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    Stop Steve Bannon

    Members of Congress must stop Donald Trump's appointment of Steve Bannon as a White House chief strategist and senior counsel. There is no place for a white supremacist, anti-Semitic misogynist in the White House.

    There are currently 276,234 signatures. NEW goal - We need 300,000 signatures!


    Once again, Donald Trump has made it clear that his administration will embrace policies that pose serious threats to millions of Americans. We need to help make sure Congress holds the line.

    Trump's appointment of Bannon has been heralded by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, as well as the chairman of the American Nazi Party and other ultra right-wing pundits who believe Bannon will be able to fulfill Trump's most bigoted campaign promises.

    Trump has said recently that he would attempt to be a president for all Americans. Yet by choosing Bannon as a top advisor in one of his first big post-election moves, Trump continues to demonstrate that he's far more interested in peddling a dangerous and divisive agenda than in working toward real solutions to our country's challenges.

    We need to build the collective force necessary to put members of Congress on notice that we expect them to vehemently oppose Bannon's appointment, using all the tools at their disposal, including holds on all further Trump appointments.


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    Sign George Takei's Petition: Stand Up for Muslims in the U.S.

    • by: George Takei
    • target: President-elect Trump and his cabinet

    179,575 SUPPORTERS

    180,000 GOAL

    When I was just 5, my family was rounded up at gunpoint and forced from our home in Los Angeles into an internment camp. We were prisoners in our own country, held within barbed wire compounds, armed guards pointing guns down at us. It was an egregious violation of our rights under the U.S. Constitution, all in the name of "security.” During that time, fear and racism drove government policy, creating a living hell for over 120,000 innocent Japanese Americans, most of whom were U.S. citizens.

    I have spent my life trying to ensure something like this never happens again. But dark clouds once more are gathering. A Trump spokesperson recently stated the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II "sets a precedent" for Trump to do the same today. And Trump continues to stand by his plans to establish a Muslim registry and ban immigrants from “certain” Muslim countries from the U.S. It starts with a registry, with restrictions, with irrationally ascribed guilt, and with fear. But we know well where it might lead.

    National security must never again be permitted to justify wholesale denial of constitutional rights and protections. If it is freedom and our way of life that we fight for, our first obligation is to ensure that our own government adheres to those principles. Without that, we are no better than our enemies.

    Please sign this petition to let the Muslim community know you support them and oppose any policy targeting them based on their religion or national origin. Help send a message to Trump and his ilk that this will never again happen in America.


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    Investigate Murder of 16-yr-old Muslim Girl as a Hate Crime!


    A 16-year-old girl Muslim girl named Nabra was abducted outside a mosque in Virginia and beaten to death. But the local authorities are refusing to investigate her brutal killing as a hate crime!

    Sign to ask the Virginia Division of Human Rights and the U.S. Dept. of Justice to investigate Nabra's murder as a hate crime!

    Nabra and a few friends were walking back to the Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center after getting food at IHOP at 3:30 AM. Nabra and her friends were observing the holy month of Ramadan, where Muslim's fast during daylight hours. Then, out of nowhere, two young men with baseball bats got out of their car and started attacking the group of young women. Most of the women escaped to the mosque (ADAMS), but Nabra was taken.

    The next day at 3 PM, Nabra's remains were found nearby with a metal baseball bat. Nabra was a smart, social, lovely young woman. She just finished the 10th grade. Nabra was the eldest of four girls and her family lost her on Fathers Day.

    This is a horrific crime that has obviously shaken not only this Virginia community but the Muslim community at large. Whether you are Muslim or not, this deliberate taking of an innocent young life should make you sick. Together, we can demand the crime is taken seriously by asking that it be investigated as the hate crime it obviously was.

    Petition: https://www.thepetitionsite.com/630/...-a-hate-crime/

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    TELL CNN: Report the whole story about Ahed Tamimi!

    CNN'S report about Ahed Tamimi completely omitted the fact that an hour before the filmed slapping incident, Israeli soldiers had shot Ahed's young cousin in the face. The bullet had entered the boy's face below his nose, breaking his jaw and then lodging in his skull. According to a witness, "The blood was pouring from his face like a fountain." Ahed was responding to this shooting.

    CNN reporter Oren Liebermann also omitted other significants facts, including:

    • Israeli settlers who have slapped and assaulted Israeli soldiers are rarely even detained. For example, after Yifat Alkobi slapped a soldier, the settler was released on bail the same day and allowed to return home. The settler had previously been convicted five times but was not jailed once. A writer in Haa'retz reports that the difference is "because one is Jewish, the other Palestinian."
    • The combat-armed Israeli soldiers were invading the Tamimi property, which Israeli forces had previously tear-gassed.
    • The earlier video of Ahed that they mention but don't show, was of her at 11, demanding information about her brother who had been taken by Israeli soldiers, and ends with a mob soldiers chasing and arresting a foreign journalist.
    • A previous video of Ahed, not mentioned, was of her at 14 stopping Israeli soldiers from forcibly taking away her little brother, who had a broken arm.
    • Ahed and her family are resisting Israel's confiscation of their land.
    • Two days before the CNN report, Israeli forces had killed another Tamimi teen, with a bullet to his neck.
    • When Ahed was 10, Israeli soldiers killed her cousin; when she was 11 they killed her uncle; when she was 13 they shot her mother in the leg – she was on crutches for two years.

    Perhaps CNN should disclose the fact that their correspondent, Oren Liebermann, is an Israeli citizen.
    Holding Israeli citizenship, however, does not preclude excellent, full reporting. We suggest Liebermann and CNN follow the example of Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, and recommend that they read Levy's recent Ha'aretz report about Ahed Tamimi (also posted here).

    Please contact CNN and demand they report fully and accurately on Ahed Tamimi and her family!

    CNN HQ in Atlanta: 1 (404) 827-1500
    CNN corporate office: 1 (404) 827-1700
    CNN Washington DC Bureau: 1 (202) 898-7900
    CNN New York office: 1 (212) 275-8030
    CNN UK Bureau in London: +44 207 693-0939
    Or TEXT the word: CNN (followed by your message) To: 55333


    With one click you can send a message to Oren Liebermann
    and OVER 90 of his colleagues via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Please enter your information below to send your message to CNN.


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    Florida lawmaker wants to force Lorde to cancel her shows because of her stance on human rights and the BDS movement

    Sign the petition: https://actionsprout.io/FABC3A

    We all have the right to boycott for human rights. Laws against this right are being challenged across the U.S. for being unconstitutional.
    Lorde took the principled stance to cancel her Tel Aviv show after learning from activist-fans about Israel's human rights abuses against Palestinians.
    Now Rep. Randy Fine (R) wants Lorde's Florida show canceled, citing a Florida law that says no state or local government can conduct business exceeding $1 million with any organization engaged in a boycott of Israel.
    Tell Rep. Randy Fine to back off! And let him know that you think Florida's laws should be in line with our constitutional right to free speech and boycott.

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    Contact Macy's to Support Modest Clothing Line Being Attacked Online by Islamophobes


    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today called on Americans of all faiths and backgrounds who value religious diversity and respect for personal choice to show support for a Macy's clothing line offering Muslim-friendly modest attire that is coming under attack by Islamophobes.

    Earlier this month, Macy's launched the Verona Collection featuring a "selection of versatile, ready-to-wear pieces including dresses, tops, cardigans, pants and hijabs in a variety of colors and fabrics." The modest clothing will be available on macys.com beginning on February 15. Macy's is the latest retailers to begin offering modest attire, joining Nike and American Eagle.

    SEE: The Workshop at Macy's Alumni Verona Collection Launches on Macys.com in February

    Since Macy's announced this new modest clothing line, it has come under attack online by Islamophobes who routinely attack any manifestation of Islam in American society.

    SEE: Macy's Attacked Online After Announcing Muslim-Friendly Clothing Line

    CAIR is urging community members to contact Macy's to push back against the Islamophobic campaign against the clothing line.


    CONTACT Macy's to express your support for the company's effort to be inclusive of all faiths and to offer women, regardless of their religion or background, choices of modest clothing.


    Macy's Media Relations
    julie.strider@macys.com, silvia.osante@macys.com
    COPY TO: info@cair.com
    TWEET: @Macys
    CALL: 212-494-3000 Option *2

    Community members are being urged to report any bias incidents to police and to CAIR's Civil Rights Department at 202-742-6420 or by filing a report at: http://www.cair.com/report


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    ibérez Tariq Ramadan/Free Tariq Ramadan


    This petition calls for the immediate release of Professor Tariq Ramadan and affirms his right to dignity and due process.

    Professor Ramadan has not been found guilty of any crime and the French case file is based on unfounded allegations and unsubstantiated evidence.

    On February 6, Pr Ramadan was sentenced by a judge to indefinite detention, while the prosecution continues to mount his case against him.

    The prosecution argues that he may try to flee the country and has therefore resorted to the extreme option of keeping him imprisoned in clear disregard for the full cooperation of Professor Ramadan with the investigators so far.

    It is important to underline Tariq Ramadan voluntarily went to the police station to answer the investigators.

    Yet, despite his good will and confidence in the system, the judge has not considered an alternative to imprisonment that would ensure he remains in the country during the ongoing investigation.

    The particularly harsh treatment - indefinite detention in a cell in isolation - by the authorities highlights the politicized nature of a case that suffers from serious shortcomings and multiple contradictions.

    There is evidence of the confidential implications of high profile political and judicial figures years before the case is revealed - some of which are illegal under French law.

    Due to the questionable manner in which this case has been handled as well as major differences in the accounts of the accusers, we have serious apprehensions about the ability of the French judicial system to act as a neutral arbiter of justice, particularly as far as Ramadan is concerned.

    It is imperative to maintain the presumption of innocence all the more so as the prosecution and its allies in the mainstream media continue to advance dozens of unfounded allegations and distortions in Professor Ramadan's defamation attempt.

    The malicious involvement of the media in this latest campaign has been particularly damaging.

    The French and international media continue to peddle the misinformation and repeat textually the so-called "evidence" held by the prosecution without taking the trouble to verify their claims.

    After being vilified, repressed and attacked for decades by high-ranking politicians as France's "Muslim enemy", it is hardly surprising that the authorities are politically tempted to slaughter a fierce criticism of unjust policies. the French government against the poor, Muslims, immigrants and the victims of colonial rule.

    It is obvious that the anti-Muslim forces, represented by powerful media, political institutions and Islamophobes like Caroline Fourest and Antoine Sfeir - who, let it be repeated, have been violently campaigning against Professor Ramadan for years - are directly linked to this. abject attempt to destroy it.

    The same accusations are part of an ongoing campaign that has tried to demonize him since the beginning of his involvement as an intellectual and activist in the early 1990s.

    Professor Ramadan and his ideas have never left people indifferent. But instead of confronting him in an open debate, his ideological and political opponents invariably used the most underhand methods to discredit him as a Muslim intellectual and denigrate his thinking.

    Professor Ramadan has been a voice for millions of people deprived of their rights, including but not limited to Muslims, around the world.

    Since his life's work has been to defend the causes of justice, coexistence and mutual understanding, it seems that his enemies have sought to divert a women's movement from its worthy cause and to tarnish the reputation of a renowned scientist, for their dark designs.

    We condemn this politically motivated case and demand its immediate release and due process.

    He must be released now!



    This petition calls for the immediate release of Professor Tariq Ramadan and affirms his right to dignity and due process.

    Tariq Ramadan has not been convicted of a single crime and the French prosecution's case rests on unsubstantiated claims and flimsy evidence.

    On February 6, Prof. Ramadan was ordered by a judge to be held indefinitely, allowing the prosecution to continue to build its box against him.

    The prosecution argued that he might be trying to escape the country, going to the extreme of forcing his detention in apparent disregard of Prof. Ramadan's full cooperation with investigators so far.

    It is worth noting that the reason Tariq Ramadan was even in France because he traveled to appear for questioning.

    Yet, despite its show of goodwill and trust in the system, the judge considered no alternative option to imprisonment that would remain in the country during the ongoing investigation.

    The unusually harsh treatment-indefinite detention in a solitary cell-by authorities points to the political nature of a case that suffers from serious weaknesses and multiple contradictions.

    There is evidence of the involvement of high-profile political and judicial figures before the law.

    Due to the questionable manner in which this case has been handled, and the major discrepancies in the accusers' stories, we have serious concerns about whether it can be a neutral arbiter of justice particularly as it pertains to prof. Ramadan.

    It is imperative to maintain the presumption of innocence, especially in the mainstream of the media, and in the mainstream media. Ramadan.

    The mainstream media's nefarious role in this latest campaign has been especially damaging.

    French and international media outlets continue to peddle misinformation and repeat verbatim the so-called "evidence" held by prosecutors without any attempt to verify their claims.

    After decades of being vilified, suppressed, and attacked by top-ranking politicians of the Muslim enemy of France, it comes as no surprise that the authorities would be politically driven to take a stand against criticism of the French government. against poor people, Muslims, immigrants, and victims of its colonial rule.

    There are clear evidence that anti-Muslim forces, represented by powerful media, political institutions, and Islamophobes like Caroline Fourest and Antoine Sfeir-all of whom have viciously campaigned against Tariq Ramadan for years-are directly linked to this latest shameful attempt to destroy him .

    The same accusations are part of an ongoing campaign that has attempted to demonize him ever since the beginning of his involvement as an intellectual and activist in the early 1990s.

    Teacher. Ramadan and his ideas have never left indifferent people. But instead of confronting him in open debate, his ideological and political opponents have unfailingly used the most underhanded methods to discredit him to a Muslim intellectual and to discredit his thought.

    Tariq Ramadan has been a voice for millions of disenfranchised peoples, including but not limited to, Muslims, worldwide.

    Since his life is a champion of the causes of justice, coexistence, and mutual understanding, he has a reputation for a scholarly reputation for their own dark motives.

    We condemn the politically motivated case against him, and demand his immediate release from detention and right to due process.

    He needs to be freed now!



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