed "p***y hats":...

    But once the Women's March was over, what became of all the hats? One appeared on the head of Travis County, Texas, Judge Sarah Eckhardt - while she sat in her courtroom.

    And America wasn't sure what kind of a message that sent to anyone - especially men - who might find themselves in Eckhardt's court:...

    But once the question was raised, ABC affiliate KVUE looked into the situation and reported:

    In Travis County, the "County Judge" position is an elected role. The winner of the election oversees the commissioners court and is in many ways a commissioner themselves.

    Similar to a City Council and mayor relationship, the County Judge acts as the head of the Commissioners and county government.

    KVUE's Jason Puckett reached out to multiple county departments to verify that this behavior was acceptable and found that almost every source he spoke with agreed - Eckhardt is in the clear.

    The County Attorney officially said they have not received any sort of complaint at this time.

    When asked to comment on the story, County Judge Eckhardt's office said "No Comment".

    KVUE's Puckett explained that Eckhardt, rather than functioning as a judge in the traditional sense, was more like the mayor of the county - and that she ran for and was elected to that position as a Democrat.

    Okay, I see. She is a Democrat and therefore it's okay to be a man-hater, got it. She should not be allowed to have men before her in a courtroom as one has to question whether or not she could possibly be fair or impartial. The hatred of men is so ingrained that that this liberal area doesn't have a problem with a symbol of hate on a judge's head.

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    Gender pay gap in modelling industry sees women earn 75% more than men

    by Charlie Teather

    While the BBC may be in hot water for the gender disparity highlighted in its recent salary report, there has been little said about the state of pay within the fashion industry.

    A new study, however, has shed some light on the situation - and women come out on top.

    Reportedly earning around 75% more than their male counterparts, women make up 9 of the top 10 highest earning models in British fashion.

    Losing her place in the top spot is Kate Moss, who has been overtaken financially by friend and model 19 years her junior Cara Delevingne. Earning £8 million a year, Delevingne has the power of Instagram to thank for her £22,000 a day salary according to new research conducted by lingerie brand Bluebella based on catwalk day rates and commercial deals. With over 40 million Instagram followers - compared to Moss's agency account's 631,000 - the 24-year-old model-turned-actress dominates a more influential arena on social media, rendering her more attractive to advertisers. Landing the second spot was new mother Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who reportedly earned £6.5 million last year with thanks, in part, to her 7.6 million Instagram followers. According to the research, Moss took third spot and earns around £5 million.

    Top Model Earnings
    Model Earnings Gender
    1. Cara Delevingne £ 8 million Female
    2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley £ 6.5 million Female
    3. Kate Moss £ 5 million Female
    4. David Gandy £ 4 million Male
    5. Naomi Campbell £ 3million Female
    6. Georgia May Jagger £ 2.5 million Female
    7. Edie Campbell £ 2 million Female
    8. Jourdan Dunn £ 1.75 million Female
    9. Erin O'Connor £ 1.5 million Female
    10. Lottie Moss £ 1 million Female

    Fourth place went to the first, and only, male model on the list. David Gandy reportedly makes £4 million.

    Fifth place went to 47-year-old Naomi Campbell who earns around £3 million annually. Sixth place went to Georgia May Jagger - reportedly on £2.5 million - while Edie Campbell came in seventh on £2 million. Jourdan Dunn came eighth place - reportedly on £1.75 million - ahead of Erin O'Connor's £1.5 million. Taking tenth spot on the list is Kate Moss's younger half sister Lottie. Signed to Storm Models, the same agency that discovered Kate, the 19-year-old is reportedly already on a salary of £1 million.



    You will never hear feminists complain about the "wage gap" where women out earn men; fashion and porn industry being on top of that list. You will hear them complain about not enough women in boardrooms but you will never hear them complain about the lack of women in high hazard (eg mining, lumber, fishing, etc) careers.

    BBC pay review will give men more rises than women

    January 31 2018

    A piece by Matthew Moore (Media Correspondent) on the front page of today’s Times, emphases ours:

    More men than women will receive salary rises at the BBC after managers carried out a review of presenter pay to address allegations of discrimination from female staff members.

    Nearly 200 on-air staff will be entitled to automatic pay boosts as the corporation looks to impose a clear structure for talent salaries for the first time. The broadcaster was forced to take action after dozens of female staff complained that they were earning less than male colleagues.

    However, the “fair and transparent” framework announced yesterday will benefit a larger number of men than women. Analysis by the auditors PwC identified 98 male presenters and 90 female presenters who are entitled to a rise because their salaries are below the new pay ranges for their roles.

    The prospect of male presenters being awarded larger salaries threatens to inflame tensions within the corporation at a time when many women staff feel that their complaints about pay inequality are not being taken seriously.

    Lord Hall of Birkenhead, the BBC’s director-general, and Sir David Clementi, its chairman, will be questioned today on the proposals by MPs. The development comes after Carrie Gracie resigned this month as China editor, accusing the BBC of illegal gender discrimination and reviving the pay dispute.

    The PwC review of 824 presenters’ salaries found that the BBC’s excessive respect for established male stars, combined with a lack of consistency and transparency, was to blame for on-air pay “anomalies”. There was no evidence of unlawful gender bias, however: the 6.8 per cent gender pay gap among presenters was smaller than its overall figure of 9.3 per cent.

    The worst disparities occurred in lower-profile presenting roles. Among the top tier of hosts and correspondents, the gender pay gap was 0.4 per cent. Some male stars, including John Humphrys, have agreed to a pay cut.


    This is, perhaps the only, good thing about feminism. It's letting men know their true value and worth and so men can now finally be compensated according to their real worth instead of being undervalued and underpaid, and the women can finally be compensated for their worth instead being over valued and over paid.


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