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    Conrad Murray was either a pawn for the Illuminati or he honestly couldn't save Michael's life. In his final days, Michael wasn't eating or drinking anything. When his brothers asked him why he wasn't eating, he said, "They're trying to poison me".

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    I agree Conrad Murray could have been a pawn or a scapegoat...he could have genuinely cared for Michael.Although some of his behavior seem irresponsible for a docter.Of course Allah knows best about the man and what happened.

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    More info on Dr.Conrad Murray and others...

    Dr Conrad Murray tells his lies
    -- Media defense of the doctor.

    Michael Jackson's Nurse on Larry King CNN
    -- Maybe he couldn't sleep because he believed people were trying to kill him???
    FYI: Not being able to sleep is torture, figuratively, and it is even used as torture literally.
    -- At certain points, Larry King seems to be deceptively forming conclusions for viewers.
    -- Subliminal: If you look closely at the images from 4:05 - 5:54, you'll see that it is a "piece on Michael's skin transformation." The baby incident, twice? Hundreds or thousands of images and videos of Michael, and they chose those.
    -- 7:06 - "The idea is that when you first start taking it, you do get sort of a high-type feeling ..." The "idea"? In most viewer’s minds, "the idea" = "the idea behind the drug being taken by someone or Michael." What else does it mean? Wrong word choice?
    -- 9:47 - "... either because of drugs or something else." not "because of something else." And if you think these types of statements are natural, and serve no hidden purpose, check this out: http://www.destee.com/index.php?thr...ctics-exposed-and-analysed.68160/#post-705638

    Michael Jackson's nurse speaks
    -- Once again, she states that she hasn't been interviewed by authorities/police/investigators. When key witnesses are not interviewed, and they are willing to and available, it means those in charge of the investigation desire the investigation to come to a certain conclusion. That's a fact, especially with popular people.

    Cherilyn Lee Follow-Up Interview with CNN's John Roberts
    --For sleep.
    --7:39 - "Not to connect these two things together..." Come on ... By now, you should be able to see what CNN, in particular, was doing.

    Michael Jackson's Dermatologist: MJ Was A Diprivan Addict
    --Misleading title. This video proves it was used for sleep.
    --Liar!!! Listen to what he said at 5:54 - 6:12 Now go back and listen to what he said at 4:02 - 4:15 So, while trying to present Michael as "drug addict," he messed up and showed that he himself is a liar who is lying about what he is saying. By now, you should definitely see what was going on with CNN. Why did they do this?
    FYI: I didn't intentionally get this many CNN clips. I didn't intentionally get CNN clips at all.

    *Different networks handle different individuals maybe? For instance, Fox News on Jesse Jackson; CNN on Michael? All depends on what was said and done on other networks when it came to these two individuals.

    WHY Did Michael Jackson's Doctor Hide Bottles Of Lidocaine As Paramedics Tried To Revive Him?
    --For certain, Dr. Murray is a liar!


    Dr. Conrad Murray Was Talking on Phone to Waitress as Michael Jackson Was Dying!!
    -- He's someone who can be bought.
    -- 4:26 - 4:33 "No, not at all." She didn't know he had 7 kids and was married.

    Nancy Grace July 22 P 4 Michael Jackson Case !
    -- 2:04 - 2:14 The doctor came at night and left first thing in the morning? Helping MJ sleep through the night?

    Nancy Grace July 22 P 5 Michael Jackson Case !

    Hold on, it gets worst. There Where More Snakes Around Michael Who Stood To Benefit. A hit squad moving in slow motion? (Which would be correctly termed an "assassin squad.")

    People behind michael jackson's death Part 1/5

    People behind michael jackson's death part 2/5

    People behind Michael jackson's death Part 3/5

    People behind michael jackson's death Part 4/5

    People behind Michael Jackson's death Part 5/5

    Quote: On June 26, the LA Times reported that a Jackson “adviser”, Tohme, had stated that while Jackson had picked Dr. Conrad Murray as his physician, AEG “paid the doctor’s bills”.

    On July 22, according to Insider.com, AEG Live stated that “Michael Jackson insisted” AEG hire Dr. Murray and that Murray was “Jackson’s personal physician”. According to BittenandBound.com, Murry had been Jackson’s physician for three years and that Murray had been hired by AEG to be with Jackson “full-time”.

    The contract would also provide details about the personal physician hired by AEG. In this case, AEG has admitted it was Dr. Murray.

    AEG stands to lose a considerable sum over the series of concerts Jackson failed to perform. There’s been no news that AEG has sought to recoup its losses by way of filing an insurance claim, a claim, that if AEG was telling the truth, that Jackson had passed a medical exam with “flying colors”, should be legit.

    If it’s ascertained that Jackson’s death was caused by Dr. Murray’s actions, AEG, as Murray’s employer, could face a potentially massive wrongful death lawsuit from Katherine Jackson.
    Source: http://mjthekingofpop.wordpress.com...eg-live-attempts-to-muzzle-katherine-jackson/

    Other sources of information:



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