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    Default ISIS - Creation of CIA and Mossad

    The rise of Isis in Iraq is manufactured by the West's insatiable oil addiction

    Nafeez Ahmed 17 June 2014

    Blowback from the oil addicted operations the US and UK have run for decades is the rise of Isis - a movement so ruthless even their parent network al-Qaeda disowned them.

    Following the bulk of western reporting on the Iraq crisis, you'd think the self-styled 'Islamic State of Iraq and Syria' (Isis) popped out of nowhere, took the west completely by surprise, and is now rampaging across the Middle East like some random weather event.

    The reality is far more complex, and less palatable. The meteoric rise of Isis is a predictable consequence of a longstanding US-led geostrategy in the Middle East that has seen tyrants and terrorists as tools to expedite access to regional oil and gas resources.

    Since the second world war, as British historian Mark Curtis documented extensively in his seminal study, The Ambiguities of Power, US and UK goals in the Middle East have focused on oil. As a secret British document from 1958 explained:

    "The major British and other western interests in the Persian Gulf [are] (a) to ensure free access for Britain and other Western countries to oil produced in States bordering the Gulf; (b) to ensure the continued availability of that oil on favourable terms and for surplus revenues of Kuwait; (c) to bar the spread of Communism and pseudo-Communism in the area and subsequently to defend the area against the brand of Arab nationalism."

    While Saddam Hussein was fighting Iran abroad, not to mention gassing Kurds and Shi'ites at home using the vast quantities of chemical and biological weapons sold to him by the US, Britain, France, Germany, among others, he was our man: In 1988, when Saddam's forces were strafing Halabja with mustard gas and nerve toxins, massacring 5,000 civilians, US imports of Iraqi oil had rocketed to 126 million barrels – essentially one out of every four barrels of Iraqi oil exports. This was a special relationship. US oil companies received a discount of $1 per barrel below prices charged to European companies.

    That special relationship only changed when Saddam's anti-Americanism got the better of him. At an Arab summit in February 1990, the Ba'athist leader declared: "If the Gulf people and the rest of the Arabs along with them fail to take heed, the Arab Gulf region will be ruled by American will." He complained that the US would dictate the production, distribution and price of oil, "all on the basis of a special outlook which has to do solely with US interests and in which no consideration is given to the interests of others."

    So perhaps western officials thought they were being clever when they encouraged Kuwait to conduct what Henry Schuler – then head of the energy security programme at Washington DC's Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) – described as "economic warfare" against Iraq.

    Citing the king of Jordan among other high-level sources, the late investigative journalist Michael Emery reported at the time in Village Voice that Kuwait:

    "… had enthusiastically participated in a behind-the-scenes economic campaign inspired by western intelligence agencies against Iraqi interests. The Kuwaities even went so far as to dump oil for less than the agreed upon OPEC price... which undercut the oil revenues essential to cash hungry Baghdad. The evidence shows that President George Bush, British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, and other Arab leaders secretly cooperated on a number of occasions, beginning August 1988, to deny Saddam Hussein the economic help he demanded for the reconstruction of his nation."

    These covert efforts to quietly weaken Iraq's regional clout ended up provoking Saddam into invading Kuwait, prompting the 1991 Gulf War to re-assert OPEC's oil hegemony under western tutelage.

    In the runup to the 2003 invasion, oil was again centre stage. While the plans to invade, capture and revitalise Iraq's flagging oil industry with a view to open it up to foreign investors were explored meticulously by the Pentagon, US State Department and UK Foreign Office – there was little or no planning for humanitarian or social reconstruction.

    Opening up Iraq's huge oil reserves would avert what one British diplomat at the Coalition Provisional Authority characterised as a potential "world shortage" of oil supply, stabilising global prices, and thereby holding off an energy crunch anticipated in 2001 by a study group commissioned by vice president Dick Cheney.

    Simultaneously, influential neoconservative US officials saw an opportunity here to pursue hair-brained ambitions to re-engineer the region through the de facto ethno-sectarian partition of Iraq into three autonomous cantons: a vision that could not be achieved without considerable covert violence.

    According to US private intelligence firm Stratfor, Cheney and deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz co-authored the scheme, under which the central and largest part of Iraq populated mostly by Sunnis (including Baghdad) would join with Jordan; the Kurdish region of northern and northwestern Iraq, including Mosul and the vast Kirkuk oilfields, would become its own autonomous state; and the Shi'a region in southwestern Iraq, including Basra, would make up the third canton, or would join with Kuwait.

    Stratfor warned presciently that: "The new government's attempts to establish control over all of Iraq may well lead to a civil war between Sunni, Shia and Kurdish ethnic groups… The fiercest fighting could be expected for control over the oil facilities" – exactly the scenario unfolding now. Fracturing the country along sectarian lines, however, "may give Washington several strategic advantages":

    "After eliminating Iraq as a sovereign state, there would be no fear that one day an anti-American government would come to power in Baghdad, as the capital would be in Amman [Jordan]. Current and potential US geopolitical foes Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria would be isolated from each other, with big chunks of land between them under control of the pro-US forces.

    Equally important, Washington would be able to justify its long-term and heavy military presence in the region as necessary for the defense of a young new state asking for US protection - and to secure the stability of oil markets and supplies. That in turn would help the United States gain direct control of Iraqi oil and replace Saudi oil in case of conflict with Riyadh."

    The Stratfor report noted that the plan was only one among several under consideration at the time, and not yet finalised.

    In this context, contradictory US policies appear to make sense. In early 2005, Pakistani defence sources revealed that the Pentagon had "resolved to arm small militias backed by US troops and entrenched in the population," consisting of "former members of the Ba'ath Party" - linked up with al-Qaeda insurgents - to "head off" the threat of a "Shi'ite clergy-driven religious movement." Almost simultaneously, the Pentagon began preparing its 'Salvador option' to sponsor Shi'ite death squads to "target Sunni insurgents and their sympathisers."

    The strategic thinking behind arming both sides was alluded to by one US Joint Special Operations University report which said: "US elite forces in Iraq turned to fostering infighting among their Iraqi adversaries on the tactical and operational level." This included disseminating and propagating al-Qaeda jihadi activities by "US psychological warfare (PSYOP) specialists" to fuel "factional fighting" and "to set insurgents battling insurgents."

    This short-sighted divide-and-rule strategy went nowhere within Iraq beyond fueling sectarianism, but has played out across the region. As I previously wrote in the Guardian and elsewhere, both the Bush and Obama administration have - through Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf states - fostered extremist Sunni groups affiliated to al-Qaida across the Middle East to counter Iranian influence.

    That has included extensive financing of jihadist groups in Syria to the tune of up to a billion dollars – a policy that began as early as 2009, and continued in the context of pipeline geopolitics. The US and UK had apparently decided that a proposed Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline would undermine the interests of their favoured friends – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan.

    What is playing out now seems startlingly close to scenarios described in 2008 by a US Army-funded RAND Corp report on how to win 'the long war':

    "The geographic area of proven oil reserves coincides with the power base of much of the Salafi-jihadist network…. For the foreseeable future, world oil production growth and total output will be dominated by Persian Gulf resources."
    One strategy to protect US access to Gulf oil explored by the report was "Divide and Rule", which would involve "exploiting fault lines between the various Salafi-jihadist groups to turn them against each other and dissipate their energy on internal conflicts." The US could also concentrate "on shoring up the traditional Sunni regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan as a way of containing Iranian power and influence in the Middle East and Persian Gulf."

    This might end up empowering Islamist terrorists, the report recognised – but that could be a good thing as it "may actually reduce the al-Qaida threat to US interests in the short term" (never mind the long term) as they would target "Iranian interests throughout the Middle East and Persian Gulf while simultaneously cutting back on anti-American and anti-Western operations."

    The potential results were anticipated. In February, director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Lt Gen Michael T Flynn testified in Congress that ISIS "probably will attempt to take territory in Iraq and Syria to exhibit its strength in 2014."

    Now Iraqis are paying the price yet again for our ill-conceived imperial hubris, and the US is desperately considering an alliance with arch-enemy Iran to stave off Isis, whose bloody rampage across Iraq threatens to disrupt Iraqi oil production. The conflict has already triggered price spikes that could worsen if Isis expands its hold of key cities.

    A new intervention to keep the lid on oil prices is clearly tempting for the US and UK governments, except this would merely strike at the head of the hydra - the symptom - not the root cause. And so far, self-serving wars for oil are precisely what got us here. The rise of Isis – a movement so ruthless even their parent network al-Qaeda disowned them - is blowback from the same brand of oil addicted US-UK covert operations we have run for decades.

    If we really wanted to shut down Isis and its ilk for good, we could start by dismantling and disentangling ourselves from the geopolitical and financial infrastructure of oil hegemony that incubates terror. In the current context, bombs promise nothing more than the road to escalation.

    In Einstein's words: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

    Source: The Guardian



    A decently written article, however, being a product of the west and lack of free thinking prevents her from thinking further and making the link we we will see unfold in the near future.

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    ISIS Exposed 100% The Next Bin Laden is Here Don't Be Fooled CIA Operation

    The Next False Flag Event Will Be 'Far Deadlier' Than 9/11

    ISIS The Start of World War III? David Icke

    In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to David Icke about his predictions with ISIS and the possible start of WWIII. David breaks down many esoteric historical writings and the current political situation that can lead to bringing in other countries to war.

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    Caliphate declaration 'heresy', say Islamists

    Beirut (AFP) - The surprise declaration of a "caliphate" by jihadists accused of committing atrocities in Syria and Iraq has provoked an outcry even among Islamists who dream of a state under Sharia law.

    The caliphate, an Islamic system of rule, was abolished nearly 100 years ago, although many Arabs and Muslims still associate it with a golden age.

    But this week's announcement of a caliphate by the radical Islamic State (IS) group appears to only appeal to fanatics.

    "All Islamist groups want the caliphate," said Mathieu Guidere, who teaches Islamic studies at France's University of Toulouse.

    But IS, which operates in Syria and Iraq and was formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, "is equated with terrorism and massacres; it has a bad track record", Guidere told AFP.

    IS's widely publicized brutality, including public beheading and crucifixions, "give a very bad image of Islam... tainting the (caliphate) project, which Islamists view as an ideal."

    IS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's designation as "caliph" -- or leader of all Muslims, and successor to the Prophet Mohammed -- has shocked most Muslims, even jihadists, who have rejected the idea outright.

    Al-Azhar, a leading authority of Sunni Islam, "believes that all those who are today speaking of an Islamic state are terrorists," its senior representative Sheikh Abbas Shuman told AFP.

    "The Islamic caliphate can't be restored by force. Occupying a country and killing half of its population... this is not an Islamic state, this is terrorism," Shuman added.

    In Saudi Arabia, bastion of Sunni Islam and home to the religion's holiest places, Al-Riyadh daily ripped the caliphate as being "no more than one person heading a terrorist organisation".

    The paper, which expresses views close to the Saudi monarchy, said "it would be a mistake to exaggerate the importance of this initiative, by imagining it might eradicate borders... and give way to a great Islamic caliphate."

    Sunday's announcement by IS comes amid a major offensive it is spearheading in Iraq, capturing large swathes of territory from government hands.

    The group has also secured fresh gains in Syria, where it is firmly in control of areas in the north and east of the war-torn country.

    -'A heresy'-

    Islamist rebels in Syria, who are fighting both IS and President Bashar al-Assad's regime, have branded the caliphate announcement as "null and void".

    Baghdadi, whose group was once allied to Al-Qaeda, embarked on a collision course last year with its leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who anointed another group, the home-grown Al-Nusra Front, as its franchise in Syria.

    Abu Maria al-Qahtani, Al-Nusra's authority on Islamic law, has accused IS on Twitter of "excessive zeal" and branded it "a disaster for the Islamic nation".

    In Iraq, the influential Association of Muslim Scholars said IS had "consulted neither residents of Iraq nor Syria."

    And Lebanon's Jamaa Islamiyeh, which is the local branch of the widely influential Muslim Brotherhood, lashed out at the announcement and called it heresy.

    The group also said IS's acts "are a deformation of Islam, that disgusts the people of the region."

    Even more hardline Salafist Muslims dismissed the call.

    "We want a caliphate; it is at the core of our ideology," said Daii Islam al-Shahhal, founder of Lebanon's Salafist movement. "But such a state should be founded on several criteria, which have not yet been met."

    IS has among its ranks thousands of well-armed fighters, many of them foreigners. Its bid to annihilate all those who refuse to pledge allegiance to its project has raised the wrath of most other fighters.

    "They believe they are the only Muslims," said Radwan al-Sayyed, who teaches Islamic studies at the Lebanese University. But thanks to their "capacity to destroy, they will last for (only) months," he told AFP.


    The caliphate lasted for 14 centuries until it was abolished by Turkish ruler Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1924.

    For many Arabs, it was synonymous with legendary caliphs like Harun al-Rashid, and of scientific and commercial development.

    The era also reminds many of literary giants like Abu Nawas -- "the poet of wine and revelry" -- and architectural beauties like the Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain.

    But "after a century of colonialism and Arab nationalism," most Arabs and Muslims do not actually want the caliphate to be restored, said Guidiere.

    "As for people in the West, all they know (about the caliphate) are (stories from) the 1,001 nights," he added.

    Nonetheless, for a small minority of Arab or European jihadists, the idea remains appealing.

    "The utopia is very attractive. The jihadist project draws people who challenge the system, as was the case with communism in the 1960s," said Guidiere.

    But unless IS is stopped in its tracks, the group will only gain strength, thus "making more enemies", said Sayyed. Even if IS's days are short, it will only disappear "after horrible massacres, and more destruction," he added.



    Majority Arabs may not want Caliphate according to the article but majority of the Arabs are also non-Muslims. Contrary to the impression given in the article, majority of the Muslim world wants Shariah and the Caliphate.

    Muslims Will Not Compromise on the Khilafah!

    Recent events in Iraq have brought the subject of the Khilafah to the world’s attention. Media outlets, academics and commentators are falling over each other to claim expertise. This has only added to the confusion, as distorted depictions denigrating this venerable Islamic obligation have been actively promoted.

    Media and global commentators have used this opportunity to once again brand the Khilafah an extremist belief, and pressurise Muslims to oppose the idea of Islamic rule itself. Muslims must be clear that one can disagree with the empty declaration in Iraq and the caricature we are presented in the global media, without disagreeing with the concept of a Khilafah. Indeed the Khilafah is central to Islam, whose rejection is a red line that Muslims will not cross; a fact evident from the Shar’i sources and unanimously agreed upon through the ages.

    Ever since the Khilafah’s destruction at the hands of Mustafa Kemal Attaturk in 1924, various people have stepped forward to claim its title, realising the spiritual and political resonance it has across the Muslim world; from King Farouk of Egypt, Sharif Hussein of Makkah, to the fake Islamic states of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran amongst others. Many such declarations played on weaknesses in understanding about what the Khilafah represents, and thus duped Muslims into thinking that a new era for the Muslim world had finally arrived.

    This has all played into the hands of those ready to demonise the Khilafah, by allowing it to be associated with the weaknesses and political agendas of those who claimed to have implemented something that goes by the same name, but which does not in reality compare with the Khilafah. To avoid this confusion and prevent Muslims from being misled once again, the Muslim community in the UK is reminded of the following:

    1. The Khilafah is central to Islam and Muslims must reject pressures to call it an extremist belief. We have seen many attempts to label the Khilafah as a fringe or extremist ideology. However, the Khilafah is the executive body that Islam has defined as the method through which the deen is implemented in society and carried to the world.

    Without it Islam would be a host of spiritual rites and morals, with its rules related to economic, political and social life being rendered redundant. The Islamic authority is established in order to look after the peoples’ affairs, – both Muslims and non-Muslims who reside under its authority. Allah (swt) said:

    وَمَنْ لَمْ يَحْكُمْ بِمَا أَنْزَلَ اللَّهُ فَأُولَئِكَ هُمُ الْكَافِرُونَ

    “And whoever does not rule by what Allah has revealed, they are the disbelievers” [Al-Maaida: 44]

    The centrality of the Khilafah is the orthodox Islamic position on ruling and governance, established in definitive Islamic sources, and implemented historically – it is without dispute amongst the classical scholars through the ages. Muslims must therefore reject calls to denigrate the Khilafah as an extremist belief and treat the rejection of this idea as a red line which Muslims will not cross.

    2. Muslims must reject calls for disunity along ethnic and sectarian lines. The history of the Muslims shows that, despite their differences, the serious sectarian violence we are now seeing is almost without precedent. Thescale and nature of this conflict is recent – a fact not only evident to Muslims. The academic Professor Fred Haliday observed that “actual and direct conflict between Sunni and Shiah (as distinct from suspicion and communal difference) has until recently been remarkable by its absence”.

    The Khilafah is non-sectarian and does not belong to any particular madhab or legal position, but to all Muslims. There is now a deliberate attempt by commentators and politicians to frame a sectarian conflict, but the picture is more mixed than the often dichotomous portrayal. Shortly after the US invasion, Iraq saw joint action by the various factions in Iraq, from joint Jummah, conferences and calls for co-operation, and rallies chanting “No Shia, No Sunni!”

    Furthermore, Islam has proven to be the only force capable of unifying Arabs, Kurds, Turkomens and others. This is natural as Allah (swt) prohibits division amongst Muslims, when He states:

    وَاعْتَصِمُوا بِحَبْلِ اللَّهِ جَمِيعًا وَلَا تَفَرَّقُوا

    “Hold on Fast to the rope of Allah and do not be divided!” [Aal-i-Imraan: 103]

    3. Muslims must be a voice against the disastrous Western policies that are destroying the world, and raise the plight of suffering Muslims. The US and British foreign policies in the Muslim world have led to everything from direct invasion of Muslims countries, drone attacks on innocents, the inflaming of ethnic and sectarian tensions, the installation and support of brutal tyrants who wreak misery over Muslims, arming despots in wars against other Muslims, to talk of the further ethnic and sectarian break-up of Iraq itself into three new states: one for each of the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiah. One should be reminded that it was only after the US invasion of Iraq that the most recent destructive trends were set on fire in the Middle East, even though the Tony Blairs’ and NeoCons of this world wish to deny it.

    The intervention of these western powers have brought nothing but oppression and suffering to the Muslim world. Muslims must not remain silent at the havoc that is being wreaked overseas, but rather speak-up using the best example of speech and behavior to expose the destructive nature of the West’s policy towards the Muslim world and support the plight of the Muslim Ummah through their words, deeds and money, for Allah says:

    وَالْمُؤْمِنُونَ وَالْمُؤْمِنَاتُ بَعْضُهُمْ أَوْلِيَاءُ بَعْضٍ يَأْمُرُونَ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ وَيَنْهَوْنَ عَنِ الْمُنْكَرِ

    “The men and women of the muminun are friends of one another. They command what is right and forbid what is wrong” [At-Tawba: 71]

    4.Muslims must be advocates for the Khilafah – it will bring stability not chaos to the Muslim world and will be a beacon for the rest of mankind. Contrary to the prophecies of doom presented by media commentators and the images emerging from Iraq of escalating chaos, the Khilafah will be a stabilising force for the Muslim world. This is because it is consistent with – not alien to – the values of the people in the Muslim world. It has deep roots and the ability to work in partnership with its population, because it engages them on a common point of reference.

    The loss of the Khilafah brought with it an unprecedented loss of authority and leadership on Islamic issues. The resulting vacuum allowed unworthy individuals to become global figureheads for merely speaking the rhetoric of anti-colonialism and standing-up to aggression. The Khilafah is the only institution Islam has sanctioned to provide leadership on Islamic issues globally.

    The Khilafah will be a beacon for the whole world in a state of political, economic and social chaos. It is established on divine law, not the human mind, so is immune from forever-changing norms. It is a state that enshrines the rule of law, representative government, accountability through its judicial system, and the principle of consultation. It is a non-sectarian state built upon a concept of citizenship, opposing the oppression of any religious or ethnic groupings that reside under its authority.

    5. Muslims must support the work for the establishment of the Khilafah in the Muslim world, an obligation of the highest order conferred on them by the Prophet (saw) who said:

    وَإِنَّهُ لَا نَبِيَّ بَعْدِي وَسَتَكُونُ خُلَفَاءُ تَكْثُرُ قَالُوا فَمَا تَأْمُرُنَا قَالَ فُوا بِبَيْعَةِ الْأَوَّلِ فَالْأَوَّلِ وَأَعْطُوهُمْ حَقَّهُمْ

    “there will be no Prophet after me. There will soon be Khulafa’a and they will number many.” They asked: ‘what then do you order us ?’ He said: “Fulfill the bay’ah to them, one after the other and give them their dues”,

    and he (saw) also said
    مَنْ مَاتَ وَلَيْسَ فِي عُنُقِهِ بَيْعَةٌ مَاتَ مِيتَةً جَاهِلِيَّةً

    “whosoever dies whilst there was no bay’ah on his neck (to a Khaleefah), he dies the death of Jahiliyyah“, which signifies a great sin for the one who does not work to establish the Khaleefah to give bay’ah to, if he does not exist.

    Muslims must challenge the false depictions of the Khilafah with an understanding of exactly what it would represent. Replacing the brutal regimes in the Muslim world with a political system based on Islam that is accountable, representative and draws on strong ideological commonalities with its people can only be a stabilising force for the region. The Khilafah represents an alternative political vision for the Muslim world that is gathering support amongst Muslims across the globe, despite attempts at demonisation spearheaded by media commentators and politicians. Muslims must continue to support the work for khilafah, a state that would undoubtedly usher in a new era for the Muslim world.

    إِنَّ الَّذِينَ يَكْتُمُونَ مَا أَنزَلَ اللَّهُ مِنْ الْكِتَابِ وَيَشْتَرُونَ بِهِ ثَمَنًا قَلِيلاً أُوْلَئِكَ مَا يَأْكُلُونَ فِي بُطُونِهِمْ إِلاَّ النَّارَ

    “Verily, those who conceal what Allah has sent down of the Book, and purchase a small gain therewith (of worldly things), they eat into their bellies nothing but fire.” [Al-Baqarah 2:174-5]

    Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain
    7th July 2014


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    Strategy “hornet’s nest”: Snowden confirms that Al Baghdadi was trained by Mossad

    The former employee at the National Agency for American security, Edward Snowden, revealed that the British and American intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create the ex-EIIL or Islamic State Iraq and the Levant, according to Iranian news agency Farsnews.

    Snowden said the intelligence services of three countries, namely the United States, Britain and the Zionist entity have worked together to create a terrorist organization that is able to attract ALL extremists of the world to a one place, using a strategy called “the hornet’s nest”.

    The documents of the American National Security Agency refers to “the recent implementation of an old known as the <hornet’s nest> to protect the Zionist entity PLAN britannique, and creating a religion including Islamic slogans reject any religion or faith.

    According to documents Snowden, “The only solution for the protection of the <Jewish State> is to create an enemy near its borders, BUT the draw against Islamic states who oppose his presence.

    Leaks revealed that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took an intensive military training for a whole year in the hands of Mossad, besides COURSES theology and master the art of speech.


    Source: Somdailynews.com


    the real SyrianFreePress.NETwork reloaded 14/7/2014

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    ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Trained by Israeli Mossad, NSA Documents Reveal

    The former employee at US National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, has revealed that the British and American intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    Snowden said intelligence services of three countries created a terrorist organisation that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called “the hornet’s nest”.

    NSA documents refer to recent implementation of the hornet’s nest to protect the Zionist entity by creating religious and Islamic slogans.

    According to documents released by Snowden, “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders”.

    Leaks revealed that ISIS leader and cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi took intensive military training for a whole year in the hands of Mossad, besides courses in theology and the art of speech.


    Former CIA Agent: “The ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Was Trained by the Israeli Mossad”

    Jul 17th, 2014

    The former NSA and CIA agent Edward Snowden revealed that the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was trained in Israel.

    Snowden added that the American CIA and the British Intelligence collaborated with the Israeli Mossad to create a terrorist organization that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called “the hornet’s nest”.

    The “Hornet’s nest’’ strategy aims to bring all the major threats to one place in order to track them, and mostly to shake the stability of the Arab countries. The NSA documents revealed that the ISIS “Calif”, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi went trough intense military training in the Israeli intelligence “Mossad”.

    Besides military training, Al Baghdadi studied communication and public speaking skills in order to attract “terrorists” from all the corners of the world.

    The Moroccan Times.

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    The ISIS Ploy: Illuminati Sorcery and Sacrifice

    by Zen Gardner

    It’s rather ironic that this latest wave of Western armed and financed “Islamic” militants invading Iraq and now conveniently threatening Syria and Iran is named ISIS. Or is it deliberate? It’s being used to stand for this oddly anglicised fabricated “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” full on barbaric movement presently sweeping Iraq, but anyone acquainted with any degree of occult knowledge or esoteric mythology know the goddess Isis is one of the most important figures in the so-called mystery schools and a favorite of Freemasonry and the Illuminati.

    And for many very dark reasons for which they have manipulated, murdered and thoroughly deceived humanity for millennia.

    While the US is currently once again self-appointedly deciding whether to go into all out overt war on this entire region from Lebanon to Iran based on this “unforeseen phenomenon”, this parasitic plan goes on full throttle, ripping the guts out of millions of innocent people’s lives for the Machiavellian desires of a few. All while they hoodwink the masses into a completely backwards interpretation of their devious sorcery.

    These “elite” few are fueled by something besides their psychopathy – it’s an occult allegiance to powerful symbolic entities, whether they are all fully conscious of their allegiances to these powers or not. Such is the case of most of manipulated humanity.

    Isis and the Illuminati

    It’s important to know that almost every portrayal of a feminine goddess, a specialty of Freemasonic art, literature and architecture, hails back to Isis, no matter whether it’s called “The Statue of Liberty”, “Blind Justice”, “Mother Mary”, “Columbia” or some other “Queen of Heaven” or whatever label they want to give her. They’re almost all the same entity. Isis in turn goes back to Sumer and the goddess Semiramis, or Ishtar, an embodiment of this same esoteric deity.

    She was/is considered the goddess of enchantment and magic. Married to her brother Osiris, the two of whom then gave birth to the infamous Horus, all major characters in the play, she wandered looking for the dismembered penis of her former husband “wailing and moaning like the wind”. Hence the world “crown capitals” of Washington DC, the City of London and the Vatican all boasting phallic obelisks in this memory, as well as many other major financial and political energy centers.

    The true worldly “powers that be” are beholden to other “Powers that Be” that are not so worldly. This may need more research and validation on your part but for me and many other researchers it is very evident. When this becomes apparent, reading into the symbols and embedded images and language of our carefully created culture becomes a much easier and even every day task.

    At that point it may become a bit overwhelming but don’t let it be, it’s been there all the time, we just didn’t see it.

    The Illuminati is actually a rather flimsy label considering all we know about the workings of these dark occult driven psychopaths. Their derivation is not as important as their current effects on humanity, but understanding their roots gives light to their intentions. That being said, here’s a quote on their roots, tying them into Isis worship and obeisance.
    “Power” is not all that meets the eye.

    “Popular history texts and encyclopedias generally paint the Illuminati as having its origins in 1776 Bavaria. However, the origins go back much further. The Illuminati are tied directly through masonry to the sun and Isis cults of ancient Egypt. Killing was a mystical experience to this branch of the Mystery Schools. They not only maintained their control by murder and threats of murder, they believed that the assassin could acquire the gnosis, or soul energy from the victim. This is the theory behind the human and animal sacrifices of Satanists throughout history (and the ritual child abuse etc). Satanists believe that sacrifices release more of it than anything else. Such are the dark and sordid machinations of the deluded souls who think their gnosis accumulations and illumination will give them some form of deity or immortality. . .” (source)
    That’s just a quick glimpse. Research for yourself and learn much more. Massive casualties and deaths turn them on. As it does for those controlling them behind the scenes both here and inter-dimensionally.

    You’ll find this energy vampirism throughout any esoteric studies on this subject, popularized by the Matrix movies where humans are considered energy “batteries” to be drained and utilized. That’s pretty much what they’re up to.

    Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi – Leader of ISIS

    By the way, as far a manipulating the Arab masses, the choice of the supposed leader’s name of these high financed and western trained pre-positioned rogue forces is Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. This name couldn’t be any more incendiary.

    The schism between Sunni and Shia Muslims lies in disputes over who would succeed Muhammad as leader of the faithful after his death in 632. The Shiites thought the prophet’s son-in-law and cousin should lead as caliph, particularly given his blood relationship to Muhammad. Their opponents, the Sunnis, thought Abu Bakr, one of Mohammad’s first converts, should be their leader.

    The Shiites lost a series of wars for power in the early years of Islam and today are the clear minority in global Islam, making up about 15 percent of adherents. They are in the majority in Iraqand Iran. (source)

    No mere coincidence there.

    More, emphasis added:

    After Mohammed died (632), an assembly of Moslems in Mecca elected Abu Bakr as the first ‘khalifat rasul Allah’ (successor of the Prophet of God), or caliph.

    Under him the collection of Mohammed’s revelations was recorded in the Koran. Abu Bakr suppressed tribal uprisings and brought central Arabia under Moslem control, after which he directed Arab armies into Iraq and Syria initiating thus the Moslem conquests. (source)

    And Al Baghdadi? Clearly an affirmation of their intent to take over the capital and subdue all of Iraq. All of this cleverly engineered, any way you look at it.

    These Are Very Threatening Times – We’d Better Be Wise and Prepare

    Having said the previous, the geopolitical situation is worsening at breakneck speed. It becomes increasingly apparent that time’s extremely limited for doing anything majorly “unnecessary” in each of our lives. This massive new Middle East and Ukraine initiative, with their carefully sculpted excuse unfolding as we speak, has to blow soon. On top of that, the US is set to implode very soon with power station closures, hyper inflation, governmental crackdowns and the like.

    They’re also clearly planning for massive unrest. Well of course they are, they’re causing it.

    All this has to reach critical mass very soon. Once these kinds of things blow they each affect the other.

    Critical mass can be reached from so many different angles, not just local economic, immigration, food and energy issues, but now this recent offensive in Iraq by this marauding band of murderers. Should these “inspired” western powers go through with their stepped up plans of further intervention, I don’t see Russia and Iran standing idly by. And if it blows there, the rest could go up like a tinderbox.

    This has been building for a while, but maybe that’s why this new, and clearly world startling false flag fabricated offensive is called ISIS. The military is famous for using occult names and symbols and this is clearly more of the same.

    Are they honoring and thereby calling on their “goddess” as they pull the magic trigger?

    Something to seriously wonder about. It’s clearly a time to connect the dots in any way we can and act accordingly.


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    ISIS orders female genital mutilation in Iraq

    24 July 2014

    The al-Qaeda-Inspired Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has ordered all girls and women between the ages of 11 and 46 in and around Iraq's northern city of Mosul to undergo female genital mutilation, the United Nations said on Thursday.

    “It is a fatwa (or religious edict) of ISIS, we learnt this this morning,” said Jacqueline Badcock, the number two U.N. official in Iraq.

    The “fatwa” would potentially affect 4 million women and girls, Badcock told reporters in Geneva by videolink from Arbil.

    “This is something very new for Iraq, particularly in this area, and is of grave concern and does need to be addressed,” she said, according to Reuters.

    “This is not the will of Iraqi people, or the women of Iraq in these vulnerable areas covered by the terrorists,” she added.

    No one was immediately available for comment from Islamic State which has led an offensive through northern and western Iraq.



    Beside it not being part of Islam, How are they going to verify it?

    Isis denies ordering that all girls in Mosul undergo FGM

    Doubts grow over UN report, seemingly reliant on year-old document from Syria thought to have been doctored24 July 2014

    The claim about enforced FGM came from the UN's deputy humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, Jacqueline Badcock, who told reporters that up to 4 million women and girls aged 11-46 faced the risk of genital mutilation. "This is something very new for Iraq, particularly in this area, and is of grave concern and does need to be addressed," she said. "This is a fatwa from Isis. This is not the will of Iraqi people, or the women of Iraq in these vulnerable areas covered by the terrorists."

    Reports about the issue have been circulating in Iraqi media for the past few days. On Wednesday a Kurdish website, BasNews, reported that the fatwa had been issued by the self-proclaimed "Caliph" of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as a "gift" to the people of Mosul. BasNews said on Thursday that it stood by its story. "Of course Isis would deny this," the editor, Hawar Abdulrazaq, told the Guardian.

    Badcock's comments came in a briefing by videolink from her base in Irbil, capital of the Kurdish regional government, to reporters at the UN headquarters in Geneva.

    But plans for a statement by the UK international development secretary, Justine Greening, were dropped as doubts grew about the accuracy of the claim.

    Suspicions about its veracity were based partly on the fact that FGM is not required by Islam and is not prevalent in Iraq. It is most widespread in Egypt, Sudan and east Africa.

    A document circulating on social media purporting to be the Isis fatwa was in fact dated July 2013, originated in Aleppo, Syria, and was widely described as having being photoshopped. It appeared on Thursday on the website of the Saudi-owned TV channel al-Arabiya.

    Isis supporters quickly dismissed the story as a hoax. "If Isis responds to every lie and rumour they will not be able to control all these areas you hear about," tweeted one. "Please ask UN to prove their claims before you hear from us."

    According to the Iraqi paper al-Mustaqbal, which also reported on the alleged fatwa earlier this week, the practice of FGM is alien to Iraqi society except the Kurdish provinces.



    And this irresponsible claim came from UN's deputy humanitarian coordinator. I guess you don't need much qualifications to get UN jobs these days. Then against, we have seen and caught red handed many journalists and their News (like BBC, Fox, etc) completely out right lie about something to sell their propaganda.

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    Iraqi Army Seizes Israeli-Made Weapons from ISIS Terrorist

    The Iraqi army has discovered Israeli-made weapons in a hideout that belonged to the foreign-backed Takfiri militants in Al-Anbar and Saladin provinces.

    According to reports, the army seized a cache of weapons, including Israeli-made LAV missiles, during an operation near Tikrit.

    Reports say that the army found the hideout with the help of people and their reports and seized large quantities of homemade bombs, RPG rockets, mortars, roadside bombs, rocket launchers, and maps.

    The Iraqi army destroyed large caches of weapons and ammunition used by the militants in the region, the source added.

    Iraq has been gripped by deadly cycle of Saudi-backed sectarian violence. According to reports, the Western powers and their regional Arab allies are supporting the militants operating inside Iraq and providing them with money and weapons.


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    ISIS Is Ignoring Islam’s Teachings on Yazidis and Christians

    Sohaib N. Sultan | Aug. 8, 2014

    Here's what the Prophet and the Quran really say about how to treat the two faith groups

    The news coming out of Iraq is really devastating. The violent extremist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) continues to take over major parts of Iraq, brutally killing and oppressing any and all who come in their way. The worst of ISIS has been unleashed on Shi‘ite Muslims, Christians and the Yazidis with hundreds of thousands killed and forced to flee.

    The leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is as dangerous as he is delusional. In a sermon that he gave several weeks ago, the ISIS leader declared himself as the new “Caliph” of Muslims worldwide. In the sermon he attempted to reflect the personality of Islam’s first Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Sadiq, in asking those gathered to help him when he is right and correct him when he is wrong and to only obey him so long as he obeys God and the Messenger. But, the Quran warns its readers to not be swayed by charismatic figures who, in reality, only spread evil in the world:

    “Now, there is a kind of man whose views on the life of this world may please thee greatly, and [the more so as] he cites God as witness to what is in his heart and is, moreover, exceedingly skillful in argument. But whenever he prevails, he goes about the earth spreading corruption and destroying property and progeny [even though] God does not like corruption. And whenever he is told, ‘Be conscious of God,’ his false pride drives him into [even greater] sin …” (2:204–2:206).

    So, I join the chorus of Muslims worldwide, Sunnis and Shi‘ites, who oppose al-Baghdadi and ISIS as a whole. The killing and oppression of innocent people and the destruction of land and property is completely antithetical to Islam’s normative teachings. It’s as pure and as simple as that.

    Ironically, when the Quran allows (and, sometimes, even encourages) Muslims to engage in just fighting and resistance, it is in order to deter those who wage wars without just cause and those who engage in religious persecution — exact crimes that the ISIS is engaging in Iraq today:

    “Permission [to fight] is given to those against whom war is being wrongfully waged … those who have been driven from their homelands against all right for no other reason than their saying, ‘Our Sustainer is God!’ For, if God had not enabled people to defend themselves against one another, monasteries and churches and synagogues and mosques — in which God’s name is abundantly extolled would surely have been destroyed …” (22:39–22:40)

    The Yazidis are an ancient community that have been in Iraq for centuries. Historically the Yazidis follow Zoroastrianism and other ancient Mesopotamian religions. Throughout recent history the Yazidis have been oppressed and their religion largely misunderstood as Satan worship (which it is not). The violence and suffering that ISIS has inflicted upon the Yazidis is heart wrenching. There is, arguably, one reference to the ancient religion of the Yazidis (referred to as Magians) in the Quran in which it simply says,

    “Verily, as for those who have attained to faith [in this divine writ], and those who follow the Jewish faith, and the Sabians, and the Christians, and the Magians [on the one hand,] and those who are bent on ascribing divinity to aught but God, [on the other,] verily, God will decide between them on Resurrection Day: for, behold, God is witness unto everything” (22:17).

    ISIS would do well to, truly, let God decide rather than act as tyrannical judges and lords over the Yazidis and others.

    ISIS is also reportedly seeking to expel Christians from their homeland of Iraq where Christians have lived since almost the beginning of their history. Christians in Iraq are considered to be one of the oldest continuous surviving Christian communities in the world. Christians in Iraq have survived, and at times even thrived, alongside Muslims over the past 1,400 years. ISIS insistence that Christians either “convert, leave or die” defies the Quranic command: “Let there be no compulsion in religion” (2:256).

    ISIS has also given Christians another option if they want to remain in Iraq: to pay jizya. Jizya is a tax that Muslim empires imposed upon non-Muslim constituents in return for military exemption, protection against persecution and considerable religious freedoms. Most Muslim countries today no longer impose jizya on non-Muslims. The change in political order, rise of nation states and assumptions of citizenship today render certain medieval systems incongruent with modern realities and sensibilities. The Quran makes a reference to the jizya system (9:29), but its application is vague and it can very well be argued that such an imposition was only intended to manage troublesome and treacherous religious minorities.

    This is all to say that ISIS has no basis whatsoever to force Christians in Iraq to pay the jizya let alone the fact that they cannot even be considered a legitimate government by any stretch of the imagination and, therefore, cannot rightfully impose any taxes on anyone.

    The strongest argument against ISIS persecution of Christians is the fact that such actions are in direct violation of the Prophet Muhammad’s own treaties with Christians in which he guarantees the protection of religious freedom and other rights:

    “This is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, near and far, we are with them. Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my followers defend them, because Christians are my citizens; and by Allah! I hold out against anything that displeases them.

    No compulsion is to be on them. Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries.

    No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims’ houses. Should anyone take any of these, he would spoil God’s covenant and disobey His Prophet. Verily, they are my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate.

    No one is to force them to travel or to oblige them to fight. The Muslims are to fight for them. If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, it is not to take place without her approval. She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray.

    Their churches are to be respected. They are neither to be prevented from repairing them nor the sacredness of their covenants. No one of the nation (Muslims) is to disobey the covenant till the Last Day (end of the world).”

    (The original letter is now in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul.)

    This and many similar covenants between the Prophet Muhammad and Christian communities are well documented and translated by John Andrew Morrow in his book, The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad With the Christians of the World. These covenants are a determining proof, among other proofs, that what ISIS is engaged in right now in Iraq is completely unlawful (haram) and violates Islamic teachings in every way.

    To ISIS or anyone who sympathizes with them, know that Islam believes in a God of mercy, a scripture of mercy and a Prophet sent as a mercy to all the worlds. It is time to abandon persecution and violence, murder and mayhem. The enemy you seek to fight is within you. The pursuit of power is the problem. The pursuit of peace and social justice is what God really calls us to. Put down your arms. And raise your hands to the sky seeking God’s forgiveness for unconscionable sins.



    The author is misguided in calling Jizya a "medieval" practice not compatible with today's "modern" society. And he also is wrong in his assumption that "its application is vague" and it was "only intended to manage troublesome and treacherous religious minorities."

    The fact of the matter is that, everybody paid tax in the nation. The tax Muslims paid is referred to as Zakaah and the tax non-Muslims paid is referred to as jizya, which granted them certain benefits over Muslims, such as exemptions from joining the military.

    Following excerpts from http://www.islamhelpline.net/node/418 sheds more light on this:

    "The Jizya tax is levied on the non-muslim subjects in an Islamic State in order to enable the State to protect their lives and property from external enemies. It is the duty of the State to protect their citizens at times of war, where the non-muslim subjects will not be required to join the army; whereas it is a duty of the muslims in the State to join the army and fight the enemies. When a ‘jizya’ paying non-muslim citizen becomes old and/or jobless, it was the duty of the State to provide him a monthly stipend from the National Treasury.

    After the death of the Prophet (saws), one of his noble companions, Abu Ubaydah ibn Jarrah (r.a.) was appointed the commander of the muslim army and for some time he ruled over the non-muslims in an area of Syria, where he levied the Jizya tax on them. For tactical reasons, the muslim armies had to withdraw from the location, and Hadrat Abu Ubaydah ibn Jarrah (r.a.) refunded their Jizya on a pro-rata basis as the muslims would no longer protect them.

    The rights of the non-muslim citizen paying Jizya, will be the same as the muslims in an Islamic State. He will be dealt in all cases, exactly as the muslim citizens.
    The non-muslim citizen can hold any leadership position in the Islamic State according to their merit and capabilities. The only positions which cannot be allotted to him are the position of the ‘Ameer’ or leader, and a judiciary position, simply because the Islamic State will obviously be ruled according to the Laws of Islam and Shariah. But other than that, there is no harm if a non-muslim citizen is given a high ranking position in the Islamic government according to his capabilities. History is indeed proof that many non-muslims held ministerial positions in the Islamic governments in Egypt, Spain, etc. at the height of the Muslim rule."

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    Who Allowed ISIS To Flourish And Who Is Benefiting From Their Murderous Onslaught?

    I have no idea where the Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL or whatever name it uses came from, and I’m just as baffled by the roots of its violent ideology. While I never pretend to speak for the diverse community of Muslims living in Britain today, I reckon my views on this will be echoed by the majority who have watched with growing concern the unprecedented rise of this group.

    However, just as unprecedented is the childish invective being spewed out by Islamophobes, racists and so-called terrorism experts encouraged by some sections of the British media. They have not helped at all.

    While I’ve blocked most of the jack-booted trolls who patrol Twitterland demanding that anyone who is or even looks like a Muslim should launch an immediate protest march against ISIS, I’m amazed that similar rhetoric is being pushed by elements of the media.

    There are many reasons why I’ve not spoken out against ISIS. For a start, I’m not sure who it is, where it came from or how it is funded. I’ve not seen such a militarily- and strategically-savvy fighting force emerge in the Middle East before, other than the highly disciplined and much feared Hezbollah. I, like many others, want to know a little bit more about ISIS before making public comments.

    Secondly, why should I organise a march against ISIS? I am not responsible for its actions, just as my Jewish friends are not responsible – and nor should they be – for the actions of that other group of violent psychos in the Middle East, the Israeli military. While ISIS enforcers wield head- and limb-chopping knives, Israel drops bombs called Daisy Cutters which also decapitate and maim anyone caught in the fallout.

    Thirdly, my silence over ISIS does not mean that I support the group even if some fools take my silence as a sign that I do. Only when I ask some male tweeters to apologise on behalf of rapists, on the grounds that every rapist is a man so they must all be somehow culpable, does the penny drop; occasionally I’ll get a muffled apology.

    And finally, even if I jumped up and down and declared that “ISIS is the scum of the earth”, exactly what would that achieve anyway? I hardly think its leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is going to lose any sleep over Yvonne Ridley’s views.

    There are few certainties in the chaos that is now the Middle East. However, what I can say with authority is that the world would never have heard of ISIS had widow-makers George W Bush and Tony Blair not launched their illegal war in Iraq in 2003. The world would also never have seen ISIS develop into the full blown monster that it is if the West had, at the very least, introduced a no-fly zone in Syria after the chemical weapons were unleashed on civilians by Bashar Al-Assad’s forces exactly a year ago this week.

    The question to ask is this: Who really benefits from the unfolding ISIS spectacle? The big winners are sitting within the Assad regime. It is that regime which was, by the way, suspected of capturing US journalist James Foley who went missing in north-west Syria on 12 November 2012. How on earth did he slip out of the Syrian government’s hands into those of the murderous head-chopping maniacs of ISIS?

    The former head of the British Army says that the West should sit down and negotiate with Assad to get rid of ISIS, but what if ISIS was created by Assad and his ally Iran, which has members of the elite Republican Guard in parts of Syria?

    As crazy as it sounds, that would explain why Nouri Al-Maliki’s Iraqi army fell away so easily in the face of ISIS leaving behind a massive arsenal of weapons for the militia to use. It is virtually inconceivable for a trained fighting force to leave all of its kit behind before doing a runner, just as it’s virtually inconceivable that a crack fighting force like ISIS could emerge from a rag tag bunch of ill-disciplined rebel fighters buoyed-up by disaffected youngsters from Europe and beyond.

    Make no mistake, ISIS’s domination of Iraq is nothing short of breath-taking; it has achieved in a matter of weeks what the US and its allies failed to do in 10 years of occupation. This hasn’t happened by accident; military victories on this scale take strategic planning and inside help. So who, exactly, is behind ISIS?

    This article was first published in the Middle East Monitor.


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    Foley murder video 'may have been staged'

    Analysts believe the British jihadi in the video may not have been James Foley's killer, although it is accepted that the journalist was murdered

    25 Aug 2014

    The video of James Foley’s execution may have been staged, with the actual murder taking place off-camera, it has emerged.

    Forensic analysis of the footage of the journalist’s death has suggested that the British jihadist in the film may have been the frontman rather than the killer.

    The clip, which apparently depicts Mr Foley’s brutal beheading, has been widely seen as a propaganda coup for Islamic State militant group.

    But a study of the four-minute 40-second clip, carried out by an international forensic science company which has worked for police forces across Britain, suggested camera trickery and slick post-production techniques appear to have been used.

    A forensic analyst told The Times that no blood can be seen, even though the knife is drawn across the neck area at least six times.

    “After enhancements, the knife can be seen to be drawn across the upper neck at least six times, with no blood evidence to the point the picture fades to black,” the analysis said.

    Sounds allegedly made by Foley do not appear consistent with what may be expected.

    During Foley’s speech, there appears to be a blip which could indicate the journalist had to repeat a line.

    One expert commissioned to examine the footage was reported as saying: “I think it has been staged. My feeling is that the execution may have happened after the camera was stopped.”

    However the company, which requested anonymity, did not reach a definitive answer.

    It concluded: “No one is disputing that at some point an execution occurred.”


    James Foley Beheading Video Has Play-Acting Portions – Video Experts Say

    August 22, 2014

    Video experts observed that the video showing the actual beheading of US journalist James Foley was so professionally produced and well-scripted, to the extent that portions of it appeared to be just being acted out.

    Two video experts were one in observing that portions of the purported video were give-aways that the beheading video was intended primarily for propaganda purposes.

    One security expert, who had credible experience of scrutinizing videos of beheading, noted a very strange thing about Foley's video - in the seconds before the executioner jab the knife into Foley's neck, there was no single sign that he was terrified.

    "My experience of these things is when the knife gets close the knees buckle and you become like a rag doll, whereas this guy seemed to sit upright.

    It could be that that particular knife wasn't the one that killed him, that that was a play-acting thing," the expert told The Times.

    After the part where the executioner was shown cutting Foley's head, the video fades.

    The next part of the video already showed Foley's decapitated head while he was upturned back. His hands were handcuffed. But his right ankle already had bruises hinting that he had been kneeling on the ground longer than what was shown in the video. And most importantly, a different looking knife lies on the ground, next to Foley's corpse.

    "The guy is obviously dead but it may be that particular scene was acted and that was why he is staying stiff," the security expert noted.

    Joe Fields, of Breakthru Productions, a recording studio in London, on the other hand noted that the video was well-produced as both Foley and the masked man appeared to be speaking following well-scripted lines.

    What was noticeable for Fields was the battery-powered microphone clipped to the front of Foley's robe. He said that the microphone looks like a professional one used in television studios so as the audio can be recorded without the need of editing or sound dubbing.

    With all these elements present, it could be considered that the man masked in black, speaking with a British accent, was not the one who killed Foley. Rather, the man was just acting out the part.

    In a separate report from The Guardian, linguistic experts had also offered their opinions of the masked man.

    Prof Paul Kerswill, a linguistics expert at the University of York, described the man's accent as multicultural London English which is people from all kinds of backgrounds who mix in the East End, a new kind of cockney.

    Dr Claire Hardaker, a linguistics experts at Lancaster University, said she was hearing a British accent, from the south, and probably from London, Kent or Essex.

    Prof Peter Neumann, director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, at King's College London said that the man with the British accent was specifically chosen by the militants to create the utmost impact against the west.

    "This is significant because it signifies a turn towards threatening the west. They are saying we're going to come after you if you bomb us," Neumann said.



    There are videos making around of ppl doing their own analyzing of murder video and pulling it apart. Here's one video showing that the mother of Foley in the press is an actor whom we have seen in previously.

    Busted !! James Foley "Mom" well known CIA crisis actor

    There's also this:

    Observations so far regarding the "beheading" of US "journalist" Foley. And Islamic-State-Group.

    01) The killer didn't start his speech with "Bismillahi rahmani rahim"
    02) There is no black flag in the video
    03) Foley is far too calm for someone who knows he is about to have his head cut off
    04) No "Allahu akbar"
    05) "Killer" has an accent from NW London which conveniently has the largest Jewish population in the UK
    06) Foley has been outed as a CIA asset by former US Intelligence Agent Scott Rickard which explains why he keeps popping up in US proxy war situations
    07) His family didn't seem upset at news of his death on their TV interviews
    08) Since when have ISIS been shy about showing the actual beheading of their victims?
    09) Facial bone structure of "decapitated" head is different than Foley whilst alive
    10) When have ISIS ever used graphical and audio effects in their videos?
    11) Remember Foley was captured and released by Gadaffi, then went "missing" in Syria and the US govt spent the last few months claiming Assad took him. Now we are supposed to believe Assad handed him over to ISIS?
    12) A big give away of the staged level of this is the orange suit. Where do ISIS get a bright orange American jail style suit from? Seems like a perfect video to shock USA audiences into being Ok with another war.
    Orange suit in a war zone people?!
    13) IS always used the black flags in their videos, and always finish with Allahu Akbar screaming.

    More believable....

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    False images used to ‘prove’ slavery, genital mutilation under ISIS


    The savagery of ISIS jihadists rampaging through Syria and Iraq is well known. But dozens of photos circulating on social media networks and the media claiming to show the barbaric acts of the Islamist group are, in fact, fake.

    While ISIS has claimed responsibility for multiple acts of horrific violence, many of the shocking images published online and attributed to the jihadist group have actually been taken out of context and falsely labelled.

    The jihadists that fight under the banner of ISIS are spreading terror in Syria and Iraq. In areas they control, they have massacred prisoners and stoned women to death. Recently, the jihadist organisation has forced thousands of Yazidis and Christians to flee after taking control of Mosul and Sinjar in the north of Iraq.

    ISIS has claimed responsibility for multiple acts of terrifying barbarism. Online and in the media, it’s possible to find dozens of horrifying images attributed to the jihadist group. Yet many of these are not what has been claimed.

    Photos of 'summary executions of Yazidis'

    On Monday several media outlets posted online photos that claimed to show the mass execution of civilians belonging to the Yazidi religious minority [WARNING: These images are shocking]. The jihadist organisation posted these same photos on social media networks on Saturday, pointing out that they had been taken in Syria. These photos show the execution of a group of men from the ‘Chouïtat’ clan who rebelled against ISIS in Deir-Ezzor.

    Photos of women allegedly sold as slaves

    Citing an Iraqi parliamentarian, several websites claimed that hundreds of women from the Yazidi community had been sold as slaves after the capture of Sinjar at the beginning of August. One photo showing women chained and veiled spread on social networks and was taken as proof of the claim. It turns out that this image was taken during a Shiite procession in the town of Nabatieh, in southern Lebanon, in 2013.

    Already at this time, the same photo had been published online by websites claiming it showed the jihadist organisation’s treatment of women in Syria.

    ‘Group marriage' in Mosul

    Several media outlets broadcast a video of a group marriage in July in Mosul, Iraq. These women were allegedly forced to marry jihadists.

    In reality, the video shows the marriage ceremony of an Islamist fighter in Syria. In the video, the master of ceremonies says [at 0:20] “I congratulate our brother and friend the groom…” showing that the marriage is for one man only. The original video was published in June 2013, well before the arrival of ISIS in Iraq.

    A ‘fatwa’ on genital mutilation

    At the end of July, a representative of the United Nations in Iraq claimed that ISIS had ordered the genital mutilation of all the women and young girls living in the Mosul region. The claim was founded on the basis of a ‘fake fatwa’ that had been circulating online for several months and which references the cities of Aleppo and Azaz in Syria.

    Other extravagant claims have been circulating online: ISIS has reportedly, for example, ordered farmers to hide cows’ udders because they’re deemed ‘indecent’. The news hasn’t been confirmed, and so far no image of hidden udders has been published. The rumour has, however, given rise to all kinds of mocking photomontages on social networks.

    On the territories that it controls, ISIS applies an extreme interpretation of sharia law. Those who drink alcohol or smoke are whipped, and those who consume drugs are executed. ISIS has, moreover, claimed responsibility for several massacres. On June 13, 1700 Shiite prisoners belonging to the Iraqi army were executed in Tikrit. At the beginning of August, an American media outlet published pictures of several decapitated Syrian soldiers, the heads of whom were fixed to posts in the town of al Raqqa, the jihadist group’s self-proclaimed capital. In this same town, two women accused of adultery were stoned in mid-July. And in September 2013, the islamists attacked and ransacked two churches, under the pretext that the bell chiming disturbed them during prayer time.

    The fighters belonging to ISIS have the taken the habit of posting photos of their actions and of bragging on social media networks. Lately, an Australian jihadist – Khaled Sharrouf – posted on his Twitter feed a frightening photo in which his 7-year-old son held up the head of a decapitated soldier in Raqqa, with the caption: “That's my boy."

    David Rigourt-Roze is a researcher with the French Institute of Strategic Analysis whose work focuses on Islamists. He says that ISIS doesn't try to hide its acts, which it sees as following a strict interpretation of the Koran.

    When the fighters from ISIS carry out their acts, in general they don't try to hide them. On the contrary, they claim responsibility for them because that forms part of their communication strategy. They don't hesitate to post videos on social media networks where we see their enemies decapitated and their heads fixed to posts. That's notably the case with Syrian and Iraqi soldiers and Shiites who refuse to convert. That aims to terrorise and demoralise the enemy.

    Their 'publicists' are probably professionals: they have very good mastery of image production. We can notice, for example, in one execution video in Salah Eddine where they killed hundreds of Iraqi soldiers lined up on the ground. These images recall the 'Holocaust by bullets' during the Second World War.

    The jihadist organisation has elaborated a genuine communication strategy. They're very adept on social media networks and even publish magazines, where they show in particular how they set up kamikaze operations.

    This strategy is completely coherent with their reasoning because they consider Christians and Shiites to be 'associators' [A type of polytheism, according to the Koran]. As soon as they take control of a region, they order them to pay a Jizya [a tax imposed on non-Muslims] or push them into exile. As for the Yazidis, they're considered to be idolators of the devil and could end up exterminated, because - for them - it is lawful to kill them.

    This article was written with Wassim Nasr (@SimNasr) and Djamel Belayachi (@DjamelBelayachi), journalists for the FRANCE 24 Observers.


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    Katie Foley and Adam Lanza’s Classmate of Sandy Hoax – Same Actress! Case Closed!

    Look at the picture above and the following video and get your mind blown!

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    Can you spot the 10 glaring Photoshopping errors in this faked picture?


    [1 - Absence of natural lighting or sun, no background detailing. For the time given at the location given it should be nearly dark. Looking at the blurred sections of sand at 9; we can see that a platform has been added with Photoshopping, where the two men stand.

    2 - Horizon level is different on the left and right portions of the picture, which has been hurriedly concealed using oversprays of the neutral sand colouring. Comparing midtones and shadows here, to the ones at horizon level, and then the character shadows reveals edit artifacts.

    3 - Victim has been shaved, and makeuped plus looks happy enough. The description given is that he was dragged to that spot. but as you can see his orange jumpsuit is not only spotlessly clean but also ironed. For a man about to have his head cut off, he seems relaxed and visibly calm. He is neither perspiring, nor is his bladder releasing as you might expect from a man about to lose his head.

    4 - "Akmed The Friendly Terrorist" here also looks spotless and has again, forgotten to sew on his badges! No insignia means responsibility for this killing cannot be given, technically it "could" be a fake video

    5 - The victims arms seem to have disappeared. Yes his hands are bound behind him with handcuffs, but even so how have his arms managed to escape the material of his orange jumpsuit? Another crass Photoshopping error.

    6 - Victims trousers where he is kneeling are 100% sand free. I can't see one speck on sand on him! Is he really kneeling in sand? Was he dragged there as we are told? Physics kind of proves that to be a NO.

    7 - This man is not a Sharia executioner, as in Sharia the executioner is not allowed to hide his face. He must face the charge, and say a prayer to Allah before punishment is admitted. This is another bad actor.

    8 - Apparently these days, terrorists like to use small hotel butter knives to separate infidels from their heads. Don't really need to elaborate

    9 - "Akmed The Friendly Terrorist" has brand new boots on! Wow all the way out there in the desert and he found brand new boots. What a guy, not only that he managed to get himself into the middle of a sandy desert without laying down a single footprint. What a guy.

    10 - Check out how the shadows on the ground are not only opposite to what the ambient light says they should be, but the wrong shape too.

    Conclusion - ANOTHER FAKE

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    Steven Sotloff, killed by Islamic State, had deep roots in Israel

    Journalist captured and beheaded in Syria was Jewish, held Israeli citizenship and earned his undergraduate degree at IDC

    BY DEBRA KAMIN September 3, 2014

    Steven Sotloff
    , the American journalist whose gruesome beheading was confirmed in a video released Tuesday night by Islamic State terrorists in Syria, first came to know Israel as an optimistic government student at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. On Wednesday afternoon, the Foreign Ministry cleared for publication the fact that he held Israeli citizenship

    Sotloff, a Jewish native of Miami and the grandson of Holocaust survivors, came to Israel in 2008 to pursue his undergraduate degree at the IDC. He wasn’t starry-eyed about the Jewish state, a former classmate said last week. In fact, while he clearly loved Israel, his views on the country were as complicated as the region itself.

    “Like most of us, he came here and he became very critical of the government,” said Hillary Lynne Glaser, who studied conflict resolution, international relations and counter-terrorism alongside Sotloff.

    “I’m not so sure it was about the Israeli-Arab conflict, I think it was more how they treat their own people. But he still came back to visit,” she said, noting that Sotloff was in Israel as recently as last year to celebrate the wedding of a former IDC roommate.

    After graduation, Sotloff began his freelance journalism career, filing stories for both the Jerusalem Post and Jerusalem Report before moving on to outlets including Foreign Policy and TIME. Journalist Ilene Prusher, who served as his editor at the Jerusalem Report in 2011 and 2012, recalled a fearless writer who sent in polished stories and was hungry for more.

    “He was an excellent journalist, and he filed great work,” she said. “He was our only guy who was filing [from the region], and he was filing for a bunch of different places… In addition to covering Libya, he was covering Arab uprisings. I felt like he really cared about it, he thought it was extremely important. He was very conscientious, enterprising and brave.”

    The Times of Israel held this story for several weeks out of fear of endangering Sotloff’s life by writing about his Jewish and Israeli connections.

    Sotloff was apparently captured by IS in Aleppo and held in Raqqa for nearly a year. In the video of Foley’s death, which showed Sotloff with a shaved head and wearing the same kind of orange jumpsuit as Foley, the IS terrorists gave US President Barack Obama 24 hours to respond to the situation, threatening that they would take Sotloff’s life next.

    Sotloff, Kessler said, never shared his Jewish identity with anyone in the field, opting instead to tell locals that he had been raised Muslim but secular, without mosque affiliation. He sometimes even chose to tell people that he was of Chechen origin, and that Sotloff – a name that rings decidedly Jewish to those familiar with Jewish names – was actually a Chechen name.

    In Yemen, Kessler said, Sotloff once allowed locals to give him a “quickie conversion,” a 10-minute ceremony meant to return him to his purported Islamic roots.



    Times of Israel is trying to paint a rosy picture of this guy. He was an IDF veteran who was pretending to be a journalist to get intel on everyone in that region. It's not the first time something like this happened. Many US Journalists working in the East are also spy agents of the CIA. They get dual salary and they do it proudly without any morality or regard to the profession of journalism. Then again, journalism of today is nothing like real journalism, for the most part it's opinions of half baked hate mongers working for bias prozionist media and as spy agents for CIA or missionaries undercover.

    Did Israel Offer ISIS $10 Million to Free Steven Sotloff?

    September 03, 2014

    Details are not yet fully known to this observer but reliable sources who do know and monitor Daash (IS) report that ISIS rejected frantic Mossad efforts to buy the release of American journalist Steven Joel Sotloff.

    This much is credited with a fair amount of certainty. On 8/1/14 Steven Sotloff, born and raised in Florida, checked into Room 303 of the Hotel Istanbul in the small border town of Kilis in southern Turkey.

    Three days later on 8/4/14, shortly after checking out of the hotel and heading to the border to take the Kilis-Aleppo highway south in Syria, Mr. Sotloff and his “fixer” were abducted at a check point manned by unknown jihadists.

    Informed sources report that his ‘fixer’ set the American journalist up and sold him for cash to rebels fighting the Assad regime. The ‘fixer’ is also accused of, nearly nine months later, stealing the Mossad ‘down payment’ cash entrusted to him for delivery to whichever jihadists were holding Mr. Sotloff.

    Mr. Sotloff’s ‘fixer’ has since disappeared from public view over the last 48 hours and is no doubt himself being hunted and marked for death as Israeli and perhaps American agents tracking him.

    This is not the first (nor will it likely be the last time) this has happened with Westerners or others seeking to report on events or simply showing up in an exciting place to bear witness or do good.

    But new arrivals around here are often unaware that the ‘war economy’ along the Turkish-Syria-Iraq border, these days means that just about anything or anyone is up for sale at the right price and there is plenty of buyer’s cash available which attractively pushes up profits.

    Even sworn jihadists enemies regularly do business through agents, and sometimes directly, with criminal gangs and others in commodities from oil, arms, counterfeit US $ 100 bills, an array of drugs, women, children, would-be jihadists and just about every other ‘commodity.’ This while simultaneously they fight each other nearby and pledge devotion to Allah and loyalty to ‘humanity.”

    Mr. Sotloff who was in Libya during June of 2011 and covered parts of the Libyan civil war from Benghazi and Misrata in eastern Libya was accused at the time by the Gadhafi regime of being a Mossad agent. ISIS also reportedly had come to believe he was an Israeli agent based on information derived from prisoners during interrogations, which likely included torture. (US security analyst Gordon Duff reports that Mr. Sotloff was an IDF veteran and had migrated to Israel in 2005.)

    With respect to the alleged Mossad offer, ISIS reportedly balked at the proposal for several reasons, including the one stated publicly about the beheadings of both Mr. Foley and Mr. Sotloff: the US bombings of ISIS fighters in Iraq. An additional reason, reported to this observer, was the most recent Israeli aggression against Gaza.


    Editor note:

    There was something very fishy right off the bat with this guy. Someone with his profile as an IDF veteran -- many of whom get Intel training after leaving the service, especially former-IDF with US passports -- would have to be nuts to go into Jihad territory.
    The Mossad would typically be using throw-a-way local agents to pick up Intel, and not use someone so obvious.

    VT first broke the story of Sotloff not being quite an American, despite his passport. And Rita Katz and her Site Intel platform, famous for making all the phony Osama bin Laden videos and later tapes for the CIA in Israel -- that was another flagrant Mossad connection ... and you would think they could have found someone else to release the tape.

    Why would ISIS kill a Mossad agent, hardly undercover, and then have a $10 million ransom story appear so soon after?

    We have substantiated that Israel has supported the ISIS Jihadis fighting Assad, and right now ISIS is in the driver's seat there. With the long record of the Rita Katz phony psyops, the first thing to suspect is that we have a theatrical killing here. Yes folks, they know how to do these things very well, a long-used tactic when they want it.

    And then of course we see a 24-hour new anti-terror propaganda program rolled out, which picked up steam in the second day and then the third with big media coverage, just like all the other orchestrated events rolled out.

    The dead and wounded of Gaza are pushed off the news, as are the Iraqis, ...and then Obama's most aggressive response seems to appear when we have a dead Jew... more than we have seen for the 170,000 dead Syrians. I find that to be what I call convenient "situational ethics"...how about you?

    Video of Sotloff beheading might be staged by Rita Katz: Pundit

    Sep 4, 2014

    Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, a senior editor with Veteran’s Today, from Atlanta, about the West’s direct support for the ISIL terrorist group slaughtering Syrians and their response to the recent killings of Western journalists.

    The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

    Press TV: Are you on the verge of another invasion by American troops to Iraq?

    Dean: No, I’m afraid this has been really exaggerated. We have a lot of folks out there that don’t like what America has done in the region and they have very good reasons for that; but they are kind of grasping... they are so angry that they try to grasp at anything that comes along that’s going to bash America, but America’s not, they have no need to because Iraq has a huge army.

    All we’re looking at and all really Iraq wants is of course American tax payers to pay for things; and they want airstrikes because they don’t really have much of an air force.

    Our fighters they don’t really like to engage in hand to hand combat. When the Americans were there in Iraq they had the helicopters, they had the bombers and they had the aircraft carriers and it was always nice to sit back and watch the planes and the helicopters take out enemy positions and then the troops could just go in to clean up.

    So, what you have here is America trying to not get involved in this as much as possible. And the troops that are going in now are just support, communications, and logistics people to try to help the Iraqi army do a better job than they are.

    Press TV
    : Why do you think it took until now to get the type of reaction that we’re getting (from the Americans)?

    We know that since the whole situation deteriorated in Syria with the heinous crimes that have been committed there, there wasn’t a whole lot of action there was some condemnation of Damascus itself.

    But the militants that had come in from all over the world - that even now the United States is admitting that they’re from all over the world - basically nothing was done, they looked the other way, Western leaders in general.

    However, now as we have seen a couple of very disturbing videos of Western journalists being killed we are getting an over-reaction. And the reality of it is that in the last three years we have seen unbelievable images coming from Syria and Iraq – even eating the organs of a human being... so, why now? What exactly is going on in your perspective here?

    Dean: We are suspicious.

    As an American I obviously have to be embarrassed. My country has participated in the slaughter of over 170,000 Syrians. A lot of them have died horrible deaths at the hands of US and Western-backed insurgents... and we don’t have any politicians jumping off of bridges or buildings out of shame here in the US.

    So I really can’t buy their crocodile tears when a couple of journalists – whom they’re not really in love with – get killed.

    And also we’re very suspicious about this last one because Rita Katz is a long time MOSSAD front operation, which for years... her group manufactured the fake Bin Laden tapes, which really became a joke before they did the orchestrated killing of, well, whoever they killed in Pakistan.

    And we just can’t believe that they would roll her out again as a source of information when she has the least credibility of anybody in the world. And this person that they‘re talking about (decapitated) is an American? He’s not. He’s an Israeli and he served in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).

    Anybody who is an Israeli and was serving in the IDF... how he got into Syria? The Syrian government never would have let him in. So, we think he may have gotten in through Turkey.

    We’re very suspicious that this may even be another one of Rita Kat’z staged video events.


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    Al Jazeera ridicules beheading of U.S. journalists as ‘Hollywood’ show

    5 September 2014

    A report by Al Jazeera News channel has ridiculed the horrific beheading of two U.S. journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff as “Hollywood” casting, saying the executions were “unconvincing” and could be used as a pretext for a Western intervention in Syria.

    Appearing insensitive to the feelings of the victim’s family, the report - published under the “reports and interviews" section of the pan-Arab channel's Arabic website on Thursday – said Foley likely fabricated the video, despite confirmations from the U.S. government that the video was real.

    “Perhaps the first thing that draws the attention of the viewer” in the first beheading video is that “Foley was playing the role of champion not the victim only, for he recites a lengthy statement in peerless theatrical performance, and it seems from tracking the movement of his eyes that he was reading a text from an autocue,” the Al Jazeera report said.

    The report even expressed doubts over the identity of the masked killer, saying: “he does not have the features of common jihadist figures, but he was rather similar to a Hollywood actor.”

    To support the claim that the beheading was “staged,” the Al Jazeera report went into details of the execution. It claimed that a review of the video in slow motion showed that “the knife being moved on the neck of the victim six times triggered no blood.”

    “The filmmaker wanted to convince us that slaughtering was done after they cut the shot to show his head detached from the body in and unjustified montage leap,” the report claimed.

    It added that the same remarks also apply to the video of Sotloff's execution. Similar to Foley, it claimed, Sotloff displayed no signs of fear, neither during his statement nor during the execution.

    It also raised questions over how Foley, who was kidnapped since 2012, reached the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Even more, it raised doubts over the identity of the executed man, claiming that he does not look like Foley.

    It quoted unidentified “activists” as claiming that Foley had previously worked for the U.S. Department of State and that he might have had links with intelligence, “which could mean that he colluded in the fabrication of the tape.”

    The Al Jazeera report claimed that “purported beheadings” could be used to justify a future war, like the George W. Bush' justification for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In 2003, Bush marketed his idea to invade Iraq on the basis of reports that Saddam Hussein had weapons of Mass Destruction.

    A spokesperson on behalf of Al Jazeera said he would get back with a comment by Sunday when contacted by Al Arabiya News.

    Further more, there was no translation or mention of the article which doubts the execution of Foley and Sotlof found on Al Jazeera English website, which continues to lobby to free the arrested Al Jazeera staff in Egypt through posts and has received much media attention from U.S., international media as well as Arab media, including this website.

    In comments to Al Arabiya News, Magda Abu-Fadil, a Lebanon-based media specialist and commentator, said it was “quite a scenario the writer came up with.”

    “The question is why? If, as he claims, it's all staged, can he prove that without a shadow of a doubt? Does he have tangible proof it didn't happen, or is he just rehashing others' suspicions? In a court of law, one would need solid data, not just circumstantial evidence. Were there witnesses?” Abu-Fadil said.

    “While I have no way of proving or disproving the horrifying Foley and Sotloff beheadings, I can say that in the last week we've had two Lebanese citizens who were beheaded by extremists and their bodies handed back to their families. Those weren't Hollywood productions. It would be absolutely cruel to tell their loved ones that it was all a TV show,” she added.

    “As for ethical journalism, I'm despairing at the bestiality of some media in their aim for ratings and how low they're willing to stoop for scoops. Insensitivity to bereaved relatives and victims of terrorism seems more the rule than the exception. It's truly revolting,” Abu-Fadil said.

    Al Arabiya News is the English language platform of Al Arabiya News Channel, which Al Jazeera Arabic aims to compete with as a 24-hour pan-Arab news channel.


    Addendum: The report was removed from Al Jazeera's website on Saturday and an error page now appears when trying to access the link. Al Jazeera has issued a retraction and this can be found here.

    Enlarge Image

    Enlarge Image


    This Abu-Fadil from Al Arabia talks about ethical journalism but is parroting the same thing as punidts in the west. It's often the hypocrites who accuse others of the crime they commit themselves. There is lot of evidence out there and they refuse to see it.

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    What is a Caliphate?

    A “caliphate” is Islamic Empire led by a political and religious leader known as the “Caliph” the first major Caliphate was the Rashidun Caliphate in 632, the last one was the Ottoman Caliphate which started in 1453, nearly half a century before Columbus’s journey.

    The IS / ISIS / ISIL forces calling themselves a “Caliphate” doesn’t remotely make it true. It would be similar to the KKK calling themselves a “North American White Empire” or the Christian terrorist group the Lords Resistance Army of Uganda calling themselves the “Holy Roman Empire Reborn” and the leader naming himself “Emperor Constantine II”.

    The coordinated government and media hype surrounding ISIS is highly suspect. From June to August of 2014 we have a group which almost no one had heard of being portrayed as if it was a national level threat to our way of life. As with Al Qaida being presented as a “sophisticated global threat” we have been told in a string of DoD and other official appearances on morning shows and talk radio that ISIS is a danger to us. The actual evidence is scarce. The DoD points to ISISs “ability to adapt”, it’s “effective use of social media” and generic, non-scientific phrases like the Eric Holder stating the prospect of them invading is “more frightening than anything I think I’ve seen as attorney general”.

    We don’t see solid, reliable numbers about how many members they have or objective measurements of the threat and how it could reach us in America. We see horrible, although very isolated incidents of murders purported to be by ISIS. These murders number in the hundreds…roughly similar amounts to that caused by gang violence in the US and not statistically relevant.

    If we try to remain objective and ask questions like “Why is this group suddenly a threat to the way of life of Americans?” “What mechanism do they have to harm us?” and so on, the answers are often not logic driven but emotion driven. People will point to the horrible atrocities which are credited to ISIS but often fail to answer the bigger picture Constitutional questions. This is a mistake we’ve made before.

    Basically the term “caliphate” is being used by the government and media because it inspires fear and gives people the impression they are knowledgeable about the issues.

    Overall, it makes a lot of sense to remain cautious about what government says, especially in matters of war. Our recent track record has been poor.


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    by admin · September 1, 2014

    Former CIA contractor, Steven Kelley states unequivocally that ISIS is a:

    “completely fabricated enemy.” Kelly continues on to say “The funding is completely from the United States and its allies and for people to think that this enemy is something that needs to be attacked in Syria or Iraq is a farce because obviously this is something that we create it, we control and only now it has become inconvenient for us to attack this group as a legitimate enemy.”

    The CIA/Mossad/MI6 (all intelligence agencies) are the terrorists as is the banking cartel who use the US government, it’s military and other countries, like Saudi, Turkey, Qatar, UK, France, to harbor and/or fund these radicals.

    The Muslims are NOT the real enemy as we see that crazies from all walks of life are joining these radical groups for the money and fake power this gives them also knowing that they are protected by all the intelligence agencies listed above. Please also remember that a man in a cave did not plan the 9/11/01 false flag attacks on US soil, once again the involvement of intelligence agencies.

    The banking cartel needs a bigger enemy than al Qaeda because their plans for total domination of the Middle East has been deterred due to good people fighting back with truth, hence we have the “bigger and badder” ISIS and/or ISIL creation.

    This is sometimes difficult to explain because there are radicals murdering people in the Middle East, however, if the funding and intelligence were taken away, those countries under attack, like Syria, could DEFEAT the enemy (ISIS/ISIL) by the use of their own military.

    Please LISTEN to this short, 3 minute video. Thank you:


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    Hezbollah fighters have killed scores of Takfiri militants after the gunmen crossed from crisis-hit Syria into eastern Lebanon and attacked the Lebanese resistance movement’s posts.

    A Hezbollah source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the movement’s posts in the mountains around Nabi Sbat, situated east of the town of Baalbek in the Beqaa Valley, were attacked by armed groups who came from Syria’s mountainous Qalamoun region along the border with neighboring Lebanon.

    Most of the militants killed during Sunday clashes were from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front. Two Hezbollah fighters were also killed in the process.

    The development comes a day after Lebanese army forces drove back a group of militants who were attempting to enter the country from the Syrian border.

    The gunmen tried to enter the eastern Lebanese town of Arsal, situated 124 kilometers (77 miles) northeast of the capital, Beirut, on Saturday, but were repelled by Lebanese soldiers and forced to flee back into Syria.

    Al-Nusra Front and the ISIL militants overran Arsal in August, killing and capturing scores of soldiers and police officers. They later executed three of the hostages.

    Over the past months, Lebanon has been suffering from terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda-linked militants as well as random rocket attacks, which are viewed as a spillover of the conflict in Syria.

    Syria has been gripped by deadly violence since 2011 with ISIL Takfiri terrorists currently controlling parts of it, mostly in the east and north.

    A Lebanese soldier has been shot and wounded by fire from the Israeli side of the border near Lebanon’s southern village of Kfar Chouba in the Nabatieh Governorate.

    According to a statement released by the Lebanese army, the soldier was injured when an Israeli patrol opened fire on a Lebanese army post in Jabal Sadanneh, west of the disputed Shebaa Farms, at 13:20 p.m. local time (1020 GMT) on Sunday.

    The soldier, identified as Zakaria Hamza al-Masri by a security source, was shot in the hand as he was patrolling near the village of Kfar Chouba, situated about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) from the border with Israel. The wounded trooper was rushed to a hospital following the incident.

    The Lebanese army is now coordinating with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) to investigate the shooting, and has adopted defensive measures.

    The Shebaa Farms area is located at the junction of Lebanon, Syria and Israel and is often the site of cross-border clashes.

    Israeli troops routinely violate the internationally recognized Blue Line, which is the ceasefire line drawn up by the UN in 2000 after Israeli troops withdrew from southern Lebanon ending a 22-year occupation.

    Israel and Lebanon have been in a state of war for six decades, and do not have diplomatic relations with one another.

    Source: PressTV


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