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    Water thrown at terrified Muslim women in 'fake acid attack hate crime' outside Southampton mosque

    CCTV footage shows pair recoiling in horror as black car drives away

    Water was thrown over two women standing outside a mosque in an apparent fake acid attack police are treating as racially aggravated assault.

    Recent acid attacks have led to calls for tougher controls on corrosive substances, while Home Secretary Amber Rudd has suggested acid attack convictions could soon carry life sentences. A Home Office review will examine the law enforcement and criminal justice response, existing laws, access to harmful products and the support available for victims.

    The women, who were wearing traditional head coverings, were attacked as they waited outside the Bashir Ahmed Masjid in Southampton on Tuesday. CCTV footage shows a black car slowing down next to them before speeding away. The pair react in horror before realising they are unhurt.

    The mosque, in the southern city's Portswood district, has been forced to issue a safety warning to worshippers.

    Police described the women as "understandably shaken" while on Facebook the mosque shared their fears that a subsequent attack could involve acid. It follows a string of acid attacks, including five committed inside 90 minutes in London last week.

    A message the mosque said came from one of the women read: "Sisters just to warn you to be careful when u are out and about, you all know about the recent acid attacks in London.

    "Today my friend and I were standing outside Bashir Masjid in Portswood, waiting to be picked up when a group of men in a black car drove past us and threw water at us. We are both OK because it was only water, but if they get away with doing stuff like this then it could embolden them to next time use bleach or acid."

    Footage suggests the assault took place at about 2pm.

    A Hampshire Constabulary spokeswoman said: "We received a report yesterday regarding a racially aggravated assault in Portswood Road, Southampton.

    "A woman reported that she was stood outside a mosque in Portswood Road, with her friend, when they had water thrown over them by someone in a passing car.

    "Our investigations are continuing today and we are in contact with the victims who were understandably shaken by this incident. The vehicle is described as a black estate car."

    Anyone with information about the Southampton assault should call Hampshire Constabulary on 101, and quote reference 44170276157


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    Man[Extremist Christian] jailed for punching a Muslim nurse and trying to strangle her with her hijab

    2nd August 2017

    A man[domestic terrorist] has been jailed for punching a Muslim nurse wearing the hijab after he tried to strangle her with the headscarf on her way to seeing a patient.

    The 29-year-old nurse was attacked in an alleyway near her home in Stoke-on-Trent last August.

    Jake Hammersley, 25, pleaded guilty to causing racially aggravated fear or provocation of violence, religiously aggravated common assault and assault by beating.

    The attack resulted in the nurse suffering a two-inch cut to her nose and a large bruise on her neck.

    Stoke Sentinel reported that Judge Paul Glenn said: “You took the headscarf and pulled it around her neck and when she defended herself you punched her in the face.

    ”She ran to her brother’s house – she was upset, crying, and shaken up.

    “I have also watched some footage and one wouldn’t like to be a police officer dealing with the likes of you.

    “She’s a nurse and a carer and was on her way out to care for a lady.”

    Prosecutor Caroline Harris stated that four men were involved in the attack.

    The victim told the men that she would call her son when they started verbally abusing her, but one of the perpetrators snatched her phone and put it on a car.
    Hammersley then ripped her hijab off and tied it around her neck before punching her.

    As she screamed for help, three of the men ran away.

    When her nephew came out she ran into her brother’s house.

    Hammersley’s lawyer, Robert Smith, said that his client had been leading a “chaotic lifestyle” and was “relying on the goodwill” of friends and family for money, food and accommodation.

    He said he had been living with his partner and had a full-time job since March but has 29 previous convictions.

    Hammersley was sentenced to 40 weeks in jail.


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    Muslim woman beaten senseless by mob in Spain in 'revenge' for Barcelona terror attack

    The 38-year-old woman - who was wearing a hijab - was set upon by the gang and remains in hospital after becoming a victim of what police are describing as a 'hate crime'

    A Muslim woman has been beaten senseless by a mob in Spain in apparent 'revenge' for the Barcelona terror attack.

    Police say the unnamed 38-year-old woman - who was wearing a hijab - was set upon by the gang and needed hospital treatment for cuts, bruises and an anxiety attack she suffered.

    Reports say doctors are keeping her in hospital while she recovers from her injuries.

    The Diversity Management Unit of Madrid's city police is treating the beating in the Usera neighbourhood of the Spanish capital as a racist attack.

    Reports say investigators believe the assault outside the Usera metro station was a ' hate crime ' - motivated by last week's terror attacks in Barcelona.

    Fourteen people were killed - and more than 100 more people were injured - when an ISIS supporter rammed pedestrians with a van and stabbed a driver while making their escape.

    Police say the Madrid attack victim saw little of her attackers' faces.

    They were not apparently wearing any armbands or any other clothing linking them to anti-Islamic groups.

    Senior officers say they have stepped up police patrols near the city's mosques.

    Hours after the Barcelona attack, five men who were allegedly part of a terror cell were shot and killed by police as they mounted a second rampage in the nearby town of Cambrils.

    Other suspects linked to the atrocity have been arrested or continue to be under investigation.


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    Muslim doctor 'warned that she might be arrested' after reporting Islamophobic abuse in Romford

    A Seven Kings doctor has spoken of her horror after she was told by police a man who hurled Islamophobic abuse at her would likely only receive a warning.

    11 September 2017

    Dr Naila Imran says officers also warned her against pressing charges, as a counter claim could lead to her "being arrested".

    On Thursday the 41-year-old was driving from Brentwood to Seven Kings along A12, when a motorcyclist knocked off her wing mirror as he moved past her at the junction with Pettits Lane, Romford.

    He cut through a set of red lights, but she eventually caught up with him at the next traffic lights, and wound down her window to speak to him.

    "I said to him 'you have damaged my car'", she told the Recorder.

    "He didn't say anything and then suddenly started yelling 'I'm a Paki, I'm a Muslim terrorist, I should go back to my country', he wouldn't stop swearing."

    The mum-of-two, who wears a headscarf, said she became "scared for her life".

    "I pulled up my window, locked the car doors and began to phone the police, and he started just kicking my car while abusing me."

    Eventually the man drove off and Naila managed to write down his number plate.

    She said she is now afraid to go out, and the police response has disappointed her.

    "They came over on Friday, and said I should have waited at the scene and found witnesses. I was terrified after what had happened, I wasn't thinking about that."

    Naila says despite her noting down the man's number plate, police said that the most likely thing that would happen was that he would get a warning.

    And she claims they warned her against pressing charges, "as if he makes a counter claim against me, I might be arrested".

    Naila said she feels this lets Islamaphobes feel like they can get away with abusing Muslims.

    "I have lived here for the last 16 years, I'm a doctor, I've educated my daughter and son here, I volunteered at the London Olympics, I help people in the community learn English.

    "This is not how I should be treated."

    A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed that no further action was being taken.

    He said: "Police received an allegation of racial abuse that took place on the A12 Eastern Avenue, Romford at around 3.10pm on Thursday September 7. The female victim was driving her car along the A12. As she turned right into North Street, Romford a motorcyclist clipped her wing mirror. When the victim stopped next to the motorcycle in traffic and confronted the male rider about clipping her car, she was subjected to racially abusive verbal comments. The motorcyclist then rode away. Having conducted initial enquiries, police have informed the victim that no further action will be taken due to there being insufficient evidence to proceed."


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    White Terrorist set his dog on Muslims and ordered it to bite them during 'campaign of racism'

    Jakub Wendland, who denies being a racist, has been sent to prison after appearing at Manchester Crown Court

    by Andrew Bardsley - 11 Sep 2017

    A man who set his dog on two Muslims during a 'campaign of racism' has been caged.

    Jakub Wendland's cross breedbull terrier bit a man and left a woman traumatised.

    During one of the attacks, the 32-year-old shouted: "You bite her, bite her. They kill people. So go on, bite a Muslim."

    The Polish national, who denies being a racist, was jailed for two-and-a-half years at Manchester Crown Court .

    Prosecuting, Christopher Beckwith told the court Bakhtshireen Rehman was bitten by the dog on Stockport Road in Longsight on his way home from a mosque at around 10am on June 25.

    The court heard Mr Rehman saw Wendland at a bus stop holding a bottle of beer with the dog on a lead.

    Wendland asked Mr Rehman if he would open the bottle for him. When he refused, Wendland became aggressive and called the victim a 'Muslim Kurdi'.

    Mr Rehman, 26, who is Pakistani British, tried to walk away, but Wendland set the animal on him. He was bitten several times before being punched by Wendland.

    Mr Rehman ran into the road and flagged down a motorist for help as he desperately tried to fight the dog off.

    Wendland ran off and got on a bus into Manchester city centre , where he targeted his next victim two hours later.

    Sundus Mirza, 28, was on her way to work on Market Street at around 12.50pm.
    The court heard Ms Mirza, who has a fear of dogs, decided to give Wendland and his pet a 'wide berth'.

    Wendland followed Ms Mirza, who said she could feel the dog's head near her legs. Wendland said to his dog: "Go on, bite her, bite her. They kill people, bite her."

    Ms Mirza started screaming before passers-by rushed to help her. Wendland then walked away.


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    Islamophobe attacks Jewish mom, daughter he mistook for Muslims at Queens subway station: 'Get out of my country'

    By Rocco Parascandola - September 14, 2017

    A 57-year-old Jewish woman and her daughter were beaten up at a Queens subway station by a drunk who mistook them for Muslims, police sources said Thursday.

    "Get out of my country, you dirty Muslim!'' the 40-year-old suspect, Dimitrious Zias, ranted.

    He repeatedly punched the mother in the face and body, and socked her daughter, 37, in the face, repeatedly pulling her hair
    , sources said.

    The suspect was arrested at the scene and charged with assault as a hate crime.

    The incident happened 2 p.m. Wednesday at the 67th Ave. subway station on the R line in Rego Park.

    The women were leaving the station, heading up the stairs, when the suspect, who had been drinking, came up behind them, sources said.

    The mother waived the suspect past, at which point he allegedly derided her as a "dirty Muslim."

    The daughter jumped in and got into an argument with the suspect, then the suspect attacked them, sources said.

    Zias has one previous arrest. In September 2015, he was busted for using his cellphone camera to take a picture under a woman's skirt at the Uniqlo clothing store in Midtown.

    He pleaded guilty to felony unlawful surveillance and was sentenced to five years' probation, authorities said.

    In an unrelated bias crime, a Muslim vendor in Bushwick was punched in the back of the head and cursed at when he told three Hispanic men he didn't have change for a $20.

    It happened at about 8:25 a.m. Wednesday morning at Stockholm St. and Wyckoff Ave., where the victim was tending to his food cart.

    "Motherf----r, you Muslim," the suspects said. "Go back to your country."

    The 53-year-old victim did not require any medical treatment.

    He told police he didn't want the men arrested, but the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force is still investigating.



    It's time to send these terrorists back to their countries in Europe and Mexico; where they came from.


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