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    Thumbs up Ramadan Announcements

    Assalaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

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    I thought I posted a Ramadan message, yesterday. I guess it didn't get posted.

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    Ramadhaan 1439 – High Judiciary Council of Saudi Arabia

    15th May 2018

    Just a short time ago, Fatwa-Online was informed of the official decision and announcement of the High Judiciary Council of Saudi Arabia that since the moon of Ramadhaan was not sighted this evening, here in Saudi Arabia, we shall be
    completing thirty (30) days of Sha’baan (1439 A.H.), in accordance with the hadeeth of the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam):

    "Fast when you see the crescent [of Ramadhaan]. If it is obscured to you, then complete thirty days of Sha’baan. And break your fast when you see the crescent [of Shawwaal]. If it is obscured to you then fast thirty days"[transmitted by al-Bukhaaree and Muslim].

    Subsequently, we shall be starting our taraaweeh prayers tomorrow (Wednesday 16 May, 2018) after the ‘Ishaa. prayer, in preparation for the
    first fast of Ramadhaan on Thursday 17 May, 2018, in shaa.-Allaah.

    Ramadan will begin on Thursday in most countries

    May 16, 2018

    Ramadan will begin on Thursday, May 17, Saudi Arabia announced.

    Around the world

    Millions of Muslims around the world will begin the fasting month of Ramadan on Thursday.

    Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations, like Indonesia, declared
    Ramadan would not begin Wednesday based on a moon-sighting methodology. That means the month of dawn-to-dusk fasting will most likely begin Thursday, according to a news agency.


    Ramadan to start on Thursday in Lebanon.


    Bahrain declares Ramadan on Thursday.

    Other countries

    South Korea, Japan and Singapore declare Ramadan on Thursday.


    Jordan declares Ramadan on Thursday, according to Petra news.


    Iraq declares Ramadan on Thursday.


    Muslims in Malaysia will begin observing the month of Ramadan from Thursday, May 17, 2018, according to government-owned RTM.

    The announcement was made by the Keeper of the Rulers' Seal, Datuk Seri Syed Danial Syed Ahmad, according to the New Straits Times. Syed Danial said the date for the beginning of the fast nationwide was set in accordance with a decree by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong after acquiring the consent of the country's rulers.


    The Australian Muslim Council of Imams has declared that Ramadan will fall on Thursday May 17, 2018.

    In a circular issued on Tuesday, the council stated that “following extensive consultations with nationwide Islamic leaders and imams from the Australian National Imams Council Executive Committee and their representatives from all Australian states, the first night of the holy month of Ramadan and Taraweeh prayer will be on Wednesday the 16th of May after Maghreb (sunset)”.

    The announcement was made by the Grand Mufti of Australia, Abdul Azim Al Afifi on the council’s official Facebook page.

    In the UAE, a moon-sighting committee has been formed to sight the crescent after Maghrib prayers on Tuesday at the Abu Dhabi Judiciary Department.

    Sultan Bin Saeed Al Badi, Minister of Justice, issued the resolution to set up the committee and urged all Sharia courts in the country to participate in the moon sighting and inform the committee of any findings.


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