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    While we were distracted by Trump, Republicans advanced these 9 terrifying bills

    March 4, 2017

    The Republican-led Congress is wasting no time forcing through the most horrendous bills seen in decades while America’s eyes are on Russia.

    With both houses of Congress solidly under Republican control, there’s little in the way to stop House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) from sending bills to President Trump’s desk that embody the most dangerous aspects of radical right-wing ideology.

    However unlikely these bills’ passage would have seemed in the 114th Congress, the possibility of these nine bills becoming law is much higher now, especially considering the flurry of headlines around Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal on the ongoing investigation into the president’s Russian connections, and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak’s multiple meetings with several of Trump’s top lieutenants

    Here are the nine worst bills to keep an eye on:

    1. H.R. 861: To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency

    This bill — cosponsored by Republican members of Congress from fossil fuel-producing states — is just one sentence long, and says nothing about what would happen to the multiple environmental regulations the EPA has instituted since 1970, or its multibillion-dollar budget, or its thousands of staffers. H.R. 861 is currently awaiting action in the subcommittee on environment.

    2. H.R. 610: Tax dollars for private schools

    Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) introduced this bill in January, which would redistribute funding earmarked for public schools in the form of vouchers for parents to send children to private schools. Over the long term, this would eventually bankrupt public schools, and create a stratified education system in which cash-strapped public schools would be unable to meet the educational needs of low-income students. The bill is awaiting action in the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

    3. H.R. 899: To terminate the Department of Education

    If this bill, introduced by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky), becomes law, the U.S. Department of Education would terminate by the end of 2018. The bill’s brevity leaves many questions unanswered, like what would happen with Department of Education grants for public schools and universities, its budget, or its staff. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has said she would personally be “fine” if the agency she heads were to be abolished.

    4. H.J.R. 69: To repeal a rule protecting wildlife

    Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), whose constituents likely include hunters who kill wildlife for sport rather than for food, introduced this joint resolution voicing displeasure with a Department of Interior rule that prohibits “non-subsistence” hunting in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. The resolution passed the House and is awaiting action in the Senate.

    5. H.R. 370: To repeal the Affordable Care Act

    While President Obama was in office, House Republicans voted at least 60 times to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare — despite its futility. However, the Trump administration has made the repeal of Obamacare a top priority, meaning the repeal bill from Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas) is likely to pass.

    6. H.R. 354: To defund Planned Parenthood

    Rep. Diane Black (R-Tennessee) introduced a bill that would prevent any federal grants from going to Planned Parenthood for a full year unless they swore to not perform abortions.

    7. H.R. 785: National Right-to-Work legislation

    Conservative ideologue Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is aiming to cripple unions at the nationwide level with a bill that would systematically deprive labor unions of the funding they need to operate. Unions often provide one of the crucial pillars of support for Democratic candidates and causes, and conservatives aim to destroy them once and for all by going after their funding. It’s important to note that right-to-work is bad for all workers, not just union members — in 2015, the Economic Policy Institute learned that wages in right-to-work states are roughly 3.2 percent lower than in non-right-to-work states.

    8. H.R. 83: Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act

    Multiple cities and states around the country have openly stated that they won’t abide by President Trump’s plan to aggressively round up and deport undocumented immigrants. A bill by Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pennsylvania) would strip all federal funding of any city that doesn’t obey Trump’s immigration policies for up to a year.

    9. H.R. 147: To criminalize abortion

    Rep. Trent Franks (R-Arizona) wants to aggressively prosecute pregnant women seeking abortions, along with abortion providers, by making abortion a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. The bill is currently awaiting action in the Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice.

    To fight back against these bills, call 202-224-3121, ask for your member of Congress, and tell them to vote no.


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    New Delhi: Gang-raped, woman walks nude, begging for help

    The woman told the police that the accused forced her to consume alcohol. The five accused have been arrested

    A 26-year old Nepalese woman walked the streets of Delhi nude, begging for help on Sunday morning after escaping her rapists who thrashed her and confined her to a room in East Delhi.

    The woman scaled the wall of the first floor apartment in Pandav Nagar and jumped to escape the torture after being allegedly raped by five men. As she walked on the roads nude, passersby stood as mute spectators and did not even offer her clothes.

    The police said all five accused have been arrested.

    According to the police, a person who saw her jumping from the balcony of the apartment informed the police at 5:45 am. CCTV footage from one of the cameras in the locality showed the woman walking on the road naked, with men walking by but none helping her or giving her clothes.

    She was finally seen taking the help of an auto-rickshaw driver who offered to drop her. A sedan car also passed by but none of them stopped to help and others watching her talking to the auto driver.

    "The Emergency Response vehicle of the police rushed to the location and took her to to the LBS hospital. She had suffered minor injuries on her legs while jumping from the apartment. She resides in the Munirka area,"a senior police officer said.

    In her complaint, the woman told the police that the five accused forced her to consume alcohol. The men have been identified as Naveen Kumar, Prateek Kumar, Vikas Mehra, Sarvjeet and Lakshya. All five work at a call centre.

    The victim reached Pandav Nagar with one of her friends, Vikas, who had invited her for a party at a friend's residence. On the way, she met two other friends of his and the trio reached their friend's house in Pandav Nagar where two other accused were also present. Vikas told the girl he had to head out for some work and would be back later.

    A case under Section 376D (gang rape), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 377 (unnatural sex), 506 (criminal intimidation), 342 (wrongful confinement) was registered.


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    No Evidence That A Single Muslim Voted For The BJP In UP

    Claims to the contrary aren't backed by data.


    A lot has been said about Muslim support for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh given the scale of its victory, but none of this is borne out by the numbers. What can we say about how Muslims voted?

    1. There is no evidence that Muslims voted for the BJP.

    Despite political statements and some stories in the media, there is just no evidence for this. There is not a single constituency where the BJP's voteshare exceeds that of the Hindu population of that constituency.

    Sahibabad is the only constituency where it's close--the winning BJP candidate, Sunil Kumar Sharma, won 61% of the votes in the constituency, while the share of Hindu population in the constituency is between 60 and 65%. Data on voteshares and the Hindu and Muslim population come from Datanet India, which compiled the data from the Election Commission of India and the Census of India respectively.

    In that constituency, the Congress and BSP candidates between them got 36% of the votes; the Muslim population of that constituency is between 35 and 40%.

    2. BJP candidates winning from a large number of seats with a significant Muslim population does not mean that Muslims voted for the BJP.

    In a first-past-the-post system, candidates typically need between 30-35% of the voteshare in a constituency to win. In this election, BJP candidates did particularly well; the median voteshare of winning BJP candidates was a whopping 43.64%.

    Yet what most forget is that even in UP, there are few Muslim-majority constituencies. There are only seven constituencies in UP with more than 50% Muslims (meaning that a party can win the state without a single Muslim vote)--and the Samajwadi Party won all of these. The BJP's winning streak essentially begins when the Muslim population goes below 45%.

    3. Strategic voting failed

    Of 82 constituencies with more than 30% Muslims, the BJP won 62. But it appears that the Muslim vote was split between the SP and the BSP--in 60 of these constituencies, their combined voteshare was higher than that of the Muslim population. Given that in a majority of these constituencies both or one of the SP/ INC and BSP had a Muslim candidate, it is very likely that the Muslim vote got split between the SP and the BSP.

    So rather than strategically voting to keep the BJP out, it could be argued that UP's Muslims actually failed at strategic voting.



    BJP and Modi are doing election fraud to say that Muslims voted for them or that they can win in UP without a single Muslims vote.

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    ‘Rape Dead Muslim Women’ said Yogi Adityanath, Modi made him Chief Minister of UP in India

    Yogi Adityanath member of BJP Hindu right wing fundamentalist party told Hindus to Rape Dead Muslim Women. Indian Prime Minister Naradnera Modi appointed him next chief minister of UP after the winning large number of seats in the recent elections.

    In his speech to a charged crowd ‘he said that we will take the right of vote from the Indian Muslims and declare them 2nd class citizens. He also said: Masjid will be converted into Hindu Temples and instead of Muslim call to prayer ‘Azan’, they will call ‘Har Har Mahahdave’ from the Masjids. Armed Hindu gangs are openly parading in the streets. He told the charged crowd: ‘take the Muslim women out of their graves and rape them’.

    Following video is not only shocking but also alarming to the over 300 million Muslims living in India.

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    How to get away with murder in India? Blame a man for eating beef

    In the name of cow protection, Hindu vigilante outfits continue to target Muslims based on rumours.

    A year and half after the horrific Dadri incident, Hindu vigilantes continue to "cry beef" and hunt for Mohammad Akhlaqs.

    The manager of a Jaipur hotel faced a similar hungry mob on Sunday night (March 19) that stormed the place over rumours of serving beef.

    According to a report in The Indian Express, the owner of Hotel Hayat Rabbani, Naeem Rabbani, has alleged that after taking his manager into custody, police brought him back among the cow vigilantes “to calm them down”. He was also slapped around and manhandled in police presence.

    Rabbani, who held a press conference with his staff a day later, said: “A repeat of Dadri had been averted."

    Much to the chagrin of the mob, the meat "appeared to be chicken legs". Nevertheless, the seized meat was sent to the forensic laboratory for "testing to placate tempers", according to police.

    At the press conference, Rabbani vehemently denied of ever serving beef. The hotel, he said, had prepared special chicken for their nine staff members, and it was this that the crowd had mistaken for beef.

    It's a sad testimony to the times we are in that our law enforcing agencies ran after the piece of meat, instead of identifying the culprits who incited the communal mob, to authenticate its variety.

    In Rajasthan, like many other states in India, killing of cows, bulls and bullocks as well as possession and transportation of their flesh is banned. The BJP government in the state has also set up a cow department for the welfare of the animal.

    After what happened in Bishahra village in Dadri on September 28, 2015 — when Mohammad Akhlaq was beaten to death by a hungry mob over suspicion of storing beef at his house — many saner voices questioned the absurdity of sending a piece of meat for forensic testing. What kind of a country do we live in where the chunk of meat became the actual "cause" of Akhlaq's death and not the ones who mercilessly killed him?

    Those questions were never answered by the "authorities concerned" because they didn't have any answer. The actual motive behind Akhlaq's killing was always out in the open. It was never about whether the meat was or wasn't beef. It was about how to pin a "crime" on the sleeves of a man who belong to the "other" community and then incite another brute mob. This is how you keep the communal cauldron burning, especially when elections are nearing.

    Those who wanted to score a point in Dadri have actually succeeded in doing so.

    After the recent ascension of Yogi Adityanath to Uttar Pradesh CM, the Thakur-dominated village of Bishahra reportedly danced and celebrated late into the night.


    Because they believe it's a matter of pride that a cow protector like "Yogiji" has become their chief minister. "Now we expect justice to be done,” Ved Nagar, the head of Gau Raksha Hindu Dal, was quoted as saying by The Hindu. The same report said Nagar believe that Adityanath’s appointment “gives hope that the accused in the Akhlaq murder case would soon get bail”. He was quoted as saying, "The villagers now see a “ray of hope” because Adityanath had stood with the accused."

    The timing of the Jaipur incident seems especially curious as Rajasthan is gearing up for an Assembly election in 2018. Not that cow protectors and self-appointed Hindu vigilante groups are not working hard to prepare the ground for elections.

    Recently, Bollywood filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali was assaulted by members of the Karni Sena in Jaipur where he was shooting for his film Padmavati. His fault: The film was presenting "distorted facts about Rani Padmavati" and thus showing "Hindu faith and culture in negative way".

    The March 19 incident may not have a direct link with Bhansali's assault but they don't seem isolated.

    According to this report in Hindustan Times, one of the protesters gathered outside hotel Hayat Rabbani, told the cow vigilantes not to worry about the strength of protesters. “Don’t worry about the numbers as it will just take me a couple of phone calls to assemble 200 people from somewhere else. After all, it was me and my friends who slapped Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the sets of Padmavati.”

    India has two types of beef eaters — one who actually loves the meat, but doesn't necessarily get to eat it, and the other who gorges on rumours about beef.
    So, it's not surprising that in a country — which incidentally tops the hunger list — its people are hungry for the rumoured beef and satiate themselves by "lynching" people for "possession of beef".

    The initial reports in the Jaipur incident, too, point fingers at how there is a common pattern that runs through the heart of mob lynchings like Dadri.

    How a group first spreads the rumour based on what they saw and "it appeared like beef". Then comes in the gau rakshaks and their leaders (in this case Sadhvi Kamal "Didi", the national president of Mahila Gauraksha Dal).

    She reportedly addressed the gathering of protesters and discussed the course of action.

    "I am not afraid to sacrifice my life for gau mata. I am ready to be with you in any protest or gheraos to teach the people of this hotel a lesson. But the residents of this colony will also have to participate and they shouldn’t back out at the end moment,” she was quoted as saying. She even asked those in the gathering from Kanti Nagar to raise their hands (who agree with her).

    If this doesn't amount to inciting a mob and creating communal tension then perhaps it's true the country and its people don't need any protection from the law enforcing agencies. Why do you need the police if they have to slap and beat a man based on suspicion of a crime (which is a crime only because we live in a strange country with strange laws) to placate a violent bunch?

    Why do we need laws when a majority group has the mandate to declare anyone from a minority group a criminal based on suspicions of eating a particular type of meat? Why do we even need to argue and expect justice when we know the outcome of such events?

    The Jaipur incident didn't turn out to be as violent as the cow protectors wanted it to be, and will soon be forgotten. But there are thousands of more such vigilante groups waiting to orchestrate the next lynching. They are just on the lookout for an Akhlaq or a Rabbani.

    Also read: How Hindus killed a Muslim over beef and murdered India's secularism

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    Dalit Man Beaten To Death By Cops For Throwing Color On Upper Caste Man In Jharkhand: Report

    Pradeep Choudhary threw color on Rajendra Yadav.

    The widow of a Dalit man has alleged that her husband was beaten to death by police personnel in the Koderma district of Jharkhand after he threw colored powder on an upper caste man during Holi celebrations, The Hindustan Times reported on Thursday.

    Holi was celebrated on 13 March in many parts of the country.

    According to the HT report, Pradeep Choudhary, 52, and a couple of other villagers sprinkled color on a local chowkidar Rajendra Yadav, who got upset at the gesture and called the police to teach them a lesson. "The police started beating up Pradeep till he fell unconscious. They then took him to the police station," Jashwa Devi, Pradeep's widow, told the newspaper.

    Jashwa said that her husband's body had many bruises when the police dropped him home, the next morning. She also claimed that instead of helping them, cops at the Satbarwa police station abused them over caste.

    Prabhat Khabar reported that the cops took Pradeep to the hospital after they beat him in his village, but after he revived, they took him to the police station where he was thrashed again.

    Pradeep succumbed to his injuries at the Koderma Sadar hospital.

    Dainik Bhaskar reported that Pradeep, a herder, was the father of six children. He was beaten so severely that his body turned had turned a shade darker from the bruises, DB reported.

    This alleged crime in Koderma district is not an isolated instance of violence against Dalits on Holi. In Patheri village in Ambala, Dalits alleged that they were attacked with sharp-edged weapons by upper caste men during Holi celebrations. Two of the ten injured men were reportedly in a critical condition. In Boh village in Ambala, a Dalit man was allegedly thrashed by upper caste men because he was giving sermons on Holi.

    In 2015, a Dalit man in Sonbhadra district was tonsured and paraded through a village on suspicion of having burnt a "holika" pyre.



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