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    Default Boko Haram False Flag

    Nigerian kidnapped schoolgirls: Boko Haram 'split girls into four groups'

    Intelligence sources believe girls kidnapped from a school in Nigeria may have been split into four groups after they were taken by militant Islamist group Boko Haram, making finding them an increasingly difficult task.

    Sources claim British and American officials are using advanced eavesdropping equipment to scan the Sambisa forest where the girls are believed to be, Sky News has reported.

    Fifty-three girls have managed to escape Boko Haram's clutches but over 200 remain captive after being abducted from a secondary school in Chibok in remote northeastern Nigeria on 14 April.

    The terror group’s leader Abubakar Shekau claimed responsibility for their abductions in a video, where he threatened to sell the girls off as slaves. A further eight school girls were abducted from a Nigerian village by the group this week.

    The news comes as Michelle Obama delivered her husband’s weekly presidential address, where she denounced the mass abduction and called for their immediate release.

    Ms Obama recently tweeted her support for the ‘bring back our girls’ campaign and expressed “outrage and heartbreak the president and she share over the kidnapping” during the speech ahead of Mother’s Day in America.

    Although the First Lady has appeared many times next to the US president as he gives the weekly address, this was the first time she delivered the speech by herself.

    Michelle Obama tweeted a picture of her supporting the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. On Friday, Amnesty International claimed Nigeria’s military was warned of an Islamist attack on the town four hours before the attack took place but failed to act.

    The “damning” claim that warnings failed to galvanise the military into preventing the abductions was made as the US-based organisation released details of information from its “multiple interviews with credible sources”.

    The Nigerian government dismissed these claims as “unfounded”.

    “If the government was aware [beforehand] there would have been an intervention [against the militants],” the Information Minister, Labaran Maku, told BBC World TV. However, he said the government would investigate the claims.

    Several countries, including the United States, Britain, France and China, have offered support to Nigeria to help find the girls. British experts including diplomats, aid workers and Ministry of Defence officials arrived in Nigeria on Friday to advise the government on the search.



    But wait! Isn't the alleged ruthless 'terrorist islamist' leader dead already?

    "Shekau was mortally wounded in the encounter—on 30 June, when soldiers raided a Boko Haram base at Sambisa Forest—and was sneaked into Amitchide - a border community in Cameroon for treatment... It is greatly believed that Shekau might have died between 25 July to 3 August 2013," Col Musa said. [BBC, 19th August 2013]

    There have been no new videos of Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau that have been released through the usual channels to Nigeria’s media used prior to his stated death. All new purported videos have surprisingly come from a single source, France news, and have been released as 10 second clips, sometimes of old videos with superimposed vocals. One that was released in August, which was determined fake, had a rather chubby ‘Shekau’ quickly chew his stick as a sort of proof, after Nigeria’s security department had presented its conclusions that a prior release was fake because among other things, Shekau did not chew his stick. It was likewise just a ten second clip.

    The most recent video said to have been released by the same foreign media this February 20th in which the cult leader was said to have threatened two Nigeria former president’s, Muhammadu Buhari and Ibrahim Babangida, the Shehu of Borno, Emir of Kano and Nigeria’s refineries came from the same single French media source and again, two days after, the purported video has again not been released to the public.

    As far as Nigeria is concerned, Abubakar Shekau is dead or indisposed. If he is still alive, we challenge him to produce a 10 minute, clear video in which he walks, gestures and talks, as he used to do prior to reports of his death earlier last year. Shekau should also release this video to multiple sources in its original form and not through a single foreign channel.'


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    Michael Rivero's observation regarding "Beacoup Haram":

    "This is another propaganda exercise to sell you a war. When this story about the girls first appeared I questioned the timing, since sex trafficking is a global problem that normally does not rate headline coverage. Israel is a major trafficker of women for sexual purposes, along with Sri Lanka, Thailand, Macau, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, and the United States. You never see that on ABCNNBBCBSFOX!

    So why the sudden focus in Nigeria?

    Nigeria is rich in oil, coal, lignite, gold, iron, uranium, and semi-precious gems. The US has expanded the petro-dollar system into an agenda to take control of all of the world's resource-rich regions so that those resources are only sold for the US dollar, giving Wall Street a mafia-like "piece of the action" of all commerce in those raw materials. Africa is the world's largest store of undeveloped natural resources, which is why it is a target of the US' AFRICOM. (Remember how Mali, Africa's third-largest gold producer, was invaded for "humanitarian reasons" just one week after Germany demanded their gold back from the NY FED and the Bank of France?) Indeed intervention in Nigeria was being discussed back in 2008. All they needed was an issue to sell the American people on the idea of flinging their sons and daughters into yet another war for the bankers.

    So, how convenient for the already existing plan to conquer Nigeria that this Boko Haram stages a massive kidnapping of 276 girls, then makes a video tape to brag about it!

    The video tape helps sell the corporate media on running this story. I would also point out that the blurriness of the tape is a dead giveaway that this is a fraud. We all know how sharp and clear videos taken with our cell phones are. That the video is blurred is a precaution against sharp-eyed skeptics seeing something that contradicts the official story being offered.

    I mean, really. Look at all the sex trafficking going on in the world today and ask yourself how many of those other traffickers bothered to make a video bragging about what they do?

    you make a video bragging about it?

    This is another war-starting hoax, just like Saddam's nuclear weapons ..."

    Michael Rivero

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    Africa: U.S. Military Holds War Games on Nigeria, Somalia



    US To Deploy Troops To Rescue Abducted School Girls

    May 06, 2014



    Islamists free kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls

    April 17

    SCORES of female students kidnapped by Islamic militants from a north-eastern Nigerian school are free, Nigeria's military says.
    Only eight of more than 100 students are unaccounted for, Major General Chris Olukolade said in a statement that gave no details.




    The Politics Behind Nigerian Girl Kidnappings

    US has been planning to invade Nigeria since 2008....

    Fast-forward to the 23 minute mark.

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    What happened to the "thumbs up" button?

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    I don't know, seem to have disappeared.

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    Kidnapped Girls Become Tools of US Imperial Policy in Africa

    by Glen Ford – Executive Editor BAR

    “The Boko Haram, like other jihadists, had become more dangerous in a post-Gaddafi Africa – thus justifying a larger military presence for the Americans,” writes Glen Ford, Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report

    Washington DC, Crescent-online
    Thursday May 15, 2014, 18:09 DST

    The “humanitarian” U.S. military occupation of Africa has been very successful, thus far. “The Chibok abductions have served the same U.S. foreign policy purposes as Joseph Kony sightings in central Africa.” Imagine: the superpower that financed the genocide of six million in Congo, claims to be a defender of teenage girls and human rights on the continent. If you believe that, then you are probably a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

    A chorus of outraged public opinion demands that the “international community” and the Nigerian military “Do something!” about the abduction by Boko Haram of 280 teenage girls. It is difficult to fault the average U.S. consumer of packaged “news” products for knowing next to nothing about what the Nigerian army has actually been “doing” to suppress the Muslim fundamentalist rebels since, as senior columnist Margaret Kimberley pointed out in these pages, last week, the three U.S. broadcast networks carried “not a single television news story about Boko Haram” in all of 2013. (Nor did the misinformation corporations provide a nanosecond of coverage of the bloodshed in the Central African Republic, where thousands died and a million were made homeless by communal fighting over the past year.) But, that doesn’t mean the Nigerian army hasn’t been bombing, strafing, and indiscriminately slaughtering thousands of, mainly, young men in the country’s mostly Muslim north.

    The newly aware U.S. public may or may not be screaming for blood, but rivers of blood have already flowed in the region. Those Americans who read – which, presumably, includes First Lady Michelle Obama, who took her husband’s place on radio last weekend to pledge U.S. help in the hunt for the girls – would have learned in the New York Times of the army’s savage offensive near the Niger border, last May and June. In the town of Bosso, the Nigerian army killed hundreds of young men in traditional Muslim garb “Without Asking Who They Are,” according to the NYT headline. “They don’t ask any questions,” said a witness who later fled for his life, like thousands of others. “When they see young men in traditional robes, they shoot them on the spot,” said a student. “They catch many of the others and take them away, and we don’t hear from them again.”

    The Times’ Adam Nossiter interviewed many refugees from the army’s “all-out land and air campaign to crush the Boko Haram insurgency.” He reported:

    “All spoke of a climate of terror that had pushed them, in the thousands, to flee for miles through the harsh and baking semidesert, sometimes on foot, to Niger. A few blamed Boko Haram — a shadowy, rarely glimpsed presence for most residents — for the violence. But the overwhelming majority blamed the military, saying they had fled their country because of it.”

    In just one village, 200 people were killed by the military.

    In March of this year, fighters who were assumed to be from Boko Haram attacked a barracks and jail in the northern city of Maiduguri. Hundreds of prisoners fled, but 200 youths were rounded up and made to lie on the ground. A witness told the Times: “The soldiers made some calls and a few minutes later they started shooting the people on the ground. I counted 198 people killed at that checkpoint.”

    All told, according to Amnesty International, more than 600 people were extrajudicially murdered, “most of them unarmed, escaped detainees, around Maiduguri.” An additional 950 prisoners were killed in the first half of 2013 in detention facilities run by Nigeria’s military Joint Task Force, many at the same barracks in Maiduguri. Amnesty International quotes a senior officer in the Nigerian Army, speaking anonymously: “Hundreds have been killed in detention either by shooting them or by suffocation,” he said. “There are times when people are brought out on a daily basis and killed. About five people, on average, are killed nearly on a daily basis.

    Chibok, where the teenage girls were abducted, is 80 miles from Maiduguri, capital of Borno State.

    In 2009, when the Boko Haram had not yet been transformed into a fully armed opposition, the military summarily executed their handcuffed leader and killed at least 1,000 accused members in the states of Borno, Yobe, Kano and Bauchi, many of them apparently simply youths from suspect neighborhoods. A gruesome video shows the military at work. “In the video, a number of unarmed men are seen being made to lie down in the road outside a building before they are shot,” Al Jazeera reports in text accompanying the video. “As one man is brought out to face death, one of the officers can be heard urging his colleague to ‘shoot him in the chest not the head – I want his hat.’”

    These are only snapshots of the army’s response to Boko Haram – atrocities that are part of the context of Boko Haram’s ghastly behavior. The military has refused the group’s offer to exchange the kidnapped girls for imprisoned Boko Haram members. (We should not assume that everyone detained as Boko Haram is actually a member – only that all detainees face imminent and arbitrary execution.)

    None of the above is meant to tell Boko Haram’s “side” in this grisly story, but to emphasize the Nigerian military’s culpability in the group’s mad trajectory – the same military that many newly-minted “Save Our Girls” activists demand take more decisive action in Borno.

    The push to which the Boko Haram retreated with their captives was already a free-fire zone, where anything that moves is subject to obliteration by government aircraft. Nigerian air forces have now been joined by U.S. surveillance planes operating out of the new U.S. drone base in neighboring Niger, further entrenching AFRICOM/CIA in the continental landscape. Last week it was announced that, for the first time, AFRICOM troops will train a Nigerian ranger battalion in counterinsurgency warfare.

    The Chibok abductions have served the same U.S. foreign policy purposes as Joseph Kony sightings in central Africa, which were conjured-up to justify the permanent stationing of U.S Special Forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, the Central African Republic and South Sudan, in 2011, on humanitarian interventionist grounds. (This past March, the U.S. sent 150 more Special Ops troops to the region, claiming to have again spotted Kony, who is said to be deathly ill, holed up with a small band of followers somewhere in the Central African Republic.) The United States (and France and Britain, plus the rest of NATO, if need be) must maintain a deepening and permanent presence in Africa to defend the continent from…Africans.

    When the crowd yells that America “Do something!” somewhere in Africa, the U.S. military is likely to already be there.

    Barack Obama certainly needs no encouragement to intervention; his presidency is roughly coterminous with AFRICOM’s founding and explosive expansion. Obama broadened the war against Somalia that was launched by George Bush in partnership with the genocidal Ethiopian regime, in 2006 (an invasion that led directly to what the United Nations called “the worst humanitarian crisis is Africa”). He built on Bill Clinton and George Bush’s legacies in the Congo, where U.S. client states Uganda and Rwanda caused the slaughter of 6 million people since 1996 – the greatest genocide of the post War World II era. He welcomed South Sudan as the world’s newest nation – the culmination of a decades-long project of the U.S., Britain and Israel to dismember Africa’s largest country, but which has now fallen into a bloody chaos, as does everything the U.S. touches, these days.

    Most relevant to the plight of Chibok’s young women, Obama led “from behind” NATO’s regime change in Libya, removing the anti-jihadist bulwark Muamar Gaddafi (“We came, we saw, he died,” said Hillary Clinton) and destabilizing the whole Sahelian tier of the continent, all the way down to northern Nigeria. As BAR editor and columnist Ajamu Baraka writes in the current issue, “Boko Haram benefited from the destabilization of various countries across the Sahel following the Libya conflict.” The once-“shadowy” group now sported new weapons and vehicles and was clearly better trained and disciplined. In short, the Boko Haram had become more dangerous in a post-Gaddafi Africa – thus justifying a larger military presence for the same Americans and (mainly French) Europeans who had brought these convulsions to the region.

    If Obama has his way, it will be a very long war – the better to grow AFRICOM – with some very unsavory allies (from both the Nigerian and American perspectives).

    Whatever Obama does to deepen the U.S. presence in Nigeria and the rest of the continent, he can count on the Congressional Black Caucus, including its most “progressive” member, Barbara Lee (D-CA), the only member of the U.S. Congress to vote against the invasion of Afghanistan, in 2001. Lee, along with Reps. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) and fellow Californian Karen Bass, who is the ranking member on the House Subcommittee on African, gave cart blanch to Obama to “Do something!” in Nigeria. “And so our first command and demand is to use all resources to bring the terrorist thugs to justice,” they said.

    A year and a half ago, when then UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s prospects for promotion to top U.S. diplomat were being torpedoed by the Benghazi controversy, a dozen Black congresspersons scurried to her defense. "We will not allow a brilliant public servant's record to be mugged to cut off her consideration to be secretary of state," said Washington, DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton.

    As persons who are presumed to read, Black Caucus members were certainly aware of the messy diplomatic scandal around Rice’s role in suppressing United Nation’s reports on U.S. allies’ Rwanda and Uganda’s genocidal acts against the Congolese people. Of all the high profile politicians from both the corporate parties, Rice – the rabid interventionist – is most intimately implicated in the Congo holocaust, dating back to the policy’s formulation under Clinton. Apparently, that’s not the part of Rice’s record that counts to Delegate Norton and the rest of the Black Caucus. Genocide against Africans does not move them one bit.

    So, why are we to believe that they are really so concerned about the girls of Chibok?

    (Courtesy: Black Agenda Report)


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    Boko Haram False Flag to Invade Nigeria and Steal Resources

    'US, Israel Abducted Chibok Girls So They Can Invade Nigeria, Steal Resources' - Muslim Cleric

    Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky says the US and Israel arranged the Chibok abduction as a launch pad for an invasion of Nigeria with the aim of stealing her resources

    US, Israel and other Western powers have been accused of plotting the abduction of nearly 300 girls in Chibok, Borno state, as an excuse to invade and steal from Nigeria.

    Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, made the accusation while speaking at the annual Martyrs’ Day commemoration held at the Baqiyyatullah Hussainiyyah, Zaria on Saturday.

    Zakzaky, said the Boko Haram sect was a myth and the girls' abduction a set-up to pave way for U.S. and Israeli military presence in Nigeria.

    “Let no one be fooled, there is nothing like Boko Haram! It is a covert operation to balkanize Nigeria and steals its resources in the name of search of Boko Haram insurgents. If you can fool others, we cannot be fooled,” Zakzaky said.

    According to the controversial cleric, the ultimate aim is to 'steal Nigeria's abundant resources.

    “They realized there are gold deposits in Zamfara and Zaria - Birnin Gwari axis; gold and platinum in Sokoto and Borno.

    "They did it in Iraq, as they went in search of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), which they never found but plunged the country into chaos.

    "The same thing was experimented in Afghanistan before our eyes,” the cleric said.

    He also alleged that the Nigerian military is working together with the leader of the dreaded Boko Haram sect, Abubakar Shekau.

    “Shekau is presently being kept safe in a secret military camp,” he said.


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    There is no more Boko Haram, it's a Military Task Force

    By: Peregrino Brimah | 2014-04-22 14:44

    Top level military men in the Nigerian army who spoke to us [ENDS], and another top Nigerian blogger/activist on condition of full anonymity, have further validated shocking reports recently revealed by the Voice of America, VoA, about organized, top command sabotage in the ranks of the army, with army operated ambush and assassination squads.

    The military men told us candidly, “there is no more Boko Haram, Boko Haram is gone, it is military task force dong the killings now.”

    In total 1,710 people were killed in attacks by “unknown” military uniform wearing assassins and incendiarists across Nigeria last week alone.

    Apparently troubled by the spate of events in the northeast and around the nation, the soldiers decided to come out and talk to those they could trust; saying that within the ranks, people were afraid of speaking as this could be their end.

    The soldiers further described the event the VoA had publicized, stating that another soldier in the ambush who got wounded said the Colonel in charge of the unit left these set of soldiers, taking away all sophisticated fighting equipment and leaving them at the mercy of the better equipped ambushing army unit with only Ak47’s and one or two rounds.

    The soldiers described frustration among military men taking part in the battle in the northeast, saying many were abandoning the army because they realize their aim of being soldiers has been undermined and the top military generals who benefit financially from equipment purchase and mobilization funding, and may be involved in a possible plot to depopulate the areas, in the conduction of the ongoing war are not going to stop the sabotage any time soon.

    One of the officials who revealed this information, refreshed the events of the killing of Nigeria’s loved and distinguished veteran, General Muhammed Shuwa in 2012; explaining that at the time too, the defense guards stationed by his house were pulled away to facilitate his murder. The military man described so many cases of successful ‘Boko Haram’ attacks including a recent on students in which the army stationed was always suddenly pulled out preceding the attack or cases where the army responded to invaded villages telling them their village was not in their jurisdiction. See: Revealed: Soldiers Watched As Gen. Shuwa Was Killed-PM News, Lagos

    Accusations of deliberate extrajudicial attacks are not alien to Nigeria’s security services. A recent attack at Keana in Nasarawa state, in which 15 innocent locals were summarily executed by military uniformed men with APC’s and military pickup trucks, has also been blamed on the Nigerian military, and an investigation is being conducted according to military spokesman, Major-General Chris Olukolade. On April 8, the Nigerian Human Rights (NHRC) indicted the military in “Apo 8” killings which happened right in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

    Locals in Zamfara also accuse the state security of knowing the perpetrators of the recurrent massacres including the latest this month where 250 were killed. Alhaji Amadu, the village head of Yar Galadima said several leaders of the military uniform wearing assassination squads, namely a certain Buhari (not the ex-president), a Kundu and another terrorist leader, Munjagara, have been arrested and released by government authorities who know where their terror dynasties from where they operate are located. Also related, on the possibility of top Nigerian security department involvement, is a recent ‘revelation’ by a Turkish airline manager about dropping off ammunition for terrorists at Nigeria’s Kano international airport. Nigeria’s government is yet to formally refute these allegations.

    The army men further explained that with the amount of military checkpoints in the areas of conflict it was impossible for terrorists to ply freely with Armored Personnel Carriers, APC’s as they did. “No one can move about in those areas with all those checkpoints, how do the terrorists get around… it is because the army gives them passage,” he said.

    On the Helicopters flying in Nigeria’s air spaces which has been happening for two years now, a soldier said that a person he knew who was kidnapped for a month in a Boko Haram camp described seeing these choppers fly over to drop weapons and food routinely; he said the food included good chicken and burgers from Mr. Biggs, food ordinary people could not afford and that came from the cities. He said it was impossible for choppers to keep flying safely like so in Nigeria’s monitored airspace without there being military involvement. It is reported that choppers also help the military dressed attackers who have been ravaging the middle belt of Nigeria, the states of Benue, Kaduna, Katsina and Zamfara.

    One of the military sources also told us that a popular journalist mediator, Ahmad Saldika, who used to inform Nigerians on the true happenings with Boko Haram, left Nigeria on self-exile to the UAE because he was afraid of being killed by government forces who knew he knew the truth of the situation.

    On the Giwa barrack attack that successfully freed hundreds of jailed terrorists, military sources told us that a ‘pin’ on the armored tank stationed to protect the barracks was surprisingly removed and thus the tank could not protect the barrack when ‘Boko Haram’ struck. They also queried why despite the military being informed three weeks to the attack, the military did not adequately beef up security to protect the Giwa barrack from the terrorists attack.

    It was explained that Boko Haram was basically eliminated by the Joint task Force, JTF by August of 2013. The sudden withdrawal of the highly successful Joint task Force, JTF, special units that was collaborating well with the Civilian JTF and had succeeded in winning the war and even reported mortally injuring the terror leader, Abubakar Shekau, was a surprise to intelligence analysts world over and to the military men. [See analysis by Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri: Disbanding the JTF in the North-east was a grave mistake; Ynaija] It can be recollected that it was immediately when the JTF reported success and their killing of Abubakar Shekau that the government suddenly announced the withdrawal of the JTF and their replacement with a new army division. This was followed by a new unexplainable escalation in terror and was when, according to the sources the new ‘Boko Haram’ came into being and its methods suddenly changed into the successful invasion and extermination of whole towns in the north by army uniform wearing fighters.



    Funding local thugs to spread terror, chaos, kidnapping and killing is a trademark of western intelligence.

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    Is Boko Haram a psy-op?

    We are told that a radical Islamic group called Boko Haram has kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria. This classic good-vs.-evil tale pits crazed Muslim extremists against adorable innocent children. The whole world demands the rescue of the girls, and deplores the evils of "radical Islam."

    It is a terrific story - the stuff Hollywood films are made of. But is it true?

    Though the story is hogging the global media spotlight, it is full of gaping holes and wildly inconsistent official pronouncements.

    The Christian Science Monitor, hardly a bible of conspiracy theorists, points out:

    "For all the urgent headlines and advocacy, however, what is still missing are basic facts. It is unclear how many girls were abducted, who they are, who did it, at what time, and exactly how."

    A story featuring unknown heroines and unknown villains performing unknown actions at an unknown time does not even qualify as a myth. The word "rumor" might even be an exaggeration.

    The Christian Science Monitor story continues:

    "For starters, the number of girls taken away by the self-described Islamist radical Boko Haram and later rescued keeps changing. First it was 129 girls rescued. Then 121 were rescued and 8 were missing. The next day, none had been rescued at all. No collective set of photos of the girls appears to exist, or even all their names (some websites with photos of the girls have used photos lifted from elsewhere)."

    This is all very strange. It reminds some researchers of the anomalies surrounding official pronouncements about the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting of December 2012 and the Boston Marathon bombing of April 2013.

    The local news website Boston.com lists the names, ages, and hometowns of four people killed by the Boston bombing and sixty more who were wounded. Authorities claim that 264 people in all were wounded. But videos of the bombing show that the area where the bomb went off was largely empty of people. The claim that 264 people were wounded strikes many researchers, including University of Minnesota Professor Emeritus James Fetzer, as grossly exaggerated. There is no documentation, not even a list of names, for 204 of the 264 people allegedly wounded.

    Additionally, Professor Fetzer and other researchers argue that the Boston bombing videos prove that some of the worst "injuries" were Hollywood-style fakes. He says that one of the alleged victims, Nick Vogt, actually lost his legs in Afghanistan, not in the Boston bombing. In his article "Some 'hard lessons' from the Boston Bombing" Fetzer reproduces photographs purporting to show Vogt being prepared with fake wound prosthetics in the aftermath of the bombing. The photos and video of Vogt and another man who supposedly lost his leg, Jeff Bauman, raise serious questions about how people can lose legs from blunt force trauma yet suffer minimal loss of blood. Bauman was placed upright in a wheelchair - hardly the recommended treatment for someone who has just lost a leg - and taken away looking fully alert and in no apparent pain.

    James Fetzer comments:

    "Look at the photos of Jeff Bauman. Why are his legs not spurting blood? How can he be upright, conscious and alert as he is being rushed off in a wheelchair? His fake prosthesis falls off as they are rushing him away, so they stop and reattach it! Just how dumb are the American people?"

    Massachusetts State Representative Stella Tremblay agreed - and was censured for her fellow legislators for raising questions about the bombings, which photos show were carried out by Craft International mercenaries, not the Tsarnaev brothers.

    Fetzer also believes that the Sandy Hook school shooting of December 14th, 2012 was a staged event. In an article co-authored with Professor James Tracy and other co-authors, entitled "Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax," Fetzer criticizes the State of Connecticut's official criminal report:

    "The report does not even include the names, the ages or the sex of the alleged victims of the shooting. There is no actual identification of any of the dead...Anyone with the inclination can comb through hundreds of years of American crime reports and surely would not find another instance in the which the names, the ages or the sex of the victims is not given–with the exception of victims of sex crimes. Withholding this information is part of a pattern of deception and deceit that extends to the Clerk of Newtown making secret arrangements with the state legislature to avoid releasing death certificates to the public, attempts to withhold the 911 calls and gag orders that were imposed upon those responsible for tearing down the building."

    To summarize:

    More than 200 alleged victims of the Boston Marathon bombing remain nameless, without a shred of evidence that they even exist. The official Sandy Hook report, likewise, withholds the names of victims and witnesses. And now the Nigerian government offers no convincing evidence that any specific individuals were actually kidnapped, nor any details about when or how the alleged kidnapping occurred.

    The recent video featuring supposed Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau alongside pictures of praying schoolgirls raises more questions than it answers. First, if the person in the video is really Shekau, why does the Nigerian government continue to insist that Shekau is dead? Why did Boko Haram and Shekau (assuming it is really Shekau) wait three weeks to claim responsibility for the alleged kidnapping?

    The Christian Science Monitor points out that "the only hard evidence that Abubakar Shekau is even the leader of Boko Haram is that he says so. This is a man who threatened to kill former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from his hideout in northeastern Nigeria more than six months after she died."

    Many Nigerians wonder whether Boko Haram really exists. The supposed radical Islamic organization has been blamed for the killings of thousands of people. Yet details about the group are so murky that many observers suspect it may be more mythical than real. According to one theory, the real killers are mercenaries paid to stage false-flag "Islamic terror" in order to justify foreign intervention in oil-rich Nigeria.

    The government of Nigeria owes the world a specific, coherent, fully-documented and transparent explanation of the kidnapped-schoolgirls story. Likewise, the US government owes the world fully-transparent accounts of the Boston and Sandy Hook events. In all of these cases - as with so many other spectacular terrorist incidents - people have good reason to suspect that their governments are lying to them.

    We know that the US government has a long history of planning and staging fake terror incidents to galvanize public opinion, curtail civil liberties, launch pre-planned wars, pursue a "strategy of tension," and gain other strategic objectives. Anyone who doubts this should simply feed the terms "Operation Northwoods" and "Operation Gladio" into a search engine.

    Other governments do the same thing. Israel, with its Lavon Affair, USS Liberty massacre, Achille Lauro false flag, and many similar incidents, may be the world's false-flag champion.

    Are elements of the Nigerian government, perhaps with foreign help, staging or assisting "Boku Haram" attacks? Could this be just the latest example of a worldwide trend: The creation and deployment of brutal Takfiri militant groups to smear Islam in service to Zionism and imperialism?


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    Boko Haram attack in Nigeria named the ‘deadliest massacre’ in history



    HUNDREDS of bodies — too many to count — remain strewn in the bush in Nigeria that Amnesty International suggested Friday is the “deadliest massacre” in the history of Boko Haram.

    Mike Omeri, the government spokesman on the insurgency, said fighting continued Friday for Baga, a town on the border with Chad where insurgents seized a key military base on January 3 and attacked again on Wednesday.

    “Security forces have responded rapidly, and have deployed significant military assets and conducted air strikes against militant targets,” Omeri said in a statement.

    District head Baba Abba Hassan said most victims are children, women and elderly people who could not run fast enough when insurgents drove into Baga, firing rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles on town residents.

    “The human carnage perpetrated by Boko Haram terrorists in Baga was enormous,” Muhammad Abba Gava, a spokesman for poorly armed civilians in a defence group that fights Boko Haram, told The Associated Press.

    He said the civilian fighters gave up on trying to count all the bodies. “No one could attend to the corpses and even the seriously injured ones who may have died by now,” Gava said.

    An Amnesty International statement said there are reports the town was razed and as many as 2,000 people killed.

    If true, “this marks a disturbing and bloody escalation of Boko Haram’s ongoing onslaught,” said Daniel Eyre, Nigeria researcher for Amnesty International.

    In Washington, U.S. State Department Spokesman Jen Psaki condemned the attacks.

    “We urge Nigeria and its neighbours to take all possible steps to address the urgent threat of Boko Haram. Even in the face of these horrifying attacks, terrorist organisations like Boko Haram must not distract Nigeria from carrying out credible and peaceful elections that reflect the will of the Nigerian people,” Psaki said in a statement.

    The previous bloodiest day in the uprising involved soldiers gunning down unarmed detainees freed in a March 14, 2014, attack on Giwa military barracks in Maiduguri city. Amnesty said then that satellite imagery indicated more than 600 people were killed that day.

    The 5-year insurgency killed more than 10,000 people last year alone, according to the Washington-based Council on Foreign Relations. More than a million people are displaced inside Nigeria and hundreds of thousands have fled across its borders into Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria.

    Emergency workers said this week they are having a hard time coping with scores of children separated from their parents in the chaos of Boko Haram’s increasingly frequent and deadly attacks.

    Just seven children have been reunited with parents in Yola, capital of Adamawa state, where about 140 others have no idea if their families are alive or dead, said Sa’ad Bello, the co-ordinator of five refugee camps in Yola.

    He said he was optimistic that more reunions will come as residents return to towns that the military has retaken from extremists in recent weeks.

    Suleiman Dauda, 12, said he ran into the bushes with neighbours when extremists attacked his village, Askira Uba, near Yola last year.

    “I saw them kill my father, they slaughtered him like a ram. And up until now I don’t know where my mother is,” he told The Associated Press at Daware refugee camp in Yola.


    Boko Haram Nigeria Destruction Laid Bare In Stark Amnesty Satellite Images

    This picture shows the houses and trees of Doro Baga before the attack

    And this shows how 1000s have been destroyed

    More @ http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015...?utm_hp_ref=uk

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    Boko Haram leader can't read Qur'an, nor perform Islamic prayers

    September 25, 2015

    A man the Nigerian army has described as a leading member of the Boko Haram terrorist group could neither read the Quran, the Muslim holy book, nor explain how Muslim prayers were performed, according to video footage of his interrogation seen by Anadolu Agency.

    Bulama Modu is said to be a Boko Haram commander from the Bulakuri area of Nigeria's restive northeastern region, where, according to army spokesmen, dozens of militants were recently captured by the army, according to army spokesman Sani Usman.

    "I don't know how to read the Quran,"
    the captured militant chief admits in the footage in response to interrogators' questions about his understanding of Islamic jurisprudence.

    He adds: "And I don't know how to perform [Muslim] prayers either."

    While Boko Haram says it wants to establish an Islamic state in Nigeria's mainly Muslim north, the group is despised by most Nigerian Muslims who view its violent activities-which include frequent attacks on civilian targets-as entirely un-Islamic.

    Nigeria on Wednesday claimed Boko Haram's six-year insurgency was nearing an end, after the military said it had cleared rebel camps, rescued hundreds of women and children and arrested dozens of suspected militants.

    But apparent government and military confidence in counter-insurgency operations was off-set by nearly 140 deaths in a series of bomb attacks and fears of more civilian bloodshed over the Eid al-Adha holiday.

    President Muhammadu Buhari has given his new military high command until early November to end the rebellion, which has claimed at least 17,000 lives and made more than two million homeless since 2009.

    Since the deadline was announced, the military has claimed successes against the terrorists and said troops had on Tuesday rescued 241 women and children near the town of Banki, close to the Cameroon border.


    That's because he is not a Muslim, just like rest of the members and their leader Boko Haram. He is also fake, the real one died long time ago.

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    Shocking: Most Boko Haram Members are Christians – Report

    Shocking revelation emerged that most members of the Boko Haram insurgents are Christians.

    Jul 13th, 2015

    The insurgents have attacked many churches in the country, killing several worshipers.

    According to a report obtained by Radio France International, Nigerian researchers met in Paris this week at the European Conference on African Studies and took part in a round table entitled "Within and around Boko Haram in Nigeria" where it was revealed that most people terrorizing the continent are from the Christian community.

    The report authored by a certain Daniel Finnan claimed that, their decision to join the violent group was due to lack of jobs and the money involved.

    According to the report, "The real problem of Boko Haram is that no one has actually infiltrated them or if they have, they haven't come out, or they've joined them. So the level of knowledge about the insides of Boko Haram is remarkedly small."

    On how many Christians that were forced to join the bloodthirsty group, the report claimed, "It's almost certainly bound to be about 5,000, but some people put the numbers up way higher. The other problem is that of course as far as we know it's quite a good job, at one point you could be paid 400 dollars a month for just simply joining them, you wouldn't have to go fighting, you would spend your first months doing logistics or training. It's quite profitable joining Boko Haram because you not only loot places, but you share the loot out at the end. And the third point that I think is important to realise is that there are plenty of Christians who are part of Boko Haram because it's a job".


    Christians Are Being Paid $400 a Month to Join Boko Haram, UK Researcher Claims

    A University College of London professor who specializes in the study of history and culture of northern Nigeria claims Christians are joining Boko Haram for financial gain.

    By Vincent Funaro - Jul 22, 2015

    During a roundtable discussion with fellow researchers at the European Conference on African Studies in Paris earlier this month, professor Murray Last asserted the terrorist organization employs Christians looking to earn a living, according to a soundbite from the event obtained by Radio France International.

    "It's quite profitable joining Boko Haram because you not only loot places, but you share the loot out at the end. I think is important to realize is that there are plenty of Christians who are part of Boko Haram because it's a job," Last said during the discussion on the topic titled: "Within and Around Boko Haram in Nigeria."

    He further asserted that being a member of Boko Haram was a "good job" and claimed that they could be paid $400 dollars a month without having to engage in any type of combat.

    During an interview with The Christian Post, Last defended his claims, saying "I did mean to say that some of those involved with Boko Haram are (said to be) Christian."

    "Among those saying so are local Christian men with kinsmen supposedly in Boko Haram and local journalists who report that some Boko Haram [members] taken prisoner by the Nigerian army turned out to be Christians from the south of Nigeria," he continued.

    "Furthermore, in talking about the economy of Boko Haram, it is known that some of those trading with Boko Haram are from non-Muslim parts of Nigeria. My general point is that Boko Haram can attract all sorts, including those needing a job or a profit. And they can come from anywhere in Nigeria as well as from outside Nigeria."


    Not just members, but their leader too.

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    White Man Among Boko Haram Terrorists Captured

    Hundreds of Boko Haram militants were reportedly killed during the offensive that began about a month ago.


    A white man was among those arrested in Sambisa forest when the Nigerian troops stormed Boko Haram last enclave in Sambisa forest on Thursday, December 22, 2016.

    According to NTA, the man's nationality is yet to be disclosed.

    "The man is under custody and providing positive information", a soldier was quoted as saying.

    Hundreds of Boko Haram militants were reportedly killed during the offensive that began about a month ago. Many of the fleeing terrorists were also captured alive.

    The military source further said: "Hundreds of Boko Haram captives, including men, women and children have been freed and taken to safety.

    "All I can tell you is that no big Boko Haram commander is alive in the Sambisa; we are in control of the forest.

    "It took months of planning and mapping because of the size, difficult weather and other factors in the Sambisa Forest."

    According to the source, it took the military time to clear out the terrorists' last hideout because they were using thousands of innocent villagers as human shield.

    It was learnt that 4,200 troops were deployed to the forest through various fronts.

    "The 151 Battalion of the Nigerian Army advanced into Sambisa through the Banki-Darul Jamal axis, the 27 Battalion advanced through Mafa, the 152 Battalion advanced through Pulka, while the 222 Battalion approached the dreaded forest through the Maiduguri axis," another soldier, who participated in the operation was quoted as saying.

    He added that, "when mine detectors cleared the way, troops moved in to confront the insurgents, who were equally well armed with sophisticated fighting equipment."

    President Muhammadu Buhari had on Saturday, December 24, announced the military's victory over the terrorists. He commended the gallant soldiers for their courage and patriotism.



    Who is this white guy? Maybe their advisor and employer to have them carry out terrorism to defame Islam.

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    The Cameroonian army intercepted a French helicopter delivering weapons to Boko Haram


    The website Afrique News Info issued a scarcely credible information, the Cameroonian army might have intercepted a French helicopter at the North of the country providing arms, ammunition and money to the terrorist group affiliated with Daech. Citing as source a Cameroonian politician Banda Kani, national president of the New People’s Movement (NPM).

    “You also know that there are two French terrorists who were arrested at the Briqueterie with explosives. […] Another factor is that a helicopter was intercepted in the north of Cameroon depositing arms, ammunition and dollars […] take their loot deposited by the helicopter. “

    In support of the facts, they recall that these practices have already been seen during the post-election crisis that was played in Ivory Coast.

    “We remember that in 2010 and 2011, to bring down the elected president Laurent Gbagbo, rebels and criminal weapons of Soro-Ouattara were helicopter by French soldiers stationed in the Unicorn force in Ivory Coast.

    A container full of weapons might have also been found at the port of Douala, but this time they are Cameroonian officials who were implicated. Although no specific information was provided about it, pictures on the arrest of the French seem to be circulating on the Internet.

    It is true that the issue of financing and especially the recruitment of Islamic sect have often been debated.

    According to a researcher from the University of Yaounde, who recently intervened in a seminar in Dakar devoted to the link between terrorism and poverty.

    Young people left to themselves and left behind due to the account of massive unemployment in these regions would join the ranks of Boko Haram, for they would receive 100,000 CFA Francs a week, much more than what they can procure in a precarious job.

    The very low level of education and culture, would make them vulnerable to the ideological propaganda of the Islamic organization that has no difficulty in recruiting them.

    Observers are unanimous on the resolution of the Boko Haram equation. The military solution will not suffice. It must be in their foremost solving the social question in northern Nigeria, abandoned by the state, where people live in poverty.

    Sources: africa24.info, sanslimitesn.com, Cameroon voice, Afrique News Info


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    Boko Haram and al-Shabab recruits 'lack religious schooling'

    7 September 2017

    Many young Africans drawn to extremist groups know "little to nothing" about religious texts and interpretations, a UN study has found.

    The survey, the first of its kind in Africa, profiled nearly 500 voluntary recruits to militant groups including al-Shabab and Boko Haram.

    Finding a job is "the most acute need at the time of joining a group," the report finds.

    It also points to government action as a "tipping point".

    Most of those surveyed reported unhappy childhoods and a lack of parental supervision.

    Researchers from the UN Development Programme (UNDP) spoke to recruits in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Cameroon and Niger to compile the report.

    Al-Shabab is based in Somalia but often stages attacks in Kenya, while Nigeria's Boko Haram group has also spread to neighbouring Niger and Cameroon.

    The researchers also interviewed people of similar backgrounds to those recruited, but who did not become radicalised.

    Based on these sample groups, they say that receiving "at least six years of religious schooling [is] shown to reduce the likelihood of joining an extremist group by as much as 32%".

    Recruitment is "predominantly face-to-face" rather than online as outside Africa, and the report says that many recruits come from borderland areas that have "suffered generations of marginalisation".

    The killing or arrest of a family member or friend is a key trigger, according to the report, with over 70% of interviewees saying this or another form of government action was the "tipping point" before the final decision to join a militant group.

    Intervention at a local level is the best way to prevent young people from being radicalised, the UNDP report authors say.

    They suggest "community-led initiatives aimed at social cohesion" and "amplifying the voices of local religious leaders who advocate tolerance".

    "The messenger... is as important as the message," says UNDP Africa Director Abdoulaye Mar Dieye.

    "That trusted local voice is also essential to reducing the sense of marginalisation that can increase vulnerability to recruitment," he adds.


    They keep saying "radicalization" when it's obvious from their own report that there is no radicalization, but just young people fed up with being oppressed and joining groups they think would help them fight back.


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