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    Nearly half of Australians are anti-Muslim: study

    Feb 23, 2011

    A decade-long national study has found that nearly 50 per cent of Australians identify themselves as having anti-Muslim attitudes.

    Researchers from universities across the country polled thousands of people about their attitudes to different cultures and whether they had experienced racism.

    The research found around one in 10 Australians identified themselves as prejudiced against other cultures.

    About one-quarter of those surveyed said they had anti-Semitic or anti-Asian attitudes, while a slightly larger number were prejudiced against Aborigines.

    Anti-Muslim sentiment was even higher, at 48.6 per cent.

    Lead researcher Professor Kevin Dunn from the University of Western Sydney says recent political rhetoric has not helped.

    "If you continue to speak about a group as a problem, whether that be asylum seekers or Muslims, that will [be] cast within the public mind," he said.

    New South Wales was the state most intolerant of Muslims, with just over 54 per cent of people expressing prejudice.

    The president of the Council of International Students, Robert Atcheson, says the survey is another blow to Australia's already-damaged reputation.

    "If you're an international student that's looking at coming to Australia, or Canada or UK or the US, that could definitely sway their decision to go somewhere else," he said.


    They are Islamophobe for no reason other than their sheer stupidity. Their country's GDP depends on foreign students from Asia and so if the Muslims stop going there then they will understand that it is they who need the Muslims, not the other way around!

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    Hanson to Muslims: assimilate or leave

    Mar 9 2011

    If Muslim people are not willing to assimilate into a democratic Australian society, "don't come here at all", says former One Nation politician Pauline Hanson, who's making a comeback in NSW.

    Ms Hanson has told Fairfax Radio Network she gets annoyed when she hears Muslims say they don't support democracy.

    "I get annoyed when I hear an interview by a Muslim who says, `We don't believe in democracy'" she said on Wednesday.

    "We are a democratic country and my concern is if that's your belief in coming here to Australia, why come here?"

    These people should stay in a country where they have their own cultural beliefs, Ms Hanson said.

    "Come here to assimilate, to integrate," she said.

    "If you're not prepared to come to a democratic society, then don't come here at all."

    Ms Hanson is standing for an upper house seat in the NSW election on March 26.

    The way some Muslim people viewed women was also a problem, she said.

    "I've got young girls that have emailed me and said to me, `We feel threatened, we don't like the way they treat us'.

    "I hear people that have Muslims live in their streets and they are rude and people don't want that."

    Ms Hanson said she stood by comments she made in 2010 that she would not sell her house to a Muslim.

    "I won't back down from that at all," she said.

    "That's my opinion and actually a lot of other people have said that as well."

    She denied her opinions made her a racist.

    "I've never made one racist comment in my life," she said.

    "Criticism is not racism.

    "We have a right to question things."

    If elected, she would offer "truth and honesty" to the people of NSW.

    "What do people want? Do they want truth and honesty from their representative, or do they want a `yes' person?

    "I'm putting myself back out there again, because I'm not going to roll over and let them dictate to me for the rest of my life."

    Ms Hanson said she would be pushing to stop the NSW police force having to answer to the police minister, so they can run their affairs separate from the government.

    She also said she would support the Coalition's promise to conduct a statewide speed audit of roads, to cut the number of confusing speed zones on major roads.

    video: Labor and Liberals won't support Hanson


    Did she and her people assimilate to the Aborigine native Australian population? No, instead these people committed genocide against them; and not only that but even now they discriminate and persecute the native population.

    There are millions of expats in Muslim countries working and living. Not only are they not assimilating and integrating but they have their own villas walled off from rest of the society and live in a world of their own. Someone should start telling them the same thing and you'll see these bigots make a big cry about it.


    Don't be scared, Muslims tell Pauline Hanson

    John Masanauskas - March 11, 2011

    A GROUP of Melbourne Muslim women want to tell Pauline Hanson she has nothing to fear from Islam.

    The western suburbs women have written a book about their experiences and they believe Ms Hanson should have a copy.

    Ms Hanson, who said last year that she wouldn't sell her house to Muslims, is running as an independent in this month's NSW election.

    Book co-author Demet Divaroren said yesterday that Ms Hanson's anti-Muslim views were irrational.

    "Pauline Hanson is one that feeds the public stereotype (about Muslims), so she adds fuel to the fire," she said.

    Ms Divaroren was among 12 people who took part in a Muslim women's leadership program funded by the City of Brimbank and the Immigration Department. The five-week program was for Muslims aged 17-35 and included public speaking.

    The book, What Muslim Women Look Like, was funded by the council and state and federal government bodies. It comprises profiles of people taking part in the program.

    Co-author Amra Pajalic said the book was intended to counter negative stereotypes about Muslim women.

    "One of the women works at a library and when a customer saw her laughing she said 'Oh, I didn't know that Muslim women laughed'," she said.

    "Things like that are really scary in the community."

    Ms Divaroren said there was a stereotype that Muslim women were repressed, had no voice and no control over their lives.

    "We want to show the world that we're loud and proud and not afraid to raise our voice in a public way," she said.

    Asked what she thought of Muslims wearing the burqa, she said: "Whether you decide to wear the burqa or a hijab or if you choose not to wear it, it's all about the way you want to express yourself and your spirituality, and I absolutely respect that."

    Ms Hanson could not be contacted, but NSW election candidate Kate McCulloch, who is running on the same ticket, said she was sure the former One Nation leader would like to see the Muslim women's book.

    Ms McCulloch, who once led a campaign against an Islamic school in outer western Sydney, said there was too much cultural segregation in Australia.

    "We're too busy promoting other cultures in Australia than our own," she said.


    What kind of (or lack of) intelligence do these people possess to think the Muslim women don't laugh (& other stereotypes)?

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    Australian Nurses threaten to walk off the job after spate of violence and lack of security

    NURSES have threatened to walk off the job at Dandenong Hospital's emergency department in the wake of a spate of violent incidents.

    They have demanded Monash Health commit to boosting security measures by noon tomorrow, saying they don't feel safe at work.

    Nurses have passed a resolution calling for 24/7 security surveillance, increasing the number of security guards and standardised codes for managing aggressive visitors.

    Emergency department nurses say they are regularly hit, punched, kicked, bitten and threatened.

    The Australian Nursing Federation's Paul Gilbert said there was an "imminent threat to health and safety'' of nurses at the hospital.

    He said incidents included a man who threw pieces of concrete at the emergency department window, smashing the glass, and a nurse badly bitten by a patient.

    He said a nurse was demoted after he wrestled a violent patient to the ground in the emergency department on March 29.

    "Nurses are looking to... make it safe for them to do their jobs and take care of the Victorian community,'' Mr Gilbert said.

    "If Monash Health is unable to agree to these measures by midday on Thursday then... the ANF will issue a direction to cease work in the emergency department because of the imminent threat to health and safety.''

    Monash Health spokeswoman Suzana Talevski said it could not comment on the resolution submitted by its staff.

    "We're still working through those recommendations and it is inappropriate to comment until the morning,'' she said.



    What an uncivilized "first world" nation, you'll find more civilized people and security for medical personnel in developing countries...

    Australian emergency help unreliable, Ambulance delay crisis

    SERIOUSLY ill Victorians have waited more than an hour for an ambulance in recent days, according to 000 call-takers engaged in an industrial dispute with the State Government.

    Speaking through Ambulance Employees Australia yesterday, emergency call-takers claim ambulance response times have blown out to 19 minutes, with several cases in the past four days extending much longer.

    Information distributed by the Ambulance Employees Australia yesterday claimed:

    89-year-old woman in Blackburn South waited more than an hour for an ambulance after falling and being unable to move;

    woman, 31, with severe abdominal pains waited more than two hours for an ambulance;

    , 78, who fell and was badly injured in Patterson Lakes, waited more than 90 minutes.

    "Emergency call-takers and dispatchers are in the eye of the storm of our worsening ambulance crisis. The crisis is right there on their computer screens every moment of every day," Ambulance Employees Australia State Secretary Steve McGhie said.



    You are better of driving or having someone take you to the hospital instead, even then you'll have to wait in line before your number comes up, and if you're alone then better pray it's nothing life threatening ...

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    Published May 9, 2013
    By Mohamad Tabbaa and Yassir Morsi

    What do a conservative leader and a radical feminist have in common? More than we would have guessed, it seems.

    Recently an Islamic group held an event at the University of Melbourne. The seating was arranged according to gender, as is common with such events. A reporter from The Australian newspaper decided to go along and search for controversies; the promise of discussing Jihad at the event must have lured the newspaper into seeing an easy opportunity to vilify Muslims. This has become a lucrative industry nowadays.

    However what The Australian uncovered was something much more sinister than the excitement of war and violence: gender apartheid. The experience of witnessing men and women seated in different parts of a lecture theatre is obviously traumatising, and so needed to be discussed on a national level. And of course, there is only one place to go when you want an opinion on Muslims, and so The Australian naturally sought out the opinions of a religious conservative politician, and an anti-religious feminist academic.

    The difference between the two characters, Catholic Tony Abbott and feminist Sheila Jeffreys, could hardly be more striking. In any other scenario, they would quite happily be at each other’s’ throats, but in this particular instance they have made uncomfortable bedfellows, quilted beneath the warmth of Islamophobia.

    [Anthony "Tony" Abbott is the Leader of the Opposition in the Australian House of Representatives and federal leader of the centre-right Liberal Party of Australia. Sheila Jeffreys is a lesbian feminist scholar and political activist, known for her analysis of the history and politics of sexuality in Britain. She is a professor in Political Science at the University of Melbourne in Australia.]

    Abbott declared that he expects “members of parliament … to be up in arms about this”. Jeffreys concurred almost identically: “There needs to be great outrage about this”. Apparently the richness of the Liberal Party bemoaning gender inequality was lost on Abbott, despite Gillard’s recent reminder to this effect. Jeffreys also appears unaware that Western feminism has attempted to move beyond the racism of the second-wave, which constantly claimed to know what was best for “Othered” women as it universalised a specifically privileged white subject.

    Those interested in overturning the stifling powers of patriarchy might see their energy better spent questioning men in power, rather than spend most of that energy in focusing on marginalised foreigners. But that’s precisely the point of this controversy. It’s a classical displacement, focusing on a foreign patriarchy to ignore the local patriarchy. It is less threatening to challenge the Other than to challenge oneself.

    And while it might be comforting to dismiss the above outrage as political opportunism (on the part of both conservatives and feminists), the unholy alliance points to a deeper underlying issue: namely that Left and Right politics, while agreeing on little else, can be relied on to come to a common agreement on the exclusion of Muslims. The ideological marriage of Abbot and Jeffreys also represents the marriage generally of the Left and Right on this particular issue.

    Within the public’s imagination in these continuing discourses, the Muslim is not simply a Muslim. It is a name that ratifies an anxiety about the Other’s intrusion. This anxiety is the underlining and common link that will tie together such an unholy alliance. All things work on their state of exception, and the Muslim is today that exception that can suspend political disputes about issues of national security and culture, prompting cooperation in the face of a common Enemy.

    Islamophobia is not simply an irrational hatred of Islam. It is the over-determining and inappropriate heaping of suspicion on all things Islamic.

    The rare bipartisan support for the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 is a prominent example of this relationship, as is the ongoing mutual cooperation of the ever-expanding anti-terror measures, whose discriminatory effects on Muslims have been noted consistently. And neither is this trend confined to Australian politics, as the French demonstrated with the bipartisan support of a Bill banning the Burqa, which was in fact drafted by the leader of the Communist Party.

    But there is still a problem here: how do we know whether these acts are in fact Islamophobic and not merely issues of gender equality or security? Modern forms of racism are less explicit than their historical counterparts, and so are sometimes more difficult to discern for the untrained eye. One technique for distinguishing Islamophobia from legitimate concerns is to analyse whether such concerns are applied consistently, and this is where the abovementioned outrage shows its true colours.

    A quick glance at the society we live in shows segregation along the lines of gender to not only be heavily entrenched, but also widely accepted and respected. Many gyms offer women-only sections, many of our most respected schools are separated along lines of gender and even our most private public space, the toilet, is dictated along gendered lines.

    The selective outrage at gender segregation when discussing Muslims suggests there is more at play than meets the eye.

    We must then recognise that Islamophobia is not simply an irrational hatred of Islam. It is better defined as the over-determining and inappropriate heaping of suspicion on all things Islamic. It is the placing of a burning spotlight on the Muslim. Islamophobia is not in what the spotlight reveals, but rather the fact that everything revealed is placed within the narrative of suspicion.

    This suspicion works to maintain the dominance of white culture and white nationalism in Australia. Indeed, the political spectrum of Left and Right have a structural affinity in their fantasies about controlling foreigners; the debate is really about the proper way to control the ethnic object.

    What makes Islamophobia so unique is that it can be articulated in a form that looks like anti-racism. It is like a virus that has evolved to appropriate its initial cure. It is often hidden behind claims of saving Muslims from bad Muslims, or saving Muslim women from Muslim men, or even paradoxically saving Muslims from Islamophobia. This form of Islamophobia often uses a series of caveats to simulate the legitimacy of anti-racist language, but which serve only to conceal the very same racist logic at play against Muslims, albeit in a new, “culturally-aware” tone.

    A principal example of this phenomenon is the underlying claim Professor Abdullah Saeed made recently in an article for The Conversation. He suggests that “unfortunately” such cultural norms as segregation are the result of “dubious interpretations” and ”selective reading” of religious texts, which are ultimately responsible for the worrying practice of “forcing women to sit in the back of the theater”. We should learn to ignore these caveats that interrupt Saeed’s argument. He peppers his assumed claims with words like “sometimes”, “occasionally” and “some Muslims” as if to hint that he is aware of the social error in generalising.

    However, the underlining message is clear: the problem is always bad Muslims.

    We also see in Saeed’s article another sacrifice. The “dubious” Muslim is the “integrated” Muslim’s sacrificial lamb. Its sacrifice allows for the lure of a fantasy that only “bad” Muslims stand in the way of Australia accepting a “good” Islam.

    More disturbingly in highlighting the inherent link between racism and Islamophobia, Saeed locates the problematic Muslim as the Muslim beyond Australia’s borders. He suggests, without any reference, that “there are some Muslims who do not believe that men and women are equal”. These Muslims apparently “assert that women should not have a public presence”, and “occasionally Australian students who travel … sometimes come back with these ideas as well”.

    By problematising the foreigner in this way, Saeed not only entrenches the racist logic of the suspicious Other, but just as importantly – or perhaps more so – entrenches the fundamental fantasy upon which racism is based: namely the purity of whiteness, insisting that evil is inherently foreign.

    But this approach is also counter-productive. What we neglect to see is that this suspicion heaped upon a “dubious” Islam will not remain neatly focused on “cultural” Muslims who read “dubious” selections of Islam. It will overlap onto all Muslims. Stating that 99 per cent of Muslims are not terrorists is irrelevant. The one per cent is the percentage that is used to do all the work for Islamophobia. It translates into suggesting that any of the 99 could potentially be that one terrorist. It takes little stretch of logic then to suggest that all should be treated as such.

    The selective outrage at gender segregation when discussing Muslims suggests there is more at play in the above discussion than meets the eye. It also points to a worrying trend whereby Muslims internalize the logic of Islamophobia and thus figure other Muslims as the source of all evil.

    Our history of racism has taught us that discrimination can easily be carried out under the noblest of banners and neutral terminology. For this reason a critical vigilance is required when dealing with minority groups, particularly in this current context of Islamophobia, lest even those with the best of intentions serve such oppressive ends.

    Disguising Islamophobia under the cloak of gender equality only harms the plight of both Muslims and women.

    Mohamad Tabbaa is a PhD candidate in Criminology and Law at the University of Melbourne. Yassir Morsi is a research fellow at the international centre for Muslim and non-Muslim understanding, at the University of South Australia.


    Saving the Muslim woman, yet again

    There’s been much debate among politicians, university staff and the Muslim community about the gender-segregated seating at a lecture at the University of Melbourne organised by Islamic education group, Hikma Way. Responding to the Australian’s inquiry about the event, Melbourne uni gender studies academic Sheila Jeffreys described it as ‘gender apartheid’ and ‘ritual humiliation’. Opposition leader Tony Abbott responded with the all-too-familiar label, ‘un-Australian’.

    What’s perturbing on how the debate is unfolding is that we don’t recall any of those commenting on the issue as having attended a single lecture by the University of Melbourne’s Islamic Society (many which were organised by one of the authors of this article when president of the society).

    Even more disturbing, however, is that Muslim women have yet to be present in this conversation. We have not yet read anyone discuss, highlight or duly acknowledge the vibrancy of Muslim women’s involvement in organising and adding to campus activities. Judging by the tone of the debate so far, listening to Muslim women on issues that affect them – let alone giving them an opportunity to participate in the debate – appears to not be a prerequisite when speaking for them.

    If worried commentators had attended the event in question, they may have realised: there are no bearded religious men who act as security guards. No one hushes, bullies, points at or ultimately forces a herd of women to shuffle silently to the back of the lecture theatre.

    This controversy is better understood if we consider how another form of segregation is taking place by those voices fighting for Muslim women. They segregate Muslim women further to the realm of silent subjects to be spoken for. Muslim women become objects that are hollowed out of agency and voice. Like most libidinal dolls, they serve white, not just brown, male patriarchal fantasies.

    In the urgency of post-September 11 discourses, the Muslim woman can only exist as an emergency, needing to be protected from a menacing culture that aims to engulf who she really is. And this is the logic underpinning the debate on segregation and veiling: Western liberal mores have assumed a position of knowing what constitutes the Free Woman. This is despite the fact that there has been an array of impressive scholarship contesting this very logic – which, by the way, Sheila Jeffreys rejects – that examines how agency and female subjectivity is one that is negotiated and subject to cultural readings. A universal subject, one who desires, enjoys and experiences in the same way, is the white liberal fantasy at work.

    What disturbs liberal feminists, and their occasional opportunistic male supporters, is that it is largely Muslim women who ask for events to be segregated. These women pursue a religiosity that doesn’t quite abide by the beliefs and values of liberals and the broader left in their imagining of what constitutes a free woman. How do the ‘defenders’ of Muslim women cope with this reality without falling back on the argument of false consciousness? Or are we to decide that there is an authentic consciousness that is uniformly practiced by all? Wasn’t that precisely the claim made by the advocates of a civilising mission in bygone eras? We have already seen the violence that ensued from those forms of paternalism and racism.

    Strutting up and down hallways of dissent claiming that Muslim segregation is oppressive takes little political courage. It is a typical claim, oft repeated and over-determined. It requires more courage however to know about the shoes we use to strut. They could, for instance, have been sewn together by Muslim women wearing the hijab in a sweatshop in Bangladesh. But there is seemingly little mention of the West’s segregation of Muslim women’s global concern, such as war, or the overall economic abjection of women; instead she remains silent as she is rendered passive in the narrative of her rescue.

    The Muslim woman is both a victim to be concerned about and a cultural menace, but the ‘saviour’ mentality that dominates conversations about Muslim women never listens to the voices of those it’s trying to save. If you listened to Muslim women on campus, they would be more likely to tell you that they use their hijab to wipe away tears for Palestine or the trauma resulting from systemic racist abuse hurled at them by a public that persistently identifies them as outsiders, rather than that the hijab oppresses them.

    This controversy could also be discussed from another angle. The Opposition leader is trying to win back his feminist credentials: he wants to gain support in an upcoming election against a prime minister who accused him of sexism. Those interested in overturning the stifling powers of patriarchy might see their energy better spent questioning men in power, rather than focusing on those perpetually identified as outsiders. But that’s entirely the point: this controversy is a classic case of displacement, wherein minorities are problematised and criminalised to obfuscate actual national issues such as education funding, foreign policy and the deplorable conditions Indigenous communities are facing.

    Professor Abdullah Saeed’s article in The Conversation also displaces the issue. He suggests that ‘unfortunately’ such cultural norms as segregation are the result of ‘dubious interpretations’ and a ‘selective reading’ of Islam. These readings are ultimately responsible for the worrying practice of ‘forcing women to sit in the back of the theater’. In doing so, Saeed locates the problem in the Muslim who comes from beyond Australia’s borders. He further claims – without providing evidence – that ‘there are some Muslims who do not believe that men and women are equal’, and ‘occasionally Australian students who travel … sometimes come back with these ideas as well’. Saeed peppers his claims with ‘sometimes’, ‘occasionally’ and ‘some’, as if to hint that he is generalising. Nonetheless, Saeed fixes his focus on the travelling Muslim who remains a foreigner despite living in Australia. Professor Saeed is the director of an institution that teaches Islamic studies; but, in a sense, he too participates in the logic of Islamophobia by positing ‘bad’ Muslims as outsiders.

    Deakin University academic Fiona Hill’s article on The Conversation is also riddled with sensationalist errors about the dreaded ‘foreign brown man’. It’s a difficult read of half-truths, accusations and an erroneous biography of Ibn Taymiyyah (who she incredibly blames for planting the idea that Muslims should return to the ‘Golden era of the Salaf’). Her errors are best highlighted by the accusation that Sheikh Qardawi is a ‘Salafi’ calling for violence. He is not. As a Sufi, Qardawi has continually stressed dialogue with non-Muslims, and preached that extremism and intolerance is against the Quran and the prophetic tradition. Hill then asks us to look closely at the lecture in question – which she didn’t attend. It is really about Muslims wanting to call for a militaristic jihad, she says. It belongs to part of the foreign and menacing Islam that calls for the massacre of non-Muslim minorities. Hill, like Saeed, focuses on the foreign, and displaces a conversation about less visible patriarchies.

    Abbott’s comment that it was ‘absolutely extraordinary that a great liberal institution would take a huge leap back into the dark ages’ also implicates the University of Melbourne. He hints the university somehow allows, and is almost blind to, the social ills of an outdated foreign Islam. His comment is key to the underlying nature of patriarchy: The Muslim woman is a conversation between institutions – parliament, media and academics. It is not a conversation with her. Moreover, the idea that any university has an ability to force women to either segregate or mingle is absurd.

    Living their Islam in the accusatory and suspicious atmosphere after September 11, a new generation of young Muslim students has come to recognise the meaninglessness of the persistent criticisms of Islam. They are developing an immune system. Today’s Muslim on campus knows that many commentators order all things beyond western coordinates as strange and threatening for their own political purposes. They have also come to recognise the prevailing paradigm upon which debates about Islam occur – and such conversations have little to do with care, concern or advocacy for Muslim rights. The assumption that these public debates will lead to a desired outcome of internal reform is misplaced. Rather, we run the risk isolating those on the fringes further. The debate about Islam and women suffers: it should not be fought out in short paragraphs derailing a dubious Islam or highlighting the haunting Salafi spectre, all on the eve of a Federal election. Muslim women deserve better.


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    More than 50,000 Victorians waiting for elective surgeries after waiting list blowout

    MORE than 50,000 Victorians are waiting for elective surgery after a blowout in waiting lists in the first three months of the year.

    Health Minister David Davis released five reports into the state of the health system yesterday as attention turned to Canberra for the Federal Budget.

    The waiting list jumped more than 6 per cent from December 31, 2012 to March 31, 2013, an increase more than 10 times the rise of the previous quarter.

    "The quarterly report shows a waiting list of 50,565 at the end of March this year, that is a higher waiting list and we're very conscious of the impact of that higher waiting list," Mr Davis said.

    The Northern Hospital waiting list increased 20 per cent to more than 1800.

    Sunshine Hospital's waiting list jumped 32 per cent and Western Hospital Footscray was up 40 per cent.

    "We're aware of the challenge the west and the north and the southeast face in terms of population growth, and part of that is reflected in those," Mr Davis said.

    He said the Federal Government's funding cut and subsequent return of money to Victorian hospitals was partly to blame. "We would have not had that confusion ... we would have had a lower waiting list, a significantly lower waiting list."

    The audit of waiting times for patients to see specialists was also released, a year after it was handed to Mr Davis.

    The independent report used data from June 2011 and found at that time 78,952 people were waiting to see a specialist for an initial appointment. The average wait time was 114 days.

    The wait for patients to see a specialist for psychiatry and behavioural disorders was an average of 434 days.

    Mr Davis had promised the report into "the waiting list before the waiting list" while in opposition.

    Opposition health spokesman Gavin Jennings said more people were waiting longer than ever for surgery.

    "Shockingly, the data also shows that in the March quarter, over 5000 people had their scheduled surgery cancelled," he said.

    "In almost every measure, our health system is going backwards - this is what happens when you cut $826 million from the health system."


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    Tourist Woman held prisoner, raped and tortured

    A YOUNG tourist says she was tortured for seven weeks by a couple who kept her prisoner in a hotel room and degraded her.

    Alfio Anthony Granata, 44, and Jennifer Peaston, 32, are accused of holding the 21-year-old captive in a long-term rental apartment at the Bell City complex in Preston. Mr Granata faced court this week, and was charged with more than 100 offences, including rape and assault with a knife, abduction and theft. He was refused bail and will return to Melbourne Magistrates' Court on July 12.Ms Peaston faces more than 100 charges.

    The tourist was reportedly "systematically brutalised" throughout her ordeal, which began on November 15 and ended on Christmas Day.

    It's alleged the duo kidnapped the woman with the intention of raping her and then repeatedly sexually assaulted her, bashed her with a stick and kicked her as she was held down by a third person.

    Her ordeal reportedly ended only when she managed to break free.

    The woman and the two accused were known to each other, it is understood. Police arrested and interviewed the pair on Boxing Day and released them pending further investigation. They were arrested and charged on February 8 and have been on remand since. Little is known about Mr Granata, who sources have said is a sports fanatic born in Italy. One family friend said he was shocked to hear allegations that Mr Granata was involved. The man, who asked to remain anonymous, described Mr Granata as a nice family man.

    The apartment complex where the crimes are said to have occurred is visited by hundreds of people every day.

    The sprawling complex - complete with a pool, a gym, and bars and cafes - has a notorious past. In 2011, two women were caught filming a pornographic movie on a balcony in broad daylight. Neighbours complained the film was being made in full view of residents, children and road users. One neighbour said she was constantly contacting centre management complaining of offensive behaviour by some clientele. Complaints included a stripper entertaining men on a balcony, fireworks being set off from hotel rooms, guests yelling abuse at her children, and beer bottles and litter being thrown from balconies. Another complained that a microwave and used condoms were thrown into backyards by some hotel patrons.

    The complex includes hundreds of rooms and long-term rental apartments.The long-term accommodation section features a large outdoor pool, a 24-hour gym and boasts of first-class facilities at "extremely affordable rates".

    The rooms where the young tourist said she was held captive would have contained an LCD TV, bar fridge, microwave, internet access, airconditioning/heating, telephone and private en suite with shower and toilet.

    Room rates are advertised at as little as $280 a week for a six to 12-month stay, or up to $320 a week for a five-week stay.

    The area was loud and bustling during the day as hundreds of guests and residents went about their day, unaware of the horrors police say occurred inside. Rydges Bell City management refused to comment.


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    Rats, bugs and kitchen filth are fodder for naming and shaming restaurants

    Filthy kitchens in Melbourne and Sydney restaurants, hotels and food manufacturing plants.

    One in 10 restaurants and cafes across NSW have been fined for food safety breaches, from preparing meals in filthy kitchens to failing to control bug infestations. The first full release of data from the Food Authority's Name and Shame register reveals that more than 3500 of the 36,000 eateries inspected across the state failed hygiene tests.

    More than 1000 of the 8042 penalty notices issued in the past five years related to cockroach infestations, rodent activity and droppings in commercial kitchens.Unsanitary food preparation areas, dirty equipment and lack of easily accessible hand-washing facilities made up nearly half the offences.

    The data, obtained under freedom of information laws, also revealed that since 2008:

    The City of Sydney Council was home to the state's most hazardous kitchens, with 820 fines. Willoughby, North Sydney, Fairfield and Blacktown councils each delivered more than 300 fines.

    The worst fast food offender was Domino's Pizza, with 31 branches hit with 50 penalty notices, followed by KFC with 24 branches accumulating 40 fines. The worst re-offender was the recently defunct Hong Hai Noodle Bar in the CBD, which was given 21 penalty notices worth $8580, including five fines last year.

    In regional NSW, the filthiest restaurants were in Gosford, Blue Mountains and Wyong council areas, each recording more than 100 offences. Food inspectors have hauled in $4.7 million worth of fines. A record $1.16 million in revenue from fines was posted last year.

    The biggest number of fines was recorded in 2009, with 2044 issued against restaurants. That year, Jemes Fish Market in Ashfield was infamously caught storing live crabs in a toilet cubicle. Choy Restaurant in Randwick was also fined for having a dead rat in its storage area. The food safety offences did not surprise food safety specialist Gavin Buckett, founder of consultancy The Gourmet Guardian, who has inspected kitchen and storage areas in restaurants across Sydney.

    He has seen food items stored in unused rubbish bins and black sludge built up inside the dishwashers used for plates, glasses and crockery. ''Last month I saw a bakery in Marrickville cool their baked products, like bread, outside on trolleys in a multi-business industrial car park that anyone can access,'' Mr Buckett said. ''I am told they do this every day.''

    He said laziness and complacency among restaurant owners and staff were key reasons why kitchen hygiene was often neglected. Pest exterminator of 20 years Gordon Simms, from Bugs-Be-Gone, said restaurants who stopped regular pest control should expect insect and rodent numbers to escalate quickly. "You need to get rid of 95 per cent to gain control. They can come back in three months if nothing is done," he said. Mr Simms also warned of greater rodent activity this winter after detecting an unusually high number this year.

    Food Authority NSW spokesman Rebecca Bowman said the public register has had a positive impact on the food trade. Last year 785 food businesses were named and shamed compared with 1309 businesses the year before. "The number of food businesses appearing on the register has almost halved in three years," she said. Each penalty notice published on the Name and Shame website expires 12 months after the fine is paid.

    Re-offenders come clean

    The large and bustling Kam Fook restaurant in Chatswood is Sydney's worst serial offender still operating on the Food Authority's Name and Shame register. The popular yum cha destination able to seat 600 people has been hit with 17 fines worth $13,640 in the past five years. The latest offences were in 2011 when inspectors found mould and food waste on coolroom shelving, above and below unprotected food. Raw chicken was also found in a colander on the floor.

    Manager Edmond Yuen said the restaurant now had a new owner who had brought in new health and hygiene practices. "We are doing everything in more detail and check more often. Everything must be clean. I can say the new owner is going much better," he said. "There's been a big improvement."

    Top Choice BBQ restaurant in Burwood has also been slapped with 17 fines, including three last year for having uncovered food stored on the coolroom floor and allowing the accumulation of dirt and grease. No fines were issued in 2010 and 2011.

    Owner of 15 years Peter Ma has paid food authority fines of $11,660. He said he joined his staff to clean the restaurant for nearly two hours every day after closing. "Being clean is important to us,'' he said.

    The son of the owner of Shanghai Night Restaurant in Ashfield, Yang Qin, said his mother's lack of English meant she was susceptible to making mistakes. "But she's learning from them so the penalties never happen again. The pest control people come every three months and we have the certificates," he said.


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    Pig Carcass Dumped at Islamic Burial Site in Rockingham

    Ashlee Mullany - July 16, 2013

    ANIMAL carcasses have been dumped at a burial site for Islamic families in Rockingham, south of Perth.

    The dumped animals were found at the Rockingham Regional Memorial Park by cemetery staff on Monday morning.

    A spokesman for the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board said the carcasses were removed as "a matter of urgency” and the local council and WA Police were notified.

    “Board staff have notified the leaders of the Muslim community of this incident,” he said.

    “This is the first incident of its kind at the park and it is being treated as an isolated occurrence.”

    The board is urging anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


    They desire to harm you severely. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse. (Quran 3:118)

    He it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islâmic Monotheism) to make it victorious over all other religions even though the Mushrikûn (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allâh and in His Messenger Muhammed) hate (it). (Quran 61:9)

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    Frances Abbott's classmates angry that they could not apply for scholarship

    by Oliver Laughland and Paul Farrell - 22 May 2014

    Frances with her father Tony abbot

    Students say no one knew that financial help given to prime minister's daughter was available from Whitehouse Institute.

    Current and former students at the Whitehouse Institute of Design have reacted angrily to the revelation that prime minister Tony Abbott’s daughter Frances received an undisclosed scholarship of $60,000 to cover her tuition fees.

    Four students – two of whom were classmates of Abbott’s – all said they did not know that the scholarship existed and raised questions over its fairness. Frances was only the second student to receive the award in its 25 year history.

    On Wednesday, Guardian Australia revealed that Frances had received a chairman’s scholarship from the institution, with Les Taylor, chairman of the board of governors, later saying he had recommended her personally for the award. Taylor said he had no say in the selection process.

    One former Whitehouse student who was in the same class as Frances for three years told Guardian Australia: “It just seems like a free ride and not a scholarship.”

    The graduate, who did not want to be named, continued: “When it comes down to it everyone got in off their portfolio. Nobody else was offered a scholarship in any way, shape or form.”

    Another former classmate said “There was absolutely no discussion of the scholarship between me or any of the other students while at Whitehouse.

    “I don’t think it’s fair. What I think would have been fair is that if that scholarship was available for everybody to apply for it.”

    A current student told Guardian Australia that their family had to take out loans to help pay her fees and the news about the scholarship made them “almost embarrassed to be associated with the school”.

    “I’ve never been made aware of any scholarship,” the student said, “I live eight hours away from Sydney. I picked up my entire life and moved to the other side of the state to be a part of this institute. I’ve asked about scholarships to make it easier on myself and my family financially but every time I’ve been told there are none available.”

    Another current student told Guardian Australia: “We’re constantly commenting on the fact that we’re paying so much money. There’s not been a person that we knew of, up until now, that’s been getting even a discount let alone $60,000 waived completely.

    “That’s why we’re so upset because we were told there are no scholarships, there’s no other way around this, you have to pay to have Whitehouse on your resume.”

    Ian Tudor, chief executive of the institute, has not responded to detailed questions from Guardian Australia relating to the processes by which the scholarship was awarded. He told news.com that the scholarship was “a discretionary award made and funded by Leanne Whitehouse”.

    He said the award was “originally called the MD’s scholarship and subsequently the chair’s scholarship”. Tudor said the institute has given “various types of scholarships” during his 10-year career there and told news.com that it awarded “20 or more each year”.

    The institute’s website states that the bachelor of design degree, which Abbott completed, “does not currently offer scholarships to gain a place into the Bachelor of Design” but that scholarships for “further study may be offered during the academic year”.

    New Matilda reported that the institute courted Frances for the scholarship before she was offered it. Documents obtained by the independent news provider purportedly show that Abbott was offered the scholarship during her first and only interview before commencing the degree.

    A spokeswoman for the prime minister’s office said the students’ comments were “a matter for Whitehouse”. She reiterated that the scholarship was “not a gift, it is an award based on merit and disclosure is not required” in the prime minister’s register of pecuniary interests.

    “The clerk of the house has further advised that there are no obvious provisions in the members’ interests that would require the declaration of such a scholarship; nor is there any reference in the more detailed notes provided to members for their guidance in making declarations that such scholarships need to be declared,” the spokeswoman said.


    Western countries claim to be corruption free yet label eastern countries as the only corrupt countries when the truth is that corruption in the western countries is on a larger scale by people of power rather than majority of the population.

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    Young Jewish Australians risking all to support Israel


    Despite the Middle East ceasefire, some young Australians are preparing to join the Israeli Defence Force for any future conflict with the recent violence increasing their enthusiasm.


    LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: The Middle East ceasefire is a week old, but young Jewish Australians are preparing to go and join the Israeli Defence Force.

    They're leaving the security of their lives here to risk everything to support the Jewish state of Israel.

    Tom Tilley from Triple J's Hack program reports.

    TOM TILLEY, REPORTER: For eight days this month, southern Israel and Gaza were consumed by ferocious warfare.

    14,000 kilometres away, a young Australian was training to take his part in any future battles.

    So Ben, how fit will you need to be to be in the Israeli Defence Force?

    BEN MILSTON: I imagine pretty fit. Trying to build up, you know, the strength and core and everything, so, gotta get prepared.

    TOM TILLEY: Ben Milston wants to be a combat soldier in the Israeli Army. It's ambition that'll put him on the front line of an ongoing and bitter conflict. He says it's his way of supporting Israel.

    BEN MILSTON: It's one of those things that what are you willing to give up or what are you willing to, you know, die for?

    TOM TILLEY: Ben works in a Jewish cafe in Bondi and lives a comfortable life, so leaving friends and family to take up arms for the Jewish state wasn't a part of his life plan. But a gap year in Israel changed that.

    BEN MILSTON: I guess I realised how comfortable I am being with other Jewish people, other people that might have, you know, the same emotions or experiences that it's just I guess a really nice connection to be with your own people.

    TOM TILLEY: That sense of connection made him want to live in Israel permanently. Ben believes that comes with responsibilities.

    BEN MILSTON: If I wanted to live in that country then I wanted to do my bit to try and defend it as well.

    TOM TILLEY: Ben's at the weekly leaders' meeting of his Zionist youth movement. His group organise activities and Jewish education programs for teenagers in the hope that they'll actively support Israel.

    These young Zionists believe the state of Israel is central to Jewish life.

    BEN MILSTON: Are you Jewish first? Are you Australian first? type thing and I guess for me, I'm Jewish first.

    (male voiceover, video footage from Jewish Agency for Israel): You shall inherit and you shall settle. The moment you step foot off that plane, you inherited a land.

    TOM TILLEY: There's a long tradition of Jews leaving their home countries and moving to Israel. It's called making Aliyah. Young Australian Jews have embraced it. In the past four years more than 400 have made the move. Most have done compulsory military service.

    REUBEN BOLAFFI, AUSTRALASIAN ZIONIST YOUTH COUNCIL: When people decide to make Aliyah, it's based on their age whether they have to do have to serve. So for women under the age of 22, they will have to serve for some period and for men under the age of 26, they'll have to serve.

    TOM TILLEY: Reuben Bolaffi overseas Australia's youth Zionist organisations. He says the recent conflict has strengthened the resolve young Australian Zionists to support the Jewish homeland.

    REUBEN BOLAFFI: They have a vision of how they want to see Israel and part of the vision means that they want to go and build a state to how they want it to be and I think that the recent Gaza conflict could perhaps only increase that desire.

    TOM TILLEY: So how does your mum feel about you going to Israel?

    DANIEL CROOK: Um, look, she's obviously gonna really miss me.

    TOM TILLEY: 24-year-old Daniel Crook is another young Zionist about to emigrate to Israel and pacifism is central to his beliefs.

    DANIEL CROOK: I am choosing to work towards a reality where - in Israel where violence is no longer an answer and where the Israeli Defence Forces may not even need to exist. And I want to affect Israeli society from a very grassroots level and have I s'pose an uprising of positive moral values that can change the face of Israeli society.

    TOM TILLEY: Last weekend, around 100 Zionist youth leaders met at a camp near Ballarat.

    Did it unsettle you much, watching the conflict on TV knowing that you'd be there in a few weeks?

    SAM GOSLING: Um, it was a little worrying, but really it doesn't change that I want to go there. If anything, I want to go there more.

    TOM TILLEY: This will be Sam Gosling's last camp in Australia. The 20-year-old has already booked his ticket to Israel. He leaves in less than three weeks.

    Are you willing to risk your life for it?

    SAM GOSLING: Yeah. I am putting my life on the line for Israel. I've made that decision, that it is worth it for such an incredible place that I will join the Army for it.

    LEIGH SALES: Tom Tilley reporting.



    These extremists define themselves as Jewish first then Australians, are willing to go fight there and die. In Australia, 100s of these terrorists meet up every weekend at a camp for terrorist training. And the Australian government seems to be ok with it. Imagine if the Muslims said all that and did all that in order to go help Palestine or any other country.

    Fatima: Well of course, supporting illegal israeli occupation and joining the zionist army to kill innocent Palestinians is okay. What a noble cause to die for!!!!! But i wonder what the reaction will be if a muslim was to support the palestinian side of the conflict... oh sorry.... no need to wonder. Supporting oppressed muslims makes you a terrorist!!! The reaction you will get is outrage!!! There is nothing noble about that. It is only when you support the zionist pigs that you are suddenly allowed and commended on having loyalty to two countries.

    I am in shock and have no words to describe the disgust I have towards our scummy hyprocrital government and each and every Australian supporting such double standards and racism. Things like this make me ashamed to call Australia home. Are these the Australian values you hypocrites want us all to have?? Is this what it means to be Australian??

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    Shocking racist rant filmed on NSW train

    A woman on a NSW train has been filmed hurling a shocking tirade of racist abuse at an Asian passenger.

    Footage of the offensive tirade, filmed this week on the Newcastle and Central Coast Line near Strathfield, has been uploaded online and attracted swift condemnation.

    The abusive woman heckles an innocent Asian passenger standing next to the man filming an earlier incident, calling her a "gook", mocking her accent, pulling at her eyes back in imitation and jeering her for coming to "our country".

    "He's too lazy to jerk off, he can only get a gook," the woman says about the man who had begun filming her when she became involved in another argument with the mother of children she wanted to stand up so that she could sit down.
    "He can't even get a regular girlfriend, it's so sad, he's got to get a gook," she says.

    The offensive woman goes on to call the man filming a "sad, poor, pathetic man" and taunts the woman beside him by repeating what she says back to her in a mocking Asian accent.

    "Oh, look at this bogan here, he's got a gook. Oh look at it, isn't it sad that he can't get a regular girlfriend, he's got to get an Asian? And she probably thinks he's rich," the woman says.

    The tirade reportedly was sparked after the woman phoned police from the middle of the moving train to complain about the children she had wanted to vacate their seats for her.

    The man filming had no association with the Asian woman beside him, according to a person who posted the video online.

    "(The Asian woman) is not even the cameraman's wife, she was just a random passenger sitting next to him," the person said.

    "My mate who took the vid saw her getting questioned by the cops, but didn't stick around cause (sic) he wanted to get home to his real wife."

    A NSW Police spokeswoman told ninemsn officers were trying to track down people involved in the incident.

    "We take incidents such as this very seriously and we are attempting to identify and locate those involved," she said.
    "Anyone who witnessed the incident or can assist with inquiries is urged to come forward."

    Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

    Racist White Australian Women Attack Blind Old Man on Bus

    Two white woman began attacking the vision impaired 77-year-old after he told them to "go back to where you came from". Although, it's uncertain as to what they said or did to provoke the response from the blind aboriginal man.

    But, "That's when they mouthed off back at him and he mouthed off back and one of the girls told him "You're lucky you're a man" and he goes "Don't let that stop you".

    A 13-year-old girl filmed the disturbing encounter as the women kicked, punched and spat on the male passenger.

    The mobile phone vision, filmed by a girl only known as Rebecca, shows them hurling abuse at him before assaulting a fellow passenger.

    The teenager filming can be heard frantically pleading with someone on the bus to stop the women as the man tries to defend himself.


    These bigots who stole the land of the natives and committed a Genocide against them are always telling all other non-Anglo to "go back where you came from" but when they get told that by an old blind helpless Native, they have a problem with that. Such is the oppressive white privileged race that has been nothing but a plague and a disease on the world ever since they got out of Europe, spreading death and mayhem wherever they went.

    School boy racially abused by 50-year-old woman on Sydney bus

    White Australian Mentality

    Warning: Vulgar language by the white hick

    Video posted to YouTube and aired on A Current Affair last night shows a 50-year-old woman hurling verbal profanities at a young male of Asian descent in a school uniform.

    It all starts when, in order to protect "fragile equipment" stored in boxes, the boy and a friend decide to stand in the aisle of the bus while keeping the equipment safe on bus seats.

    It's this that agitates the woman, who claims the pair are blocking her view.

    "It’s not f---ing right. Sit the f--- down. Get a passport bro," she laughs. "I’m born here, I know what I’m doing. Go back on your f---ing boat and f--- off".

    The boy retaliates and tells the woman to get off the bus.

    The passenger who filmed the footage, but wanted to remain anonymous, told news.com.au the tirade lasted about 12 minutes and the majority of passengers on board were Asian school children.

    "I would say they were affected by what happened," he said. "The kid reacted like a kid, the best way he could to this person."

    He said he decided to film the incident and post it to YouTube in an attempt to shame the woman and highlight the widespread racism on public transport.

    "It's going on and it (racism) doesn't look like it's stopping, I think they should put more effort into getting rid of this kind of behaviour in the public transport system," he said.

    The attack took place on the M41 route from Burwood to Campsie in Sydney's inner west last month.

    In the footage the woman claims she’s drunk.

    "You come to this country and you can do whatever you want. Well you know what, you can't."

    Another female passenger is heard to encourage the woman, but cannot be seen on camera.

    According to the description posted along with the clip, "the driver had to stop the public vehicle several times".

    He is seen to attempt to diffuse the situation but the woman "continued with the abuse the full trip".

    The passenger said the bus driver did the best he could with what he had but that it didn't stop the woman from continuing her onslaught.

    "No more swearing," the driver says at one point.

    The woman claims to be the mother of a 16-year-old son and apologises in the clip, but says "I’m speaking my mind because I’m f---ing over it".

    "I’ll shut the f--- up."

    This tirade is the latest in a string of verbal and physical attacks on public transport across the country. A State Transit Authority of NSW spokesman said it was an offence for bus passengers to use obscene, offensive and abusive language.

    "If it does occur the bus driver should ask the passenger to stop the behaviour," he said. "If they don't comply, the driver can ask them to leave the bus."

    Late last year a French woman who was racially abused on a Melbourne bus claimed she feared for her safety, afraid her attacker would "hit" her.

    In February, ABC News presenter Jeremy Fernandez was kicked off a Sydney bus after enduring 15-minutes of verbal racial taunts.

    In one of the latest attacks, the victim of a Melbourne woman's racist rant said she felt like her "dignity has been removed" as a result of the incident.



    This is how most Australians behave towards non-Whites. There are numerous news and videos available online and in Australian papers. They claim to be "multicultural" when in fact they are multiracial society with one race hating the other because of the amount of prejudice towards the non-whites by the hicks.

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    Britain has EDL - English Defense League
    Australia has ADL - Australian Defense League

    Maybe Muslims should come out with their Defense Leagues as well to combat these extremists and their terrorizing.

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    Christian Islamophobe Australians Threaten to Boycott Stores over "Happy Ramadan" Signs

    By Kathryn Powley - June 26, 2014

    WOOLWORTHS is wishing some customers a “Happy Ramadan” — but not everybody is celebrating.

    The supermarket giant has Ramadan promotions in 239 stores in areas with big Muslim populations.

    At Sunshine’s Marketplace Woolworths, posters and a display of nuts and dried fruit greet customers.

    The month-long Islamic religious festival involves fasting in daylight hours.

    But some customers have complained the promotion is offensive and un-Australian.

    On the supermarket’s Facebook page, one person accused the chain of “pandering to a minority”.

    Another said: “I find this kind of advertising OFFENSIVE, as an Australian & as a female!!!”.

    And another said the signs were offensive to her beliefs and she would boycott stores where they were displayed.

    Woolworths spokesman Russell Mahoney said the promotion was running in 239 stores around Australia.

    “We celebrate as many international festivities as possible to support the diverse population of Australia,” he said.

    That included Diwali, Lunar New Year and Passover.

    Islamic Council of Victoria secretary Ghaith Krayem welcomed Woolworths’ promotion and said people who opposed such initiatives did so out of ignorance and unsubstantiated fears.

    “Ramadan is a time of reflection and renewal and maybe it is also a time for all of us to be inclusive rather than push each other away.”



    What’s offensive is genocidal practices perpetrated against Australian Aborigines by European invaders in all their Australian governments from British settlement in 1788 until the present.

    A report was written by Sir Ronald Wilson, one of Australia's most respected former judges, and president of Australia's Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission accused Australia of Genocide. White Racist polices were The policies were conducted on the basis of a belief in white superiority and that the aboriginal race would eventually die out.

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    White Australians Racists Against Natives

    BeyondBlue to launch a new campaign highlighting the link between racism and depression

    July 29, 2014

    ALMOST half of white Australians believe Aboriginal people are given unfair advantages by the government, and one in five people say they would move away if an indigenous Australian sat next to them.

    The disturbing findings are contained in new research conducted for BeyondBlue, which will today launch a powerful new television campaign highlighting the link between subtle, insidious forms of racism, and the depression and anxiety it triggers.

    Athlete turned Senator Nova Peris will help launch the campaign, which is designed to highlight the widespread racism still endured by Australia’s indigenous citizens.

    In a speech today, Senator Peris will say she has been the victim of “all forms of racism — from the blatant verbal abuse through to subtle bias against me”.

    “The Stop Think Respect campaign makes a stand that racism is not acceptable,” Senator Peris said. “But it also makes people think about whether they might be subconsciously engaging in subtle racism. It makes people think about the potential consequences of their actions.”

    The TNS survey for BeyondBlue, of 1000 non-indigenous Australians, alarmingly found almost ten per cent of non-indigenous respondents admit they would not hire an Aboriginal jobseeker.

    One in ten people said they would avoid sitting next to an indigenous Australian on public transport, while more than a third of people surveyed conceded they believe indigenous Aussies are “sometimes a bit lazy”.

    Indigenous actor Greg Fryer who featured in the movie The Sapphires and appears in the commercial, said it is critical the country has an honest conversation about how widespread and despicable racism is.

    “Australia has progressed since the 1970s but racism still raises its head and projects like this certainly contribute to making us a better community,” Mr Fryer said.

    It can be really overt, like abuse in the street, but at other times it can be very subtle but really undermine you,” he said.

    BeyondBlue chairman Jeff Kennett said regardless of whether racism is subtle or overt, “it still ruins lives”.

    “Indigenous Australians are twice as likely to die by suicide as non-indigenous Australians, and are almost three times more likely to experience psychological distress,” he said.

    “Racial discrimination contributes to these tragic statistics and it’s about time things changed.”

    The survey results also showed men were more inclined than women to display racist behaviour toward indigenous Australians.

    More than a quarter of the men surveyed said it was hard to treat indigenous Australians the same way as everybody else, and men were twice as likely to deliberately avoid sitting next to an Aboriginal person.



    BoxxyFan (from YT): The fact that this ad chose aboriginals instead of Asians or Muslims really shows how subtlety racist this ad is. There is way more racism towards Asians in Australia, but of course no one cares about that. Let's just make it all about Aboriginals because of Australia's past, forget the Asians.

    Aboriginal Genocide by Apartheid Australia

    Last edited by islamirama; Oct-11-2014 at 01:23 PM.

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    Tensions between Australian Defence League and Muslim community reach violent new heights

    21 April 2014

    Police and ASIO are scrambling to defuse serious tensions between Australian far-right groups [White Extremists] and Islamist extremists [Muslim citizens], which have reached unprecedented heights with death threats and an apparent attempted murder.

    In the most serious case, up to eight gunshots were fired into the Sydney home of a former leader of an anti-Islamic hate group earlier this month.

    The former western Sydney president of the Australian Defence League (ADL), Nathan Abela, claims he commando-rolled through his living room to avoid being hit by up to eight bullets fired into his Greystanes home late on April 3.

    Police believe the shooting was part of a backlash against the ADL, a registered not-for-profit organisation which incites its followers to violence and has in recent months escalated a vicious hate campaign against Australian Muslims.

    The group's members and followers have been stalking and photographing Muslim women on public transport, spraying invective at Muslims on Sydney streets and on social media, displaying anti-Islamic posters outside mosques and even threatening to blow up an Islamic school. [yea, these are not "far right" but rather extremists!]

    The ADL was established in 2009 as an offshoot of the violent English Defence League, the UK's most provocative street movement in decades.

    The Australian group has fewer than 30 paid members, but its Facebook page attracted more than 12,000 followers before it was shut down earlier this month.

    One of its leaders is former soldier Ralph Cerminara, an IT technician by day who has spent more than three years as the national president of the ADL and claims to have support from within the Australian Defence Force.

    Mr Cerminara told the ABC's 7.30 program the group's aim was to have Islam banned and to "defend Australia's culture and Australia's people at all costs".

    A recent post from Mr Cerminara's Facebook account to his followers was even more threatening:
    "I am calling for the end of Islam in our country and hopefully the world.

    "If Muslims have to die then so be it. It is us against them."
    In recent weeks, Mr Cerminara ratcheted up tensions with Sydney's Muslim community, urging ADL followers to take photographs of Muslim women in public and post them online.

    Several women in hijabs and burqas discovered they had been followed, photographed and subjected to ridicule on Facebook.

    A mother of three who was photographed on the morning train to work and then humiliated in a series of vile Facebook posts told 7.30 she has been forced to take stress leave from work and seek counselling for panic attacks.

    Mr Cerminara makes no apologies for the personal attacks and public ridicule, telling 7.30: "If that's the way it has to happen, then so be it".

    "They are putting that hijab on themselves, the same as a person would be putting a satanic star around their neck," he said. "We know what they stand for by putting that on."

    But Australia's Grand Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, says the ADL is trying to "explode society".

    "Organisations created in the name of defending Australia want to start a fire in all Australia," he told followers in a recent sermon at Granville Town Hall.

    "They deal with the most precious thing a human being has and that is his beliefs."

    War of words escalates into shooting

    Two months ago, Mr Cerminara expanded the ADL's reach by appointing 24-year-old demolition worker Nathan Abela as the group's western Sydney president.

    Abela took to the role with vigour and quickly gained a reputation within Sydney's Muslim community, uploading a series of videos on YouTube of himself preaching, handing out anti-Islamic pamphlets and filming Muslim sites.

    It was a video filmed at Australia's biggest Islamic school at Greenacre that rattled the Muslim community and caused police to alert the NSW counter-terrorism squad and ASIO.

    In the video posted on YouTube and Facebook, Abela accused the Melek Fahd Islamic School of locking up women. The ADL's Facebook followers suggested the school was a terrorist safe house that should be bombed or burned down.

    The actions fuelled an online war of words with Sydney's Muslim community, which escalated in the lead-up to the shooting at Abela's home.

    Just days before the shooting, a Sydney man known as Abu Bakr posted a video on YouTube accusing Abela of "making yourself a clear target for the Muslims out there".

    Police under pressure to take action

    Police are investigating the shooting and continuing death threats against Abela and Mr Cerminara, but have been under pressure from the Muslim community to take action against the Australian Defence League [White Extremists].

    NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas assures a large investigation is continuing into the ADL's actions online and its hate campaign against Muslim women.

    "We will not tolerate it and we will be there to do something about it," Mr Kaldas told a community meeting last week.

    "There's also some legal advice that we need to get. Some of the offences we can't charge until approval is given by the Attorney-General's Department and that will be pursued."

    Late last week, Abela was charged with a number of offences, including trespassing, using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend, and hindering the investigation into the shooting at his house.

    The Royal Australian Navy has carried out a separate investigation into the Australian Defence League after reports emerged that some sailors engaged in Operation Sovereign Borders had been posting anti-Islamic comments on social media.

    One Navy member who was under investigation had responded to a Facebook post critical of asylum seekers, from someone who claimed to be an ADL member, that he was "about to head out today to deal with these f-----s".

    The Navy announced this month that while none of its serving personnel had been found to be members of the ADL, several sailors had been dismissed for inappropriate use of social media.



    It's clear these EDL and ADL morons are white supremacist Extremists terrorists that that only terrorize Muslim citizens but also call for murder and bombing and yet their media calls them "far right group" while the upset Muslims who respond to them as the "islamist extremists". We all know who are the extremists and hypocrites and who are not.

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    How The Media Provokes Muslims for reaction

    Jul 4, 2010
    A news clip about how the media provokes innocent Muslims to get a reaction and then show that reaction to portray Muslims as bad, evil, and violent.

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    Muslim leaders reject Tony Abbott's proposed new terrorism laws

    Saffron Howden, Rachel Olding August 20, 2014

    Muslim leaders across Australia have denounced as unjust, unjustified and hypocritical proposed new counter-terrorism laws and they have refused to "rubber-stamp" them for the government.

    In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, more than 60 individuals and organisations, including 10 sheikhs, said that the threat from the ostensible target of the laws - about 150 "radicalised" Muslims returning from Iraq or Syria - had been "trumped up".

    "There is no solid evidence to substantiate this threat. Rather, racist caricatures of Muslims as backwards, prone to violence and inherently problematic are being exploited," the statement reads.

    "It is instructive that similar issues about Australian troops traveling abroad to fight or Jews traveling to train or fight with the Israeli Defence Force are simply never raised."

    The Muslim leaders also pointed out the official terrorism threat level has remained the same since 2001.

    The statement was released just two days after Prime Minister Tony Abbott set about selling the sweeping changes and met with Muslim community representatives in Sydney.

    At the time, he said his message to Islamic leaders was that everyone should be on "Team Australia".

    Australian Muslim Women's Association head Silma Ihram attended the meeting with 20 or so others but said invitees were only told about the Monday morning consultation the preceding Friday evening.

    There was no agenda for the one-hour meeting and those invited were not given access to any draft legislation, she said.

    "We don't even know what we're speaking about," she said. "A productive consultation has an agenda. There was no agenda."

    Ms Ihram is a signatory to the statement from Muslim leaders, which vows not to rubber-stamp the laws.

    "The Muslim community is being asked to sign off on laws and policies that have already been decided," it reads.

    "Prime Minister Tony Abbott is merely seeking approval under the cover of consultation."

    The government's plans reportedly include softening the definition of terrorism, retaining internet and phone data, making it easier to detain and question suspects returning from overseas and reversing the onus of proof for people coming home from terrorism hot-spots.



    In other words, it's similar to the US Patriot Act in it gives sweeping powers to the government to do as they please under the guise of "terrorism" laws.

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