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    Mumbai attacker Ajmal Kasab pleading BHAGWAN - Indian drama exposed bigtime!!

    The entire Indian facade of Mumbai false flag attack has collapsed after Ajmal Kasab was caught pleading to Hindu God Bhagwan instead of Allah which clearly shows that Ajmal Kasab is just a codename who is in reality a HINDU backed by RAW. And it makes sense too. Pakistani agencies are not stupid to do such a cheap loosely knitted attack. Only cow piss drinkers (literally) can do such a lame job.

    Zaid Hamid Exposed Ajmal Kasab as a hindu!

    Zaid Hamid Sb exposed Ajmal Kassab approx. 3 years ago and in a recent confession of Ajmal Kassab he is shown praying to Baghwan.

    "Ajmal Kassab begging to Bhagwan for mercy" !! listen to this interview. His accent is Indian. He pleads to Bhagwan. He is NOT from a village in Pakistani Punjab. He is the man India claims did Mumbai. No Muslim would ever beg for forgiveness to Bhagwan. Listen at 3:08. Indian drama exposed big time!!!

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    Hindutva And Israel : The Terror Connection
    Vijay Prashad PhD, an India-born American, is the author of the book “Namaste Sharon: Hindutva and Sharonism under US hegemony (2003), which addresses the close relationship between India and Israel based on the common hatred toward Muslims of the extremist Hindus (BJP) and Zionist Jews. Vijay Prashad is author of 11 books and a columnist whose articles appear on PRAGOTI and several other websites. Vijay was reciepant of Muzzafar Ahmad Book Award (2009), which is named after India’s great Communist ideologist and strategist. Interestingly, the Financial Times (FT) chose Muslim mass-murderer (for the death of over 2,000 Muslim men, women and children – and cleansing of Ahmadabad city of 800,000 Muslim population in 2002), Narendra Modi, as the Asian Personality of 2009. That shows where the magazine’s loyalty is.

    Hindutva groups are supportive of the Jewish State of Israel, including Savarkar himself, who supported Israel during its formation.[22] The RSS is politically pro-Israel and actively praised the efforts of Ariel Sharon when he visited India.[23][24] RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav recently expressed support for Israel.[25]



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    Hinduism Exposed, Mumbai Attack an Inside Job

    An Indian home ministry former officer has disclosed that a member of the secret service team had accused incumbent governments of 'orchestrating' the terror attack on Parliament and the 26/11 carnage in Mumbai.

    The former Indian investigator Satish Verma has said that India itself was behind Parliament in Delhi and Mumbai terror attacks

    According to Indian media‚ the fake encounter case involving a senior officer Under-Secretary of Interior Ministry Ishrat Jahan has submitted an affidavit in the court stating that a member of CBI and SIC investigation team Satish Verma told him that in the terrorists attacks on Parliament in Delhi and Mumbai terror attacks were pre-planned.

    A key government official, R V S Mani said that Satish Verma, until recently a part of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe team, told him that both the terror attacks were set up “with the objective of strengthening the counter-terror legislation (sic).Mani has said that Verma narrated that the 13.12. 2001(attack on Parliament) was followed by Pota (Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act) and 26/11 2008 (terrorists’ siege of Mumbai) was followed by amendment to the UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act).

    The official has alleged Verma levelled the damaging charge while debunking IB's inputs labelling the three killed with Ishrat in the June 2004 encounter as Lashkar terrorists.Contacted by Times of India, Verma refused to comment. "I don't know what the complaint is, made when and to whom. Nor am I interested in knowing. I cannot speak to the media on such matters. Ask the CBI," said

    the Gujarat cadre IPS officer who after being relieved from the SIT is working as principal of the Junagadh Police Training College.The attacks were launched to strengthen the anti-terrorism laws

    .It may be recalled that India had accused Pakistan of its involvement in both of the attacks and started a propaganda campaign maligning Pakistan based organizations and its agencies for the attacks.Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab have already been hanged by Indian government in parliament and 26/11 cases respectively.


    Pakistan needs explanation over Indian involvement in Mumbai attacks

    By Hadi Aziz - Jul 17th, 2013

    Pakistan asks neighbouring country India to clarify its position on revelations by a former Indian official that biggest democracy in the world itself conducted Mumbai and parliament attacks.

    Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry, spokesperson of Pakistan Foreign office, told in the capital city of Islamabad that his office was reviewing the statement.

    A couple of days back, an Indian intelligence officer revealed the fact that Indian government had planned the attacks to tighten anti-terrorism laws in the country.


    Muslims and others knew back in 2008 when it happened that it's the Hindus and not any Muslims.

    Here is one report from 2008.

    Mumbai Terror: Evidence being deliberately ignored
    December 3, 2008

    Tying a red thread or cord around the wrist is a Hindu practice and it is unlikely a Muslim, especially one politicized enough to carry out an attack such as this, would observe it. I think this provides more evidence that this was a false flag operation or at least an attack by a non-Muslim group. For more information about the significance of the red thread see wikipedia and this blog post. [Thanks to Uruk]

    Additionally, the terrorists inside the Nariman House Building were reported to have stocked up on supplies on Wednesday evening, buying not just food items but liquor, among other things, from a local store [Source]. Again, it is highly unlikely that a Muslim, let alone a ‘Mujahid’, and especially one politicized enough to carry out such an attack, would consume liquor in normal life, let alone hours before his inevitable ‘martyrdom’.



    Then there traitors within Pakistan who work against Pakistan with the country's enemies. Rehman Malik being one such traitor as can be seen from 2008 when he said Pakistan did the Mumbai attack.

    Pakistan’s Zionist Security Advisor

    Interior Minister Rehman Malik held a press conference and said the Mumbai India attacks originated in terror cells in Pakistan. These cells may have government connections.

    Rehman Malik was the person responsible for security of Benazir Bhutto. After the assassination of Benazir Bhutto there were many accusation against Rehman Malik for lax security and his absence.

    Malik Is A Suspected Mossad Double Agent

    Rehman Malik as chief of the Federal Investigation Agency launched a secret war against the Islamists. The Pakistani military was equally dismayed by reports of FIA contacts with the Israeli secret service, the MOSSAD, to investigate Islamist terrorists. Rehman Malik was also arrested on corruption charges.


    pictures: http://postimg.org/gallery/9szefddu

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    Hindu nationalists train young girls to bomb, shoot and murder Muslims

    This video shows the chilling reality of Hindu Nationalist (Hindutva) Girls’ training camps and seminaries.

    They young girls talk about building bombs to kill Muslims, showing their willingness to shoot Muslims dead en masse, and the retaking of India by cleansing it from “Muslims and Christians”.

    During a rally, there is also a call to arms for Hindus to go to Kashmir and to fight Pakistan.

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    Hindu Priest Reveals Truth Of Terror Attacks Blamed On Muslims

    By Andrew Buncombe - 12 January 2011

    India is being forced to confront disturbing evidence that increasingly suggests a secret Hindu terror network may have been responsible for a wave of deadly attacks previously blamed on radical Muslims.

    Information contained in a confession given in court by a Hindu holy man, suggests that he and several others linked to a right-wing Hindu organization, planned and carried out attacks on a train traveling to Pakistan, a Sufi shrine and a mosque as well as two assaults on Malegaon, a town in southern India with a large Muslim population.

    He claimed the attacks were launched in response to the actions of Muslim militants. "I told everybody that we should answer bombs with bombs," 59-year-old Swami Aseemanand, whose real name is Naba Kumar Sarkar, told a magistrate during a closed hearing in Delhi. "I suggested that 80 per cent of the people of Malegaon were Muslims and we should explode the first bomb in Malegaon itself. I also said that during partition, the Nizam of Hyderabad had wanted to go with Pakistan so Hyderabad was also a fair target. Then I said that since Hindus also throng [a Sufi shrine in] Ajmer we should also explode a bomb in Ajmer which would deter the Hindus from going there. I also suggested the Aligarh Muslim University as a target."

    Police in India have suspected for some time that Hindus may have been responsible for the attacks carried out between 2006 and 2008, and in November of that year several arrests were made, including that of a serving military officer. But the confession of Swami Aseemanand, obtained by an Indian news magazine, is perhaps the most damning evidence yet that Hindu extremists were responsible. It also suggests those involved were senior members of a religious group that is the parent organisation of India's main opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

    "The evidence is not conclusive but people have to take notice of this," said Bahukutumbi Raman, a former national security adviser and now a leading regional security analyst. "This could aggravate tensions between India's [Hindu and Muslim] communities. It will create problems."

    The revelations in Tehelka magazine, bear added significance following the comments of Rahul Gandhi, widely expected to be a future prime minister, in which he said he believed the growth of Hindu extremists presented a greater threat to India than Muslim militants. According to a cable obtained by WikiLeaks, last year Mr Gandhi told the US ambassador to Delhi, Timothy Roemer: "Although there was evidence of some support for Laskar-e-Taiba among certain elements in India's indigenous Muslim community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalized Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community."

    At the time, Mr Gandhi's comments were strongly condemned by the BJP. But the main opposition party has been pushed on to the back foot by the testimony of Swami Aseemanand, which suggests many of those involved in the bombing plots were members of religious organizations such as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

    The RSS is considered the BJP's ideological parent. The RSS's leader, Mohan Bhagwat, claimed extremists had been forced out. "Elements nurturing extremist views have been asked to leave the organization," he said. "A majority of the people whom the government has accused... had left voluntarily and a few were told that this extremism will not work here."

    Among the incidents initially blamed on Muslim militants was a bomb attack in February 2007 on the Samjhauta Express, traveling between Delhi and Lahore. Of the 68 deaths, most were Pakistani citizens returning home. The attack took place a day before Pakistan's Foreign Minister was due to arrive in India for peace talks.

    Swami Aseemanand was arrested in Haridwar November 2010, having apparently been in hiding for more than two years. In his 42-page confession to the magistrate, he reportedly claimed he had been spurred into action by a series of Muslim attacks on Hindus, in particular the assault on the Akshardham temple in Gujarat 2002 that left at least 29 people dead. "This caused great concern and anger in me," he said.

    The attacks under scrutiny

    Samjhauta Express

    In February 2007, two firebombs exploded on the train commonly known as the 'Friendship Express' which travels across the Indo-Pakistani border. Most of the 68 victims and 50 injured were of Pakistani origin. Three further unexploded suitcase bombs were later found on the train.

    Mecca Masjid

    An attack on the Mecca Masjid mosque, which is in Hyderabad's old city, left 14 people dead in May 2007 – with five apparently killed by police firing on a furious mob after the incident. Swami Aseemanand apparently said that the site was chosen because the local administrator wanted to be part of Pakistan during partition.


    A famous Muslim shrine in the city of Ajmer in Rajasthan, about 350km south-west of Delhi, was targeted by bomb attacks in October later that year. Two people were killed and 17 injured near the scared shrine, which houses the tomb of a 13th-century Sufi saint. Swami Aseemanand said the blast was intended to deter Hindus from going there.


    In September 2008, three bomb blasts killed 37 people in the Muslim-majority city of Malegaon, situated about 160 miles north-east of Maharashtra's state capital, Mumbai. Muslims had been attending prayers when the bombs exploded in a sacred burial ground, also injuring more than 125 people.



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