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    Indian Daughter brutally beats 85-year-old mother

    May 24, 2016

    The video of a
    woman mercilessly beating her frail old mother is being widely shared on social media platforms, eliciting a lot of outrage among those who have seen it. Apparently after the video went viral, the neighbor who shot the video was contacted by the police for details, however, the mother refused to give any statement.

    According to reports, the
    85-year-old mother was beaten by her 60-year-old daughter in Delhi’s Kalkaji area because of a quarrel over food. In the video, she can be seen abusing her mother, dragging her, slapping her and then pulling her her inside the house. The woman can also be heard shouting at the neighbor, who criticized her for beating the old woman.

    video: https://www.facebook.com/akaalsahait...1401503301260/

    Reportedly, the
    mother has been living with her daughter for the past 10 years after her husband passed away and this is a regular affair, the neighbors claimed. “I decided to upload the video on Facebook following which I was contacted by the police,” Preetpal Singh, the neighbor who shot the video, told The Times of India.

    since the mother did not give any statement to the police, no action could be taken.

    80-year-old ‘abused’ by daughter

    DCW team finds stale flour, bread with fungus

    May 25, 2016

    The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Tuesday took suo motu cognisance in the case of an 80-year-old woman who was allegedly abused by her daughter.

    DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal and other members, who visited Gurcharan Kaur in her Kalkaji residence, said there was
    no food in the octogenarian’s house except stale kneaded flour and fungus-ridden slices of bread.

    Old lady beaten blue by daughter. Neighbor, small girl confirm regular beating. Will ensure protection, action,” Maliwal tweeted. “Trying to trace children of old lady. How can boy in London leave her. Neighbour told one girl took away her pension, other her rent. Shame.”

    The commission said Kaur told them her right arm was injured because her daughter had beaten her up last month.

    The DCW intervened after a video of Kaur’s daughter allegedly beating her up went viral on social media Monday.

    A DCW official said, “Gurcharan Kaur’s
    daughter has regularly been beating her up…. The Commission also observed that there was no food in the kitchen. It only had some stale flour and few fungus-laden bread slices”.

    Maliwal has also written to Police Commissioner Alok Verma and Additional District Magistrate (southeast) M K Divedi, seeking their intervention in the case. She informed them that the commission had recorded
    statements of six neighbours, who testified that Kaur’s daughter would regularly beat her up.

    In her letter to Verma, Maliwal urged him to “take suitable penal action against the daughter Ms Gurvinder Kaur. Ensure protection of the old lady Ms Gurcharan Kaur. Kindly ensure preventive measures against entry of the daughter into the building where Ms Gurcharan Kaur resides. Provide the Commission with the names and addresses of the children of the old lady to carry out its proceedings.”

    “The Commission recommends immediate provision of protection and adequate maintenance to the senior citizen… since the building is owned by Ms Gurcharan Kaur, it is recommended that the rent money be deposited in her account and a caretaker immediately appointed to look after her,” Maliwal wrote to Divedi.

    Kaur told DCW
    she had four daughters and a son. The neighbours alleged that while one daughter took away all her rent money, the other took away the senior citizen’s pension that Kaur received, leaving her penniless.

    The DCW, in a statement, said, “The old lady refused to get a case registered against her daughter. In fact, she changed her statement subsequently, wherein she stated that she was not beaten by her daughter. One can very well understand that this is the mother’s way of protecting her children from legal action”.

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    BJP Youth Wing Leader Boasts About Setting Fire To Rohingya Camp In Delhi, Complaints Filed

    April 20th, 2018

    Senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan on Thursday filed a case against
    BJP youth leader Manish Chandela who has tweeted that they had burnt the Rohingya camp in Delhi. Bhushan accused Delhi police of not taking any action against this BJP Yuva Morcha leader. All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (AIMMM), a Muslim body also filed a complaint with Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik against Manish Chandela. Chandela’s account is no longer active on Twitter.


    On April 15, 2018,
    a massive fire engulfed a Rohingya refugee camp in Delhi’s Madanpur Khadar area at 3 in the night. Over 200 residents of the camp lost their belongings, including their ID cards and special visas issued by the United Nations. They have also lost documents of their properties in Myanmar. Eleven fire engines took over 3 hours to douse the flames.

    Manish replied to a tweet regarding the burning of Rohingya camps saying “Well done our heroes.” When asked for doing what he replied:
    “Yes we burnt the houses of Rohingya terrorists.” In another tweet, he said, “Yes we did it, we do it again.”

    Manish Chandela has since deleted his Twitter account after a series of tweets.

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    Stop using Muslims' petrol, look for gaumutra fuel: Ex-IPS to Sanghis

    April 24, 2018

    Sanjiv Bhatt, an Ex-IPS officer from Gujarat, who is quite vocal and wears his opinions on his sleeves, attacked Bhakts and Sanghis after a man, who claims to be affiliated with Vishwa Hindu Parishad, cancelled his Ola ride as the driver was Muslim; saying they should stop using petrol as well.

    “Sanghi Nationalists and Modi Bhakts who have a problem with Muslim Ola Drivers should stop using all petroleum products as most of these products can be traced back to one Muslim country or the other. They should wait for Baba Ramdev to develop an alternative fuel from Gaumutra,” the Ex-IPS officer tweeted.

    Sanghi Nationalists and Modi Bhakts who have a problem with Muslim Ola Drivers, should stop using all petroleum products as most of these products can be traced back to one Muslim country or the other. They should wait for Baba Ramdev to develop an alternative fuel from Gaumutra.
    — Sanjiv Bhatt (IPS) (@sanjivbhatt) April 23, 2018

    Abhishek Mishra on April 20, had announced that he cancelled the cab because he did not want to give money to “Jihadi People”. He also posted a screenshot of the cancellation, which showed the driver’s name as Masood Alam. Meanwhile, Ola Cabs on Sunday said that they do not discriminate people on religious lines.

    “Ola, like our country, is a secular platform, and we don’t discriminate our driver partners or customers basis their caste, religion, gender or creed. We urge all our customers and driver partners to treat each other with respect at all times,” Ola said in a statement.

    Mishra, whose verified Twitter account says Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Ideology First, Hindutva Thinker, Digital & Social Media Advisor (Views Personal) happens to be followed by over 14,000 people on Twitter, also has defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman, petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan and minister of culture Mahesh Sharma among his followers.

    This tweet started a firestorm where many people demanded Ola to block his account.

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    How would India react if Hindu girl was raped in mosque: Ex IPS Sanjiv Bhatt on Kathua rape

    April 12, 2018

    Former Indian Police Service officer from Gujarat, Sanjiv Bhatt who is known for his role in filing an affidavit in the SC against the then Gujarat CM and now PM, Narendra Modi, concerning his alleged participation in the 2002 Gujarat riots; has said ‘what would have happened if the situation was reversed in the Kathua rape case’ and the criminals were Muslims.

    Bhatt tweeted on Wednesday “Just imagine how Indian media and public would have reacted to a Hindu girl being abducted, abused, raped and killed by several Muslim men while being hidden inside a mosque? All Hindus who are silent about this ghastly crime that has been committed in their name are complicit.”

    The dead body of the 8-year-old girl belonging to Muslim Gujjar-Bakarwal community was recovered from Rassana forest on January 17, a week after she went missing while grazing horses in the area on January 10. She was kept a hostage in a temple and was raped multiple times.

    Top sources in the state police Crime branch said that the DNA of hair strands found inside the temple matched with those of the minor who was raped and subsequently murdered. “The temple premises were searched for evidence and clues after one of the accused confirmed the minor had been held in captivity inside the temple,” a Crime Branch source said.

    Her family alleged that the police had done little to find her. After the Gujjar community erupted in protest, the case was handed over to the crime branch, which arrested two special police officers. One of them is accused of direct involvement in the murder.

    How Indian Hindus are reacting to their Hindu Crime

    Hindu Women Refuse to Condemn Rape and Murder of 8-year-old Muslim girl Asifa

    A group of Indian women, waiting to welcome Modi in London, refuse to condemn the rape of the 8-year old child in Kathua:

    "We are not here for human rights. We are here for Modiji"

    This is the thought process of an average cowdung sanghi.

    video: https://www.facebook.com/iKhabr/vide...6810359435302/

    An Indian lawyer's response to the brutal rape and murder of 8-year-old Muslim girl Asifa Bano

    "Bullshit and Pakistani media conspiracy"

    video: https://www.facebook.com/iKhabr/vide...6810942768577/

    Lawyer of Kathua Gangrape Accused Calls For Boycott Of Muslims In Jammu

    Ankur Sharma is spearheading a vicious campaign against the Muslim Gujjar and Bakerwal tribals in Jammu

    video: https://www.facebook.com/iKhabr/vide...6812386101766/

    Kathua Case (Asifa) Advocate Deepika Rajawat speaks about threats from Hindus

    “Shoot Me, Kill Me But Don’t Fabricate Lies”

    video: https://www.facebook.com/iKhabr/vide...6813476101657/


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