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    Default Important Announcements

    Women's Shelter

    As salaamu alaikum,

    Please visit our website and know that we are a resource. We accept and receive Sisters traveling to us nationwide. We only house Muslim women and children.

    Asma Hanif, Executive Director
    Muslimat Al Nisaa, INC
    Health, Education, Social & Shelter Services
    5115 Liberty Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21207

    (410) 466-8686 fax (410) 466-5949


    A Registered 501(c)3 Charitable Organization

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    Default Scam Alert: Beware of Callers Impersonating Government Agents

    Scam Alert: Beware of Callers Impersonating Government Agents

    Individuals falsely claiming to be officers from the DHS, FBI, IRS and/or USCIS are calling American Muslims

    08 November 2013

    A number of CAIR chapters have received complaints in the last few weeks from community members who have received calls from individuals falsely claiming to be from the DHS, FBI, USCIS and IRS.

    The community members correctly contacted CAIR to assert their rights, but learned following consultation with the CAIR staff that these calls were in fact scams. Those making the calls impersonate officers, sometimes leave messages and claim there is an investigation pending and threaten prosecution and/or arrest.

    There was a recent news report in the Mercury News about Fremont community members falling victim to this IRS scam. These individuals falsely claim to be from the IRS and ask for money otherwise they will revoke the community member's visa and/or passport or arrest the community member.

    CAIR has also received complaints about individuals falsely claiming to be from the USCIS asking community members for personal information. These individuals then falsely identify "issues" in the community member's immigration records and ask for payment to correct these records. The Council for Global Immigration reported that "[t]he people making the phone calls ... have threatened adverse actions such as deportation."

    Ultimately, these individuals are harassing people to try and extract sensitive information about their identity and/or coerce community members to give them money.

    If you receive a phone call from someone who claims to be an officer from one of these agencies, please:

    • Do not give the caller any sensitive information about your identity like your social security number, date of birth, passport number, alien number, maiden name, etc., and do not send any money.
    • Say: "I have nothing to say to you at this time. My lawyer will contact you."
    • Ask them for their contact information and try to make note of the name of the alleged officer, as well as which agency they claim to be with and their phone number.
    • Report it to CAIR's national office or the nearest CAIR chapter. CAIR is also reporting these calls to their respective agencies.
    • If the caller leaves a message, do not return the call or leave a message in return. Please save the message and share it with CAIR.

    Please share this alert with your community to increase awareness and help people protect themselves.

    If you have questions, please contact CAIR's Civil Rights Department at 202-488-8787 or email info@cair.com


    MLFA Update: August 5, 2010 | Forward to Friend | Manage Your Subscription | Donate

    Calling All Volunteers!

    The Muslim Legal Fund of America is calling on you to spend a few minutes of your day towards a worthy cause.

    Thousands of innocent Muslims are being approached by federal law enforcement and are sometimes being convinced into "voluntary" interviews without legal representation.

    Talking with law enforcement without legal representation is hazardous to your freedom, but not everyone is aware of this fact!

    We need your help to get the word out to as many Muslims as possible so innocent people are not thrown in jail for making mistakes during these interviews.

    Here is how YOU can help:

    1. Register online at http://muslimlegalfund.org/mlfa/volunteer-mlfa
    2. Once you are registered, download the provided flyer
    3. Print the flyer and make copies (the number of copies will depend on how many people attend Friday prayers at your location)
    4. Distribute the flier outside your mosque after the Friday prayers

    If you've already registered to be a volunteer, please download the flier.

    The Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit charitable organization, Federal Tax ID: 01-0548371. Donations to MLFA are tax-deductable. MLFA is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or services. Information provided on its website, email newsletters or other communications are provided solely for informational purposes and should not be misconstrued as legal advice or legal opinions. If you feel you need the services of an attorney, MLFA may be able to help you. Call MLFA at 1-866-MLFA-USA (1-866-653-2872). http://www.MuslimLegalFund.org.


    Please support freedom, liberty and equal justice for all.

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    Default Nestlé's water privatization push

    Nestlé's water privatization push

    Across the globe, Nestlé is pushing to privatize and control public water resources.

    Nestlé's Chairman of the Board, Peter Brabeck, has explained his philosophy with "The one opinion, which I think is extreme, is represented by the NGOs, who bang on about declaring water a public right. That means as a human being you should have a right to water. That’s an extreme solution."

    Around the world, Nestlé is bullying communities into giving up control of their water. It's time we took a stand for public water sources.

    Tell Nestlé that we have a right to water. Stop locking up our resources!

    At the World Water Forum in 2000, Nestlé successfully lobbied to stop water from being declared a universal right -- declaring open hunting season on our local water resources by the multinational corporations looking to control them. For Nestlé, this means billions of dollars in profits. For us, it means paying up to 2,000 percent more for drinking water because it comes from a plastic bottle.

    Now, in countries around the world, Nestlé is promoting bottled water as a status symbol. As it pumps out fresh water at high volume, water tables lower and local wells become degraded. Safe water becomes a privilege only affordable for the wealthy.

    In our story, clean water is a resource that should be available to all. It should be something we look after for the public good, to keep safe for generations, not something we pump out by billions of gallons to fuel short-term private profits. Nestlé thinks our opinion is "extreme", but we have to make a stand for public resources. Please join us today in telling Nestlé that it's not "extreme" to treat water like a public right.

    Tell Nestlé to start treating water like a public right, not a source for private profits!


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    Tampa civil rights group warns Muslims to talk to FBI only with lawyer present

    A local civil rights group is issuing an “urgent warning” to Muslims not to talk to the FBI unless their lawyer is present; the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR-Florida, says it stems from a prominent New Tampa Muslim being questioned at home.
    For more, WMNF interviewed, Hassan Shibly, an attorney and executive director of CAIR-Florida.

    Later this week we’ll air the 2nd half of this interview in which Shibly emphasizes the danger of entrapment and outlines the case of Sami Osmakac, who was convicted of plotting terrorism and is awaiting sentencing. His supporters say he was entrapped and incapable of carrying out the crime.


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    If that new friend starts calling for "violent jihad,"
    he might be an informant.

    What is an informant supposed to be and how are they supposed to be used?
    An informant is an individual who law enforcement uses to infiltrate an existing criminal conspiracy or plot. These informants are used to fight crime.

    What have informants become and how are they currently used?
    Some informants operating in Muslim communities have become “agent provocateurs” — individuals used by law enforcement to entice, provoke, or lure innocent people into criminal acts. These informants are used to manufacture crimes.

    Law enforcement should fight real crimes, not create fake crimes.
    Informants often target vulnerable people who suffer from mental, emotional, financial or other instabilities. Impressionable young men with strong political views that differ from the current government administration are often targeted. These informants befriend someone with constitutionally-protected political grievances, and then exploit that friendship to convert grievances from tough talk to criminal acts.

    People targeted by informants often have no previous plans or intentioned to commit a crime prior to meeting the informant.
    “They’re creating crimes to solve crimes so they can claim a victory in the war on terror.” – Attorney Martin Stolar, who defended a victim of an FBI informant.

    Why not just turn these people in to the police?
    Civil liberties experts highly recommend that you never speak with law enforcement without having an attorney representing you. This is for your protection. Previous targets of informants have turned to law enforcement for help, but were turned away, ignored, and then later arrested.

    What if the person is a real wannabe terrorist, not an informant?
    If the person is an informant, you will need to safeguard yourself and your friends against the informant’s efforts to put you in prison. If the person is not an informant, but is a legitimate threat to the community, you will still need to safeguard yourself and your friends when reporting this information to law enforcement. In either case, you have a responsibility to report the incident to law enforcement, and you have the right to have an attorney representing you during this process.


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    Important community announcement : FBI Knocking on doors

    Please share in your circles.

    The FBI is knocking on the doors of the Muslim community in bulk starting this weekend. We've said it before but it bears repeating. Do NOT meet with the FBI without an attorney present. Do not invite them into your home for tea and cookies. If the FBI comes to your home, get their business card and have your attorney schedule a meeting. If you do not have an attorney call us and we can provide you one at no charge.

    See video message here: https://www.facebook.com/alia.rafik/...4821361234113/

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    Muslim Legal Fund message to all regarding Muslm ban

    As salaamu alaykum Subscriber,

    If you've been watching the news or checking your social media feeds, you've likely seen the spontaneous, organic protests that have erupted at international airports across America to oppose the Trump Administration’s presidential executive order to ban Muslims from seven Muslim-majority countries.

    His executive order includes a provision for giving priority to foreign nationals of “minority religions” attempting to enter the U.S. To make his intentions even clearer, Trump told Christian Broadcast News that the “minority religions” provision was intended to favor “Christians” seeking asylum over “Muslims.”

    The government favoring one religion over another is a clear and dangerous violation of the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution, and every freedom-loving American must oppose such encroachments on constitutional rights and liberties with whatever lawful and peaceful means at their disposal.

    Representatives from Muslim Legal Fund of America joined the protest at DFW International Airport yesterday and are rejoining the protests today. We encourage everyone residing in a city where there is an airport protest to join in. We also urge you to support organizations doing work to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Liking and sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter helps, but it does not have the same impact as adding your physical presence in a show of solidarity for justice.

    So, if you can, close your laptop and head on over to your local protest. Be counted as standing on the right side of history.
    We hope to see you there.

    In faith and for justice,

    Khalil Meek
    Executive Director
    Muslim Legal Fund of America

    P.S. We are reading reports that Customs agents are asking incoming Muslim immigrants to sign documents that will nullify their legal status in America. It is important that if you know someone attempting to enter the U.S. from one of these seven countries that you ask them to not sign anything until they speak with an attorney.

    Defending Your Civil Rights!

    January 5, 2017

    Dear Friend --

    Important Information About the Muslim Ban

    Dear community members and friends.

    Like you, we only recently received the final, signed copies of President Trump's Executive Orders targeting Muslims and refugees. And like you, we are appalled at these attempts to erode our American values by targeting individuals based on race, religion, and national origin.

    A complete analysis will take time, but we continue to hear from many of you, worried about what this means for your families and friends. Accordingly, we wanted to reach out and offer some preliminary guidance. We will send out more details as they become clear.

    What you need to know right now:

    • Generally, non-citizens, including green card holders (lawful permanent residents), from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen will be restricted from entering the U.S. for at least 90 days. Non-citizens from these countries who are presently in the U.S. should consult with an immigration attorney prior to any international travel.

      • However, if you are a green card holder (lawful permanent resident) outside of the U.S. please reach out to an immigration attorney before you travel back to the U.S.

    • The refugee program is being halted immediately, for at least 120 days. This will mean that anyone, anywhere in the process, will not move forward. The effort to resettle Syrian refugees in the U.S. is being halted indefinitely

    What you should do to protect yourself:

    • If you are non-citizen, even green card holders (lawful permanent residents), from one of the seven countries named above, and you are inside the U.S., please plan to delay all international travel for at least 90 days

    • If you are a non-citizen from one of the seven countries named above, and you are outside of the U.S., you may face issues at the airport. Please keep looking for updates in the coming days to assess your travel options. If you are facing an emergency at the airport or are coming home in the coming days, please have our numbers on hand (408.986.9874 or 415.848.7711)

    • Whether you are a citizen or not, do not permit law enforcement to enter your home without a warrant. Even if they have a warrant, you should not speak to them without consulting with an attorney

    What you can do to push back against this:

    • Call your members of Congress and the U.S. Senate at 202.224.3121 to ask them to speak out against anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant bigotry and oppose these Executive Orders.

    • Join us for upcoming civic engagement opportunities, including:
      • Texas Muslim Capitol Day, on Tuesday, January 31, to join fellow Texan Muslims in Austin to advocate for Muslim rights. Registration ends at midnight tonight. Register here to attend.
      • Schedule a Know your Rights training for your mosque or community center by filling out this form here.


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