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    More Jews Have Joined Islamic State, French Official Says


    A handful of Jews, some converts to Islam, among 1,000 French citizens who have joined jihad, Channel 2 reports.

    There are a number of Jews among the more than 1,000 French citizens who have joined the Islamic State, a French government official told Israel's Channel 2 news.

    Citing figures compiled by the French Interior Ministry, the official on Monday said intelligence shows there are people "of Jewish extraction," some of whom converted to Islam, among those who joined the jihadist group.

    The official emphasized that there are only a small handful of Jews among the IS recruits – not enough to consider it a trend.

    The revelation comes just days after reports surfaced that a French Jewish teenager was among the approximately 100 young women who have left France to join jihad in Syria during the past year and a half.

    Meyer Habib, a Jewish member of the French parliament, said the suspected jihadis were the topic of conversation among France's Jewish community.

    However, he claimed, there is no official proof they actually joined IS.If a Jewish girl did join the Islamic State, "it really is the end of the world" and complicates matters, Habib told Channel 2.

    One French rabbi said the issue was of great concern to many in the Jewish community. "It is inconceivable that this would happen," he told Channel 2. "There are many rumors swirling and we hope an official source will update us. Some say the Jewish girl converted, and that is also disconcerting."


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    French Report ISIL Leader Mossad Agent

    August 4, 2014

    Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi, son of Jewish parents, Mossad agent

    In French

    Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, so-called “Caliph,” the head of ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is, according to sources reputed to originate from Edward Snowden, an actor named Elliot Shimon, a Mossad trained operative.

    Simon Elliot (Elliot Shimon) aka Al-Baghdadi was born of two Jewish parents and is a Mossad agent.

    We offer below three translations that want to assert that the Caliph Al-Baghdadi is a full Mossad agent and that he was born Jewish father and mother:

    The real name of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is “Simon Elliott.”

    The so-called “Elliot” was recruited by the Israeli Mossad and was trained in espionage and psychological warfare against Arab and Islamic societies.

    This information was attributed to Edward Snowden and published by newspapers and other Web sites: the head of the “Islamic State” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has cooperated with the U.S. Secret Service, British and Israel to create an organization capable of attracting terrorist extremists from around the world.

    Source: Radio ajyal.com

    Another source corroborates this statement, the site Egy-press:

    With photo support, a Iranian media discovers the true identity of the Emir Daash, a trained Zionist agent.

    Iranian intelligence discovered the true and full identity of the Emir Daash, which is known under the name Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi; his real name is Elliot Shimon. Its role in Mossad secret agent in the Zionist espionage. His false name: Ibrahim ibn Awad ibn Ibrahim Al Al Badri Arradoui Hoseini.

    The plan: get into the military and civilian heart of the countries that are declared as a threat to Israel in order to destroy to facilitate thereafter, the takeover by the Zionist state on the entire area of the Middle East in order to establish Greater Israel.

    Here are the borders of the Zionist project, the “Greater Israel” or “Eretz Israel” for short.

    These facts confirm the first that came out a few days ago, confirming that the Caliph Rolex is sent to Israel to sow chaos in neighboring countries the Zionist entity. Please note that EIIL announced it a few days ago that, to want to now take the “barbarians Jews”, a reference to Zionists besiege Gaza.

    Practice! Having devastated the area of Israel, it will now allow the Americans and the Israelis to show the fingers as bloody terrorists to shoot at faster to defend the Zionist state, while the same let them proliferate and act with impunity for over two months now. Prepare a project they probably from the famous Arab Spring with the destabilization of Iraq, Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Mali (among others). Clever!

    Listen and listen again Bernard-Henri Lévy on these so-called Arab Spring:

    After gathering the most fanatical of the world in one place, a veritable army of the devil is formed, filled with bloodthirsty murderers without mercy for their victims, they murder with a vengeance and in cold blood, filming their atrocities and relaying on social networks.



    Russia's military says it may have killed IS leader; West, Iraq skeptical

    June 16, 2017

    MOSCOW/BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Moscow said on Friday its forces may have killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in an air strike in Syria last month, but Washington said it could not corroborate the death and Western and Iraqi officials were skeptical.

    The secretive Islamic State leader has frequently been reported killed or wounded since he declared a caliphate to rule over all Muslims from a mosque in Mosul in 2014, after leading his fighters on a sweep through northern Iraq.

    If the report does prove true, it would be one of the biggest blows yet to Islamic State, which is trying to defend its shrinking territory against an array of forces backed by regional and global powers in both Syria and Iraq.

    But in the absence of independent confirmation, some U.S. officials said U.S. agencies were skeptical of the report. Several Iraqi security officials said Iraq was doubtful as well.

    "His death has been reported so often that you have to be cautious till a formal Daesh statement comes," a European security official said, using an Arabic acronym for the group.

    U.S. Navy Captain Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said: "We have no information to corroborate those reports."

    A senior Trump administration official noted “a number of infirmities” in the reports, which have given U.S. officials reason to question their accuracy.

    “Some of those infirmities suggested that this happened at the end of May and that there were upwards of 300 or more soldiers killed in that strike,” said the official, who asked not to be identified.

    “A strike of that size and that claim that would have happened that long ago without any knowledge is something that made me curious,” the official added.

    The Russian Defence Ministry said on its Facebook page that it was checking information that Baghdadi was killed in the strike on the outskirts of Raqqa in Syria, launched after Russia received intelligence about a meeting of Islamic State leaders.

    "On May 28, after drones were used to confirm the information on the place and time of the meeting of IS leaders, between 00:35 and 00:45, Russian air forces launched a strike on the command point where the leaders were located," the statement said.

    "According to the information which is now being checked via various channels, also present at the meeting was Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was eliminated as a result of the strike," the ministry said.

    However, a colonel with the Iraqi national security service told Reuters Baghdadi was not believed to have been in Raqqa at the time of the strike in late May. One of Baghdadi's aides may have been killed rather than Baghdadi himself, the colonel said.

    He said that Baghdadi was believed to be operating cautiously in the border area between Iraq and Syria with just a handful of close aides, and avoiding using telecommunications equipment to evade surveillance.

    Another Iraqi intelligence official said the Russians had not shared any information with Iraqi authorities to indicate Baghdadi was killed. Iraq was checking the report and would announce his death if it received "solid confirmation".

    Hoshiyar Zebari, a long-serving former Iraqi foreign minister and now a senior adviser to the government of the Kurdish autonomous region, also told Reuters there was no confirmation of Baghdadi's death.

    The Russian defense ministry statement said the strike was believed to have killed several other senior leaders of the group in addition to Baghdadi, as well as around 30 field commanders and up to 300 of their personal guards.

    The IS leaders had gathered at the command center, in a southern suburb of Raqqa, to discuss possible routes for the militants' retreat from the city, the statement said.

    The United States was informed in advance about the place and time of the strike, the Russian military said.


    Islamic State fighters are close to defeat in the twin capitals of the group's territory, Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria, after nearly three years ruling over millions of people in a wide swathe of territory in both countries.

    Russia supports the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad, which is fighting against Islamic State fighters, one front in a multi-sided civil war. The United States supports Kurdish and Arab fighters in Syria who are separately planning an assault on Raqqa.

    In Iraq, the U.S.-backed government has been battling to recapture Mosul since October last year after driving the group out of most of the rest of the territory it had seized.

    The last public video footage of Baghdadi shows him dressed in black clerical robes declaring his caliphate from the pulpit of Mosul's medieval Grand al-Nuri mosque back in 2014.

    Born Ibrahim al-Samarrai, Baghdadi is an Iraqi in his mid-forties, who broke away from al Qaeda in 2013 after years participating in the insurgency against U.S. forces in Iraq and the Iraqi government. The U.S. State Department has offered a $25 million reward for information leading to his arrest.

    A number of senior IS figures have been killed in air strikes or special forces raids since the United States launched its campaign against the group in 2014, including Baghdadi's deputy Abu Ali al-Anbari, the group's "minister of war" Abu Omar al-Shishani, and its media director Abu Muhammad al-Furqan.

    Rami Abdulrahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, cast doubt on the report Baghdadi may have been killed. He said that according to his information, Baghdadi was located in another part of Syria at the end of May.

    “The information is that as of the end of last month Baghdadi was in Deir al-Zor, in the area between Deir al-Zor and Iraq, in Syrian territory,” he said by phone.


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    US helicopters transfer Daesh members from eastern Syria: Observatory

    The US has airlifted a number of Daesh Takfiri terrorists near the eastern Syrian city of Dayr al-Zawr, where Syrian troops are closing in on the Takfiri terrorists, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says.

    The London-based group said two US helicopters conducted the operation in Beqres, a suburban area east of Dayr al-Zawr on Thursday morning, taking four Daesh members and a civilian from a house used as an arms depot.

    According to the report, the five people transferred during the operation included a foreign bomb expert, three Egyptian Daesh members and a civilian.

    Witnesses found shaved hair of the five individuals near the area, the observatory said, adding that after airlifting the Daesh members, troops blew up the arms depot.

    The US and its allies have been conducting airstrikes against what are said to be Daesh targets inside Syria since September 2014 without any authorization from the Damascus government or a UN mandate.

    The military alliance has repeatedly been accused of targeting and killing civilians. It has also been largely incapable of fulfilling its declared aim of destroying Daesh.

    The US has long been accused of colluding with Daesh to provide safe passage and logistic support to the members of the Takfiri group in conflict zones.

    In June, the commander of the Russian forces in Syria, Colonel General Sergei Surovikin, accused US-led forces in Syria of colluding with the Daesh leaders who surrender the areas under their control and head to provinces where Syrian government forces operate.

    The Russian commander also criticized Washington for trying to block Syrian government forces from taking control of the country’s southern border.

    Political observers warn that the US is using Daesh to create chaos in the Middle East and pursue Israel’s plan to change the Middle East map by disintegrating the regional countries.


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    Mossad agent who infiltrated Daesh arrested in Libya: Israeli website

    Libyan security forces have arrested a Mossad agent who held a leading position in Daesh in the north-eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, the Israeli website Inian Merkazi reported.

    The Hebrew website whose name translates to “Central Issues”, added that Ephraim Benjamin is a Jewish spy and that he mingled with Libyans following the 2011 revolution that resulted in the ouster of former dictator Moammer Ghaddafi.

    Masr Alarabia website described him as one of Mossad’s “Arabists” who are characterised by Arab features and who speak Arabic fluently in local dialects.

    Israeli Arabists are known for infiltrating Palestinian protests and arresting demonstrators, as well as assassinating anti-occupation Palestinian activists, according to Masr Alarabia.

    Benjamin had reportedly become a prominent imam of a large mosque in Benghazi, Libya’s second largest city, then he became a Daesh leader who commanded 200 fighters from the militant group.

    The spy, who was known in Libya as Abu Hafs, was arrested two months ago and accused by the Libyan authorities of gathering intelligence information on Daesh for Mossad.

    The Israeli website cited the incident as evidence used by Arab media to justify the common conspiratorial argument propagated in some Arab circles about Israel being behind the rise of Daesh in the region.

    Libyan media outlets describe Benjamin as the “Mossad sheikh” who was arrested by local authorities.

    Daesh began to operate in Libya in 2015. Many believe that the video posted by the group on 12 February of the same year from the city of Sirte, featuring the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, as the official announcement of the militant group’s emergence in the north African country even if militant operations were believed to have been committed by Daesh prior to that date.


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    ‘CIA and Mossad created ISIS’, says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables

    28 October 2017

    WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange today said the CIA and Mossad were responsible for paving the way for ISIS as the whistle blowing organisation released more than half a million formerly confidential US diplomatic cables dating back to 1979.

    On the sixth anniversary of the first infamous “Cablegate” by WikiLeaks, when it releases its first batch of sensitive US files, on November 28 2010, it has expanded its Public Library of US Diplomacy (PLUSD) with 531,525 new diplomatic cables from 1979.

    In a statement to coincide with the release of the cables, known as “Carter Cables III”, Mr Assange explained how events which unfolded in 1979, had begun a series of events that led to the rise of ISIS.

    He said: “If any year could be said to be the “year zero” of our modern era, 1979 is it.”

    Mr Assange added: “In 1979 it seemed as if the blood would never stop.

    “Dozens of countries saw assassinations, coups, revolts, bombings, political kidnappings and wars of liberation.”

    The Carter Cables III bring WikiLeaks’ total published US diplomatic cable collection to 3.3 million documents.


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    White Privilege : White ISIS terrorist free of charges

    Joshua Walker: Student who fought against Isis in Syria cleared of terror charges over book he owned

    Jury dismisses 'feeble' prosecution case over The Anarchist Cookbook

    A university student who volunteered to fight against Isis in Syria says he is “elated” after being cleared of terror charges.

    Joshua Walker told The Independent his “heart was pounding” as he awaited the verdict for printing off a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook.

    Jurors took less than three hours to acquit him of possessing “information useful to a person preparing for an act of terror” at Birmingham Crown Court.

    The notorious Cookbook, first published in 1971, includes instructions on the manufacture of explosives and homemade drugs but Mr Walker told the court he downloaded it for a role-playing game two years ago

    “No one would have ever known anything about it other than the people involved in the game,” he explained after being acquitted.

    “I’d forgotten about it but when I got arrested for a serious charge, they searched my room.”

    Police found the Anarchist Cookbook in a drawer under his bed during a raid on his student bedsit in Aberystwyth when he returned from Syria in December.

    Mr Walker was detained at Gatwick Airport and initially arrested on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts for volunteering with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) to fight against Isis, where he said he also helped as an interpreter for US special forces.

    That case was dropped, but prosecutors continue to pursue him over the anarchist material, claiming he had “no reasonable excuse” for printing it off.

    Mr Walker’s lawyer condemned the “mad” decision to prosecute him, pointing out that the manual was readily available online, including from mainstream retailers.

    “It’s a mad world where anti-terrorism laws are used, not against terrorists or people who help terrorists, but against harmless, curious young people," Joel Bennathan QC said, claiming that nothing was being done to block the sale or distribution of the Cookbook.

    “There really is no public interest when the book is out there, it is for sale and nobody is attempting to restrict that,” he said during a debate about whether the ”draconian“ case should go ahead.

    "It can be downloaded, purchased in the UK, from Amazon, so the information is out there and remains out there.

    "Prosecuting Mr Walker does not put that genie back in the bottle.”

    The student was studying international politics and strategic studies at the University of Aberystwyth, at the time of the alleged offence, telling the jury he printed off the Cookbook for the Crisis Games Society, which he helped run.

    Mr Walker said it was a “massive relief” to be cleared. “My heart was pounding before they gave the verdict,” he added.

    “There’s always that chance that you will happen to get the judge and the jury or whatever who are obsessed with the technicalities and not the broader context or spirit of the law.”

    Mr Walker said jurors jokingly told his mother to “give him a slap from us” after the unanimous acquittal.

    He dismissed the Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) case as “feeble” and cautioned that the threat of prosecuting people researching extremist groups could “actually harm the fight against terrorism”.

    His warning came after the Home Office proposed a new law criminalising “repeatedly viewing terrorist content online” – a prospect Mr Walker called “very dangerous” if researchers are not fully protected.

    Mr Walker believes authorities would not have discovered his possession of the Anarchist Cookbook if he had not travelled to Syria to fight Isis, but urged other gamers to “take a little more care than I did”.

    Other YPG volunteers have been arrested upon their return to the UK but none have been charged, with British fighters remaining in Syria telling The Independent they are concerned about the prospect of Government action.

    The pair met only once in Syria but Mr Walker said he knew the 24-year-old former IT worker to be “a nice guy” and professional fighter.

    He is temporarily working as a kitchen porter while living with his mother in Bristol, but plans to move into his own home and return to university next year.

    Mr Walker said he does not currently intend to return to Syria’s battlefields, adding: “I’m really hoping that the war against Isis is done and dusted but I’d definitely consider going back to help reconstruction efforts.

    “If another group that wanted to slaughter everyone there pops up, perhaps.”

    His relieved parents, Adele Proctor and Dennis Walker, were in court to hear their son acquitted and were preparing for family celebrations.

    Ms Proctor described the prosecution as “a waste of time”, adding: “The whole nature of this trial and his arrest, and the reasons for it, has frightened me equally as much as when he was in Syria to be quite honest."

    Mr Walker said he was "proud" of his son's actions in Syria and said of his acquittal: "At the end of the day, the system has worked."


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    Britain and allies do deal with ISIS to let thousands of fighters escape Raqqa

    A BBC investigation has uncovered details of a secret deal that let thousands of heavily-armed ISIS fighters and their families escape from Raqqa in Syria, under the gaze of the US and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city.

    Almost 4,000 ISIS militants and their families were reportedly allowed to leave in a four-mile convoy as the group were defeated in the city last month.

    The remarkable report can be seen here.

    British fighters are thought to be among hundreds of foreigners allowed to escape ISIS’s former stronghold under the noses of coalition forces.

    This was despite the coalition being assured that no foreign fighters would be allowed to leave and previous US pledges that they would all be killed rather than be allowed to return home.

    The exodus is understood to have been agreed to spare Kurdish forces, the BBC reported. They were leading the fight against ISIS on the ground and it would have required a fight to the death to clear the last surviving ISIS fighters from the capital of their self-declared caliphate.

    So a truce was negotiated with local leaders to allow the remaining fighters and their families to leave.

    The convoy, which was also said to have been carrying tons of weapons and ammunition, left on October 12 bound for a camp further north in territory still held by ISIS or towards Turkey.

    The coalition monitored the convoy from the air, dropping flares to help drivers in the 163 vehicles, including lorries and buses, navigate the road, witnesses told the BBC.

    One driver hired to take part in the convoy said there was a “huge number” of foreign fighters among the thousands involved, including many from Europe.

    Many of those who escaped have now moved on from Syria, with human traffickers on the Syria-Turkey border reporting a boom in business with the influx. One who has helped smuggle 20 families into Turkey in the past week said most were foreign. “Some were talking in French, others in English, others in some foreign language,” he told the BBC.

    Others went to the city of Idlib, to the west of Raqqa, where many Britons have also escaped from the country, usually paying £3,000 per fighter, it was reported.

    As yet, neither the coalition, nor the Kurdish fighters, have commented.



    This is a joke. They are letting their hired goons off and saving them from the local government, or this is just fake news with another purpose/agenda behind relocating them

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    ISIL weapons traced to US and Saudi Arabia

    Weapons supplied by the United States and Saudi Arabia to opposition fighters often fell into the hands of ISIL, significantly enhancing the "quantity and quality" of the group's armaments, a new report alleges.

    The number of weapons goes "far beyond those that would have been available through battle capture alone",
    according to the study by arms-monitoring group Conflict Armament Research (CAR) published on Thursday.

    The Weapons of the Islamic State report was based on a three-year field investigation in Iraq and Syria into the group's arms and their origins.

    It analysed more than 40,000 items found on the battlefield including weapons, ammunition, and materials used to make improvised explosive devices. Some were acquired by ISIL through shifting alliances within the Syrian opposition.

    The research said most weapons were looted from the Iraqi and Syrian armies, however, some were originally supplied by other nations involved in the conflict to Syrian opposition groups fighting against President Bashar al-Assad.

    "Iraq and Syria have seen IS forces use large numbers of weapons, supplied by states such as Saudi Arabia and the United States, against the various international anti-IS coalitions that the two states support," said CAR.

    All of the items examined were made in EU countries and, in passing them onto armed groups in Syria, the US and Saudi broke contractual clauses prohibiting their retransfer.

    "Evidence collected by CAR indicates that the United States has repeatedly diverted EU-manufactured weapons and ammunition to opposition forces in the Syrian conflict. IS forces rapidly gained custody of significant quantities of this materiel," it said.

    About 90 percent of weapons and ammunition used by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) originated in China, Russia, and Eastern Europe, with Russian-made weapons outnumbering those of any other country.

    "These findings support widespread assumptions that the group initially captured much of its military material from Iraqi and Syrian government forces," said the report.

    The monitoring group said Western-produced arms and ammunition represented the remaining 10 percent.

    This information is "a stark reminder of the contradictions inherent in supplying weapons into armed conflicts in which multiple competing and overlapping non-state armed groups operate", said CAR.

    The organisation reported last year that ISIL had been producing military-grade weapons in Iraq, and had standardised production across its self-styled caliphate.

    On Saturday, Iraq declared an end to its war against ISIL having recaptured Rawa, one of the last remaining ISIL-held towns.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to start withdrawing from Syria in a visit to a Russian base in the country on Monday.

    The Syrian civil war has raged for more than six years. Hopes of finding a diplomatic resolution to the conflict suffered another blow on Thursday after the failure of the latest round of UN-sponsored talks.


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    Corporate Media Finally Forced to Admit America Armed ISIS

    By Rachel Blevins - December 17, 2017

    While the mainstream media opted to protect the United States government by treating anyone who dared to question the government’s role in the rise of ISIS as crazy conspiracy theorists, a new report is forcing the MSM to admit that those “conspiracies” were true all along.

    Now, mainstream media outlets such as Reuters and USA Today are suddenly reporting that the
    United States and its close ally, Saudi Arabia, were instrumental in supplying weapons and ammunition to ISIS. Both reports cite an investigation conducted by Conflict Armament Research (CAR), which looked at 40,000 items recovered from Islamic State militants between July 2014 and November 2017.

    A final report from CAR titled “Weapons of the Islamic State,” concluded that the vast majority of the weapons used by ISIS were supplied in the thousands, given their origin and the fact that they were found “in numbers far beyond those that would have been available to the group through battlefield capture alone.”

    More than 97 percent of the weapons and 87 percent of the ammunition used by ISIS were “Warsaw Pact calibers—originating primarily in China, Russia, and Eastern European producer states,” according to the report. However, the weapons were not distributed to the militants by China or Russia.

    The weapons and ammunition were originally purchased by the United States and Saudi Arabia, and then distributed to rebel groups opposing the administration of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. While the U.S. claimed to be fighting ISIS, the fact is that ISIS was one of the Syrian rebel groups opposing Assad, and as the report noted, nearly all of their weapons came from those purchased by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.
    "Unauthorized retransfer—the violation of agreements by which a supplier government prohibits the re-export of materiel by a recipient government without its prior consent—is a significant source of IS weapons and ammunition. The United States and Saudi Arabia supplied most of this materiel without authorization, apparently to Syrian opposition forces. This diverted materiel, recovered from IS forces, comprises exclusively Warsaw Pact caliber weapons and ammunition, purchased by the United States and Saudi Arabia from European Union (EU) Member States in Eastern Europe.”

    While the report claims that many of the weapons were intended for other Syrian rebel groups before they ended up in the hands of ISIS militants, it also notes how quickly the transition between groups happened, after the weapons were originally supplied.

    In one case, an advanced anti-tank guided weapon was “manufactured in the EU, sold to the United States, supplied to a party in the Syrian conflict, transferred to IS forces in Iraq, and documented by a CAR field investigation team following its recovery from IS forces.” The report noted that “the full chain of transactions occurred within two months of the weapon’s dispatch from the factory.”

    The serial numbers on the weapons are also crucial in determining how the militants acquired them. According to the report, almost half of the weapons that were investigated featured “serial numbers that are close in sequence to those of other, identical weapons in the sample.” As a result, they found at least
    “240 sets of weapons that were manufactured in the same production runs and probably exported in the same, or successive, batches.” This suggests that in some cases, the weapons were delivered to the militants by the thousands.

    The report noted that in many cases, the “supplies of materiel into the Syrian conflict” from the U.S. and Saudi Arabia allowed ISIS “to obtain substantial quantities of anti-armor ammunition. These weapons include ATGWs and several varieties of rocket with tandem warheads, which are designed to defeat modern reactive armor.”

    As the investigation by Conflict Armament Research concluded, although the United States and Saudi Arabia both claimed to support coalitions that were formed for the purpose of defeating the Islamic State, the thousands of weapons they were supplying rebel groups did the opposite.

    "These findings are a stark reminder of the contradictions inherent in supplying weapons into armed conflicts in which multiple competing and overlapping non-state armed groups operate. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to exert effective control over which groups ultimately gain custody of weapons. As this report demonstrates, Iraq and Syria have seen IS forces use large numbers of weapons, supplied by states such as Saudi Arabia and the United States, against the various international anti-IS coalitions that the two states support.”

    While the mainstream media has failed to ask questions about some of the most obvious red flags in the United States’ foreign policy, The Free Thought Project has provided in-depth coverage of both the United States’ hypocrisy in the Syrian conflict, and Saudi Arabia’s assistance in helping to strengthen the same group of militants that the two countries claimed to be working to defeat.

    ISIS - Creators and Supporters

    Clips of news articles showing who created ISIS and which countries support it with technology and weapons.


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    Arab MK: Israel buys oil from Daesh

    Israel is buying oil from Daesh, an Arab Israeli Member of the Knesset revealed on Monday.

    Ynet News reported that during a speech at the Knesset, Joint List member Aida Touma-Suleiman accused the Israeli occupation authorities of intentionally escalating the security situation on its northern front with Lebanon and Syria, referring to its targeting of an Iranian drone which led to the Syrian regime downing an Israeli fighter jet.

    “I am against collaborating with extremist and terrorist groups that massacre people such as the ISIS,” she said in reference to Daesh.

    “I am not the only one who knows about Israel’s collaboration with ISIS. The United Nations has documented the Israeli government’s collaboration with ISIS.”

    MK Suleiman continued: “These links have been well documented, with reports surfacing of oil purchases from ISIS, which the Israeli government, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, has done.”


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    Young women who went to marry ISIS fighters desperate to go home


    In Iraq and Syria, ISIS is losing ground to forces backed by the U.S. And now
    hundreds of young women who went to marry ISIS fighters are desperate to go home to Europe.

    Sarah is a French citizen who traveled to Syria when she was just 18, married an ISIS fighter and had a baby. Three years later, though, Sarah's had second thoughts.

    Her husband was killed, she's run away from the extremists, and she wants to take her baby back to France.

    She told us she wants to forget everything and get her life back. She wants to start again and protect her daughter.

    She's one of hundreds of young, European women who joined ISIS --
    some of them just teenagers -- easily lured to Syria with false promises of a romantic life in the so-called Islamic State.

    Along with other foreign defectors, Sarah and her daughter were given shelter by a moderate rebel group in northern Syria. But one of their leaders, Mohammed Adeeb, said
    it's difficult to persuade foreign governments to accept the defectors back. Adeeb said they've tried to communicate with several governments, but they either get no answer or nothing positive.

    In Paris, Moumenah al-Hariri is a negotiator hired by Sarah's family to try to bring her home.

    She told us all the women she helps know that
    they have to go to prison once they're back -- including Sarah.

    Moumenah says she only helps women and children -- negotiating with European governments and using her contacts in Syria.

    She says they're a threat if they're left in Syria.

    "That's when they become a danger," she says. "They're widows, so their children can be taken from them at any moment -- brainwashed, radicalized and turned into human bombs. The children have a right to a second chance."

    The Syrian rebels who gave refuge to Sarah when she fled ISIS told us they've also been sheltering 20 other defectors -- all from Western countries.


    Going back to their home country only to be imprisoned is another bad decision and idea for these people. They're better off going to another Muslim country and starting over as free Muslims.


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