White Sheriff Says Mass Shooting Isn't Terrorism Because Everyone Is White

S.C. Sheriff's Dept. Just Said Townville Shooting Isn't Terrorism Because Everyone Is White

By Rika Christensen - September 28, 2016

A teen opened fire at an elementary school in Townville, S.C., wounding a teacher and two students after allegedly killing his father. The shooter is in custody, and the sheriff's department gave a brief press conference as per usual for shootings like this. However, when discussing whether this could be called terrorism, Captain Garland Major gave a frankly disgusting reason for why this couldn't be terrorism:

"The students were both white males. The teacher was a white female. The shooter is a white male. There is no racial undertone, no terrorism involved."

Here's the video: http://viewpure.com/Um23Td9KFag?start=0&end=0

Oh really. It's only terrorism when it's, who, Muslims? Brown people in general? Them, in other words? Whether a violent act is terrorism depends partly on the reason it was carried out, not who carried it out. This shooter was 14 years old with no known relationship to his victims. Was it terrorism? We don't know, but it's racist as all hell to say "they were white, so it's not terrorism."

The fact is that domestic terrorists in the U.S. tend to be white men. They also tend to be right-wing extremists and they're a bigger threat than ISIS, according to law enforcement. For a white sheriff's deputy to claim this can't be terrorism because everyone involved is white is abhorrent in the extreme.

I think the teachers and students in that school would beg to differ. Clearly they were terrified, as anyone would have been. It doesn't have to be a black or brown person shooting the gun for terror to be involved.