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    Florida school removes teacher who hosted white nationalist podcast


    A Florida school district removed a
    middle school teacher from her classroom after it was revealed that she had secretly hosted a white nationalist podcast, raising concerns that she may have exposed her students to such ideology.

    Dayanna Volitich, 25, remains a social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School in Crystal River. The Citrus County School District said Sunday that it was initially contacted by HuffPost about Volitich's ties to the podcast "Unapologetic," which spurred it to notify human resources and launch a review. HuffPost first reported on the allegations on Saturday.

    "The teacher has been removed from the classroom and the investigation is ongoing," the school district said in a statement, declining to release more information until the probe is complete.

    In a statement also released Sunday by Volitich's attorney, the teacher did not deny operating the podcast, which she said she did so under the Russian name Tiana Dalichov. But she maintained that she "employed political satire and exaggeration, mainly to the end of attracting listeners and followers, and generating conversation about the content discussed between myself and my guests."

    Volitich, however, said that the statements made about her alleged white nationalist views don't "have any truth to them" and that she never injected her political beliefs into her classes.

    "The views 'Tiana Dalichov' espouses do not pervade my professional career," she added. "As an adult, my decisions are my own, and my family has nothing whatsoever to do with my social media accounts or my podcast. From them, I humbly ask for forgiveness, as it was never my intention to cause them grief while engaging in a hobby on my personal time."

    Volitich could not immediately be reached for comment.

    The educator ran the podcast and a related Twitter account — since taken down — that expressed racially charged messages and white nationalist views, HuffPost reported.

    One tweet posted by @TianaDalichov said in February: "It isn't supremacist or hateful to prefer your own people over others."

    In another tweet last fall, the account
    shared a picture of a workbook that mentioned "confronting racism in classrooms."

    "I literally feel brain cells dying as I read this (expletive)," the post said.

    NBC News has not independently verified HuffPost's report.

    In a Feb. 26 episode of the "Unapologetic" podcast,
    Volitich interviewed prominent white nationalist Lana Lokteff, a host of Red Ice TV, which the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as a hate group.When the school's principal approached her about expressing her political views to students, Volitich said on the podcast that she lied and said the parents' concerns were unfounded.

    "And she believed me," Volitich said with a laugh.

    The conversation between Lokteff and
    Volitich circled around numerous topics, including teaching white nationalist ideology to children, how Volitich felt constrained by her school's administration and the need for private schools in which white nationalist views could be taught outright. "Hit me up when you're ready," Volitich said.

    They also commented on how some races are better than others.

    "This is science though," Volitich added. "So many other researchers have already looked into this. That's just the way it is.
    There are races that have higher IQs than others."

    Crystal River Middle School is nearly 90 percent white, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. The community is about 80 miles north of Tampa.

    Volitich became certified to teach in Florida in July 2016, state records show.

    The former Pennsylvania resident graduated from The Ohio State University in 2014 with a bachelor of arts degree. Under her Dalichov pseudonym, she espoused her views online in recent months about school violence, politics and the challenges of teaching.

    After the fatal shooting last month of 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida, the Dalichov Twitter account directed a tweet to Parkland survivor David Hogg to "stop acting like a toddler" and that "sometimes you don't always get what you want."

    Last week, when a teacher fired a gun inside of a Georgia high school, renewing conversations about the dangers of having firearms on campus, Volitich uploaded a 37-minute video in which she appeared to question if the incident was a conspiracy by a "lifetime liberal" teacher to prevent the arming of educators.

    On social media, Volitich has also discussed and retweeted controversial statements about Jews and Muslims, prompting the Dalichov Twitter account to be suspended in October.

    The idea that teachers carry implicit biases into classrooms was studied in 2016 by Yale University researchers who found that preschool teachers showed a tendency to observe black males more closely than their white counterparts — revealing how they can be judged differently.

    Researcher Walter Gilliam, a professor of child psychiatry and psychology at Yale, said that unrecognized biases can be dangerous, especially since children learn from behavioral cues.

    "The kids pick it up. The kids just see our behavior, and they take note of why are you always calling out on one kid and not calling out on the other ones," Gilliam said.

    Young children, he added, learn from adults "who's safe and who's not safe, what's OK and what's not OK."

    "Just because a person doesn't say overtly racist things, and it looks like they're having no impact whatsoever, that's not true that biases aren't coming across," Gilliam said.

    A mother of a student in Volitich's social studies class told NBC News that her daughter recounted at least one troubling conversation.

    "They were talking about segregation in a civil rights type of capacity, and the teacher somewhat alluded that segregation might possibly be OK in her opinion," said parent Meredith Bleakley.

    Bleakley said she had a discussion with her daughter to speak up if she feels a teacher is being inappropriate.

    "This is not what this community stands for," she added. "This is a small town, so it's very upsetting to find out that this is going on in our school system.

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    Female Teachers are Facing Jail After Performing Sex Acts on Children During School Functions

    by Dr John A King - May 1, 2017

    I want to give you 3 case studies and ask you a question about the sexual abuse of boys by women.

    Account #1

    The Daily Mail UK recently reported on a British teacher Jill Meldrum-Jones facing jail after performing sex acts on child during school trip

    A married teaching assistant appeared in court yesterday accused of performing a sex act on a teenage pupil during a school trip. Jill Meldrum-Jones, 36, is said to have carried out a string of sex offences involving the boy during the trip and over a three-month period. Warwick Crown Court heard she performed oral sex on the 15-year-old and also performed a sex act on him twice. The secondary school worker [...] admitted (to) five charges of sexual activity with a child.

    Account #2

    The Mirror UK reports that Isabelle Graham, a french teacher was caught by a sixth form student lying in a Travelodge bed with another pupil, a hearing has heard.

    Another student walked in on the then engaged Miss Graham to find her in bed with his school mate.

    The teacher who was not present or represented at the Edinburgh hearing, denies the charges and claims to have no recollection of events after 10.30pm, having drunk four glasses of wine over a 2 or 3 hour period.

    Account #3

    The BBC reports that Teacher Lauren Cox admits having sex with 16-year-old student. Lauren pled guilty to four charges of sexual activity with a child under 18 while in a position of trust. Police Officer Laura Davies said Cox befriended the boy shortly after starting work at the school in Bromley, south-east London, in 2012, when he was 13. The Police Officer also said, "It's most concerning that she showed no remorse. As professionals, teachers have a specific duty of care to young people, and this was abused."

    Social workers involved in the case have stated, "The abuse has had an extremely adverse effect on the boy."

    Here is my question :

    Why are we not hearing about more incidents of the sexual abuse of boys by women reported in the U.S.A.? Is it just something that happens in Europe? I know in Australia we never talked about it, in fact it was celebrated. In my case, when I discussed the sexual abuse that happened to me, largely at the hand of multiple women, I was slapped on the back and congratulated. In fact, it was suggested by older women and my female teachers that it would make me a better lover and husband. The men in my life thought it was awesome that I was 11, 12 or 13 years old and “getting some.” The reality was quite the opposite. The effects of childhood sexual abuse for me was the onset of Complex Post Traumatic Stress later in life. It ultimately lead to the destruction of my first marriage, estrangement from my children and the collapse of a successful career. You can read more about my personal story in my book, No Working Title – A Life in progress, and about my recovery on my personal website.

    For me the sexual abuse of children, whether they are boys or girls, is a Human Rights Issue, NOT a gender rights issue as many lobby groups would have us believe.

    If you would like to financially support our efforts here in the USA and worldwide, please click here. If you would like to have us speak at an event around these topics, please contact us here.


    Sexual abuse of boys by women happen everywhere, but it is covered up and males are shamed into silence while women even make up fake abuse stories for personal benefit. Men are now learning to break free and so we are seeing more males coming out and reporting it. These pedos are taking advantage of innocent children more often then we think or like to think. We only know of the ones that get caught. Such pedo run institutions are no places for Muslim kids.

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    The transgender thought police: Children as young as FOUR told to tell on pupils who 'misgender' their classmates

    • Arbury Primary: it is 'illegal' to call someone 'he/she' or 'it' against their wishes
    • Statement may be based on the school's interpretation of 2010 Equalities Act
    • Tory MP David Davies said: 'In my view they are being completely irresponsible'

    Children as young as four are being asked by their 'trans-friendly' primary school to inform on anyone calling transgender pupils by the 'wrong' pronoun.

    The policy at Arbury Primary in Cambridge states that it is 'illegal' to call someone 'he/she' or 'it' against their wishes.

    The school also urges parents of children who no longer identify as their biological gender to consider changing their name by deed poll.

    Arbury holds assemblies to celebrate a child's 'transition' from a boy to a girl or vice versa, has introduced a gender-neutral uniform, and allows children to use lavatories of whichever sex they 'assign' themselves to.

    The warning on 'misgendering' comes on the school website. A brightly coloured page entitled How To Be Trans Friendly features cartoons of smiling children surrounded by rainbows. It states: 'Calling someone he/she, it or deliberately the wrong pronoun is unkind, and illegal. If you hear or see this type of language being used challenge or report it.'

    Elsewhere, the guidance says: 'Trans children will understand the difference between a genuine mistake and something deliberate in relation to names and pronouns.'

    The statement that misgendering is illegal may be based on the school's interpretation of the 2010 Equalities Act, which suggests that a hate crime takes place when a member of a minority perceives one to have happened.

    But Tory MP David Davies said: 'In my view they are being completely irresponsible giving this advice to parents who may be struggling with how to help a child who is confused about their gender. 'It's ludicrous that a school would suggest something as radical as a legal name change for children this young. What the school should be concentrating on is teaching pupils reading, writing and arithmetic.'

    And Stephanie Davies-Arai, from Transgender Trend, a parent-led campaign group concerned about rising number of children being diagnosed as transgender, added: 'For a primary-aged child to change their name by deed poll is a drastic step that will cement a gender identity that the child may grow out of.'

    Arbury tells its staff to encourage parents to think about legally changing their children's name in guidance published on its website. The guidelines, which are now being used by other primaries, detail what a school should do when a child wants to begin living as the opposite sex to the one they were born.

    Entitled Supporting The Process Of Gender Transition In School – A Practical Guide, the document makes clear that trans children should not be prevented from living in their 'preferred gender'. It states: 'The point at which a child indicates to others that they want to transition and begin living in their preferred gender should not be viewed by others as a problem to be solved.'

    Staff are told that parents allowing their children to change gender 'should be advised to consider changing their child's name by deed poll'. But even without legal changes, the child's name should be amended on the school's computer records to the one they have chosen, the guide says. Children who have 'transitioned' should be allowed to use changing rooms that correspond with their gender preference.

    To prepare the rest of the school for a child returning to class as a different gender from the one they were born, an assembly is held to explain the concept of being transgender. A publicly available script prepared by Mr Tull explains: 'Some children are born in the body of a boy and know that inside, they are a girl. Some children are born in the body of a girl and know that they are a boy.'

    Pupils are told that 'we celebrate the fact we have a school full of so many different people'.


    Now transgender boys can share girls' dorms on school trips...

    Male pupils at some Welsh schools who believe they are girls will be allowed to share dormitories with female students during trips away, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

    The diktat has been issued by the local authority for the Vale of Glamorgan as part of new guidance for secondary and primary schools.

    In a ‘Transgender Inclusion Toolkit’, launched last month, schools are advised: ‘As far as possible, trans pupils and students should be able to sleep in dorms appropriate to their gender identity.’

    ...and at youth hostels as officials alter the rules

    Men who identify as women can now sleep in female dormitories at youth hostels across the England and Wales.

    The Youth Hostel Association (YHA) has made the controversial ruling in an effort to make its facilities and services more inclusive for transgender guests.

    The YHA’s Inclusion And Diversity policy, published on its website, states: ‘Transgender guests are welcome to use the accommodation and facilities which match their gender identity.’

    But feminist campaigner Venice Allan condemned the decision as ‘disturbing’. Ms Allan, who was suspended from the Labour Party for criticising trans women, said: ‘I always choose the women’s dormitory when I stay at a youth hostel. I wouldn’t feel comfortable sleeping near or changing in front of men.’


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    Watch: Roomful of Rich, White NYC Parents Get Big Mad at Plan to Diversify Neighborhood’s Schools

    by Anne Branigin - 4/29/2018

    Anyone laboring under the delusion that New York City is a progressive bastion need look no further than the
    city’s school system, which remains among the most segregated in the country.

    In an effort to fight that trend, which has only gotten worse thanks to gentrification, rising income and wealth inequality throughout the city’s five boroughs,
    schools on the Upper West Side—one of the wealthiest and whitest sections of Manhattan—are looking to adopt a plan that would require all local middle schools to reserve a quarter of their seats for students who score below grade level on state English and math tests.

    The plan is designed to make Upper West Side schools more reflective of New York City’s diverse demographics, and make sure underprivileged students have access to the sorts of advantages and resources that the neighborhood’s well-funded schools can provide.

    Well, that
    plan didn’t go over so well in a room full of wealthy white parents.

    Local TV station Spectrum News NY1 captured footage of a contentious meeting during which
    rich, white Manhattanites shouted, ranted and complained about the perceived disadvantages their children would face.

    The parents couldn’t fathom their children not getting into the middle school of their choice because they might have to hand their seat over to a black or Latinx child.

    “You’re talking about an 11-year-old, you worked your butt off and you didn’t get that, what you needed or wanted,” said one big-mad woman. “You’re telling them that you’re not going to go to a school that’s going to educate them the same way you’ve been educated. Life sucks!”

    The video has traveled around education circles and reached the New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, who shared a Raw Story write-up of the fountain of white tears on his Twitter page.

    District officials didn’t take the parents’ heated comments lying down. As News NY1 reports,
    virtually all of the district’s principals and many of the elected parent-leaders support the desegregation plan. During the meeting, middle school principal Henry Zymeck clapped back at the angry parents.

    “There are kids that are tremendously disadvantaged,” he said. “And to compare these students and say, ‘My already advantaged kid needs more advantage; they need to be kept away from those kids,’ is tremendously offensive to me.”

    The city’s highly segregated school system is the result of a number of factors. As Michelle Chen wrote for
    The Nation, the city’s system of school choice “encourages privileged parents to move to higher-performing, affluent, and often disproportionately white districts, which inevitably leaves behind, and excludes, poor children of color who get stuck in unstable, underfunded schools.”

    Gentrification compounds the problem by forcing low-income families out of neighborhoods that were previously underserved; as resources and income pour in, the children of these families are also squeezed out of their schools. Chen notes that academic testing, which applies “rigid standards of ‘merit,’” also results in biased outcomes and helps exacerbate racial and class divisions across the city’s schools.

    The plan, which would affect 17 schools on the Upper West Side, is currently being reviewed by the district’s school superintendent. If enacted, the Upper West Side district would become the first in the city to enact a policy to diversify its middle schools.


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