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Fridays from 7.30 - Thalaathatul Usool (The Three Fundamental Principles) taught by Abu Umar Farooq, using the explanation of Shaykh Amaan al-Jaami'

Saturday (once a month - class on sat 5th Dec 2009) - Sharh Usool usSunnah (Explanation of the Creed) of Imaam al-Barbahaaree, taught by Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davies, using the explanation of Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan

Saturdays (once a month) - Usool usSunnah (Foundations of the Sunnah) of Imaam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, taught by Abu Khadeejah 'Abdul Waahid, using the explanation of Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmi

For all paltalk classes go to room: Religion and spirituality > Islam > Athariyyah East London LIVE

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What is an-Nawawi's 40 Hadith?

From the introduction of the book, by Imaam an-Nawawi, that he compiled the 40 hadith relying on the sound hadith, [Quote from intro]: ' "Let him who was a witness among you inform him who was absent" , and on his [the Messenger sallAllaahu 'alayhi wasallam] having said: "May Allah make radiant [the face of] someone who has heard what I have said, has learnt it by heart and has transmitted it as he heard it". Furthermore, there were some religious scholars who brought together forty hadiths on the basic rules of religion, on subsidiary matters, or on jihad, while others did so on asceticism, on rules of conduct or on sermons. All these are godly aims-may Allah be pleased with those who pursued them. I, however, considered it best to bring together forty hadith more important than all of these, being forty hadith which would incorporate all of these, each hadith being one of the great precepts of religion, described by religious scholars as being "the axis of Islam " or "the half of Islam" or "the third of it ", or the like, and to make it a rule that these forty hadith be [classified as] sound and that the majority of them be in the sahihs of Al-Bukhari and Muslim. I give them without the chains of authorities so as to make it easier to memorize them and to make them of wider benefit if Allah Almighty wills, and I append to them a section explaining abstruse expressions. (Note here) every person wishing to attain the Hereafter should know these hadith because of the important matters they contain and the directions they give in respect of all forms of obedience, this being obvious to anyone who has reflected upon it. On Allah do I rely and depend and to Him do I entrust myself; to Him be praise and grace, and with Him is success and immunity [to errors]. ' [end quote]

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