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    Default Quranic Learning Online

    Learn Quran, Arabic & Tajweed Online (Live Teachers)
    3- Months Structured Islamic Courses
    (Group and 1-to-1 classes)
    eaalim dot com

    Are you looking to learn Arabic language or Tajweed-ul-Quran? Eaalim Institute offers Islamic courses online using latest virtual classroom technology giving you that real classroom learning experience. You can take Arabic, Tajweed or hifdh courses directly from your home!

    GROUP COURSES (Starting from 6th April 2013)

    First Step to Quran Reading
    Practice Quran Reading - Beginners
    Arabic Language Beginners
    Arabic Language Intermediate
    Spoken Arabic - Beginners
    Spoken Arabic - Intermediate
    Tajweed ul Quran - Beginners
    Tajweed ul Quran - Intermediate
    Tajweed ul Quran - Advanced


    First Step to Quran Reading 1-to-1
    Practice Quranic Reading 1-to-1
    Tajweed ul Quran 1-to-1
    Arabic Language 1-to-1
    Spoken Arabic 1-to-1
    Hifdhul Quran 1-to-1
    Fundamentals of Islam 1-to-1


    - Live Sessions with Teacher
    - Female Teachers for Sisters
    - View Lesson Recordings for revision
    - Course Material will be provided
    - Interactive Quizzes for each Lesson
    - Examination at the end
    - Learning Plan Created
    - Progress Reports & Assessments

    Courses will be taught by qualified and experienced native Arab teachers from the Middle East such as Egypt and Yemen. Total course fee starts from only £80 and can also be paid in 2 installments. Note that there limited seats available, to avoid disappointment book today to guarantee your place on the course! For more information, visit eaalim dot com.
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    DO yo think 3 months are enough to learn the whole Quran?

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    Learn Online Quran Education at their own home with comfort.

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    Although there are various online tutors area available but yes teaching Quran is good.

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    Default Best Quran classes offers in Ramadan


    Learn Arabic and Quran Online school announces a new collection offers in Quran-study programs for the month of Ramadan…. May Allah accept it from us all. 🌜
    The programs are as follows:

    1. A course In completion - khatmah (reading) the Quran in a month: by reading one Juz'a per day with some rules of Tajweed.

    2. A course In Tarteel (beautification) of the Quran: Learn the rules of Tajweed and memorizing the text of Tuhfatul Atfaal (the most famous text for learning the rules of Tajweed for beginners).

    3. A course in memorising the Quran: the student will receive Ijaazah with a chain/link connected to the Prophet (PBUH) after completing memorisation.

    4. A course in learning the Qiraa’at (various ways of recitation): with the biggest scholars of Egypt. The student will receive Ijaazah with a connected link to the Prophet (PBUH).

    As the school also announces that it will have FREE group sittings for recitation of Quran WEEKLY. Students will be randomly selected.
    And because Ramadan is the month of generosity, our school announces discounted prices for studying during this month.

    30 hours of studying = 150$ instead of 210$.
    20 hours of studying = 100$ instead of 140$.
    12 hours of studying = 60$ instead of 84$..3 hours every week.
    8 hours of studying = 40$ instead of 56$ .. 2 hours every week.

    Save your money and time...study from anywhere and with your full time job...study with native teachers.

    Whatsapp: +20 100 7862 365


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    Default My Quran Teaching Academy Offering 3 Days Free Trial Online Quran Classes

    Students can avail free online registration plus 3 days free trial Quran classes

    13, September 2017:Teaching Quran online is not new idea but online Quran academies delivering their online classes in innovative ways. This is an opportunity who is residing in those countries where no Islamic centers are accessible. It can also avail those learners who want to learn Quran in details including translation and Tafseer. Getting time for special classes from the hectic routine or from the busy schedule is not very easy. By joining, my quran teaching academy, candidates can avail the variety of Quran courses as per their feasibility. They can go for registration for their kids to teach them Quran.

    Female students can get Quran education from female Quran Tutor, Alima. Online Quran learning has been growing up rapidly in all over the world for the several decades. Sessions are based upon one-one interaction, in this way students get the individual attention without getting any external distraction. It is the best source of understanding. Quran teacher provides the instant help and makes them clear. They are a true assistant for the student, which are providing the complete supports with a new exposure, and modern techniques. Complicated terms are explained here in the light and easy ways. They provide the complete guide to their student and extraordinary approach.
    It is the way of saving money, as free online help is a very reasonable way of getting an education at their pace. It supports the new Quran learners in the fresh environment which is helpful for better understanding. It is the tremendous source of providing the immediate help. It offers free online registration. The fee package for different Quran courses is different and affordable. It is the most suitable for those who cannot afford the expensive tutoring for studies. Just look around the academy online quran learning fee packages

    They offer modern resources. These resources are accomplished with new techniques, modern way of teaching the advanced methodology of learning. These resources are authentic, to the point and well-organized by the team of experts and professionals. These resources are designed by keeping in mind the requirements of the students that they feel difficult to understand the harder and less-interesting concepts of it.The old and traditional ways of teaching Quran are being avoided here, because those are boring and have lost their worth. Modern ways of teaching are encouraged and recommended to use for the improvements of the students. Due to its unique features it is ideal for the majority of the students. With the help of the expert team, we provide solid support. Obviously, the payment policy is clear. It is customer’s choice how he/she will process payment.

    About MyQuranTeaching.com
    We have had almost 8 to 10 years experienced in teaching of Quran courses. We recently, extended this service for all over the world through online innovative system. Get your spot reserved today and avail 3 days free trail class. After your 100% satisfaction, you may proceed for your regular classes. Why not give a try, just visit our website for free registration to get start your free trial class. We have 24/7 support service.

    Media Contact
    Person Name: Mushtaq Ahmad
    Company Name: My Quran Teaching Academy
    Phone: (+92) 333 551 2773
    Official Website: http://myquranteaching.com/
    Source: Click here for check Press Release
    Read & Learn Quran Course Online my quran teaching academy and looking for female quran teacher for kids


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