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    Default I am a believer of Peace.

    Save me from from the dwindling threats
    I am the same, a believer of Peace;
    That live and dwell at every Human Hearts
    And am a LOVER of Peace.
    So much so that in time to come
    Hope mankind live peacefully under the sun
    In sunlight throngs and nightly PEACE
    In moonlight rays of manly EASE;
    Maybe you too hear this call
    In the busy hours of you chorus days
    And not a fear stir nor saddened rays
    But Love and Peace for all, for all.

    Call me a whisper of peace if you wish,
    Call a White Sheep and birds' wits and mist
    For a man like me is found to drawl
    Around the busy streets and famous Hall --
    And there would be others that would come
    In future they too would write the same Hymn.
    Mind you, we are the same, the same of hearts and mind,
    Mind you, we the same Humane Kind.
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