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    Pedphile teacher raped student over 100 times confronted about abuse in YouTube video

    19 April 2014


    • Former teacher Andrea Cardosa, 40, pleaded not guilty to 16 felony charges related to sexual relationships with students
    • Jamie Carillo, 28, uploaded a phone conversation she had with Cardosa earlier this year
    • Carillo accused Cardosa of sexually abusing her from the age of 12, when the latter was her coach
    • Court documents allege Cardosa had sex with Carillo 'more than 100 times' when she was between the ages of 12 and 14
    • She also drove her to secluded areas so the two could have sex in her car
    • On another occasion, Cardosa took Carillo to her sister's home for sex, hiding her in a closet when her sister unexpectedly came home
    • After the YouTube video, another former student, now 18, came forward with allegations of abuse
    • If convicted, Cardosa faces life in prison

    A California court heard Friday that an educator accused of sexual assault by a former pupil in a phone conversation that was videoed and later uploaded to YouTube had sex with the girl more than 100 times when she was aged between 12 and 14.

    The judge refused to dismiss sexual assault charges against Andrea Michelle Cardosa, 40, a former assistant principal who was charged in February with 16 felony counts, including five counts of aggravated assault on a child.

    Prosecutors said Cardosa abused the former student Jamie Carillo, who is now 28, from 1997 to 2001, starting when the child was 12 and attending Chemawa Middle School in Riverside.

    According to court documents, the relationship began with Cardosa kissing the girl, and progressed until they had their first sexual encounter in the girls locker room at school.

    On another occasion, Cardosa drove Carillo to a secluded area and had sex with her in the back of her car, allege prosecutors.

    Carillo says that Cardosa once took her to her sister's home to have sex, and when they heard the front door open Cardosa threw the then-13-year-old Carillo into a closet and threw clothes in on top of her. She told her sister she'd stopped by the house to take a shower.

    The girl said that between the time she was 12 to 14 years old, she had sex with Cardosa 'over 100 times.'

    Another former student came forward after seeing the video and Cardosa was also charged with abusing her.

    In the video posted online on January 17, the former student telephones Alhambra High School, where Cardosa was working, and receptionists connect her to a woman who identifies herself as Cardosa.

    'You should be so ashamed and so disgusted with yourself,' Carillo says. 'I am. I am,' the woman says. 'I regret it every day. Every day.'

    The former student did not detail the alleged abuse in the video.

    Documents reveal that the relationship between Carillo and Cardoso continued until the girl was 18 years old.

    When Carillo tried to leave Cardoso, reports the Press-Enterprise, she threatened to kill herself, smashed her head repeatedly on a table and refused to let Carillo leave. She then forced Carillo to have sex with her and the girl was only able to leave once Cardoso fell asleep.

    The last time the pair saw each other was in 2007, according to court documents. Cardosa visited Carillo after she gave birth to her first child. Cardosa told the younger woman that she 'wanted to get back together' and that she and her newborn son could move in with her.

    She also threatened to tell Carillo's family that she was a lesbian, reports the Press-Enterprise.

    Cardosa pleaded not guilty at the hearing, where defense attorney Randy Collins argued that the case should be dismissed because police investigated in 1998 when the mother of the Carillo's friend became concerned about Cardosa's relationship with the student.

    That means the statute of limitations for charging Cardosa has expired, he argued.

    Prosecutors countered in court papers that the girl told police nothing was wrong because Cardosa urged her to lie and therefore the window to file the case remained.

    'You can’t force her to say she was a crime victim. Police stopped investigating,' Supervising Deputy District Attorney John Henry said, reports PE.com. 'The statute is triggered when the victim reports she is a victim.'

    Riverside Superior Court Judge Helios Hernandez allowed the case to proceed Friday and also rejected a defense motion to reduce Cardosa's $5 million bail.

    The next court hearing was set for May 23.


    Spanish Female teacher arrested for allegedly having sex with her 16-year-old

    19 April 2014


    • Sheila Heacock, 44, has been a Spanish teacher at Yucaipa High School for three years
    • Heacock could face charges of unlawful sexual intercourse, oral copulation with a minor, penetration by foreign object, and unlawful communication with a minor
    • Heacock has worked for the school district for 18 years and police are investigating is she's ever been with another minor

    A female high school teacher, 44, from Yucaipa California was arrested Yesterday after sheriffs received a tip from a school administartor that she may be engaged in an inappropriate sexual relationship with her 16-year-old male student.

    The alleged abuse began in January 2014 and the most recent incident occurred in March.

    Yucaipa's sheriff Station and detectives from the Crimes Against Children Detail contacted the 16-year-old who told of the sexual relationship between he and his teacher Sheila Heacok at Yucaipa High School.

    News Mirror reports that Heacock could face charges of unlawful sexual intercourse, oral copulation with a minor, penetration by foreign object, and unlawful communication with a minor.

    The alleged incidents took place at a remote location near the intersection of Butterfly Drive and Wildwood canyon Road about 10 miles from the school, said Cindy Bachman, a spokesperson for the sheriff's department.

    The L.A. Times reports that the incidents never occurred on school grounds, at the victims home, nor did they occur at the teacher's home.

    Heacock was booked at the Central Detention Center and is being held at $100,000 bail. She will be arraigned this coming Tuesday in San Bernadino Superior Court.

    Heacock has been a teacher with the Yucaipa/Calimesa school district for 18 years and worked at Yucaipa high school for three years.

    It is unknown whether this is the first sexual relationship the teacher has had with one of her students or with an underage party.

    'There’s always a possibility when someone has daily contact with minors that there may have been some other unlawful behavior,' Bachman said, 'and in this case, the suspect has been a teacher for 18 years.'

    Heacock is currently on paid administrative leave as that is the protocol and the school is cooperating with investigators.

    'Of course our very first concern is about the safety and well-being of our children,'said Cali Binks, superintendent of the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District.

    'We take these matters very seriously, and our heart goes out to the families of all parties involved.'

    The investigation is ongoing and those with information are encouraged to call the Crimes Against Children Detail, Detective Jenner Wood at 909-357-3615


    Aldine ISD police: Middle school teacher gives student lap dance, says ‘I love you baby’

    26 April 2014


    • Felicia Smith, 42, allegedly gave a 15-year-old student a lap dance for his birthday during class
    • The boy told police Smith touched his body with her hands and buttocks during the four-minute dance
    • The incident was reportedly captured on camera
    • Smith admitted performing the dance to police, saying the students convinced her to do it
    • She has been charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student and bail has been set at $30,000

    A 42-year-old middle school teacher is facing charges for giving one of her students a birthday lap dance during class.

    Felicia A. Smith allegedly performed a 'full-contact' lap dance for the boy as he sat in a chair in the front of the classroom at Stovall Middle School in February.

    Smith ended the dance by hugging the boy and saying, 'I love you baby, happy birthday,' according to court documents.

    Court records show that Smith admitted to police that she gave the student a lap dance on his birthday after the class 'convinced her to do it.' [Class convinced her? who is the adult here?]

    KHOU reports that the student told police that at the beginning of his third-period class, Smith placed a chair in front of the room and music began playing. The class began yelling for the boy to sit down, and when he did, Smith began dancing for the boy.

    He said he became aroused as Smith fondled him and rubbed her hands and buttocks on his body and allowed him to slap her buttocks.

    Smith told police she remembered 'circling the student while he was sitting in the chair and losing her balance a few times which made the students laugh,' reports KHOU.

    The dance lasted almost four minutes and was reportedly captured on video. Smith was charged with having an improper relationship with a student on Thursday.

    'The teacher was removed from the campus during the investigation and has not returned. The district takes this allegation seriously and is fully cooperating with prosecutors. The safety and security of our students will continue to be a top priority in Aldine ISD,' the Aldine Independent School District said in a statement.

    Bail has been set at $30,000.


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    Photograph of school children acting out the crucifixion sparks outrage as picture goes viral

    An image of children play-acting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at an unidentified school in Brazil for Holy Week complete with fake wounds and a crown of thorns has spread across the Internet.

    Wearing a loin cloth and a fake painted beard, the boy who acts as Jesus holds his two arms above his neck, to signify the last agonizing hours of Christ on the cross. Flecked across his body are red marks from his flogging at the hands of the Romans - played by two boys with mock-feathered galea helmets, who will presumably offer him fake vinegar and pretend to stab his side to ensure he has died at the culmination of the play. In the front of the picture are two young girls playing the role of Jesus' mother, Mary and follower Mary Magdalene, who according to the Bible tearfully witnessed his death on Calvary.

    The picture has been shared and liked some 230,000 times on Facebook and the reactions to the picture appear to vary from country to country.

    Commenters writing in English and Portuguese appear to dislike the imagery on show in the photograph , with many seemingly mocking children acting out a religious scene. One has posted the message, 'There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere' in response to the image. Others have made the point that the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ and its message may be difficult for children to understand.

    Some have claimed that the exposure of children to the story is akin to manipulation - despite Brazil's status as the world's most populus Catholic country.

    However, most messages on the Facebook page are in praise of the image - with the majority standing up for the right of the school and children to depict the scene. One woman, Carlos Ferreira calls the criticism 'ridiculous', emphasizing the importance of the young learning 'the meaning of Easter and the story of Christ.'


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    Texas police officer CAUGHT on video BREAKING student's arm while attempting to stop school fight

    • At West Brook High School, part of the Beaumont Independent School District (BISD)
    • Officer Stephen Rivers is seen on video breaking a male student's arm while he is on the ground
    • BISD Police Chief Clydell Duncan said Rivers broke the student's arm while using an 'improper technique' meant to handcuff him

    By Zoe Szathmary - 14 April 2014

    A police officer was caught on video breaking the arm of a high school student while breaking up a school fight.

    The incident took place on March 7 at West Brook High School, part of the Beaumont Independent School District (BISD) in Beaumont, Texas, the Beaumont Enterprise reports.

    BISD Police Chief Clydell Duncan told MailOnline he did not know the circumstances that started the fight, but that the two male students involved 'had fought two or three times before.'

    The two students are seen in the video fighting before a female security officer steps in and tries restrain one of the students, dressed in a dark t-shirt and gym shorts.

    The unidentified student is then seen trying to break free, but is brought to the ground by the female security officer and a male police officer, identified as Officer Stephen Rivers.

    Rivers is filmed grabbing the student's arm and pushing it forward, breaking it as a loud noise is heard. Meanwhile, the female security officer hold's down the student's body.

    The student can be heard screaming in the video, yelling 'Oh my God' - while Rivers appears to say 'It's all right.'

    Online commenters have expressed their outrage at the video's content.

    'Wow! What a piece of s***!' one user wrote. 'That looked completely unnecessary...'

    'Stupid A** cops!!! Really couldn't control a kid so break their arm!! Dirt bag... ' another wrote.

    'That cop deserves to bleed,' another user wrote.

    Duncan told MailOnline Rivers broke the student's arm because he used an improper technique while trying to handcuff him, placing his arm forward instead of backward.

    'We have not determined the circumstances for improper technique,' Duncan said.

    Duncan earlier told the Beaumont Enterprise he suspended Rivers without pay on March 17 when he first heard about the video. Duncan confirmed to MailOnline that the suspension is still in effect.

    He said the school normally employs two security officers, as well as two to three police officers.



    Now a days the schools are run like prisons rather than schools, and the police are employed by the school to bully the students (and the parents).

    Washington mom outraged over 'pay to potty' policy in classroom

    • The nine-year-old later told her mother she ran out of the fake money she needed to 'buy' a bathroom break because she spent it on snacks
    • The girl's mother is suing the school for the emotional trauma the incident caused on the third grader

    By Ryan Gorman |30 May 201

    A Washington mother is suing her third-grader daughter's school because teacher makes the girl urinated on herself after running out of the Monopoly money students 'pay' to use the bathroom.

    Students at Mill Plain Elementary, in Vancouver, are given play money to use on bathroom breaks or snacks. The two girls chose in snacks in each instance but then needed the bathroom and the teacher refused them access, parents said.

    The two girls ended up in so much pain they have no choice but to just let it happen. Both girls wet their pants while sitting at their desks.Bewildered parents were at a loss to explain why the accidents happened until the children came clean.

    ‘My daughter finally told me, ‘We have to pay to use the bathroom.’ Nobody should have to pay to use the bathroom,’ an irate Merchon Ortega told KOIN.

    Nine-year-old Lilly Ortega was traumatized by the incident and avoided going to school for fear of ridicule, her mother told Fox News. ‘I didn't let her go to school the rest of the week because she was scared to go to school,’ Ortega lamented. ‘She's scared to be made fun of.’

    A classmate of Ortega’s daughter went home last week with wet pants and told her mother a similar story. Jasmine Alayadhi detailed her daughter’s ordeal to KOIN.

    ‘I didn’t want to be left out. I wanted to have popcorn with my friends,’ [she said]. And so she tried to hold it. ‘She said it hurt so bad the pain was so bad – I just had to let it go,’ Alayadhi said.

    A school spokesperson defended the controversial program to KOIN saying it is part of the school’s classroom management strategy.

    The teacher has been removed from the classroom while an investigation is conducted, according to the spokesperson, but Ortega isn’t satisfied. Her daughter has switched classrooms and is doing well, she told Fox News, but a lawsuit against the school is in the works.

    ‘My next step is hopefully trying to take legal action,’ Ortega told the network. ‘[My daughter] has got to go to counseling because it's really messed with her emotions.’


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    More than 100 New York City school teachers and employees engaged in 'inappropriate' relationships with students over last five years

    14 April 2014

    Over the last five years, more than 100 New York City school employees, including teachers, have engaged in racy extracurricular activities — sexual or 'inappropriate' relationships with students.

    The shocking statistics comes from Richard Condon, the special commissioner of investigation for the New York City Department of Education, who has looked into more than 593 complaints about illicit teacher-student relationships, the New York Post reported. Of that number, 104 cases were confirmed as relationships of either a sexual or otherwise inappropriate nature.

    'I’m absolutely stunned at that number,' Laura Timoney, a Community Education Council member whose 15-year-old daughter attends a city high school on Staten Island, told the newspaper. 'It’s shocking, but what do you do to stop this?'

    Even more troubling, the more than 100 trysts are only a small part of the sexual misconduct complaints Condon's office received.

    For example, in 2013 alone, his office received 566 complaints against Department of Education employees involving a 'sexual component,' which includes groping, molestation and assault. It opened 233 investigations and substantiated 24 percent, or 58, Condon reports.

    Social media and smartphones may have fueled the epidemic of hookups, according to experts, with teachers and students able to chat without parents or colleagues knowing about it.

    'If a kid texts a teacher at 9 or 10 p.m. asking about homework, the reply goes straight to the child’s bedroom,' said Frederick Lane, author of the book 'Cybertraps for the Young.'

    'These one-on-one conversations can turn personal, creating a quicker sense of intimacy,' Lane added. 'The electronics make it easier for a predator to gain the trust of a child and then exploit that trust.'

    In 2011, Felicia Barahon, a teacher at DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, became pregnant. The father was a student.

    Terri Miller, president of Stop Educator Sexual Abuse Misconduct and Exploitation, or S.E.S.A.M.E., said teachers can seduce students by making them feel special and cared-for.

    'These aren’t relationships. It’s sexual predation.' she said.

    Students from Manhattan Theatre Lab HS on the Upper West Side spotted their teacher, Julie Warning, hugging and kissing another student on a park bench in 2012. The students asked passers-by to take photos of the pair and caught Warning with her legs over the 18-year-old. An investigation found the pair had exchanged more than 1,400 texts, and as a result, Warning was given a pink slip.

    Charles Oross, a teacher at Intermediate School 238 in Queens, was found guilty of having sex with a 13-year-old girl at the school in 2011. He served six months in jail and 10 years’ probation as part of a plea deal. He said that he drove her to secluded spots for sex. He was charged with second-degree rape, criminal sexual act and endangering the welfare of a child. His teaching license was revoked.

    Erin Sayar, a teacher at James Madison High School in Brooklyn, had sex with a 16-year-old student in 2011. She was jailed for rape and placed on probation for 10 years. She had sex multiple times with a 16-year-old football player in 2011. She also admitted giving the student marijuana before their escapade. The student's family has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the Department of Education.



    This is the face of the public education that parents blindly trust to send their kids too. Is this the western education Muslims love so much to leave their Muslim lands?!

    Abdullah bin Umar reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Every one of you is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock. The leader of people is a guardian and is responsible for his subjects. A man is the guardian of his family and he is responsible for them. A woman is the guardian of her husband’s home and his children and she is responsible for them. The servant of a man is a guardian of the property of his master and he is responsible for it. Surely, every one of you is a shepherd and responsible for his flock.” Sahih Bukhari 6719, Sahih Muslim 1829

    Can the parents truly say they are protecting their flock (children) when they put them in such schools?! They will be questioned on the Day of Judgment, what will be their answer?!


    Multiple pedophile case stories included in the attachment.
    Attached Files

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    Teacher shows pornography, but students get suspended

    By Zoe Szathmary - 3 May 2014

    A Kansas teacher showed a pornographic image to students using a classroom overhead projector - and two students were suspended for sharing a cell phone picture of the offending sight.

    During biology class, the JC Harmon High School teacher reportedly turned on the projector, which ran off of his laptop - and a pornographic screen shot was visible, a female student told KCTV.

    The station describes the screen shot as 'an image of a naked woman in a compromising position from behind.'

    The girl's mother, Laura Lester, described her daughter's emotions when she returned home from school to the station.

    'When she came home from school she was crying her eyes out, unable to speak about what had happened,' Lester said. 'It was very upsetting that this is happening when our kids are in school, when they are supposed to be learning.'

    Lester told KCTV her daughter was 'very uncomfortable' with what she witnessed and took a picture on her cell phone before she sent it to her boyfriend looking for advice. The boyfriend reportedly passed the picture along to a friend who posted it on Facebook.

    Both the girl and her boyfriend were suspended for two days for 'inappropriate use of electronics,' Lester told the station.

    Karen Winkel, the boy's mother, told the station she believes there's a cover-up.

    'I believe my son got in trouble because the school was trying to hide something,' she said.

    School officials told KCTV they'd be willing to speak to Winkel and Lester again, both of whom earlier sought help from a lawyer.

    The teacher has worked in the school district since 2002, USA Today reports, but a district spokesman did not comment on whether he was disciplined or not.



    The fact the teacher had the pornography in the first place shows what kind of sick habits he has and what kind of thoughts he has about this students. It also shows what kind of a role model he is to the students. Are Muslim parents ok with their daughters going to such schools where these kind of perverts look at them and then later probably fantasize about them?!

    Parents outraged by school's 'horrific' explicit sex education class

    Leon Watson | 9 June 2014

    The birds and the bees this was not.

    Parents at a middle school in California are up in arms after it emerged their children were given a sex-ed class laced with crude memes.

    'That's something you can't unsee,' one parent, who asked not to be identified, told ABC15. 'This is definitely more than R-rated. This is X-rated.'

    The X-rated presentation titled 'Top Conception Myths' was out on for pupils at Pine Valley Middle School in San Ramon.

    Among other topics, it showed a picture of a group of young men with the caption 'douche bags' along with the information that douching does not wash sperm away after sex.

    Another myth addressed with a meme: 'Girl on top can still get pregnant.'
    But the one which shocked them most was a picture of a man with a bloody face accompanied by a caption saying, 'A real man loves his woman every day of the month.'

    One parent said: 'This is horrific. This is unacceptable material.'

    The school district said the presentation was produced by Mountain Empire Family Medicine, not a teacher.



    Stating that presentation was produced by someone else does not mean you can get out of it as innocent. The district has endorsed it and supported it and that is why it is being taught in its schools.

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    Colorado Boy Gets Written Up For Drawing a Gun-Shaped Cloud

    By Allison Geller, Fri, May 23, 2014

    Eight-year-old Kody Smith thought he was just doing what he was told when he drew a picture for a school assignment. But since what he saw was a gun, Kody was disciplined for his self-expression.

    "Draw a picture of what you see in the clouds from your imagination, and that picture is a gun,” Kody explained to KKTV.

    The local news channel reports that Kody was brought into the office of Talbott Elementary in Widefield, Colorado for his creative efforts. After a talking-to, his teacher filed a behavior report claiming Kody had disrupted the learning community.

    The second-grader’s parents think the school administration has its head in the clouds.

    “He’s 8 years old. He was doing exactly what he was told to do for the assignment,” said Kody’s mother, Angel Rivers. The boy’s parents are outraged that such a big issue was made out of a harmless drawing. “It hurts. It hurts that he was so scared for being penalized for his imagination,” said Kody’s father, Jeff Smith.

    The Widefield School District assured the parents that the black mark wouldn’t stay on the boy’s permanent record.


    Family’s anger as teacher who filmed autistic student with head stuck in a chair is allowed to KEEP her job

    May 14, 2014

    A Michigan school teacher who took a video showing an autistic student with his head stuck in a classroom chair is to keep her job, but will be suspended for a year without pay.

    The video was recorded last November and was released to a TV station in February. In it, the boy is shown with his head and arms stuck in an opening in the back of the chair.

    Patrick Greenfelder said Friday his clients 'have no recourse' but to sue now that the Goodrich school district has decided not to follow through on its initial plan to fire the fifth-grade student's teacher.

    The Goodrich Area Schools board voted 6-0 in a closed session on Thursday evening to withdraw its efforts to fire Nicole McVey and instead is suspending her for a year.

    Greenfelder says McVey taunted the boy, who has Asperger's syndrome. Ellis has since resigned, but McVey had been fighting the district's efforts to fire her.

    The voices of a woman and a man can be heard on the recording. Those belong to McVey and Oaktree Elementary School’s then-Principal Michael Ellis, said Greenfelder, who accused them of taunting his clients’ son. On the video, McVey can be heard questioning the boy in the video about how he got stuck before asking: 'Do you want to get Tasered?'

    The boy is told that a maintenance crew is on the way to help and Greenfelder has said Ellis is heard saying it's really 'not an emergency in their book'.

    McVey apologized to the boy's parents in a letter writing 'there are no excuses or reasons or explanations for what happened'. McVey has spent 14 years in the district, which is about 40 miles northwest of Detroit.

    Greenfelder said in February that the boy suffered broken blood vessels in his eyes while trying to escape from the chair.

    The video came to light after a staff member responsible for reporting bullying got ahold of it and informed administrators, said Greenfelder.

    After administrators saw the video, the Goodrich School Board voted to accept Ellis's resignation and seek to fire McVey by filing tenure charges.

    But the decision has upset some in the Goodrich school community, and numerous parents attended a board meeting with signs in support of McVey.

    The parents of the boy said they were upset by the support she had received and said they did not like the use of the word Taser. 'Our son did nothing wrong, but yet this seems to be another case of blaming the victim,' they added.

    The board voted 6-0 on Thursday to suspend McVey for a year without pay or benefits. She also agreed to attend remedial training focused on classroom relationships and the handling of student information. That change infuriated the student’s parents.



    You would think a 14 year veteran would know better than to do that and then shed crocodile tears that she made a “mistake”. Only reason she is not fired is because she is white, had she been a minority they would have set an example of her.

    The only thing she's sorry for is getting caught... How does this type of trash end up getting a teachers position?? No wonder the educational system is such a joke. Disgrace.

    I think she should be fired. Her behavior was unacceptable - I don't care how long she'd been working there. Yes, the family should sue. A student with special needs needs SPECIAL CARE, love, and attention at all times. Injury and humiliation should never be part of the curriculum.

    Elementary school teacher 'caught stealing prescription medication from special needs student'

    May 2014

    A California elementary school teacher is being charged with burglary and possession of a controlled substance after authorities allegedly saw surveillance footage that shows her stealing medication from special needs children.

    Sheri Haselhuhn, a 40-year-old mother and wife with 14 years of teaching experience, is also allegedly seen in the footage swallowing the medication.

    Police were first alerted by officials at Delta Charter school in Clarksburg on Tuesday after one of the student's medication came up short.

    'A deputy responded and reviewed the footage, dated April 28, 2014. It showed Haselhuhn removing the medication and ingesting it.'

    Meanwhile, parents of her current and former students expressed their shock and disbelief as news spread of her arrest.



    If it’s not one thing it’s another. If these are the quality of teachers these days, is there any wonder why there are shootings, stabbings, drug abuse and massacres in American schools?

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    Pedophile Teacher Drugged, Abused 90 Students From Managua to London


    How did an American educator’s child-molesting past elude authorities on four continents? Officials say thousands of International school boys may have crossed paths with William Vahey.

    The devastating damage inflicted by one of history’s worst pedophiles began to emerge Thursday as parents in London were informed that a serial sex offender from the U.S. had targeted boys in their school.

    William Vahey, an American teacher, is believed to have drugged and abused at least 90 students in his care during an unprecedented wave of attacks at schools from Nicaragua to Indonesia. Child-protection experts told The Daily Beast that he had been taking advantage of lax international standards that left thousands of American children vulnerable to attack.

    An education official in Britain has confirmed that students at the Southbank International School in London were among the first known victims of the teaching veteran, who authorities say committed suicide last month in a Minnesota motel when he discovered he was being investigated by the FBI. Sir Chris Woodhead, the chair of governors at the Southbank school and formerly Britain’s chief inspector of schools, said he “felt physically sick” when he was informed that one of his most popular teachers had been responsible for decades of abuse. The images found on Vahey’s thumb drive, which was uncovered in Nicaragua, suggested scores of teenage boys had been drugged and then molested, often without their knowledge.

    “This is the worst thing that I have been involved in,” Woodhead told Sky News. “We simply know that there are images of Southbank students that have been found on Vahey’s computer. The names of those students are being investigated by the police.”

    That confirmation came as a devastating blow to parents who gathered at the school gates in one of London’s most expensive neighborhoods on Thursday, hoping to hear that their children had not been among the victims.

    One of the parents, who gave her name as Maria, told a group of reporters that her son, 13, had been taken on overnight trips by Vahey. “I couldn’t sleep for worrying about it… Mr. Vahey also took my son on a field trip abroad and this is a big concern for us,” she said. “I know there are pictures that police have of boys, but if my son is on the list, I don’t want to know and I don’t want him to know.”

    Scotland Yard told The Daily Beast on Thursday, however, that officers were working in conjunction with the FBI to identify Vahey’s victims in his four years working in London. Investigating officers believe the boys involved were aged between 10 and 14.

    Vahey, 64, from New York, was first arrested in 1969 on six counts of molestation while working as a swimming instructor in California. He pleaded guilty to one count and was jailed for 90 days. He was required to sign up to the California sex offenders’ registry, but instead skipped town and embarked on a new life—teaching, coaching, and supervising the children of diplomats and military families in far-flung parts of the world.

    His jobs included 20 years at the Jakarta International School in Indonesia, three European schools, stints in the Middle East and South America before he was caught with indecent images again and fired by a school in Nicaragua last month.

    Woodhead said the school in London, where Vahey worked until last year, had carried out the criminal-records checks required by British law and spoken to previous schools, which gave him glowing references. “He was a very popular member of staff with both parents and students, which is perhaps an index of his sophistication and cleverness as a deceitful man who abused children,” he said.

    “You would have thought that within America itself the fact that he had a conviction for child abuse would have prevented him from becoming an accredited teacher in the United States—it is a complete mystery as to how he taught from 1970 onwards in international schools throughout the world with this conviction behind him,” said Woodhead.

    Bharti Patel, chief executive of ECPAT, an organization that campaigns against transnational child exploitation, said there’s no effective global database that allowed international schools to check teachers’ history of child abuse.

    For a long time, repeat offenders have got away with this,” she said, emphasizing that parents using international schools have no idea what kind of checks are being carried out on the people caring for their children. “There has to be a universal database that applies equal standards across the globe—we are talking about children. There is a need to do this and it needs to be done urgently.”

    An official from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center in London said it had set up a database for international schools to check the records of British teachers traveling overseas, but it was left to individual countries to make that information available. Individual international schools are then often under no obligation to check in with multiple countries to see whether any crimes have been recorded.

    Vahey was teaching ninth-grade world history and geography at the American Nicaraguan School in Managua when his employer came across the abuse images. The FBI applied for a warrant to examine a thumb drive containing the explicit pictures two days before Vahey killed himself.

    The files, which officials say included images of at least 90 boys, were carefully catalogued with the dates and locations of field trips on which they were taken, dating back to 2008. He is believed to have been coaching sports teams and leading field trips for more than 30 years before that, which may mean there were hundreds of previous victims.

    In a statement released by the FBI, veteran child-abuse investigator Patrick Fransen said the scale of the abuse was unprecedented: “I’ve never seen another case where an individual may have molested this many children over such a long period of time.”


    Pedophile teacher at international schools around the world

    While working at schools around the world, the 64-year-old was said to have held a ‘cookie race’ at bedtime in which children as young as ten were encouraged to eat as many as they could, unaware they had been drugged. Once the pupils passed out, some were assaulted.

    The extent of his crimes around the world were revealed in an FBI affidavit. The American agency is leading the investigation into the historic abuse claims.

    Special Agent Shauna Dunlap told Sky News: 'Without a doubt, this is certainly one of the most prolific suspected sexual predators that we've seen, given the numbers of children, potential victims, his position of trust, and so forth.

    'And some of the allegations and the methods that are being alleged that he may have employed while committing these crimes.'

    Ms Dunlap added the FBI would not 'stop seeking justice' because Vahey is dead.

    The revelations prompted 'complete shock' in Natalie Salmon, 23, who was at a school where the pedophile teacher worked in Venezuela.

    She said: 'It’s so sad, and it’s the first time where I’ve thought to myself as a girl I am safer than being a boy.’

    FBI investigators said more than 100 potential victims had come forward since news broke yesterday that the married American had taken pictures of himself attacking up to 60 sleeping students from the elite Southbank International School in Westminster during class trips abroad between 2009 and 2013.

    The sickening images depicted children aged ten to 14 at the international school, where he taught history and geography and led trips to Jordan, Nepal and Venezuela.

    Another 30 children, who also appeared to be unconscious or asleep when the assaults took place, were pictured from other schools he worked in during a 40-year career spent teaching at ten American international schools in nine countries.

    Vahey committed suicide at a motel in the US last month as the FBI were poised to investigate a USB memory stick containing the graphic images of naked children dating back to 2008.

    The father of two plunged a knife into his chest two days after confessing that he had abused boys throughout his life using sleeping pills.

    Yesterday a British mother of two, whose teenage sons went on several school trips with Vahey, said he used to hand out Oreo cookies and tell pupils that they could be the lead character in his bedtime story if they won the cookie race.

    The mother, who did not wish to be identified, said he ‘groomed’ pupils and parents: ‘The boys would sit around and were handed Oreos. He would tell them to go and he would drop his hand to start the race.

    ‘Then the first one who had the Oreo, the higher up they would be in the story and so on. He would have been able to split the Oreos apart, ground up the stuff and sprinkle it in the middle.’

    The mother was once a friend of Vahey and his wife Jean, 66, who is the executive director of the European Council of International Schools.

    An FBI affidavit obtained by the Daily Mail showed how he catalogued the abuse by time and location in folders on a USB memory stick entitled ‘Panama trip’, ‘Costa Rica trip’ and ‘Basketball trip’ and ‘Spring 2013’.

    The document says: ‘These images depict minor males in various states of undress... The minor males appear to be asleep, unconscious or possibly drugged.’

    Vahey, who left Southbank International last year, was only caught after a housekeeper at a school he moved to in Nicaragua stole a memory stick containing the vile images.

    She was sacked but later passed the USB stick to administrators at the American School in Managua, who dismissed Vahey after recognizing his hand in the images.


    London school confirms its pupils were abused by teacher in FBI investigation

    Parents at Southbank International School in Westminster shocked at news that William Vahey drugged and molested students on school trip

    Pupils at the elite Southbank International School in London were victims of serial pedophile teacher William Vahey, the school has confirmed. The scale of the abuse is expected to be revealed later on Thursday in a letter to parents who are distraught at revelations that the trusted American history and geography teacher was a child molester who drugged boys and abused them on school trips.

    The school carried out checks dating back 17 years on Vahey, who had taught in international schools in eight countries. But they did not pick up on a 1969 conviction for child molestation in California.

    Full article at: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2...liam-vahey-fbi

    Pedophile suspect taught at Jakarta International School for 10 years: FBI

    April 24, 2014

    PARENTS and staff at Jakarta’s most prestigious international school, already shocked by a child molestation, have been told a predatory pedophile taught at their school for a decade.

    A suspected pedophile, whose criminal case is being handled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is reported to have worked as a teacher at Jakarta International School (JIS) for 10 years from 1992-2002.

    The suspect, William James Vahey, had worked as a teacher in various private schools in a number of countries, including Indonesia, for four decades.

    The FBI said it was convinced that many children had fallen prey to Vahey and it was now trying to trace those victims.

    There are a number of photos of at least 90 victims dated in 2008, the FBI is urging other victims to file reports.
    "This is one of the most productive child sexual predators we have ever handled,” said FBI Houston special agent, Shauna Dunlap, CNN reported, as quoted by kompas.com. (ebf)


    Saudi international school - 'Boy woke up in teacher's bed wearing pedophile’s pants'

    A boy at a top London school woke up during a sex assault to find he was in his pedophile teacher's bed and wearing his underwear.

    The revelation came as a former student claimed three of her classmates killed themselves after being abused by William Vahey.

    The American woman, who gave her name only as Alysia, was taught by Vahey when she was 12 at Saudi Aramco Schools in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

    Vahey taught at the international school between 1980 and 1992.

    She told Sky News: ‘There were three suicides of very popular students of his that were molested by him. I could not believe that this guy was still teaching students.

    ‘That was the rumor that Bill Vahey molested children and that ultimately three children committed suicide as a result.’

    However, when questioned if it was a rumor or fact, she immediately added: ‘It’s not a rumor. I know these people.’

    The woman, who said she was in seventh grade at the Saudi Arabia school when she was taught by Vahey, described him as inappropriate.

    She said: ‘I found him to make inappropriate remarks to his class. He would make jokes about the male genital and I thought that was very inappropriate for 12 year olds to hear.

    He was very arrogant. There were just rumours all over the place about ‘Bill’ Vahey and his behaviour.’

    She also said the teacher had ‘favorite boy students’, giving them ‘better recommendations’ and ‘better grades’ than others.


    Saudi Aramco Schools is a group of schools run by the Saudi Arabian Oil Co - a prolific oil company based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

    The school campuses are situated in four Saudi Arabian Oil Company communities: Abqaiq and 'Udhailiyah in the south, Dhahran in the central area and Ras Tanura in the north.

    The Saudi Aramco Schools group was founded in 1945 and currently has around 3,100 students from nursery age up until around 15 years.

    Most of the students are the children of the company’s expatriate employees.

    Students will only be accepted to the schools if they speak proficient English and were 'successful at their previous school'.

    All of the campuses follow an American curriculum and all of the school sites are modeled on North American schools.

    Classes run from Saturday to Wednesday, with weekends on Thursday and Friday in conformance Saudi Arabia's working week.

    Full article at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...t-reveals.html


    International Schools are very popular outside the US and especially in the Asia and Muslim countries like Saudi. While the news says these were children of expatriates in those schools, very often such schools also have local students as well and anyone who can afford to the pay the fees. Not only are students not safe domestically but even international schools are not safe with so many Anglo pedophiles, and yet Muslims want to put their kids into these schools for that “western” and “modern” education.

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    Teachers unions pressure Discovery Channel to cancel 'Bad Teachers' show after just one episode

    The true-crime series examined cases where teachers and students were sexually involved

    By Daily Mail Reporter - 2 May 2014

    Discovery Channel have axed a true-crime series which exposed teachers who had sex with their students, following a backlash from educators.

    'Bad' Teachers', a three-part series on Investigation Discovery, was cancelled after its Sunday debut when teachers unions complained the program was 'offensive' and misrepresented the profession.

    Discovery Education's Steve Dembo announced the cancellation on his blog Tuesday, saying the company 'shared the concerns' of angry viewers.

    'We appreciate the support of the educational community for bringing (their objections to the show) to our attention and we are pleased to share that Discovery Communications has decided to immediately cancel this program, removing it from ID's on-air and online schedule,' Dembo wrote.

    American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten welcomed the cancellation, saying she hoped teachers unions could work with Discovery Communications to 'showcase the real work teachers do every day'.

    'I was surprised to learn, through a barrage of tweets Sunday night after 'Bad Teacher' aired, that Discovery would use its brand to promote such an offensive program,' she said, according to Washington Examiner.

    'However, I am heartened that it has taken steps to cancel the show and publicly affirm that Discovery Education's mission is to celebrate and support educators.

    'Every day, educators go into the classroom to make a difference in the lives of our children. Their work should be honored and valued, not bashed.'

    Observers noted the network may have feared that a union backlash would hurt sales educational products it provides to schools.



    The real reason the show was canceled from revealing the ugly face of education is money the channel gets from selling "educational products" to schools. This isn't the first time Pedophiles with power/money got a show canceled for exposing them.

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    Corporate brand names in standardized tests

    'Why are they trying to sell me something during the test?'

    Grade-school students baffled as brands including Nike, iPods and Barbies appear in exam papers

    The use of well-known brand names in school tests has led to accusations that education boards are making product placement deals.

    Nike, Barbie and iPod were among the more famous brands to have appeared in a recent New York Common Core standardized English test taken by more than a million students in grades three to eight. Other brands included Life Savers and Mug Root Beer.

    Outraged parents have demanded an explanation for why specific brand names were used in the tests - with some suggesting they've become little more than just another way of advertising to young children.

    But New York state education officials and the test publisher insist the brand references were not paid product placement and just happened to be contained in previously published passages selected for the tests.

    Some critics claim the use of brand names for whatever reason is still commercializing exams.

    Josh Golin, associate director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, said: 'It just seems so unnecessary.

    It would be horrible if they were getting paid for it. But even if they're not, it's taking something that should not be a commercial experience and commercializing it.'

    The test questions have not been made public and teachers have been barred from discussing them. But some have still posted complaints about the tests anonymously on education blogs.

    They said many students were confused by the brand names, which were also accompanied by trademark symbols.

    One mother Deborah Poppe, from West Hempstead, Long Island, claimed her eighth-grade son complained to her about named brands in the test.

    In one question a busboy failed to clean some spilled root beer — Mug Root Beer, to be exact, a registered trademark of PepsiCo.

    She said her son asked: 'Why are they trying to sell me something during the test?', adding: 'He's bright enough to realize that it was almost like a commercial.'

    Others claimed Nike appeared in a question about being a risk taker and included the line: '"Just Do It" is a registered trademark of Nike'.

    Sam Pirozzolo, from Staten Island, whose fifth-grader encountered the Nike question, said there was apparently no reason for such a specific brand.

    'I'm sure they could have used a historical figure who took risks and invented things. I'm sure they could have found something other than Nike to express their point.'

    The use of brand names was one of several complaints raised by some educators and parents about the statewide tests, aligned to the Common Core standards intended to increase academic rigor.

    Some contend they are too difficult and don't measure what students are actually learning.

    While such general complaints about Common Core tests have arisen elsewhere, advocates said the prevalence of brand names appears to be specific to New York.

    Representatives of the New York State Education Department and Pearson, the education publishing giant with a $32 million five-year contract to develop New York's tests, said the companies did not pay for the exposure.

    'There are no product placement deals between us, Pearson or anyone else,' said Tom Dunn, an Education Department spokesman. 'No deals. No money. We use authentic texts. If the author chose to use a brand name in the original, we don't edit.'

    Pearson spokesman Stacy Skelly said neither the company nor the education department received any compensation for the mentions. And if any brand comes up in a passage, she said, 'the trademark symbol is included in order to follow rights and permission laws and procedures'.

    Nike and Wrigley, the maker of Life Savers, said they were unaware they were mentioned on the tests. Other companies declined to comment or did not return messages.

    Some advertising experts said the idea of product placement on a test is inappropriate and fraught with peril.

    'If any brand did try to place there, what they would lose from the outrage would surely trump any exposure they got,' said Michal Ann Strahilevitz, a marketing professor at Golden Gate University.

    Kelly O'Keefe, a marketing professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, said he is a fan of brands but there are places where they don't belong.

    'Education, religion and civic life are places where brands are unwelcome,' O'Keefe said. 'It would be wise for Pearson to avoid using brands in their testing even if they're not paid for by the brand itself.'

    Others endorsed the position of New York state educators — that brand names belong on the tests because they are part of the world students inhabit.

    'Brands are part of our lives,' said Allen Adamson, managing director of the New York brand consulting firm Landor Associates. 'To say they don't belong in academia is unrealistic.'


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    Teenager forced to leave dance after 'ogling' fathers complained

    A 17 year-old girl says she was forced to leave a prom after fathers complained her dancing would give sons 'impure thoughts'

    By Lucy Kinder - 15 May 2014

    A teenager in America says she was forced to leave her prom after fathers complained that their children would experience “impure thoughts” towards her.

    The fathers, who were acting as chaperones at the dance, complained that she was dancing provocatively and her skirt was too short.

    Clare Ettinger from Virginia, described how her dress was checked to see it met the dress code requirement of being longer than the fingertips when her arms were by her side.

    However despite meeting the requirement a female chaperone told her to keep her dress "pulled down" down so it didn't look too short.

    In a blog post the 17 year-old wrote: "When I got into the ballroom I laughed, because I was surrounded by girls in much shorter dresses than me."

    "We were also a little grossed out by all the dads on the balcony above the dance floor, ogling and talking amongst themselves."

    Miss Ettinger was then pulled aside by the same female chaperone, who said some of the fathers had complained that her dancing was too provocative, and that she would cause the men at the prom to think impure thoughts.

    She was then asked to leave the prom for home-schooled teenagers after she was again told her dress was too short.

    She is now demanding a refund for her and her friends, who walked out of the prom with her in a show of unity.

    She wrote: "I felt violated by the sheer number of male parents that were assigned to do nothing for five hours other then watch girls in short dresses and heels dance to upbeat music."

    I think that it is sick and wrong that they assigned them to sit on a balcony above us and look down on us and single us out for our clothes or dancing."


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    US School discipline: The "Behavioral Education Plan"

    Redefining discipline in Madison schools, The Cap Times (Madison), 3-19-14:

    Discipline in Madison's public schools is harsh for African-American kids, many of their parents say. They insist the system targets black children, setting them up to be exiled from class, written up, suspended, even expelled. Schools push out the very students who are falling behind their white classmates, according to test scores and graduation rates.

    And the unequal treatment starts in the early grades when their children are very young, African-American parents say.

    "They start with your child when they first get them, to take away whatever self-pride they walk into that school system with," says one African-American mother, leafing through pages of behavior reports on her son. "You have a child who will grab their book bag, grab their sister's book bag, want to go start the car they are so ready and eager to go to school. But when they get there, things start happening."

    The mother, whose name is being withheld to protect the identity of her child, says the behavior reports started when her high school-age son was in elementary school. The reports cite repeated incidents that she says are attempts by a child with special needs to cope. They include incidents labeled "repeated physical aggression" that she reads as horseplay among kids rather than an attack by one child on another. "They are seeing my child all day. They are affecting my child," she says. "They are the ones who can boost them, or bring them down."

    Jennifer Cheatham, superintendent of the Madison Metropolitan School District, says she has heard similar accounts from African-American parents who believe their kids have been unfairly marked as trouble makers. "I can't tell you how many African-American parents I've talked with who have told me those stories," Cheatham says. "I've heard enough of them to believe there is real truth there. I think the work we're doing really is about addressing head-on our racial bias and the assumptions we may make of students who are in the classroom."

    Madison schools impose thousands of out-of-school suspensions each school year, resulting in thousands of days of instruction lost. In the 2012-2013 school year, for example, there were 3,863 out-of-school suspensions, resulting in 6,075 lost days of instruction.

    Students of color, disabled students and students living in poverty are suspended from school at much higher rates than others. For example, 20 percent of African-American students and 11 percent of multi-racial students received at least one out-of-school suspension last year, compared to 5 percent of Hispanic students and 3 percent of white students.

    Among special education students, 19 percent were suspended at least once last year, compared to 4 percent of students who are not in special education programs. And 12 percent of low-income students were suspended at least once, compared to 2 percent of students not from low-income families. Among 112 students expelled in the last four school years, 62 percent were African-American, 19 percent were white and 12 percent were Hispanic.

    Cheatham and other school officials are convinced that the current code's deficiencies lead to disparities in rates of suspension and expulsion.

    "Our current code is based on a zero tolerance approach to some behaviors that doesn't give students the opportunity to learn from their misbehavior," Cheatham says. "And it doesn't provide sufficient opportunity for adults to understand where the behavior is coming from and respond to it in a supportive way to help the child address the underlying issues."

    The proposed new code of conduct – renamed the Behavioral Education Planreduces the violations that can result in suspension and expulsion. School officials calculate that if the proposed code had been in effect last school year, nearly one-third of out-of-school suspensions would not have occurred and lost days of instruction would have been reduced by nearly 20 percent. The percentage share of high school suspension for African-American students would have dropped from 64 percent to, at most, 60 percent, they say.

    The Madison district is undertaking its revision of discipline policy as school systems across the country are jettisoning get-tough approaches that push students out of school in favor of models that keep kids in the classroom and work to help them change their behavior.

    Responding to research reporting that disparately high suspension and expulsion rates among African-American students feed the school-to-prison pipeline, large school districts are pulling back from "zero tolerance" in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Broward County, Fla., where more than 1,000 students were arrested in 2011.

    A landmark study that year in Texas analyzed millions of school discipline and juvenile justice records, finding that African-American students and those with learning disabilities were disproportionately removed from the classroom for disciplinary reasons. The study also tracked links between suspension and expulsion and dropping out of school and entering the juvenile justice system.

    John Bauman, Dane County Juvenile Court administrator, says he too often encounters young people entering the juvenile justice system when a confrontation at school spins out of control.

    "A kid is noncompliant for whatever reason – a bad day, mental health issues, feeling he's not being listened to," Bauman says. "He's sent out of class to the office, but continues to be unruly – loud and boisterous – and security staff or the school police officer gets involved. The kid resists, fights back, knocks something over, and you've got a disorderly conduct or a criminal battery charge."

    "I've seen it so many times – kids not being able to stop," he says. "I'd like to think if there were adults with good connections to the kids, they might be able to reach them and stop the escalating behavior."

    Once they are involved, police officers often feel they don't have any option but to bring a student who is out of control to the juvenile court system, Bauman says. And even if the child is not placed in taken into custody, the incident begins the process of establishing a record, Bauman says.

    Having a "record" in the juvenile justice system – or at school – sets up a kid for more scrutiny and unfair punishment, says a 19-year-old man now finishing his high school education in an alternative program after dropping out of Madison schools following multiple suspensions and a near expulsion after almost fist fighting with a staff member.

    "Because I had a history, every time something went wrong, they were looking for me," the young man says. "I'd be in a group, maybe the only black person, and the first person they come to when something happens is me," he says. "Other people could say 'he didn't do it' – they'd still blame me."

    "African-American kids don't come to school, because they treat us different," he says. And he says many white teachers are afraid of African-American students.



    These days, with growing islamophobia and anti-islam propaganda, lot of Muslim kids are also being abused in the school systems, even by staff members who are suppose to be the role models.

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    Rate of Shooting in US Schools

    The shooting in an Oregon school this Tuesday, June 10, 2014 was the 74th shooting in a school since December 2012. There has been, on average, a school shooting every 7.35 days since December 2012

    Are these the schools the Muslims want to send their children to?!


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    Student Suspended For Saving Fellow Student’s Life

    by Dave Jolly - June 4, 2013

    We’ve been hearing a number of reports this past year about students being suspended for being kids and standing up for their constitutional rights. Kindergartners, first and second graders are being punished for pretend shooting with their fingers or supposedly chewing a toaster pastry into the shape of a gun. But have you ever heard of a student being suspended for saving the life of another student?

    Last Tuesday morning, 7th grader Briar MacLean was sitting in class. It was a study period. While the teacher was on the far side of the classroom, one student near Briar began to bully another student. Briar saw the bully grab his victim and place him in a headlock when he heard the distinctive click of a knife opening up. That’s when Briar instinctively reacted and got between the two students and pushed the knife-wielding bully away, where he was quickly subdued.

    The victim thanks Briar for stepping in to help, and then the two students went about their classes. During the fourth period, Briar was summoned to the school office where he was asked about the incident and had to give a statement as to what happened. At that point, the police were called in, not on the knife wielding student but on Briar, where they searched Briar’s locker.

    Briar MacLean ended up serving an in-school suspension for the rest of the day. Briar’s mom, Leah O’Donnell was called to the school and told that her son had been involved in an incident. When the school informed her of what had happened, she was surprised that her son was being disciplined for doing something heroic. According to O’Donnell:

    “They phoned me and said, ‘Briar was involved in an incident today.’ That he decided to ‘play hero’ and jump in.” “I asked: ‘In the time it would have taken him to go get a teacher, could that kid’s throat have been slit?’ She said yes, but that’s beside the point. That we ‘don’t condone heroics in this school.’”

    O’Donnell went on to say that she has raised her son to stand up for himself and for others. Briar has stood up to bullies in the past and like this time, he found himself in trouble for doing so.

    Schools have an agenda and it’s not to educate your children. Their agenda is to raise up a generation of leftist liberals that will help them transform the country into a socialist government. And guess what, I’m not just talking about America’s public schools, but Canada’s as well.

    The public schools don’t want heroic students! Rather they want to mass produce robotic clones that carry out their progressive ideologies.


    No heroes allowed: Calgary student, 13, reprimanded for defending his classmate against a knife-wielding bully

    Jen Gerson | 13/05/31

    Briar MacLean was sitting in class during a study period Tuesday, the teacher was on the other side of the room and, as Grade 7 bullies are wont to do, one kid started harassing another.

    “I was in between two desks and he was poking and prodding the guy,” Briar, 13, said at the kitchen table of his Calgary home Friday.

    “He put him in a headlock, and I saw that.” He added he didn’t see the knife, but “I heard the flick, and I heard them say there was a knife.” The rest was just instinct. Briar stepped up to defend his classmate, pushing the knife-wielding bully away.

    Instead of getting a pat on the back for his bravery, Briar was made to feel as if he had done something terribly wrong. The police were called, the teen filed a statement and his locker was searched.

    Ms. O’Donnell said this isn’t the first time her child had been in trouble for confronting bullies, either. She teaches her son to stand up for others, and for himself.

    The mother says she understands the school’s desire to keep students from getting hurt, but fears it is teaching the wrong lesson.

    “What are we going to do if there are no heroes in the world? There would be no police, no fire, no armed forces. If a guy gets mugged on the street, everyone is going to run away and be scared or cower in the corner. It’s not right.”



    What they are teaching the next generation is not to stand up for what is right and not to stand against what's wrong. Such trained people will not do anything if a person next to them is abused (by authorities or people).

    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever among you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand [by taking action]; if he cannot, then with his tongue [by speaking out]; and if he cannot, then with his heart [by hating it and feeling that it is wrong] – and that is the weakest of faith” (Narrated by Muslim, 49)

    What will Muslim children learn in such schools, and how safe are they?

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    Sixth-Grade Teacher Charged With Rape Of 13-Year-Old Boy


    A sixth-grade teacher in Arkansas faces rape charges after she allegedly had sex and exchanged explicit photographs with a 13-year-old former student.

    Police began investigating Mary Faith McCormick, 32, after a 12-year-old girl who borrowed a friend's phone found semi-nude photos of the suspect in a towel and other states of undress accompanied with risque messages. Police say that the phone belonged to the victim.

    A probable cause affidavit obtained by KFSM states that McCormick had sex with the boy at least twice and engaged in other inappropriate activities, beginning shortly after school ended in June and continuing into August.

    KFSM reports:

    The encounters began after a friend dared the 13-year-old to contact McCormick, the affidavit states. In one instance, the boy and a friend went over to the teacher’s apartment to watch a movie. The friend left, but the 13-year-old stayed and later had sex with the teacher in her bedroom, the affidavit states.

    Neighbors told the station they had seen McCormick in the company of young children before, which had raised suspicions. One man said that the allegations were "not shocking," since the teacher had kids visit her house often.

    Police said the suspect and victim exchanged electronic images of each other's genitals via the Snap Chat application (Snap Chat enables smart phone users to send "disappearing" images, but those images can be screen-captured and stored).

    The teen told police that the alleged encounters were consensual, but under Arkansas law they qualify as rape because the minor cannot legally consent.

    McCormick was arrested on rape charges Aug. 13 and bonded out of jail. She is scheduled to appear in court Sept. 22.

    The suspect is a teacher at Siloam Springs Intermediate School, and has been put on leave with pay pending the result of the ongoing police investigation.

    Several outlets report that McCormick is married and has a young daughter. Her social media accounts appeared to be disabled, but a gallery of photos featuring the teacher was posted to Imgur.


    Biology teacher plotted to kill wife to marry 17-year-old student

    13 August 2014

    A 31-year-old biology teacher planned to murder his wife in order to be with the 17-year-old student he was having an affair with, according to court documents.

    Ethan Richard Estevez, a former teacher at the Center for Educational Opportunity School in Aberdeen, Maryland, was charged last week with the attempted first degree murder of his unnamed wife.

    The charges come just two months after Estevez was fired from the Hartford County alternative school for having sex with a 17-year-old female student.

    According to text message conversations detectives obtained from the unidentified student, the two were planing to kill Estevez's wife as far back as a February, the Baltimore Sun reports.

    In a message to an unidentified person, the student writes: 'Like it has to look like an accident because of life insurance and stuff and she works at mid atlantic medical monday and thursday from 7:30 to 4:30'.

    The girl later wrote that she would 'just needed it to really happen before [Sunday]' in another message.

    Last month, a person who corresponded with the student came forward to detail Estevez's murder plot.

    According to the source, Estevez wanted someone to drive by in a dark vehicle and shoot his wife dead and also hit him in the shoulder so the attack would look more random.

    When the student was later interviewed by detectives, she said she 'really was not gonna kill' Estevez's wife and just thought the idea was a joke.

    Estevez was suspended from teaching in March after it was revealed he was having an affair with the student in question.

    The teacher came under investigation when the student started telling her friends about the relationship and another teacher became suspicious.

    In March, the girl's mother called Estevez and the conversation was recorded by local authorities. In the call, Estevez said he loved her daughter and wanted to marry her. He said the two did not have sex but admitted to kissing her.

    A month later, the two were still exchanging text messages when the student's phone was seized, and in one message Estevez allegedly admitted to having sex with the minor. He has since been indicted on charges of sex abuse of a minor and fourth-degree sex offense.
    The student victim is only listed by her initials in documents for both cases.

    According to a school spokesman, he was hired in August 2012, placed on administrative leave in March 2014, and fired last June.


    High school wrestling coach facing 40 years in prison after found guilty of molesting and raping his players

    14 August 2014

    A former high school wrestling coach faces 40 years in prison after being found guilty of raping and molesting his players.

    Gary Scott Goins, 46, was found guilty on 17 counts of the 20 brought before him, relating to sex crimes against three members of his East Gaston High School team between 1998 and 2004. This included oral and anal sex, which Goins would describe as training.

    Superior Court Judge Jesse Caldwell sentenced him to a minimum of 34 years and ten months in prison, and a maximum of 43 years and four months.Goins denies any sexual contact with the victims, and has lodged an appeal.

    Members of the victims' families burst into tears when the former coach was declared guilty.

    The three chief witnesses told of how their coach had abused them on many occasions, in hotel rooms, at school, in his apartment and even in their own homes.

    The Judge said that Goins had broken trust 'in homes, public schools, taxpayers support and in public property.'

    He added: 'The coach kept bringing home the gold.'

    He went on to mention how during the trial 'we’ve heard various officials [at the school] were alerted about problems and nothing was done,' though did not want to pass judgement on the North Carolina school itself.

    Goins' lawyer, Brent Ratchford, said he had grown close to the defendant during the trial, and believed he should have been given a sentence of maximum 20 years.

    He told the judge how he had 'tried to serve his community', and how he had turned to God in 2008 - a decision which had changed him. The emotional lawyer told how Goins had said to him: 'God never promised it would be easy'.



    All these young married with little kids are just pedophiles chasing after minors, and just about all of them are Anglos. And funny how they suddently find God and are now seeking leniency from the court after ruining those kids' lives.

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    Why so many kids can’t sit still in school today

    By Valerie Strauss July 8, 2014

    The Centers for Disease Control tells us that in recent years there has been a jump in the percentage of young people diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly known as ADHD: 7.8 percent in 2003 to 9.5 percent in 2007 and to 11 percent in 2011. The reasons for the rise are multiple, and include changes in diagnostic criteria, medication treatment and more awareness of the condition. In the following post, Angela Hanscom, a pediatric occupational therapist and the founder of TimberNook, a nature-based development program designed to foster creativity and independent play outdoors in New England, suggests yet another reason more children are being diagnosed with ADHD, whether or not they really have it: the amount of time kids are forced to sit while they are in school. This appeared on the TimberNook blog.

    A perfect stranger pours her heart out to me over the phone. She complains that her 6-year-old son is unable to sit still in the classroom. The school wants to test him for ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder). This sounds familiar, I think to myself. As a pediatric occupational therapist, I’ve noticed that this is a fairly common problem today.

    The mother goes on to explain how her son comes home every day with a yellow smiley face. The rest of his class goes home with green smiley faces for good behavior. Every day this child is reminded that his behavior is unacceptable, simply because he can’t sit still for long periods of time.
    The mother starts crying. “He is starting to say things like, ‘I hate myself’ and ‘I’m no good at anything.’” This young boy’s self-esteem is plummeting all because he needs to move more often.

    Over the past decade, more and more children are being coded as having attention issues and possibly ADHD. A local elementary teacher tells me that at least eight of her twenty-two students have trouble paying attention on a good day. At the same time, children are expected to sit for longer periods of time. In fact, even kindergarteners are being asked to sit for thirty minutes during circle time at some schools.

    The problem: children are constantly in an upright position these days. It is rare to find children rolling down hills, climbing trees, and spinning in circles just for fun. Merry-go-rounds and teeter-totters are a thing of the past. Recess times have shortened due to increasing educational demands, and children rarely play outdoors due to parental fears, liability issues, and the hectic schedules of modern-day society. Lets face it: Children are not nearly moving enough, and it is really starting to become a problem.

    I recently observed a fifth grade classroom as a favor to a teacher. I quietly went in and took a seat towards the back of the classroom. The teacher was reading a book to the children and it was towards the end of the day. I’ve never seen anything like it. Kids were tilting back their chairs back at extreme angles, others were rocking their bodies back and forth, a few were chewing on the ends of their pencils, and one child was hitting a water bottle against her forehead in a rhythmic pattern.

    This was not a special-needs classroom, but a typical classroom at a popular art-integrated charter school. My first thought was that the children might have been fidgeting because it was the end of the day and they were simply tired. Even though this may have been part of the problem, there was certainly another underlying reason.

    We quickly learned after further testing, that most of the children in the classroom had poor core strength and balance. In fact, we tested a few other classrooms and found that when compared to children from the early 1980s, only one out of twelve children had normal strength and balance. Only one! Oh my goodness, I thought to myself. These children need to move!

    Ironically, many children are walking around with an underdeveloped vestibular (balance) system today–due to restricted movement. In order to develop a strong balance system, children need to move their body in all directions, for hours at a time. Just like with exercising, they need to do this more than just once-a-week in order to reap the benefits. Therefore, having soccer practice once or twice a week is likely not enough movement for the child to develop a strong sensory system.

    Children are going to class with bodies that are less prepared to learn than ever before. With sensory systems not quite working right, they are asked to sit and pay attention. Children naturally start fidgeting in order to get the movement their body so desperately needs and is not getting enough of to “turn their brain on.” What happens when the children start fidgeting? We ask them to sit still and pay attention; therefore, their brain goes back to “sleep.”

    Fidgeting is a real problem. It is a strong indicator that children are not getting enough movement throughout the day. We need to fix the underlying issue. Recess times need to be extended and kids should be playing outside as soon as they get home from school. Twenty minutes of movement a day is not enough! They need hours of play outdoors in order to establish a healthy sensory system and to support higher-level attention and learning in the classroom.

    In order for children to learn, they need to be able to pay attention. In order to pay attention, we need to let them move.


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    Primary school introduces unisex toilets to 'prevent transphobia'

    Many parents say their children do not want to use facilities split with the opposite sex and it makes them feel 'uncomfortable'

    By Keith Perry - 03 Oct 2014

    Angry parents have complained after a primary school introduced unisex toilets in a bid to 'prevent transphobia'.

    Pupils were shocked to discover they had to share the 'gender neutral' toilets at the start of the school year, sparking concerns from parents.

    Many say their children do not want to use facilities split with the opposite sex and it makes them feel 'uncomfortable'.

    Harbour Primary School in Newhaven, East Sussex, has defended the move, which it says is about 'preventing transphobia'.

    There are around 500 pupils at the school for three to 11-year-olds.

    One concerned mother said her seven-year-old does not feel 'comfortable' using the toilets.

    She said: "I know of several parents who have raised complaints and they have now invited us to a meeting about transgender equality. This was just introduced from the start of term and no one told us before. There are seven-year-old girls using the same toilets as 11-year-old boys. My daughter has said she doesn't feel comfortable about it. Although we are all up for equality we feel this is not allowing our children to choose. A lot of our children don't want to use toilets of the opposite sex."

    Headteacher Christine Terrey said the decision to include single sex toilets in their new building had been taken by East Sussex County Council.

    She has invited parents to a meeting on 'transphobia', which will include a discussion about the toilets.

    Mrs. Terrey said: "The toilets are all in cubicles and they all lock. We just want all our children to be able to use the toilets.

    "We no longer have urinals because they were quite unpopular with the boys."

    And a letter to parents said: "We want all the children in our school to feel safe and be happy."

    "We also want our families to feel informed about how to effectively support transgender and gender questioning by their children, preventing any transphobia at the school."

    East Sussex County Council said it chose to install unisex toilets because they are better for 'hygiene, maintenance and pupil behavior'.

    A spokesman said: "As part of the rebuilding work a decision was taken to install toilets which could be used by boys or girls, with lockable cubicles.

    "Unisex toilet blocks are considered preferable in terms of hygiene, maintenance and pupil behavior.

    "We feel this kind of toilet block, which complies with all national guidelines, is an appropriate solution for children of primary school age."

    "We are not aware of any cases of children being reluctant to use the new toilets."

    "On the contrary, the feedback we have received from the vast majority of parents, children and staff has been overwhelmingly positive."

    "As an authority we feel it's important to provide a safe, welcoming environment in our schools for all pupils."

    One father, who asked to remain anonymous, said: "I am disappointed that we were not consulted. I understand the rationale for doing it but I am disappointed with how the changes have happened."

    Marcus Clark, 36, and Greta Clark, 33, said their two children do not mind sharing. Mrs. Clark, from Newhaven, East Sussex, said: "If it doesn't bother the kids, it doesn't bother us. For anyone below 11, it isn't an issue." Mr. Clark added: "I think it's more than reasonable for kids to share. It's change isn't it? Some people don't like it but we are OK with it."



    Transphobia is defined as fear of Transgender/Transsexual people. These are the people who pretend to be the opposite of the gender they're born. Just like homosexuality, this to is being pushed on to the people as something these people are born with genetically rather than their own deviance and perversion.

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    Boy aged 13 raped fellow pupil in school after sex education class

    School chiefs are investigating the teaching of sex in lessons after the teenager stuck before telling his victim 'You can go now'

    Nov 24, 2014

    A 13-year-old boy raped a girl of the same age following a sex education class - before telling her: "You can go now."

    School chiefs are investigating the teaching of sex in lessons after the girl was attacked by her fellow pupil immediately afterwards.

    A court heard the boy, who cannot be named, led the girl to a secluded area of the school grounds where he pinned her down despite her protests and raped her.

    The teenager admitted once charge of rape.

    Dolgellau Youth Court, North Wales, heard the boy asked the 13-year-old girl if she wanted to 'try sex.'

    The young girl repeatedly said "No", but the schoolboy held his classmate down and raped her.

    The boy, now 15, was put on a 12-month referral order and must sign on the sex offenders list for 30 months.

    The assault took place in a state secondary school in the county of Gwynedd.

    Education officials said they are working with police and other agencies to find out what lessons can be learned in the teaching of sex education safely in schools.

    A Gwynedd Council spokesperson said: "Safeguarding the welfare of the county's children is a key priority for us."

    The sex attack came to light a year after the incident when an attentive school nurse realised the young girl appeared unhappy.

    She asked if anything was worrying her and the teenage girl told her about the rape following her sex education class.

    The boy is now in foster care and no longer lives in the area. He will have to register with police where he is living and where he travels for the next two-and-a-half years.

    Katie Russell, from the rape survivor charity Rape Crisis England and Wales, said: "The fact this happened after a sex education class is something I am sure gives concern about the teaching of sex education in school.

    "I would say it highlights the importance of teaching sex and relationships education in schools that focuses not just on the biology and mechanics of sex but about emotions and consent, respect and relationships."

    Prosecutors said the boy initially said his victim had consented, but then made a full confession and said it happened when he just had his 13th birthday.

    District Judge Andrew Shaw told the boy that under the law a girl could not consent to sex if she were under 16.
    He added: "She was too young and you should not have done what you did.

    "You have to tell the police where you live and where you are for the next two-and-a half years,"

    The boy will have three meetings a week with the youth offending team for the first three months and once a week meetings for the remainder of the order.



    A 13-year old would be an 8th grader, and yet these people want to teach sex ed in elementary too!

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    Headmaster caught ‘giving oral sex to maths teacher’ during school

    20 Nov 2014

    A headmaster who appeared to be caught giving oral sex to a female maths teacher during school threatened students with legal action after a video of the clip went viral.

    Drago Kamenik, 41, was apparently found by students between the legs of 45-year-old brunette Manja Mertelj after they heard moans of pleasure coming from a classroom they believed to be empty.

    And the embarrassed headteacher first threatened to sue students who uploaded a clip of the pair onto social media and then denied it was real after the clip went viral.

    ‘We heard the noises and knew someone was having sex in there,’ said one 19-year-old student at the high school in Maribor, Slovenia.

    ‘But we thought it would be other students. We couldn’t believe it when we saw our maths teacher and headmaster.’

    Married father-of-two Mr Kamenik still claims the video is fake, and says he has reported the clip to police, according to Slovenske Novice.

    ‘The man in the video is not me, it has been photoshopped,’ he said.

    ‘I also spoke to my wife. Can these fools even begin to imagine what damage they have caused by doing this?!

    ‘As for the maths teacher, she is a very good teacher and has had many positive things said about her.’

    Students dismissed his threats, however, adding that they are willing to put up the rest of the footage – which they say shows clearly who is involved – if necessary.

    ‘We can put up more to prove it but I don’t think anyone really doubts us,’ said one student on social media.


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    'Use lots of lube & enter anus slowly’: Chicago schools teach anal sex to 5th graders

    November 17, 2014

    Parents at an elite, magnet elementary school in Chicago were “horrified” when they saw the “obscene” sexual education materials their fifth graders would be learning. The curriculum included condom demonstrations and discussions of anal sex.

    Andrew Jackson Language Academy (AJLA) hosted several parent workshops during report card pickup on Wednesday, including a meeting on Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) sex ed curriculum. Parents were given a binder that included the materials and topics that would be discussed, including the benefits of female condoms for extending sex and increasing pleasure, the use of lubrication and how to insert condoms into the anus for anal sex.

    Parents were notified of Wednesday's presentation in a letter from school principal Mathew Ditto. The letter said a CPS representative would be at the meeting where "we will share the lessons and information that will be taught to your child." CPS has said some of the lessons are even intended for children in kindergarten, DNAinfo reported.

    The letter said the topics included personal safety, human reproduction and childbirth, puberty, abstinence and healthy relationships. Fourth-graders and above would also learn information about HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. Students in fifth grade and above would also learn about contraception and pregnancy prevention, and lessons would include a condom demonstration, the letter stated.

    The chairwoman of the Local School Council, Angela Bryant, has two children who attend AJLA, which has 565 students. She called the way the information was to be presented to students "appalling," “obscene” and not age-appropriate.

    "The curriculum is appalling," Bryant told DNAinfo. "The language to me was the most offensive part initially. Pop and lube, lube lube, and those kind of things. ... [It] serves to rob many of our children of their innocence."

    "The language for me is very much concerning to me as a parent. The content goes beyond what I feel is age-appropriate for a fifth-grader," she added. Fifth graders are usually between 10 and 12 years old.

    Another Chicago elementary school, Waters Elementary, posted the materials and slides that were included in the AJLA binder online. The presentation links to demonstration videos from Planned Parenthood, the Female Health Company and Teaching Sexual Health. The latter provides guidance on age appropriateness: “These videos should only be used for grades 8-12.” It also includes material called The 411 on Female Condoms that was developed by the Chicago Female Condom Campaign.

    Bryant told DNAinfo she is in favor of health education that explains sex in an informative way, but said that the CPS handouts were composed "in a manner that actually is piquing curiosity about sexual pleasure."

    In a statement Friday afternoon, CPS officials said that the objectionable material presented at AJLA was a mistake. [say it because they got busted!]

    “The objectionable material presented at Andrew Jackson Language Academy this week is not and never was part of the student sexual education curriculum,” CPS spokesman Bill McCaffrey said in a statement. “It was mistakenly downloaded and included in the parent presentation, and we agree with parents it is not appropriate for elementary school students.”

    “As part of our sexual health education policy approved by the Board of Education in 2013, Chicago Public Schools offers a comprehensive sexual education curriculum that is designed to ensure age-appropriate material and minimum instructional minutes for every grade level, consisting of family and sexual health education topics for K-12 students,” McCaffrey continued.

    Only teachers were supposed to see the material, WBBM reported. School officials say they’re taking steps to make sure teacher resources and supplemental materials are kept separate from the curriculum.

    CPS passed a new, comprehensive sex ed policy in February 2013. At the school board meeting when the curriculum passed, Dr. Stephanie Whyte, chief officer of student health and wellness at CPS, presented statistics showing that Cook County, Illinois ‒ where Chicago is located ‒ ranks first nationally for rates of gonorrhea and syphilis among all counties and second in Chlamydia, DNAinfo reported. [So where they already have highest level of STD, they want to expose and introduce kids to their immoral ways]

    She said more than half of all CPS high-school students report having had sexual intercourse, 12 percent before the age of 13. More than a third reported not using a condom during their last sexual intercourse, and more than a quarter say they've never been taught about HIV.

    In a 2013 press release, CPS officials said implementation of this type of comprehensive education policy "helps to reduce school-level incidents of sexual misconduct and harassment and positively impact rates of [sexually transmitted diseases] and unintended pregnancy among Chicago’s youth."

    Many parents told WMAQ that, although they support sex education, the material went too far for elementary school students.

    “Sexual awareness, OK ‒ but how to use a condom, and that it was going to be shown how, is a little bit extreme,” said parent Tamara Gear.

    "It definitely gets to an inappropriate level, things I wouldn’t even discuss in my own personal life," AJLA parent Rachel Gigliotti said. "Sex with a condom, sex without a condom, sex with lube ‒ things that no sixth grader should ever be exposed to.”

    “To tell my 5th-grader, who’s still into ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ that it’s OK to have safe anal sex ‒ I’m sorry. That’s just not appropriate,” another parent, Amy Miller, told WBBM.

    Whyte plans to schedule a meeting with the AJLA staff to review the curriculum by grade. A community meeting will also be planned, McCaffrey said.



    Public schools are turning to not only war zones with all the shootings, but also perversion grounds where they are taking the innocence of kids start in elementary, promoting vice and promiscuity.

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    There Was Another School Shooting Thursday — This Map Shows Every One Since Sandy Hook

    November 20, 2014

    Three students were injured early Thursday after a gunman opened fire at Florida State University's Strozier Library.

    The shooter was killed by Tallahassee police after he reportedly opened fire at officers who were attempting to apprehend him. USA Today reported that the unidentified shooter entered the library around 12:30 a.m., where between 300 and 400 students were up late studying. Tallahassee police Chief Michael DeLeo said the shooting was an "isolated incident and one person acting alone," but little details are known about the gunman or his motives.

    This is sadly just part of an alarming trend:

    According to
    Everytown for Gun Safety, a group that aims to end gun violence, at least 91 school shootings have occurred since the December 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. The incident at Florida State follows a fatal shooting in October at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Washington, where four people, including the shooter, were killed.

    The map below below, developed using Everytown's data, captures the sheer scale of shootings in the U.S. since Sandy Hook.

    Everytown's definition of a "school shooting" is broad -- "Incidents were classified as school shootings when a firearm was discharged inside a school building or on school or campus grounds, as documented in publicly reported news accounts" -- but the numbers of incidents involving guns in schools are still shockingly high.

    Despite the relative frequency of school shootings -- and gun violence in general -- the United States and its legislators remain at a stalemate on enacting meaningful laws to address shootings like the ones at FSU across the country, despite the fact that a recent FBI report shows that mass shootings, at schools and otherwise, are on the rise.

    Perhaps the Onion put it best with its story following the Isla Vista, California, shooting in May, when seven people were killed: 'No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens.'



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