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    Default Muslim youth: Who is responsible?

    Muslim youth: Who is responsible?

    By Humza Mullick

    I’M a bad boy…. yeah maan! Trousers hanging low, afros as they were back in the 60s, the latest shades, fast cars and ready cash. No, I am not describing a scene in one of the ghettos in America, but rather, this phenomenon is right here in Saudi Arabia.

    If you were to go to Tahlia Street in Jeddah or Sultana in Madina, you will find the youth somewhat in disarray. Are they searching for their inner selves or are they lost in the realms of society and do not know where they are going? Whatever the reason, our youth seem to be sick and tired of having nothing to do and feel that this is the way to ‘be cool’, so to say.

    The problem starts with us, the parents. What role model are we setting for our children? Do they see us busy seeking Islamic knowledge or doing something beneficial? Are we implementing what the prophet left us with and do we actually spend real quality time talking with our sons and daughters?

    Ask yourself when was the last time you washed the car with your son? When was the last time you played football with him in the park? Our society has become dependent on others to do our work for us? We cannot even take the rubbish out to the dustbin! Till when will we say, “Tomorrow son. I am so tired now and you better go to bed.” By all this, you are pushing your children away from you.


    Involve your children in what you do. For example, take your son or daughter with you when you go out and meet people, so he can build the social skills needed to be an important and influential member of the society. Cook dinner together. Involve your child in discussions. All this will build his or her character and in turn, the child will grow and mature into the type of Muslim youth we need.

    Fathers and mothers should be examples for our children. We are the first source from where they derive their opinions and principles. We should teach them about Allah Who knows and sees everything and make them realize that no one can truly help us except Allah. Fear of Allah and reliance on Him will keep them steadfast in times of temptation and trouble. Take your children to Islamic lectures at the mosque or Islamic center. Seeking Islamic knowledge is a must on every Muslim.

    Cool or Fool?

    The youth face this tremendous problem today. They have this complex that if they don’t look ‘cool’ they will look like a ‘fool’. Will a young teenager go to meet his friend wearing a beard and lower garments above the ankles? But that is how the Prophet lived! What if one refuses to smoke or listen to music and doesn’t go behind girls? But these are the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him), so why this complex?

    Unfortunately, our youth have messed up role models and peers. They look up to pop stars as ideal beings, when they are in reality the total opposite who have reached heights of immorality and indecency. World’s most famous rock stars who had “everything” that materialistic people yearn for, committed suicides.

    The present ones are no different, with messed up lives, drug addictions and depression. They may have “everything” but they don’t have Imaan (faith).

    They chase and follow lusts and desires, which are only like a mirage that promises joy that doesn’t exist. The achievement is zero, but the craving only increases more and more producing a maniacal of a person. Is this how we want our children to grow up as? The real sweetness and joy can only be experienced when Imaan fills up the heart and the body is used in the worship of the Creator. Make the Prophet (peace be upon him) the role model. You, as parents, set the example of taking the Prophet (peace be upon him) as the role model in your lives.

    Islam is a beautiful way of life. Tell them that success in this world and the hereafter lies in Islam. This will bring out youth who are beneficial to the society. Instead of spending hours in front music channels, they will read and understand the Qur’an, involve in community service and devise new ways of social contribution.

    Tell your children to choose good friends and to avoid bad company no matter how glamorous and attractive it looks. With sincere and dedicated effort, we may Insha Allah be able to change the present scenario for the better and bring up a generation of leaders. Remember, the children are an Amaanah (trust) that we will be questioned about on the Day of Judgment. – SG

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    Default Parents and Teens

    2 Md. students shot dead on eve of graduation

    Two Maryland teenagers gunned down on the eve of their high school graduation were lured to a dark cul-de-sac by three men who feigned interest in buying an extra commencement ticket — a scheme motivated by anger over an earlier, botched drug deal, Montgomery County police said in arrest records filed Saturday as the suspects were charged with murder.

    The gunmen’s target appears to have been Shadi Najjar, 17, who along with his friend Artem Ziberov, 18, planned to sell at least one ticket the night of June 5 after pulling over along Gallery Court about 20 miles north of Washington. Instead, they were met by a barrage of at least 30 rounds fired from two or more guns.

    Najjar, behind the wheel, was hit by four rounds, according to police accounts. Ziberov, in the passenger seat, was hit by 10.

    The Honda they sat in was still running with its lights on, when police called for reports of gunfire found the teens. The attackers took Najjar’s phone, police said.

    Ziberov and Najjar had been on the honor roll at Northwest High School in Germantown. Friends and family described the teens as smart and pleasant.

    Behind the scenes, detectives had spent two weeks discovering another dimension to Najjar, in which he sold and smoked marijuana and had purportedly stolen drugs from a female dealer late last year, the arrest documents show.

    The detectives also learned that the night Najjar was killed — at 10:13 p.m. — he sent a message to his girlfriend saying he was about to sell a commencement ticket to someone named Roger Garcia.

    Investigators believe the planned purchase of the graduation ticket was merely a way to get to Najjar.

    “It’s hard to imagine the suspects really planned on attending the graduation,” Hamill said.

    Full article @ https://www.washingtonpost.com/local...b98_story.html


    Many parents are if not 99% of them are ignorant of what their teens do. Many Muslim teens lead double lives. At home they pretend to be good little Muslim kids and obey what their parents tell them, while behind their backs these teens are fornicating, drinking and doing drugs. At home they will wear hijabs but on campuses they will wear mini skirts and have kuffar boyfriends. This is the modern Muslims we have today for a number of reasons. 1. parents think they can tell their kids don't do xyz because "i said so" and not because what Islam says. So kids never learn their deen, only their parent's cultural 'no' or else. 2. they grow up in western influenced culture and because they don't have any proper islamic education to build their moral compos and foundation, they adapt the culture of the society they are raised in. Parents need to stop being ignorant while thinking they are doing a great job raising their kids and thinking "never my kid". They will be held accountable on J-Day for their lack of proper upbringing of their kids.

    Dallas Muslims: Almost half of the Muslim kids consume haram substance. On June 5th Shadi Najjar and his friend, both honor students were killed on eve of their graduation. Shadi was a community kid, nephew of an Imam of a local mosque. Now that 3 of their murderers are arrested it turned out that it was a drug related crime not Islamophobia related murder. Shadi Najjar sold and smoked marijuana.

    An ISPU research determined that 45% of Muslim students said that they consume alcohol. There is a greater need in the community for education and programs to liberate people from harm and sins. Imam Suhaib Webb started alcoholics anonymous in his mosque.

    Sumbel Aurangzeb : if part of the issue is that Muslim parents don't talk about drugs or these vices with their children, or are in denial about it etc- using language which publicly shames those who do use drugs IS NOT going to help. If we keep shaming everyone about it, how will be end the stigma?

    Yes the truth is many Muslims use drugs, drink, engage in criminal activity- just like everyone else. We are people after all. It's not good, but it's not something to die from shame over.

    It doesn't just happen here in the US, it happens in every "Muslim" country too.

    They were teenagers. They made a series of very unfortunate mistake and were involved with dangerous people.

    I think the bigger issue is parents just being more involved and aware of the lives their children are living. And to create an environment of openness and trust between parents and the children.

    At least in Pakistani culture, you will sometimes find that the kids are living completely secret lives from what the parents believe. It's because the parents are very strict, expect their children to be a certain way, have zero tolerance for anything, and don't talk about real life issues with their kids.

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    Pre-Marital Sex Among Muslim Youth

    There is a false assumption that Muslim youth do not engage in any form of pre-marital sex because they are somehow protected by their faith and religious practice. Research has discovered that this simply isn't the case and it has become abundantly clear that family and mosque communities need to be more involved in creating protective factors in our community's youth. This infographic touches on misconceptions of pre-marital sex, statistics on sex education, and what preventative measures can be taken to help support our youth.

    The infographic above is derived from data found in the following detailed research papers:

    Ahmed, S., Abu-Ras, W., Arfken, C. (2014). Prevalence of risk behaviors among U.S. Muslim college students. Journal of Muslim Mental Health, 8(1).

    Ali-Faisal, S.F. (2014). Crossing sexual barriers: The influence of background factors and personal attitudes on sexual guilt and sexual anxiety among Canadian and American Muslim women and men. Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Paper 5051.

    Parkes, A., Henderson, M., Wight, D., & Nixon, C. (2011). Is parenting associated with teenagers' early sexual risk-taking, autonomy and relationship with sexual partners?. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 43(1), 30-40.

    Click here for more FYI Infgraphics

    Risk Behaviors Among American Muslim Youth

    What we need to know about American Muslim college students and risk behaviors all in one infographic. To some, these numbers seem high, to others, they may seem low. What we do know is that Muslim students are not immune to the engaging in risk behaviors such as drinking alcohol, smoking, drug use, and pre-marital sexual activity. What we also know is that families do have influence over the likelihood of whether their young people will engage in risk behaviors. Information is key! Learn more by reading about the research that was used to create this infographic.

    The infographic above is derived from data found in the following detailed research paper: Ahmed, S., Abu-Ras, W., Arfken, C. (2014). Prevalence of risk behaviors among U.S. Muslim college students. Journal of Muslim Mental Health, 8(1).

    Click here for more FYI Infographics

    What these means is that these 50% of Muslim youths will get married and have kids who will be even more relaxed them and more than likely will be no different then the non-Muslims in their behavior of drinking, dating/zina, drugs and the like. And the following generation will be even further from Islam, getting worst with each passing generation.

    What these numbers also show us is that more than half of Muslims are no longer chaste. We are product of our society and whatever that society is selling is what we become, unless we personally intervene and educate our children the rights and wrongs according the moral compass of Islam rather than their friends, movies, idols, and society do it for us. The parents of these youths have failed them, who thinking putting food on the table and roof over their head is all that is required. Not a fan of NAK but here's one worth listening to.

    The Muslim community has failed these youths, who failed to provide any Islamic activities in their Islamic centers or socializing halal events or proper Islamic classes for guiding them. The so called Islamic speakers and the celebrity shaykhs of the west have also failed these youths, who are busy talking about things not relevant to these youths or too busy trying to get students for their institutions so they can get rich; or they are too busy brainwashing these youths into accepting western values, such as accepting and approving of LGBT group and supporting them or some other deviation, such as feminism; and such extreme are this ignorant “Muslim” feminist that rather than fearing Allah they are deliberately go against His commands, promoting zina.

    Muslim Feminist Promoting Zinna

    by Umar Shekh

    This is the woman behind the shameless feminist page "The Tempest", the same page that gave tips to Muslim women how to dodge their conservative Desi parents, and have sex with their boyfriends in "safe places ". Utterly disgraceful, and what disappoints me even more, is the fact, that most members of this page are HIJAB WEARING Muslims as I just checked out their team members. They call for ultimate freedom of women along with their sexual freedom. Now I understand, why Muhammad (saw) said that women will form the majority of the adherents of hell, and that they are deficient in the aspects of intelligence and Deen.


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